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  1. >As you sit comfortably in the Golden Oaks library, flipping through page after page of a book about ancient pony history, you think about just how much being a kid sucks
  2. >You are KidAnon
  3. >And you've got a pretty big test in history coming up
  4. >Well not really just in history, but in every subject
  5. >Finals week was fast approaching, and you wanted to get the best grades you possibly could to end the year
  6. >It was your last year of intermediate school, and your mom wanted to send you to a private school that taught students from grades eight to twelve
  7. >Most kids in Equestria didn't need any education past Elementary school, seeing as they all figured out what they were going to do for the rest of their lives at an extremely early age
  8. >Unfortunately for you, you were not a magical talking horse that got his special talent tattooed onto his butt at said early age
  9. >No, you were a human, who had to prove to any future employers that you were actually able to do the job you trained for
  10. >By presenting to them a piece of fucking paper
  11. >Yeah, it made no sense to you either
  12. >But whatever got you the job worked you supposed
  13. >Despite being a straight-A student your entire life, your mom still wanted to make absolutely sure you finished the year on a strong note
  14. >And you couldn't really blame her for that, seeing as the private school she wanted to send you to was both very prestige, and looked very good on college resumes
  15. >Speaking of your mom, she suddenly appeared in the doorway with a glass of gin at her side
  16. >"Hey champ," she said. "How goes the studying?"
  17. "Not bad. Just wrapping up history, and I'm about to move on to science."
  18. >You hold up the glued-together stack of papers before cracking the cover open
  19. >"Wait... didn't you read through that thing a couple of hours ago?"
  20. "Five and a half to be exact. Why?"
  21. >"Have you read through all the books I gave you?"
  22. "Yeah why?"
  23. >"For heaven's sake man, not even I breeze through those things that quickly. Are you even absorbing any of the stuff you're reading?"
  24. "Of course!"
  25. >"What caused the downfall of Lancer the Conqueror at the battle of Equinia?"
  26. "He was too confident in the sheer size of his army. While he was making his way to Muleminia through the valley of Pigron, Parparus's troops triggered a rock side in the already unstable mountain region, after their Earth Pony troops had dug huge caverns throughout the region. Over a quarter of Lancer's army were crushed in the side itself, and another three fourths of the remaining troops were slain by Parparus's men. Lancer then made a hasty retreat to the previously conquered and unnamed town where the ancient Diamond Dogs resided, where he was dealt his most crushing defeat at the hands of the surviving Diamond Dogs, and the entirety of Parparus's troops."
  27. >"What's the primary differences between an animal cell and a plant cell?"
  28. "Plant cells have cell walls and chloroplasts, are more rounded with only one central vacuole..."
  29. >"Alright, that's good. What's seven-hundred eighty-eight decided by one-hundred and twelve?"
  30. "Could I have a piece of paper for that? I have no clue how to do long decision in my head."
  31. >"Nevermind, that was a bit extreme."
  32. "I'll say."
  33. >"Don't be a smart ass. Now, give me some synonyms for 'large'."
  34. "Wide. Huge. Gargantuan. Enormous."
  35. >"Well... shit..."
  36. "Mhm."
  37. >"How long have you been studying again?"
  38. "Seven hours by this point."
  39. >You look up for a moment, and notice your mom is absolulutley stunned
  40. >You would've gone back to your reading, had she not pulled the book away from you."
  41. >"Look. You've been... at this for a while now. I think you can call it quits for the day. How about you go outside and enjoy the sunshine?"
  42. >Of course, you'd love to go outside, but you decided to play coy for a few giggles
  43. "But the outside is so bo~ring. It's all hot n' stuff, and walking is too much work. I'd rather stay in here and read these interesting books about growing your business."
  44. >"Oh please. I know you're not a tycoon, your best subject is science. And I've seen you take out my old chemistry set that I've used as a kid to fiddle with it. By the way, good job making those crystals last week. They made a nice little addition to some filly's science fair project."
  45. >You clam up, and smile enviously
  46. >She knew
  47. >Then you realized she gave away your crystals to Saddie of all people
  48. "You gave away my crystals to Saddie? Why? I was really proud of those! I turned my room upside down the day they went missing to find them!"
  49. >"Sorry sport. My chemistry set, my rules. Besides, she really liked them, and she was kinda cute, so I gave them to her to score you brownie points."
  50. >And it did, but Sadie was a total bitch
  51. >And easily the last mare you'd want to date
  52. >"But, I'm willing to trade you. If you head out for a couple of hours, I'll give you my Chem set. Hell, I'll nab you a replacement when that one runs out of liquids."
  53. >Oh now you REALLY wanted to go outside
  54. >But...
  55. "What's this? The great social recluse Twilight Sparkle is actively trying to coax someone to go outside?"
  56. >"Hey! I am your mother, and you will address me as such."
  57. "You're not even my 'real' mom though."
  58. >"I'm real enough mister. You've lived under my roof and have eaten my food for twelve years now, the least you could do is call me 'mom' out of respect."
  59. >You chuckle to yourself, and stand to your feet
  60. "I was kidding mom. Sorry for offending you so much."
  61. >"It's... it's OK. I just..."
  62. "It's fine. I'll get out of your hair now."
  63. >As you go to leave, mom says something that makes you stop dead in your tracks at the door
  64. >"...I love you."
  65. "I love you too," you respond without turning around
  66. >"No. I mean it. I don't... I don't say it enough, and you need to hear it more. I do love you, and I hope you know that. You may be a pain in my ass at times, but I want you to know that I'm proud to have you as a son."
  67. >The second she stops talking, your head is buried in her chest, as tears run down your face
  68. >You really didn't hear her say those words very often
  69. >She's always been a hardened mare in every aspect
  70. >She freezes for a moment, before she puts a foreleg around your shoulders
  71. >"Alright. You can let go now..." she comments after a few moments
  72. "Five seconds more?" you plead
  73. >She allows it, and you pull away after the silently promised time
  74. >You smile, and rush out the door
  75. "By the way, I was gonna go out without the promise of the chem set!" you call as you bound down the stairs
  76. >"Oh go eat a dick!" she calls
  77. "I'd much rather you eat mine!"
  78. >"I hear a severe lack of dick eating in this house!"
  79. "You could fix that by eating mine!"
  80. >"GO... play outside or something! Just quit pestering me!"
  81. >You laugh again, and nearly knock over Spike in your haste
  82. >"Oi. What's goin' on here?"
  83. "Nothing Spike. Just talking to mom about studying, going outside, and eating dicks."
  84. >"Eatin' dicks? Anon is there something you want to tell me? I mean it's fine if you're gay n' all..."
  85. "Nah. Mom's just angry and she's telling me to eat some."
  86. >"You should tell 'er about the benefits of a bisexual fling with her friends. That'll really get 'er goat."
  87. "You know this from experience?"
  88. >"Of course. I told 'er to write a letter the princess about it, and she got real huffy."
  89. >Despite being treated like a doormat half the time, you couldn't help but admit Spike had some pretty good pearls of wisdom
  90. >And he was just a fun guy to be around
  91. >"So, where are ye headed?"
  92. "Dunnow. I might just do some window shopping and then watch Rainbow Dash crash into some stuff."
  93. >"Mind picking me up some emeralds if you find any cheap? I need something to take the edge off a little."
  94. "Mom getting you down?"
  95. >"Aye. She's havin' me dust every book in her collection, then she's gonna make me clean her glassware in the lab."
  96. "Ah. You know, if you ever need any help, I'm always happy to lend a hand."
  97. >"Nah, it's nothing I can't handle. Besides, that'll only end up with me somehow gettin' in trouble."
  98. "Yeah, I get that. Anyway, what kind of emerald do you want?"
  99. >"I'll take a teal one if they got it! I just need somethin' to relax me for a little bit. I've been working non-stop for the past two days."
  100. "Alright. I'll get you something middle of the road. They're having a sale right now, and you can get some dirt-cheap."
  101. >"Thanks Anon. You're a real help."
  102. "No prob. I'll see ya later."
  103. >You shut the door as you walk outside, and head for the marketplace
  104. >However, as you walk, you notice flashes of pink wizz by you every now and again
  105. >At first you thought was just your mind playing tricks on you, but eventually, the flashes began to speak
  106. >"Anonymous..." it would call. "Anonymous!"
  107. >Louder and louder it would get, until eventually it screamed at you from an alleyway
  108. >"Anonymous!"
  109. >After shaking off the initial startling, you stare into the ally, and are able to get a full view of the pink flash that was following you
  110. >And of course, the mare starting at you from the ally was none other than Pinkie Pie
  111. >How you had managed to not recognize her voice was beyond you
  112. >"Anonymous! Pinkie requires a meeting with you! Yes! Come into this alley child, so that we may discuss the matters of the putting chocolate syrup into the coat of Fluttershy!"
  113. "...What?"
  114. >"Just come into the alley!"
  115. >She then grabs you by the arm, and yanks you into the darkness as you yelp
  116. >You land hard on your ass, and look up at the crazy mare
  117. >She apparently has no intentions of letting you rest though
  118. >"Now then, you are twelve, yes?"
  119. "Yeah. Just had my birthday a couple of weeks ago."
  121. "Time for what exactly?"
  122. >"Time for you to avoid the cult of the Chocolate Monsters from abducting you and pulling your hair out while spitting raspberries."
  123. >If this were any other pony, you would've walked away by now
  124. >Hell, you were considering walking away from Pinkie, seeing as she was acting stranger than usual
  125. >And that's saying something, seeing as her theories and conspiracies never made any sense in the first place
  126. >But you had nothing better to do, so might as well hear her out
  127. "T-the Chocolate Monsters?" you muttered with fake fear. "What are those?"
  128. >"They are monsters made of chocolate! Do you not pay attention in school? But that is irrelevant. They will abduct you Anonymous, and they will pull your hair out while making the raspberries of doom!"
  129. "Oh no! I don't want them to do that!"
  130. >"They won't if you do one thing for them."
  131. "What's that?"
  132. >"They despise a certain pony in this time named 'Fluttershy'. They have wanted to induct her into their cult for a long time now to make her as miserable as them! Yes! The only way to do that, is to take a handful of chocolate syrup, and rub it into her coat! They will then move in, and use their monster magic to transform her into the monster she really is on the inside!"
  133. >OK, that's enough
  134. "Pinkie, that's hands-down the stupidest thing I've ever heard you say. And I've heard you say a lot of stupid things. I'm not gonna put chocolate syrup in Fluttershy's coat."
  135. >"You dare mock Pinkie and defy the Chocolate Monsters?"
  136. "There are no Chocolate Monsters Pinkie. Come off it."
  137. >Her face drops in disbelief, before it stiffens again
  138. >"What gave Pinkie away?"
  139. "The entire thing is ridiculous Pinkie. There was no one damning thing."
  140. >She begins to grumble, before looking back up at you
  141. >"Will you at least then put chocolate syrup in Fluttershy's coat?"
  142. "No. Why don't you do it yourself?"
  143. >"Because Fluttershy expects me! Yes! She does not expect that a child will ruin her precious coat!"
  144. "Well sorry Pinkie, but I'm not putting chocolate syrup in anyone's hair."
  145. >"Please! There must be SOMETHING Pinkie can do to convince you to cover the yellow one in chocolate goodness!"
  146. "Unless you want to give me some head, I'm not doing it."
  147. >You turn to leave, before Pinkie speaks up again
  148. >"Pinkie is considering your offer! Yes!"
  149. >You can't help but smile slyly as you turn around
  150. "Come again?"
  151. >"No. Nevermind. Pinkie takes back her statement. She will not suck on your pecker."
  152. >Oh she's not now?
  153. "Why not? Do you suck at it?"
  154. >"Pinkie is plenty good at... sucking dick... but she will not suck you!"
  155. "No, no. I get it. You're scared you're gonna mess up. It's fine. Anyway, I'll see you around Pinkie."
  156. >The next thing you know, you're on the ground with Pinkie glaring angrily at you
  157. >"Pinkie accepts your offer, if only to show you that Pinkie is good with men! Yes!"
  158. >That's more like it
  159. >"But not here! We will return to Pinkie's abode. THEN, she will commence the dick sucking."
  160. >You shrug underneath her grip
  161. "Hey wherever's fine with me."
  162. >"But, you must make Pinkie a promise first!"
  163. "Name it."
  164. >"You must report back to Pinkie when you are finished and tell her of how the yellow one reacted to having chocolate syrup rubbed in her coat!"
  165. >Eh, why not?
  166. "OK."
  167. >"Follow Pinkie then! Yes! We shall go to the place where society will not know of our deeds!"
  168. "And where would that be?"
  169. >"Why Pinkie's bedroom of course!"
  170. "...Isn't that kinda risky with the cakes there?"
  171. >"No! Yes! Pinkie has made sure that her walls have been made so that sound can not pass through them! Yes! Mrs. Cake will not hear of your sounds of pleasure!"
  172. "Wait, why just MY sounds of pleasure?"
  173. >"What? You think Pinkie enjoys giving oral to males? No! Yes! She is a lesbian, and is only doing this so that the yellow one's mane will be drenched in chocolate!"
  174. >With this, she begins laughing quite hysterically, only pausing once to mutter a "yes"
  175. >You begin to re-evaluate whether or not allowing this deranged mare anywhere near your dick with her mouth was was a good idea
  176. >But getting a blowjob was still getting a blowjob
  177. >And you were eager to drop your load inside a real mare, and not some filly you coaxed into having sex behind the shelter house at recess
  178. >Carrots and apples get you quite far with Elementary school girls
  179. >"Come! Follow Pinkie to her home!"
  180. >You nod, and follow the now-chipper Pinkie back to Sugarcube Corner
  181. >As you walk through the doors, Mrs. Cake's eyes immediately dart over to you, and she smiles
  182. >"Oh hey Anon!" she greets cheerfully
  183. >Then she looks at Pinkie
  184. >And her eyes narrow
  185. >Honestly, if she were looking at you like she were looking at Pinkie, you'd have wet yourself
  186. >"Pinkie Pie. Where have you been?"
  187. >"Out shopping for flour and cinnamon, just like Mr. Cake asked!"
  188. >"And where is it exactly?"
  189. >"In some warehouse probably, for Pinkie did not see any on the shelves at any of the markets she went to."
  190. >"You mean to tell me you've been out for two hours now, and you didn't find a single bag of flour? Or a single tin of cinnamon?"
  191. >"Pinkie was very thorough."
  192. >With a sigh, Mrs. Cake puts a hoof to her forehead, and massages it lightly
  193. >"And why is Anon here exactly?"
  194. >"He is helping Pinkie put together a plan! Yes!"
  195. >"Oh no he's not. As much as I like having Anon around, you've still got a job to do!"
  196. >"Oh and Pinkie will...! Right after her lunch break."
  197. >"I... you!"
  198. >Despite her best struggles, Mrs. Cake knows that she is beat
  199. >"Fine then..."
  200. >"Then after that, Pinkie will have her smoke break!"
  201. >Mrs. Cake's face contorts in her fury, and she goes to speak before Pinkie interrupts her
  202. >"And then perhaps Pinkie will have to pee, and will use up her two minutes there."
  203. >"But... that'll take you to the end of your work day! You can't just slack off for nearly three hours when you're at work!"
  204. >"Pinkie can, and Pinkie shall. Legally!"
  205. >"Fine then. But you're not getting a lunch break tomorrow."
  206. >"WHAT? You cannot do this to Pinkie!"
  207. >"Oh, I can. Not legally, but I can."
  208. >"This is not fair! Pinkie will report you to the Better Business Bureau for infringement of worker's rights!"
  209. >"Do that, and you're fired."
  210. >"FIRED?!"
  211. >"Yep. It's either go without lunch, or be fired. I'll whip you something at the end of your shift, but you gotta learn to not slack off."
  213. >"You do that. Anyway, you two have fun. I'm gonna stay down here and manage the register. You know? Doing the job you're supposed to be doing."
  214. >Pinkie grumbles for a moment, before she absent-mindedly heads up the stairs
  215. >You follow without instruction, and head to Pinkie's room
  216. >Her quarters seem pretty cozy, if overly dressed in pink
  217. >She hops onto her bed, and motions for you to do the same
  218. >You take a moment to admire how soft the bed is when you do, before Pinkie puts an arm around your shoulders
  219. >Before you can compliment her on the bed, she pulls you in for a kiss
  220. >There's no tongue, but it still takes you by shock
  221. >It lasts for only a few, surprisingly sweet moments before she pulls away
  222. >You both stare at each other blankly for a few moments while you figure out what to say
  223. "What was...?"
  224. >"Do not get the wrong idea child. Pinkie is merely trying to increase her chances of getting more chocolate syrup in Fluttershy's coat!"
  225. "If you say so..."
  226. >"Now then, take off your clothes."
  227. >You fling your shirt into Pinkie's face... purposely... before removing your trousers and underwear
  228. >She pulls off the shirt, and looks down at your member
  229. >"You are quite lacking in the genital department child. Pinkie assumes this will not take very long."
  230. >If looks could kill Pinkie would've been long gone
  231. "And how would you know what a dick's supposed to look like?"
  232. >"How do you think Pinkie knows she is a lesbian? She's had sex with many men, all of which have have failed to please her with their long penises but short stamina."
  233. "Kids aren't supposed to have big shlongs..."
  234. >"Oh hush child, and let the fifteen seconds of fun begin!"
  235. >Oh right, she was only used to the stamina of stallions
  236. >Well... she was in for a shock
  237. >"Lay on your back!"
  238. >As you lay down, she bends over, and breathes on your shaft
  239. >She then pops your head into her mouth, and slowly pushes it down your shaft
  240. >She quickly begins to speed up, which feels nice, but nowhere near as good as if she were building tension
  241. >Finally, fifteen seconds pass
  242. >Then twenty
  243. >Then thirty
  244. >After a minute, she pulls off
  245. >She takes a few deep breaths, and looks at you confused
  246. >"What is this? You should've been spraying your seed thirty seconds ago!"
  247. >You shrug, which only infuriates Pinkie
  248. >You managed to hook your arms underneath Pinkie,and hoist her into the air
  249. >Thank Celestia for human dexterity
  250. >"Put Pinkie down child! Why are you even holding her in the first place?"
  251. >From the mirror you can see her little face contort in rage as she desperately kicks her hooves in place
  252. >It's quite adorable actually
  253. >You then carry the struggling pony back to the bed, and lay her down
  254. >Before she has any time to scramble away, you press your entire weight against her, rendering her helpless
  255. >"What are you doing child? Be warned, if you try anything funny, Pinkie wil!...!"
  256. "There's nothing really funny about rape Pinkie. Well actually it depends on who you ask..."
  257. >"Rape?"
  258. >A new energy seems to surge through her, as she begins thrashing about the bed, crying loudly in rage
  259. >Absolutely adorable
  260. "You know, I'm willing to bet that if I stuck my fingers in your box it'd feel like an inferno right now."
  261. >"Don't you dare...!"
  262. >Too late
  263. >After licking both your pointer and middle fingers, you shove them inside Pinkie with a stiff arm
  264. >The pony freezes in place, and lets out a hard gasp before falling quiet
  265. >You were right though, her insides were practically cooking your fingers
  266. >At first, she was mind-numbingly dry to the touch
  267. >But after a single pump of your arm, her juices began to trickle out
  268. >Each pump yielded more of her nectar than the previous until it eventually ceased altogether
  269. >But by that point she was satisfyingly wet
  270. "My my," you teased. "Aren't we quite the wet one? Especially considering how little enjoyment you're getting from this whole ordeal."
  271. >"Y-you have your fingers inside of P-Pinkie! Of course her body is going to react with some kind of p -pleasure! You are still touching Pinkie against her will!"
  272. "Most women who are raped would've still been fighting at this point. Trying anything, even begging to get them to stop."
  273. >Of course, she begins flailing half-heartedly at your words, but quickly ceases any and all attempts to break free
  274. "I thought so."
  275. >The juice she's already produced starts spilling out with each thrust, but you pay no mind to it
  276. >Her walls are already coated well-enough
  277. "So. How do fingers feel compared to dildos?"
  278. >You watch her scrunch her lips together in defiance, which is actually kinda cute
  279. >For a moment
  280. >You decide to indulge what little sadist fetish exists within you, as you push yourself further up on Pinkie's body
  281. >She then gives a nice, loud squeal as you sink your teeth into her right ear
  282. >Suddenly a small torrent of her pleasure washes over your fingers, which makes you smile
  283. >Good to know she's a little masochist
  284. "I'll ask again, seeing as you didn't hear me the first time. How do my fingers compare to a dildo?"
  285. >"Th-they. Are quite adequate when compared to a dildo."
  286. "Oh?"
  287. >"I mean they are very good! Even better than Pinkie's longest dildo! They are so stimulating and make Pinkie feel pleasure she has not felt since her time with a griffin! Just please, don't hurt Pinkie again!"
  288. >The desperation in her voice makes you feel somewhat happy, but at the same time, oddly guilty
  289. "Hey now," you console. "Don't be afraid. All I want is an answer when I ask a question. Is that clear?"
  290. >She sniffs once before answering
  291. >"Yes."
  292. "Good. Now, let's see how a dildo compares to the real thing."
  293. >She looks at you with pleading eyes as you flip her around
  294. >This time you surprise her with a kiss, which she returns after a moment of hesitation
  295. >You carefully line your buddy up with her cave, before barely pressing your shaft against her opening
  296. >You begin to slowly rock your hips for a few moments, much to Pinkie's obvious frustration
  297. >"Why must you tease Pinkie with your warmth? Just take Pinkie already!"
  298. "Mind putting that into terms that a child can understand?"
  299. >"Just FUCK Pinke already"
  300. "Woa-ho there Panko. I'm not sure I like that language."
  301. >"What do you want from Pinkie then?"
  302. "Ask me for it."
  303. >"...You're kidding Pinkie.
  304. "Nope."
  305. >The look of pure concentration she boasts is priceless
  306. >The humiliation you've put her through has been delicious
  307. >Finally, she comes to a conclusion
  308. >"...Please."
  309. "Please what?"
  310. >"Please have sex with Pinkie!" she screams
  311. "There we go!"
  312. >You finally slam into Pinkie, eliciting a cry of pleasure from her
  313. >You continue to fuck her hard, fueled on by her little squeaks and moans of pleasure
  314. >She dared not demand you to increase your tempo or intensity, seeing as your hand gave her as very good reason not to after the first time she did
  315. >You didn't stray from your speed either, wanting to gain as much pleasure as you could in a short period of time
  316. >Finally, you feel Pinkie's body shudder as wave after wave of her marecum sprays all over you
  317. >You’re able to last a few moments longer, before you fire off into her
  318. >Jerking off had nothing on this
  319. >However, the second your climax finishes, you un-mount her, and go to get dressed
  320. >Basking in the afterglow would have to wait 'till you had pounded Fluttershy
  321. >"S-so that is it?" Pinkie says aloud as she sits up. "You treat Pinkie Iike a sex doll, humiliating her by forcing her to plead for sex, and then you do not even stick around for post-coitis cuddling? You cheat Pinkie!"
  322. "You've got stuff to do Pinkie. Besides, I can't stick around here forever. I've gotta put chocolate syrup in Fluttershy's hair, remember?"
  323. >"...You are forgiven. JUST this once."
  324. >She then walks over to her cabinet, and opens it wide
  325. >Inside you see a single, very dark bottle of chocolate syrup
  326. >"This is Pinkie's special blend,” she explains as she shuts the door. “Far more sticky than regular chocolate syrup. Yes."
  327. "Alrighty then... What exactly do you want me to do?"
  328. >"I want you to rub this syrup into Fluttershy's coat! Specifically, her back. Yes! Then I want you to report back to me with her response!"
  329. "Simple enough. Sure there's nothing else you want me to do?"
  330. >"Positive! The syrup will suffice."
  331. >As she passes the bottle to you, you yank your undergarments up your legs
  332. >You quickly unscrew the cap of the bottle, and notice it does look somewhat darker and thicker than regular syrup
  333. "So how long until this stuff washes out? I'd rather not have syrup on my hands for three hours."
  334. >"For you, it will be no trouble getting it out! Your hands are far smoother than pony fur, and does not collect prickly things as easily! Yes!"
  335. >Satisfied with the duration, you tug your shirt on, and pull your pants up
  336. >"Hurry small one! So that the suffering of the yellow one will be long and full of suffering."
  337. "Don't rush me," you reply coldly
  338. >A little too coldly honestly
  339. >You watch Pinkie slowly narrow her eyes at you as you put your shoes on
  340. >She keeps staring at you until she opens the door for you
  341. >"You may go now," she replies slowly
  342. >You stand up, grab the syrup, and slowly make your way to the door
  343. >However, something stops you, and urges you to turn to Pinkie
  344. >As you do, she takes a couple small steps away from you, which surprisingly hurts
  345. >Before she can move further away, you've managed to lock her in a firm, but gentle hug
  346. >Her body tenses for a moment, before she puts a hoof on your back, and hesitantly pats you twice
  347. >"Y-you can thank Pinkie later. Now go."
  348. >After calmly exiting the bakery, you head over to the local flea market to nab some supplies
  349. >Once you had acquired a jar of peanut butter and a box of Snappin' crackers, you head on over to Fluttershy's little cottage
  350. >The smell of cat piss overwhelms you the second the house came into view, but the thought of more horsepussy kept you going
  351. >After three knocks, you wait by her door for her to answer
  352. >"Coming!” she squeaks after a couple of moments
  353. >After some banging, slamming, and an elephant wailing, the wooden door finally swings open
  354. >"Oh, hi Anon," she greets as she comes into view. "What are you doing here?"
  355. >You knew her name, but that wasn't going to stop you from getting off on the right foot
  356. >Manipulatively, of course
  357. "Hey Butterfly!" you exclaim
  358. >"My name is Fluttershy..."
  359. "I know your name."
  360. >"OK... sorry..."
  361. "You'd better be. I hate being corrected."
  362. >"Oh... I didn't know! I'm sorry!"
  363. "It's OK. Now then, how've you been?"
  364. >She looks taken back by your question for a moment
  365. >Or it could be from the sporadic changes in your tone
  366. >"Well... all things considered. I guess I'm OK."
  367. "No really though, tell me how you've been."
  368. >"Like I said, I've been OK..."
  369. "Surely someone as miserable as you hasn't had a week filled with sunshine and roses, have you?"
  370. >"...Not really I guess... I mean, I was forced to pay extra for some tomatoes at the market the other day... again. And I got spit on by the kids at the elementary school... again. And I got yelled at by Twilight Sparkle for being useless... again. And some of my animals peed on my rug, and now it really smells... worse."
  371. "Wow. How does it feel being everyone else's doormat?"
  372. >"Pretty bad I guess..."
  373. "How come you don't do anything to stop it?"
  374. >"I dunnow. I just feel so powerless?"
  375. "You know what, I think you enjoy being everyone's bottom. I think being stepped on gives you some sense of purpose in your meaningless life."
  376. >"No, I really hate it..."
  377. "I think you love it. And I'm here to change that."
  378. >And with that, you push past the yellow mare, and head for the kitchen
  379. >She was right, it did smell terrible on the inside
  380. >But no matter, you had crackers to make
  381. >Fluttershy stands timidly by her door, and watches as you tear through her kitchen, looking for her knives and a plate
  382. >"I really don't need any help Anon..."
  383. "Sure you do Butterbiscuit! So just shut up, and let me do my thing!"
  384. >"My name is Fluttershy!"
  385. "I know your name!"
  386. >With that, she clams up
  387. >Just in time too, as you find a knife and a platter
  388. >You then start spreading the nutty goodness over the Snappin's
  389. >After you had made ten or so mini-sandwiches, you take the platter into the living room, and sit down on Fluttershy's very uncomfortable couch
  390. >You prop your feet up on her coffee table, and pat the cushion next to you
  391. >She takes a seat, and you grab a cracker
  392. "Open wide."
  393. >"Oh, thanks Anon... but I can feed myself you know..."
  394. "Nope. Doormats don't get to feed themselves. Now open wide Buttershy."
  395. >"My name is- MMMF!"
  396. >As she was talking, you managed to stuff a cracker into her mouth
  397. "You see? People who correct me have to unwillingly eat crackers. Now shut up and start chewing."
  398. >You yank your hand back as she begins moving her mouth, and wait for the magic to start
  399. >Within seconds of grinding into the concoction, her eyes widen, and her chewing slows
  400. >After swallowing the cracker, she suddenly throws herself atop you, and starts pawing at the tray, which you've moved out of grasp
  401. >"More! Please! I need more!"
  402. "Woah there Fluttershy, calm down! A fatty like you doesn't need a stupid amount of these things."
  403. >And like that, she stops
  404. >"D-do you really think I'm fat?"
  405. "Well duh. You're the only plus-sized model in the industry aren't you?"
  406. >"Well I mean..."
  407. "That and the fact that you just tried to engulf an entire tray of peanut butter crackers..."
  408. >"I'm sorry Anon, I haven't eaten in a couple of days..."
  409. >Now it's your turn to stop
  410. "You haven't eh?"
  411. >"No... I don't make a whole lot of money looking after animals, and I'm constantly overcharged for the stuff I buy. So... I don't get to eat a whole lot."
  412. >Well shit, your plans suddenly turned on their head
  413. >The final nail in the coffin was Fluttershy getting off you, and turning away
  414. >As you watch her head droop, you pick up another cracker and scoot closer to her
  415. "Look... I didn't mean the fat thing. I was just poking a little bit of fun..."
  416. >"No, it's fine. I'm the worst pony, so I will admit to my flaws."
  417. "You're not though, it's..."
  418. >"You don't have to console me Anon. I'm a big girl. I can take criticism."
  419. "Butterbee, please-"
  420. >"My name IS- MMMF!"
  421. >Oofa, she was seriously about to yell there
  422. >Luckily your plan to make her open her mouth worked
  423. "Just eat the damn cracker Flutts."
  424. >She does, losing all train of thought besides grinding the sandwich down to dust
  425. >As she finishes eating the cracker, you pull her into a hug, which she doesn't return
  426. >You crane your neck to look at her, and notice a vacant look occupying her dull teal eyes
  427. >The abuse she's suffered must've been far worse than you initially thought
  428. >Perhaps it would be wrong to manipulate this poor mare
  429. >...For the most part
  430. >Getting the poni poon would have to wait though, you currently have to console a broken pony
  431. >You run your fingers through her course mane, feeling hints of silkiness here and there that are mixed in with the rough patches
  432. >She finally returns your embrace, albeit far weaker than how hard you were squeezing her
  433. >As you break the embrace, you peek into her eyes, and notice they've gained a bit of luster
  434. >You then grab another cracker from the plate
  435. >Before you instruct her to do so, she timidly opens her mouth, allowing you to plop it in
  436. >As she begins chewing, you carefully pick her up, and set her in your lap
  437. >She makes no protest, focusing more on eating the salty goodness than anything else
  438. >"Thanks Anon..." she states as she finishes."
  439. "No problem Flutterbutter."
  440. >"My name is-"
  441. "I know, I know. Your name is Fluttershy. It was just a nickname I came up with."
  442. >You watch her ears perk up ever so slightly, which warms your heart significantly
  443. "Want another cracker?"
  444. >"Yes please."
  445. "Well then get it yourself. I'm not gonna be here to feed you your entire life."
  446. >She looks over to the plate, and then turns her head to look at you
  447. >"I can't reach it while you're holding me Anon."
  448. "Then make me let go."
  449. >"Would you... um... please let me go, so I can go get more food, and not starve to death?"
  450. "No."
  451. >"No? But you said..."
  452. "I said make me. You're not gonna make me do anything with that kind of timidness."
  453. >"Please let me-"
  454. "What is this 'please' horseshit? I'm holding you here against your will, and starving you. Make me let you go."
  455. >"...Let me go."
  456. "No."
  457. >"Anon please..."
  458. "No. You wanna eat? Then fight for your food."
  459. >"Let me go."
  460. >That was firmer, good
  461. "No."
  462. >"Let me go."
  463. >Even firmer
  464. "No."
  465. >Let. Me. Go."
  466. "No."
  467. >"Anon, let. Me. Go!"
  468. "No. I don't think you want me to let you go."
  469. >"Anon! I am hungry and I want food! So let! Me! Go!"
  470. "No. You gotta fight for your right to eat."
  471. >"Let me go!"
  472. >She then starts wriggling in your arms
  473. >It's not a whole lot, but it's still progress
  474. >"Let me go!"
  475. >More wriggling
  476. "No!"
  477. >"Let! Me! GO!"
  478. >Light thrashing
  479. "No!"
  480. >"LET ME GO!"
  481. >You struggle to keep hold of the yellow pony, as she begins wildly thrashing about in your arms, strongly kicking your kneecaps and arms
  482. >It takes everything in your power to keep her under your control
  483. >Just as soon as she begins her struggle though, she tires herself out
  484. >You chuckle to yourself, and let her down while you move the crackers closer to yourself
  485. >She grabs one, and begins munching on it
  486. >A couple moments pass in relative silence, save for the munching of crackers
  487. >"Anon..." she finally breathes. "Don't let me do that again... unless I actually get out of your arms… don’t let me go."
  488. >You can't help but smile
  489. >So she was tired of being a doormat after all
  490. "Sure."
  491. >Just as you were feeling kinda proud for her, she hops back onto the sofa, and crawls into your lap
  492. >"More please."
  493. >You can't stop your laugh, as you pull both arms around her, and grab another cracker
  494. >You occasionally sneak in a bellyrub or an earscratch while she eats, which she doesn't seem to mind at all
  495. >She sighs contently as you exhaust the plate
  496. >You allow the comfy science to go on for a little bit longer, before you decide to do some digging
  497. "So why exactly are you a recluse?"
  498. >The comfiness leaves the room the second you feel Flutter's body stiffen
  499. >"I don't really wanna talk about it..."
  500. "Oh common, the first step of the healing process is talking about your issues."
  501. >"OK... if you say so. Well... I had a pretty bad childhood."
  502. "Do tell."
  503. >"I was always bullied when I was a kid for being a weak flier. There wasn't a day at school that didn't go by that I didn't get picked on by the other kids. The only one that showed me any kind of kindness was Rainbowdash, but she's kinda... well..."
  504. "Stupid. Continue."
  505. >"No, she's not stupid..."
  506. "She totally is. The girl can't' fly straight to save her life. Continue."
  507. >"OK... Well my dad didn't really like me all that much. He wanted a boy, and I was a girl. So he pushed me as hard as he could to be a Wonderbolt, and I wasn't the strongest flier. So he would often get drunk, and come home and start yelling at me. I'd just take it while he screamed, and silently cried until he went to bed."
  508. "What about other relationships? Anything dark there?"
  509. >"Well when I was a kid... I used to have this really big crush on my uncle... he used to say I had really bad teeth..."
  510. >Bingo, leverage has been struck
  511. >"I think he knew though, and I think he told my dad... and I think that's why my dad left my family..."
  512. >...Leverage is slightly less morale to use
  513. >"I think my mom knows too... but she never says anything about it. Sometimes I think about calling my uncle, and asking telling him. I really just want to know if he still thinks my teeth are bad..."
  514. >You are a terrible person
  515. "Well you know..." you begin, with only a twinge of guilt
  516. >Yep, you were a terrible person
  517. "We can always find out."
  518. >"Really? How?"
  519. "I'll show you. But you gotta promise to be open-minded about the whole ordeal."
  520. >"I do! I just want to know if I still have bad teeth!"
  521. "Good.
  522. >You then stand up, and loosen your belt
  523. >"Wha-what are you doing Anon?"
  524. "Taking my pants off."
  525. >"But why?"
  526. "So you can suck on my dick."
  527. >"Suck on your... oh Anon... I think you got the wrong idea. I'm not that kind of pony."
  528. "Look, do you want to find out if you have bad teeth or not?"
  529. >"...Yes."
  530. "Well this is a really good way to find out."
  531. >"How's that?"
  532. "Because if your teeth scrape against my dick, you have bad teeth. But if they don't, you don’t have bad teeth. Now shuddup, and suck my dick."
  533. >"Well... OK... if you say so."
