Pon-E: Purple Black Gray

Feb 27th, 2017
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  1. Pon-E:
  2. >A pill of questionable legality is now available. Taking one results, over the course of a minute or so, in a complete transformation into a little pony lasting twelve hours. The caveats are twofold: First there is no way to predict in the appearance that will result, pegasus, unicorn or earth pony; stallion or mare. Secondly taking two pills within a day renders the transformation permanent.
  4. >The moment you heard about it, you knew deep in your heart that you had to find it.
  5. >Had to try it.
  6. >Just one. No more. Just needed something. Anything.
  7. >Help me.
  8. >Be Anon, standard suit wearer of indiscriminate origin.
  9. >Recently, your world just about fell down around your shoulders
  10. >You recovered, because you are a big goy
  11. >4u
  12. >But things are shaky, and you can admit it to yourself even if you can't admit it to anyone else, the stress?
  13. >It's getting to you.
  14. >Your family has been calling every other day, if not every day, doing regular check ins.
  15. >Making sure you're still alive.
  16. >Touching, but it's just adding to the stress.
  17. >You need to escape.
  18. >Your apartment complex isn't much, but it's nice. Four rooms, worth a pretty penny. At least you're financially stable.
  19. >Stable enough to afford the little bottle in your hands right now.
  20. >You shakily run one finger across the stylistic label, done in that cutesy style from the show's title... "My Little Pon-E"
  21. >The bottle shakes a bit in your hand.
  22. >This could solve your problems. It could end your stress for a bit?
  23. >R-right?
  24. >A few more deep breaths and you still your shaking hands, and then put the bottle down.
  25. >Right, need to make sure everything's ready.
  26. >You walk around your apartment, making sure that you had cleaned up. Not that you were a slob, but you didn't want to hurt yourself while... not fully there.
  27. >Dialing a phone with hooves, while hurt, wasn't something you wanted to consider.
  28. >Fridge door had a rope tied to it and there were veggies and other food stuffs on the bottom shelf for easy access.
  29. >No starving for this Anon!
  30. >Doors? Locked and deadbolted.
  31. >Windows? Locked and shut, and you're on the 3rd floor so no one should be able to get in.
  32. >Blinds pulled tight just in case.
  33. >TV remote? On the floor by the couch so that you'd be able to use it.
  34. >MLP disk in the DVD player. All the pony would save the day, that's for sure.
  35. >Everything is ready, all you need to do now is... take the plunge.
  36. >You walk back to the table where you set the bottle down and open it, gently shaking one innocuous red and white horse pill from the bottle before gently closing the bottle again and putting it back down on the table.
  37. >The pill stares back at you as you gaze upon it, twisting into the void.
  38. >Damn, should have been a writer or something, or at least writefag'd more often instead of baneposting all the time.
  39. >The Fire Rises.
  40. >You shake your head of your thoughts, knowing you're just using it as a distraction because you're breaking the 'rules' for this drug.
  41. >As you walk over to the sink for your prepared glass of water, you mentally run down the list.
  42. >Never take it alone.
  43. >Never take more then one pill every 24 hours.
  44. >Don't give yourself a name.
  45. >But you don't want to wait, or discuss it with anyone.
  46. >This is for you. And for you alone.
  47. >The fuck are you waiting for?!
  48. >With this not so gentle chastisement of yourself, you throw the pill in your mouth and slug the whole glass of water.
  49. >You stand there for a moment before coughing.
  50. >dailydose.gif
  51. >Thanks Doc
  52. >Fuck you, horse pills suck. Who decided to make pills the size of Vienna sausages was a good idea?
  53. >Well, either way, that was done, and the pill was taken, you take a couple of deep breaths before stripping off your suit.
  54. >No sense ruining a perfectly good suit.
  55. >Nude, and not in the slightest embarrassed about it as you settle down on the carpet next to your couch, you wait.
  56. >Ain't this shit supposed to kick in pretty quickly?
  57. >You frown, trying to remember the details that the drug dealer told you.
  58. >It should happen relatively quickly, so it's like saying that guys name.
  59. >But how is something going to cut you off mid th-
  61. >Your world is blistering pain from the top of your head to the tips of your toes as your jaw locks in place to keep you from screaming at the sudden onslaught of pain.
  62. >Did you get a bad batch? Are you dying? SOMEBODY SAVE ME!
  63. >The pain ratchets up a few levels before you blackout.
  65. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  67. >Bliss.
  68. >Completely pain free.
  69. >Soft.
  70. >These are the first things that drift through your mind as you wake up, a little moan slipping from your lips as you come out of your black out.
  71. >What happened?
  72. >Wait.
  73. >THE PILL!
  74. >You try to abruptly shift to your feet only to slip and fall flat.
  75. >10/10 attempt to stand up, would try again but with actual success next time.
  76. >Seeing as you're currently laying face first on the floor, now would be a good time to take a full assessment of your body.
  77. >The static of the TV fills your ears, making them swivel softly towards the noise.
  78. >... Swivel?
  79. >Don'tpanicdon'tpanicdon'tpanic
  80. >You've read too many greentext and fics to panic.
  81. >Slowly, so slowly, you open your eyes, and are met with a beautiful, beautiful sight.
  82. >Hooves!
  83. >Hooves on legs!
  84. >YOUR LEGS!
  85. >A bubbling, perky, quirky feeling fills you.
  86. >You'veneverexperiencedjoylikethisbeforeinyourwholelife.jpg
  87. >It worked!
  88. >A moment of scramble happens before you forcefully calm yourself down.
  89. >No you didn't waste about a minute spazzing out on the floor trying to get to your hooves.
  90. >Shut up.
  91. >You would have done it too!
  92. >Right, anyway, you're on your hooves now, and carefully clip-clopping your way to the full-length mirror in front of your door.
  93. >The walk cycle feels pretty natural, all things considered, so you're just gonna keep doing what feels natural.
  94. >No need to over think it, right?
  95. >Finally you get up too the mirror, and close your eyes, taking a deep breath before side-stepping in front of the mirror and opening your eyes.
  96. >Le Gasp
  97. >You certainly are a pretty pony.
  98. >You smile as you slowly prance in place, circling so that you can get a good look at yourself at all angles.
  99. >Lookin' good~
  100. >Purple wasn't your first choice, but at least it was a really dark purple.
  101. >Your coat was pretty thick but not super long, so you could clearly see the defined muscles of your legs as you flexed with each move.
  102. >A idle thought that you could easily buck some apples dashes through your head as you continue to turn before you look at your own butt.
  103. >It's a very nice butt, but what's hidden behind your gray-and-black tail is something to consider.
  104. >You pause.
  105. >Do you really want to know? I mean, you're doing this to relax, and sure, you're liking everything you're seeing so far, but is actually checking that going to far?
  106. >You really should know everything. Just in case.
  107. >R-right?
  108. >Your tail twitches a bit as you work up the nerve before you shift it out of the way.
  109. >O-oh dear.
  110. >W-well, on the brightside, it's a very, very good looking...
  111. >um
  112. >your tail tucks itself neatly between your legs and you try to ignore the red flush that crosses your dainty muzzle as you continue your circling tour of your body.
  113. >wewillneverdiscussthisagain.jpg
  114. >You turn your attention to your flank, noting that you've got some very nice curves, so if nothing else, you're hot.
  115. >Actually puts a little smirk on your face as you finally turn a full 360 and gaze at your own face. You are a cute. This is acceptable.
  116. >Your muzzle is small and dainty, but you feel like you could definitely chomp down on someone hard enough to make 'em hurt if they were messing with you.
  117. >Your mane hangs limply to the side, making you think of Fluttershy or Marble Pie.
  118. >You're gonna have to fix that as soon as possible, you're pretty insular but not quite that insular.
  119. >The gray-and-black on a purple coat looks quite nice in your opinion.
  120. >You gaze into your big eyes and smile at the lovely color that gazes back. A bright sky-blue that makes you think of shallow parts of the ocean with sandy bottoms or the best parts of a summer day.
  121. >Wow, how poetic. Didn't expect that out of yourself about yourself.
  122. >A giggle slips from your muzzle as you raise a hoof to your mouth.
  123. >Next thing you know you're gonna be trying pick up lines on yourself, wouldn't that be something?
  124. >You blink before realizing while you were busy worrying about your undercarrage and flank, you completely skipped checking into your actual race.
  125. >You hurriedly glance upwards before letting out a little squeal of joy.
  126. >Hidden in your copious mane is a pointy spiral, quite long if you could actually see it out of your mane considering how much if it there is.
  127. >You brush your mane aside with you hooves to get a better look and admire it.
  128. >This is so cool.
  129. >Well, you're pretty, and you're horny.
  130. >Pretty horny?
  131. >Eh? Eh?
  132. >Just kys senpai.
  133. >You chuckle a bit as you look at your horn in the mirror, admiring the spiral and fluting.
  134. >Kinda pointy honestly, you're surprised that it's a bit more slender then the pictures that you've seen of some people that were caught with Pon-E.
  135. >You shrug a bit, and let your mane fall back in place, shaking it a bit when it drifts in front of your face.
  136. >You glance at the mirror and notice the cute pony shyly hiding behind her bangs.
  137. >heartattack.exe
  138. >Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.
  139. >Damn, you're gonna have to be careful, or you're gonna kill yourself or someone else with those.
  140. >Weaponize cuteness.
  141. >Your head perks up a bit more at that though and you leave the mirror behind, enjoying the feeling of your tail swishing a bit as you trot back to your couch and sit down in front of your remote.
  142. >Speaking of ponies, it's time for ponies!
  143. >You happily set your hoof on the power button and turn your TV to the aux cord, and your tail swishes a bit as you see the title page for the first season dvd for MLP.
  144. >It's time~
  145. >You glance at the clock on the wall. It's been about fifteen minutes since you took the pill.
  146. >Time to kill some time.
  147. >Your hoof is more then capable of hitting the play button and you settle in to watch the show.
  148. >"Once upon a time, in the magical world of Equestria..."
