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Disaster Inbound Info

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  1. Welcome to Disaster Inbound!
  3. Rules
  4.  - Respect all staff members as they are typically only here to help.
  5.  - Team killing is generally allowed if it's for comedic effect. Don't be an annoying 10 year old and grenade an elevator. You aren't funny.
  6.  - Don't be a jerk. We're generally friendly here. Generally.
  8. Information:
  9.  - This is usually a normal server but when staff get on don't expect normal game we like to mess around and do some mini-games.
  10.  - This is a server to chill and have fun!
  12. Plugins:
  13.  - CustAnnouncements: Plays announcements at certain events i.e. Chaos Spawn/Round Start.
  14.  - DamageFalloff: Reduces damage based off of distance to target and current scope.
  15.  - BetterSinkholes: Walking towards the center of the LCZ sinkholes will result in you being sent to the pocket dimension.
  16.  - BlinkFatigue: The more you look at SCP-173, the faster you blink.
  17.  - ChopperDrop: A helicopter will be sent every 10 minutes to drop off various items.
  18.  - PlayerStats: By joining our Discord you can view your personal stats achieved in this server.
  19.  - Stalky106: SCP-106 can double click 'create portal' to teleport to a SCP target.
  20.  - CommonUtils: Displays custom broadcasts and tinkers in SCP-914 and inventories a bit.
  21.  - SCPvChaos: The round will no longer end with just SCPs and Chaos, one team and one team alone must be left standing.
  22.  - SCP-682: Gamemode toggled by an online staff to trigger the event round. Press ` during the gamemode for more info.
  24. Thanks to all of our staff!
  26. The discord where you can have fun with everyone in or file a complaint about our staff. We are always trying to improve our ranks.
  27. discord.gg/3QQbsCd
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