  534. >She slowly slides off the bed, and gets in front of your crotch
  535. >She then opens her mouth, and slides her mouth onto your member
  536. >Outside of her not opening her mouth quite enough, it was a pretty enjoyable feeling
  537. >Enjoyable wasn't quite what you were going for though
  538. >Without warning, you cry as loudly, and as painfully as you possibly can
  539. >Fluttershy quickly pulls off, eying you worriedly
  540. >"What's wrong Anon? Are you alright?"
  541. "No! You bit my FUCKING dick!"
  542. >Of course that wasn't true, but you'd given her enough positive reinforcement for now
  543. "No fucking wonder your uncle hated your teeth! So big you can't even properly give head without grinding the skin off my dick!"
  544. >In an instant, Fluttershy's face morphs from concern to pure despair, as she begins desperately trying holding back tears
  545. >It doesn't work all too well
  546. >"I'm... I'm sorry Anon... I'm sorry I'm so imperfect! I'm sorry I hurt you! I never wanted to hurt you, I swear!"
  547. >She then collapses to the floor, reduced to a weeping, pathetic mess
  548. >Guilt, now was not the time to rear your ugly head
  549. >You sigh, and try to piece together a way to comfort her
  550. "Look, maybe I was a bit too hasty in reacting. Just, try to open your mouth more, and we'll be fine."
  551. >It takes her a minute, but she finally ends her crying session with a sniff, and stands to her hooves
  552. >"OK..."
  553. >After opening her mouth a little wider, she slides herself onto your member, and goes all the way down
  554. "Much better. See? It wasn't your teeth after all!"
  555. >She pulls off again, eyes alight
  556. >Of course, you weren't gonna let her off that easily
  557. "Wait, you're not just gonna leave me hanging are you?"
  558. >All that brightness, gone in an instant
  559. >"Wha- what do you mean? I thought that whole thing was to see if my teeth were bad..."
  560. "It WAS. But at the same time, you left me kinda flaccid here. And you did bite into my cock. I'd say a real finisher is in order."
  561. >"Bu-but Anon! You don't have your cutie mark, and you're..."
  562. "Oh please. You know apes don't get cutie marks. Besides, my 'special talent' is gonna wind up being chemistry. By all accounts, I should be old enough to have sex."
  563. >While the poor mare was trying to come up with a rebuttal, you had managed to sneak behind her
  564. >"I don't know Anon... something is just telling me it's not ri-"
  565. >She cut herself short with a wail of pleasure
  566. >All in thanks to you inserting your fingers inside her
  567. >You take a moment to allow her walls to conform to your fingers, while simultaneously admiring her warmth
  568. "It's certainly not your body," you tease
  569. >You wiggle your fingers ever so slightly, which elicits a shutter from Flutters, before you begin thrusting them
  570. >"A-Anon! Please sto-!"
  571. >Yet another cry cuts her off, as you nearly shove your entire arm into her depths
  572. "Make me," you whisper into her ear
  573. >You watch her bite her lip, satisfied at her reaction
  574. >You pull out, save your index and middle finger, and continue to finger fuck the poor mare
  575. >Outside of the occasional cries of protest and moans, she's relativity silent
  576. >Eventually you insert a third finger, much to Flutter's apparent joy
  577. >You listen as her breathing becomes far more shallow and quick
  578. >Eventually, you slide your hips underneath the mare, exposing your fully erect dick to the mare
  579. "You could join in on the fun, instead of just letting me do all the work,” you state
  580. >She hesitates for a moment, before she slowly opens her mouth, and slides herself onto your shaft
  581. >You can't stifle the groan that escapes your lips, despite your best efforts
  582. >But you didn't really care, you were in a world of pleasure
  583. >With the combined environment, and her mouth on your member, you knew your orgasm was fast approaching
  584. >However, just as you feel yourself ready to cum, Fluttershy pulls off, and cries loudly
  585. >Wave after wave of marecum begins to splatters across your chest, leaving it wet and incredibly sticky
  586. >The stickiness didn't really bother you
  587. >What did bother you, however, was the sudden cramping in your balls
  588. >As your lower region begins to throb, you clench your teeth in a somewhat effective attempt to relieve some of the pain
  589. >Fluttershy's sudden collapse didn't exactly aid in the matter though
  590. >After several moments in agony, the pain recedes, and you shove Fluttershy off your body
  591. >Anger surged through you as you sat up, until it was quelled by the sight of the little mare twitching and smiling on the ground
  592. >You pause for a moment to admire the somewhat cute scene before you
  593. >Unfortunately for Fluttershy though, the display wasn't enough quite to deter you
  594. >You quickly shift her to a near-standing position, forcing her upper-body to the floor so you could have unrestricted access to her rear
  595. >She quickly catches on to what you're doing though, and hesitantly questions you
  596. >"Anon... what... are you... doi-"
  597. >Making her cut herself off seemed to be becoming a tradition
  598. >You slowly slide your semi-flaccid dick up her slit, before stopping with merely your head inside
  599. >You watch Fluttershy quiver with your movements, despite her very viable efforts to restrain herself
  600. >"Anon no! I didn't want you to give me oral, and I certainly don't want to have sex with you!"
  601. "Should've through about that before leaving me blue-balled."
  602. >What was the formation of yet another protest soon becomes a cry of pleasure... and anguish... as you firmly thrust into the tiny pony
  603. "No resistance? Kinda shocked there wasn't a hymen blocking my way," you remark
  604. >"I...I'm sorry I'm so... disastisfying to you Anon," she says through tears. "I didn't have any cash to pay Iron Will when I took his seminar, and he was... willing to negotiate. He wasn't very... gentle with our agreement..."
  605. >All of a sudden, your body begins to politely request for you to pull out
  606. >Then it begins to demand it
  607. >Ah guilt, what a bastard ye are
  608. >You manage to fight your mental urges for all of two seconds, before you finally cave in, and pull out with a silent groan
  609. >Fluttershy collapses once again, and you head for your clothes
  610. >With each step, you become more and more aware of what you just did
  611. >The thought of punishment did not for a second cross you
  612. >In fact you were fairly certain that no one would believe you raped Fluttershy... twice...
  613. >But you had most likely just scarred this poor mare for the rest of her life
  614. >What little social activity she had been getting was most likely going to vanish now
  615. >All for your sick, demented pleasure
  616. >You look back on the silently sobbing mare for a final time, before turning back to your clothes
  617. "I'm... sorry Fluttershy," you say as you slide your shirt on. "I know those words probably mean jack shit to you right now, but... I feel like you at least deserve to hear them. I'll never bother you again."
  618. >After your shoes are laced up, you head for her door
  619. >Only to be stopped by her pleads
  620. >"Please... don't go..." you hear her mumble
  621. >You turn to her again, and feel your heart drop another level
  622. >You observe the pathetic state you've left her in, and watch her struggle to regain her strength
  623. >After an immense struggle to even reach her hooves, she slowly stumbles towards you
  624. >Every inch of the poor girl is a mess
  625. >From her frayed mane, to her rugged coat, to her slightly crossed eyes
  626. >She instantly collapses into you when she reached her destination
  627. >After landing flat on your ass, she snuggles herself as tightly into you as she can
  628. >"Please... don't go. You're the only one who's been nice to me... since I've got to Ponyville. Besides Rainbowdash, you're the only real friend I've got. Or at least, I hope you are... I don't care, if I have to give your oral... every day for the rest of my life. I don't care, if I have to have sex with you, every day for the rest of my life. I just don't want you to leave me. I want to be held by someone who cares. I want to be taken care of. I want to know, that there's someone out there I can rely on. I don't even care, if you fake it. I just want to feel loved."
  629. >Danger level: max
  630. "Fluttershy, I can't do that. I can't... I won't let you get attached to me. Not after what I did."
  631. >"No! Please!" she exclaims, her voice filled with fear. "I'll do anything! Look, I'm even gonna give you a blowjob, see?"
  632. >She manages to fiddle with your zipper for a couple of moments, before you grab her in her crevasses
  633. >After hoisting her a decent distance away from your fly, you give her the sternest look you can muster
  634. >But before you can speak, she non-verbally silences you by hanging her head
  635. >"I'm sorry. I don't know how to interact with people. I should've just let you go when you wanted to. I ruin everything I get involved in. You can go now. I'll just stay here, and... take care of my animals
  636. >Her defeated tone and tears melt your resolve quickly, and you pull her into a hug
  637. >You allow the little mare a couple moments of back rubs to allow her to fully calm down
  638. >In the closeness, you feel her heart pounding against your chest, before it begins to soften
  639. >You wait until it's barely noticeable before you speak again
  640. "Alright, I won't go anywhere."
  641. >"Good."
  642. >The embrace lasts for a good few moments, before Fluttershy breaks it
  643. >"Oh! I have an idea! How about, you teach me how to be more assertive, and I'll have actual sex with you!"
  644. "I'm not so sure about that Fluttershy..."
  645. >"Flutterbutter is fine."
  646. >Good lord, the danger level somehow increased
  647. "Anyway, I don't want this to be become another Iron Will deal."
  648. >"It won't be! Because I'll be fighting to assert myself in bed, as well as out of bed! When I become the dom, then we can stop! If you want to, of course."
  649. >Sex wasn't gonna happen, but the rest of the proposal sounded pretty good
  650. "Deal."
  651. >If the mare had any more wing power, she would've crashed through the roof after her takeoff
  652. >Instead she contented herself to happily whizzing around the room
  653. >It surprised you to see her flying so well though, given her track record
  654. >She landed in your arms, as she squeezed you into a hug
  655. >"Thank you so much Anon! I swear, I won't let you down!"
  656. "Don't mention it."
  657. >She stays locked in place for several moments, before she pulls away, and grabs the bottle of chocolate syrup out of your pocket
  658. >She briefly studies the plastic container in confusion, before she hands it to you
  659. >"Anon, why do you have a bottle of chocolate syrup on you?"
  660. "Oh, yeah that. Uh, kinda forgot about that thing. You see, Pinkie asked me to rub some syrup into your coat for her, and then to report back to her with the results."
  661. >"...Why would she want that?"
  662. "I don't know, it's Pinkie. I did promise her though. So... if you don't mind it..."
  663. >You let your unanswered question hang in the air for a few moments before Fluttershy answers
  664. >"Well... I really don't want to wash it out... but if you made the promise, I'll let you."
  665. >She obediently turns around as you pop the cap on the bottle open
  666. >You squeeze some of the sticky goodness into your hand, before firmly patting Fluttershy near her neck
  667. >With a gentle stroke, you cover her entire back with the goop
  668. >You remove your hand, and take a second swipe, with a little more difficulty
  669. >You only manage to yank your hand halfway down her back the third time before it gets stuck in her coat
  670. >Despite your best efforts to pry your hand off, you remain glued to the yellow mare
  671. >Eventually, you give up trying with a sigh
  672. "Looks like you're not gonna be washing anything out."
  674. >The trip to the bathroom was quite the odd one, as it's hard to walk up a staircase while half your body weight is shifted in front of you
  675. >And when you arrive, you're greeted by a small wooden tub in the middle of the room
  676. >Oh how you hated not having proper plumbing
  677. >Luckily for you, Fluttershy had a small fireplace in the corner of her bathroom
  678. >After taking a quick trip to her well to grab a bucket of water, you place four logs into the hole
  679. >You then strike a match, and admire the dancing flame emitted from its tip for a moment, before tossing it onto the logs
  680. >The few dry leaves and pieces of cardboard you had placed in the hole were soon engulfed by flames
  681. >It only took a few moments for all the logs to catch fire, and the second the flames began to rise, the bucket was hung comfortably above them
  682. >You step back from the heat, and decide to watch the fire while the water heated
  683. >You had always loved fire, but not an an arsonistic way
  684. >The way it managed to move and breathe on its own accord fascinated you
  685. >Everything about an open flame seemed so inviting
  686. >It's color, it's beauty, it's grace
  687. >Yet it caused destruction and pain to whatever it touched
  688. >Or, to whatever touched it
  689. >Perhaps one day, you could find a way to quell the wrath of fire
  690. >Maybe you'd be the one to create a touchable flame
  691. >But until that day, you and ponies alike would have to admire fire from afar
  692. >You gently trouble the water with your index finger, and are happy to feel its perfect warmth envelop your finger
  693. >After grabbing some of Fluttershy's personal care products, you instruct her to sit in the tub, as your prepare to clean her
  694. >She lets out a content sigh as the water washes over her, and you can feel the syrup loose some of the grip it had on your hand
  695. >After only a few moments of scrubbing Fluttershy's coat with shampoo, you manage to pry your hand off her back
  696. >You flex your fingers a few times, happy to have them back, and re-focus on Fluttershy's coat
  697. >Even with two hands scrubbing, the sticky mess just doesn't want to come out
  698. >You try everything you can, which includes wasting the rest of the water to try to clean her off, but it fails miserably
  699. >"Did you get it off?" she asks, noticing your water supply has suddenly run dry
  700. >You can only put a hand to your head, and nod defeatedly as Asa response
  701. "'Fraid the only thing we can do to get that out is to sheer that part if your coat off
  702. >"Oh..."
  703. >Her head drops as she weighs her options
  704. "Don't worry, I'll pull some strings with Rarity or something so that we can get you a dress to cover up the patch of skin."
  705. >"Well that doesn't sound too bad. My sheers are in my shed though. The keys are on a red chain on the counter."
  706. ...
  707. >How the old thing managed to stay upright when you unlocked it was beyond you
  708. >The old thing clearly hadn't been repaired in over a decade, and was rotting from the inside out
  709. >One more thing added to the to-do list: find someone to fix Fluttershy's shed
  710. >But you did manage to get the shears, which is all that really counts
  711. >Fluttershy was calmly waiting for you in her room, and turned around the second you walked in
  712. >You carefully snip out the chocolate fur, making sure not to take off more than necessary, before gathering up the brown remnants of her coat
  713. >After disposing of the fur, you go to inspect the damage, and can't help but frown
  714. >If you could give yourself props for one thing to come out of this whole ordeal, it was that you did a thorough
  715. >You calmly stroke the bare patch a couple of times, and admire the smoothness of her skin
  716. >She shivers, and you calmly retract your hand
  717. >You then stand up, crack your knuckles and head for the door
  718. "I'll be back tomorrow to take you the boutique. Have a blanket, or some kind of outfit ready so we can head out."
  719. >"OK... I'll probably just get a blanket. Everyone has such a low opinion of me already they won't mind if I wear a blanket to town."
  720. "Then nab a dress or something. We're not gonna be tackle your social anxiety unless you start caring about how you convey yourself."
  721. >"OK. What time will you be over?"
  722. "Between noon and five would be my guess. I still gotta do stuff at home, and I don't know how soon mom will let me go."
  723. >"OK then. I guess I'll see you tomorrow Anon."
  724. >Before you can take another step out the door, she's entrapped you in a tight embrace
  725. >You pat her on the head twice, before you force yourself out of her grasp, and quickly head for the door
  726. >You take a glance towards the sky the second your feet hit the dirt, and your heart sinks as a result
  727. >Somehow Luna decided it would be a good idea to put the moon in the sky five hours earlier than she normally did
  728. >Of course, a glance at the clock tower told you that it was, in fact, eight o'clock at night, and Luna wasn't just being a proverbial dick to you
  729. >So after a "short" sprint home, you arrive at the castle, very short on breath
  730. >And what little breath remained was soon sucked out as you opened the door
  731. >The glittering, flowing mane of Celestia tickled your nose the second you entered the foyer
  732. >Clearly the god-princess felt her small slap, seeing as she then turned around to greet you
  733. >"Oh hello Anonymous," she stated in her deep, womanly voice. "Good to see you come home just before bedtime. Your mother and I were just talking about you. Your timing could not be better. I was just telling your mother about how perhaps I made the wrong choice in leaving you with her, seeing as she can't keep her pre-teen under wraps."
  734. >You then take a glance at your mother, who looks even paler than she usually was
  735. >You could see her eyes quiver in fear, and watched as a single tear ran down her face
  736. "Hehe, yeah... Sorry about that. I was just out helping a mare overcome some of her fears."
  737. >"Oh. Well then, at least you know how to help a mare in need. Perhaps Twilight has taught you more than I thought. But still, don't you some tests to be studying for?"
  738. "Well I was, until mom let me go outside for a little bit."
  739. >"So she allowed you to put your personal life before your studies. A bit of a waste if you ask me..."
  740. "Hey, lay off. I've been studying for five days straight after school recently. Sometimes one needs a mental break to take the stress off things."
  741. >"Did you just give me a command young one?"
  742. >Suddenly, the stupidity of your comment hit you
  743. "N-no, of course not Princess, I was just..."
  744. >"Lying to me isn't helping your case Anonymous. In fact I consider it an insult to my intelligence."
  745. "R-right... I can understand your frustration-"
  746. >"Do it again, and I'll have you locked in the dungeon for the rest of your youth."
  747. >You can only nod in response, seeing as the fear now flooding through you prevented you from speaking
  748. >"Although come to think of it, I have been very lax in punishments as of late. Perhaps I should just toss you into a cell to make an example for the public."
  749. >Before you can beg for forgiveness, your mom teleports in front of you
  750. >"You'll do no such thing," she growls
  751. >You watch as Celestia raises in eyebrow
  752. >Surprisingly, she looks neither angry nor annoyed
  753. >Instead, she looks amused
  754. >"Twilight, what are you doing? Are you really about to risk your neck for your adopted child? Your assignment?"
  755. >You had known about how you were literally assigned to Twilight as her "child" for quite some time now
  756. >Although it still hurt to be reminded of
  757. >"You try living with Anon for twelve years, see what it does to you! I don't care if he's not mine, and I don't care if he's my 'assignment'! He's still my child damnit! And you're not gonna take him away from me without killing me first!"
  758. >You watch as Celestia continues to look on in amusement, with an uncomfortable silence acting as her backdrop
  759. >"I'm impressed Twilight. Clearly leaving Anon in your care was a good call. I expect a full report on the pitfalls of being a mother by Monday."
  760. >"Wait... this whole thing was just a test?"
  761. >You could practically taste the bitterness in your mother's voice
  762. >"Of course. And you passed with flying colors."
  763. >Celestia then heads towards the door, pausing for only a moment to deliver a warning
  764. >"Don't think this kind of defiance is acceptable to me, just because you got away with it here. If you ever speak that way to me that way again, I will take your son away from you."
  765. >"With all due respect Princess, I think I'll be taking a tad more of a defiant stance to you from now on."
  766. >Her words startle the goddess for a moment, before she smiles coyly
  767. >"It seems I've chosen wisely in more than one area. I cannot wait until you fulfill your destiny."
  768. >"Ma'am, forgive me for saying this, but I don't believe in destiny."
  769. >"Believe what you will. It's already set in motion."
  770. >And with that, she leaves in a flash of light
  771. >Your mother stands strong for a moment, before her knees begin to wobble
  772. >"Excuse me Anon, I've got some business to take care of..."
  773. >With slow, deliberate steps, she walks to the staircase
  774. >You hear each heavy hoof-fall against the wooden structure, before a door slams in the distance
  775. >It only takes a moment of hesitation before you briskly climb the stairs
  776. >As you round the corner, you watch in shock as your mother convulses on the ground
  777. “MOM!”
  778. >You rush over to her,  a quickly flip her onto her back
  779. >Her eyes, that once held a miniscule amount of life, were now absolutely blank
  780. >Any and all sheen they had were gone
  781. “Mom! Mom please! Speak to me!”
  782. >Even with your pleas and shakes, her near-lifeless disposition didn’t improve
  783. “Spike! SPIKE, bring me a stethoscope and a ventilator!”
  784. >You press your fingers against her neck, and feel her heart beating, weakly at that
  785. “Common mom, don’t die!”
  786. >After a couple of pumps to her chest, you open her mouth and administer mouth-to-mouth
  787. >”Here ye are Anon! I came as fast as I could!” you hear Spike say. “Wha happen-”
  788. >You turn, and see him standing behind you in a state of total shock
  789. “Focus on worrying latter. Give me those, now!”
  790. >He hands over both, and you quickly put on the stethoscope
  791. >After pressing it to her chest, you feel her heartbeat, much stronger though
  792. >Looks like you won’t need the respirator, which is good
  793. >You continue to administer CPR for a few more minutes, until she comes to
  794. >You watch as her eyes regain their color, and move back as she sits up
  795. >After a few moments of heavy breathing, she turns to you
  796. “Mom, you alright?”
  797. >”...You’re sleeping with me tonight,” she says flatly
  798. “Wait what? Aren’t I a little-”
  799. >”Right now, I don’t give a shit how old you are. You are sleeping with me tonight.”
  800. “O-OK then… Sure.”
  801. >”Oi Twilight. Ye alright?” you hear Spike say
  802. >”Y-yeah. I think. Just… just went into shock back there, that’s all.”
  803. >You turn your head to look at Spike, who looks pretty concerned
  804. >”That entire thing with Celestia was pretty intense. What was that all about anyway?”
  805. >”She… threatened to take Anon away.”
  806. >Spike’s face then takes on a significant hue of sadness
  807. >Oh how you hated seeing others in this much distress
  808. >”O-oh.”
  809. >All of a sudden, gilt roots itself into your heart
  810. >If only you had kept your dick in your pants
  811. >Hopefully you weren’t setting yourself up for a major ass-biting by agreeing to help Fluttershy out with her social issues
  812. >Either that, or mom had instilled enough trust in Celestia
  813. >The room then descends into an uncomfortable, yet somehow comforting silence
  814. >After allowing tensions to cool a bit, Spike clears his throat
  815. >”I’ll, uh… put these things back Anon. And let you do yer… thing.”
  816. “Yeah. Thanks.”
  817. >You don't bother watching him leave, you're attention is fully drawn to your mother
  818. >She continues to calm herself down for several minutes longer, before motioning to you
  819. >You crawl over to her, and she envelopes you in her forearms
  820. >You silently observe her shaky breath, allowing her to calm down at her own pace
  821. >After a few moments, you hear the mighty drum of her heart slow to
  822. >She eventually rises to her hooves, startling you
  823. >After a couple of slow shakes of her head, she lifts you up with her magic, and places you on her back
  824. >You haven’t been carried like that since you were a young ‘un
  825. >But, now was not a time to complain
  826. >Even after calming down, you can feel each step take more and more out of her
  827. >Scratch that, now was now a good time to complain
  828. “Mom, I don’t think you’ve got enough left in your tank to-”
  829. >”Shut up Anon.”
  830. >The bitterness in her voice poisoned your very being, but it did get you to shut up
  831. >She nearly collapses as she gets to her bed, but she musters up enough strength to hoist you onto it before she collapses onto the ground
  832. >Instantly, you hop off the bed, and pick her up
  833. >She’s surprisingly light, seeing as you’re able to pick her up with very little difficulty
  834. >You feel her struggle slightly in your arms, before she completely give up, and allows you to sit her on the bed
  835. >The sheets have already been made, so all you do is slide into the bed, and toss the covers over you and your mother
  836. >You snuggle up close to her, and she weakly wraps her forearms around you
  837. >You can feel the heat radiating off of her, and decided to have a little fun
  838. “You’re pretty warm tonight mom. That why you wanted me in bed?”
  839. >”Anon, for once, please spare me the wisecracks.”
  840. >Oofa, things were serious
  841. >So you shut up, and tighten your grip
  842. >”Anon, I promise you, no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone does, no one will take you away from me. I will keep you safe.”
  843. >You can feel her muscles tense as they struggle to increase their grip
  844. >The lengths she was going to to protect you were astounding
  845. >It was at that point, not in the morning when she admitted it, that you realized she truly loved you
  846. >You reach a hand up, and lightly brush her mane back
  847. >You then begin to scratch the back of her exposed ear, much to her delight
  848. >Her entire body tenses, and she grunts softly
  849. “I believe you…”
  850. >You can practically feel her eyes close, and soon her snores replace the silence of the night
  851. >With a sigh, you too close your eyes, wondering just what you’ve done to put your mother in this place
  852. >Without noticing, you stroke her soft mane a few times, before lowering your arms
  853. >As you wrap them around her neck, she stirrs slightly, before burrowing further into your chest
  854. >If you could see the scene, it’d probably be quite adorable
  855. >The various snores and flaps of her ear are somewhat hypnotic to you, and somehow make you quite sleepy
  856. >With her soft fur acting as a third blanket, you quickly fall asleep in a warm haze, to the ticking of your mother’s heart
  858. >The sound of eggs frying in a skillet manages to slowly rouse you from your slumber
  859. >As you try to fully wake, you notice your mother’s forelegs still tightly wrapped around your body, and try to move out from under her
  860. >However, as you start to move, she grunts, and pulls you in tighter
  861. >Now with the added excuse of her legitimately choking you, you fight far rougher for your freedom, and manage to pop out of her grasp
  862. >She swats at the air twice, and you give her your old small human-like plush in your place
  863. >She grips it tightly, and you head for the stairs
  864. >After tiptoeing over  squeaky step, you make your way to the kitchen
  865. “Oi, what am I smelling?” you ask, seeing spike over the stove
  866. >”Eggs! Scrambled, just for you.”
  867. “Sweet.”
  868. >”So, how was sleepin’ with yer mum for the first time in six years feel like?”
  869. “I mean, it was nice I guess. Everything about it was pretty warm and cozy. I think mom’s going into heat, and she was pretty hot to the touch. That and her fur with the blankets really cranked the heat up. Honestly, I’m surprised I wasn’t roasting in the bed.”
  870. >”Doesn’t sound too cozy to me.”
  871. “Hey, if you ever get in bed with a girl, you’ll get where I’m coming from.”
  872. >”Ouch. Walked right into that one.”
  873. “Yep.”
  874. >”You wouldn’t happen to want any coffee would ya?”
  875. “Are you gonna overload it with sugar?”
  876. >”Wasn’ plannin’ on it.”
  877. “Then no, I don’t.”
  879. >”Ah figured. Just thought it’d be nice to ask.”
  880. “I appreciate the thought.”
  881. >You then take a spot at the table, and breakfast is instantly served
  882. >As you take a bite of toast, the sound of hooves on stairs echos around the house
  883. >You don’t even bother to look up as your mom enters the kitchen, you merely listen to her yawn
  884. >”Hey son. Spike,” she greets. “Sunny-side up for me, since you’re making eggs.”
  885. >”Odd choice considering your outlook on life.”
  886. >”Oh please, spare me the early-morning humor.”
  887. >She opens the door to the fridge, and pulls out a bottle of scotch
  888. >As she pops off the cork and goes to poor it, she recalls the promise she made to herself about quitting
  889. >Instantly, her expression sours, and she pours the scotch down the drain before chucking the bottle into the bin
  890. >She goes to shut the door, before she remembers she has quite a few more bottles stored up
  891. >The look on her face could make Celestia herself tremble
  892. >Bottle after bottle flies out the fridge, before she goes to her celar
  893. >Or rather, the basement
  894. >You watch in awe as the small pile of spirits continues to grow larger and larger
  895. >In total, there’s about fifty bottles in the pile
  896. >And when she walks back up the stairs, she pours each and every one of them down the drain
  897. >Eventually, each bottle begins to shatter the previous one as she begins to toss them in with increasing force
  898. >Finally, the last bottle goes into the bin, and your mom lets loose a loud groan
  899. “...Geeze mom, you don’t have to go out cold turkey…”
  900. >”No I don’t. In fact it would probably be better for me if I slowed my consumption. But I don’t want to go back, and I don’t want the temptation there.”
  901. “Wow. That’s… surprising of you. I’m proud of you mom. Hopefully you stick with it!”
  902. >”Oh believe me, I’m gonna do it. I won’t accept going back to alcohol as a product.”
  903. >She suddenly put a hoof to her head with a loud groan
  904. >”Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go lock myself in the closet, and let the ‘wonderful’ process detoxification begin.”
  905. >”Here,” Spike pipes in. “Have a cup of coffee while you're there. If you need anythin’ else, just yell for me.”
  906. >With her magic, she takes the cup from Spike’s hands and takes a long, deep gulp
  907. >”Thanks Spike. I might ask you to bring me some water later today. Besides that, just do your chores, and I should be good.”
  908. >After re-filling the cup, she heads upstairs to start her journey
  909. >It suddenly dawned on you that you had an appointment to keep
  910. “Oh shit. Hey Spike?’
  911. >”What’s up?”
  912. “I’m gonna head out at noon to meet up with a mare to help her out. If mom asks, tell her I’ll be home by six.”
  913. >You watch as Spike smiles, and raises his eyebrows
  914. >”Oh, yer gonna ‘help’ her eh? Well, just make sure to watch yer aim while you’re ‘helping’ her out.”
  915. >You roll your eyes, partially because you can’t deny it truthfully, and finish up your toast
  916. “What time is it now?”
  917. >”About eleven o'clock.”
  918. “Oh joy, I’ve got some time to kill then. I guess I’ll go nab a shower and head out.”
  919. >You place your plate on the table, and head upstairs
  920. >As you pass the closet door, you hear your mother’s wails from within, and knock on the door
  921. “You alright there?”
  922. >”...Yeah. I’m just letting my body kill me from the inside.”
  923. “Aright, so long as you’re OK.”
  924. >”I’m honestly not, but I’ll get there…”
  925. >Not knowing what else to do, you head to your room and de-robe
  926. >After grabbing another set of clothing, you head for the bathroom
  927. >You step into the white tub, turning on the water, and silently thank Celestia for indoor plumbing
  928. >After having a quick wank, to make sure you wouldn’t get tempted when visiting Fluttershy, you wash the crust of yesterday’s sweat feast out of your hair
  929. >How your mother slept with your stank is beyond your logic
  930. >You relish in the feeling of cleanliness after stepping out of the tub, before you dry off and head for Fluttershy’s
  931. >Before you left the library, you check the time on the wall clock
  932. >Eleven thirty, just enough time to make it to the cottage
  933. >As you step outside your door, you are suddenly tackled by a pink, fluffy mass
  934. >”Anonymous!” Pinkie cries. “How did the yellow one react to having chocolate put in her coat?”
  935. “Nice to see you too Panko.”
  936. >You push her off you, and brush whatever dust you’ve accumulated off of you
  937. >”The chocolate syrup Anon! Tell Pinkie how Fluttershy reacted!”
  938. “She was mainly confused when I initially started rubbing, and then didn’t really care when I told her you set me up to do it.”
  939. >”You ratted Pinkie out?”
  940. “Let me finish, you’re gonna like the ending. Anyway, she did seem decently torn up that I had to shave a part of coat off to get the syrup out.”
  941. >”...Did she really?”
  942. “Yep.”
  943. >”...Pinkie accepts this emotion from the yellow one. You have escaped being put in the hat twice tonight. Yes.”
  944. “Good. Now can I get on with my day? I’ve got stuff to do.”
  945. >”You wish to end this conversation after talking to Pinkie for only a few moments?”
  946. “Yeah.”
  947. >”Oh, Pinkie sees how it is! She’s a filthy mud pony, and therefore is unworthy of Anonymous's time!”
  948. “Pinkie, I don’t have a horn, OR a pair of wings. If anything, I’m just as ‘filthy’ as you! No, I want to stop talking to you because you’re annoying and it physically hurts to talk to you. And right now, I’ve got a schedule to keep, and I’d rather not have it interrupted by the town psycho!”
  949. >Pinkie’s face soon morphs from it’s usual triumphant look to one of pure depressing
  950. >Aw damnit
  951. >”P-Pinkie thanks you for your input… she assures you that she will not bother you again.”
  952. >You can see the tears begin to stream from her eyes, before she runs off, wailing just loud enough to hear her
  953. >By the time you reach up a hand to comfort her, she’s already long gone
  954. “...Damn it.”
  955. >Nothing you can do now except grit your teeth and stand to your feet
  956. >Which you do
  957. >You can’t help but look at where she scampered off too, deciding to go comfort her sometime in the week
  958. >After kicking a pebble out of the way, you continue on your way to Fluttershy’s house
  959. >Not before grabbing some peanut-butter and some Snappin’ crackers
  960. >Three knocks on the door later, she opens it
  961. >You watch as her eyes brightly light up, as she eagerly swings the door wide open for you
  962. >”Oh! Hi Anon! Glad to see you came!”
  963. “I said I’d come, didn’t I?”
  964. >”Well… not a whole lot of people come here after saying they will…”
  965. “Well… I’m always gonna come. I made a promise to help you, and I’m gonna help you.”
  966. >”Really? That’s really nice of you! But, would you mind waiting in the living room for a little bit? It’s time for my bath, and I need Angel to supervise.”
  967. “Why do you need Angel’s supervision?”
  968. >”Because I… well… he said I might hit my head, and-”
  969. “You don’t even have a cast iron tub. There’s no way a wooden crate is that slippery.”
  970. >”I never thought of it like that.”
  971. “Well if you had a scheduled bathtime, why didn’t you just tell me yesterday? I would’ve understood.”
  972. >”Well, Angel kinda brought it up to me today. I’m not supposed to have a bath until tomorrow, but he said, I should probably have it today. So that I don’t smell when you’re here.”
  973. “Oh did he now? What exactly does he do as your supervisor?”
  974. >”Well, he knocks the soap, out of my hand, making me get up and get it. Constantly bending over to get it is pretty tiring, but I need the exercise.”
  976. “Oh does he now? You mind showing me to him? I wanna have a ‘chat’ with him.”
  977. >”Um, what kind of ‘chat’ do you-”
  978. >And with that, the time for talking had ended
  979. >You push past her, roughly, and make your way to the kitchen
  980. >You see the little bastard, sitting on the floor with a carrot poised right in front of his smug mouth
  981. >As you step into his light, he looks up at you in all your large-statured glory, and give you the clearest ‘fuck you’ look he can muster
  982. >You respond by punting the little bastard into the nearest wall
  983. >An odd satisfaction rushes through you, as Fluttershy rushes forward to help Angel
  984. >”Angel! Angel, are you alright?”
  985. “He’ll be fine.”
  986. >”How do you know? You just kicked him into a wall!”
  987. “You guys have a very strange anatomy compared to mine. In that large falls or impacts don’t really affect you. Look at Angel now. He’s right as rain.”
  988. >As she looks down, she realizes Angel is coming to, and has started glaring at you
  989. >”OK. Good to know he’s OK. But why would you kick him into the wall?”
  990. “Because the little bastard is playing you. He has been for years.”
  991. >”That’s not true… he’s just-”
  992. “Fluttershy, every time he knocks the soap out of your hands, he gets a nice view of your pussy and ass. How have you not figured that out by this point?”
  993. >A blush spreads over her face, and she looks down at an awkwardly smiling Angel
  994. >”I-is that true?”
  995. >You point to your foot beyond Flutter’s field of view, to which Angel responds by hurriedly shrugging
  996. >Eh, good enough
  997. >She then awkwardly puts Angel down, and stands up
  998. >You gesture to a now pulled-out seat, and she quickly sits
  999. “Leave,” you spit after turning to Angel
  1000. >In a flash, he’s scampered out of the room, allowing you to turn your full attention to Fluttershy
  1001. >You grab your own chair, and pull it up beside the yellow mare
  1002. >As you hike yourself a top it, you notice that she’s staring at you quite intensely, with a little bit of blush from her discovery still lingering
  1003. “Alright Fluttershy, just so you know off the bat, this isn’t going to be anything like how Iron Will taught you. I’m not gonna motivate you with speeches, I’m not gonna yell at you until you follow my ideology, I’m going to actively teach you with hands-on methods.”
  1004. >”OK. Now when you say hands-on-”
  1005. “Yes, forced hugs will be involved. Papa needs his Flutter Butter.”
  1006. >”Oh… OK then…”
  1007. “I mean, if you don’t want them, you’re gonna have to make me get off you. I don’t just mean with words either. I’m not gonna let you off the hook as easily as I did last night. You gotta break my grip. Understand?”
  1008. >”I think so…”
  1009. “Good! Because training starts now!”
  1010. >You suddenly grasp her around her torso, eliciting a squeak from her
  1011. >She doesn’t struggle at all as you pull her in, and flip her around on your lap
  1012. >You hold her tightly around her midriff, and wait for her to escape
  1013. >However, she takes a bit longer to make her attempt than you would've liked
  1014. >In fact she doesn't make an attempt at all
  1015. “Well? Aren't you going to escape?”
  1016. >”Honestly, the fact that you're here is still sinking in. It actually feels really nice… being hugged by someone.”
  1017. >You sigh, and shake your head happily
  1018. “Damnit Shy, you’re supposed to be resisting me. You shouldn’t allow me to have my way with you.”