  149. >Oh Celestia, your voice is so lovely~
  150. >Your ears swivel forwards as you intently gaze at the TV.
  152. >>>>>>Three Hours Later>>>>>
  154. >You have a lovely singing voice, you've discovered.
  155. >Singing along with Pinkie and the girls was a lot of fun, and not to brag, but you were just all around cute.
  156. >Gonna have to practice that, after your snack run.
  157. >You stood up, stretching a bit and gently rocking your neck from side to side. You didn't really ache from holding yourself in that position, but staying still so long required a stretch anyway.
  158. >After a nice long, cat like stretch, idly shaking out your legs afterwords, you trot to the kitchen, gently clamping your mouth on the pull-rope and tug the door open with a very careful, slow movement.
  159. >You idly imagine the headlines in the paper if you fucked that up.
  160. >Local Anon killed by fridge while adorable little pony.
  161. >Jeez, you'd ruin some little girls day for sure, the front page would have a picture of a cute pony crushed by a fridge.
  162. >You shiver at the thought before pulling out a carrot and carefully shutting the fridge with a bump from your rump, munching away as you trot back to continue watching the show when a particular feeling overtakes you.
  163. >Oh.
  164. >Well shit. You didn't plan for that.
  165. >The urge to facehoof gets stronger and stronger as you realize you completely forgot to plan for what you'd have to do if you had to use the bathroom.
  166. >Ohdeargodwhy.jpg
  167. >Wait...
  168. >You're gonna have to pee as a MARE?!
  169. >A light whimper escapes you and if anyone was able to see your face they would have seen that you were currently looking like a deer caught in headlights.
  170. >Panic?
  171. >Panic.
  173. >>>>>>
  175. >The bathroom.
  176. >A perfectly normal bathroom. A shower, a tub, a toilet, a sink with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and even some floss.
  177. >Yep.
  178. >Perfectly normal.
  179. >Damn it Anon, how could you forget to ponify YOUR BATHROOM?
  180. >You continue to berate yourself as you shift your hindlegs together to try to keep yourself from pissing as you look over your options.
  181. >Sink is no go for sure, You don't think you could hop up to the counter anyway.
  182. >Toilet -maybe-, but you don't particularly want to slip and fall in, or worse, get your tail in the water.
  183. >Just... no.
  184. >Shower/tub is a possibility, but you'd have to clean your shower/tub later.
  185. >Lame excuse, and you know it, you're just trying to ignore what you need to do.
  186. >I mean, everyone does it, right?
  187. >And obviously, girls don't have much issue using the bathroom, right?
  188. >So you can do this!
  189. >R-right?
  190. >You step into the shower.
  191. >Dirtyhorsebox.jpg
  192. >... maybe a shower?
  193. >You frown and shake your head.
  194. >Next time, you don't have anything for mane/tail care nor enough towels for drying yourself off.
  195. >But is there gonna be a next time?
  196. >That thought pauses you as you're two hooves into the tub.
  197. >A next time.
  198. >Another time as a pretty purple pony.
  199. >Maybe she could learn magic next time?
  200. >And take a bath or shower?
  201. >Do up her mane?
  202. >It actually sounds like a lot of fun.
  203. >Gently chewing on your lip as you consider this, you finish stepping into the tub and carefully turn to the drain, trying your best not to think about your body's current natural actions.
  204. >Perfectly normal to lift your tail and not think about what you're doing.
  205. >Yep, perfectly normal.
  206. >Nope. Not thinking about it at all.
  207. >Not gonna do it.
  208. >Not happening.
  209. >... oh gods you're thinking about it.
  210. >Fucking /mlp/. You shuffle your front hooves a bit because you know that these thoughts come from those assholes.
  211. >Love 'em, but still.
  212. >Once the pressure fades, you step out of the tub before letting your tail settle.
  213. >Your tail is pretty long and you know it brushes the floor. No sense in letting it down when you didn't quite know where your business all went.
  214. >No wonder gals sat or squat when they pee. Can't see shit captain.
  215. >You glance at the knob for the bathtub and consider running the water but you know that you're not really capable of that at the moment, not with a hoof, and turn and quickly scurry away from the head.
  216. >Never again.
  217. >Till next time anyway.
  219. >>>>>>>
  221. >Back in the living room, you finish your carrot and start to watch pony again, finally settling down and relaxing with a gentle sigh.
  222. >generticringtone.mp3
  223. >FUCK.
  224. >Why is someone calling you right now, you took the day off damn it!
  225. >You frown as you pause the show and trot back to the kitchen, taking your phone in your muzzle gently from the pile of clothing.
  226. >Setting the phone on the carpet, you glance at the caller ID.
  227. >It's your friend-who-is-a-girl from work.
  228. >Great. Just what you needed right now.
  229. >You frown, knowing that she knew that you had a day off, and most likely was looking to see if you could go to the gym with her or something.
  230. >You also knew she'd give you hell if you didn't pick up. She could easily make your life at work hell.
  231. >But what about your super cute mare voice? It would be really, really obvious that you weren't Anon.
  232. >Fuck it, make it up as you go along.
  233. >Besides, maybe you could finally get her off your bad. She wasn't bad looking or anything like that, but you were not into her that way.
  234. >Making up your mind, you answer the phone, putting it on speaker.
  235. "Helloooo~, Anon's phone."
  236. >"Wh... hello? You're not Anon."
  237. >Wow, accusation voice much?
  238. "No, I'm not, sorry, he's using the bathroom right now, can I help you?"
  239. >Masterful. Now to see if I can actually get her off my back for a bit.
  240. >"Yeah, I need to talk to him, I wanted to see if he was going to work out with me today like we planned to or not?"
  241. >Oh bitch you didn't.
  242. >We definitely didn't plan on going to the gym, because I didn't plan on telling you I was taking a few days off.
  243. >You just looked at the work schedule.
  244. >I give the phone my best stink eye possible.
  245. "Anon didn't tell me that he had any kind of plans with coworkers. I'm pretty sure we were taking the next couple of days for ourselves."
  246. >"Why would he be taking days with you?"
  247. >Kill me now.
  248. "I'm his girlfriend, so I think I would know. I'll have him text you back, buh-bye."
  249. >"Wha-" *CLICK*
  250. >The click was my hoof against the screen of my phone, which thankfully did end the call.
  251. >That was satisfying, and more importantly, I got her off of my back.
  252. >Last thing I need is her pounding on the door to my apartment or something while I'm ponied.
  253. >Settling back onto the floor and flicking your tail around your hooves, you mentally note to text her later.
  254. >You might have been a bit of an ass there, but she -is- a coworker.
  255. >Don't burn bridges till you absolutely have to.
  256. >Tapping the remote, you start up the show again, happily returning to your carrot.
  258. >>>>>>>>>>
  260. >You were able to finish all of season 1 that you wanted to watch and a bit of season 2.
  261. >Discord is so funny~
  262. >You frown a bit before wincing, your stomach gurgling some before you glance at the clock.
  263. >Fuckin' A. Time flies when you're having fun you guess.
  264. >You quickly get up and trot towards your bedroom.
  265. >You got a few minutes left, but you figure that your bed would be one of the safer places that you could shift back on.
  266. >Apparently, changing back wears you out so you'll pass out anyway, so you might as well go to bed.
  267. >You carefully shift under the covers and settle your head onto your pillow, noting that your bookhorse plushie is right there and in easy snuggling distance.
  268. >You reach out and snag, then snuggle your purple bookhorse, mentally giggling as you feel a few more disquieting shifts.
  269. >Hehehe, purple bookhorse being snuggled by purple horse.
  270. >You smile warmly as your eyes flutter shut to this though, gently passing out as the changes overcome you once again.
  272. >>>>
  274. >Wakeup.jpg
  275. >be Anon
  276. >Totally nude
  277. >Snuggling your plushie?
  278. >You frown, looking a little confused at your purplesmart plush.
  279. >You bought her more for display purposes then for actually snuggling.
  280. >Yet here she is, snuggled up in your arms.
  281. >Wow, Pon-E must have really done a number to you then.
  282. >You yawn and sit up, stretching a bit before swinging your legs out of bed.
  283. >Start of a new day. You got a few hours to kill before you can take the Pon-E again, and you still have the day off.
  284. >What to do now, you wonder.
  285. [END OF DAY 1]
  287. [DAY 2 START]
  288. >Well, the most obvious thing to do would be put on some pants.
  289. >Nabbing your pack of smokes and lighter, you step out onto the balcony and light up a cowboy killer.
  290. >Inhale, exhale.
  291. >Let the morning wash over you as you lazily lean on the guardrail, shivering a bit at the cold metal on your arms.
  292. >Ugh. Fur was -so- much better.
  293. >Another chill runs up your spine, this one not caused by how cold it is outside.
  294. >Lets ignore that thought for now, it's obviously not healthy or good for you.
  295. >You continue to smoke, idly watching the smoke twirl and trail into the sky.
  296. >Hmmm, what to do while ponied today?
  297. >You smile in memory at your ponied self. She's absolutely adorable.
  298. >Maybe you should set up your GoPro or something and take video/pictures.
  299. >Bet you could find something on the net of videos of people on Pon-E.
  300. >Petting and comfort communities were popping up all over, Legal ones ran by doctors for people that were suicidal or chronically depressed, or had other mental issues.
  301. >Of course, that didn't change the fact that Pon-E was a street drug originally, and the fact that it was medicine now didn't wipe that particular slate clean.
  302. >You finish off your death stick and flick it off the balcony. Well, whatever you decided to do, you needed to learn how to do magic first.
  303. >... And maybe lurk moar again. That's always a good way to waste time till you were going to Pony up, right?
  304. >You wander back into your kitchen/living room, snagging your phone before retreating to your bedroom/study, settling in front of your computer while scrolling through your email and texts.
  305. >Nothing and nada. Good.
  306. >You fire off a quick text to your co-worker girl explaining you were hanging out with your girlfriend and weren't going to be available.
