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  1. [15:52:36] <Giantree> so I decided to replay ff4 on impulse
  2. [15:52:55] <Giantree> and at the point of getting Odin now, I can point out that King Baron's name in dialogue is referred to as 'King'
  3. [15:53:00] <Giantree> and not 'Baron'
  4. [15:53:21] <Giantree> my shame still isn't redeemed though
  5. [16:28:08] <Giantree> One thing I really dislike is that I can't play this with ignorance anymore, and most of my enjoyment comes purely from nostalgia because the script is SO poorly-written and everything is super cheesy, I now notice; among other things, like how FuSoYa is DMPC as fuck when he joins, seriously
  6. [16:28:19] <Giantree> I have to ask myself, "What the fuck was the DM thinking?"
  7. [16:29:36] <Giantree> But I think the players were willing to forgive because cheesiness aside the whole thing with EVERY former PC going through some sort of dramatic death and then miraculously turning out to be alive was really well-done, a lot of sidequests were wacky and adventure-like, YOU FLY IN A WHALE TO THE MOON
  8. [16:30:11] <Giantree> Or at least that was what I memory of it was like, but now I'm being painfully reminded that the Lunar Whale isn't actually a whale, it's just a really cool spaceship that happens to have 'Whale' in its name
  9. [16:30:18] <Giantree> it's still cool though
  10. [16:32:53] <Giantree> What happened was Kain was played by one of those guys who works a lot and never gets his schedule in advance so he has to miss a lot of sessions with hardly any warning; thus, he talked out with the GM in secret to have his character mind-controlled by the BBEG so he could conveniently be out of sessions until he got the chance to come back, but it just happened TOO MANY TIMES.
  11. [16:34:09] <Giantree> Palom & Porom were actually two douchebag That Guys who managed to be pretty funny in-character but even though their characters were cute the players were fat slobs who would eat all the pizza and never bring any money to the table, so the GM got pissed and kicked them both at once but at least worked with them to come up with a cool way to leave.  There was some drama at the table about the whole thing with them being spies, too, and the GM didn't want that shit fagging up his game.
  12. [16:35:19] <Giantree> The two of them were mad, too, about how it got downplayed as "yeah we sent them to watch you BUT IT'S OKAY NOW!" because they actually wanted to assassinate Cecil, you know, being That Guys and all.  Porom's player secretly wanted her to be a yangire and that's why she was the... uhh, which one's boke and which one's tsukkomi again?  Whatever, the not-funny one.
  13. [16:36:47] <@Anise> wat
  14. [16:36:51] <Giantree> I don't even fucking know where to start with Yang, I'd guess he was played by a megabro who wanted to write a character who wasn't super PLOT but still did badass things, and his build was powergamed to fuck.
  15. [16:37:46] <Giantree> He quit because the player was killed by a drunk driver a few hours before session one day, and in his memory, the GM decided he couldn't just actually kill off Yang like that and had him make an NPC appearance just for the tears.
  16. [16:37:55] <@Anise> ;_____;
  17. [16:38:04] <@Anise> you're horrible
  18. [16:38:47] <Giantree> Cid left because his player kept getting into fights with Edge's player so he quit voluntarily, but still showed up for sessions every now and then because the GM would give him a call and they'd work out suggestions for awesome things together that sounded a lot cooler than they ended up being.
  20. [16:39:22] <Giantree> By the way, if it wasn't obvious, Edge's player was That Guy as fuck but the others managed to tolerate him enough to keep him around.
  21. [16:39:52] <Giantree> Rydia's player was creeped out about being hit on IC AND OOC but managed to tell the GM about it and he kept them in line.
  22. [16:40:14] <@castfromhp> So what happened with FFX and subsequently FFX-2?
  23. [16:40:35] <@Anise> I'm more interested in hearing his analysis of ffviii
  24. [16:41:13] <Giantree> A bunch of football players got together at a table and were like "Hey guys, wouldn't it be awesome if we played a game about SPORTS?" and they were like "YEAAAAAAAAH" and then the GM went against his two players' wishes by making it sword & sorcery instead, then invited a bunch of his assburger friends.
  25. [16:41:58] <Giantree> The reason Tidus didn't quit was because his player liked the NPC that was his character's dad too much, and Wakka didn't quit because he didn't have anything else to do, his football games weren't on campaign-days.
  26. [16:42:11] <Giantree> 8
  27. [16:42:14] <Giantree> I don't even fucking know
  28. [16:42:16] <Giantree> don't get me started on 8
  29. [16:42:30] <Giantree> I'm just analyzing 4 because I'm replaying it
  30. [16:42:44] <@Anise> awww
  31. [16:42:54] <@castfromhp> No the point is after X everyone thought things were too srs or something and then 2 of them got the GM drunk and grabbed another friend and system swapped to Magical Burst or something.