  1019. >”I know Anon, but can’t I enjoy things as well?”
  1020. >You’re about to retort, when you suddenly think of a way to train her with her current level of stubbornness
  1021. “You know what, you’re not allowed to enjoy things.”
  1022. >You then put her down, which to which she turns to face you in confusion
  1023. >”Wh-what?”
  1024. “Until you learn to resist everything I do to you, you’re not allowed to enjoy anything.”
  1025. >”Anon, what do you mean?”
  1026. “I mean,” you begin with a smile. “You’re gonna have to take your hugs by force.”
  1027. >”Hugs by force? Anon, I don’t know if I-”
  1028. “You want your hugs, right?”
  1029. >”Yeah…”
  1030. “Then make me hug you.”
  1031. >Still confusion, she shakes her head a few times
  1032. >You can tell a rebuttal is hanging on the tip of her tongue, but eventually she realizes that any attempts would be pointless, and she sighs in defeat
  1033. >”Anon… I want you to pick me up… and hug me.”
  1034. “Good for you. Too bad I don’t care.”
  1035. >”Common Anon. I really need a hug.”
  1036. “Well go hug someone else, because I'm not hugging you.”
  1037. >”You give better hugs than anyone else. Plus, your fingers feel really nice when you pet my mane.”
  1038. “Too bad, because these hands aren't gonna be petting you any time soon.”
  1039. >The look of pure annoyance in her eyes almost made your resolve break
  1040. >She was just so damn cute, no matter what she did
  1041. >”Anon, hug me.”
  1042. “Make me,” you retort slyly
  1043. >She scrunches her nose, before leaping atop your lap, and stares deep into your eyes
  1044. >Puzzlement filled your body, which renders you speechless for a few moments
  1045. “Fluttershy,” you finally question. “What are you doing?”
  1046. >”I'm giving you the stare. It's what I do to get my animal friends to do what I want.”
  1047. “And that works?”
  1048. >She drops her head in shame
  1049. >”No.”
  1050. >Stay strong Anon, make her want the hug
  1051. >When she raises her head again, her face hardens with determination
  1052. >With some hesitation, she puts her hooves on your arms, and begins to yank them apart
  1053. >You quickly close them tight again, forcing her to try to pry them open again
  1054. >Five times later, she pushes herself underneath your arms, and tries to force herself into your embrace
  1055. >She nearly succeeds, but you manage to force her out before her head pops through
  1056. “How about this? Instead of forcing your way in, how about you persuade me to hug you?”
  1057. >”Persuade? Oh. I never thought of that.”
  1058. >The room descends into silence for a few moments as the yellow mare mulls over her argument
  1059. >”If you hug me,” she offers. “I will suck your dick.”
  1060. “Fluttershy, no!” you scold. “That's not how persuasion works! You have to tell me why I should hug you, and convince me to do so!”
  1061. >”Is offering you a blowjob not doing just that?”
  1062. “No, that's making me a deal. You need to argue your case, seeing as you can't solve all your problems with force or offers for sex.”
  1063. >”So then why are you teaching me to solve problems with force?”
  1064. “That's just so you learn how to assert yourself. To take the things that you want when they're available to be taken. Honestly, I love giving you hugs. Despite smelling terrible, no offense, you're a really cuddly pony. But at the same time, I can't just give you everything that you want. Otherwise, you're always gonna act secluded and awkward when it comes to getting what you want.”
  1065. >”Oh… I didn’t realize that’s what you were doing. I'm sorry for-”
  1066. “Don't apologize,” you interrupt. “You don't need to apologize for every little thing.”
  1067. >”I'm sor-”
  1068. “EEP!”
  1069. >”...So-”
  1070. “AHHH!”
  1071. >”...I-”
  1072. “NYEH!”
  1073. >”...So… this persuasion thing… I don't really know how to do that.”
  1074. >You smile to yourself before continuing
  1075. “Just state your claim, and back it up with evidence.”
  1076. >”...You should hug me, because I'm a very lonely pony, and I need hugs, and petting, from you.”
  1077. “Let's say I'm a sadist, which I am, but that's besides the point. All you've done is just there is given me more reason to to not hug you. So tell me what's in it for me if I hug you.”
  1078. >”Well. You said it yourself, I'm a cuddly pony, so you'd be hugging a cuddly pony. That and with me being lonely, if you hugged me, I'd be more willing to…”
  1079. >She paused to take a gulp
  1080. >”Appease your fetishes…”
  1081. “There we go, that's how you persuade. But let's assume I'm not in it for sex, how else is hugging you gonna benefit me?”
  1082. >”...I have a decently soft mane, and when you pet it, it might make you feel a little better.”
  1083. “Speak in absolutes. A wishy-washy attitude isn't going to get you far.”
  1084. >”My mane is really soft. And when you pet it, it'll feel really good in your fingers.”
  1085. “There you go,” you say with a smile, before scooping her into your arms
  1086. >You feel her relax in your embrace as you run your hand through her mane
  1087. >It was pretty soft, just like she said
  1088. >Although she did still reek
  1089. >Perhaps one day you'd manufacture a longer-lasting scented shampoo
  1090. >That could come later though, right now you had a lesson to conduct
  1091. “Alright Flutters, this has been fun, but we got stuff to do.”
  1092. >She looks up at you with pleading eyes
  1093. >”Can't we just stay like this for the day?”
  1094. “No.”
  1095. >”Oh… Okay.”
  1096. “We’ll cuddle after we get everything situated.”
  1097. >She flutters off your lap, and hits the floor as you stand up
  1098. “Take a seat on the couch.”
  1099. >She looks back at you, puzzled.”
  1100. >”Wait, why couldn’t I have just stayed on the chair, and you taught me from there?”
  1101. “Which would you prefer? The chair, or the couch?”
  1102. >”...Point taken.
  1103. >Without any further protest, she hops atop the sofa, and awaits your lesson
  1104. “Now then,” you begin. “You were talking about this Iron Will fellow the other day. I’ve heard that he teaches seminars on how to be assertive. Mind telling me exactly what he said?”
  1105. >”Well. He said that you should take whatever you want, and that anyone who stands in your way needs to be pushed out of your way.”
  1106. >You’re blown away by the sheer stupidity of this whole scenario, and by how much of a hack this minotaur was
  1107. >By the descriptions you’ve heard, he was the kind of guy that shouted empty promises at people and passed it off as “motivations”
  1108. >And Fluttershy just solidified that theory
  1109. “Good lord. How that man made a dime off of his seminars is beyond me.”
  1110. >With a hand on your forehead, you turn from the yellow mare to collect your thoughts
  1111. “Alright Fluttershy, first and foremost I need you to forget everything you’ve learned from that seminar.”
  1112. >”I did that the week after I took the seminar.”
  1113. >You sigh, and cover your mouth with your hand
  1114. “Good. Although a part of me wants you to keep those lessons. Piss-poor waste of your virginity.”
  1115. >After a quick rubbing of your hands, you turn around and prepare the lecture
  1116. “First and foremost. Asserting yourself. It’s not pushing your way through a crowd, or forcing everyone else to bend to your will. In your case, we’re gonna focus on not putting up with the bullshit that life throws at you. Now I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything here, so believe me when I say you are way too much of a fucking pushover. You cannot allow people to roll over you, and freely take advantage of you the way you do.”
  1117. >”I don’t Anon, I don’t think anyone really takes advantage of me-”
  1118. “Fluttershy, your pet knocked soap out of your hand to get a sneak peek at your cooter. In the past two days, I have interrupted you more times than Applebloom can count. My mother can’t even remember your name. Face it, you’re a doormat.”
  1119. >”I think you’re exaggerating Anon-”
  1120. “How much do you pay for carrots?”
  1121. >”...Ten bits a bunch.”
  1122. “And how much does everyone else pay?”
  1123. >”...Five bits....”
  1124. “And the point comes full circle. Look, just because we live in a free market society doesn’t mean you need to pay the first vendor’s price. There’s plenty of other people to buy off of.”
  1125. >”...Everyone I’ve been to charged me the same price.”
  1126. “Then let’s go to the source. Carrot Top is a nice mare, and she won’t jib you on the price.”
  1127. >”I never thought of going to Carrot Top,” she says with hope-filled eyes. “Are you sure she’ll give me a fair price?”
  1128. “Positive. In fact, let’s go see her right now.”
  1129. >The mare’s eyes go wide at your suggestion, and you watch as she seems to sink into the couch
  1130. >”G-go to her? You mean… right now?”
  1131. “Right now.”
  1132. >”A-Anon, I don’t know if I can-”
  1133. “Fluttershy, trials by fire are some of the best ways to learn new things. Hell, when I’m pretty much a trial by fire for Twilight.”
  1134. >She opens her mouth to speak, but you grab onto a hoof in order to drag her out the door
  1135. “Now common, we’ve got a carrot farmer to visit!”
  1136. >Twenty minutes later, you and Fluttershy are waiting in front of Carrot Top’s cottage
  1137. >She takes a moment to answer the door after your knock though, not that it was any inconvenience
  1138. >When the door finally swung open, you noted that everything about the mare oozed tiredness
  1139. >From the dark circles that lay beneath her eyes, to the various locks of hair that stood out of line
  1140. >She gives a half-hearted smile when she sees you, as she swings the bottom part of her door inwards
  1141. >”Oh hey Anon!” she greets in her baritone voice. “What can I do for you?”
  1142. “Hey ‘Top. I need a favor. My friend here keeps getting screwed over by every vegetable dealer in town when it comes to the prices of fruit, and I was wondering if she could buy off of you.”
  1143. >She takes one look at Fluttershy before looking back at you like you're mad
  1144. >”For your friend?”
  1145. “Yes.”
  1146. >”And that friend would be…?”
  1147. “Fluttershy, yes.”
  1148. >She allows herself another glance to the yellow mare before continuing
  1149. >”That's odd… I've never seen anyone paling around with… her before.”
  1150. >”I'm trying something new,” Fluttershy intersects. “Instead of following Rainbow Dash around, I'm following Anon around.”
  1151. >The mare laughs at what she thought would be a funny joke, but all she succeeds in doing is weirding out Carrot Top
  1152. >She gives you a somber look, before you laugh nervously
  1153. “She's… she's still a bit awkward socially. Got a few kinks to work out.”
  1154. >”Mhm... ‘kinks’,” Carrot Top remarks bitterly
  1155. “Yeah… uh hey, Fluttershy! Mind waiting for me over by that house over there for a minute?”
  1156. >Hurt instantly fills her face, and you struggle to maintain your calm composure
  1157. >”Oh… yeah. Sure Anon,” the yellow mare responds in a flat tone
  1158. >With her head down, she walks over to the house, sending guilt flying through your system
  1159. >But enough pity for now, you've got some ‘splainin to do
  1160. “OK, look top,” you whisper. “I know what you're thinking, and Fluttershy doesn't operate that way…”
  1161. >Focus on feeling guilt for telling a lie latter, explain now
  1162. “The girl’s had some tough times in her life, and she needs a break. That's why I'm here. With various forms of both positive, and negative reinforcement, I'm trying to teach her how to be a better version of herself. And part of THAT lesson, is teaching her how to assert herself. And a part of THAT lesson, is teaching her to not take the first thing life hands her. So please, if you ever do one thing for me ever again, it's help this girl out by giving her fair and honest prices for carrots.”
  1163. >’Top’s hard glare soon softens, and she sighs to herself
  1164. >”Anon, I think you may be in over your head this time. How in Equestria are you going to teach a grown mare how to behave in public?”
  1165. “One way or another, I will. She's got the basic concepts, she just needs to be taught the ‘advanced’ stuff. So… about those prices.”
  1166. >The mare’s face then curls into a bright smile
  1167. >”Normally, I wouldn't sell to any random pony on the streets. But, if she's not getting the right price from the different dealers around town, I will gladly sell her carrots.”
  1168. “Thanks ‘Top. You're awesome, ya know that?”
  1169. >”It's not being awesome, it's me having principles. I farm carrots so people can enjoy them. And if people are having a hard time accessing them, well I'll step in and help.”
  1170. >You smile, and give the fro’d pony a quick hug before hollering to Fluttershy
  1171. “Oi Flutterbutter! ‘Top’s gonna sell to you!”
  1172. >The girl’s face lights up, as she scurries over to meet you by your side
  1173. >”It'll be three bits for a bunch.”
  1174. >”Thee bits?” Fluttershy asks in shock.”I've always had to pay ten bits per bunch?”
  1175. >”Ten?” ‘Top replies with wide eyes. “No wonder Anon brought you here! Ten bits is outrageous for carrots! You know what, wait here for a second.”
  1176. >She then darts back into her house, and returns with a cleaned bundle of carrots moments later
  1177. >She offers them to you, and you take them from her mouth
  1178. >”First batch is on me. Everything beyond this is three bits.”
  1179. >You hold out the bundle to Fluttershy, who's in too much shock to even take them in her open mouth
  1180. >”F-for free?” she asks with a quivering lip
  1181. >As ‘Top nods, Fluttershy grabs her in a bone-crushing hug
  1182. >”Thank you so much Ms. Top! This… this means so much to me!”
  1183. >”Happy. To be. Of. Service,” ‘Top wheezes
  1184. >A few moments later, Fluttershy releases the other yellow mare, and happily takes the carrots in her mouth
  1185. “Thanks a ton ‘Top. If you ever need a hand gardening, you know where to find me.”
  1186. >”Don't mention it,” ’Top replies in a strained voice
  1187. >You watch her cough and sputter for a few moments, before she talks again
  1188. >”How's your mom, by the way? Haven't seen her in a couple of days. Did she find a really good book that she can't put down?”
  1189. “Nah, she's been super busy dealing with various aspects of ‘studying friendship’. Although she could be better, seeing as she's trying to quit drinking altogether.”
  1190. >Both ‘Top and ‘Shy’s mouths drop open, but ‘Top is the first to speak
  1191. >”Your mom’s quitting alcohol?”
  1192. Yep. She stopped cold-turkey today.”
  1193. >”That's just… wow… why is she quitting drinking?”
  1194. “She says it's for me. And honestly, I think it's a bit for herself too. Her liver must be as hard as a rock from all those years of abuse, and she's been acting far more bitter to everyone recently. So hopefully this will help her stop being an insufferable bitch to everyone that doesn't know her personally. AKA, everyone but me.”
  1195. >”Wow… that's really impressive. Also, I heard that she was visited by Celestia last night.”
  1196. “You heard correctly.”
  1197. >”Why was that?”
  1198. >You shrug your shoulders to mask the fact that you were quickly formulating an excuse
  1199. “When you're the personal student of God herself, you get the occasional check-in to see how you're doing. And to make sure you're properly raising your son.”
  1200. >”Well if I can give her credit for one thing, it's raising you right. Honestly, you're one of the most well-behaved kids I've seen around this town. It really impresses me.”
  1201. >You weren't about to tell her about the numerous ants you've ignited with a magnifying glass, so you just let her gush for a moment
  1202. “Yeah. Anyway, thanks again for the Carrots, ‘Top. I'll see ya around.”
  1203. >You walk into town with Fluttershy, who is still elated over the whole carrot ordeal
  1204. >Right off the bat though, you spot one of the few vegetable vendors town
  1205. >Perfect
  1206. >”Hey Flutts. Go over to that stand right there, and ask for some onions.”
  1207. >All the color that was in her face drains in an instant
  1208. >”Mmfmmfm?”
  1209. >You take the carrots from her mouth before continuing
  1210. “You heard what I said.”
  1211. >”But Anon, I don't know if I can…”
  1212. “Look, Fluttershy, do you want to be a doormat for the rest of your life?”
  1213. >”No…”
  1214. “Then get over there, and ask for some onions.”
  1215. >She nervously walks over to the fruit stand, while you pretend to study some sort of cog at a nearby stand
  1216. >”Wanna buy somethin’?” the mechanic asks gruffly
  1217. “Nah, just perusing,” you respond
  1218. >”Look, if ya ain’ gonna buy anything, git away from my stand.”
  1219. >You look up from the gear, somewhat bemused, somewhat annoyed
  1220. “Look mac, do you know who I am?”
  1221. >”Quite frankly, I don't give a-”
  1222. “I'm Twilight Sparkle’s kid.”
  1223. >That was enough to shut him up
  1224. >”N-no you're-”
  1225. “I'm adopted fucker. And if you really wanna find out, I can just mosey on down to the library, and we can find out firsthand. Now unless you want your business to burn in front of you and your family to be sold into slavery, I suggest you shut up, and let me loiter here.”
  1226. >The stallion begins nodding vigorously, and sinks back into his stand
  1227. >”Twelve bits per onion!” you hear the vegetable salesmen declare.”
  1228. >”But last week it was only ten bits per onion!” Fluttershy complains
  1229. >”That's the economy for ya. Do you want it, or not?”
  1230. >”No… I can't afford anything beyond ten bits…”
  1231. >”Then leave my stand.”
  1232. >You glance over, and watch Fluttershy slowly sulk away
  1233. >After a few moment’s hesitation, you walk over to the vendor
  1234. “Hey there!” you greet in the most cheerful tone you can muster. “How's it going?”
  1235. >He looks up at you, annoyed, before huffing
  1236. >”’S alright. Was a lot better a second ago.”
  1237. >Fighting back any and all urges to sock him in the jaw, you continue your path of dialogue
  1238. “I was wondering how much do onions cost here?”
  1239. >”Seven bits per onion.”
  1240. “Then why'd you tell my friend it was twelve?” you ask with a bitter edge in your voice
  1241. >He looks up, somewhat shocked, before sighing to himself
  1242. >Apparently this fatass really likes his air
  1243. >”Oh brother, you’re here to stand up for that pussy, aren’t you? Tell ‘er prices are sixteen bits from now on.”
  1244. “Oh no they’re not. From this point onwards, you’re only gonna charge her six bits per onion.”
  1245. >The old man snarks at you, and quickly rises to his forelegs
  1246. “Oh yeah? And who sa-”
  1247. “Says the son of Twilight Sparkle. Now, are we gonna lower the price, or am I gonna have to rain white-hot justice upon your business?”
  1248. >His eyes go wide, but his stern glare soon returns, with a hint of fear though
  1249. >”There’s no way you’re-”
  1250. “No? Wanna try me? My house isn’t that far away. I can go bring her back here if you want to. Although bear in mind, she’s currently undergoing detox, and is probably even crankier than usual. I wouldn’t drag her out of that if I were you.”
  1251. >”You’ve gotta be bullshitting me, there’s no way Twilight would quit drinking.”
  1252. “Wanna find out?”
  1253. >He merely glares at you in response, before grabbing an onion
  1254. >”Six bits. Take it, or leave it.”
  1255. >You smile, and motion for Fluttershy to join you
  1256. “We’ll take it,” you say when she’s in earshot
  1257. >After paying the man the six bits, he pushes the onion towards you, and you take it with pride
  1258. “Thank you. Pleasure doing buisness with you.”
  1259. >You put the onion in your pocket, and turn away from the stand
  1260. >Fluttershy catches up not long after, and looks at you with a puzzled expression
  1261. >”Um… Anon? What was the point of bringing me out here if you were just gonna fight my battle for me?”
  1262. >You don’t stop walking, but you do ponder your answer for a moment
  1263. “Baby steps ‘Shy,” you explain. “As of right now, you’ve got a tarnished name, and no one takes you seriously. You need a powerful ally in your corner. Someone who’s got a lot of connections, and can make gears turn. We need to boost your image some, just so people won’t treat you like a pushover.”
  1264. >”Oh… well… thanks I guess. But will this make other ponies scared of me?”
  1265. “Are they scared of Twilight?”
  1266. >”Yes…”
  1267. “...”
  1268. >You can’t even respond to that, so you just keep walking
  1269. >Soon enough, you tread back to her cottage, and swing the door open
  1270. >”You never answered my question Anon,” Fluttershy remarks
  1271. >After a brief run of your tongue across your dry lips, you respond
  1272. “Fluttershy, I can’t guarantee that you’re not gonna have any enemies. Applejack has enemies, and she’s probably one of the most grounded ponies I know. But that comes with the territory. People can be jerks. Sometimes you just gotta ignore them.”
  1273. >”Well that’s great life advice and all Anon, but it doesn’t really answer my question.”
  1274. “Oh… uh… nah, I think you’ll be fine.”
  1275. >”Alright. If you say so Anon, I’ll trust you.”
  1276. “Atta girl. Now, let’s continue with our lesson.”
  1277. >She takes her spot back on the couch, and you stand in the middle of the living room again
  1278. “Now then, let’s focus less on being assertive, and more about breaking out of your shell. As of now, you’re still really awkward, and really timid around other ponies. I think a good way of helping repreve some of these feelings would be to correct people when they get your name wrong.”
  1279. >”But the only pony who gets my name wrong is Twilight.”
  1280. “And who’s the biggest thorn in your side?”
  1281. >”...Twilight.”
  1283. “My point exactly. Now then, let's try something. You're gonna pretend that I'm my mom, and I'm going to intentionally get your name wrong. When I interrupt your correction, you're going to further correct me. Got it?”
  1284. >”I think so…”
  1285. “Good! Let's get started then. Hey Butterscotch. How goes it?”
  1286. >” name is Flutter-”
  1287. “I know your name!”
  1288. >”S-s-s-s-s…”
  1289. >As she continued to do her best snake impersonation, her voice began to quiet substantially
  1290. “What? I can't hear you Butter Biscuit!” you shout, trying your best to imitate your mother’s tone
  1291. >”M-m-m-my name is-”
  1292. “I know the name! Gosh Biscuit and Gravy, do you think I'm too stupid to remember your name?”
  1293. >”T-then stop saying it wrong,” she responds with some confidence
  1294. “Your name isn't Butterfly? Are you sure?”
  1295. >”No it's Fluttersh-”
  1296. “I KNOW. YOUR NAME. My goodness, how stupid do you think I am?”
  1297. >”Pretty stupid right now!”
  1298. >The mare then covers her mouth in shock, and you try… and fail to suppress your chuckling
  1299. “O-ho, w-well then,” you stammer out in between snorts. “At least this stupid person is smarter than you, Flu-”
  1300. >”My name,” she interjects solemnly. “Is Fluttershy.”
  1301. >Your laughter suddenly ceases, as you look at the yellow mare, both impressed and stunned by her actions
  1302. >You suddenly begin to clap, and walk over to where she's standing
  1303. “Yes you are,” you begin, wrapping your arms around her. “Fluttershy.”
  1304. >”I-if it's not too much trouble…” she begins nervously. “I would prefer you call me Flutterbutter… I really like that nickname.”
  1305. >You pull away, and look her dead in the eye with the most serious glare you can muster
  1306. “Make me,” you respond with a coy smile
  1307. >She hesitates for a moment, and then gulps down her fears and inhibitions
  1308. >”You're going to call me Fluttershy. Otherwise, I'll see to it that my elephant friend makes you leave the premise.”
  1309. >You smile warmly, and stand upright
  1310. “Flutterbutter it is. Just don't get used to threatening random people when you can get your way peacefully, alright?”
  1311. >She returns your smile and nods
  1312. >”I will keep that in mind when interacting with other people.”
  1313. >She nuzzles herself into your hand as you stroke her mane, and you chuckle to yourself
  1314. >Although in this moment of stillness, something suddenly felt… incomplete
  1315. >As if you had forgotten to do something today that you said you were going to do
  1316. >As you look to the cute mare in front of you, it quickly dawns on you what you had forgotten
  1317. “...Shit. Fluttershy, we forgot to get you a dress before heading into town today…”
  1318. >Her eyes go wide for moment, and she looks to the blank patch on her coat to confirm it
  1319. >”I had forgotten all about the patch honestly… luckily, I don't think anyone really took note of it.”
  1320. “Hopefully not. Anyway, we should get you into town. Let's try to avoid any further embarrassment on your end.”
  1321. >”Ok… but what should I wear though? I don't really have any clothes considering we’re mostly naked all the time…”
  1322. “What about your Gala Dress?”
  1323. >”I don't want to get that dirty. It takes a lot of fancy materials that I don't have to wash it out, and it costs a fortune to have someone else clean it for me…”
  1324. “Damn. And I'm not sending you out with a  blanket on, that'd just be stupid… so what can we do to hide your patch?”
  1325. >As an elbow rests against the fabric of your shirt, you realize what you should do
  1326. >After quickly yanking off the black tee, you offer it to Fluttershy
  1327. “Here, wear this. It should be big enough to cover the shaved area.”
  1328. >She quickly tugs it on, and it covers all of the patch, save one small segment poking out
  1330. >When she's fully comfortable in your clothing, the two of you head for Rarity’s Boutique
  1331. >After three knocks on her lavish door, she answers
  1332. >”Oh. Hello Anonymous,” she greets flatly. “What can I do for you?”
  1333. “Hey Rares.”
  1334. >”Please don’t call me that Anon darling. ‘Rarity’ is quite fine.”
  1335. “Rares it is. In any case, I’m here for an outfit.”
  1336. >”Oh! Are you here to trade in your dreadful apparel for a more classy look?”
  1337. “Nope. I’m here to nab something for Fluttershy.”
  1338. >”For Fluttershy? Why, is she going to a party or something? Furthermore, who invited her to a party?”
  1339. “No, it’s not for a party. It’s for casual wear. You see, I shaved Fluttershy’s back last night-”
  1340. >”Why would you shave poor Fluttershy’s back?”
  1341. “Let me finish. So I shaved her back because the chocolate syrup that I rubbed in her mane wouldn’t come out-”
  1342. >”WHY would you rub chocolate syrup in her mane?”
  1343. “LET ME FINISH. Anyway, I was asked to put the syrup in her mane by Pinkie Pie-”
  1344. >”WHY would you let Pinkie dictate your actions?”
  1345. “That’s personal information.”
  1346. >”Oh good lord, she sucked your dick didn’t she?”
  1347. “W-what? No!”
  1348. >”Oh don’t lie to me. Your face says it all. She laid you back onto the bed, pulled down your trousers, and-”
  1349. “Rarity, I’m not going to discuss this any further.”
  1350. >”Oh, so NOW you call me Rarity.”
  1351. “Oh go fuck yourself.”
  1352. >”I don’t need to, I have stallions to do that for me. But unlike you, none of my suitors are crazy.”
  1353. “Oh fucking please. The only people who lay your old ass out are the only ones desperate enough to get with your STD ridden ass.”
  1354. >”I am clean as a whistle, I’ll have you know!”
  1355. “How do you know, when you blow the trashman when he comes around to collect your used tampons?”
  1356. >”Oh, you wanna go? Because if you want to, we’ll go!”
  1357. “Bring it bitch! I’ll show you what someone without a horn can do!”
  1358. >”A-Anon please-” you hear Fluttershy murmur behind you
  1359. >Sorry Flutters, the time for peaceful discussion had long passed
  1360. >”Right, like you could take on someone with magic!” Rarity states
  1361. “You’d have to hit me with your magic before it takes effect. And trust me, my mom’s training has done more than enough to prepare me for a two-bit unicorn like yourself!”
  1362. >The white mare has apparently heard enough of your talking, as she grabs two scissors with her magic, and thrusts them at you
  1363. >Not hard enough to impale, but it would hurt to get hit by them
  1364. >Luckily for you, you don’t get hit
  1365. >As you dive out of the way of one pair, you grab it other, and hurl it at Rarity, intentionally missing her face by a couple of inches
  1366. >As she feels the wind of the blades rush by her head, she realizes you’re in no mood to piss around
  1367. >You sprint towards her in a zigzag pattern to avoid any chance of her grabbing you with her magic
  1368. >After she recovers from your scissors, she grabs the largest pillow she can to shield herself from your tackle
  1369. >She succeeds, as you run into the pillow with a muffled “oof”
  1370. >Now more pissed than ever, you grab the pillow, and toss it at the marshmallow's face
  1371. >It hits square-on, and stuns her for long enough for you to grab her around her midriff
  1372. >You slam her against the incredibly tacky bean-bag chair that was sitting in the corner collecting dust, and grab her around her horn
  1373. >Not even able to lift the pillow unless it was manually, she begins kicking and hollering underneath your compression
  1374. >”Let me go! Anon, LET ME GO!” she screams
  1375. >You ignore her demands, and put a hand against her stomach
  1376. >Her eyes go wide as she stops struggling, and she looks uneasily at your hand
  1377. >”A-Anon please…” she whimpers. “Y-you’re a child! A-a-and, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to… do this to a grown mare… Tell you what, if you let me go, I’ll forget this whole thing ever happened!”
  1378. >Too late
  1379. >You slide your hand down her body, and she begins to scream
  1380. >You then bite your lower lip in a sick smile, as you quickly pull your hand up to her neck, and begin tickling it
  1381. >It takes her a moment to register that she wasn’t about to be raped, but eventually she does begin to howl in laughter
  1382. >”A-Ahnon, STOP!” she cries in between laughs
  1383. “No!” you shout back
  1384. >Your expert fingers continue dance across her neck, as she continues to shriek her forced joy
  1385. >After you had gotten bored with that wonderful bit of fur, you allowed your fingers to aimlessly explore every inch of the white mare’s body
  1386. >With the exception of her sex, of course
  1387. >Finally, several minutes after her tickle torture, you take your hand off her body, and allow the red-faced mare to breathe
  1388. >As she begins wheezing, she glares at you, to which you can only smile cheekily
  1389. >You drag her by the horn back to the center of the room, and let it go
  1390. >You hastily make your way back to Fluttershy, all while under Rarity’s stern gaze
  1391. “So as I was saying, Rares. Fluttershy needs a casual outfit because of my… blunder. Shall we talk business?”
  1392. >She scowls at you, before turning to the startled yellow mare
  1393. >”I think I’d rather talk to the customer, thank you,” Rarity states aloud
  1394. >You shrug, and allow Fluttershy to take the reins
  1395. >”Oh… well OK… so I’d kind of just like a really long shirt… like this one… so that it will cover the bald patch on my back.”
  1396. >”Alright. Take off that rag, and let me see the patch.”
  1397. >Fluttershy quickly pulls off the shirt, revealing her bare skin for Rarity to admire
  1398. >”Good lord Fluttershy! Anon, what did you do to her? Hasn’t she suffered enough in life?”
  1399. >You roll your eyes at the mare’s comment, but allow her to continue to fawn over Fluttershy
  1400. >”Darling, I’m not going to dress you in the same drivel this hairless monkey wears. No, you’re getting my best apparel.”
  1401. >You roll your eyes again at her ape comment, but you let it slide, knowing that you just kicked her ass, hard
  1402. >”Alright. How much is this gonna cost me?” Fluttershy asks
  1403. >”O-oh. I forgot about money…”
  1404. “I’ll pick up the tab,” you comment snarkily
  1405. >The white mare looks at you wordlessly, and then back to Fluttershy
  1406. >”Anon, would you mind meeting me in the bedroom for a moment?” she asks coldly
  1407. “Well then. Taking back your comments about it not being right for a child to get with a mare?”
  1408. >”Only in your dreams green man.”
  1409. “Yeah, you must be drooling at the mouth to get a piece of my hot, monkey dick.”
  1410. >”Anon! In my bedroom… please!”
  1411. >You laugh, and follow her to her room
  1412. >As she shuts her door, and returns a glare at you
  1413. >”Anon, I don’t know WHAT game you’re playing, but there is no way in Equestria, or any other country for that matter, I will EVER let you pay for something for Fluttershy.”
  1414. >An eyebrow rises without your consent, and you chuckle quite audibly
  1415. “And why is that?”
  1416. >”I know what game you’re playing. Don’t think that you’re gonna win Fluttershy’s heart by getting on her good side. You’re not gonna get in bed with Fluttershy if I have anything to say about it.”
  1417. >Quite the delusional sentiment, but you could understand why
  1418. >Especially considering you did in fact, receive oral from Fluttershy
  1419. “Rarity, you’re way off base here. I don’t want anything to do with Fluttershy sexually.”
  1420. >”What a crock of shit. I know you Anon. You’re conniving little bile stain, and you only care about things that impact you directly. Don’t think that I can’t see your little facade of ‘helping’ Fluttershy.”
  1422. “So what, I act like a bit of a dick towards you, and all of a sudden I’m Satan?”
  1423. >”Don’t act like you haven’t taken advantage of nearly every pony in this town! Don’t sit there and pretend that you’re the shining example of what the perfect child should be! I’ve heard the stories Anon, and let me tell you-”
  1424. “Let me tell you something that you don’t know Rares. I hate cunts. Could never stand ‘em, never will be able to. And let me tell you, there’s a lot of cunts in this town. Like you. And I like to manipulate cunts to get what I want. Believe me when I say, I want nothing to do with Fluttershy, sexually.”
  1425. >”Mhm, sure. How many times has she pleasured you thus far.”
  1426. >You don’t answer, but your silence says enough
  1427. >”I thought so.”
  1428. “It wasn’t like how you think. It… it started out that way. But I’ve learned a few things about the girl that’s changed my mind.”
  1429. >”Oh please Anon. You don’t know anything about Fluttershy. I have weekly spa meetings with her so she can get her thoughts out on the table. What could a lowly punk like yourself know about Fluttershy?”
  1430. “Do you know anything about her Uncle?”
  1431. >”Her uncle, what?”
  1432. >Your response is a smugly raised eyebrow
  1433. “I thoughts so.”
  1434. >”What uncle? Tell me!”
  1435. “If she wanted to, she would’ve told you already. Anyway, let’s turn the tables for a minute. You’re demonizing me for taking advantage of the girl once. I could’ve sunk my teeth deeper, but I didn’t, and you’re not gonna know what happened. But at the same time, I’m the only one trying to actually be her friend. And not even out of pity or opportunity, but out of concern. I'm helping her Rarity, not just giving her an outlet for her to vent her misery and woes. I'm forcing her to step into the adult world, and fight for what she wants. To fight the injustice she's been facing. I don't quite think you understand who I am Rarity because I haven't shown you my political side.”
  1436. >”Oh please, what political side? You’re a child. You don’t have any political influence.”
  1437. >Your face could not get any smugger at the moment
  1438. “Like it or not Rares, I am the son of Twilight. Even if it is by adoption. That fact alone gives me a powerful ally that I can toss my weight against when needed. And trust me, Fluttershy needs a powerful ally right now. One who can get shit done, and not just give her a shoulder to cry on.”
  1439. >”And what, pray tell, has this ‘powerful ally’ done for Fluttershy thus far?”
  1440. “Well just today he got her a fair deal for onions and carrots where before she was getting charged out the ass for them. What has her shoulder to cry on done for her recently?”
  1441. >”Well… I've given her her a shoulder to cry on! Which is what she needs right now!”
  1442. “She wouldn’t NEED a shoulder to cry on if she wasn’t being treated like a piece of shit. And that’s why I’m here Rarity. For once in your life, can you get over your shallow nature, and see the good in someone?”
  1443. >She narrows her eyes before responding
  1444. >”Not for you Anonymous. Never for you.”
  1445. >She turns away from you, and heads for the door
  1446. >”Although… if you wish to pay for Fluttershy’s outfit… I will allow it this ONE time. But if I learn you came onto her after today, I will come for you. And I won’t be lightly jabbing at you with scissors either.”
  1447. “Well hell, now I want to see what you’d be like if you’re actually trying. Our little scuffle was pretty underwhelming, if I do say so myself.”
  1448. >”Don’t press your luck. I can still take my generosity back.”
  1449. >You shrug, and head for the door, exiting the room before she does
  1450. “Alright then, I won’t push the matter any further. Although a word of advice before we get this show on the road. Don’t go picking fights you can’t win.”
  1451. >With that, you head down the stairs, and are greeted by Fluttershy sitting patiently on the floor
  1452. >”I-is everything OK?” she asks as she sees you
  1453. “Eh. Not really. But I don't want to kill Rares… and I assume she doesn't want to kill me, so it's good.”
  1454. >Your brutal honesty doesn't really help her nerves any, but her attention soon falls upon Rarity as the mare clears her throat
  1455. >”So as we were discussing before Fluttershy, I will make you the finest outfit I can, and... just this once… Anon will pay for it.”
  1456. >You smile and wink at the yellow mare, and Rarity ushers her into her fitting room
  1457. “So… you got any magazines I can read while you two do your thing?”