  307. >That should keep her away, which is a blessing. Thank Celestia and Luna for adorable mare voices, right?
  308. >You sigh as your computer comes out of sleep mode and you hop onto the net, quickly opening up a new search window and searching up unicorn magic.
  309. >Glancing down, you notice that your discord and skype windows are flashing. Well, someone's desperate to get your attention.
  310. >Clicking them open while the google search is loading, you smirk a little.
  311. >Well well, looks like you weren't the only one to pony up yesterday.
  312. >You've got a few messages from your friend Nonny. He's a alright guy, if not really lazy.
  313. >He's a [s4s] crossposter and thinks that /soc/ is a good idea, but he's a good enough guy and a good friend, you've known 'em since you were in Elementary School.
  314. >"Hey Anon, did you take your pill?"
  315. >"Aaaanoooonnnn, message back! I wanna know what it's like!"
  316. >"Any last minute warnings?"
  317. >"Taking my pill now."
  318. >"Fuckia;'a';sjfd it hurt. typing hardtext tomrorow"
  319. >Yep. That's your friend.
  320. >Oh well, what can you do?
  321. >You roll your eyes a bit and note that he tried to skype call you, before typing out a message to him.
  322. "Morning Dumbass. I thought you said you were gonna wait till next weekend to take one? How was it? Did you get any pictures?"
  323. >There, just enough scolding in it to ensure that Nonny knows he was a idiot but enough genuine interest that he'll actually respond.
  324. >Hmmm, maybe you should ask him to come over? It'd be good to hang out with a friend, and having someone else there would make some of the pony stuff easier.
  325. >It was something to consider, anyway.
  326. >While waiting to see if he's awake, you go back to your google search.
  327. >Hmm. Not a lot of info out there.
  328. >Thankfully, there's a medical page that's got a tutorial
  329. >Not really indepth, and not something that'll really help you perform any spectacular spells, but at least it'll get you started and able to use levitation.
  330. >You settle in and watch the whole video a few times through, taking note of what the doctor and the unicorn demonstrator do.
  331. >Poise, breathing, intent.
  332. >Seemssimpleenough.jpg
  333. >Frankly, you don't know why you didn't try it last night.
  334. >Probably because you were just too comfy.
  335. >A warm smile hits your face as you remember how good it felt to be a pony.
  336. >So much better then how you're feeling right now.
  337. >You jolt, a hand jumping up to your head as you blink at that thought.
  338. >Wait, what? No, you feel perfectly fine right now.
  339. >...
  340. >Right, that was something to watch out for.
  341. >A frown mars your face now as you contemplate that thought.
  342. >Pon-E, to a point, was addictive, because being a pony just felt better then being human.
  343. >But you still had stuff to do, a life to live.
  344. >You weren't medically unsound, so you couldn't just give up being yourself.
  345. >... Right?
  346. >You shake your head.
  347. >Nope, not thinking about it.
  348. >You go back to studying how to do magic, grounding the basics into your head while waiting to see if Nonny was gonna post back to you.
  349. >A couple of minutes pass before you get a skype call.
  350. >There's Nonny.
  351. >You flick on your webcam and put on your headset before accepting the call.
  352. >Audio connects first like it always does and you immediately begin audio shitposting.
  353. "Hey Nonny, ya faggot. Why were you trying to type with hooves you goof?"
  354. >"Oh shut up. Besides, I posted that like seven hours ago dude. You look like you slept well."
  355. >Camera finally is online...
  356. >And you're staring at a Pegasus stallion?
  357. >"..."
  358. "... So. Wingboners. They actually a thing?"
  359. >You smirk at him and he growls.
  360. >"... Maybe, fuck you."
  361. >Oh Nonny.
  362. "No~"
  363. >"You're an asshole, you know that?"
  364. "Welcome to the internet Nonny. Seriously, are they?"
  365. >"Yes and if you tell anyone I will personally bite your ankles off."
  366. "Sure, sure. Alright Black Knight, what's the word?"
  367. >"Well, I'm gonna be hitting my twelve hour mark in a while, so I wanted to check in and see what you were up to."
  368. >He's swaying back and forth in his chair, his wings spreading and folding or even flapping to keep himself balanced as he swivels.
  369. "Fair enough. Mine wore out about eight hours ago. Good stuff."
  370. >"So you did go pony last night."
  371. >He's quirked an eyebrow up like he can smell what I'm cookin'.
  372. "You thought I didn't?"
  373. >"You didn't respond to me on skype. I thought you chickened out for a bit."
  374. "You know me better then that. I just needed my first time to be for me, you know?"
  375. >It's honestly kinda embarrassing.
  376. >You weren't a stallion, but a mare.
  377. >A very beautiful mare at that.
  378. >And you really, really liked that.
  379. >It was soothing, comfortable.
  380. >"I guess. I'd rather have had someone with me personally. I'm -bored-."
  381. >You look at the pegasus, and then realize what all the swaying and twitching really is.
  382. "Well no shit Sherlock, you want to go fly."
  383. >"OF COURSE I WANT TO FLY DAMN IT." He shouts at the screen, pouting.
  384. >He actually looks pretty cute like that desu.
  385. >"But I can't, because I don't have anyone supervising." He sighs, flopping back before he perks up, glancing at you.
  386. "I don't know what you're thinking, but no."
  387. >"Whaaaaaat? It's a good idea, I swear."
  388. "The last time you said it was a good idea you got wings tattoo'd across your whole back."
  389. >"And it's still a boss tattoo."
  390. "They're crooked and one of the wings isn't even feathered properly."
  391. >"And maybe you should shut up. I'm telling you it's a good idea."
  392. >You groan, covering your face with your hand before waving him on.
  393. >"Why don't I come over today and I'll be your handler while you're Pon-E'd? I'll watch you for the first half of your pony time."
  394. "And the catch?"
  395. >"You have to watch me for the second half of my pony time."
  396. >You frown, shaking your head a bit.
  397. "Don't we pass out kind of hardcore after the Pon-E wears off?"
  398. >"I'm pretty sure I can wake you up. If not we'll come up with a plan b. Come on man, it'll be fun!"
  399. >You groan, contemplating it a bit.
  400. >You knew that you're going to accept, because you haven't gotten to hang out in a while and it'd be cool to have someone to share this with.
  401. >Besides, who else were you gonna invite? Not like your pool of real friends was that big to begin with.
  402. "I'm going to regret this I'm sure, but fine. You can come over."
  403. >"Yessssss! Awesome~! I'll be there around noon-ish."
  404. "I'll be able to take my pill at that point, so that sounds good."
  405. >"Don't worry, I got everything handled."
  406. >And now you're worried.
  407. >"I'll see you soon!"
  408. >He hung up and you groan, pinching the bridge of your nose.
  409. >Oh well. It was too late at this point. He wasn't going to give up his plans that easily.
  410. >You sigh and step outside. Time for another cig. You didn't want to deal with this.
  412. >1200 on the dot>>
  414. >"Anon, I'm hoooooome!"
  415. "That is probably the gayest you've ever said that, and you've said it really gay before."
  416. >Nonny used to be a theater guy, so doing things with a lot of emotion and expression has always been his 'thing'.
  417. >Unfortunately, it also made him act really flamboyantly just to annoy you.
  418. >"Awwww Anon, don't you love me anymore?" He pouts cutely at you, trying to give you puppy dog eyes.
  419. >You glare at him firmly, raising a solitary eyebrow.
  420. >"Hmp! Some lover you are!" He says, turning his back on you making you chuckle.
  421. "Yeah yeah. Shattap ya idjit. Did you bring snacks?"
  422. >"Hell yeah I did. I was even able to get some cider!"
  423. >Nonny holds up bottles of Smith and Forge Hard Cider.
  424. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"
  425. >Mixing alcohol and drugs isn't a good idea, right?
  426. >"It'll be fine, drinking while Ponied is perfectly safe."
  427. "And you know this is true, how?"
  428. >He blushes. He doesn't.
  429. >"A-anyway, what does your ponied form look like? Are you cute?"
  430. >10/10 dodging the question there Nonny. Top fucking score.
  431. "Of course I'm cute. Everypony is cute. Now answer the question."
  432. >Nonny sighs. "Fine, fine, I've been drinking while I was Ponied since I started taking it."
  433. >I get a pretty solid frown going on with that remark.
  434. "Nonny, you said you started taking Pon-E yesterday's yesterday."
  435. >"Y-yeah, I might have been lying."
  436. "Nonny."
  437. >"... I swear it's only been a few months at most?"
  438. >Shows how well you know your friends. Then again, you were in the middle of pulling out of a social and financial death spiral, so...
  439. "Fine, whatever."
  440. >"You're mad."
  441. "Damn right I'm fucking mad. You know that drugs and booze at the same time isn't a good idea and the docs don't want anypony drinking while ponied."
  442. >"Just because they're still trial-testing it! It's safe, I swear!"
  443. >You sigh. You and Nonny have been having arguments like this for a long time now.
  444. >Autismo Normie he may be, but he's been your best friend for a long time and you'd rather not see him get hurt.
  445. >"So, you got your pill ready?"
  446. >He looks pretty excited, so you take the topic change and move on.
  447. "Yep. I'm just about to take it."
  448. >"Cool, I'll get my camera out. Just let me know when you're ready to go."
  449. >You look at the horse-pill in your hand and sigh, knowing that this was gonna suck for a few moments before popping it in your mouth.
  450. >Slug the water back...
  451. >Dailydose.gif
  452. >thanks doc
  453. >You're only partially aware of the camera watching you as the blinding pain hits you, though it definitely doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday.
  454. >You still let yourself succumb to the pain and slump to the ground, passed out.
  455. >A small smile crosses your face through the pain.
  456. >The pain is worth it because you get to be beautiful again...
  457. >You whine softly, squirming a little.
  458. >That wasn't so bad. And you don't think you were out for as long this time.
  459. >Something shifts against you as you flutter your eyes open and glance up.
  460. >Nonny is gazing at you, and was gently rubbing your back.