  32. [16:42:54] <Giantree> maybe I'll replay 8 and do this again
  33. [16:43:03] <Giantree> wow that's awful
  34. [16:43:05] <Giantree> you're awful
  35. [16:43:08] <Giantree> no, they swapped to FATAL
  36. [16:43:15] <@castfromhp> Not fabulous enough.
  37. [16:43:17] <@Anise> no they swapped to maid
  38. [16:43:21] <Giantree> Magical Burst can't handle something as complicated as dressspheres
  39. [16:43:24] <@castfromhp> Okay Anise wins.
  40. [16:43:25] <Giantree> I would kill for a system
  41. [16:43:28] <@Anise> that little brat on the ship was the master
  42. [16:43:28] <Giantree> where that's actually a thing
  43. [16:43:29] <Giantree> also ^
  44. [16:43:29] <@Anise> it makes
  45. [16:43:30] <@Anise> perfect sense
  46. [16:43:33] <Giantree> god
  47. [16:43:34] <Giantree> damnnnnnn
  48. [16:43:50] <@castfromhp> Is Kain still gone?
  49. [16:44:00] <Giantree> Yeah, I was typing instead of playing
  50. [16:44:03] <Giantree> so I just got to the moon
  51. [16:44:06] <Giantree> he hasn't rejoined yet
  52. [16:44:20] * @castfromhp baps
  53. [16:44:23] <Giantree> treehee~
  54. [16:44:46] <Giantree> I actually SPECIFICALLY chose this point to talk about it so I could make cracks about Kain being gone, you know
  55. [16:46:40] <Giantree> By the way, TAY was a pickup that invited a shitton of players, most of which ended up being boring rollplayers who didn't even name their characters.
  56. [16:47:02] <@Anise> what's TAY?
  57. [16:47:05] <@Anise> it sounds dumb
  58. [16:47:09] <Giantree> There was one who was like "Hey, I like this NPC from the first campaign, do you mind if I play a young adult version of her since it's the sequel?"
  59. [16:47:11] <Giantree> yeah it's dumb
  60. [16:47:47] <Giantree>
  61. [16:47:57] <@Anise> (tree I'm pretending it doesn't exist)
  62. [16:48:13] <Giantree> you know, I wouldn't be surprised if people just legit hadn't heard of it
  63. [16:48:17] <@Anise> oh
  64. [16:48:17] <@Anise> 3:
  65. [16:48:25] <Giantree> It's really bad, but it's not like symphonia 2 bad
  66. [16:48:37] <@Anise> you just
  67. [16:48:39] <@Anise> don't like courage
  68. [16:48:40] <Giantree> it's just hurrdurrsplurr look at all these callbacks are you having fun yet
  69. [16:48:50] <@Anise> thank you
  70. [16:48:51] <Giantree> it's the magic that turns dreams into reality
  71. [16:49:01] <@Anise> that is exactly what I needed to explain why I hate xros wars
  72. [16:49:01] <@Anise> thanks
  73. [16:49:24] <Giantree> that's actually common with games that are made to be sequels for things that are... older
  74. [16:49:41] <@Anise> oh speaking of
  75. [16:49:47] <@Anise> apparently they're doing a sequel for Xilia?
  76. [16:49:51] <Giantree> +l
  77. [16:49:53] <Giantree> Xillia.
  78. [16:49:58] <@Anise> whatever
  79. [16:50:00] <Giantree> yeah, that's been known for a while, it's coming out this november
  80. [16:50:13] <Giantree> I'm already upset because there's only one party member that wasn't in old Xillia's cast
  81. [16:50:13] <@Anise> yeah well I don't follow shit for systems I don't have
  82. [16:50:14] <@Anise> ;____;
  83. [16:50:17] <@Anise> sopoor
  84. [16:50:22] <Giantree> and the BEST CHARACTER isn't playable
  85. [16:50:32] <Giantree> (by the way that's the cat)
  86. [16:50:38] <Giantree> (her name is Lulu)
  87. [16:51:12] <Giantree> the heroine is also confirmed to be NPC-only, and I think she seemed like a high-quality character
  88. [16:51:20] <Giantree> so I don't like that very much
  89. [16:51:29] <Giantree> it's just cashing in on popularity which is zzzzz no thanks
  90. [16:51:36] <Giantree> Xillia 1 is getting localized, though
  91. [16:51:39] <Giantree> so I guess that's something
  92. [16:52:03] <Giantree> what else did I like about TAY
  93. [16:52:13] <Giantree> oh yeah, Kain's player admitted his character was too CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIN edgy
  94. [16:52:19] <Giantree> and tried to rewrite him
  95. [16:52:25] <Giantree> but he just ended up even EDGIER
  96. [16:52:34] <Giantree> and obnoxious with all this 'holy dragoon' shit
  97. [16:52:36] <Giantree> no thanks
  98. [16:54:57] <Kain> buh
  99. [16:55:30] <Giantree> oh hello
  100. [16:58:23] <@Anise> it's a cancun
  101. [16:59:41] <Giantree> By the way, Cecil's player was a pretty boring dude, he wasn't like Cloud's who was a guffawing buffon who suggested the CRAZIEST shit for the GM all the time; he just kind of showed up for sessions and didn't do much else, didn't have much of a social life, etc, but everyone agreed he was neutral and pretty fun to play with because of it.  He could've served to do more, though.