  1458. >”As if. Just find some way to amuse yourself while we're busy
  1459. >You smile, and dramatically begin to unzip your pants
  1460. >”NOT LIKE THAT!”
  1461. >You chuckle to yourself, and take a seat after re-zipping your fly
  1462. >The next thing you know, your vision’s gone black, and the feeling of cloth envelops your face
  1463. >”And put this rag back on! No one wants to see your bare prepubescent body!”
  1464. >You tug the shirt on while chuckling, and retain your former task of just sitting there and waiting for Rarity to finish her work
  1465. >However, as you continue to sit, you hear hoofalls sound against the stairs
  1466. >You look to the stairwell, and see none other than Thrakerzod walking down at an oddly normal pace
  1467. >Honestly, how no one in the town has noticed that she’s Sweetie Belle possessed by a demon from the Outerworld is a feat in of its own
  1468. >If your mother knew, she’d nab some holy water, and make Sweetie take a bath in it
  1469. >But you weren’t going to ruin the demon’s fun quite yet
  1470. “Hey Thrackerzod,” you greet
  1471. >”Hello Anonymous. I see you and my sister have finished your business in the bedroom. Have you finished your coitus in fifteen seconds, per the standard?”
  1472. “Yes, no, and no. First and foremost, our business had nothing to do with sex. Second of all, humans last alot longer than stallions do.”
  1473. >”How long does the average human last?”
  1474. “I don’t know, like five minutes? I’m the only human here, so…”
  1475. >”Well how long do you last?”
  1476. “Anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes, why?”
  1477. >”No reason. I just wish to know for personal reasons.”
  1478. “Mhm. Sure. So what do you want?”
  1479. >”I want you to make love to me. Or have sex with me, whatever ponies call it nowadays.”
  1480. >You cock your head in shock, and just stare blankly at the small white filly
  1481. >How… sudden of her to request a good dicking
  1482. >And quite out of character, given that she wanted to stay out of the spotlight for the most part
  1483. “And why do you want to be fucked so badly?”
  1484. >”Ah, so that’s what it’s called nowadays. Anyway, because, I have heard most of the mares at my school proudly proclaiming that they have been penetrated by a stallion’s dick on many occasions. I want to ‘get laid’, so that I can blend in with the crowd.”
  1485. >Oh the poor nievity of this inter-dimensional demon
  1486. “OK, Thrackerzod, a few things. First and foremost, the last thing you want to do to blend in with the crowd, is to get laid. Second of all, even if it did show just how ‘normal’ you are, I wouldn’t do it, because based on everything else you do, you’d probably be an average lay. Third of all, I wouldn’t sleep with you if you gave the best rides in the world, because I don’t need to give your sister another reason to breathe down my neck. Clear?”
  1487. >”I suppose. However, I do not think your reasoning is very sound. Would doing what everypony else does, not make me ‘normal’ in the eyes of my peers?”
  1488. “Not in this case! Having sex is a very finite thing. You’re either labeled as a slut for sleeping with the wrong guy, or you’re auded for having sex with the ‘perfect’ guy. Either way, you’re not going to win by having sex with anyone. It’s best if you just keep it to yourself if you do.”
  1489. >”I do not care what the social ramifications could be Anonymous! All I care about is fitting in! And thus far, doing what everyone else has done has allowed me to fit in quite well. So I want to try and continue that methodology in this department.”
  1490. “You are aware most of those girls are lying about having sex right?”
  1491. >”I doubt that. Why would any girl lie about having sex with a man?”
  1492. >It takes everything within you to not deliver a nice smack to your own face
  1493. “Well regardless, I’m not having sex with you.”
  1494. >”You must. My first time must be with a boy everyone has had sex with.”
  1495. “Who told you-”
  1496. >”I may not be a social butterfly, but I am good at eavesdropping.”
  1497. “I’m not not banging you.”
  1498. >”If you do not, I will tell your mother about all the fillies you’ve taken behind the shed.”
  1499. >Now she has your attention
  1500. “You wouldn’t dare.”
  1501. >”I would dare. I do not joke about these kinds of things. In fact, I rarely joke at all.”
  1502. >With an added shake of the head, you continue to stare at the filly in disbelief
  1503. >And after several minutes of hard thinking, you take a quick peak inside Rarity’s fitting room, and see she’s not even close to finishing the pre production state of the dress
  1504. >So you make your decision
  1505. “Alright, I’ll do it. But I expect a good lay.”
  1506. >”I will promise nothing above average.”
  1507. >You sigh to yourself, and wait for her to lead you to her room
  1508. >It's your standard little girl's room, with every inch of the box being covered in pink with the exception of the white lace hanging on the walls
  1509. >She closes the door, and walks over to you in a perfectly normal strut
  1510. >She then stands on her hind legs, and you have to bend down slightly to reach her lips for a kiss
  1511. >It's perfectly average, without any tongue whatsoever
  1512. >This was gonna be a long fuck session
  1513. >”Now then, since we have kissed, shall we engage in the foreplay?”
  1514. “I’d rather just get straight to it, if you don’t mind.”
  1515. >”Very well.”
  1516. >She hops onto the bed, and lays on her back
  1517. >She then spreads her legs, allowing you to catch a nice view of her box
  1518. >You quickly run a finger across it, and notice it feels surprisingly soft
  1519. >Trackerzod is already wet with anticipation, and you’re filled with a certain amount of disappointment
  1520. >Because you know that if Trackerzod did anything at an above-average level, this would be an amazing fuck
  1521. >You shake your head, as you yank off your shirt, and let it fall to the floor
  1522. >After taking off the rest of your clothes, you hop onto the bed, and line up your penis with her young sex
  1523. >You take one quick thrust, and…
  1524. >Welp, she wasn’t wrong
  1525. >After five minutes of hard sweating and grunting, she’s left satisfied, and you weren’t even close to cumming
  1526. >What an unsatisfying twist of fate
  1527. >You were right though, Sweetie Belle’s pussy felt absolutely amazing
  1528. >Hell, Sweetie even had her hymen torn, probably from Thrackerzod using a dildo a little too big at some point in her life
  1529. >If she hadn't just laid there half the time and let you do all the work, you probably would’ve had a great time
  1530. >You quickly slide out of the bed, and tug your underwear on
  1531. >As you’re pulling your shirt on, Trackerzod slides out of the bed, and meets you at your side
  1532. >”I can only assume that you performed above-averagely. I can safely state, that I had a good time. I hope that you had a perfectly average experience.”
  1533. “Oh believe me, I did,” you state flatly
  1534. >Above-average huh?
  1535. >A little more noise besides the occasional moan would’ve been a nice way to let you know
  1536. >And while we’re bitching, a bit more emotion in her voice would’ve been nice
  1537. >”Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes Anonymous! Continue to thrust into me! My cumulation is close at hand!” you hear her voice echo in your head
  1538. >The memory makes you shiver
  1539. >You roll out of bed, and grab your shirt on the floor
  1540. >”Are you not going to engage in the traditional post-coitus cuddling with me?” she asks as you tug on the black fabric
  1541. “Nah, I’m good.”
  1542. >”But it is customary.”
  1543. “Some traditions can be broken. Besides, I don’t want to be caught by your sister.”
  1544. >”...Fair point. I suppose you have fulfilled your duty well enough. You may leave now.”
  1545. >After lacing your shoes up, you open her door
  1546. “Thanks for your permission,” you respond sarcastically
  1547. >The moment you step into the living room, Rarity steps out of her fitting room, and heads for the stairs
  1548. >With Fluttershy in tow, none the less
  1549. >”I assume you’ve found a way to entertain yourself then,” she comments as she passes. “For your sake, I hope it didn’t involve my sister.”
  1550. “Yeah, and give you another reason to hate me? No thanks. I’m more than content with our current level of tension.”
  1551. >She merely shrugs, and heads up the stairs
  1552. >Fluttershy doesn’t follow immediately, and instead sulks over to where you’re standing
  1553. >”Um… Anon… if you don’t mind me asking.. what exactly did you do to make Rarity dislike you so much?”
  1554. >You’re about to respond, before Rarity starts barking from upstairs
  1555. >”Fluttershy, are you coming?”
  1556. “I’ll tell you later. In the meantime, go get your dress made.”
  1557. >The mare pouts for a moment, before she sinks back to the stairwell
  1558. >Despite feeling relieved that you didn’t have to elaborate on yet another aspect of your life, you feel rather hollow inside
  1559. >With a substantial amount of grief, you collapse onto Rarity’s sofa with a loud groan
  1560. >It was never fun to explain your line of reasoning to ponies, purely because you often hated your line of reasoning
  1561. >Considering how many poor choices you’ve made throughout your life, all under the excuse of being Twilight’s kid, it was never fun to recount on the past
  1562. >Even though most of the time you took advantage of total bitches, the fact still remained that you were taking advantage of them
  1563. >Suddenly, you feel the familiar grief associated with recalling your past crawl into your subconscious
  1564. >However, this time around it was quite a bit stronger than before, due to the fact that you had one more sin to top the pile
  1565. >Rarity’s accusations began echoing in your mind, accusations that you had the gall to deny
  1566. >Accusations that you were too proud to admit to
  1567. >Accusations that were absolutely true
  1568. >Another groan escaped your mouth, as you lean over in your chair
  1569. >With your head in your hands, you engage of your usual routine of trying to make your guilt fade
  1570. >The usual techniques of recalling the (better) parts of your childhood weren’t helping this time around
  1571. >Nothing from your friends, to your family, to your tinkering with your chem set helped
  1572. >In a moment of desperation, you try beating yourself on the head repeatedly, but all that results from that is some physical pain to top off your emotional pain
  1573. >Looks like you’re just gonna have to endure the mental strain yet again
  1574. >So there you sit, throwing yourself a little pity-party
  1575. >For the first time in quite some time, you felt like a child
  1576. >And not just a child, a scolded child
  1577. >That’s not to say you’ve never been scolded as a child, but it’s not something that frequently occurs to you
  1578. >So you allow the guilt to overload you, knowing any further attempts to dilute it would be futile
  1579. >You wallow in your own self-loathing for what seems like hours, until Rarity and Fluttershy both emerge from the stairwell
  1580. >The sheer tiredness your entire body feels hits you as you blink
  1581. >After rubbing them, you slowly lift your head, and smile as you notice Fluttershy’s dress
  1582. >It’s not super complex, seeing as it’s basically a cloth that just fits her figure, but it does have a nice curl at the end of the skirt that accentuates her tail
  1583. >The dress itself is a very light pink color, but it is by no means see-through
  1584. >The collar is adorned with several bright sapphires, and the midriff of the dress is creased, accenting where the dress ends and where the skirt begins
  1585. >”Well,” Rarity begins. “It took me a while, but I’ve made a decent-quality dress that Fluttershy can proudly wear casually.”
  1586. “Good job Rarity,” you remark. “It really looks good.”
  1587. >She eyes you somewhat crossly, thinking your remark was sarcastic in nature, but she soon accepts the compliment, and turns back to her fitting room
  1588. >Fluttershy, on the other hand, was staring at you intensely, her face rife with concern
  1589. “Anon are you OK? You’re looking kind of sick.”
  1590. >You smack your oddly dry lips together a couple of times, and wipe a hand across your lime green face
  1591. “Y-yeah… I’m fine,” you respond slowly. “Just… recolecting on my past.”
  1592. >Now that you’ve grabbed her attention, Rarity briskly turns to face you, and soon her hard look softens considerably
  1593. >”W-were they happy memories?” the yellow mare presses
  1594. >You take a moment to consider your response, before slowly shaking your head
  1595. >”Anon darling,” Rarity suddenly pipes up. “what’s on your mind?”
  1596. >You slowly look up at the white mare, feeling blank
  1597. “You made me think,” you state flatly
  1598. >You lower your head again, and put a hand to your forehead
  1599. “About what I’ve done. About how much you were right.”
  1600. >”Wait what?” Fluttershy interjects. “Rarity, what did you tell Anon?”
  1601. >The white mare stands there stoically for a few seconds, as she mulls over what she should do
  1602. >”...Fluttershy… can you leave the two of us alone for a minute.”
  1603. >”Can I at least know what’s going on?”
  1604. >”No. I need to speak to Anon in private for a few minutes.”
  1605. >”But-”
  1606. >”Please darling. If Anon wants to talk to you after this is all said and done, he may.”
  1607. >”...OK.”
  1608. >The clipping and clopping of the yellow mare’s hooves echos throughout the room, before it’s replaced by the creaking open, and the slamming shut of a door
  1609. >The room descends into an uncomfortable silence before Rarity sighs, and takes the seat next to you
  1610. >”So. You’re finally coming to terms with being a terrible person?”
  1611. >You can faintly hear the joking tone in her voice, although it sounds more desperate than light
  1612. >But you were in no mood to joke
  1613. “I came to terms with that fact a long time ago,” you state flatly
  1614. >Not even her uncomfortable giggle can lift your spirits… but her embrace takes you by surprise
  1615. >You look to her face, which has shriveled in concentration
  1616. >”Look Anon… I’m not going to apologize for what I said. I feel no guilt over that. However… perhaps I was a little too quick to judge. If you can take what I say to heart, perhaps you’re not a total demon. And even if your intents are malicious… which I'm not saying they are, you're still paying for Fluttershy’s dress, which is still rather selfless.”
  1617. >She sighs to herself before speaking again
  1618. >”Much more selfless than I've been of late… So. If you don't mind. I would like to… re-start our relationship. Perhaps get off on the right hoof this time around.”
  1619. >You can't help but feel somewhat puzzled by her request
  1620. “What brought this on all of a sudden?”
  1621. >”I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just fatigue from hating a child for years on end. Perhaps you’ve changed for the better. But regardless… I know I want to start over.”
  1622. >You can’t help but smile at the whitefu, and place a hand atop her head
  1623. >As you gingerly stroke her mane, she quickly pulls away from you, and you don’t press the motion
  1624. >However, once she overcomes her shock, she slowly moves back into your embrace, and lightly nuzzles your hand
  1625. >”So… what do you say?”
  1626. “Sounds like a good plan, Rarity,” you state with a smile
  1627. >She looks to the floor while her cheeks glow light crimson
  1628. >”...Rares is fine…”
  1629. >You chuckle, and place a finger on her ear
  1630. “Rares it is.”
  1631. >Her entire body tenses as you lightly scratch its tip, but she soon relaxes ever so slightly
  1632. >She grits her teeth together in a vain attempt to conceal her pleasure, which makes you chuckle
  1633. “Oh. Someone’s never had their ears scratched, have they?” you coo
  1634. >”A-Anon, if you’re going to spe-ea-eak to me, I would prefer you not address me as a CHI-ld…”
  1635. “Aw, that kills half the fun. But alright. If it means I can scratch your ears longer, I’ll refrain from the pet-tone.”
  1636. >”T-thank you,” she responds through gritted teeth
  1637. >It was so cute to watch her try to sit upright and fight her urge to nuzzle you in order to retain whatever dignity she had left
  1638. >You suddenly felt the urge to amp up your methods
  1639. >Non-sexually of course
  1640. >She draws in a sharp gasp as you move your hand to her stomach, and begins to squirm as you shift her to atop your lap
  1641. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna go too far," you reassure
  1642. >She stops struggling after a few moments, but her body remains stiff
  1643. >You run your hand up her soft stomach, which forces her to breathe out sharply
  1644. >You then begin to scratch both her neck and ear simultaneously, which finally forces her to loosen up
  1645. >When she began to bite her lower lip though, you realize the time to stop had come
  1646. >As you move both hands to her stomach and remove her from your body, she looks up at with confusion shining in her eyes
  1647. >"Why'd you stop?"
  1648. "You were getting a little too into it."
  1649. >You can't help but chuckle, as she looks down in embarrassment
  1650. >"Thank you for stopping then..." she remarks
  1651. >”Anytime.”
  1652. >The two of you then commence in sitting in somewhat awkward silence for a bit, before the white mare clears her throat
  1653. >”Look… while you may know Fluttershy’s inner most secrets… I know her as a mare. And I know how desperate she’s wanted a close friend. I don’t care at this point if it’s you, but… she’s willing to do anything to keep a friend. Anything.”
  1654. >The emphasis on anything scares you slightly
  1655. >”I won’t make any more assumptions about you, so long as you answer this one question truthfully. Have you had sex with Fluttershy at all during your relationship?”
  1656. >You scratch your neck and the back of your bare head, before deciding you had nothing to lose from telling the truth
  1657. “Yeah," you respond with your head down. "She-”
  1658. >”I don’t want to hear what you did. The sexual escapades of a child don't interest me. But, I will ask you to do something for me. Please, don't use her as a fucktoy and run. She deserves much better than that."
  1659. >You slowly nod your head, and look up at the mare
  1660. "That's not how I operate. I may hop from one mare to another, but I don't string women along to get more poon."
  1661. >Her mouth contorts to a grimace in reaction to your use of more “risque" terms
  1662. >"Yes, well... you can get all the 'poon' you want in your free time. Just don't hurt Fluttershy. In any way."
  1663. >You nod, and focus again on the ground
  1664. >"Shall we invite Fluttershy back in now?"
  1665. "You got anything else to say?"
  1666. >"I suppose not. Fluttershy! You can come back in now!"
  1667. >Silence ensues for a few seconds, but eventually the sound of hooves on stairs bounces around the house
  1668. >You see Fluttershy’s head as it pops out from around the corner, and she hangs back for a few moments before stepping into the foyer
  1669. >”I-is everything alright?” she asks
  1670. >”Yes Fluttershy. In fact, things are much better now.”
  1671. >”Really? What happened?”
  1672. >”Anon and I decided to start over. We realized that hating each other isn't worth the time, or energy we sink into it. So, we figured starting fresh would be the best option.”
  1673.  >You can practically feel relief radiating out Fluttershy, as she sinks to the floor with a sigh
  1674. >”Thank Celestia. I was afraid things were only gonna get worse for you two.”
  1675. “Nah. I like messing with Rares too much to let her outright despise me. After all, what fun is there in getting yourself retained from the person you enjoy tormenting?”
  1676. >With a yawn, you stand up from the couch, and take a moment to stretch
  1677. “Like your dress?”
  1678. >”I really do. It's nice and soft… and it's form-fitting, so it feels like I'm constantly getting a hug.”
  1679. >You look to Rarity, who returns your defeated expression
  1680. “How much?” you ask the whitefu after pulling out your wallet
  1681. >”For a dress of that caliber? I'd say about fifty bits should do it.”
  1682. >You hand over five ten-bit markers, and head for the door
  1683. “See ya later Rares,” you call over your shoulder
  1684. >”I'll see you this Thursday Rarity,” Fluttershy states
  1685. >”Goodbye Anon, Fluttershy. We'll meet in our usual spot for our treatments darling.”
  1686. >You can't help but yawn again as the door shuts behind you, and the ol’ Ponyville clock tells you that it's currently four-twenty in the afternoon
  1687. >You figure it'd be best to escort  Fluttershy home, then head back to your own nest
  1688. >After a solid ten minutes of walking in silence, Fluttershy turns to you
  1689. >”Um… Anon? Back in the fitting room, Rarity was asking me about my Uncle. You didn't tell her anything I told you about me and him, did you?”
  1690. “Nah, I only mentioned the subject as leverage in a petty argument.”
  1691. >It suddenly dawns on you how bone-headed that particular action was
  1692. “Which I now realize was a dick move on my end…”
  1693. >”Oh. Well… thank you for not telling her much, but I would appreciate it, if you didn't mention that to anyone else. I really don't want that to come up in conversations with other ponies, because I don't want to lie to them about liking my Uncle.”
  1694. “Yeah, I absolutely understand that, and trust me, it won't happen again. Although, this is one of those things you can demand from other people. In no regard is it alright to talk about someone's personal information to someone else.”
  1695. >”Oh. Well then… I would… no… I have to say it boldly. I have to make my case.”
  1696. >She swallows before continuing
  1697. “D-don't ever t-talk about me, and my U-uncle, to other ponies ever a-a-a…”
  1698. >She has to pause yet again so she can swallow her fear
  1699. >”Again,” she finishes flatly
  1700. >You smile to yourself, and put a hand on her head
  1701. “Atta girl.”
  1702. >The walk descends into silence yet again for several more minutes
  1703. >”You know,” Fluttershy begins. “In a way, I really don't like acting this way, to other ponies. It feels like I'm being really pushy, and rude to them. But, it's also nice to take some command of my life, and try to make things better for myself. It also feels good to know that I don't have to allow people to use me however they want.”
  1704. >You gingerly stroke her head while you fully think of a response
  1705. “Knowing when you're being pushy versus when you're being reasonable comes with practice. I've sort of taught you how to act on both ends of that spectrum. Most of the stuff we do at your cottage is me teaching you to the pushy. What we do in public is teaching you how to be reasonable.”
  1706. >”OK… so basically… it's OK to demand something, if it's a matter of my privacy, or if I'm being mistreated, or if I've paid for something, is that right?”
  1707. “Generally, yes.”
  1708. >”And I make requests for the smaller stuff, right? Stuff that doesn't necessarily hinder me, but it would be nice to see changed.”
  1709. “There ya go!”
  1710. >Chit chat occupies the two of you for the rest of your walk to her cottage
  1711. >Well, she's the one chit-chatting, you just kind of listen and nod every so often
  1712. >You accompany the mare inside her house, and then prepare to leave
  1713. >However, as you turn to leave,  Fluttershy grabs ahold of your sleeve
  1714. >”Wait Anon. We haven't done the thing, that most adults do in the privacy of their homes.”
  1715. >You turn back to the mare, somewhat confused
  1716. “Fluttershy, I don't want to have sex with you, I told you that yesterday.”
  1717. >The look of pure distress on her face kills you
  1718. >”But… I want to repay you for what you did today…”
  1719. “Sorry Flutterbutter, you're gonna have to find some other way to repay me. Not that I want repaying, but I'll take some compensation other than sex if you offer.”
  1720. >Her head droops sadly, but soon a look of determination etches itself onto her face
  1721. >With a surprising amount of strength, she tackles you to the floor, and goes for your fly
  1722. >You don't move or react, you merely lay there in shock, and she stares at your crotch with a blush
  1723. >"I promised you sex yesterday..." she breathes. "And I... want to be a mare of my word."
  1724. >With her lower lip bitten, she slowly undoes your fly, allowing your wang to spring free
  1725. >She doesn't immediately take off your boxers though
  1726. >Instead she presses her nose against it, breathing deeply as her cheeks grow even rosier
  1727. >You're about to object again, but then you realize she's taking control of another aspect of her life
  1728. "You sure you wanna do this?" you opt for instead
  1729. >Her uncertain look suddenly turns certain, as she yanks the opening in your boxers open
  1730. >"Yes," she states firmly
  1731. >And with that “yes”, she opens her mouth, and slowly slides it down your limp shaft
  1732. >Soon though, your wang springs to full attention within her mouth, taking her slightly by surprise
  1733. >Well, it was a little more than slightly, seeing as she immediately pulled off the second your head touched the roof of her mouth
  1734. >She stumbles backwards, then casts a worried look at you when she halts
  1735. >”S-sorry!” she stammers, as a bright blush crosses her face. “I-I didn’t mean to pull back, you just-”
  1736. >She stops her yammering when you begin chuckling
  1737. “Fluttershy, you’re fine. I get it. I went full-mast suddenly, and no offense, you’re pretty easy to startle.”
  1738. >”So… you’re not mad?”
  1739. “Not in the slightest.”
  1740. >She takes a few deep breaths, before shaking her worries off, and walking back to your awaiting member
  1741. >Her cold, shuddery breath gently slides down the side of your member, sending an odd mixture of pleasure, and slimy unpleasantness through your body
  1742. >Your dick isn’t sure whether to shrink in shock, or expand in pleasure
  1743. >The feeling of her warm mouth enveloping your lil’ buddy brings the solution rather quickly
  1744. >You feel your dick twitch inside of Fluttershy’s mouth, which makes her jump slightly, but she doesn’t pull off this time
  1745. >Instead, she just sort of lets her mouth hang there for a minute before she starts to actually blow you
  1746. >It doesn’t feel bad, but then again it’s a blowjob, so it’s not going to feel bad
  1747. >However, the glint of fear in her eyes tells you this is the best she can do
  1748. >The passion and effort her movements convey, surprisingly enhance the experience
  1749. >You let loose a small, unintentional moan, which makes her eyes shine
  1750. >She does pull off your member after around a half of minute of blowing though
  1751. >”How am I doing so far?” she asks, with both hooves resting on moving on your cock
  1752. “Not bad,” you comment
  1753. >You watch as her face slowly falls, and realize that might not have been the best thing to say
  1754. >”Not… bad?” she echos sadly
  1755. “H-hey! That’s not a knock! Not bad isn’t synonymous with god-aweful! It means you’re doing good!”
  1756. >”You don’t have to lie to me Anon… I know what it means.”
  1757. >You silently begin to rub the back of your head, as your stiffy begins to soften
  1758. >”...Tell me how I can do better.”
  1759. >Suddenly your dong returns to its expanded state
  1760. “Y-you want to learn how to give a blowjob?”
  1761. >”Well… yes. That’s the reason I’m doing this, right? So that I can make you feel good.”
  1762. “...I mean… I guess? Alright, so first and foremost, only put the tip of my my dick in your mouth to start off.”
  1763. >She nods, and takes your suggestion
  1764. >The feeling of her tongue swirling against your head feels incredible, as it normally does
  1765. >You allow yourself to moan softly, and continue to let ‘Shy do her thing
  1766. >She soon begins to take note of your little grunts, and your clenched teeth, and begins focusing solely on the tip of your head
  1767. >You take a sharp breath in, as the pleasure overwhelms your system
  1768. >She soon takes note of this, and quickly pulls off your member
  1769. >”Are you OK Anon? Does not not feel good?”
  1770. >As words fail you for a moment, you resort to quickly shaking your head dismissively
  1771. “No… no,” you state when you find your voice. “It’s not that at all. In fact, quite the opposite. It feels too good.”
  1772. >The yellow mare responds by cocking her head in confusion
  1773. >”Too good?”
  1774. “Yeah, weird prospect, I know. I can’t really explain it either. It just feels like way too much pleasure to take on at once.”
  1775. >”Oh. I still think that’s a pretty strange concept. But I guess it makes sense. I’ll try to stay away from your tip from now on.”
  1776. “Thanks. Now then, what you want to do now is slowly work your way down my shaft with your mouth. Take it in bit by bit the longer you go. I know there’s not a whole lot there, but it should be enough.”
  1777. >”Honestly Anon, I really like your size. You’re not super big, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in my mouth, and you’re not too small as to where there’s not a whole lot to work with.”
  1778. “That’s… actually a pretty good analysis for a beginner.”
  1779. >”I’ve been in debt to a lot of ponies… mostly I just kind of stand there for fifteen seconds while they do their work and finish inside me. I always tell them to cum outside because I really hate terminating pregnancies. But they never listen. So… I’ve had to do my fair share of those. Although I’m sure that most mares around here have done that.”
  1780. >She chuckles nervously, but you can hear the sadness in her voice
  1781. >Yet again your dick goes flaccid, which Fluttershy quickly picks up on
  1782. >”I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have talked about that.”
  1783. “No… no you’re fine.”
  1784. >The air between the two of you grows tense, as the room descends into uncomfortable silence
  1785. >”So… do you not want to keep going?”
  1786. >Her forwardness knocks you off -guard
  1787. “I mean… only if you want to keep going. You’re kind of taking charge here.”
  1788. >”Well… I did make things awkward for the two of us… but at the same time I kind of want to keep going.”
  1789. >Exasperation escapes your body through a sigh, and something deep down wants you to bring a stop to this
  1790. “...Alright… whenever you’re ready,” you state, despite your mind’s protests
  1791. >She nods, and just when you’re about to retract your statement, her mouth wraps around your shaft again
  1792. >Suddenly you lose any and all desire to protest
  1793. >She pulls her head backwards, making sure to stop just before your dick slides entirely out of her mouth
  1794. >After a moment’s pause, she slides her mouth back down your shaft, but she only intakes the first couple of inches
  1795. >She then pulls back fully, takes in the next couple of inches in the next go, and then takes in the last of your member with the third swipe
  1796. >You soon realize you should’ve elaborated on your explanation, seeing as she doesn’t repeat her pattern
  1797. >Instead, she just sticks with fully blowing you, which is by no means a bad thing
  1798. >Despite not feeling fully into her oral performance, you give her a relatively loud moan for encouragement
  1799. >It seems to work, seeing as she responds by closing her eyes, and letting loose a moan of her own
  1800. >The vibrations created from her throat give your dick a pleasant surprise, eliciting a much louder genuine moan from you
  1801. >She quickly takes note of this, and starts purposefully tossing in moans every now and again
  1802. >Her timing starts off very sporadically, as she seems to just randomly insert throat movement into her regime at random points
  1803. >However, she soon develops a good pattern to go by as she continues to  experiment
  1804. >Every thirty seconds or so, she would give off a cute, yet somewhat quiet moan
  1805. >It did wonders for your dick though
  1806. >Occasionally, she would toss in a much louder moan for good measure, adding an extra layer of surprise and pleasure to the experience
  1807. >You don’t even need to give her any more instructions to improve her performance
  1808. >As a beginner, she was doing a phenomenal job, bringing you to edge at a pleasurably quick pace
  1809. >Soon enough though, you feel your pleasure peak, and allow your dick to release your seed into Fluttershy’s mouth
  1810. >The second your hot love hits her tongue, Fluttershy’s eyes go wide, and you quickly realize you should’ve warned her before letting loose
  1811. >You then yank your dick out… and watch as Fluttershy’s face gets sprayed with your seed
  1812. >Glob after glob of hot spunk splatters across her face, which she tries to avoid by turning her head to the left
  1813. >Once your dick has finished flexing in it’s climax, she turns back to you, and the mere sight of her face being covered in your seed forces your member to flex one final time
  1814. >With a single eye closed to shield it from your liquid love, she begins to whimper slightly
  1815. >And it’s honestly the hottest thing you’ve ever witnessed
  1816. >Puddles of sperm have landed across her nose, right eye, and forehead
  1817. >Several strands are currently sliding down her face, and some are even dripping off her chin
  1818. >However, her mane received the brunt of your climax, with it being heavily coated in your white love
  1819. >She takes a hoof to her face, and collects a good chunk of your spunk on it
  1820. >Her curiosity as she carefully examines the protein further excites you, and you soon realize you’re at full mast again
  1821. >She takes a bit of the liquid in her other hoof, and slowly separates the two
  1822. >Amazement fills her face, as she closely observes the trail of sperm linking her hooves
  1823. “If you… really want to turn me on… you could lick some of that up…” you blurt out suddenly
  1824. >She looks at you puzzledly, then returns her gaze back to the sperm
  1825. >”But… that came out of your penis… you pee from there.”
  1826. >You put a hand to the back of your head as you feel your face begin to burn
  1827. “I know, I know. That was… stupid of me to suggest. Sorry, forget I-”
  1828. >”No, no. I… I want to make you happy. And if I can do that by licking your… semen… I’ll do it.”
  1829. “Flutterbutter, you don’t-”
  1830. >”I do, Anon, I really want to do it. Now, is there anything I can do to make it… ‘hotter’ for you?”
  1831. “Well… you could slowly lick it up…”
  1832. >”OK. I’ll try that.”
  1833. >She allows some of the spunk to trail down her foreleg, and hesitantly sticks her tongue out
  1834. >As she slowly runs it up her hoof, and into the pool of your love that’s collected on her hoof, your dick hardens enough to shatter rocks
  1835. “Oh my fucking god,” you breathe, as she cranes her neck backwards, before slowly swallowing your liquid love
  1836. >The small glob of semen etches its figure into her neck, as it makes its journey to her stomach
  1837. >Once the sticky substance has cleared her throat, she sticks out her tongue to air out the foul taste still clinging to it
  1838. >”Was… was that good?” she asks hopefully
  1839. >You can only nod in response, which makes her entire face light up with joy
  1840. “Better than good,” you respond when you find your voice. “That little show you did at the end was hot… made my dick real happy.”
  1841. >With confusion tugging at her mouth, she looks to your member, and stifles a gasp as she notices it’s fully hardened again
  1842. >”W-wow! You mean… I did that?”
  1843. >You nod, which makes her face beam with pride
  1844. >And a smidge of relief
  1845. >”That’s… no one’s ever gotten hard again after… having... their way, with... me. This is-”
  1846. “I get it. Glad I could give your ego a slight boost.”
  1847. >”No, I’m glad I’m able to do this… just by swallowing your cum…”
  1848. “Well… it was a combination of seeing my spunk on your face and you swallowing it. To be honest, it’s kind of a degradation thing. Having a man cum all over your face isn’t something to be flattered over, and I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn't seen your expression the second I started to cum.”
  1849. >Her expression suddenly drops, which riddles your body with guilt
  1850. >”Oh. That’s an… interesting way of… getting hard,” she says quietly
  1851. >You can’t help but grimace, and then shrug as a pseudo-apology
  1852. “Eh… it’s not top thing that turns me on,” you say truthfully
  1853. >It was honestly your third, right behind choking and dinner dresses
  1854. >Yeah, you didn’t understand dinner dresses either, but the dick likes what the dick likes
  1855. >Although your comment does make her ears perk up
  1856. >”Really?”
  1857. “Yep.”
  1858. >”So… what’s the best thing I can do to turn you on?”
  1859. >Your mouth goes dry, as you weren’t expecting her to ask that question
  1860. “L-let’s not talk about that, OK?”
  1861. >”Why not,” she asks, cocking her head
  1862. “Because… well because we don’t need to discuss it right now! Hey, you ready to get plowed? Because I-”
  1863. >”Well I mean, we don’t need to, but I’d really like to. You know, just to know how I can do better in bed.”
  1864. “I-I’d rather not talk about it honestly. It’s a little extreme, and I don’t want to scare you with it.”
  1865. >”Is it something to do with your sadism?”
  1866. >Your once cardboard-dry throat somehow becomes even drier
  1867. “Yeah, let’s not talk about this any more.”
  1868. >Her head then droops to the floor in sadness, sending a jolt of concern rushing through your body
  1869. >”OK… I understand. So… wanna move on to sex now?”
  1870. >You merely dumbly nod your head in response
  1871. >”OK. I’m sorry for pressing you on the issue.”
  1872. >You form the words in your head to comfort her, but they’re cut off at your tongue as she turns around
  1873. >She arches herself forward, and raises her tail so you could get a better view of her sex
  1874. >Suddenly memories of last night come flooding into your head, as does the sudden notion that she’s probably done this before
  1875. >A good chunk of the men she’s fucked have probably forced her into this position at some point or another
  1876. >And you’re one of them
  1877. >Suddenly, time around you begins to slow down, and you only become conscious of your body shuffling forward
  1878. >Her words from last night begin bouncing around in your head
  1879. >"I didn't have any cash to pay Iron Will when I took his seminar, and he was... willing to negotiate…”
  1880. >"Please... don't go. You're the only one who's been nice to me... since I've got to Ponyville....”
  1881. >"I'm sorry. I don't know how to interact with people. I should've just let you go when you wanted to. I ruin everything I get involved in. You can go now. I'll just stay here, and... take care of my animals…”
  1882. >Your thoughts are suddenly interrupted by Fluttershy’s moans, and you look down to find that you’ve placed both hands on her fanks
  1883. >You mentally curse yourself, and contemplate your next move
  1884. “...Choking,” you say after a few moments of mulling your words over
  1885. >”What?”
  1886. “You asked me what my biggest turn-on is. It’s choking.”
  1887. >She goes quiet for a moment, and then her body begins to tremble
  1888. >”O-oh… well then, it’s good to know that you have s-such varied interests Anon…”
  1889. “I just killed the mood for you, didn’t I?”
  1890. >”...Yeah. Kinda…”
  1891. >You sigh to yourself, and remove your hands from her cheeks
  1892. >After re-zipping your fly, you head to the couch, and collapse atop it with a groan
  1893. >Fluttershy soon occupies the seat next to you, and lowers her head
  1894. >”I’m sorry Anon. I shouldn’t have brought up the topic.”
  1895. “Nah. It’s nothing you really did. Celestia knows I’ve prodded you quite a bit for information. The least I can do is share some of my own.”