  461. >Mmmmn, that feels really good. Hands are just the best~
  462. >His jaw is dropped a bit, he's blushing and his other hand is clutching at his chest.
  463. >"A-anon... Anon, bro, I need you to do me a favor and turn off the cute for a moment. I'm literally gonna die."
  464. >He's whimpering?
  465. >you tilt your head in confusion which only makes him clutch harder before you realize what's causing him to do that, jumping to your hooves in a panic.
  467. >"I'm ok... I'm ok..."
  468. >You and Nonny spend about 30 minutes panicking and calming each other down respectively before you're both able to stabilize.
  469. >"... Seriously, you're probably the cutest damn thing I've ever seen."
  470. >You're curled up in his lap, getting petted, his fingers brushing through your mane.
  471. >Mmmmmmmn, to reiterate- Hands are the BEST.
  472. >You shake yourself from your brushing daze.
  473. "Yeah. I was looking in the mirror yesterday and I my first thought was a I need to get a manecut so I don't hit people with weaponize cute."
  474. >"I kind of want to take you outside and show you off to random passersby and see what happens. Five bits says you make someone fall over like a fainting goat."
  475. "No. No. No. Aaaaaand no."
  476. >Yeah, you're fine hanging out with Nonny, but -outside-?
  477. >Not. Gonna. Happen.
  478. >The two of you continue to converse softly, you snuggled into his lap as you talk about how you're feeling, and how it feels to be a mare.
  479. "It's... well, I like it anyway. Everything just feels right you know? I feel more relaxed."
  480. >You're rambling a bit but that's probably because of the brush you can hear gently rasping through your mane.
  481. >Mmmnnnn it's sooooo gooood~
  482. >You feel so relaxed stretched out over Nonny's lap as his other hand gently pets your back while he's brushing your mane.
  483. >You take back everything you thought before. Nonny's just the best friend a mare could ask for.
  484. >A small frown scrunches your muzzle for a moment.
  485. >Mare? I mean, yeah, that's what you are right now.
  486. >But you're still Anon, right?
  487. >"So Anon."
  488. >You blink, and tilt and turn your head a bit, looking up at your friend, your ears swiveling to listen.
  489. >"You been thinking about a name?"
  490. >He looks so calm as he asks that, and the brush and his petting is probably the only things keeping you from springing out of your seat right now.
  491. "No."
  492. >"No?"
  493. "No. Nonny, you know that names are only for the folks that go full-time, the serious mental whackjobs. This is for relaxation, not for actually being a pony."
  494. >You state that as firmly as you can, giving your friend the stink eye.
  495. >You take it back, Nonny's a idiot. A good friend, but an idiot.
  496. >The not naming yourself rule was considered to be the most important rule outside of remembering not to take two within a 24 hour period.
  497. >Naming yourself is just a temptation that most people really don't need, especially with how addictive Pon-E experiences can be.
  498. >Any more thoughts are cut off by a hand rubbing your chest fluff and making you sink down a bit more in his lap and calm.
  499. >Mmmmm, rubs~
  500. >... Is this a little gay?
  501. >Yeah, probably.
  502. >Whatever, mare right now, don't care.
  503. >More petting please~
  504. >You roll just a bit and give Nonny an adorable pout, obviously looking for him to stroke your side as your back is pressed into his gut.
  505. >He caves into your demands without much issue, rubbing your neck and down the sides of your body.
  506. >Excellent, serve the Princess.
  507. >You continue to enjoy being pet and rubbed.
  508. >A small meal later, and you're sitting back, holding Nonny's Camera.
  509. "You sure that I'm holding this right? I'm not gonna drop it?"
  510. >"Perfect. Alright, ready?"
  511. >He's got his Pon-E in hand, and gives it a little shake with a grin.
  512. "Go for it."
  513. >You're actually kinda excited. This is the first time you've watched someone else change.
  514. >Nonny pops the pill without much issues, which makes you pout a bit.
  515. >Lucky guy. Pills suck.
  516. >He sits down with a smirk, that becomes super pained for a moment before he slumps over, his legs twitching.
  517. >You move the camera to focus as you watch his feet start to roll into themselves.
  518. >This is kinda weird but really cool at the same time.
  519. >Nonny's obviously done this a lot. Not even a whimper.
  520. >His feet have finished rolling into hooves, and his legs shorten yet thicken at the same time, becoming the powerful legs of a pony.
  521. >But it's his back that really holds your interest as it bulges before two great skeletal structures burst free.
  522. >Not a speck of blood, and it's slightly creepy, but still pretty awesome. Your friend is a grim reaper right now.
  523. >Until the feathers come in, forming fluffy pegasus wings.
  524. >You make sure the camera is catching everything while you yourself watch his face, wondering as his jaw snaps and then stretches out and reforms into a muzzle.
  525. >That... really looks painful, now that you're seriously thinking about it.
  526. >You shudder just a little, your tail flicking from side to side.
  527. >Yeugh. Thinking too hard ruins the fun.
  528. >You shake it away as Nonny's transformation continues.
  529. >You wonder if he feels the same bliss that you do about halfway through.
  530. >The though of being beautiful...
  531. >Maybe not. He is a stallion after all.
  532. >They're pretty boneheaded.
  533. >You frown again, wondering at the direction your thoughts are going.
  534. >You're a sta... male human. You're pretty boneheaded.
  535. >But not right now?
  536. >You shudder and shake the thoughts away. TF now, introspect later.
  537. >Your introspection has unfortunately made you miss his ears shifting to the top of his head and into proper pony form.
  538. >But you just catch the end of his hair changing color and turning into his mane and his coat growing.
  539. >He's a really fluffy dark blue, and his mane is a dark pink to match.
  540. >Pink and blue don't usually mix in your opinion, but it looks pretty good on him. Even if you're totally gonna rag him about his pink mane and tail.
  541. >Your tail wags a bit as you think of all the jokes you make make.
  542. >A few moments pass before you put the camera down. No more changes to record.
  543. >You settle in front of him, waiting for him to wake up.
  545. >>>30 Seconds Later>>>
  547. >Waiting is booooooring.
  548. >His eyes finally start to open and you go from making his cheeks make funny expressions to just sitting in front of him like you did nothing wrong.
  549. >His eyes flutter open in the same confused, dazed way that most just-transformed folk do.
  550. >And looks into your own.
  551. >... Luna, Celestia and Candace. His eyes are pretty.
  552. >That is the greenest shade of green you've ever seen out of a pair of eyes.
  553. >They shine quietly as he gazes back at you.
  554. >They remind you of jungles and rainforests, where the world is green, and green alone, dark and bright in equal measure as the sunlight filters through.
  555. >You feel a blush run across your muzzle as you keep staining.
  556. >"Anon? You ok?"
  557. >Mmm, who's voice is that? It's really rumbley and kinda sexy.
  558. >"Anon? Anon? Hello, earth to adorable unicorn?"
  559. >You blink a few times as a hoof is waved in front of your face and you snap out of it.
  560. >Fuck, you were staring at Nonny!
  562. >Ohmygosh.
  563. >You flush bright red and duck your head in embarrassment for a moment.
  564. "S-sorry! I got caught up for a moment. P-pink and Blue? Really?"
  565. >Collateraldamagecontrol.exe initiated
  566. >"Huh? OH! Yeah, I don't get it either. I mean, red would have been better, right?"
  567. >Oh thank Celestia he took the bait.
  568. "Yeah, my colors blend. What's with that?"
  569. >"It's random, or at least, that's what the doctors are saying. Your colors are perfect though, you look absolutely amazing."
  570. >His eyes are sparkling a bit as he gazes at you, and you feel this urge to swish your tail around your hooves.
  571. >More embarrassment? Nnngh, enough of that.
  572. >He grins at you and steps up before nuzzling his cheek against yours.
  573. >N-nuzzles?!
  574. >Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.
  575. >Your muzzle flairs red as you feel the fur of his muzzle rub against yours, even as you move to rub back.
  576. >Mmmm... soft. That feels sooooo good.
  577. >Does it feel like this with your whole body?
  578. >You -have- to find out.
  579. >Not yet.
  580. >You finish nuzzling him as he hugs you with a foreleg.
  581. >"Alright, time to relax! What did you have in mind?"
  582. "Well, I was thinking Pony Marathon? I was watching bits and pieces but I bet we could do seasons two and three."
  583. >"I like the way you think. Computers are kind of a pain and I know you don't want to go out."
  584. >Damn right you don't.
  585. >Nonny gives you another happy grin before trotting past you.
  586. >As he goes, you sneak a glance at his butt.
  587. >It's a stallion-y butt, but it's a pretty nice butt non the less.
  588. >... hold up, why does he have a Cutie-Mark?
  589. >Suddenly you're confused as you trot after him, idly glancing at the camera before making your horn spark up to grab it.
  590. >You've been practicing a bit here and there but the doctor recommendation was no more then five minutes at a time till you can hold an object weighing ten pounds for three minutes or more, with at least a five minute break after every bit of practice.
  591. >Not to bad if you do say so yourself. Nonny's camera is easy to cary.
  592. >You trot into your living room area and put the camera on your table.
  593. >Nonny's wings are spread, showing off his broad shoulders, chest and back as he uses a small flap to help him jump up on your couch.
  594. >Impressive. Bet he'll be really comfy to lean into...
  595. >Nonny turns around on the couch to look at you, and his jaw drops.
  596. >"Dude! First off, that color of purple is awesome for casting magic, but you already figured out telekinesis?"
  597. >Sure enough, the camera floats past you to settle on the table, turned off.
  598. "It's not that difficult, just keep your poise proper and have a firm grasp of what you want to do in your mind."
  599. >You're very stubborn anyway, so a 'firm grasp' for you is more like a steel trap.
  600. >You pull the steps you got out earlier from when you used to have a dog over in front of the couch so you can clamber up without much issue.
  601. >"Anon... You seriously had that the whole time and didn't tell me?"
  602. >Poor Nonny, he sounds annoyed.
