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Nov 19th, 2019
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  1. Now, I can
  2. Yes
  3. I can
  4. describe landmarks using specific information (architectural
  5. cultural, geographical, etc.).
  6. narrate using historical information about landmarks
  7. narrate using biographical information about outstanding
  8. figures.
  9. compare landmarks.
  10. locate specific places (landmarks and birthplaces of
  11. outstanding figures) on a map.
  12. describe an itinerary and identify its components (departure;
  13. stopovers; final destination).
  14. transfer information from one format to another (from a card or
  15. a fact file to a text and vice versa).
  16. write ordinals, cardinals and abbreviated measuring units
  17. (distance, length, height, area, weight) and dates
  18. (AD, BC, CE, BCE) in full.
  19. ask and answer questions about landmarks and outstanding
  20. figures.
  21. ask and answer questions about the itinerary of a trip to/visit of
  22. landmarks.
  23. write a caption for a photo related to landmarks and
  24. outstanding figures.
  25. use specific lexis related to the means nf trononat
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