  1896. >The room quickly descends in a defining silence, so you begin fidgeting about and start clearing your throat every so often to ease the tension
  1897. >After several minutes of this, and petting Fluttershy’s mane, you decide it would be best for you to head home
  1898. >As you stand up, she glances up at you sad
  1899. >"You're leaving?"
  1900. "'Friad so. There's not really anything to do now. Plus, mom's gonna be worried if I don't get home soon-ish."
  1901. >”OK… would you come back tomorrow?”
  1902. “I’ve got a couple of things I need to do tomorrow. How does Thursday sound?”
  1903. >Her face falls ever so slightly, but it quickly perks back up again
  1904. >You could see she was glad to just have someone investing themselves in her.”
  1905. >”OK. See you on Thursday.”
  1906. >She quickly hops off the sofa, and floats over to where you’re standing
  1907. >After planting a kiss on your cheek, she lands on the ground, and heads upstairs
  1908. >You’re dumbfounded for a moment, and are barely able to force your hand to return her good-bye wave
  1909. >After feeling the ghost of her lips on your cheek, you push her wooden door open, and head out into the night
  1910. >And what a night it was
  1911. >The clear sky granted you a fantastic view of the stars in all their beauty
  1912. >You took a moment to admire their wonder, before making your way home
  1913. >The second you walk into the foyer through, the door is enveloped in a purple aura, and it promptly slammed shut
  1914. >”Where the hell have you been?” your mom semi-shouts angrily. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”
  1915. “N-no… I haven’t had a chance to-”
  1916. >”It is eight o’clock in the evening! Spike told me you scattered off earlier on, but I wasn’t expecting you back this late!”
  1917. “I’m sorry, I just-”
  1918. >”I don’t want any damn excuses. Go to your room! You’re grounded!”
  1919. “Grounded? But mom, I’ve got stuff to-”
  1920. >”Well you should’ve thought of that before staying out past dark. Now, go to your room! I want you asleep by the way! No comic book reading, and no playing with my chemistry set. Understood?”
  1921. “Yes…”
  1922. >”Good! Now get!”
  1923. >You sigh loudly, and head up the stairs slowly with your head down
  1924. >”And don’t think you’re getting out of this by bullshitting being sad. I’m your mother, I can tell when you’re faking.”
  1925. >You silently curse your mother for having such a keen intellect
  1926. >As the door to your room swings shut, you sigh aloud, and head for your bed
  1927. >Really, despite how much you wanted to be mad, you couldn’t find any reason to justify any anger
  1928. >Your mother was absolutely in the right, as she was in most cases
  1929. >You should really invest in a watch one of these days so you can figure out what the goddamn time is when you’re boning Fluttershy
  1930. >Speaking of boning Fluttershy, you still had some thinking about the issue to do
  1931. >Namely whether or not you wanted it to continue
  1932. >You hop atop your bed after grabbing your secret stash of jelly beans, and pop one in your mouth
  1933. >You immediately spit it out the second you bite into it’s licorice-flavored disgustingness
  1934. >After wrapping the black bean in a tissue and tossing it into the bin, you grab a green bean, and cautiously eat it
  1935. >Green Apple, one of your favorites
  1936. >Now then, back to the matter at hand
  1937. >As you bite into a cherry-flavored bean, you begin contemplating your options
  1938. >On one hand, you were setting this mare up for extreme emotional disappointment
  1939. >Should you ever leave her in the dust, she’ll be left with one more reason to isolate herself from the outside world
  1940. >If the one man, or in this case boy, she willingly and gladly gave herself to won’t stick around, then what hope would she have for making any other friends?
  1941. >It also taught her that the only thing desirable about her is her body, which wasn’t a lesson she needed to learn
  1942. >There was also the issue of sex basically being positive reinforcement in of itself, seeing as recreational sex was a new concept to her and she would probably crave more
  1943. >Finally there was the moral stigma behind it
  1944. >While you would be spared if people found out what was going on, Fluttershy wouldn’t be so lucky
  1945. >What tattered remains of her social life were still sewed together would be instantly ripped apart at their seams
  1946. >As you bite into a peppermint-flavored bean, you begin looking at the situation from the other side of the proverbial fence
  1947. >It was giving her something to look forward to, after all
  1948. >Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have as whole lot to lean back on in life
  1949. >You, and by extension your dick, were two of the few things she could enjoy
  1950. >Then there was the fact that she forced you to have sex tonight, not the other way around
  1951. >Clearly she was ready to take control of some aspects of her life if she was willing to rape you to get some action
  1952. >Oh yeah… that whole thing did  get a little rape-y
  1953. >You shrug of the negative thoughts by reasoning that she wouldn’t do it to anyone else besides you
  1954. >You hoped
  1955. >But anyway, she was at least willing to further lengths to get what she wanted
  1956. >You’d just have to teach her to reel it in a little bit
  1957. >But beyond all that, one crucial reason remained that, in a way, outweighed all the others
  1958. >And that was the fact that it still felt good to receive oral
  1959. >Was it a selfish reason? Absolutely
  1960. >Was it a reason nonetheless? Absolutely
  1961. >While you weren’t planning on making Flutters your cockslut, the prospect of training someone to have sex was an exciting one
  1962. >And hell, who knew, this whole thing could turn out to be mutually beneficial to the both of you
  1963. >As you finish pondering, a feeling of triumph fills your body as you finally come to a decision, before a wave of guilt washes it out
  1964. >While your last decision did benefit the two of you, it was primarily a selfish reason
  1965. >And normally, that wouldn’t affect you too much
  1966. >But something about pulling that kind of stunt with Fluttershy made you feel… unclean
  1967. >You groan to yourself, as your body begins to feign tiredness in order to avoid pondering the matter any further
  1968. >And for the first time in awhile, you decided to listen to your body, and try to get some sleep
  1969. >You note that your sheets feel unusually comfortable as you crawl into your bed, and hope that your body would quickly allow you to drift into dreamland
  1970. >Unfortunately for you, your mind had other plans
  1971. >Most of the night you spend tossing and turning in your sheets
  1972. >Nothing is able to bring you to slumber, not even a quick fap
  1973. >Thankfully though, you roll over in your bed enough to tire yourself out enough to drift into a very light sleep
  1974. >Relief fills your body, as you finally close your eyes to enter the state of temporary unconsciousness
  1975. >And it soon leaves you, as the sound of annoying laughter forces your eyes open
  1976. >You go to rise from your bed, only to find it’s no longer there
  1977. >As your back leaves the rough ground beneath you, it becomes very obvious that you weren’t in your room any more
  1978. >Carnival tents stood erect everywhere you looked, various food stands randomly broke up the sea of reds and whites, and the occasional rollercoaster could be seen peaking through the tent
  1979. >How you had wound up in a carnival remained a mystery to you, but you had a good feeling Luna was behind the who facade
  1980. >And for the first time in your life, you hoped she had entered your dream
  1981. >You quickly rose to your feet, and became instantly annoyed as the standard carnival music began to seep into your ears
  1982. >Deciding it would be best to try and find the mare of the night, you soon begin your tour of the fair grounds
  1983. >A light overcast hung above the carnival, making the whole thing even drearier than usual
  1984. >As the music continued to drone on overtop your head, a queezyness began to overtake your stomach
  1985. >”Hey there kiddo!” you hear a male’s shrill voice call out
  1986. >You slowly turn around, and are greeted with the sight of a clown offering you a corndog
  1987. >”Want a corndog? Free with a purchase of fries!”
  1988. “N-n-no thank you,” you decline with a smile. “I just had lunch.”
  1989. >”Don’t you know it’s not nice to lie to other people kid?”
  1990. >You let loose a yelp of surprise, and quickly rush away from the stand
  1991. >”Ey, comeback!” he calls. “Where are your parents at?”
  1992. >You stop running after you round a couple of corners, but what you see makes you wish you kept running
  1993. >A seven foot tall clown towers over you with a balloon in his hand
  1994. >And he’s a human
  1995. >”Hey there buddy,” he says, in an almost concerned voice. “You OK there? You’re lookin’ a little stressed?”
  1996. “I-I’m fine!” you blurt out, as you slowly back away
  1997. >”Where are your parents at? Are you lost?”
  1998. >And with that, you dart off again
  1999. >”Wait!” he calls
  2000. >You look over your shoulder as you run, and notice he’s given chase
  2001. >”Hang on kid! We can find your parents! I know this park like the back of my hand! We’ll send some workers out to find ‘em!”
  2002. >Something inside of you is screaming for you to stop, to trust this man who was chasing you
  2003. >You block it out and continue running
  2004. >Just when you think you’re about to pass out, you run face-first into something sturdy
  2005. >And blue
  2006. >As your ass hits the ground, you look up, and see Luna towering over you, hovering a piece of cotton candy next to her face
  2007. >Never before in your life have you been so happy to see the crazy mare
  2008. >”Hello Anonymous,” she states, takin a bite out of the delicious floss. “Ar’t thou enjoying the carnival?”
  2009. “If I’m being honest Luna-”
  2010. >”Ah ah ah. You know how much we despite simply  being called ‘Luna’.”
  2011. “...Fine ‘auntie’ Luna, I’m not really enjoying the carnival all that much.”
  2012. “Why not? We thought children loved the carnival.”
  2013. >”Hey kiddo!” you hear the clown from earlier call out. “Commere! We’ll help you find your parents!”
  2014. >Your eyes go wide again, and you quickly take shelter behind Luna
  2015. >She instinctively holds out a wing to protect you, and the clown soon disappears from eyesight
  2016. >You continue to cower for a few seconds, before you realize the clown was gone, and breathe in relief
  2017. “N-not this one!” you stammer. “They always creeped me out.”
  2018. >The blue princess looks at you quizzically for a few moments, before she shrugs, and takes another bite of the cotton candy
  2019. >”Ah. We apologize for frightening you then. We didnst not know of thy fear”
  2020. >Her horn then begins to glow a bright blue color, and the carnival around you begins to dissipate.”
  2021. >They’re quickly replaced by a map of the cosmos, which you take a moment to admire before you confront Luna
  2022. “So. Mind telling me exactly why you’re intruding on my dreams, ‘auntie’ luna?” you ask sternly
  2023. >”We felt a disturbance in your sleeping patterns this night, so we decided to put you to slumber, and see what was ailing you.”
  2024. “Yeah, well thanks for the concern, but I’m fine. Now if you’ll be so kind-”
  2025. >”I think you misunderstand my power Anonymous. When I’m inside your mind, I have access to every inch of your mind. And I can tell when you’re lying.”
  2026. “Well even if I am, I don’t need your help. So if you’d please-”
  2027. >”Nonsense. What kind of aunt would we be if we let our nephew  go through the night with a mind heavy with woes? Come now, let us get to the bottom of this.”
  2028. >Before you can protest further, you feel your mind being pulled apart by the seams, and you try to resist Luna’s attempts to crack you open
  2029. >They prove fruitless though, seeing how magic often triumphs over mind, and some of your dormant fantasies are brought up against your will
  2030. >In it, Carrot Top is lying in a bed, gagged and bound against each bedpost of a seemingly comfortable bed
  2031. >And then you step into the picture, looking particularly pleased with your handiwork
  2032. >As you straddle the mare atop the bed, you slowly remove her gag, savoring each moment her eyes plead with you to make her yours
  2033. “Well well well,” you coo when the gag is removed. “Lookie what the cat dragged in.”
  2034. >The mare puts on a look of falsified rage, and remains silent for several moments
  2035. >”You’re never going to get away with this,” she finally states with false vibrato. “When my husband finds out what you’ve done, he’ll-”
  2036. “Intimidation won’t work against me, Mrs. Top. I’ve heard every lie in the book from desperate mares like you. About husbands saving them. About friends saving them. About police, co-workers, neighbors, clients, acquaintances, the fucking milk man, saving them!”
  2037. >She cowers at your sudden raise in tone
  2038. “I’ve heard ‘em all honey. And none have saved anyone.’
  2039. >”W-what are you going to do to me?” she asks excitedly
  2040. “What do you think I’m gonna do?”
  2041. >You then slowly run a finger up her nylon-clad rear leg, which makes her shudder
  2042. >”Now hold on there mister, don’t try anything fun-YEEE!”
  2043. >Your sudden prodding at her sex quickly shuts her up
  2044. >”S-stop!” she cries in glee. “T-this isn’t right! H-help! Rape!”
  2045. >You shut her up again, this time with a kiss
  2046. “Screaming won’t help you here. No one will hear you.”
  2047. >You quickly unzip your pants, and line up your member with her box
  2048. >She cries out yet again as you thrust into her
  2049. >All signs of roleplay had suddenly left the little scenario, as she began demanding that you increase your power and speed
  2050. >Right as things were going full swing, Luna yanks you out of that fantasy, and forces you to spectate another
  2051. >And another
  2052. >And a dozen more after that
  2053. >Fantasy after fantasy continuously ran across your vision, each one worse than the last
  2054. >Each one filling you with a mixture of guilt, and arousal
  2055. >You prodding Bon Bon with a dlido, while she stayed in shackles
  2056. >You biting into Octavia’s chest, then suckling on the wound, and lapping up whatever blood trickled from it
  2057. >You forcing Derpy to deepthroat you while she wore a maid’s outfit
  2058. >Hell, even the one where you literally raped Rarity while she begged you to stop
  2059. >Luckily for you though, that was the straw that broke the camel's back
  2060. >With a scream of effort, you break out of Luna’s hallucinations, and re-enter the astral planes
  2061. >You fall to your hands and knees, while Luna merely observers you
  2062. >”Well, someone’s kinky,” she teases
  2063. >You shoot her the best death glare you can
  2064. “OK, I get it. I’m a sadist and a sick fuck. What was that supposed to do? Make me feel even shittier about my fetishes than what I normally do?”
  2065. >”No, but it did show us some very valuable things. Thou ar’t quite sexually repressed, ar’t thou not?”
  2066. “I’m a pubescent boy, of course I’m sexually repressed.”
  2067. >”Yet thou has an outlet to act on these urges. Why then does’t thou hesitate to take the yellow one so?”
  2068. “I dunnow, maybe because I’m afraid I’ll break her? The girl is fragile!”
  2069. >She says nothing for a moment, but instead stands in front of you solemnly
  2070. >”We think thou knowest quite well why thou wons’t take Fluttershy.”
  2071. >She rips into your mind once again, and pulls out the single fantasy of Fluttershy you’ve kept over the years
  2072. >You and her are laying in a field, gazing up at the clouds as she rests comfortably on your stomach
  2073. >”Look Anon!” she says, pointing up at one. “That one, looks like an elephant.”
  2074. “Really? From here it looks like a hippo.”
  2075. >”How can you see a hippo in that? It’s got a really long tube near the front of its face, that looks like a trunk.”
  2076. “Looks pretty fat and stocky to me.”
  2077. >She can’t help but giggle at your remark, as she turns over to meet your belly with her own
  2078. >”Anon, sometimes I swear, you need to get a pair of glasses.”
  2079. “Why? All they’d do is make me look ugly. And I don’t want my Flutterbutter to have an ugly boyfriend
  2080. >With another cry of effort, you shut the dream out, and collapse yet again
  2081. >This time, you can physically feel your body convulse, as you desperately fight the urge to throw up
  2082. >Thankfully, Luna remained quiet while you collected your thoughts
  2083. >”So thou doesn’t wish to go to bed with Fluttershy, does’t thou.”
  2084. “...I don’t know. You answer truthfully. “Fluttershy is so innocent, so tender, and in a lot of ways, so lovable. Honestly, she’d be the perfect girl to sleep with… if she wasn’t such a fucking doormat. The girl’s practically scared to talk back to her own shadow, let alone take any kind of rein in her life.”
  2085. >”Did she not take control of your sexual encounter just this night?”
  2086. “Yeah, but she only seems to take charge when it’s with me. I had to go to bat for her the entire day.”
  2087. >”Did thou have to, or did thou just decide to?”
  2088. >You’re about to respond, but you soon realize you have no good comeback
  2089. >”The matter isn’t of much importance, but we hope thou realizes something. The yellow one might have more confidence than thou mayest think. Thou needest to only give her one chance, and then thou cans’t proceed from there. However, if thou find that she be great in confidence, then whilst thou sleep with her?”
  2090. >You mull it over for a moment before responding
  2091. “I dunnow Luna. Something about her is… different. It just feels like it’d be… wrong to start a sexual relationship with her.”
  2092. >”This coming from the ‘pubescent boy’?”
  2093. “There’s more to life than just sex Luna. Even I know that.”
  2094. >Luna suddenly cracks a smile, which worries you quite a bit
  2095. >”Well then, why don’t we test your restraint then?”
  2096. >Suddenly, your entire vision blurs and spins around you
  2097. >When the world finally comes to a halt, you realize you’re standing in Fluttershy’s cabin, with that queasy after-feeling of post-teleportation
  2098. >It suddenly becomes apparent to you, that you’re not just standing in Fluttershy’s cabin, you’re standing in Fluttershy’s room
  2099. >You pinch yourself to make sure this wasn’t a dream, and outside of the slight pain in your arm, you feel the fuzzy arm of your footie pajamas
  2100. >You groan quite audibly at the childish apparel, and hear Fluttershy rustle beside you
  2101. >You quickly clam up, but she has been awoken regardless
  2102. >”Who’s there?” she asks sleepily. “Are you here to rob me? If so, there’s not much here to take. But if you’re here for sex, t-then I must warn y-you! I-I’m good friends with Twilight Sparkle’s son… a-and if he were to find out, that you did something to me, h-he would go tell his mom, and you would get put in jail, and that’s not a very fun thing to experience. S-so, I would heavily advise against trying to rape me. Everything else is free game though. Except my animals.Please, do not rape my animals. In fact if you’re going to rape my animals, I would rather you rape me instead…”
  2103. “Convincing speech there Flutterbutter. But seriously, putting the values of your animals over your own health? We have got to get you properly prioritized.”
  2104. >”Anon?” she asks hopefully. “Is that you? Oh thank Celestia, I thought you were someone dangerous for a second! I’m so relieved tha- wait, what are you doing in my house?”
  2105. “Eh. Luna had me doing some somewhat redundant soul-searching, and then teleported me here for… reasons.”
  2106. >”Oh… well, while you’re here… you wanna just spend the night? And maybe sleep with me?”
  2107. “Sure ‘Shy,” you say with a smile. “Scootch your cute toosh over some so I can crawl in there with you.”
  2108. >She complies with your request, and you slide into the bed
  2109. >Just like her couch, it's outrageously uncomfortable
  2110. >Luckily for you though, you have a cuddly pony to snuggle up against
  2111. >You wrap your arm underneath the mare, which makes her tense for a moment
  2112. >But she soon relaxes again as you begin to stroke her stomach
  2113. >”Your pajamas are really warm and soft Anon,” she comments
  2114. “Why thank you.”
  2115. >For what will probably be the only time in your post-child life, you were glad to be wearing footie pajamas
  2116. >You continue to cozily, and silently snuggle for a minute
  2117. >”Um… Anon?” she questions, breaking the silence. “You know… if you want to… we can do it. Right now. If you want to of course…”
  2118. “Not tonight Flutterbutter,” you mumble contently into her neck. “This is pretty nice.”
  2119. >”OK. I just wanted to make sure."
  2120. >She doesn't seem to mind though, seeing as she merely snuggles tighter into you
  2121. >Soon enough, Fluttershy’s warm body and snores snowy lul you into a happy, deep sleep
  2122. >...
  2123. >You wake up the next day in your bed, much more comfortable now
  2124. >You wonder if last night was a dream, but the sudden warmth you feel provided by the footie pajamas
  2125. >As you go to roll out of bed, you hand touches a note left of on your bedside table
  2126. >"Don't worry about Fluttershy, we left her a note explaining what happened"
  2127. >Signed by Luna
  2128. >Well thanks Luna
  2129. >As you rub your eye awake, you hear a pounding on your door
  2130. >”Oi Anon!” Spike calls. “Yer mum told me to tell you that it's time to get ready fer school! She's still got a bitchin’ headache, and she can't tell you ‘erself!”
  2131. “Has she had anything to drink?”
  2132. >“Nei! Thus far she hasn't touched any alcohol a t’all.”
  2133. “Good,” you mumble. “Thanks Spike. I'll be out in a minute to get ready.”
  2134. >”Al’ight. I'll see ya when you get home. I'll be in the cellar, burning the spiders and cobwebs to a crisp. In the meantime, breakfast in on the table. Two eggs, a short stack of pancakes, and a couple pieces of grapefruit.”
  2135. “OK. I'll see ya later Spike. Thanks for breakfast.”
  2136. You then hop out of be, disrobe, and head for the showers
  2137. >After cleaning yourself thoroughly, you get dressed, scarf down breakfast, and head south of Ponyville
  2138. >When you reach a clearing in the forrest you’re trekking through, you’re greeted with two guard pegasi waiting for you there with a carriage in tow
  2139. >”Lord Anonymous,” they both state as they bow
  2140. “At ease gents. I’ve told you both multiple times, there’s no need for such formality.”
  2141. >”As you wish, Lord Anonymous,” they both say in unison
  2142. >You sigh loudly, and enter the carriage
  2143. >Once you’re safely inside, the two pegasi dart off towards your school
  2144. >Even if you have experienced it a hundred times before, it was always a fun experience
  2145. >So you take a moment to admire the adrenaline pulsing through you for the full twelve seconds your ride lasts
  2146. >You step out of the carriage as it touches the ground, wave good-bye to the pegasi, and head into Canterlot Elite Intermediate
  2147. >First class of the day: History
  2148. >Hopefully this will be one of the easier finals you’ll have to take this week
  2149. >And low and behold, all that studying you did paid off
  2150. >You fly through the multiple choice section, and the short-answer questions aren’t too had either
  2151. >List the seven events that lead up to the Minotaurs vs Trolls war?
  2152. >Lack of land on both sides, weak economies, low standings in the rest of the world’s eyes, troubles that arose from their treaty, rumors being spread about either side attacking the other, lack of resources on both sides, and the capture and torture of minotaur civilians
  2153. >What fueled Charter’s rise to power in ancient Galopia?
  2154. >A strong propaganda campaign, a good military backing, and his national status as a hero
  2155. >What lead to the fall of the Diamond Dog’s empire?
  2156. >Lots of political in-fighting, more focus on wealth than education or military, and the election of dog-breath as president
  2157. >And those were probably the only tough questions in the bunch
  2158. >As you wrap up your test, you set your pencil down on the table, and look around the room
  2159. >Every other student is still working diligently on the multiple-choice sections
  2160. >And all of their faces are scrunched in concentration
  2161. >Well, there was one exception
  2162. >Betty in the back was at the short answer section, and from her writing, you figure she’s halfway through the section
  2163. >And oh how smug she is about that fact
  2164. >The smile she wears says it all
  2165. >Also the way she was bragging about it at lunch was a pretty good indicator
  2166. >”I TOTALLY destroyed that final!” she brags at your table
  2167. “That’s great Betty,” you respond sourly
  2168. >”I mean, what lead to the fall of the Diamond Dog’s empire? Common, everyone knows it was a lack of focus on education and the election of Dog Breath!”
  2169. “Mhm.”
  2170. >She continues to yammer on, while you try to enjoy your lunch
  2171. >You take a look over at Sadie as you munch on your mashed potatoes, and notice she’s reading her chemistry textbook
  2172. >She’s always been the black sheep of the group, despite being fairly popular in her own right
  2173. >You pick up your tray, and take the seat beside her
  2174. “Hey,” you say, scaring the piss out of her. “How’s it going?”
  2175. >With a crimson face, she looks up from her books, and into your eyes
  2176. >”N-not too bad,” she states. “T-the history final was kind of tough. How are you doing Anon?”
  2177. “Oh, not too bad. Think I did pretty well on the final.”
  2178. >You notice her smile begin to fall slowly, which amuses you somewhat
  2179. >You instantly feel a pang of guilt, as your own mouth curls into a smile, making her own fall quite a bit further
  2180. >Which only serves to heighten your joy
  2181. >Another pang of guilt fires through your body, as you know you shouldn’t be this happy over someone else’s distraught
  2182. >And another pang of guilt shoots through you, knowing that you were always going to enjoy the distress and pain of others
  2183. “I-It wasn’t all easy though!” you say through somewhat clenched teeth. “Some of the multiple choice questions really tripped me up.”
  2184. >”Really?” she asks with slightly brightened eyes. “Like what?”
  2185. >Shit
  2186. >Your brain scrambled to think of any one of the questions that you found difficult to answer
  2187. “Like the uh… ah! The four causes of economic decline in a country!”
  2188. >She gives you a funny look, and you hear Betty laughing at you in the background
  2189. >”The four causes of economic decline?” she states. “What are you Anon, stupid That was one of the easier questions!”
  2190. >You really wanted to put her in her place
  2191. >To tell her that you had finished your test long before she did
  2192. >But your pride prevented you from saying anything, as it didn’t want to go back on the lie you just told
  2193. “I focused more on the bigger battles and the political aspects rather than the individual problems the cities face.”
  2194. >”Oh, of course a stupid boy like yourself would! All you care about is the carnage and weapons in war! You couldn’t care less about the people, or their problems! But I guess that’s expected, considering you’re a boy. And not just any boy, but the son of the famed Twilight Sparkle! Child of Celestia’s favorite student! Everything you’ve ever needed has been handed to you! What would YOU know about the struggles of the commoners?”
  2195. >Your teeth grit themselves without your permission, as you notice it’s suddenly become much harder to maintain your composure
  2196. “A helluva lot more than you do, considering I actually mingle with Earth ponies and don’t cast them aside like the trash you think they are.”
  2197. >The crowd around the table gasps slightly, and you put a hand to your mouth in mock shock
  2198. “Oops, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to sling in any mud.”
  2199. >She smirks at your remark
  2200. >”Oh, was that supposed to be a  witty retort? I’m sorry, all I heard was a truthful remark about mud ponies. Which honestly, you’re no better than. You don’t even have a cutie mark! Letalone a horn! Honestly Anon, you’re little more than the scum I wipe off my hooves at the doorway. We’d all be better off if you just went home, and never came back.”
  2201. >The crowd gasps yet again, and the few Earth ponies at the table shoot Betty their dirtiest look, but don’t say anything
  2202. >Fucking cowards
  2203. >But no matter, you could take a little bit of abuse from this bitch
  2204. >In fact the thought of the goat blood smeared all over her wall provided you with a nice little jolt of joy before you responded
  2205. “You’re gonna regret that,” you state blankly
  2206. >”Oh am I now? Please. If you’re trying to scare me then use something with a little more meat than a simple ‘you’ll regret that’.”
  2207. “Oh believe me, I intend to.”
  2208. >Before you can elaborate, the bell rings, and you move onto your next class
  2209. >You shuffle through the rest of your classes, seeing as most of them involve nothing but listening to your teachers drone on in lectures
  2210. >All throughout the day, Sadie shoots you weird looks that honestly makes you feel kind of uncomfortable
  2211. >And it makes you regret trying to cheer her up at lunch
  2212. >You quickly rush out the door of your geometry class the second your school day ends, and head for the carriage
  2213. >”Lord Anonymous,” Guster says as you approach
  2214. “Please Guster, stop calling me ‘Lord’ Anonymous. Anon is fine.”
  2215. >”Yes Lord Anon,”
  2216. >Why do you even bother?
  2217. >”By the way, the princess requests an audience with you.”
  2218. >You stop dead in your tracks, and a chill runs down your spine as you realize what he just said
  2219. “Sh-she requests an audience with… me?”
  2220. >”Yes sir.”
  2221. “Did she… did she say exactly what the nature of this meeting was?”
  2222. >”No sir.”
  2223. >You begin to feel yourself quiver, and it takes you a couple of minutes to get into the carriage
  2224. >”Are you alright, Lord Anon?”
  2225. “No, of course not. It’s an ‘audience’ with the princess. The last person who had an ‘audience’ with her had molten gold poured down their throat before they were executed.”
  2226. >The two guards remain silent during takeoff, but Guster speaks to you a good few seconds into your journey
  2227. >”Listen Anon, I know it might seem bleak, but it probably won’t be that bad! Just, don’t get your hopes down, alright?”
  2228. >You don’t respond, and instead focus on the numbness you feel inside
  2229. >After another few moments of flying, you arrive in Canterlot, and touch down at the princess’s castle
  2230. >You hesitate to leave the carriage for a moment, before you reason that it probably wasn’t a good idea to keep the princess waiting
  2231. >So you open the door, hop out, and head inside the beautiful building
  2232. >You know the route, seeing as you’ve been there enough times for check-ins before
  2233. >When you finally arrive at the marvelous marble doors, you take a moment to sigh, before pushing them open
  2234. >No need for formality, seeing as you were going to die regardless
  2235. “Good afternoon Princess,” you state loudly
  2236. >”Afternoon Anonymous,” she answers back
  2237. >You nervously stand in the doorway for a moment, before you grow a bit of a backbone, and advance towards her throne
  2238. >”Guards!” she calls when you stop. “Leave us!”
  2239. >You don’t bother to watch them swing the giant doors shut, you just listen to their loud “slam”
  2240. >The room descends into an easy silence for several moments, while you wait for Celestia to speak
  2241. >Finally, she stands to her feet
  2242. >”So. I hear you’re taking lessons from Twilight on defending yourself from Unicorns.”
  2243. >You gulp, and nod in response
  2244. >”...Show me your progress.”
  2245. >You stand there stunned for a few moments, before you see her horn glow a bright yellow
  2246. >As her energy beam blasts towards you, you quickly roll out of it’s way
  2247. >You barely have enough time to glance up, to catch her firing several more beams in your direction
  2248. >You roll forward to avoid the first one, and begin sprinting away from the rest
  2249. >When they’ve all collided with the ground, you glance up at the god, and sprint towards her
  2250. >Every shot she fires you expertly dodge, but then she throws up a stone wall in front of you
  2251. >Your reflexes react quick enough to hop over that wall, and the next five she throws at you
  2252. >When you reach the start of her small staircase, you leap at her, and thrust your fist towards
  2253. >She dodges your punch, and backs down the stairwell
  2254. >She continues to expertly dodge each strike until she reaches the bottom of the stairwell
  2255. >”Right then, I think that’ll do it.”
  2256. >As you go for another strike, she fires a beam directly into your chest, sending you flying
  2257. >As you’re about to hit the ceiling, she catches you with her magic, and lowers you to her throne
  2258. >”Twilight has done well trainig you. The average unicorn would have quite a bit of trouble dealing with you in a fight. However, as you can see, I am not the average unicorn, and neither is your mother. I assume you lose to her quite frequently as well.
  2259. “I haven’t won a sparing match yet,” you state, rubbing your stomach
  2260. >”Right then. It appears you need more rigorous training than what Twilight is providing you. And with your summer break coming up rather quickly, now would be a good time to find a new trainer.”
  2261. >You blink a few times in confusion, as you try to figure out if you’re interpreting her words correctly
  2262. “Wait… are you-”
  2263. >”I’m offering you a place as my pupil, yes.”
  2264. >You look at the older mare as if she’s gone mad, and wait for her to tell her she was playing you, and kill you on the spot
  2265. >But her expression remained stoic, and she remained silent
  2266. “You want me…” you begin. “To be your pupil?”
  2267. >”Correct.”
  2268. “...Your highness-”
  2269. >”There’s no need for formalities, my student.”
  2270. “O-OK, C-Celestia… if I may ask… why me?”
  2271. >”Simple. I long for a challenge, and I know you can give it to me.”
  2272. “Wait what?”
  2273. >”Throughout my millennial reign, I have held the throne without much opposition. The only real uprising I’ve faced was from my sister, and she was easily thwarted. You, on the other hand, show potential. From Twilight’s notes, it appears that humans do not have a skill cap. They’re able to continuously and endlessly increase their abilities beyond what was previously their limit. Ponies do not have such an ability. Once we reach our full potential, that’s it. We’re done. It’s just the way we’re designed. It is my hope that you will provide an adequate challenge with enough time, and training.”
  2274. >You quickly lick both of your lips as you contemplate the offer you’ve been given
  2275. >Although one thing is nagging you
  2276. “You know Celestia, I never thought that you’d want competition of any sorts. I mean, you’ve got a strong empire, an iron rule over your subjects, tons of wealth. How could someone giving you a run for your money possibly benefit you?”
  2277. >Celestia doesn’t answer right away, but instead she walks over to admire her vast collection of stained-glass windows
  2278. >Particularly the one of Twilight Sparkle
  2279. >”Because my time as a monarch is nearing it’s end,” she states flatly. “Whether your mother thinks so or not, she’s got a larger part to play in my kingdom than she thinks. She will be the one to eventually dethrone me.”
  2280. >After giving her statement a little bit of time to sink in, you finally respond
  2281. “How do you know?”
  2282. >”I knew since I saw her hatch Spike that she was exceptionally gifted in magic. I’ve slowly been plotting her rise to power after she finished her studies with me. And just like I predicted, her power has only grown after I sent her to that abysmal hamlet under the guise of ‘friendship studies’.”
  2283. “So… you didn’t send her to Ponyville to study friendship?”
  2284. >”Of course not. The social sciences don’t even hold up as a hypothesis, let alone a legitimate science. No, I sent her there to study something entirely different. I wanted her to sharpen her social skills. I wanted her to possibly gain some allies. And most of all, I wanted to make her hate for me grow. I want to send her over the edge, to where when she ascends, she will come for me.”
  2285. “So… when she does… will you die?”
  2286. >”I don’t know Anon. I’ve never brought myself to the brink.”
  2287. “And… will you roll over and let her take you down?”
  2288. >”Absolutely not. When we fight, she will give me a proper fight. I will return to her that.”
  2290. >Another couple of minutes pass by before you speak again
  2291. “You’re awfully calm over this rather grim prospect.”
  2292. >”I’ve lived for a millennia Anon. I’m tired. I’m old. I want this to end as much as everyone else wants to see me dethroned.”
  2293. “So then why not just step down as monarch?”
  2294. >”What kind of god doesn’t put their servants through small trials designed to push them to the very limit?”
  2295. >You have no response to her query, and allow her a moment of silence before she turns to face you
  2296. >”Anyway, enough chit-chat Anon. Time to continue with your first lesson.”
  2297. “I never accepted your offer to study underneath you.”
  2298. >”But you do.”
  2299. “...Yes. I do.”
  2300. >”Good then. Now…”
  2301. >With a mighty flap of her wings, she pushes herself off the ground, and lands in front of you
  2302. >”Hit me as hard as you can.”
  2303. “...What?”
  2304. >”Hit me as hard as you can. I want to see how strong you are.”
  2305. >Everything within you clenched, as you naturally prepared to deck her as hard as you can
  2306. >However, something holds you back
  2307. >Perhaps it was the spiel she delivered to you
  2308. >It didn’t redeem her crimes against Equestria, by any means
  2309. >But it did make you understand her just a little bit better
  2310. >It still wasn’t enough to prevent you from taking this opportunity though
  2311. >With a cry of strength you cock your arm back, and slam it into her jaw
  2312. >And immediately feel all of the bones in your knuckles shatter
  2313. >The pain is so mind-numbing that you can’t even scream
  2314. >All you can do is silently gwak while letting lose a few squeaking noises
  2315. >”Not bad,” Celestia comments. “Compared to a stallion, you’re only marginally weaker. However, the weakness in your bones needs to be fixed quite soon.”
  2316. >He horn glows yellow again, and all of a sudden you feel your bones snap back together
  2317. >You’re not sure what pain was worse, their shattering or their repair
  2318. >One thing’s for sure, you certainly felt this one
  2319. >With a loud scream, you clutch your hand, and wait until the pain recedes
  2320. >Which is, thankfully, a very short period of time
  2321. >You slowly unclench your hand, as the pain recedes to the small feeling of being poked with a pin
  2322. >”How’re ya feeling?” she asks as you wave your hand in the air a few times
  2323. “Fine now. But goddamn. What’s your jaw made out of, solid concrete?”
  2324. >”No. I’ve undergone my own strength training over the years. Believe me, a millennium of training does a lot to your body. Now then, since my body seems to be a lot weaker than mine, so your training will begin by using me as a punching bag.”
  2325. >The memory of the pain of shattered bones quickly returns to your hands
  2326. >”Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all out. But you can’t wear gloves, or protective wear at all.”