  603. >You give him a little smirk before strutting next to him and flopping into the couch.
  604. "You never asked. Besides, you seemed pretty excited to stretch your wings."
  605. >"Maybe shutup."
  606. "You love me."
  607. >"Ok, definitely shut up."
  608. >Ah, friends.
  609. >You float the remote over to the two of you and turn the TV on, where the episodes of Season 2 are already cued up.
  610. >A light tap of your hoof and it's starting.
  611. >You smile as you settle down to watch, tail swishing a little as the remote floats back to the coffee table before you cut your magic.
  612. >"... You've got an amazing singing voice."
  613. >You flush hot red as you realize that Nonny is staring at you, also a little red.
  614. >Crap, you were singing along to the themesong again.
  615. "W-well yeah, of course I do. I've always been good at singing."
  616. >Lies and slander, your singing voice sucks and you know it.
  617. >Nonny knows it too as he's staring at you suspiciously.
  618. >You will never discuss this topic, and make sure to focus on the TV so he won't either.
  619. >Like, seriously. Your mare voice is just perfect.
  620. >But your normal singing voice is bad.
  621. >You shake your head to refocus as you get back to watching.
  622. >A few episodes pass as you're watching the show together, making jokes here and there and just relaxing.
  623. >Something soft brushes against your shoulder that makes you glance.
  624. >It's his wings.
  625. >The feathers are so soft, and now that you're looking at them, they change from the same dark-blue of his coat to a lighter blue at the tips.
  626. >It's really pretty.
  627. >He's shifting a bit to get comfortable and spreads his wings.
  628. >... You shouldn't.
  629. >You really shouldn't.
  630. >But how can you resist?
  631. >You slowly scooch over just a bit before slumping, letting your body press against his, your back settled into his side.
  632. >His wing was going to fold down but it fluffs back up in surprise.
  633. >Nonny turns to look at you in surprise, and finds your pretty blue eyes gazing back firmly.
  634. >A tense moment passes before he gives you a goofy smile and settles his wing over you, gently pulling you a bit more firmly against him and draping his forehoof over you as well.
  635. >You're firmly snuggled now as you go back to watching the show.
  636. >Mmmm, he's warm.
  637. >Are all pegasi this warm?
  638. >Is it just him?
  639. >Doesn't matter, he's your snuggle pillow right now.
  640. >You rest your head against his chest.
  641. >His heart beat is strong a little fast, but that's normal for a pegasus.
  642. >You breathing slows and you can feel your eyes droop closed.
  643. >Maybe just... a short nap.
  644. >You've got such a wonderful pillow.
  645. >How could you resist?
  646. >After all, he's your stallion...
  648. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  650. >Be Anon 'Nonny' Incognito.
  651. >Anon's best friend and over all 10/10 dude.
  652. >In your own humble opinion of course.
  653. >You're at Anon's place right now, after poppin' some Pon-E.
  654. >Man she's so cute. You've been squeeing in your head since she's changed.
  655. >You always knew, at least, a little bit, that Anon was really a girl in some form.
  656. >It's little cues and things.
  657. >After all, that Psych degree wasn't for nothing!
  658. >Human wise, he's a big guy, strong and fit, and damn smart.
  659. >But you know he just cowards back sometimes, lets himself hide in the backgrounds, gives up at times.
  660. >But as a pony?
  661. >She's perfect. In every way.
  662. >She's not small, nor is she crazy big, though she's definitely would count for the tallest mare recorded so far.
  663. >She's actually a little bigger then you, and that's intimidating but also really, really exciting.
  664. >All things aside though, as cute as she is, she's your friend first and foremost.
  665. >And right now, she's curled into you, sleeping peacefully.
  666. >You gently nuzzle her as she sleeps. It's just too perfect.
  667. >Anon's been your friend for ages. You knew he thinks you're a bit of a goof, but it's because you love him.
  668. >You've loved Anon forever. Pretty much since you first saw them.
  669. >You've been their rock for years, and now you can finally, finally get around the damn wall she hides behind.
  670. >You smile as you softly pet her chest with a hoof as she murmurs softly and nuzzles her head up under your jaw, her horn resting on your cheek.
  671. >Absolutely perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  672. >You'll take care of her, however she is.
  673. >She's -your- Anon. And no one will love her more then you do.
  674. >Of course you're obsessed, so you'll need to make sure to take breaks.
  675. >Keep yourself grounded.
  676. >Being in love doesn't mean act a fool.
  677. >Besides, she might think you're a creeper if you come on too strong.
  678. >Focus. Keep her warm.
  679. >She shivered a bit and is snuggled more firmly into you.
  680. >Her fur is so soft...
  682. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  684. >>A Hour Later>>>
  685. >"Oatmeal, are you Ca-razy?!"
  686. >Be Purple Black Gray Anon.
  687. >Be awoken by suddenly loud Pinkie Pie in your ear.
  688. "Shrkwa?!"
  689. >You startle, flopping a bit against your pillow and under your blanket.
  690. >"A-ah! Ow! Watch the wing please!"
  691. >You blink the sleep out of your eyes and look around wildly before turning your head and looking into the green eyes of your best friend.
  692. >Whoops.
  693. "Hehe... sorry Nonny."
  694. >"No worries. Nightmare?"
  695. >He looks surprised and a little worried, most likely because of how you woke up.
  696. >You shake your head no and settle back down. Mmm, it's really warm under his wing.
  697. "No, no. I just was... I was startled by Pinkie Pie."
  698. >You gesture to the screen with a hoof before settling again.
  699. >His hoof is draped over your shoulder and gently rubbing your chest fluff. It feels really nice and you settle down pretty quickly.
  700. >"No, I get it. Ponk suddenly screaming in my ear about oatmeal would be pretty startling."
  701. >A cute little smile settles on your face. That's your Nonny, he always gets it when someone else would just taunt you about being surprised or scared.
  702. >For a big guy, you're easily startled when you get lost in something.
  703. >A book, a video game, a movie.
  704. >Doesn't matter.
  705. >When you're lost to the world, you're lost to the world.
  706. >And nothing outside of very, very gentle taps or rubbing your hand will keep you from being startled.
  707. >"Did you have a good nap?"
  708. >Nonny's being pretty quiet.
  709. >You like his voice this way, it's much deeper pitched and rich then his normal voice.
  710. >It still sounds just like him, but it's just... more alive.
  711. "Mmmhmm. I feel pretty good."
  712. >You murmur, gently shaking your bangs out of your eyes before nuzzling up under his chin again.
  713. >"Maybe instead of napping the day away... you could practice some magic?"
  714. >Huh?
  715. >That's a interesting thought, but you're surprised that Nonny would want to watch you do that.
  716. >You turn to look at him questioningly.
  717. >"I'm just sayin', you seem like you're pretty good right? Why not see how good?"
  718. "I mean, sure, but it's only for twelve hours at a time Nonny."
  719. >He bites his lower lip, chewing on it a bit as he things before he speaks up.
  720. >"Yeah, but if you get really good at it, then you can go out and do stuff, you know?"
  721. >Go out?
  722. >Like, not stay in your apartment?
  723. >... It's not an unappealing idea.
  724. >When you're in pony form in this world, no one really questions if you're taking Pon-E legally or not.
  725. >There's no good way to hold onto the documentation, and everything that's inside your body is generally used as part of the conversion process.
  726. >No one really quite understands how that works just yet, but it's pretty convenient desu
  727. >You nod a little at the thought. It'd suck to have like a metal plate in your head and change into a pony without the plate changing too.
  728. >And depending on how severe the damage that's getting changed, it can actually cause a full repair of that system.
  729. >Only if you stay pony though.
  730. >Focus Anon.
  731. >You look at Nonny.
  732. >"Come on, for me? I want to see you do some magic."
  733. >Again, tempting.
  734. >Your eyes scope down the body of your friend before resting on his flank, gazing at his...
  735. >... Cutie Marks.
  736. "So. When did you get your Cutie Marks? -How- did you get your Cutie Marks?"
  737. "I thought they confirmed for being a non-thing."
  738. >"Ehhhh, kinda?"
  739. >Long story short, Cutie Marks weren't really something that happened in the world. You haven't heard of anyone having a Cutie Mark anyway.
  740. >You shuffle under Nonny's wing, letting out a little whine because you don't want to get out from your comfortable snuggle spot.
  741. >But eventually you slip free and jump off the couch, looking at him over your shoulder.
  742. "Lets get some snack and talk Nonny. I want to know everything."
  743. >"You always do."
  744. >You roll your eyes as he teases you as you trot towards the kitchen part of the room. Of course he's gonna be a smark-flank about this.
  745. "So? Spill."
  746. >You're walking after him, so you have a pretty clear look of his cutie mark.
  747. >It's a thundercloud being broken up by rain. Kinda neat.
  748. >"Well, I was out flying..."
  749. "No handler?"
  750. >"One of the Pon-E dealers is a fan and a good friend. He watched me."
  751. "Fair enough, continue."
  752. >Nonny opens the door to the fridge and pulls out some appropriate snacks, and you levitate a bowl and some ranch dressing from your shelf and your fridge respectively.
  753. >He whistles in appreciation, making you blush a little, before he continues.
  754. >"So I'm flying around, having a good time, when I see this thundercloud forming up. I didn't particularly want to mess with it myself, zapped by lighting and all, and I thought to myself, 'Wouldn't water going through it stop it'?"
  755. >You nod absentmindedly as you follow him back towards the couch, floating the bowl and the ranch while he carries a veggie tray balanced on his back with his wings.
  756. >"Or something, I don't remember the exact chemistry or whatever, but something told me it would work."
  757. >His eyes sparkle as he tells you his tale.
  758. >Obviously cutie marks are just as important to Pon-E's as they are to show-poni.
  759. >"So I nabbed this little cloud that was nearby. It wasn't much bigger then my hooves, but I started rolling it between 'em, and it grew! I just made it big enough to give someone a personal rainstorm and then positioned it over the thundercloud and gave it a buck."
