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  1. Rebuild of 4chan Cup 1.0: You Can (Not) Be Dragonfag
  4. If you’re reading this report, then you’re hopefully already familiar with all the facts about Dragongate. You may now be confused about what happens next, and this is what you’ll read here, along with some further explanation of the actions that have been taken regarding Dragongate. Just remember that life after Dragongate isn’t as odd as it may seem. The cup will go on as it has. The only immediate changes are the reseed for the Summer Cup 2013, as well as the new changes to the managerial system. But that’s another story.
  6. Summer Cup 2013 will still happen. It will be mostly unchanged, however, some teams will be relegated, due to Dragonfag, and some teams will take their place. The relegated teams are /3/, /an/, /cm/, /hm/, /n/, /o/, /s/ and /y/. Taking their place will be /m/, /g/, /c/, /f/, /co/, /h/, /sci/ and /u/. These are the teams that finished 17 to 24, without Dragonfag teams (in this case, only /vp/) taken into account. Since there are now 8 open spots after relegation, these 8 will be promoted in their stead, as they finished the closest to promotion.
  8. /mlp/ is unaffected by Dragongate, even though Testerbro was Dragonfag. This is because of Testerbro’s little involvement in /mlp/, and because of Nuclear’s actions as acting manager. They will not be relegated or lose their Spring Babby Cup 2013 title. /sp/ will for similar reasons not be relegated, and are also keeping their Winter Cup 2013 campaign intact, due to the heavy involvement of acting manager Loli. This also means that they will be given back their star for winning Winter Cup 2013.
  10. It took long and many hours until we could reach a consensus on what had to be done about the matches in which one of Dragonfag’s many teams played. The deeper we delved, the more we realized just how many of them there were. How many teams he had commandeered, and how many games he had directly or indirectly decided the outcome of. It was at this point we realized something. We weren’t looking at the history of teams. We weren’t looking at the wins or losses of teams. We were looking at the history and wins of Dragonfag. It was then it became clear that there was only one action that could be taken, for justice to be properly served: Destroy Dragonfag’s results. So as detailed in Playing with Yourself, Dragonfag vs Dragonfag games were wiped from existence, and Dragonfag vs not Dragonfag were changed to wins for not Dragonfag. This meant the major or sometimes complete rewriting of the statistical history of many teams, as well as a reseed for the Summer Cup 2013. We ultimately decided on this as a way to reward the teams who have been keeping with the spirit of the cup.
  12. A lot of you will be upset at this stat change, this re-write of history you might say. But it’s a re-write of history that was fabricated from the start. “Why did my team get all their wins revoked just because Dragonfag managed us? What says we wouldn’t have gotten those wins anyway?” And the point here isn’t who might have won what. The point is, that a Dragonfag team, wasn’t a real team. It was a sockpuppet. A training dummy. An empty husk paraded around as something living. He never cared about the teams he commandeered or their wins or efficiencies. He never cared about making the fans happy or giving them a team to be proud of. From the start, he was just out to make it, from his point of view, “entertaining”. For himself. What you need to take away from this is that the wins your teams lost, weren’t your teams’ wins to begin with. They were Dragonfag’s wins, gained only to benefit him, for his amusement, and to fulfill his own pre-determined images of how things should happen. What’s the easiest way to make sure all the results you want to happen, do happen? Take control of those teams yourself, of course - all of them, so you can decide who should win, and who should lose. Why let things run their course, when you so obviously know better than everyone else what would be the best outcome, for everyone, every time?
  14. Dragonfag’s the one getting punished, and the results he gained are getting punished with him. If you’re upset, don’t be. Your team has been reclaimed from someone who never cared for them to begin with and only used them as a tool to his own means. Now is the time to make real history, to win real wins – by your board, for your board, not by some Irish prick for his own amusement. The achievements in your history that Dragonfag earned – he didn’t earn them for you. Not for your board. Not for your team. For him, and only him. For his playthings. So he could have the eyes of the viewers turned to him, and only him. All praise /an/on, who made /an/ relevant and fun to watch! All praise Aut/o/, savior of /o/, /o/’s year baby, woooo! All praise Torres McIlroy, greatest manager of all time, who won the cup for /sp/!
  16. It’s not hard to be the greatest when you’re playing against yourself.
  18. Dragonfag is a manipulative, deceitful sock puppeteer. He hijacked teams he had nothing to do with, infiltrated others still, and created teams for boards that had none, in his own image, for himself to play with. From day one he’s been lying through his teeth, manipulating and taking advantage of others’ good faith, all to accomplish a single goal: For himself to have fun. For him to get attention. Every fan of every team he hijacked was being lied to from the start. When they celebrated a victory, they weren’t celebrating their board’s team winning through a board representative’s effort. They were celebrating a completely unrelated person using someone else’s efforts and trust to, for his own amusement and need for attention, accomplish a completely meaningless win, which would even have been pre-decided from the start if they were playing another team that Dragonfag controlled. It wasn’t a victory for the board, or the fans, by the board and fans. It was just another victory for him, accomplished for himself, and no one else.
  19. For all fans of teams that have been affected by this event, you probably feel angry, disappointed, and discouraged. But remember that the things your team accomplished under Dragonfag – these achievements that have now been taken away - were a sham from beginning to end. The victories were never your victories. They were never claimed for your board, by your board. They were claimed by a manager, who played himself, so he could build an event in his own image, his own idea of how the games should turn out, how the teams should look, play and who should win at the end of the day. Fans of these teams, don’t remember this day as the one where your team lost victories – remember it as the day your team was given back to you. Remember it as the day a man’s experiment was undone. Remember it as the day the damage a lying saboteur did for his own pleasure to a fun event for a community by a community, was shown to the world in all its horror, and remember that justice was done to him.
  21. Now is the time for those among you who would make your board proud to prosper. Free of the desire of a single man to control everything, of someone who would seize power from the community in a community based event, of someone who would see his own desires fulfilled, rather than do right by those whom the team belongs to. Now is the time to grow in a future free of shadow manipulation and sockpuppeteering. The 4chan Cup began as an event for the community, by the community, and it has now been returned to that state.
  22. Your teams were stolen from you – they have been given back. A fog of lies covered all that transpired – it has been cleared. What you see now may look dark, but the dawn is all the brighter for it. And the dawn is coming.
  24. Your fate is in your hands now. And nobody else’s.
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