  102. [17:00:00] <Giantree> Buffoon.
  103. [17:00:03] <Giantree> Guffawing buffoon.
  104. [17:02:01] <Giantree> The GM tried to make the plot twist that the BBEG was his brother a device to get him to show more emotion and do more things, but it didn't REALLY work out since his lines were still corny and half-hearted and he just kinda... followed the rails, wherever they went.
  105. [17:02:11] <@castfromhp> Tree
  106. [17:02:13] <Giantree> Also everybody guessed that plot twist before it happened, they all told the GM.
  107. [17:02:14] <@castfromhp> Hard modo
  108. [17:02:16] <Giantree> ohdear
  109. [17:02:17] <@castfromhp> Every FF is the same play group.
  110. [17:02:20] <@castfromhp> Same GM, same players.
  111. [17:02:22] <Giantree> whoa
  112. [17:02:23] <@castfromhp> Explain things.
  113. [17:02:23] <@castfromhp> Go.
  114. [17:02:24] <Giantree> whoaaaaaaaaaa
  115. [17:02:44] <Giantree> I dunno man, I don't think I can say a lot of characters were return players; same GM I can do, sure
  116. [17:02:51] <@castfromhp> FFXI is when the GM went clinically insane and tried to get the entire town involved in one big LARP.
  117. [17:03:19] <@castfromhp> Nah I think there are definitely return players.
  118. [17:03:35] <Kain> quina's player
  119. [17:03:38] <Giantree> I think that the group dynamic depends on the players, which is why some of the earlier ones were pretty boring and typical fantasy adventures, and then there was later CRAZY NONSENSE MINIGAMES EVERYWHERE like VII
  120. [17:03:45] <@castfromhp> Oh hi Kain
  121. [17:03:45] <Kain> constantly had to miss sessions early on
  122. [17:04:02] <Kain> and the gm decided to have him turn up in the weirdest places
  123. [17:04:03] <Giantree> And then 8/9 were when the players got addicted to MtG or someshit so the GM decided to make his own, BETTER card games.
  124. [17:04:11] <Giantree> and they all stopped going to FNMs
  125. [17:04:16] <@Anise> implying triple triad isn't the best
  126. [17:04:16] <Giantree> yeah that's accurate
  127. [17:04:28] <Giantree> that actually isn't what I'm implying
  128. [17:04:32] <Giantree> because it is the best
  129. [17:04:41] <@Anise> :>
  130. [17:04:45] <Giantree> I'm lying to you
  131. [17:04:49] <Giantree> I actually prefer tetra master
  132. [17:04:49] <@Anise> :<
  133. [17:04:57] <@Anise> :|????
  134. [17:04:58] <Kain> but
  135. [17:04:58] <Giantree> they're both better than magic though
  136. [17:05:02] <Kain> tetra master was pointless
  137. [17:05:08] <Giantree> s-shut up I liked it
  138. [17:05:41] <@Anise> I don't want to have to learn hex just to play a card game
  139. [17:06:04] <Giantree> you're right though, maybe X wasn't a group of jocks
  140. [17:06:12] <Giantree> though I still think EVERY player wasn't a return player
  141. [17:06:14] <Giantree> some quit
  142. [17:06:15] <@Anise> you know what I think
  143. [17:06:29] <Giantree> Cecil's player came back as Bartz when he tried to be more animated
  144. [17:06:36] <Giantree> and KIND of succeeded
  145. [17:06:41] <@Anise> I think ffx-2 was like the game that the DM ran to keep the little sisters of the main cast entertained
  146. [17:06:41] <Giantree> in fact he was Terra too
  147. [17:06:50] <Giantree> that's plausible
  148. [17:06:56] <@Anise> like 'you can be this character only in the future and she's an idol singer now'
  149. [17:06:59] <@castfromhp> No Anise it was totally neckbeards playing dress-up.
  150. [17:07:02] <@Anise> 'now go fetch chocobos or something'
  151. [17:07:06] <Giantree> that's even more plausible
  152. [17:07:27] <Giantree> I would be slightly uncomfortable running something like that for not-neckbeards actually
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