  2327. >You nod, and cringe slightly as you slam your other fist into her chest
  2328. >Pain immediately ripples throughs your arm, but you ignore it, and ram your other fist into her chest
  2329. >Time after time you bounce your hand off her incredibly hard breast
  2330. >Even after your knuckles breaks for a second time, you thrust your other hand into her chest, and it breaks as well
  2331. >You clench your teeth to try to re-direct the pain, and cock your hand back for another punch
  2332. >”That will do Anon,” Celestia interrupts, as her horn glows bright yellow again
  2333. >A fire erupts in both of your hands this time, and you sink to your knees as you scream in agony again
  2334. >Like previously thought, it subsides rather quickly
  2335. >”Right then,” the princess begins, as you begin seething on the floor. “You’re free to go Anon. I hope you have a good week. I expect to see you back here next week.”
  2336. “W-wait, Celestia!” you cry as she turns to leave. “I need a favor of you.”
  2337. >”And what would that be?” she asks, not turning around to face you
  2338. “I need a bucket of goat’s blood.”
  2339. >Now she does turn to face you, looking quite surprised at your request
  2340. >”What do you need a bucket of goat’s blood for?”
  2341. “I’m going to summon Vin’Aash to torment a girl,” you say with a smile
  2342. >Her confused expression gives way to a small, but undeniable smile
  2343. >”You know Anon, there are many times when I have wondered whether or not we are actually related in some strange way. This is one of those times.”
  2344. >She turns to one of the guards, and begins shouting
  2345. >”YOU THERE! Go to the slaughterhouse and, butcher the best goat we have out there. Leave the meat for later. Collect its blood in a bucket, and bring it back here!”
  2347. >It’s now nightfall, and you’ve snuck out of your house to do your deed
  2348. >It’s taken you a good twenty minutes on foot, but you eventually make your way to Betty’s house
  2349. >When you arrive in er backyard, you grab your paintbrush, and dip it in the blood
  2350. >After drawing a large circle, you paint a large triangle in the middle of it, and then another large circle in the center of that
  2351. >When you’ve created a star out of the initial circle you drew, you step back, and raise your hands to the sky
  2352. “W’laesff veloyl an nodacb ttsao ro arebtkasf alcnwleldbena a ignev be to oyu to acom e ihnsvia hgiymt oh!” you chant, before lightning falls to the ground
  2353. >As the bolt lights up the area in front of you, you smile as you see the demon emerge from the brightness
  2354. >It then opens its one eye, and stares down at you
  2355. >”I am Vin’Aash,” it roars. “Toil of mortals, and scourge of men. I have slain one hundred score men,destroyed countries, widowed wives, and crippled armies. State what I may do, and it shall be done.”
  2356. “Yeah, that’s all good and all,” you shout back. “But you see, there’s this one girl that lives in this house. And she’s kind of a bitch. So I want you to go up there, and scare her in the morning when she wakes up!”
  2357. >Vin’Aash just stands there stunned for a few moments, doing nothing but staring down at you with a look of disbelief
  2358. >”...What?”
  2359. “I said-”
  2360. >”I heard what you said but… did you seriously call me up here to jumpscare a little girl?”
  2361. “Yeeeeeeeeep.”
  2362. >”...I’ve slaughtered thousands.”
  2363. “Uh-huh.”
  2364. >”Set fire to the great cities of Equestria.”
  2365. “Umhm.”
  2366. >”Devastated nations.”
  2367. “Yeahhuh.”
  2368. >”...And yet you want me to torment a little girl.”
  2369. “Correct. Now if you could get right on that. I’ve got a busy sleep schedule ahead and I really don’t messing that up, so-”
  2370. >”No. No, I’m not doing anything for you until you explain to me why you’re having me do such a trivial task.”
  2371. “Well I mean, you’re a big scare monster. Plus you can morph into other solid objects, so you’d blend right in with the wall, or in the mirror.”
  2372. >”Why did you have to call on me specifically?  Why couldn’t you have called upon Elozi, the trickster demon?”
  2373. “Because Elozi doens’t transmit shrieks of terror back to me. So hop to it. Also, take this blood and paint parts of her room with it. It’ll better enhance her experience when she wakes up.”
  2374. >He looks at the blood, then back to you, then back to the blood, before going over and collecting both it, and the paintbrush
  2375. >He grabs onto the side of the house and begins scaling it quickly, silently cursing you as he went along
  2376. >When he finally slipped into Betty’s room, you smile to yourself, and head back home
  2378. >The next morning, you wake up feeling a bit tired, but excited for the prospect that’s just around the corner
  2379. >In fact you think you can hear Van’Aash’s feed now
  2380. >”What’s this?” you hear Betty screech in your ear. “What’s all this red stuff all over my walls?”
  2381. >The sound of hoofalls sounds as she walks around the foyer, before they stop suddenly
  2382. >”’Only those who hear my cry may call me?’ What in Equestria does that mean?”
  2383. >You smile, as you hear Vin’Aash growl in the room
  2384. >”W-who’s there? A-Anon, if this is some stupid prank, I swear-”
  2385. >She suddenly goes silent, and you can only assume that Vin’Aash has made his presence known
  2386. >He roars mightily, and she screams for a few seconds before the feed suddenly goes quiet
  2387. >You begin laughing hysterically, knowing that Vin’Aash had just returned to the depths of Tartarus, and that Betty was probably scarred for life
  2388. >”Anon!” your mom calls, slamming her hoof against your door
  2389. >You hear a small “ow” before she continues
  2390. >”Keep it down! Some of us are trying to rids themselves of a poison, and your hysterical laughter isn’t helping the matter!”
  2391. “S-sorry Mom!” you retort in-between giggles. “I’ll try to keep it down.”
  2392. >Than- OW! You… Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go vomit the entirety of my breakfast into a bucket, while this strange box with arches for eyebrows and huge eyes laughs at me.”
  2393. “Okay… good to… know…”
  2395. >Your sandwich tastes especially satisfying at lunch today, for a variety of reasons
  2396. >First and foremost, everyone was talking about how Betty wasn’t at school today
  2397. >Rumors were floating around about how she saw someone outside her window, and it scared her pretty bad
  2398. >You merely laugh at each individual rumor you hear, and hope that Vin’Aash left a mental scar that will never fade
  2399. >One thing did kind of bug you though, and that was Saddie sitting near the edge of the table
  2400. >This time was a bit different than the others though, seeing as she looked like she was lost
  2401. >Betty had always been her “master” of sorts, in the way that a pony is the “master” of a dog
  2402. >Everywhere Betty went, Saddie followed
  2403. >Everything Betty did, Saddie did
  2404. >Every class Betty took, Saddie took
  2405. It was kind of sad really, watching Saddie slowly spiral into this helpless state,especially after a single day
  2406. >As you take off another chunk of your sandwich, you wonder if you should do something to comfort her
  2407. >You decide it wouldn’t hurt anyone to show a little bit of kindness
  2408. “Hey,” you state, scooting closer to the mare. “How’s it going?”
  2409. >She doesn’t even attempt to make any sort of response
  2410. >In fact, she doesn't even look up from her potatoes
  2411. “Not very chipper today, eh?”
  2412. >Still no response
  2413. >Instead she just scrapes her plastic fork against the side of her tray
  2414. “Hey, you know what always makes me feel better when I'm down? A joke!”
  2415. >Her eyes slowly move to meet yours, but after a couple moments of holding the gaze, she refocuses her attention on the potatoes
  2416. “Okay, so where did Susie go after the explosion…? Everywhere!”
  2417. >That got her
  2418. >The mare’s eyes widen in shock, as she slowly looks up from her plate
  2419. >She looks over at you, and her expression morphs into one of pure disgust, and a bit of hatred
  2420. >You can't help but chuckle at how offended you've made her
  2421. >”Anon!” she cries. “That's terrible!”
  2422. “Sorry,” you comment in-between laughs. “Okay, here. I’ve got a better one for you.”
  2423. >She takes another moment to glare at you, before her expression softens ever so slightly
  2424. “Okay, so why did Sally fall off the swing?”
  2425. >”Why?”
  2426. “She had no arms.”
  2427. >Her mouth drops open yet again
  2428. “Why didn't she get back up?”
  2429. >No response
  2430. “She had no legs!”
  2431. >You watch as a few tears form in her eyes
  2432. >For a moment, you contemplate not finishing the joke
  2433. >But no joke should be stopped half-way through
  2434. “Why didn't anyone help her....? She had no friends!”
  2435. >Her little lip quiver was both incredibly sad, and at the same time, really funny
  2436. “Knock knock,” you say, trying desperately to contain your laughter
  2437. >She looks away from you in response, and you can tell she’s trying to hold back tears
  2438. >”W-whos’s there?”
  2439. “Not Sally!”
  2440. >Her reaction surprises you qutie a bit, as she lets out a snort while trying to contain her laughter
  2441. >You watch her cover her mouth with her hooves, and cringe as she fails to control herself
  2442. “Found that funny, did ya?”
  2443. >”N-no! That w-wasn’t funny Anon! You’re terrible!”
  2444. >You chuckle at her attempt to try to take the high-ground morale-wise, and lean in closer to her
  2445. “You know,” you whisper. “I’ve found that life becomes a lot easier if you just learn to laugh at everything that you find humorous.”
  2446. >The mare doesn’t do anything for a moment, but soon she turns back around to face you
  2447. >Her face is rife with conflict as she waits for you to continue
  2448. “Take tragedy for instance. I often laugh to cope with the fact that something terrible just happened. Does that make the event any less tragic? In a way, it kind of does. But I do it so that it loses its influence over me. The best way to show something that it has no power over you, is to laugh at it.”
  2449. >She reflects on your words for a moment before she responds
  2450. >”But should everything be laughed at Anon?” she begins cautiously. “I mean, some things need to have that impact so that we can learn from it.”
  2451. “I suppose, in some way certain things should not be made fun of,” you say with a shrug. “But I personally believe anything and everything should be laughed at, if only so we can feel better about it. Now, if you’ll allow me a question, do you feel better after laughing at my joke?”
  2452. >”...I guess in a way I do,” she responds after a brief reflection. “I mean, I feel better because I laughed. But I still miss Betty a lot.”
  2453. “Ah, but you do feel better. Laughter is like our mind’s alcohol. It takes away the pain for a bit and lets you feel good. Except unlike alcohol, laughter can be a permanent solution. It can help you cope with things beyond the bottle.”
  2454. >Seeing her confusion, you decide to develop on your point a little more
  2455. “Like, for a little bit, you forgot your issue, and focused instead on your happy feelings. Laughter has a way of doing that for not just a short span of time, but for the rest of your life. Instead of focusing on the fact that someone died, instead remember the good times you’ve had with them. Replace the grief with laughter and joy. You get what I'm saying?"
  2456. >"Yeah, I do," she says after a few moments of mulling it over. "But my problem isn't with missing her presence, so much as it is I don't know what to do with myself now that she's not here. We did everything together, but I haven't relied on myself in so long, that I don't really know what to do. Of course, I'll wade through my classes, but I won't have anyone to talk to. I'll go to gym, but I won't have anyone to back me up in dodgeball. I'll go to art, but I won't have a friend to paint with."
  2457. >You know what you had to do
  2458. >And despite everything telling you to ignore her struggle, you knew you couldn't
  2459. "I mean, if you need a friend for the day," you begin. "I could... always hang out with you for the next couple of days."
  2460. >Her eyes then began to sparkle brightly, and she looked at you with disbelief
  2461. >"You'd do that? For me?" she asked
  2462. "Eh, sure," you respond with a shrug. "If you haven't noticed, I'm not really the most sociable guy here, and I could use a friend to pal around with."
  2463. >Her mouth drops open in a smile, and she embraces you in a crushing hug
  2464. >"I'd love that! Thanks Anon!"
  2465. >The pain alone was nearly enough to make you back out of your offer
  2466. "Don't... mention it!" you grunt from between your teeth
  2467. >When she finally releases you, you feel your lungs expand with the biggest breath of your life, and regain control of your breathing before continuing
  2468. "And... besides. It's not like she's dead or anything. You can still visit her at her house latter today after school to make sure everything's alright."
  2469. >Suddenly, her face drops, and annoyance overtakes your body
  2470. >"I thought of that... but her parents aren't letting people visit her. She keeps saying she saw a ghost in her room when she woke up, and her parents are only letting psychiatrists see her. They don't want to risk disturbing her mental status any more."
  2471. >You were gonna be stuck with her for a while then, given your next offer
  2472. "Oh... well that's a shame. But quick question. Do you... have any summer plans?"
  2473. >You did just mentally scar her best friend, it'd only be fair to offer to hang out with her during your time off
  2474. >"I had some. But they were all with Betty."
  2475. "Well. If you want. We could hang out a little bit during the summer. Like, once a week or something along those lines."
  2477. >The mare then looks up at you, her face revealing she’s oddly happy at your offer, and somewhat nervous
  2478. >”That’s… awfully generous of you Anon. But why are you offering to be my friend now of all times?”
  2479. “Because I feel a little bad seeing you sit there alone, and thought that perhaps you might like a new friend in the time it takes for Betty to recover?”
  2480. >She still skeptical stares at you, but there was no way in hell you were going to tell her that you had unleashed a demon upon her best friend
  2481. >”Okay, if you say so. But yeah, I’d love to have someone to hang out with over the summer.”
  2482. “Then it’s settled. Now then, what plans did you have with Betty?”
  2483. >Right as she was about to respond, the bell sounded overhead, and everyone began shuffling out of the cafeteria
  2484. >”I’ll tell you in art!” she semi-shouts over the noise
  2485. >Luckily for the both of you, your next class was art
  2486. >As you enter the makeshift studio, you take your seat next to Saddie, who meekly waves at you in response
  2487. >”Alright class,” your teacher announces the second the bell stops droning. “We’re nearing the end of the year, so take out your final drawings, and get to work on them. Remember, the due date for them is this Thursday, so get them into me by then.”
  2488. >You were never particularly great in art, and if you had any other option, you would’ve forsaken the class
  2489. >However, Saddie was pretty good at it herself
  2490. >Her painting looked pretty good for an Intermediate-level artist
  2491. >After you finish admiring her work, you take a look at your own, and notice it looks like the kind of shitty drawing you’d see in a mediocre children’s book
  2492. >After sighing at your own lack of art skills, you take out your paints, and begin wrapping up your “piece”
  2493. >”So thern,” Saddie begins with a brush in her mouth. “Beddy n’ I wer plannin’ on goin’ to da movies thus saturday.”
  2494. >As she finishes up the section she was working on, she pops the brush out of her mouth, and onto the table
  2495. >”We were going to see ‘Dogs of Society’ this weekend, but I really don’t want to see a chick flick. I only said I’d go because Betty wanted to go, and she only wanted to go because every other mare in town wanted to go.”
  2496. >You dab a little bit of dark red paint onto the sleeve of the guy in your painting before responding
  2497. “So is there anything in particular you do want to see?”
  2498. >”Well, I’ve kind’ve been wanting to see a cheesy comedy recently. How does ‘Lazy Gun’ sound?”
  2499. “Sounds good. What time do you want me to pick you up?”
  2500. >”Does six in the afternoon sound good?”
  2501. “Yep. Six ‘o'clock it is.”
  2502. >She smiles brightly, before picking up her brush again, and going to work on her painting
  2504. >The rest of the day goes by pretty smoothly, if a little slow overall
  2505. >Your chem final comes and goes, as does your math class, gym, and music class
  2506. >Finally, you reach your english class, and somehow manage to sit through a half-hour lecture without killing yourself
  2507. >You don’t catch most of it, seeing as she mainly just raves on about the importance of Shakespeare to society, and that didn’t really interest you
  2508. >The woman was so obsessed with the man she’d probably marry his corpse if it were legal
  2509. >After the boring hag finished dorning on, she assigned you all to research an individual aspect of Shakespeare's work for extra credit, which you were probably going to knock out that night
  2510. >Finally, the bell sounded overhead, and you quickly head for the door
  2511. >You book it for the chariot, and immediately tell your drivers to head head
  2512. >When you arrive though, you don’t immediately head home
  2513. >Instead, you head for The Cake’s house, not wanting to wait any longer to give Pinkie Pie the apology she deserved
  2514. >The annoying bell that hung overtop the door loudly rang as usual as you entered the shop, but you were too focused on your task to care
  2515. >When you reach the store’s counter, you ring the bell atop counter couple of times, and wait for someone to greet you
  2516. >Ms. Cake finally appears from the kitchen a few moments later, and warmly smiles the moment she sees you
  2517. >”Hello Anon,” she says chipperly. “What can I do for you today?”
  2518. “Hey Mrs. Cake. I’m gonna need a cherry cupcake, and a few minutes to talk with Pinkie Pie.”
  2519. >She looks somewhat confused for a few moments, but then she sighs, and goes to grab one of pink delicacies from her display
  2520. >”What did she do this time?” she asks flatly
  2521. “Oh, it’s nothing that she did. I just want to talk for a little bit.”
  2522. >She casts you a glance rife with disbelief as she pulls the pastry out from behind the glass
  2523. >”I don’t buy that in the slightest, just so you know. But whatever you want to do is fine with me, I suppose.”
  2524. >She hands you the cupcake, and calls for Pinkie Pie
  2525. >You toss a few bits onto the counter, which she tiredly takes, and deposits into the register
  2526. >She heads back for the kitchen, but not before flashing you a small, slightly worried smile
  2527. >You return it with a wave, and she exits the room silently
  2528. >It takes a minute, but Pinkie eventually trots down the stairs, looking qutie annoyed
  2529. >”Who requests an audience with Pinkie?” she asks grumpily
  2530. >Her sour mood only seems to grow more bitter the moment she spots you, and she quickly turns away to head back up the stairs
  2531. “Nice to see you too Pinkie!” you call while pursuing her
  2532. >”Pinkie never gave you a kind greeting! She is rather repulsed to see you here!”
  2533. “Common Panko, can’t we just talk for a few minutes?”
  2534. >”What is there to discuss? You insult Pinkie, she becomes offended, she tries to draw your name from the hat, and she fails. So, Pinkie will have to settle for ignoring you for the rest of her natural life. Or yours, depending on who dies first. Yes.”
  2535. >You say nothing further until you reach her room, which she slams in your face
  2536. >As the click of her lock sounds, you roll your eyes, and search for a stray paperclip
  2537. >You venture into the room you assume to be the cake’s, and immediately find one of the misses’ hairpins
  2538. >After bending it straight, you head back into Pinkie’s room, and stick it into her lock
  2539. >As the lock clicks once again, you turn the knob, and swing the door open
  2540. >The pink mare stares at you in shock, before anger etches itself  into every crevice of her face
  2541. >”How did you bypass Pinkie’s lock?” she cries
  2542. “There’s a few ways I could’ve done it. This one just so happened to be with a hairpin.”
  2543. >”Why must you continue to torture Pinkie? Is it not enough that you insulted her? Yes.”
  2544. “Yeah, that’s why I’m here.”
  2545. >You set the cupcake on the bedside table, and begin walking towards the tiny pink mare
  2546. >The closer you get, the further she backs herself into the corner
  2547. >”S-stay away child! Pinkie has enough of your penis for lifetime! Yes!”
  2548. “You’re doing an awful lot of assuming there Pinkie. Trust me, I just want to talk.”
  2549. >”If you want to talk, do it at least three years away from Pinkie!”
  2550. >You stop dead in the center of the room, and let Pinkie calm down
  2551. >She quickly notices your stillness, but continues to back away
  2552. >When she reaches the wall, she crouches down, ready to pounce on you at any moment
  2553. >”Now then, what is it you wished to see Pinkie about? Make it quick, for she does not want to see you ever again! Yes!”
  2554. >”I just wanted to apologize for what I said a couple days ago. I never meant a word of it.”
  2555. >She looks at you with skepticism, and appears to be on the verge of laughing
  2556. >”You are a terrible liar Anonymous,” she announces. “I just want to reiterate that.”
  2557. “Yeah yeah. You’ve said it before. “But this time, I’m serious. Mostly. Okay, not really, but the point remains that I feel shitty about what  said, and I was hoping apologizing to you would make me feel better.”
  2558. >The skepticism quickly leaves her expression, and instead looks at you with mild annoyance
  2559. >”I can respect that Anonymous, more than I can your lie. Pinkie forgives you this time, but only because she’s been in your situation before. Yes!”
  2560. “Thanks for the special treatment… I guess. Oh, and speaking of treats, the cupcake I brought in is for you.”
  2561. >She takes one look at the cake, and immediately sticks her tongue out in disgust
  2562. >”Pinkie HATES cherry flavor! Yes! She prefers strawberry.”
  2563. “Well ain’t that a bitch,” you respond snidely. “Guess you’re just gonna have to deal with the fact that it’s cherry then.”
  2564. >Her eyes burn in frustration at your defiant response, and her entire face shrivels up in displeasure
  2565. >As she walks over to the nightstand, she begins grumbling obscenities and nonsensical insults directed towards you, which you take no real offense to
  2566. >After noisily examining the pastry for a couple of moments, she silences herself by biting into its soft exterior, and begins to grind it with her teeth
  2567. >Her eyes surprisingly remain dull and defiant as she munches, but you could tell by the occasional positive “mmm” that she was enjoying it
  2568. >She eventually swallows her mouthful, and quickly licks the remaining crumbs off her lips, trying her best to mask the act from you
  2569. >”Pinkie should sample the Cake’s cooking more often,” she comments. “She never realized how tasty they are.”
  2570. “So much for ‘detesting’ cherry,” you remark smugly
  2571. >”Pinkie will make exception for the Cake’s cherry cupcakes! Yes! Unlike the rest of Ponyvile’s offerings, theirs is actually edible! Anyway, why are you still here child? Your deed is done, so leave Pinkie in peace.”
  2572. “I mean it’s not really done per say, I came here to get your forgiveness for my harsh words.”
  2573. >”And you will not get it. Be content with the fact that I am no longer angry with you child. Yes!”
  2574. >You can’t help but feel annoyed by her stubbornness, but you realize attempting to argue anything further would just be a waste of your breath
  2575. >Besides, you had spent enough time away from home already, best not chance your mother getting even angrier than she was by staying out too late
  2576. “Alright,” you respond flatly
  2577. >You make your way to the door, making sure each of your footfalls are heavy enough to feel absolutely deliberate, but pause before you exit the room to make one last attempt at smoothing things over
  2578. “Guess I’ll see you around then. Hope I didn’t bother you too much today.”
  2579. >She offers no response, save the quiet munching of her cupcake, and you wait for a few moments longer before bleakly heading into the hallway
  2580. >As your reach the stairwell, you begin to wonder just why everything and everyone around you were so hostile and unlikable
  2581. >It seemed as if every one of your mother’s friends and associates were astronomical pricks to both you and each other
  2582. >There were certainly a few exceptions to the rule, such as Applejack or Dash, but the number of likable ponies you knew beyond a quick glance could be counted on one hand
  2583. >Perhaps the strain of being important, at least on some level, had made them mentally snap in a way
  2584. >Perhaps being cynical and condescending as merely their way of coping with their strenuous lives
  2585. >Or perhaps they just liked being dicks to everyone because they could toss their political weight around at any time to make any possible issues vanish before there was even a hint of them coming to fruition
  2586. >Regardless of their motivations for doing so, their treatment of others always heavily annoyed you
  2587. >You thought about all the possible ways they could get their dues, and each one brought its own special satisfaction along with it
  2588. >There was the possibility of the stock market crashing, and because all of their investors would have bailed out, their company would be left with nothing to run it with
  2589. >They also could be accidentally injured while sailing down the river, or enjoying the beaches of Equestria, or whatever other lavish vacation they would be on
  2590. >Or they could be killed or maimed by a group of unsatisfied employees
  2591. >Finally feeling a minute amount of joy again, you begin walking at a much quicker pace, and arrive at your doorstep in relatively quick time
  2592. >However, as you open the door to the library, shouting immediately begins to fly through your ears
  2593. >”What do you MEA-… OW! You didn’t want to give this to me until today?” you hear your mom cry
  2594. >”Ah mean exactly wut I said!” Spike retorts. “Yew kept pushin’ me away yesterday when ah tried to give you the letter.”
  2595. >”You never told me it was from the...OW! Princess!”
  2596. “Ah tried too! But yew kept tellin’ me to put it off until your headache had worn off!”
  2597. >”W-well you should’ve… OW! Told me it was from the princess then! I would’ve listened to that!”
  2598. >”Ah just told ya why I didn’t tell you sooner! Yew told me to tell you when yer headache wore off! And ah knew ah’d get in trouble if ah deed that, so I just decided to give it to you today!”
  2599. >”...But… but…!”
  2600. >”No butts Twilight, ah’m sick of ‘em! Face it, ya dun fooked up here, and there’s nothing yew can do to make this entire thing not yer fault. And it’s not like this is a rare thing either. No matt’er what happens when yew lot do somthin’ stupid, you always come blaming me for the incident. Did you ever maybe think once in your life that yer not always right?”
  2601. >For a few moments, neither of the two make a single sound, but then your mother suddenly groans defeatedly’”
  2602. >”You know what Spike, you’re right. You’re absolutely right about everything.”
  2603. >”...Twi, you feelin’ al’ight there?”
  2604. >”Yeah, just realizing that I’ve kind of been shitty since I first hatched you from an egg.”
  2605. >”You sure you’re feelin’ okay? I mean, it’s like you to talk to anyone like this,let alone me.”
  2606. >”I think it’s the detox taking a better effect overall. It’s only been a few days, but already I’m feeling a lot better in a few different areas. For example, I’m really irritable at all times now, and this strange beast that was shaped like a red box with arches overtop his eyes keeps dropping in to check on me, but I’ve also noticed I’m a lot calmer overall.”
  2607. >Yew think that’s coming from the detox then?”
  2608. >”Most likely. I mean, the negative effects of alcohol are pretty shitty as a whole, and they slowly start to fade as time goes on. I think I’m experiencing that fade sooner than most people do.”
  2609. >”Why do you recon that is?”
  2610. >”Not sure. There’s not enough data out there on fast recoverers to make a solid conclusion. In any case, thanks at least for getting this to me. I want to talk this over with Anon at dinner tonight.”
  2611. >”Yew think you’ll be well enough to eat tonight?”
  2612. >”I’m gonna have to be. I’ve spent enough time away from my son as of late, and I want to catch up with him. I wanna know how his finals are going, if he’s got any plans for the summer… besides this one, and all that fun stuff.”
  2613. >”Wow. That’s all awful new fer ya.”
  2614. >”Yeah, I know. Honestly, I never took much of an interest in Anon’s life before now because either a, I was too busy studying my shit, or b, I was preoccupied with a situation that required the Elements of Harmony. But now that there’s nothing else really going on, and I’m slowing my studies a little bit, I can afford to spend more time talking with my boy.”
  2615. >”Sounds good then. Anything in particular you want for supper?”
  2616. >”Nah, just fix whatever. I’m not really hungry for anything in particular. Anyway, when Anon gets home, tell him I’m napping. I’ve had a pretty tiring day hallucinating and all, and my mind needs a bit of a rest.”
  2617. >”Got’chya. I’m gonna go make supper then. Have a good nap Twi.”
  2618. >”Thanks Spike. Come wake me when dinner’s ready.”
  2619. >You toss your bookbag aside in the living room as you walk out of the foyer, and head for the kitchen as Spike makes his way down the stairs
  2620. >”Oh hey Anon!” he greets when he sees you. “Me ‘n yer mum were just talkin’ about ya! Ah just gave ‘er the letter Celestia sent detailing your trainin’ regimen with her. Why didn’t ya tell us ya were trainin’ with the Princess?”
  2621. “Because I honestly wasn’t thinking about it,” you reply as you crack the fridge open. “Celestia was kind enough to give me the supplies I needed to summon a demon, and that took up most of my attention yesterday.”
  2622. >”A demon ‘eh? Takin’ after yer mum and usin’ the supernatural to accomplish trivial things ‘eh?”
  2623. “Yep.”
  2624. >”Augh. You know Anon, one of these days your tomfoolery with the forces’ of hell is gonna come back to bite ya in the arse.”
  2625. “Implying I’m doing it on a frequent basis. It’ll just be for this one thing. Trust me on this one, I’ll never tamper with supernatural forces again.”
  2626. >”Right. That’s just what yer mum said when she was your age.”
  2627. >You say nothing, but instead take a long sip from the red can in your hand, and urge Spike to continue with an interested expression
  2628. >”He sighs when he falls privy to your implications, and continues on with his story
  2629. >”She summoned Nephrook not long after ah was born to do a few of her chores for her. And boy did he get pissed.  He nearly destroyed the Princess’s castle in the process, before he was sent back to hell.”
  2630. “Did mom ever get a repercussion for summoning the elder demon of misery to this plane?”
  2631. >”Nie! Instead she got rewarded fer it! The princess gave her some weird bee toy thing for her to keep, and a weird-lookin’ book that showed her how to summon all sorts of demons!”
  2632. “Gee, I wonder what danger lie behind those pages. I’m glad it’s well-hidden though so that no one can use it for their malicious intent.”
  2633. >”Oh don’t play stupid Anon, ah know yew took the book. There’s not a whole lot out there that detail how to summon Vin’Aash.”
  2634. “And how do you know that one does?”
  2635. >”Ah’ve been dustin’ that book since before yew were born Anon! By this point, I practically have the whole thing memorized!”
  2636. >You smile at the small dragon’s resolve, and take another drink of your cherry-flavored delicacy
  2637. “Well regardless, I’m not gonna use it again. I just wanted to get back at Betty for being a bitch.”
  2638. >”Good lord, that’s even worse than what ah thought yew were usin’ it fer! At least try n’ kill somethin’ when you summon a demon! Do you want them to turn on you?”
  2639. “I had the holy water and the chalk in my back pockets incase anything went south Spike. Don’t worry, I know what I’m getting into when I call upon the supernatural.”
  2640. >”Ah hope so Anon, because otherwise, you’re basically tossing yourself into a pretty hot fire.”
  2641. “I know Spike. The advice is appreciated though. But anyway, since I haven’t had the chance to ask since I got in the door, how was your day today?”
  2642. >”Oh right, I did kind of ask yew about yers and then just kind of let the subject drop, didn’t I? Anyways, yeah, outside of yer mum’s groans and various needs throughout the day, it wasn’t too bad. And even then, her racket wasn’t all that bad. I’ve seen much worse from her honestly. I got a few things done though. The whole house got vacuumed, letters have been mailed out, threats have been taken care of. Really the only thing I still have left to do is cook dinner. And that won’t take too long.”
  2643. “Sounds good. What’re we having tonight?”
  2644. >”I was thinking Zucchini Alfredo, since we still have a ton of zucchini leftover from when I fixed zucchini bread a week ago.”
  2645. “Sweet. While you’re doing that, I’m gonna go relax in my room for a little bit. Call me down when supper’s done, alright?”
  2646. >”Got’chya. And hey, just so ya know, I’m not mad at ya or anythin’ fer doin’ what ya did. We’re still friends and all. I just want to make sure yew don’t dig yerself into a hole you can’t get out of. Yer a bright kid. I’d hate to see you talents squandered because yer either six feet under, or in jail.”
  2647. “Nah, I get that. Honestly it’s nice to know that there’s people out there looking out for me. Anyway, I promise I won’t do anything stupid to get myself thrown in jail or worse. I’d like to enjoy the rest of my life if  can.”
  2648. >”Atta boy. Alright, you’ve appeased me. Enjoy yer brainbreak. We’ll talk later at dinner.”
  2649. “Thanks Spike. How long until it’ll be on the table?”
  2650. >”Ah’d say around… an hour or so. Hope you’ll be hungry then.”
  2651. “I’m actually kind of hungry right now. But I’ll live for a little bit without food.”
  2652. >”We’ve got cheese sticks in the fridge if you want some.”
  2653. “...Now you’ve got my attention.”
  2654. >”Yeah. I jus’ picked up a pack earlier today. If you want some, they’re yers to take.”
  2655. >With surprise fresh in your eyes, you walk back to the fridge, and head for the cheese compartment once the door is open
  2656. >Low and behold, and entire package of cheese sticks sat there, patiently waiting for you to grab one
  2657. >You’re eager comply with their self-inserted wishes, and quickly unwrap the stick you’ve grabbed
  2658. >After taking a bite of it’s stringy goodness, you grab a couple more sticks, and give Spike a quick thumbs-up
  2659. >You continue to munch on your snack all the way up your stairs and into your room
  2660. >As the door to your room softly shuts, you discard the wrapper for one of the sticks, and unwrap the next one
  2661. >Soon enough, the only remnants of your snack not currently in your stomach were the plastic wrappers sitting in your wastebin
  2662. >After grabbing “Journey Into the Caverns” from the shelf, you flip the book open to your bookmarked page, and pick up from where you left off
  2663. >Soon you find yourself lost in the nonfictional world, and before you know it, Spike interrupts your reading with a knock on your door
  2664. “Come in,” you state
  2665. >”Hey Anon,” he states as he opens the door. “Dinner’s on the table whenever you’re ready to come down.”
  2666. “Thanks Spike. I’ll be down in a minute.”
  2667. >You finish up your current page, and place your lavish marker in between the book’s pages
  2668. >After snapping it closed, you head downstairs, and enter the dining room
  2669. >The pasta dish was already awaiting you at the table, and you noticed a comforting steam was still lazily drifting off the top of the meal
  2670. >As you took one of the four seats surrounding the table, you allow the scent of the dish to intoxicate you, and impatiently wait for Twilight and Spike to arrive in the room
  2671. >The purple dragon eventually jogs into the hall, followed closely by your mother in all of her natural glory
  2672. >She sits down in the seat next to you, and smiles at you tiredly
  2673. “Hey mom,” you comment somewhat blankly. “How’re doing? You look pretty tired.”
  2674. >”I am,” she states, as she rubs an eye with her hoof. “Detoxation has been a bitch. A bigger bitch than I originally thought. I finally started hallucinating today, and I’ve had this stupid box following me wherever I’ve went. I had to down a half a bottle of sleep pills to get some shut-eye.”
  2675. >Judging by her tired eyes and frayed mane, it was safe to assume those meds didn’t do their job very well
  2676. >”It’s getting easier the longer I go without booze though. Chills haven’t been as bad today, haven’t had to puke as much, I’m not nearly as cranky as before. Although my body’s still really wants its fix. That feeling isn’t going away for a while.”
  2677. >She pauses for a moment to take a bite of the alfredo, which makes her eyes shine brightly
  2678. >”Mmm, this is really good Spike. Just what I needed tonight. Anyway Anon, enough about how I’m doing. How’s your week been so far? Are your finals going alright?”
  2679. “Mhm. Had history yesterday and did algebra’s today. Neither were too hard. I’m trying to make friends with Saddie, and I’ve got plans with her in the summer.”
  2680. >”Really? You’re trying to make friends with Saddie? What brought this about?”
  2681. >You take a bite out of your pasta dish to put off answering the question for a bit, and mull over what to tell her
  2682. >Luckily for you, the dish was good enough to warrant a particularly long chewing session
  2683. >After a few seconds of expecting silence, you decide you’ve got nothing to lose, and decide to tell your mother about Vin’Aash
  2684. “Because I kind of summoned a demon to mentally scar her bitchy friend?”
  2685. >Your mother says nothing, but instead takes another bite of her pasta
  2686. >”Did she deserve it?”
  2687. “...I suppose? I mean, she was taunting me, and is a huge cunt to everyone around her-”
  2688. >”Then I’m proud of you son.”
  2689. >You can’t help but stare at your mother in shock, while she calmly takes another bite of her meal
  2690. “What, really?”
  2691. >”Mhnm.”
  2692. >She swallows her bite, and briefly wipes her mouth with before continuing
  2693. >”Here’s the thing. When I was your age, I summoned a demon to do the dishes for me, simply because I could. If I were to get mad at you for doing the same thing I did but with a decent reason, it would be hypocritical of me. So long as you weren’t bringing them to our plane without reason, I’m fine with it.”
  2694. >For a moment, you’re relieved that you’re not gonna get in any more trouble then what you were already in
  2695. >But then your confusion from earlier slowly seeps back in
  2696. “So… I’m not in trouble then?”