  760. >"There was a bright flash when I did as the little rain cloud I made dispersed the thundercloud, and when I looked back, there it was!"
  761. >You applaud Nonny's story with your front hooves with a a cute clippy-cloppy noise.
  762. "Cool, so cutie marks are a thing then?"
  763. >"Yeah, you gotta be careful though- they do appear on your actual butt, so no skirts or see-through clothing."
  764. >You pause at that and give him a withering gaze, an eyebrow raising slowly.
  765. "... Why would I be wearing a skirt?"
  766. >"Uh... kilt?"
  767. >Uh huh. Sure.
  768. "Suuuuuuuuuuuuure. You're lucky I'm in an forgiving mood."
  769. >You scoff a bit and assume a noble posture, befitting of your station, settling the ranch and the bowl on your coffee table.
  770. >Nonny puts the tray down on the table before bowing and scraping before you, literally kissing your hooves.
  771. >"Forgive your poor subject your highness, I forget your mortal form."
  772. >Snarky to the end. You've got the best friends.
  773. "Alright, alright, off of my hooves."
  774. >That felt really good honestly, and you'd rather him not continue.
  775. >You get back onto the couch, pouring the ranch into the bowl, and float some celery to yourself and nibble on it happily, letting out a pleased hum at the snappy crunch and the luscious flavors.
  776. >Nonny is right behind you and you settle back into him, floating a ranch-dipped baby carrot his way, which he eats with an appreciative hum.
  777. >The show's back on, and his wing gently stretches out before covering you again.
  778. >Nestled in your feather cocoon snuggled up against your best friend, you both turn your attention back to the show, your horn lighting up from time to time to get one of you a snack.
  780. >>Several hours later>>>
  782. >Not too much left of that snack platter.
  783. >Nonny's been gently rubbing your chest and back with his hooves, and you're arching and rubbing into the rubbing with obvious relish.
  784. >It feels wonderful, and you're not about to complain about more pets.
  785. >You stopped somewhere in season 3, the two of you having just snuggled up and started talking about recent games and your climb out of the spiral.
  786. >"... but all of that because they didn't want to pay you on time? The bastards."
  787. >Nonny's been acting pretty overprotective, and it's really cute how he puffs up like he's a bird strutting for a mate.
  788. >You'll never tell him that, but you just want to nuzzle his chest fluff when he does that and see how he reacts.
  789. "Yeah. It was pretty rough. But I've got my new job and they're much more appreciative of my skills and knowledge."
  790. >You were a mechanic for a while, and you're really handy with computers and hardware specifically.
  791. >So you were working for a shop that installs GPS's and the like for car owners, but the hours were getting brutal.
  792. >Like, straight kys painful.
  793. >And then your boss held back your paycheck for a week to threaten your job.
  794. >Almost brought your carefully balanced house of cards tumbling, tumbling down.
  795. >Thankfully, Nonny and others backed you up without having to tell them the whole story.
  796. >Got you out of a bad situation for sure.
  797. >"I'm gonna fuckin' divebomb shit on his car."
  798. >You snort and break out into giggles, rolling a bit in his hug and wing to gaze at him, unaware of your eyes glittering with amusement.
  799. "Shit on his car? Nonny!"
  800. >"Whaaaaaaat? I'm just your friendly neighborhood giant pigeon!"
  801. >Sure enough, he's all puffed up and gives you a wink before making a cooing noise that sounds exactly like a pigeon.
  802. >You break down laughing, giggling into his chest as he starts laughing with you.
  803. >A few minutes pass that way before you settle down, a few giggles here and there as you two cuddle.
  804. >You idly notice one of his hooves.
  805. >They're so much bigger then yours. It's kinda funny now that you think about it. You're definitely taller then he is, but you're more lanky. Slender. Sensual.
  806. >He's broad. Stocky. Muscular. Handso-
  807. >Nope. Cutting that train of thought now.
  808. >Your face is already beet red, but you ignore it in favor of another stock of celery with ranch.
  809. >You put the celery in your mouth and chew on it slowly, blinking when you see his muzzle and face.
  810. >You're lying, for the most part, atop of him, and you gaze into his eyes as he gazes back, his hoof still on the small of your back, your chests pressed together.
  811. >His eyes are locked to yours as he slowly, slowly, moves his muzzle forwards and bites onto the other end of the celery stick.
  812. >He's blushing.
  813. >Almost as much as you are.
  814. >The room is silent.
  815. >It's dark.
  816. >The curtains fell free...
  818. >>>>>>>>>>
  820. >The moon hangs in the air, illuminating the both of you.
  821. >Be Nonny.
  822. >Anon's eyes are sparkling in the moonlight, capturing your very being in every way shape and form.
  823. >You feel faint, hooves are sweaty.
  824. >There's probably a stain on your chest.
  825. >Mom's Spaghetti.
  826. >Panic.exe initiated.
  827. >You are trembling a little as she continues to gaze into your eyes.
  828. >Slowly, ever so slowly, you move your mouth forwards a little, and take another bite.
  829. >A few moments pass and she matches the bite.
  830. >ByCadance this is actually happening.
  831. >Slowly you moves a bit closer, as does she.
  832. >Is this?
  833. *chu*
  834. >Your lips meet, for just a moment.
  835. >Gently, oh so gently, you both back down just a bit, and you bite off your end of the celery stick, and slowly chew it before swallowing.
  836. >Your face is red. Her's is an INFERNO.
  837. >She's blushing bright red as she finishes her Celery... and immediately passes out.
  838. "Anon!"
  839. >You panic for a moment, scooping her close before you blink and glance at the clock on the DVD player.
  840. >Midnight.
  841. >You swear to yourself as you carefully get Anon to the floor so she can change back, and start pacing.
  842. >Ohhhhhhhhhhh there was gonna be a conversation about this you just knew it.
  843. >But you swoon, a soft, goofy smile gracing your lips for a moment.
  844. >You kissed her~
  845. >You kissed your Anon.
  846. >And it was the best. Thing. EVER.
  847. >You want to do it again and again.
  848. >... She initiated it.
  849. >The kiss.
  850. >Does she like you?
  851. >In the same way she does?
  853. >You snort, your wings flapping like mad for a few moments as you shake your head in frustration.
  854. >Damn it, why did you fall in love with this stupid, intelligent, soft, strong, dumbfoundingly handsome/beautiful man MARE?!
  855. >You whine a little under your breath as you lay on the floor and watch the love of your life as they twitch and shudder softly in the moonlight.
  856. >Your heart swells and you firm up your gaze, clearing away your blush.
  857. >Your Anon.
  858. >Yours.
  859. >Be Anon
  860. >You're dreaming.
  861. >You think?
  862. >It feels like a dream.
  863. >It's too good to be true.
  864. >Nonny is pressed close to you, nuzzling under your neck, softly nipping and kissing and licking through your fur here and there, making you shudder and arch with every motion.
  865. >Can't stop won't stop.
  866. >You're on your big, luxurious bed, stretched out on your back.
  867. >He brought you flowers. A bouquet of roses.
  868. >They were delicious.
  869. >You've got a petal between your lips right now.
  870. >He rises up and gazes down at you.
  871. >His lips meet yours.
  872. >You kiss back firmly, the rose petal gently dropped into your muzzle when you part your lips.
  873. >His tongue follows af-
  874. >The world shakes.
  875. >Time to wake up.
  877. >>>>>>>>
  879. >Be Anon.
  880. >Your head pounds for a few moments, long enough that any dream you might have had is cleanly wiped away.
  881. >But the most important part is still there.
  882. >Kissing Nonny.
  883. >You know you're not a pony right now, you can feel the soft, feathery wings of your best friend pressed against your chest.
  884. >He's cuddled into you like a life sized plush.
  885. >Totally nonplussed about the fact that you're completely nude.
  886. >Then again, he kissed you, why would he be?
  887. >Your face is bright red as you shift a bit.
  888. >Nonny rolls, his eyes locking on to yours, still sparkling as he gives you a happy smile.
  889. >He's so happy to see you.
  890. >Ooof. Yeah, his eyes are still enchanting.
  891. >You bite your lower lip, flashes of a much, much more enticing kiss slipping through your mind.
  892. >Too many feelings right now.
  893. >Finally, after a few moments of staring at one another you speak up.
  894. "Well, as warm and snuggly as you are, I need to put on some pants."
  895. >"Why bother? Nothing I haven't seen before."
  896. >Oh Nonny.
  897. >You're a great friend but you're a real idiot sometimes.
  898. >You give him a very, very blank look and he realizes what he just said with a 'oh'.
  899. >You glare at him for a moment before you start to chuckle in amusement.
  900. "Never change Nonny. Never change. Let me put some pants on. Then we can talk."
  901. >He gulps a bit, looking suitably nervous as you let him go after gently running your hand through is mane and pushing to your feet, taking a moment to remember how to watch.
  902. >You quickly walk into your bedroom, and put on your prepared pair of boxers and pants, before heading back out.
  903. >Nonny's sitting on your couch so you flop next to him.
  904. >A few moments pass, you both gazing at one another.
  905. >He's trembling a bit.
  906. >A few more moments pass, and he shakily gets to his hooves.
  907. >He gingerly walks over to you, crawling into your lap and rubbing against you, arched like a cat.
  908. >You roll your eyes and start rubbing and petting Nonny.
  909. >His mane and fur is super soft, so it's not like you're gonna complain.
  910. "Alright, so lets talk."
  911. >He looks nervous.
  912. >You can handle that.
  913. >"S-s-sure Anon, w-what about?"
  914. >You continue the petting, this time aiming to sooth him.
  915. "I'd imagine you know exactly what about my feathered friend."
  916. >He slumps a bit.
  917. >"... You started it."
  918. >The urge to giggle bubbles up in your chest as you hastily turn it into a chuckle.
  919. >Nonny's favorite defense.
  920. "And you know better. You said you've been taking Pon-E for months?"
  921. >You lace as much disappointment into your voice as you can muster.
  922. >The Dream slips back into your head without any thought of your own, and you blush a bit as you consider it.
