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Disaster Inbound Info

BuildBoy12 Feb 15th, 2019 406 Never
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  1. Welcome to Disaster Inbound!
  3. Rules
  4. 1. Respect all staff members
  5. 2. Team killing is allowed if its for comedic effect don't be an ass hole and kill your team for no reason
  6. 3. Don't be a jerk
  7. 4. Play *nice* depends on what your definition means.
  9. Information:
  10. This is usually a normal server but when staff get on don't expect normal game we like to mess around and do some mini-games.
  11. This is a server to chill and have fun!
  14. Plugins:
  15. Custom announcements - (Allows for a Chaos Insurgency announcement and more)
  16. Late Respawn - (Respawns players who join up to 30 seconds after the round starts)
  17. Lone079 - (The server will kill SCP-079 if its the last remaining SCP)
  18. Better Disarming - (Allows Chaos/MTF to be disarmed by their opponents and be changed into them)
  19. SCPDiscord - (Shows the amount of people on a server through a Discord bot)
  21. Staff Members (Apply on Discord linked below)
  22. Owner: BuildBoy12
  23. Head Admin: Shadow_Parad0x
  24. Head Moderator: Dexter908
  25. Trial Moderator: SirPuppet
  26. Trial Moderator: Zingen
  27. Facility Guard: King Potato
  28. Facility Guard: Popboy11
  30. The discord where you can have fun with everyone in or file a complaint about our staff. We are always trying to improve our ranks.
  31. discord.gg/YrNQCt9
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