Ninja Meets a Maid (C)

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  1. [11:14:14] <Eily> Remember that Eily isn't ACTUALLY a maid btw- she's just a country girl who likes to play dressup, and in fact, i didn't even realize until now that she's literally just mozu with tits
  2. [11:14:41] <Nagare_Shinobu> That pink-haired woman... seemed pretty strange! Swords, staves, and if the data was right, knives with similar properties to shuriken- nice tree your prediction skills are on point as always.
  3. [11:14:56] <Eily> I am godlike at what I do
  4. [11:15:35] <Eily> That said, the pink-haired woman isn't in her tent.  Or in her hubby's tent.  She's bringing back supplies from one of the nearby villages, humming as she goes.
  5. [11:15:54] <Nagare_Shinobu> Also, she somehow matched up to his description of "Aileen". This could not be mere coincidence! (It was.)
  6. [11:17:32] <Eily> 1,1or was it
  7. [11:18:15] <Eily> I'll preempt you again here: During your observations, a strange-looking insect scuttles behind another tent in your peripheral vision.
  8. [11:18:33] <Nagare_Shinobu> Intending to confront her at this opportune moment, Shinobu intercepts her at... fuck, I guess where there's like, woods to hide in? "... You there." Doesn't even introduce himself. Rude.
  9. [11:18:50] <Nagare_Shinobu> fuck i didnt notice the scuttlebug post
  10. [11:18:54] <Nagare_Shinobu> auuuuuuuuuuuu
  11. [11:19:34] <Eily> "Ah- y'mean me?"  Eily innocently points to herself while holding a bag of groceries.
  13. [11:23:10] <Nagare_Shinobu> But my parallel universes. "Yeah, you. The name's Eckhart. ... This might be a weird question, but... would your name happen to be... 'Aileen'?" Why is he pursuing this like he actually was a vengeance-seeking spy that retired early?
  14. [11:25:18] <Eily> "Oh!"  The woman smiles a sweet smile.  "It's 'Eileen,' hon.  Ya spelled it wrong!  But that's ahkay, people confuse it all th' time.  Need somethin, Mr. Eckels?"
  15. [11:31:04] <Nagare_Shinobu> I wonder... did the localization swap the names around, or did they keep Shinny's "Aileen"? Either way, the ninja frowns behind that mask of his. "... I see. I just thought you were someone I knew, is all. The information I have on you says that you are... knowledgeable with the use of knives." He'd continue on, but then he'd reveal that he was a ninja.
  16. [11:33:16] <Eily> "Throwin? Just a li'l hobby o' mine, that's all."  With a grin, she sets a bag of groceries down and pulls out a kunai, twirling it around on her finger using that little ring thing that kunai have.  They're pretty neat actually.
  17. [11:34:24] <Eily> "'Fraid ya don't ring any bells fer me, though.  Real sorry, mister!"
  18. [11:37:05] <Nagare_Shinobu> Amused by this turn of events, he decides... to detach the giant Fuuma Shuriken off his back, instead pulling out his Silver Shuriken. "Likewise, miss Eileen. As for you not knowing me... I suppose my search goes on."
  19. [11:39:04] <Eily> The bug scuttles over to another tent.
  20. [11:39:32] <Nagare_Shinobu> Oh, it's not raising into the air. A shame.
  21. [11:39:39] <Eily> yet
  22. [11:39:46] <Nagare_Shinobu> Well, I guess there is no room to keep it still.
  23. [11:41:35] <Nagare_Shinobu> So will we watch out for rolling Entombed in the Freeze Dried Cavern?
  24. [11:42:16] <Nagare_Shinobu> ... shit that doesnt sound like an ice version of HMC
  25. [11:58:31] <Eily> "If ya say so," Eily frowns a bit and picks her bag back up.  "Well, nice meetin' ya then!  Like the mask, too."
  26. [12:02:01] <Nagare_Shinobu> "... thank you. It's good to see that I'm not the only one capable of using weapons like these," Picking back up the Fuuma Shuriken, Shinobu runs off back into the woods with all 6 Move.
  27. [12:03:24] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Shinobu and Eileen have attained a Support Rank of C!
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