  923. >Nonny's not paying attention because he's trying not to look you in the face, so he misses it.
  924. >You're not going to tell him that you liked that.
  925. >Yet.
  926. >Or about the dream.
  927. >M-maybe.
  928. >Never!
  929. >W-well, unless he brings you flowers.
  930. >Then you can try the whole flower petal between your li- NOPE.
  931. >You quickly kill that train of thought, feeling a chill run up your spine.
  932. >"I-I know. I'm sorry Anon. I just-"
  933. >Nonny flaps his wings in frustration, and gives you a baleful gaze.
  934. >"I got lost in the moment."
  935. >You close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  936. >Quietly, quietly admitting it to yourself.
  937. >You didn't.
  938. >You didn't lose yourself in the moment.
  939. >You knew exactly what you were doing the whole time.
  940. >And frankly?
  941. >That's terrifying.
  942. >You open your eyes and look back at Nonny.
  943. "Yeah. it was a really magical moment. I was lost in it too."
  944. >Liar.
  945. >"That's perfectly fine, Anon, and I'm so-"
  946. >Liar liar liar.
  947. >You've quasi-toned Nonny out, cursing at yourself from the safety of your own head.
  948. >You've had a lot of practice doing it over the last several months after all.
  949. >You're good at having a blank face, or one with a rueful grin.
  950. >Rueful grin is better for this situation.
  951. >You continue to pet Nonny, trying to keep yourself from panicking.
  952. >From tipping back over the edge.
  953. >You can see it in your mental landscape.
  954. >There's a nice, steep ledge that states that this is where the sidewalk ends.
  955. >You look across to the other side of that divide in your mind and it's a free and open world again.
  956. >You long for it.
  957. >But only in your mind.
  958. >"-ove You. Always have."
  959. >You hug Nonny close. You didn't hear a word he said but he sounded like he wrapped it up.
  960. >Nonny nuzzles into you, his soft fur gently brushing your neck.
  961. >The Dream again.
  962. >You cough softly to cover up your blushing before you grin at him.
  963. "S-so! You said you wanted to go flying?"
  964. >Nonny's eyes light up in excitement as he nods at you.
  965. >You grin back as you get up to get properly dressed, Nonny cradled in your arms.
  966. >He's really light, now that you think about it.
  967. >He should weight a lot, if you remember correctly.
  968. >But little pegasus Nonny could be easily carried with one hand.
  969. >You drop him in your bed as you go searching for your shirt.
  970. >No need for the tie, you'd be coming back quickly anyway.
  971. >You turn to look at Nonny.
  972. >He's got a little blush on his face. Go figure.
  973. >The next couple of hours literally fly by.
  974. >You and Nonny slowly settle back to normal, him flying around, you cracking bad jokes, the two of you just hanging out.
  975. >Like normal.
  976. >Normal is nice.
  977. >Normal doesn't make your heart pound and your head race.
  978. >You smile more.
  979. >Finally, finally, Nonny tires out.
  980. >You catch him and he curls up against you as you take him back to your place.
  981. >You settle him on the couch with a blanket before retreating to your bedroom.
  982. >It's been a long day.
  983. >You slump a bit before stripping out of your clothes and dumping them in a pile by your bed and crawling under your covers.
  984. >Thinking about everything is way too hard right now.
  985. >You try to fall asleep, squirming a bit.
  986. >You don't have anything to hold.
  987. >Your arms flail about for a moment as you look for something, anything to hold...
  988. >Ah. Bookhorse plush.
  989. >... Why not.
  990. >Soon you're fast asleep, snuggling your plushie.
  991. [END OF DAY 2]
  992. [Dawn of the 3rd Day]
  993. >Be Anon.
  994. >Before you know it, you're awake again.
  995. >It's Noon.
  996. >Time for another pill, if you're up to it.
  997. >A small shiver runs up your spine at the thought.
  998. >Blissful freedom again.
  999. >It's addictive.
  1000. >You don't have to worry about anything as a pony.
  1001. >You're not Anon, mechanic just barely scraping by.
  1002. >You're... you're...
  1003. >No! No names.
  1004. >You know what will happen if you take a name.
  1005. >You bite your lower lip as you cycle the words over and over in your head.
  1006. >Nonny's still asleep, and you've got the door to your room closed so you can agonize about this all you want.
  1007. >Purple. Black. Gray.
  1008. >The colors of your coat. Of your mane.
  1009. >You slowly glance around the room, worrying your bottom lip.
  1010. >Funny. You never noticed how much those colors make up your life.
  1011. >Purple. Black. Gray.
  1012. >You close your eyes, trying to hide from the invasive thoughts of how you look how a pony.
  1013. >How much you -prefer- how you look as a pony.
  1014. >Even hidden behind your eyelids.
  1015. >Purple. Black. Gray.
  1016. >So many layers in colors like those.
  1017. >Color theory isn't really something you ever payed attention to, but you know how you react to various colors.
  1018. >Purple is a safe color.
  1019. >Your room.
  1020. >A favorite shirt.
  1021. >Comfort.
  1022. >Black is warmth.
  1023. >A peaceful place for thinking.
  1024. >A place where you can learn and create.
  1025. >Wrapped around you like a blanket.
  1026. >Gray is the scales of the world.
  1027. >So many kinds of Gray, it's what this world is actually made up of.
  1028. >No true black or white but in the shadows.
  1029. >Only shades of gray.
  1030. >You groan softly, digging the palms of your hands into your eyes.
  1031. >Too much noise.
  1032. >It's perfectly quiet, but there's just too much noise in your head.
  1033. >Your heart's beating like a jackhammer.
  1034. >Or a metal band's kicker.
  1035. >You want your Nonny.
  1036. >Your?
  1037. >...Your Nonny.
  1038. >Your best friend.
  1039. >Your rock.
  1040. >You could always count on Nonny.
  1041. >Of course you're attached to him.
  1042. >How couldn't you be?
  1043. >But you don't...
  1044. >Don't.
  1045. >Don't?
  1046. >Love?
  1047. >Lust?
  1048. >Or more?
  1049. >A little whimper slips your lips as you hang your head.
  1050. >You want to cry.
  1051. >Probably for the first time in years.
  1052. >You've always had to be the stoic one.
  1053. >Hiding yourself.
  1054. >You hate it.
  1055. >You fucking hate it.
  1056. >You hate yourself.
  1057. >Always have really.
  1058. >Lets face it, you're fucked in the head.
  1059. >And you know it.
  1060. >You just can't handle normal interaction like other ponies do.
  1061. >You're at least competent with social interaction now.
  1062. >But you've never been able to just show up at a party and hang out.
  1063. >You don't like being in the spotlight.
  1064. >Being talked about.
  1065. >But that's never the case.
  1066. >You're never able to just hang back and watch.
  1067. >Because you're the big guy.
  1068. >Too easy to see.
  1069. >Too easy to get everyone's attention.
  1070. >Because everything you do is big.
  1071. >But you just want to hide.
  1072. >You need to hide.
  1073. >You need t-
  1075. >"Anon? Anon, are you ok?"
  1076. >Nonny.
  1077. >Oh Celestia, Nonny!
  1078. >He's awake.
  1079. >Did he hear you crying?
  1080. >... Oh Celestia you really are crying.
  1081. >The tears have been running down your face and you feel like an emotional wreck.
  1082. >You fear looking in a mirror because all you'll see is a broken piece of human trash.
  1083. >Not somepony special.
  1084. >No pony.
  1085. >"Anon? Please, open the door. It's..."
  1086. >He stopped talking, like he doesn't know what to say.
  1087. >Just how you feel all the time.
  1088. >You curl up a bit tighter.
  1089. >Have you been curled up on the bed this whole time?
  1090. >You didn't notice.
  1091. >Your emotions are just so out of whack right now.
  1093. >"Anon... please.... please open the door. I don't know what to say but at least let me be there for you."
  1094. >You don't want to open the door.
  1095. >Not after the kiss.
  1096. >Not because you hate it.
  1097. >Or him.
  1098. >It scares you.
  1099. >It felt good.
  1100. >It felt -real-.
  1101. >A shiver runs through you.
  1102. >Maybe...?
  1103. >You go back to worrying your lower lip.
  1105. >>>>>>
  1107. >Be Nonny.
  1108. >You woke up a few minutes ago to sobbing.
  1109. >You're trying your best to stay calm.
  1110. >You have to stay calm.
  1111. >For Anon's sake.
  1112. >You love them too much to do anything less.
  1113. >You softly knock again.
  1115. "Please. Please. Let me in."
  1116. >You're begging now.
  1117. >You have to. Anon's not opening the door.
  1118. >Minutes pass as you continue to offer everything you have, all of your love going into your task.
  1119. >You're not going to stop.
  1120. >This stupid door is not going to stop you.
  1121. >Nor that stupid wall Anon always builds.
  1122. >You have to save him.
  1123. >Even if it's just from himself.
  1124. *c-lick*
  1125. >The door is unlocked.
  1126. >You slowly, quietly open the door.
  1127. "A-anon?"
  1128. >You step inside.
  1129. >The room is pitch black and a bit of a mess.
  1130. >Anon is standing in front of you, wearing some boxers but not much else.
  1131. >He's been crying.
  1132. >Forget looking at the room.
  1133. >Immediately you step up and hug him.
  1134. >Hug him tightly, closely.
  1135. >Your head doesn't get much higher then his chest but it doesn't matter.
  1136. >He needs you right now.
  1137. >He's trembling.
  1138. >A few moments pass as his arms shakily wrap around you and he finally, FINALLY starts hugging back.
  1139. >His legs shake before softly giving way.
  1140. >He's crying again, loud and clear.
  1141. >Months and months of stress.
  1142. >Years and years of what could constitute as just emotional dam building.
  1143. >You hold him.
  1144. >You're his rock. His Nonny.
  1145. >He's your Anon.
  1146. >Yours.
  1148. >>>>
  1150. >Be Anon.
  1151. >You opened the door.