  2697. >”Nope. Just don’t summon them without reason, and don’t summon them too frequently. Demon summoning is a dangerous art, in case you didn’t know. They keep somewhat of a tally down in hell whenever you call one of them to our plane. And if you rack up enough a tally or you summon them for no reason, they have permission to turn on you and destroy whatever they want.”
  2698. “Yeah, I know mom. It was actually covered in the book I read. I never quite understood why they exist though. The book never really talked about it.”
  2699. >”They’re demons sweetie, they’ve got things to do in the underworld and don’t want to be pulled away from their torturing schedule. So when Starswirl first made contact with the King in Yellow, they agreed on those terms so that everyone remained relatively happy.”
  2700. >You silently nod in response, and take another bite of your meal
  2701. >”That’s it them?” Spike suddenly asks from his seat. “Yer not gonna reprimand him or anythin’? This ins’t somethin’ that should be encouraged Twilight! He’s summoning demons to get back at people he doesn’t like! If this gets traced back to him, Celestia will have no choice but to take affirmative action!”
  2702. “Well I mean, she did give me the blood and holy water…”
  2703. >”Tha’s not the problem Anon! The problem is the public doesn’t like having demons siced on ‘em! Twilight is Celestia’s top student, yet she’s been punished, and even tortured for her actions! Hell, Celestia didn’t even care that Fluttershy kidnapped her phoenix when she returned him, yet she STILL locked the mare in the dungeon for a month to save face! No one is safe from Celestia’s wrath if there’s enough of an outcry for punishment! Not even her students or accomplices! You can’t get out of this if you get pinned fer this mess!”
  2704. >You look to your mother mildly shocked, and notice she’s chugging away at her glass of water
  2705. >For a moment, you think there might be some booze in there, but the way she angrily throws it to the side and sighs tells you otherwise
  2706. >She glares at Spike for a moment, knowing she can’t do much to him because of his natural immunity to magic
  2707. >”Okay,” she begins, struggling to keep her voice steady. “First and foremost, do not ever tell me how to raise my child. Second of all, I trust Anon to be smart enough with his demon summoning to not abuse his knowledge. And third of all, why do you care if he gets in trouble or not? He’s not your kid.”
  2708. >”I haven’t got the first fucking clue Twi, maybe it’s because I helped raise him alongside ya! Or maybe I just feel the same illogical affection towards him that I do you despite you bein’ the biggest conceited, power-hungry cunt out there!”
  2709. >You can see your mom work out her response for a few moments, followed by her taking a long drunk from her glass
  2710. >"Wait... go back for a second. Did you just say you like me?"
  2711. >"Like is a strong word. In truth, ah hate yer guts, just like nearly every other pony in town. But unlike them, ah actually give a rat's ass about whether or not you die prematurely! Why dew yew think I've stuck around for so long?"
  2712. "Because you're my servant. You always have been. That's how it works when you hatch a dragon... right?"
  2713. >"Nie! Dragons aren't tied to the unicorns that hatch us. Ah can leave your sorry ass any time I want! Here's the thing though, magic is one of the few things that get dragons ta hatch. Normally, dragons will place their eggs in a lava pit for a few days before they're born. The heat wakes us up while simultaneously melting the outside of the egg enough to make it breakable with our amount of strength at birth. But where dew yew think Celestia gets those eggs? Dragons are impervious to magic and our scales are harder than steel. That and our strength is enough to match demons! By the time Celestia summoned enough to take us out, she would've accumulated enough debt to allow them to run rampant!"
  2714. >What he was implying slowly dawned on you and your mother at the same time
  2715. >"Tha's right Twi, the dragons hatched at Celestia's school were abandoned. The color of our eggs tells our parents how strong we're going to be, and any dragons that don't meet their standards are tossed into the wilderness to die in the egg. Without a constant heat source, baby dragons die within the span of a day. But magic creates a large amount of thermal energy, ahm sure you know that."
  2716. >He turns to you before continuing
  2717. >"Yew ever touched something Twi was levitating?"
  2718. >You nod numbly
  2719. >"Bet it scorched your fingers, didnit?"
  2720. >Another nod
  2721. >"Right then. Anyway, normal objects don't absorb the magic's heat since it's expelled outwards in a limited space. That and they each have a specific amount of natural heat. That's why normal objects can be levitated or collide with magic without getting burnt to a crisp. But dragon's eggs naturally drop to zero degrees Kelvin when they're ready ta hatch. So they're the only things cold enough to naturally absorb the heat generated from magic. To bring a long explication to a close, literally the only reason we abandoned dragons are alive is because of the unicorns that hatch us. Ah personally was minutes away from dieing before ya hatched meh."
  2722. For the first time in your life, you see Twilight's expression morph into one of pure distress
  2723. >You were actually feeling pretty bleak yourself
  2724. >"Y-your body temperature naturally drops to absolute zero? How? Furthermore, how do you even live at that temperature, even if for only a few hours?"
  2725. >"Ah don't know Twi. Ah don't try to explain it, ah just know that's what happens."
  2726. >"Why don't my books cover... any of what you just said? Why didn't Celestia ever tell me about this stuff?"
  2727. >"Yew think ponies would want to keep their slaves if they knew they were basically enslaving abandoned children? Nie. She keeps it under wraps so that everyone can live their lives happy and content. Buh' like I said, we owe our existence to you unicorns. We can leave you at any time and find a clan that will take us in. Buh' we don't. Because we're great full that yew lot saved us from a bleak nothin'ness. We figure the least we can do for giving us life is to help you out in yer daily lives."
  2728. >He pauses to take another bite of his pasta so that his explication can fully sink in
  2729. >"But belive me, I've thought about leaving many times over. Yew've nearly drove me to that point many times. But ah knew that if ah did, your life would fall to waste. And eventually, yew'd wind up dead in a ditch somewhere."
  2730. >You can practically feel your mom's entire perspective on the "baby" dragon shatter in an instant
  2731. >She looks down at her pasta dish, then to her glass of water
  2732. >You could tell that she wished it was hard liquor
  2733. >So instead she takes another bite of pasta instead
  2734. >The rest of the meal proceeded in relative silence, save the various "chinks" and "clangs" of the silverware
  2735. >"So... Anon," Twilight begins as the white of her dish begins to show. "I've been thinking about your punishment, and it's duration, given that I never set a time for it. When school lets out, your grounding's finished. You've done a good job keeping up your grades and studying this year. You deserve a fun summer break."
  2736. "Thanks mom. I'm sorry for staying out past dark on Sunday. Time just got away from me."
  2737. >"It's okay. I'm just glad you've got enough of a social life to where you do lose track of time."
  2738. >Social life
  2739. >Yeah, let's go with that
  2740. >"Mmm, a lot better then what I has when I was a kid. I mostly just locked myself in my room and studied. Granted, Celestia told me that friends were too much of a distraction, and that having them would be a waste of time because eventually they would desert me, and I'd be left emotionally distraught after they left me. But hey! At least I have... friends... now. I guess."
  2741. >She takes the last bite of her meal, and pushes her chair back
  2742. >"Welp, this was a good dinner. Thanks Spike... you're a really big help around here."
  2743. >Before she exits the room, she levitates the plate to the sink, and quickly rinses all of the leftover food off of it
  2744. >"If you need me, I'll be in my room... mulling a few things over."
  2745. >You listen to her hoofalls as they slowly fade away, and are eventually replaced by the shutting of her door
  2746. >As you pick up your fork to finish off your meal, Spike shrugs beside you, and takes his own plate to the sink
  2747. >You quickly scarf down the rest of your meal, and join him at the counter
  2748. >After you put your plate into the silver cavern, he walks out of the kitchen, and goes to the hallway closet
  2749. >He pulls out a short trenchcoat and white fedora, and heads for the door
  2750. >As he walks out of the library, his long red feather brushes against the top of the frame, and he nearly shuts the door on it
  2751. >You wait for a couple of moments, before you rush for the door, and head into the night
  2752. >You quickly catch up with Spike, who’s using his natural pyrotechnics to light up a cigarette
  2753. “You smoke?” you ask as you walk beside him
  2754. >He doesn’t look at you, but instead he takes a long drag from the nicotine stick
  2755. >”On occasion. Jus’ when ah need ta take a bit of the edge off after a stressful day with Twilight.”
  2756. “I’d say this was one of those days.”
  2757. >”Yew betcha.”
  2758. >The two of you continue to walk to wherever Spike was headed for a few silent minutes, save the sound of Spike’s breathing
  2759. >”Yew know,” he eventually observes. “This is exactly how yer mum got started with her addiction. Ah can remember her, clear as day when she first got ‘er hooves on a bottle. ‘It’ll only be jus’ this once, Spike. Just ta take away some of the stress.’”
  2760. >There’s another moment of silence so Spike can take another half an inch of his dart
  2761. >”’Couse, this was before she became Celestia’s ‘most faithful student’. She was just your average happy-go-lucky bookwerm back then. A wide-eyed little girl, full of life , and eager to learn first-hand from the princess.”
  2762. >He chuckles to himself, as he blows out the last batch of smoke the cigarette had to offer
  2763. >”If only she had known what that would entail.”
  2764. >After he tosses the dart’s butt away, he doesn’t go for a second stick, and continues on his way
  2765. “You only gonna smoke another one?” you ask after a few moments
  2766. >He pauses for a moment, before shrugging to himself as he pulls the rest of the pack out
  2767. >After taking a few moments to observe it, he lights the entire thing on fire, and lets it slowly burn to ashes in his hand
  2768. >”Like ah said Anon,” he says somewhat smugly. “Aye only need it to take the edge off, sometimes.”
  2769. >You watch, feeling moderately impressed as the cardboard in Spike’s hand slowly turned to cinders
  2770. >You both watch the blaze from the fire dance for a few moments, before you speak again
  2771. “So, I was wondering about a couple of things, and I wanted to know if I could ask you about them.”
  2772. >”Shoot.”
  2773. “...Was what you said back there true?”
  2774. >He doesn’t respond right away, but instead fiddles around with the carton in his paw for a few moments
  2775. >”Ah wish ah could tell yew it wasn’t Anon. But unfortunately for me, it is.”
  2776. “...Oh. I’m sorry-”
  2777. >”The funny thing is, despite the whole egg-color thing existing in dragon tradition, the color of our shells is not indicitave whatsoever on our strength. I’ve managed to stockpile a horde twice now. Once in Canterlot, and the other in Ponyvlle. Both times I nearly destroyed everything within a ten-mile radius. It took Celestia’s best to subdue me both times, and even then I still managed to kill off a good dozen er so both times.”
  2778. “Does… does that bother you in any way?”
  2779. >He thinks about his answer for a moment before responding
  2780. >”Ah suppose in a sense it does. Ah mean, I took innocent life away from so many people, But at the same time, I don’t really recall doin’ it. Kinda hard to feel guilty for somethin’ you don’t recall doin’.”
  2781. “Mhm.”
  2782. >”Why? Should I feel guilty?”
  2783. “Nah. Like you said, it’s hard to feel bad over something you can’t remember.”
  2784. >The night’s mood seems to lift somewhat, as Spike begins laughing gleefully at what seems to be nothing
  2785. >”Damnit Anon, now you’ve got me all paranoid. Really wishin’ I hadn’t burned up mah smokes now.”
  2786. “I mean you didn’t have too,” you jest. “All I did was ask if you were gonna a grab another from your pack.”
  2787. >”Ah’m not blamin’ ya or anythin’. Ah’m just makin’ a statement.”
  2788. >You shrug your shoulders unseen thanks to the blanket of the night, and continue to follow Spike until he ceases walking
  2789. >Before you stands a large black building with the words “Golden Bronze Jazz Club” illuminated in neon lights near the entrance of the building
  2790. “You like jazz?” you ask as he heads for the door
  2791. >”Eh. It’s not mah favorite, but I occasionally come here to unwind. The music isn’t very good, but the atmosphere is very relaxin’.”
  2792. >As you follow him into the joint, your ears are instantly treated to the sounds of the band warming up backstage
  2793. >The base player makes the most noise, but you can faintly hear the trumpet and sax being played alongside it
  2794. >As you step out of the foyer, and into the jazz hall itself, a zebra immediately appears out of the shadows, and walks solemnly over to where to two of you were standing
  2795. >You were rather impressed at first, given that most of the zebras you had met had been absolute fuckwitts
  2796. >Then again, your interaction with the species had been pretty limited to Zecora alone, who didn’t leave you with the best impression
  2797. >However, this one appeared to be quite quiet in nature, yet he seemed to have a very confident vibe about him
  2798. >It felt almost commanding-like in nature, like he knew he deserved your respect and he was going to get it
  2799. >That facade, however, was shattered the moment he spoke
  2800. >”OHEY SPYKE!” he cries, as his mouth stretches into a wide smile. “Haven’t sthen you around here in awhile! What brings you to the club tonight?”
  2801. >”Oh, nuttin’ much Table. Me and mah friend here are just here ta listen to the music and unwind for a bit. Ya got any tables open?”
  2802. >”Oh you bet we do! Follow me Spyke! I’ll take ya right to it!”
  2803. >You and Spike both follow the mentally-deficient Zebra to your table, and quickly sit down
  2804. >”Stho, can I interest you two in anything to drink tonight?”
  2805. >”I’ll just have some water, thanks.”
  2806. “Make it two.”
  2807. >”Why am I making it two? One should be enough for Spyke right now!”
  2808. >You shoot the dragon a quite confused look, which prompts him to shrug in response
  2809. “That’s not what I meant…” you begin with a sigh. “I mean I want a glass of water as water as well.”
  2810. >”Oh! Well why didn’t you sthay so? I’ll have them out in a jiffy!”
  2811. >For a moment, you watch the idiot as he walks away, and then you slowly turn to face Spike
  2812. “Jesus fuck, that guy was an absolute godamn moron!” you complain in a hushed tone. “I thought Zecora was bad, but that guy just took the cake. Are all zebras this mentally deficient?”
  2813. >”Eh. Most of ‘em are,” Spike says as he reaches for his menu. “Yew gotta remember Anon, the only zebras that managed ta survive Celestia’s purge were the mentally deficient ones. Ah’ve personally seen a lot worse in my time. It’s best just to ignore ‘em and move on.”
  2814. “I dunnow man, I’m gonna have to put up with that guy all night. Kind of hard to ignore someone when they’re nagging in your ear all the time.”
  2815. >”Yeah I guess. But he’s not gonna be sittin’ with us tonight, now is he?”
  2816. “I suppose not-”
  2817. >”And we’re only gonna see him a few times throughout the night, right?”
  2818. “Yeah, bu-”
  2819. >”So then what’s the big deal then? Just sit back, enjoy the shitty jazz for what it’s worth, and stop yer bellyachin’.”
  2820. >You glare at the dragon in annoyance, but he’s already begun busying himself with the menu
  2821. >After playing w
  2822. “Changing topics somewhat, is there any reason you called that zebra ‘Table’ back there? That’s hardly a fitting name for a pony, let alone a zebra.”
  2823. >”Because that’s the name they gave him.”
  2824. “...’They’?”
  2825. >”Aye. The establishment. Zebra are basically treated like slaves here Anon. They get new names, new lives, and piss-poor pay when they get jobs here. ‘Lotta Zebras come looking fer work here because they’re the only ones that’ll hire ‘em. They’re too stupid to work anywhere else. It don’ take that much effort to wait on a table or take an order, now does it?”
  2826. >”Here are your drinkz!” Table announces behind you
  2827. >In an act of sheer stupidity, he opts to slam his tray atop the table, which spills half of each glass’s contents onto the beautiful redwood below
  2828. >A small
  2829. >”Is there anythin’ else I can get you two?”
  2830. “A better host would be nice,” you mumble as you dap at your shirt with a napkin
  2831. >”Wut was that?”
  2832. “Nothing. Just saying that I don’t need anything else. Thank you for your... efforts.”
  2833. >”Eey, no problem! By the way, what did you guys thynk of my little performance at the door? My boss said I sthould conduct mythelf better when gretting customers!”
  2834. “It was good. Really compelling performance.”
  2835. >”Aw! Thanks little boy! Now then, I’ve got other tables to stherve, so I’ll let you two enjoy the jazz show now! Buh-bye!”
  2836. “Would’ve been nice if you had kept up that act,” you sneer as he walks away
  2837. >You grab your glass tiredly, and take a sip of what little liquid remains in it
  2838. “How hard can it be to be a waiter, eh?” you bitterly jest
  2839. >Spike says nothing, preferring instead to massage the back of his neck in embarrassment
  2840. >He then picks up his own glass, and slowly sips down some of its contents
  2841. “That’s what I thought,” you snark, as you press the glass to your lips again
  2842. >After draining what little water remained, you place the glass onto the table, and bring your attention back to the stage
  2843. “So, going back to what we were talking about before we got here. Something’s been gnawing at my mind since you implied that dragons could wipe out ponies if that wanted to back at dinner.”
  2844. >”Ask away then.”
  2845. “So then why don’t dragons just kill everyone in Equestria, and take the kingdom as their own?
  2846. >”There’s a couple of reasons for that. First and foremost, there’s the ponies that are able to sniff out gems real easily. You know how Rarity can basically find gems like a metal detector? Well there’s a good sum of other ponies that can do that aswell. They send out a squad of ‘em alongside a group of miners each each year to find a good cluster of gems that the dragons can add to their horde. Second of all, ponies have a pretty large supply of food they harvest and raise each year. There are specialized farmers who are employed by Celestia to raise bigger and fatter sheep each year to give to the dragons. Dragons, being the lazy cunts that we are, take these offerings, and in turn, leave the ponies alone for a little bit.”
  2847. “Is this another one of those things that no one knows about so that they can live their lives in relative contentedness?”
  2848. >”Aye. No one likes conspiring with the enemy, and not a whole lotta people like dragons. If the public got wind of what she was doing, it would create a mass panic, and Celestia could lose her throne as a result.”
  2849. >You respond with a nod, and finish off what little liquid remains in your glass
  2850. “I’m gonna go fill up right quick. Really don’t want to deal with that guy again if I don’t have to.”
  2851. >”Eh, I don’t think you’ll find the bartender that much better hones’ly. The establishment here has been hirin’ zebras like crazy recently, and most of ‘em are equally stupid.”
  2852. “I’ll take my chances.”
  2853. >After Spike shrugs apologetically, you head for the bar with your cup in tow
  2854. “Hey mate. Mind re-filling my glass?”
  2855. >You instantly regret taking your chance the second he turns around
  2856. >Neither of his eyes were focused on you, and he wore this stupid toothy grin that showed he was missing more than a few teeth
  2857. >His mane was wildly styled, to the point of it looking like he had just rolled out of bed
  2858. >In fact, you were near-certain that’s what happened to it
  2859. >”Wuzzat sir?” he asked. “ You wanted a glaythe of water?”
  2860. “...Yes.”
  2861. >”Cummin’ rigt up!”
  2862. >He grabs your glass, and sloppily fills it with a white liquid
  2863. >There’s just one problem: it’s fizzing
  2864. >”Here you go sir!”
  2865. >You take the glass as he pushes it towards you, and take a hesitant sip
  2866. >The moment the liquid hits your tongue, you realize that it’s not water, and it’s most certainly not any kind of lemon-lime soda
  2867. >You spit it back into the glass and shove it back towards the stupid zebra
  2868. “Dude, I said water, not whatever the hell this thing is!”
  2869. >”But it is water! Lookit how clear it is?”
  2870. “Water doesn’t fizz stupi-… sir! Do you not see the bubbles being formed in this glass?”
  2871. >”Bubbles?”
  2872. >He bends down slightly to get eye-level with the glass, and begins staring at it intensely
  2873. “...Can… can I talk to your manager?”
  2874. >”Sure, I suppose.”
  2875. >He then exits the counter, and heads for the back of the building
  2876. >You stand there for another five minutes, before the brain-dead horse comes back with a stallion
  2877. >”Hi there,” he says. “What seems to be the issue?”
  2878. “This guy is trying to serve me… whatever the hell this thing is when I just asked for water.”
  2879. >The manager takes one look at the drink, and turns to his employee enraged
  2880. >”You fucking useless zigger! How the hell did you confuse Gin Fiz!”
  2881. >”Y-you mean, that’s not water?” the zebra asks
  2882. >”NO you fucking skinny cow! Do you not see the bubbles formed by the fizz?”
  2883. >”I-I guess I just didn’t notice…”
  2884. >”Didn’t fucking notice? Godamn it Shaker, I knew you were stupid, but I didn’t know you were downright retarded!”
  2885. >”I-I’m sorry sithre… I-”
  2886. >”I don’t want to hear any of your shitty excuses! You served this man the exact fucking opposite of what he wanted! How’d you even get the two mixed up in the first place.”
  2887. “Actually… I’m not a man…” you comment weakly
  2888. >The older stallion's face turns whiter than powder at your words, and after a moment’s silence, he knocks Shaker to the floor with a hard punch
  2889. >”You fucking gave a child alcohol?!” he screams. “Are you braindead?”
  2890. >”I’m sorry sithre!” Shaker comments after spitting up a tooth. “I didn’ know-”
  2891. >”This is the last time you’re screwing up under my establishment! Grab whatever you have here, and leave. You’re fired.”
  2892. >Your eyes widen slightly, as you look over to the zebra on the floor
  2893. >”F-fired?”
  2894. >”Are you deaf too? Yes Shaker, you’re fired. Now get your shit, and get out.”
  2895. >”N-n-no Mr. Monk, please! I-I need to feed my family!”
  2896. >”I could care less at this point! Your constant fuck-ups are ruining my business. And as of late, could get me in trouble with the law! I knew you were trouble the moment you walked through my doors! All of you ziggers are! Now leave! And don’t ever let me see your face around here again.”
  2897. >The zebra merely stares blankly at his former boss for a moment, before he slowly rises to his hooves, and turns towards the door
  2898. >”I-I’m sythory that I disappointed you sir... “ he comments tearfully. “I didn’t mean to do it. Honest.”
  2899. >”Go tell someone who cares Shaker. I’ve got no time for you.”
  2900. >You watch the broken zebra’s body quake with sobs for a few moments, before he heads for the entrance of the club
  2901. >He doesn’t bother looking back, seeing as he knows it would be pointless, and disappears behind the corner
  2902. >You’re not exactly sure how to feel about the whole thing honestly
  2903. >On one hand, he was totally justified in firing the incompetent zebra after everything he’s done
  2904. >But on the other hand, the racy comments really weren’t needed
  2905. >”I’m terribly sorry sir,” the manager says “He’s been giving us a lot of problems as of late. Can I get you anything to compensate for your troubles?”
  2906. >You turn back to the racist stallion, who’s now wearing a sympathetic smile, and don’t answer him for a few moments
  2907. “I’ll take a glass of water I suppose…” you finally say
  2908. >He nods, and heads behind the counter
  2909. >After quickly fixing your glass, he slides it towards you, and you take a small sip from it
  2910. “Thanks.”
  2911. >”No problem.”
  2912. >You take another swig as you head back to the table, and see Spike staring at you as you approach
  2913. >”Wat was that all about?” he asks
  2914. >Before you answer, you take your seat, and gulp down the last of your water
  2915. “I made a mistake, that’s what that was about.”
  2916. >”And what exactly would that be?”
  2917. “I got a zebra fired.”
  2918. >”Wuzzis? The sadist Anon suddenly feels empathy for a lowly zebra?”
  2919. “Oh please. Sadists aren’t heartless.”
  2920. >”Righ’. They jus’ take pleasure from other’s pain. Which fits your predicament quite well.”
  2921. “There’s a fine line between causing someone else pain, and breaking them. I just did the latter.”
  2922. >”There’s a difference for yew?”
  2923. “I like seeing the reactions I can coax out of people Spike. Being broken basically equates to being hollow. There are no reactions to be had when you’re broken, and therefore, there’s nothing for me to laugh at. Besides, that guy somehow managed to breed with another zebra. And now they’re most likely gonna wind up on the streets.”
  2924. >”Oh…”
  2925. “Yep. And I just caused that.”
  2926. >You pick up your glass and study it closely, as you suddenly wish that you had that gin right now
  2927. >”Well, ahm sorry to hear that Anon. But from what it sounds like, yew just abou’ brought the inevitable a little sooner. The guy was a huge clutz. There was no way he wasn’t gonna wind up fired.”
  2928. “Still though, it’s never fun being the one to fuck someone over. Well… it’s never fun to fuck someone over if they catch wind that it was you.”
  2929. >”Well Anon, normally when you get caught doin’ somethin’ yer not supposed to do, it kills all yer fun right then and there.”
  2930. >You press your lips together with a smile, and lightly punch the dragon in the shoulder
  2931. “You know, I think you could get that stick a bit further up your ass if you really tried.”
  2932. >He begins laughing in turn, and takes a large sip from his glass
  2933. >”Ay, you have yer fun, and aye have mine. Pointing out the obvious is one of mah favorite pastimes.”
  2934. “Oh don’t try to bullshit me. You just like being a smartass.”
  2935. >”Is there anythin’ wrong with that?”
  2936. “Well I mean, I can’t say yes, can I? If I did, I’d be the biggest hypocrite in the world.”
  2937. >”What’s that? Is that another morale I hear?”
  2938. “Ah piss off will ya?”
  2939. >Just as you give him another swat on the shoulder, the band suddenly appears on stage, and one of its members taps the on-stage mic a couple of times
  2940. >”Can we at least hear the band play before I dew that?”
  2941. “I mean if you really want to, I’m not gonna stop you.”
  2942. >He chuckles aloud, and looks towards the stage
  2943. >One of the stallions was saying something into the mic that you honestly couldn’t care less about
  2944. >Finally, after about five minutes of nothing but talking, the guy finally shuts up, and picks up his sax
  2945. >The drummer hits his sticks together a few times, and lays smacks out a few notes
  2946. >As the first notes of the song, you recon that you’ve heard worse jazz before, but this wasn’t exactly to your taste
  2947. >Little too freeform for you to really get into it
  2949. >After around a half-hour later, you and Spike head out of the club, having your fill of jazz for the night
  2950. >”So,” he begins. “Whatd’ya think?”
  2951. “Meh, not bad,” you respond. “Not super fond of freeform though.”
  2952. >”Ah get that. It’s not up to everyone’s taste.”
  2953. >You look towards the “town” square, and eye the large clock tower standing overtop the hamlet
  2954. >Seven o’clock
  2955. >Perfect
  2956. “Hey Spike, mind taking a letter for me when we get home?”
  2957. >”Sure. Who to?”
  2958. “Fluttershy.”
  2959. >”...Why are ye sendin’ a letter to Fluttershy?”
  2960. “Because I have plans with her that I need to re-schedule.”
  2961. >”Why do ye have plans with Fluttershy in the first place?”
  2962. “Jesus fuck, it’s like talking to Rarity all over again.”
  2963. >”Oi, if wanting to know what yer doin’ with a pony that literally no one else in town likes, than I’ll be like Rarity all ah want.”
  2964. “I’m… helping her overcome her her social anxieties.”
  2965. >”...Yer a shitty sadist Anon.”
  2966. “What? I can’t feel sorry for a girl who literally has no aspirations or prospects in life?”
  2967. >”Ah suppose. But at the same time, why do you care about the town’s social reject?”
  2968. “Hamlet.”
  2969. >”Whatever! The point is ah don’t know why yew would bother workin’ with this chick that no one knows nottin’ about!”
  2970. “It’s complicated Spike. I’d rather not uselessly explain my thought process to each and every person who asks me about it.”
  2971. >”What’s so wrong about tellin’ me why yer helping this girl? Are yew shaggin’ her er somthin’?”
  2972. “What? No! Nothing like that!”
  2973. >”Then what’s the issue?”
  2974. “...She makes good brownies.”
  2975. >Disbelief seemed to overtake the entirety of the small dragon’s expression
  2976. >”Brownies? Huh?”
  2977. “Y-yeah?”
  2978. >”Yer helpin’ Fluttershy out… all for some stinkin’ brownies?”
  2979. “They’re really good though!”
  2980. >”Anon, do ah have ‘stupid’ written across mah forehead? How big of a fool do ye take me fer?”
  2981. “I mean I kind of wish you were one right now…”
  2982. >”...Yer fuckin’ Fluttershy, aren’t ye?”
  2983. “No! Spike, I just told you-”
  2984. >”Ah couldn’t care less what ya ‘said’ to meh. Your entire body is tellin’ me somthin’ entirely different. Ah mean lookit yer forehead for instance! It’s covered in so much sweat, you could probably drown a small village!”
  2985. >Your lip curls as you try to come up with a decent, but even after several moments of hard concentration, nothing comes to mind
  2986. >”Jus’ tell me the truth Anon. Ah won’t judge ya none.”
  2987. “...Fuck it,” you say with defeat. “Yeah, I’m… doing sexy stuff with Fluttershy.”
  2988. >”...Oh my god.”
  2989. “You filthy fucking liar!”
  2990. >”Yer actually bangin’ Fluttershy…”
  2991. “You see this shit right here?! This is precisely why I didn’t want to fucking tell you!”
  2992. >”Well Jesus Christ Anon, ah didn’t actually think yew’d admit it! Ah wasn’t prepared for this!”
  2993. “Then why in Celestia’s name did you ask?”
  2994. >”Ah don’t know! Ah figured it’d be somethin’ different! Like yew sayin’ that you wanted to help the mare just because yew could!”
  2995. “What, was me doing it for brownies not a ‘different’ enough excuse or you?”
  2996. >”No, it was. But at the same time if yer gonna give me an excuse, ah’d appreciate it if yew’d at least made it believable.”
  2997. “What’s unbelievable about me helping a girl in exchange for baked goods?”
  2998. >”What’s so…? Where do eye fuckin’ begin?! Anon, if ah dew say so m’self, I make some pretty kickass brownies. And every time I make a batch, they’re gone within two days. And ahm not the one eatin’ em. Most of the time, ahm lucky to get two or three at most! Why on Earth would you need to go to Fluttershy to get some brownies, when yew could just ask me to whip you up a batch?”
  2999. “Well after a while, that would get awkward-”
  3000. >”Furthermore, ah’ve never sen you dew somethin’ for someone else unless yer feelin’ guilty over somethin’ ye did, or the other person has somethin’ that ye want. Then there’s-”
  3001. “I get it Spike, thanks for the rundown,” you interrupt sarcastically
  3002. >You walk a few more blocks in silence, before you work up the courage to question Spike
  3003. “So… now that you know… what’re you gonna do?”
  3004. >”I dunnow. Mail that letter I suppose.”
  3005. >It takes a moment for you to fully realize what he just said
  3006. “Wait really?”
  3007. >”Yeah, I suppose. I mean really, what good would tellin’ anyone do? Ah’d just be diggin’ the poor girl into a deeper grave then what she’s already in. Ah know yew don’t want that, and I know she certainly doesn’t want to go to prison… so eye suppose I’ll just keep my trap shut about this whole ordeal.”
  3008. >You subconsciously snort in response, before your throaty laugh sounds through the night around you
  3009. “Spike, you’re awesome!” you declare gratefully
  3010. >”Yeah yeah. Thanks fer the compliment n’ all.”
  3011. >If the tiny dragon were any taller, you’d hug him right now
  3012. >But seeing as that wasn’t the case, you settled on dancing happily behind him
  3013. “Thanks a ton man! I really owe you for this!”
  3014. >”Yew owe me for a lot of things Anon. Forget about compensating me fer this. There’s nuttin’ I really need right now anyway.”
  3015. “Aw common man! Don’t just throw away a chance to get some help around the house, or to run you an errand or something!”
  3016. >”Ah’ve got plenty of I.O.Us from yew if ah ever need ‘em. I’ll draw from that proverbial pile before I start lookin’ to add onto it.”
  3017. >You cease your little dance of joy, and shrug in compliance
  3018. “Alrighty then. If that’s what you want.”
  3019. >”It is.”
  3020. “...You know, your mood’s turned pretty sour since I told you about me and Flutters. You doing alright?”
  3021. >”Not really! Ahm still coming to grips with the fact that ah’m basically turnin’ a blind eye to paedophillia!”
  3022. “...If it makes you feel any better, we haven’t done any penetrating yet.”
  3023. >He grunts in turn
  3024. “...And that I basically came onto her when we first did anything together.”
  3025. >”Ah figured. The poor girl’s too timid to take initiative on anythin’ in her life.”
  3026. >Seemed that nothing was going to lighten the mood tonight
  3027. “...You mad at me?”
  3028. >”Kind of. Ah’m more mad at you than Fluttershy though.”
  3029. “I’ll take that.”
  3030. >You arrive back at the Treehouse after another few minutes of walking, and Spike instantly grabs his quill and parchment the moment after he walks through the door.”
  3031. >”Alrigh’, let’s get this over with. What exactly dew yew want meh to write?”
  3032. “Tell her that I ran into some personal troubles, and that I won’t be able to make our meeting tomorrow. Tell her I’m free at any time on saturday though.”
  3033. >”...Please respond, ASAP,” he mumbles
  3034. >After giving the letter a once-over, he ignites it with a burst of fire from his mouth, and heads for one of the chairs in the living room
  3035. >As he plops down atop it, he sets fire to a small pile of logs that were tucked neatly behind a metal grate
  3036. >As the warmth of the blaze washes over him, he sinks lower into his seat and sighs
  3037. “You just gonna relax for the rest of the night then?”
  3038. >He merely nods in response, which does a very good job in letting you know that perhaps you should head to your room
  3039. “Sounds good then. So... let me know if Fluttershy responds, and have a good nap.”
  3040. >”Will do Anon.”
  3041. >You give him a quick thumbs-up, despite him not being able to see you, and head for your room
  3042. >A painful headache begins to pound away skull the second your door shuts, so you go and lay down on your bed to alleviate some of the pain
  3043. >As you toss onto your side, you notice a small vial of liquid with a note attached to it sitting atop your nightstand
  3044. >”To: Anon, I figured you’d have some trouble sleeping tonight, so I had some of the royal chemists whip this up this afternoon. It’s a powerful sleeping potion that will knock you out for eight to nine hours. Hope you enjoy your rest tonight. -Luna.”
  3045. >As you begin toying with the vial in your hand, you begin to wonder just why exactly you didn’t like Luna all that much
  3046. >Then you remember that she infested your dreams last night with a carnival from hell
  3047. >Meh, perhaps you could, at the very least, tolerate the princess of the night
  3048. >You hastily yank the cork out of the top of the tube, and down the solution in one go
  3049. >The aftertaste was revolting, but it soon began to dissipate as drowsiness grips you
  3050. >Within moments, you feel your body collapse against your bed as you pass into dreamland
  3052. “Alright Fluttershy,” you announce, as you finish writing your notes on a blackboard. “Today we’re going to talk about when you should, and should not assert yourself in more detail.”
  3053. >Three days had passed since you and Spike had your little… ‘heart to heart’
  3054. >Things were still a little awkward between the two of you, but they’d gotten better as of late
  3055. >But enough about that, you had a small yellow horse to teach
  3056. “Now then, considering you’ve already kind of learned this, we’re going to run down a few scenarios for each of ‘em.”
  3057. >”Okay…” she responds timidly from her couch. “I’m ready whenever you are…”
  3058. “First and foremost, you should always assert yourself when you’re getting fucked over when it comes to the price of something. You, as a consumer, have every right to deny buying a product from someone just as they have the right to deny your service. However, often times they’ll want you to stay and purchase their products or services. Name-dropping the name of another company, or claiming that you can get it cheaper somewhere else could open the floodgates of negotiation. Or they’ll just offer you whatever it is at their competitor’s price.”
  3059. >”Okay. And if they don’t, I just go to one of their competitors… right?”
  3060. “Exactly.”
  3061. >”Okay. So then I assume that it’s not okay to ‘assert’ myself, when the situation is fair for both me, and the other party, right?”
  3062. “Yep. That or when something is only mildly annoying you.”
  3063. >”Wait really?”
  3064. “Yeah. No matter who you are, there’s always going to be someone, or something that annoys you beyond belief. Here’s the thing though, if you go out and shout at every last one of those things, not only does it make you look like an intolerant prick, but it also makes you look incredibly childish. Unless it’s somehow impeding your or whatever you’re doing at the moment, your best course of action is to just ignore it until it goes away.”
  3065. >You pause for a moment, and wait for Fluttershy to say react in some way
  3066. >She merely stares at you in turn, and you let the moment drag on for a few moments longer before continuing
  3067. “Anyway, there’s that, and there’s your place in society. Normally, you don’t assert yourself to those in the upper crust because… well because society places those people on an untouchable pedestal for some unknown reason.”