  1152. >You don't know why you opened the door.
  1153. >Then he was hugging you.
  1154. >Now you're crying.
  1155. >Now you know why you opened the door.
  1156. >Safe.
  1157. >Warm.
  1158. >Loved.
  1159. >Your Rock.
  1160. >Your Nonny.
  1161. >Yours.
  1163. >>>>A few hours later>>>>>
  1165. >Finally, after much crying, hugging, and a well needed nap, you're both awake again.
  1166. >You're sitting at your kitchen table, just wearing boxers.
  1167. >Nonny's making tea.
  1168. >Both of the bottles of Pon-E are sitting on the table.
  1169. >Not too many pills left in either.
  1170. >Two apiece.
  1171. >Maybe.
  1172. >You swallow softly at the thought, and your heart starts hammering again.
  1173. >Then he's there, softly hugging you.
  1174. >Soft lips meet yours, and you feel yourself calm.
  1175. >It's ok.
  1176. >He's there.
  1177. >Your rock is there.
  1178. >You're going to be fine.
  1179. >No promises.
  1180. >Yet.
  1181. >He sits down next to you, and settles the tea as well.
  1182. >You take a slow, soothing drink.
  1183. >Two sugars, with milk.
  1184. >Perfect.
  1185. >You give him a thankful smile.
  1186. >A little shaky, sure, but better.
  1187. >"So... lets talk."
  1188. "Y-yeah."
  1189. >Nonny nudges your shoulder with his, making you look up from your tea.
  1190. >"Why didn't you tell anyone? The stress, the feeling like you needed to hide yourself... you know everyone would help you, right?"
  1191. >You feel like scoffing, but can't muster up the energy to do so.
  1192. "Come on Nonny, lets be a little real here, shall we?"
  1193. >"I am being real."
  1194. "You are, but you're the only one. There isn't anyone else that'd be real with me."
  1195. >"Of course there would be, you've got me, and-"
  1196. >He pauses, freezing there for a moment, and you can tell from the look in his eyes that he's gone blank.
  1197. >He can't.
  1198. >He can't think of anyone else.
  1199. "Exactly. There's people that want to use me. People that lied to me."
  1200. "Told me they cared."
  1201. "Told me I was wanted."
  1202. >"Your parents wanted you."
  1203. >You hiss a bit, glaring at him.
  1204. "Yeah, before they died."
  1205. >"Anon..."
  1206. >You sigh and slump a bit.
  1207. "I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that."
  1208. >His arm softly wraps around your shoulder.
  1209. >You find yourself wishing it was a wing instead.
  1210. >"It's fine, I understand. Or maybe I don't, but I'm here for you either way."
  1211. >You frown a bit before looking at him beseechingly.
  1212. "Nonny... is this really a good idea?"
  1213. >"... No. Yes. I know I want to."
  1214. >You frown, looking back at the bottles again.
  1215. >He joins you at looking.
  1216. "... It's a one way trip. Where would we go?"
  1217. >"I've got connections and money. We could run to Colorado. Maybe Florida?"
  1218. "Would it be worth it?"
  1219. >"I don't know. I'd be with you, that's what makes it worth it to me."
  1220. >You are barely resisting the urge to curse and beat your... your... something, upside his head.
  1221. "That's not really reassuring."
  1222. >Nonny gives you that stupid lopsided grin that you thought was so adorable on his pony side.
  1223. >"Wasn't really supposed to be. Again, it's the truth."
  1224. "Hmp. Jerk."
  1225. >"You love me."
  1226. >You free a bit at those words.
  1227. >They're quite and spoken with such self assurance.
  1228. >Do you love Nonny?
  1229. >Maybe?
  1230. >Enough to do this?
  1231. >...
  1233. >>>>
  1235. >Be Nonny, watching your Anon struggle internally.
  1236. >There's nothing you can do right now. Just tell the truth.
  1237. >He's been so strong.
  1238. >He's been holding the world up for so long.
  1239. >And you told him he could stop.
  1240. >No wonder he's struggling with it.
  1241. >A few more moments pass and a slow, explosive breath hisses out from him.
  1242. >"... OK."
  1243. "Ok?"
  1244. >He looks at you, and your breath catches in your throat for a moment.
  1245. >His eyes are firm and solid, glinting a bit in the reflected sunlight from the window.
  1246. >There's your Anon.
  1247. >There's who you fell in love with.
  1248. >"OK."
  1250. >>>>>
  1252. >Be Anon.
  1253. >You have your two pills in hand.
  1254. >Nonny has his as well.
  1255. >You swallow a little bit.
  1256. >What are you doing?
  1257. >You need to stop.
  1258. >What would your parents think?
  1259. >Your spine stiffens up before you bury a snarl.
  1260. >The pills are in your mouth.
  1261. >The tea washes them down.
  1262. >Dailydose.gif
  1263. >Overdosed.
  1264. >Thanks Doc.
  1265. >You're doing exactly what you need to do.
  1266. >Exactly what you wanted to do.
  1267. >Fuck the knife edge.
  1268. >Fuck the crappy, dead end life.
  1269. >You might love what you do but it's not you.
  1270. >You're tired of being stuck behind yourself.
  1271. >You want to be free of it all.
  1272. >This is the way out.
  1273. >And it's a bitter sweet moment.
  1274. >You strip nude, well aware that Nonny's watching, but that doesn't matter.
  1275. >You settle onto the carpet, waiting.
  1276. >Funny, how in a way this could be considered suicide.
  1277. >Stomach full of pills right?
  1278. >No more Anon.
  1279. >What should your name b-
  1280. >Pain.
  1282. >>>>>
  1284. >Bliss.
  1285. >Soft.
  1286. >Safe.
  1287. >Loved.
  1288. >Your eyes open slowly, fluttering a bit as you regain yourself.
  1289. >Nonny's there, his muzzle against yours.
  1290. >Nuzzling you into wakefulness.
  1291. >How nice of him.
  1292. >You slowly roll up, legs folded.
  1293. >A little voice in the back of your head screams at you, and you decide to follow along.
  1294. >You tilt his muzzle a bit, and let instinct take the lead.
  1295. *smek*
  1296. >It's not a particularly long kiss.
  1297. >Nor was it a super deep, intimate affair.
  1298. >No, it's exactly what you wanted it to be.
  1299. >A promise.
  1300. >Something for you, and for him.
  1301. >It felt right.
  1302. >It felt good.
  1303. >You made the right decision.
  1304. >He smiles at you and gently nuzzles you again as you finally move up to your hooves, stretching a bit, wiggling your flank for him with a teasing giggle as his eyes track it's movements.
  1305. >Silly stallion~
  1306. >You wink at him and softly kiss his cheek before letting out a pleased huff.
  1307. "Well, that settles that. Now, you said you had an idea?"
  1308. >"Call it what it is love. A plan. Go ahead and grab a dufflebag and everything in your apartment you actually care about. We're not gonna be here much longer."
  1309. >Love.
  1310. >You like that word.
  1311. >A quick trot back to your room and some magic is more then enough to start sorting you out in a hurry.
  1312. >Grab that bag, and put your laptop and it's charger in.
  1313. >Your phone.
  1314. >Your wallet and what little money you have in it, plus your bank card.
  1315. >Guess you're making a run on your own account.
  1316. >You grab a few photos.
  1317. >Several photos.
  1318. >A photo album.
  1319. >It's mostly your Mom and Dad. Maybe a few of you.
  1320. >You'll need it later. Maybe?
  1321. >Into the bag it goes.
  1322. >You trot back into the living room.
  1323. >Nonny's making a phone call.
  1324. >"Right, yeah, today. We're leaving."
  1325. >You twist your ears a bit and can actually pick up what the person on the other side of the phone is saying.
  1326. >He's holding the phone in his wing. Pretty impressive Nonny.
  1327. >"Yeah, I get you Weather Front. You'll be able to easily get outta NYC. Your trip is already payed for. Your second got a name?"
  1328. >"Eh, she hasn't decided on a name yet. We'll... work on that."
  1329. >"Suit yourself. Alright, you're on the manifest. Good luck ponyboy."
  1330. >"Thanks D-Rankz, thanks for everything you've done."
  1331. >But why a Z?
  1332. >You trot closer as Nonny chuckles.
  1333. >"Nah, don't worry about it. We grew up in the same neighborhood 'Non. You know better then that."
  1334. >"Still..."
  1335. >"Look, just come out the other side in once piece and keep that... mare? of yours happy, you feel?"
  1336. >"Alright, alright, thanks Mom."
  1337. >"Shut it you. D out."
  1338. >The phone hangs up and you giggle, idly draping yourself across Nonny's back.
  1339. "D huh? You like the D Nonny? Should have told me before I went full mare."
  1340. >He tenses up, his wings flaring a bit in surprise.
  1341. "Also, Weather Front huh? Cute. I like it, Fronty."
  1342. >Weather 'Nonny' Front groans and covers his face with his hooves, flushed bright red.
  1343. >Now if that doesn't just put the most radiant smile on your face.
  1344. >"Celestia protect me from my smart ass friend."
  1345. >Another giggle slips from your lips as you finally get off of him and nuzzle him lightly, enjoying the freedom of doing so.
  1346. "Mmm, say what you will, you like it. So, where to now?"
  1347. >Your bag is held aloft by your magic.
  1348. >"Our ride is gonna pick us up near here, shouldn't be too much longer. We need to go down to my car and get my bags, and then we're out of here."
  1349. "Where to?"
  1350. >"Florida. It's warm and there's a pretty nice ponies only community there."
  1351. >You hum, nuzzling him again.
  1352. "Ok."
  1353. >"We're gonna need to pick a name for you."
  1354. >You pause at that, before nodding quietly, your horn lighting up and gently opening the door to your apartment.
  1355. >"Any ideas?"
  1356. "Well... I was thinking something... simple."
  1357. >"Oh?"
  1358. >You smile a bit.
  1359. "How about..."
  1361. -End of Pon-E: Purple Black Gray-
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