  3068. >”...So then if you’re beneath everyone else in society, does that mean you shouldn’t assert yourself to anyone?”
  3069. “Fluttershy, the reason that you’re at the bottom of the foodchain is because you refuse to climb it. People wouldn’t take advantage of you if you didn’t let them. I mean, look at how the merchants treat every other customer that comes to their booths. Each and every one of them gets their food for the same price. And then there’s you, the shy social outcast whom no one associates with, and who doesn’t associate with anyone else. Merchants see that, and they try to take advantage of that. And they succeed, because you’re the only one who lets them. The second you stood up for yourself, or rather, I stood up for you, they dropped their prices. The second you stop being a pushover is the second you’ll stop being seen as a pushover in the public eye. Understand?”
  3070. >”...I do. But I don’t know how I’m ever going to get to that point. I’ve always felt like the universe just decided that I would be everyone’s doormat the second I was born. I never felt like-”
  3071. “Okay, let me just stop you right there. Do you know how big the universe is?”
  3072. >”...I know it’s really big, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge.”
  3073. “There are around one septillian planets in the universe. Each one of those reside in one of the two-hundred billion galaxies that we’ve estimated exist. All of those galaxies contain a certain amount of the one hundred billion stars that keep the planets that orbit them from freezing solid. And  to top it all off, everything that I just described is made up of a certain amount of the incomprehensible number of particles in the universe. And every day, you have stars exploding, or collapsing in on themselves, and sometimes even creating black holes in the process. My point here, is that the universe is far too big, and far too complex to care about the going-ons of one, small, honestly insignificant mare in the grand scheme of things. It’s not sentient, it doesn’t hold vendettas, and it sure as hell doesn’t care whatever we do in our short existence. I’m sorry if that makes you feel bad Fluttershy, but the fact of the matter is that you are your own stumping block. And whether you like it or not, I’m going to change that fact.”
  3074. >You watch as a streak of tears streams down her cheek
  3075. >Guilt then forces you to stumble a few steps forward, and reach out a hand to comfort her
  3076. >Right as you go to stroke her mane, her sudden pleading look forces you to draw the extremity back
  3077. >Strong caution then replaces your guilt, as the uneasy silence stretches on
  3078. >”I’ll be honest with you Anon…” she finally sniffles. “I”m really scared to assert myself. I feel that, I’m too far gone, and that trying now would only wind up in massive failure. And what if it does work, but it works too well? I’ll be a social outcast for an entirely different reason… and then I wouldn’t be taken advantage of, but I’d be hated by the entire town. Neither of those are particularly palatable options, but I’d rather be disrespected than hated. I just don’t know if it’s worth it Anon. I’ve felt so terrible after I manipulated those vendors into give me a better price, and I just don’t know if I could live with that guilt on a daily basis.”
  3079. >The poor mare then pushes her rear to the floor, as she begins rubbing her temples with her hooves
  3080. >Comparison then motivates you to take a seat beside her
  3081. >As you begin stroking her mane, she looks to you in hopelessness
  3082. >You then wipe away what tears remain, before you smile brightly at her
  3083. “I know you’re worried Flutters. You’re throwing away the only aspect of yourself that you’ve ever known. But at the same time, this cycle of abuse has to end. It’s really starting to get to you. I mean, I’ve managed to break you with what was supposed to be a pep talk. I want you to understand Flutters, I’m not trying to take away everything you’ve known, I’m trying to improve you as a pony. But in order to do that, some things in your life have to go. Trust me on this one, you’ll only come out of this whole ordeal liking yourself a lot more.”
  3084. >As you begin to pat her on the back, her focus shifts to the floor
  3085. >Quiet thumps continue fill the room for a few moments longer
  3086. >”...Do you really think I can do it?” she eventually asks
  3087. “Why would I be here if I didn’t?”
  3088. >Once again, the room dissolves back into silence as you cease your pats
  3089. >Soon after , she nods confidently, and rises to her hooves
  3090. >”Let’s try this whole, ‘assertive around town’ thing again. I want to see what headway I can make.”
  3091. “Atta girl,” you encourage, as you stand. “Where do you wanna head first?”
  3092. >”Let’s try the pet store. They always give me kind of unfai-... really terrible deals on flea medicine for my bears.”
  3093. >After a curt nod, you head for the door, and push your way outside
  3094. >You walk atop the hardened dirt for a short while, before you finally reach the outskirts of Ponyville
  3095. >It didn’t take too long to reach the pet store from there
  3096. >The building itself looked incredibly dreary, with the only standout feature being its massive length
  3097. >Outside of that, it was nothing but grey bricks, with a white sign near its top
  3098. >As you walk into the establishment, you notice an older brown stallion sitting at the register, seemingly engrossed in the day’s crossword
  3099. “Alright Flutters, now’s your chance,” you whisper. “I’m gonna peruse the dog food, and let you do your thing. Good luck, and be confident.”
  3100. >After several shaky breaths, Fluttershy shakily walks over to the counter, while you walk into aisle one
  3101. >As you grab the first bag you see, Fluttershy begins her negotiations
  3102. >”Um… M-M-Mister Giver? I was wondering, if you had any deals on flea medicine today.”
  3103. >”Nope,” he stares blankly. “Forty bits, take it or leave it.”
  3104. >”O-oh… well sir, I k-know your offer is v-very… generous, but I’m going to have to ask t-that you give me a discount.”
  3105. >”...And what exactly do you think gives you the right to tell me who and who not to give discounts to?”
  3106. >”Well sir, your sales price for the medicine is thirty-two bits, that’s what’s printed on your tags. But, you’re charging me, forty bits. Now, it is in my opinion, that your sales price, and the price you’ve got listed, on your tags, should be one and the same.”
  3107. >”Look kid, I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but I’ll say it again anyways. The price on the tags is wrong. I just haven’t gotten around to changing them as of late.”
  3108. >”W-well sir, I hope you get around to it s-s-soon… because what you’re doing now… could be considered false advertising. And that could land you in a lot of trouble.”
  3109. >”Oh yeah? And who exactly is gonna put me in that trouble?”
  3110. >”...Princess Celestia,” Fluttershy whispers
  3111. >The crinkle of the newspaper lets you know she’s got his full attention
  3112. >”I’m sorry little lady, I didn’t quite hear what you said,” Giver states threateningly. “Who did you say was gonna put me in trouble?”
  3113. >”...Princess Celestia,” Fluttershy retorts with much more confidence
  3114. >”Really now? Let’s say I am committing a crime. How exactly is she gonna know what I’m doing.”
  3115. >”B-because I have… I have a friend who’s… who’s the… t-t-t-t-the-”
  3116. >You decide now would be a good time to intervene
  3117.  “Because,” you declare as you step out of the aisle. “She’s good friends with Twilight's son, an Celestia’s newest student.”
  3118. >He gives you a once-over, and can’t help but snort at your less-than-impressive appearance
  3119. >”Right. And I suppose you would be both of those things then?”
  3120. “You got it.”
  3121. >”Oh this is rich. Look kid, I can wear a gray wig and call myself mayor Mare all day long, but that don’t make me her. Now then, either buy something or scram. I don’t have the patience to put up with fuckheads like you two.”
  3122. >You roll your eyes in annoyance, before you briskly stroll up to the counter-side
  3123. >As grabs his pencil to continue the puzzle, you snatch the paper out from under him
  3124. >He looks up in anger, and you tear the thing in two and let it fall to the ground
  3125. >He goes to scream at you, but you silence him by pressing your nose into his muzzle
  3126. “Expect a letter notifying you of your shop’s closing by the end of the week. I’ll make sure the Princess signs, seals, and notarizes it herself.”
  3127. >Fear tugs at the corner of his lips, a few drops of sweat form on his brow, and his pupils shrink as glares at you
  3128. >Satisfied with his reaction, you stand upright again, and head for the door
  3129. “Common ‘Shy, we’re leaving,” you announce
  3130. >With nervous steps, she follows closely behind you as you head back into town
  3131. >”W-was that last bit really necessary?” she asks
  3132. “No,” you admit. “But he needed to be taught a quick lesson.”
  3133. >”Won’t he get that from his store closing down?”
  3134. “Yeah, but that gave it to him a little sooner.”
  3135. >She decides to no longer question your motives
  3136. >”...You know,” Fluttershy begins after a few silent seconds of walking. “you kind of scared me back there. For a minute, I thought you were going to rip his head off, or punch him really hard, or-”
  3137. “Nah, I think I got the message across pretty well.”
  3138. >”If you say so…”
  3139. “You feeling guilty about it?”
  3140. >”Kind of…”
  3141. “Hey, well now at least you don’t have to worry about your flea medicine price being jacked up. Oh and hey! He probably knows some vendors around town, and he’ll probably let everyone know that you’re not taking their shit anymore!”
  3142. >”...You mean he’ll intimidate them for me?”
  3143. “I mean I suppose in a sense.”
  3144. >A bad feeling rises within you as her head drops
  3145. >”That’s something a bully would do…”
  3146. “Fluttershy, you can’t think of it in that regard. Partially because asserting yourself and bullying aren’t even in the same ballpark. One is someone taking power for no reason other than to make himself feel good. The other is someone trying to gain some power for a good reason. You’re trying to gain power you’ve never had. You’re absolutely justified in your quest.”
  3147. >”Okay… I still feel kind of crappy though. I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record.”
  3148. “It’s okay. I’m kind of forcing you through a phase you’re reluctant to go through. If you didn’t feel at least a little shitty, I’d be worried.”
  3149. >”If you say so. So, what are we gonna do now?”
  3150. “Well, is there anyone else who’s screwing you over to a great degree?”
  3151. >”Well… there’s not really any merchants, that come to mind…”
  3152. “Someone else then?”
  3153. >”...Yes.”
  3154. “Well then let’s pay ‘em a visit. See if we can’t get things sorted out.”
  3155. >”Well… that might be just a tad on the hard side.”
  3156. “Why’s that?”
  3157. >”Because whenever I walk by wherever a specific alleyway, he pulls me in, and well… you put it best when you asked me about people ripping me off…”
  3158. >You force your clenched fists apart, and try to soothe your growing anger
  3159. “Where is he?” you ask with a hint of malice
  3160. >As a breeze hits your leg, you look down to your friend to see her cautiously holding a wing in front of her face
  3161. >”W-why? What are you gonna do Anon?”
  3162. >A few moments spent gazing at the helpless mare gives you an idea
  3163. “Oh, it’s not what I’m going to do,” you slowly respond. “It’s what you’re going to do.”
  3164. >”...Wait what?”
  3165. “I want you to confront this guy, and make him stop.”
  3166. >”M-me? Anon, no offense, but have you gone crazy? I could barely threaten Mr. Giver, what makes you think I could reason with a rapist?”
  3167. “Fuck if I know. But here’s the thing Flutts, I’ll be there the entire time, making sure everything goes smoothly. If things go south, I’ll step in. But this is something you need to do. One of the biggest demons you will ever overcome is experience with sexual assault. And if you can overcome that, then you can overcome anything. Making the assaulter quit is one of the best ways to do just that.”
  3168. >”But Anon.. he’s a big stallion. And when I say big, I mean bigger than average. I don’t know if you could do anything to him.”
  3169. “Is he a unicorn?”
  3170. >”No, he’s an Earth Pony.”
  3171. “Then I’ll have no trouble with him. Don’t worry ‘Shy, everything will be fine.”
  3172. >”...Okay. I… I’m gonna trust you on this one Anon. Please… don’t let me down. I want this to end.”
  3173. “It will. Now let’s hop to it.”
  3174. >After a few minutes of walking you reach an incredibly foul-smelling alley
  3175. >As you peer into its depths, you observe that there’s enough moisture and dim light to house a colony of fungi
  3176. >No wonder this guy preyed around here, no one in their right mind would walk down this path
  3177. >Speaking of…
  3178. “Hey Flutters, why do you even go down here?”
  3179. >”It’s one of the few places I can go that’s not crawling with ponies.”
  3180. “Fluttershy, you’re just begging to be raped here. It’s, it smells, and there’s no one around for miles. Is it really worth it so you don’t have to be around anyone else?”
  3181. >”...Well when you put it like that-”
  3182. “You know what, forget it. Just tell me where this guy hangs out.”
  3183. >She takes a few steps forward, and peers into a side-alley
  3184. >There you see the guy, clocked in a brown hoodie with a cigarette protruding from the hole
  3185. >His casual stance against the wall pissed you off for some reason
  3186. “Seriously ‘Shy? You’re scared of that punk?”
  3187. >”Don’t take him so lightly Anon! He’s really dangerous!”
  3188. “Yeah, I’m real sure.”
  3189. >You puff out your annoyance before you gesture towards him
  3190. “Alright. Get in there, and do your thing.”
  3191. >”...Actually Anon, I don’t think this is a very good idea. Maybe we can-”
  3192. >Her yelp echos off the walls as you shove her forward
  3193. >As the man in the hoodie looks up, you plant yourself against a nearby wall, and listen
  3194. >”We-he-hell!” he says excitedly. “If it isn’t my favorite doormat! How’s it going Fluttershy? Haven’t seen you around here in some time!”
  3195. >His snarky tone only adds to your hatred
  3196. >”O-oh hi Richard! H-how are you today?”
  3197. >”Meh. Can’t complain. Although I have been feeling a little pent-up, since you haven’t been around here in a a while. Last time I got all this tension out was when some beta bitch walked into my alley a month ago. You haven’t been avoiding me, have ya?”
  3198. >”N-no! Not in the slightest Richard! It’s just I’ve-”
  3199. >”Good ta hear. Because yous knows how I handle girls who avoid me, don’tchya?”
  3200. >”I honestly can’t say I do…”
  3201. >”Well then, allow me to give ya a demonstration
  3202. >An instant feeling of regret washes over you as you hear the small “tick” of a switchblade
  3203. >”N-now Richard, there’s no need to use a knife-”
  3204. >”Are you tellin’ me what to do ‘Shy?”
  3205. >”N-no Richard! Not in the slightest!”
  3206. >”...Oh. That’s good to hear. Because you know how much I hate being told what to do. Almost as much as I hate bein’ lied to. But you wouldn’ know nuttin’ about either of those things, would’ya ‘Shy?”
  3207. >You only hear the yellow mare’s whimpers, before she’s roughly shoved against a wall
  3208. >”R-Richard, please stop! I-I have a friend! He’s the son of Twilight actually! And he’s-”
  3209. >”’Shy, what did I tell you about lyin’?”
  3210. >You can practically hear him dangle the knife closer to her face
  3211. >She whimpers yet again, but he pays her no mind
  3212. >”Now, am I gonna have to cut ya, or are you gonna start tellin’ me the truth?”
  3213. >”I’ll tell the truth! I swear, I’ll tell the truth!”
  3214. >”...You know what, I think yer lyin’ to me about that. And even if ya aren’t, how do I know that? You’ve been a very dishonest girl today ‘Shy. I think we’re gonna have to do somethin’ about that.”
  3215. >You practically dig your fingers into the wall, as you prepare to confront this asshole
  3216. >”Now then… where to make the first cut?”
  3217. >Right as you lean off the wall, you hear the smack of hooves on flesh, followed by a cry of pain from Richard
  3218. >You round the corner just in time to see the stallion slam into the bricks behind him
  3219. >A few of his bones crack deliciously, before his limp body toples to the ground
  3220. >You feel your mouth drop in shock, and slowly turn to look at a deadpan Fluttershy
  3221. >She stood there like she was dead for a few moments longer, before she begins sobbing hysterically
  3222. > “Richard!” she cries, as she rushes towards the injured felon
  3223. >After she rolls him off of his side, her entire body begins to quiver
  3224. >”R-Richard… are you alright?”
  3225. >His only response is a groan
  3226. >”I-I’m sorry! I’m so, so sorry!”
  3227. >She goes to place a hoof on his shoulder, but cowers away from it
  3228. >As she withdraws it, a few of her tears fall to the ground
  3229. >For a few moments, she does nothing but sit there and lightly sob
  3230. >But eventually, she dries her eyes, and rises to her hooves
  3231. >”N-now you listen to me!” she stutters. “I-I have a friend, who’s named Anon, and he is the son of Twilight Sparkle! And the two of us spend a lot of time together! And… and… if I were to go m-missing, h-he would notice! And he would know j-just where to look! And… and…!”
  3232. >Her voice finally breaks as she breaks down sobbing
  3233. >You let her cry her grief out for a few moments longer, before you step into the alley
  3234. >She latches onto your neck as you press her to your shoulder
  3235. >It was kind of awkward, given that the two of you were about the same size
  3236. >But you manage to cart her out of the alley, patting her back all the way
  3237. >As you finally reach the end of the darkness, you set the mare onto her hooves
  3238. >She offers no resistance, and merely walks numbly beside you back to her cottage
  3239. >When you pull the door shut, she collapses into a heap atop her sofa
  3240. >You scootch her over just enough to where you can sit beside her
  3241. >She pays you no mind, not even when you begin to stroke her mane
  3242. “Not feeling too hot about that whole thing huh?”
  3243. >She can’t even muster up the resolve to look at you
  3244. “...I’m sorry Fluttershy. I shouldn’t have put you through that. ‘Guess I got a bit too fixated on my idea.”
  3245. >With a snif, she pushes herself off of her stomach, and turns to look at you
  3246. >”D-don’t sell yourself short Anon… it was a good idea. It’s just…”
  3247. >She goes silent as she fiddles with her pillow for a moment
  3248. >”I’ve never experienced something like that before. It’s never gotten that extreme with Richard, and I’ve never really hurt someone before. It was just… so overwhelming.”
  3249. >With puffy eyes, she looks to you and smiles
  3250. >”Thanks for being there for me today Anon, I really appreciate it…”
  3251. >You watch her hesitate for a moment
  3252. >Then you watch as she kisses you on the nose
  3253. >As her lips leave your nose, she quickly fades back
  3254. >”I-I am so sorry! “ she apologizes as a wing covers her blush. “I-I don’t know what I-”
  3255. >You silence her by pressing your thumb to her chin
  3256. >Her cheeks glow even brighter as you tilt her head upwards
  3257. >After a moment’s pause, you press your lips into hers, making her jump back slightly
  3258. >Her wings flap open, making you chuckle slightly
  3259. >Her surprise soon fades, and she leans into your kiss
  3260. >As she puts her hooves on your shoulders, you break the kiss, and press our nose to her muzzle
  3261. “I-I’m sorry,” you pant. “I shouldn’t… be doing this after what happened…”
  3262. >”Anon please…” she whispers. “Nothing bad happened… I took control… I’m fine. And believe me, I want this.”
  3263. “Are you sure?”
  3264. >”Mhm.”
  3265. >She quickly presses into you once again, and forces your mouth open
  3266. >Now it’s your turn to be surprised as she pushes her tongue into your mouth
  3267. >You don’t mind too much though, and allow her to clumsily explore your cave
  3268. >The urge to press back rises within you several times, but you push it down each time
  3269. >After what happened, she deserved to have some control
  3270. >However, that didn’t mean you couldn’t have have a small amount yourself
  3271. >She gasps loudly as you press a finger to her slit
  3272. >You quietly laugh, and slowly start rubbing her nether
  3273. >Her gritted teeth muffle her moan
  3274. >As you tighten your grip, her head rolls upwards while you smile at her reaction
  3275. >After some more rubbing, she begins grinding against your finger
  3276. >Just as a small strain of her natural juices runs atop it, she suddenly pulls herself out of reach
  3277. >”I will not be the only one who cums tonight…” she mumbles to her herself as she turns around
  3278. >You say nothing as she yanks your fly down
  3279. >As your member is freed, she leans forward to further gaze at it
  3280. >Her soft, warm breath against your manhood sends a rush up your spine
  3281. >Your dong twitches in anticipation as she pushes a small clump of her mane back into place
  3282. >A feeling of satisfaction envelopes you as she pushes your entire dick down her throat
  3283. >The feeling proved to be quite unsatisfactory though
  3284. >Not wanting to dictate her speed, you content yourself with drinking from her honey pot
  3285. >She moans softly as you press your tongue to her slit
  3286. >You decide to take your time lapping at her sex, if only to enjoy her small noises of pleasure
  3287. >The occasional trickle of marecum serves as a mildly satisfactory reward for your efforts
  3288. >That and her consistent moaning
  3289. >After some time though, every other lick yielded another stream of her pleasure
  3290. >You brace yourself for another rousing round of blueballs, but it surprisingly doesn’t come
  3291. >Instead, Flutters begins focusing exclusively on your head
  3292. >You cry out as you’re brought to a powerful
  3293. >Globs upon globs of your white-hot cum shoot from your twitching dick
  3294. >You can practically hear them splatter against the back of her throat
  3295. >The overwhelming feeling of pleasure continues to torture your mind until your long climax finally concludes
  3296. >As the last rope of your love is spit out, you collapse against the cushion behind you
  3297. >After you struggle for a few moments to catch whatever breath you can, Fluttershy turns to face you
  3298. >She then swallows the load in her mouth, before she tounges off her cum-caked lips
  3299. >Your feel your dick twinge once again at the sight
  3300. >But you weren’t exactly sure you were happy with your orgasm, despite how amazing it felt
  3301. “Flutters,” you gasp. “Please… never do that again.”
  3302. >She chuckles nervously, and lays down atop your chest
  3303. >”I’m sorry Anon. I knew I was getting close, and I didn’t want to leave you in pain again.”
  3304. >You observe her overall stance for a moment, and chuckle as a few things become clear
  3305. >Her stance, tone, and innocent smile all convey a submissive position
  3306. >And it's doing a fantastic job at garnering your sympathy
  3307. “Apology accepted,” you say smugly
  3308. >Perhaps you would work on further bring out this manipulative side later on
  3309. >As for now though, you have a pony to please
  3310. >You watch her give you a funny look as she hops to the floor, and you flash her your most genuine smile
  3311. >She returns it, as you sit down behind her
  3312. >As you wrap her into a hug, she sighs contently
  3313. >She involuntarily nuzzles your hand as you go to stroke her mane
  3314. “Ready for round two?”
  3315. >You can feel her chest quickly expand and contract
  3316. >She leans forward slightly, and you let her plop out of your grip
  3317. >”As ready as I’ll ever be, I suppose.”
  3318. >After she vigorously shakes her head, she turns to face you again, and gives you a quick peck on the lips
  3319. >She then turns back around, and leans onto her
  3320. >”Okay… whenever you’re ready Anon…”
  3321. >You nod, and place your hands on the yellow mare’s back
  3322. >As you align your member with her box, you sigh with anxiety
  3323. >Yet again, she was standing in that oh so agitating pose
  3324. >The pose you’ve envisioned many men before you forcing her into
  3325. >”I-is something wrong Anon?” she asks worriedly. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to…”
  3326. “No, no it’s not that,” you reassure. “It’s just melancholia on my end.”
  3327. >With a minute amount of vigor, you prod at her slit, before you drag your member across it
  3328. >She shudders, and turns to look at you pleadingly
  3329. >Deciding to forgo the rest of your teasing, you push into her fleshy cave
  3330. >A sudden mix of unease and bliss courses through your body
  3331. >You pause for a moment to let one of the two pass
  3332. >And to let her walls accommodate your width
  3333. >When unease finally leaves, you draw your hips away from hers
  3334. >She breathes out a shuddery moan, and involentarilly shuts her eyes
  3335. >For a moment, you contemplate making her beg for more
  3336. >And for a few moments after, you scold yourself for even considering that
  3337. “Ready?” you ask
  3338. >She nods, and you draw your hips back
  3339. >As you thrust them forward again, they collide with Flutter’s flanks with a satisfying “smack”
  3340. >You smile as her wings lightly quiver
  3341. >Feeling a little daring, you reach an arm out, and stroke one of the feathered extremities
  3342. >She yelps in an odd mix of glee and worry
  3343. >”A-Anon, please!” she exclaims. “My wings are very sensitive, and I really don’t like them being tou-UCHED!”
  3344. “You know, I think I might’ve found a new hobby,” you jest. “It’s so cute to watch you clam up like that.”
  3345. >Her cheeks glow crimson as she scours at you
  3346. >The latter is replaced with a look of surprise, as you pass over a particularly sensitive spot of her wing
  3347. >As you watch her hunch up, you decide to bring a naughty idea to fruition
  3348. >You surprise her by suddenly grabbing her around her midriff, and pulling her off of her back
  3349. >Once you’ve spun her around, you gingerly put her back onto the ground, and grab both of her wings
  3350. >Her body stiffens in fear, but it soon relaxes as you gently fold the feathered extremities back into place
  3351. >She then violently trembles as you gingerly rub her outer-facing feathers
  3352. >As her breathing starts to strain, you gently slide both of your hands underneath the objects
  3353. >You then bend both of your index fingers, and cautiously thrust forward once more
  3354. >As your body shifts, your digits begin lightly massaging the underside of her wings
  3355. >She coos in response
  3356. >You decide to wiggle your fingers slightly to add to her stimulation
  3357. >The effort doesn’t seem to be well-appreciated though
  3358. >”A-Anon…” she begs
  3359. >One more press forward temporarily silences her
  3360. >”Please…!”
  3361. >Another stroke makes her moan
  3362. >”S-s-s-”
  3363. >A feeling of guilt runs jolts through you as tears begin to stream down her cheek
  3364. >As you go to pull your hands out, before she forces one down with a hoof
  3365. >You look down at her in confusion, and she looks up at you with desire
  3366. >”...Don’t stop,” she pleads
  3367. >...
  3368. >Who were you to deny her that?
  3369. >With renewed confidence, you press your lips to hers
  3370. >She offers no resistance, and instead opens her mouth wide
  3371. >As you begin poking around, she lightly moans, and pulls you closer
  3372. >She then begins clumsily rocking her hips, and eventually, she matches your pace
  3373. >More than once, she nearly grits through your teeth as you pass over the same sensitive spot as before
  3374. >But honestly, if she hadn’t caught herself each time, you’re not entirely sure you would’ve missed it
  3375. >Right now, all that seemed to matter was Flutter’s happiness
  3376. >Speaking of, another idea to increase it suddenly pops into your mind
  3377. >As you break your kiss, the mare looks to you in confusion and disappointment
  3378. >It soon dissipates as you smooch the bottom of her neck
  3379. >You then move up to its side
  3380. >Then her jawline
  3381. >And finally, her muzzle
  3382. >You give her a moment to catch her breath before you move to her ear
  3383. >She cries out while she falls limp as you gingerly sink your teeth into its tip
  3384. >As her wings roughly twitch, you temporarily move your hands out from under them to avoid any damage
  3385. >After you lightly tighten your bite, you release her ear, and slip your hands back underneath the extremities
  3386. >You go to kiss her again, but the rough buck of her hips jostles your mouth away
  3387. >”H-harder Anon,” she pleads
  3388. >With a smile, you smash your hips into hers
  3389. >And again when she begins wheezing
  3390. >Each and every collision brings about a unique gasp from the mare
  3391. >And each, in turn, sent a spark of bliss through your nethers
  3392. >A desire within you burned to put your mouth to use again
  3393. >However, another told you to let Fluttershy breathe a little
  3394. >So you satisfy both by latching on to her neck once more
  3395. >Not long after, she begins primally thrusting her hips adjacent to yours
  3396. >Sensing that her orgasm was fast approaching, you decide to forego her wings, and place your hands at her sides
  3397. >”A-Anon…” she wheezes after a few moments. “I’m… I’m….!”
  3398. “I know Flutterbutter,” you comfort
  3399. >You quickly peck her muzzle to further soothe her
  3400. “Just relax and let me do the rest of the work.”
  3401. >She tries to force herself to relax, but you can see her muscles tense
  3402. >After she convulses a few times, a large wave of her marecum splatters against your crotch
  3403. >With a groan, several more torrents wet your lower abdomen
  3404. >”C-cumming…” she breathes
  3405. >Your dick springs free, as she collapses onto the floor below
  3406. >A small stream of her pleasure then trickles from her uncorked sex
  3407. >You chuckle at the sight, and then begin searching for a box of tissues
  3408. >Unfortunately for you, her orgasm had suspended your impending your impending orgasm
  3409. >You soon spot a box resting atop the stand beside her couch
  3410. >After you’ve grabbed a handful, you plop down onto the rough cushions, and begin to dry your member
  3411. >A yellow hoof soon pushes your hands away, as Fluttershy goes to climb onto your legs
  3412. >You watch her cautiously, as she aligns her nethers with your shaft
  3413. >She slowly lowers herself atop it, until her hips block her path of descent
  3414. >After a slight shudder, she slides herself back up your dick
  3415. >As she slides back down your pole, she shifts her body backwards slightly, effectively smushing your phallicness against her inner wall
  3416. >You grunt at the added stimulation
  3417. >She repeats the motion, albeit in a reversed fashion, as she pulls herself up once more
  3418. >Her breathing soon becomes heavy, and yours follows in suit
  3419. >However, yours soon becomes far more shallow, as she increases her pace slightly
  3420. >Then you begin panting, as she begins moving as fast as she can
  3421. >You then close your eyes, and grasp her hips as bliss swells within you
  3422. >As you feel yourself nearing your climax, you tighten your grip, and start moving the mare yourself
  3423. >Then you begin bucking your hips in time with your arms
  3424. >Her commanding position allows you to push your member farther into her box than you could before
  3425. >Finally, you feel your dick twitch against her walls
  3426. >With a loud groan, you release your load inside her
  3427. >Several twitches later, you feel any and all energy you had drain
  3428. >In your useless state, you manage to notice Fluttershy’s still-heavy breathing
  3429. >You feel a small twinge of guilt over having one more orgasm than her
  3430. >Perhaps you’d make it up to her later
  3431. >Unfortunately though, you don’t have long to contemplate the “how” aspect of that
  3432. >”That… was a mistake…” you hear Flutters mumble
  3433. >You groan again as she pulls herself off your member
  3434. >She hangs her head as she hops off the couch, and doesn’t seem to mind that a strand of your cum was following her as she walked
  3436. “A mistake?” You ask. “How was that a mistake?”
  3437. >”I just… I just feel like it was. There’s no one specific reason.”
  3438. “Flutts, I’m not gonna let this go just because you try to brush it off. If there’s something wrong, I want you to tell me.”
  3439. >”There’s nothing wrong, Anon. I just feel like I made a mistake. That’s all.”
  3440. >You stare at her with annoyance for a few moments
  3441. “Look ‘Shy, if you’re worried about me or my feelings, don’t. There’s nothing you can say that will hurt me. And besides, there’s no reason you should be stressed over this.”
  3442. >She looks to her hooves in confliction, and opens then closes her mouth several times
  3443. >”Anon…”
  3444. >She looks to you as you stand up
  3445. >As you go to stroke her mane, turns away from you
  3446. >...Well you never said she couldn’t do anything to hurt you
  3447. >Her resolve lasts for a few moments longer, before it’s crumpled by her tears
  3448. >”I’m a terrible pony!” she wails. “I used you Anon… I used you to ease my stress from what happened!”
  3449. >As you bite the inside of your cheek, a twang of offense rises within you
  3450. >You force it down by reminding yourself that you had basically done the same thing at the start of this ordeal
  3451. >”For the first time in my life… I genuinely felt powerful. I felt like I could do anything I wanted… and I did. And it felt really, really good. And I didn’t want to give it up. Do you know how that feels? To finally gain a small amount of power over something that you have struggled with for so long?”
  3452. >You do, but you didn’t want to interrupt her
  3453. >”It’s so… liberating. You feel so alive, and you don’t want to let go! And I didn’t let go… I used you to keep that feeling going, and I am so sorry that I did that…”
  3454. “Why would you be sorry for that?” you ask flatly
  3455. >She snaps out of her depressed state as she looks to you once more
  3456. >”Well… because it’s wrong to take advantage of other ponies… or a human in this case.”
  3457. “In what regard did you take advantage of me? I consented to the act, and you didn’t have to coerce me in any way.”
  3458. >”Anon, please don’t try to justify what I did.”
  3459. “Why not? What you did was justfiyable.”
  3460. >”Because… well because I feel it was wrong Anon!” It’s wrong, to take advantage of other sentient beings like I did!”
  3461. “Then don’t do it again,” you state flatly
  3462. >Her mouth curls in confusion, but soon her expression softened as she came to terms with your statement
  3463. "If you feel so terrible about your actions, then learn from your 'mistakes', and don't make them again. But for god's sake, don't go moping about it, and don't hate yourself over it."
  3464. >You tentatively put a hand on her mane, which makes turn to face your warm smile
  3465. "I certainly don't."
  3466. >After a sigh and a quick lick of her lips, she looks down stoically, and sniffles
  3467. >"...I suppose, that's a good attitude to have about it."
  3468. >She then blinks a few times, and lets her weight rest on your arm
  3469. >"I'm sorry for ranting Anon. I just feel like I need to always watch what I do. I never feel comfortable doing anything really."
  3470. "Hey, don’t worry about. Apology accepted.”
  3471. >Time slips by, as the two of you try to relax
  3472. >Stroking Shy’s mane seemed to greatly help in that endeavor
  3473. >Her head eventually finds its way into your lap, and you remove your hand
  3474. >As you go to lean backwards, you suddenly realize that there’s nothing behind you for support
  3475. >It’s too late for you to catch yourself, and you hit the floor with a solid “thump”
  3476. >”Anon!” Fluttershy cries. “Are you okay?”
  3477. “Yeah…” you grunt
  3478. >Your back whines as you got to sit up, but you ignore the minute amount of pain, and rise to your feet
  3479. >The remaining ache recedes when you arch your back
  3480. “Alright. I Think we’re good on the assertive ‘lessons’ for now. There’s not a whole lot more I can go over anyways. What you need right now is practice.”
  3481. >”Oh… okay…” she replies, clearly torn
  3482. “What’s wrong ‘Shy?”
  3483. >”Oh it’s… nothing… it’s just that now that you’ve helped me out in that regard, you’re probably not gonna be sticking around. Right?”
  3484. >You try, and fail to hold back your chuckle
  3485. “Fluttershy, I’m not gonna stop hanging out with you just because I don’t think I have nothing else to teach you. What kind of friend would I be if I did that?”
  3486. >”...A pretty terrible one I suppose. But you’d just be wasting your time, honestly. I don’t have a whole lot of interests outside of animals, and I don’t have enough money to go anywhere or do anything.”
  3487. >You go to make a suggesting, but then you spot a yellow spot on the floor behind her
  3488. >Then you notice the pain peeling off the walls
  3489. >You quickly observe the tattered room in its entirety, before you return your gaze to Fluttershy
  3490. >Even the mare herself was a mess, with her frayed mane, and tired eyes
  3491. “...Fluttershy, be honest with me here. You’re not very good at your job, are you?”
  3492. >”...No I’m not. I mean, I can do basic veterinarian work, and I know what some animals eat,  but that’s about it.”
  3493. “Well, good news for you then. Starting next week, I’m gonna grab a few veterinarian books from the library, and teach you some basics. I’ll also talk to Celestia about getting you a personal trainer. I’m sure Equestria’s finest can spare some time to train a single mare.”
  3494. >Her expression suddenly turns blank, before she turns to you with tightened lips
  3496. >”Are… are you serious?”
  3497. >You nod, prompting her to leap into your arms
  3498. >”Thank you so much Anon! I… I don’t know what else to say! This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me!”
  3499. “‘Thank you’ will suffice for now,” you choke
  3500. >She squeezes your abdomen a little tighter, as her wings begin excitedly
  3501. >You chuckle with what little breath you have left, and stroke the top of her head
  3502. >After nuzzling your chest, she lets you go, and hovers to the floor
  3503. >After trying, and failing, to contain her giddiness, she begins rapidly tapping her hooves against the ground
  3504. >You smile, and  let her wear out her energy before you turn to the clock
  3505. >Six at night
  3506. “Alright ‘Shy, today’s been fun, but I should probably head home now. Mom’s gonna start getting worried in a little bit.”
  3507. >Her eyes widen slightly as she takes a quick peek at the clock
  3508. >”Wow, it’s already six o'clock?”
  3509. “Time flies when you’re intimidating shop owners.”
  3510. >”...When you phrase it like that, it makes me feel a lot worse about that whole thing.”
  3511. >After
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