My Badass Kain't Be This Badass Oh God Even I'm Swooning

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  1. [19:01:13] <@Kain> Theta and Ambrosia have left to do their own thing for the moment, as you decide to have your own little adventure. You're standing under the titantic timber which was planted on what apparently is one of the life veins of the world itself, carrying the energy of Gaia to the crystal and back. The heartbeat of the planet indeed. The ground nearby has sprouted with grass and flowers since those
  2. [19:01:14] <@Kain> times ten years ago, making the area within the Eidolon Wall more of a sacred grove. The paintings remain as they have for hundreds of years - slightly tarnished by weather, but still depicting majestic creatures of other eras.
  3. [19:03:02] * Natalie spends a good few minutes resting here and catching up with a few diary entries, sitting off the exhaustion from having burst into flames and everything. "... 'It's to be friends,'" with a dot of her pen. "There!"
  4. [19:05:18] <Natalie> With a good stretch, the catgirl gets up and begins looking over the wall in more detail.  Weren't there a bunch of tourists here too?
  5. [19:06:51] <@Kain> There are indeed. Most of them are still focused on researching the ancient paintings, but some of them have taken notice of you coming back out and are approaching to presumably ask you all sorts of annoying questions.
  6. [19:07:56] <@Kain> Things like "How do we get into the tree?" and "What was down there?" and "Mommy can I have a tiara too?"
  7. [19:08:01] <Natalie> Oh god guess who isn't prepared for answering questions and doesn't even have a cover story ready aaaaaaa- most of the questions get waved off by cutesy-mode "Uhh I dunno" or the like, that probably made diary-writing pretty annoying too.
  8. [19:08:32] <@Kain> They eventually lose interest, leaving you to write in peae.
  9. [19:08:34] <@Kain> *peace
  10. [19:08:35] <Natalie> ... At least one is actually an "It's empty."  The truth is the best lie!
  11. [19:10:14] * Natalie finally gets time for a good stretch after this, THEN goes to observe the wall. Well, actually, the best way to do this is by lightly poking it, since there's hardly enough time to look at the whole thing and THEN make it to the stables before close.
  12. [19:10:28] <@Kain> You swear you spot a few people around in really really stereotypical tourist wear. Straight out hawaiian shirts, sandals, and straw hats. A jolly-looking qu is standing behind a camera and its tripod, about to duck under the curtain and take a photo.
  13. [19:10:49] <@Kain> The wall itself...
  14. [19:11:16] <Natalie> Expected!  Most of them get paid no mind unless they're bold enough to come up and ask serious questions.
  15. [19:12:03] <@Kain> You see a picture of a gigantic horned creature bathed in flames, looking intimidating and roaring at the sun. An inscription reads... "Fear not the power of summon magic, but the ones who use it. Greed and instability endlessly repeat old mistakes. Will omniscience set us free?"
  16. [19:13:52] <@Kain> In the back of your mind, a proverbial lightbulb seems to go off, you feel an odd sensation that tells you this thing is called Ifrit.
  17. [19:13:58] <@Kain> Wait, how did you know that?
  18. [19:14:26] <Natalie> "... Yeah," she speaks to the wall in agreement, perhaps in respect to Ifrit, taking a moment to look straight up and wonder what the Glutton and Mary are up to now.  Then... alright, being a pretty bad eidolon she's mostly skimming what it says, running a finger lightly along the wall and just feeling it more than looking at it.
  19. [19:14:29] <Natalie> Lewdness aside.
  20. [19:14:48] * Natalie doesn't realize until a few moments later that she didn't remember Ifrit by name before now. HUH THAT'S WEIRD
  21. [19:19:08] <@Kain> As you walk along the wall, you do indeed start to get some feelings.... Light-hearted hopes, whispered dreams, reverence, anger, absolute terror, and then sorrow... Something else in you clicks, telling you that these are prayers, uttered in these very spots long ago.
  22. [19:19:56] <@Kain> Your finger stops on another inscription.
  23. [19:20:03] <@Kain> "This is where the fault lines collide. Listen to the planet's heartbeat. Breathe slowly, and calm your mind.Let memories return to you."
  24. [19:20:51] * Natalie stops running her finger along as well, holding another hand up to rub her ruby a bit. "... Sure."
  25. [19:21:15] <Natalie> A little, muttered, breathless whisper.  "For a little bit, why not?  It feels so nice here..."
  26. [19:22:06] * Natalie shuts up and closes her eyes 1,1becoming a perfect target for tiara thieves just kidding 1,1or am I while holding in position, taking a few slow breaths and relaxing even more than the time spent diarying.
  27. [19:23:45] <@Kain> Thump thump. You can feel the pulse of the stream of life beneath the ground.  Thump thump. You feel, beyond a monumental distance, the crystal itself, beckoning to you, in its fractured form. Thump thump... You open your eyes, and you're no longer in Madain Sari.
  28. [19:24:32] <Natalie> "... Nn."
  29. [19:24:46] * Natalie sleepily half-closes her eyes... and then jolts them open wait what
  30. [19:24:52] <@Kain> You're near a monumental tree, much, much larger than the one within the eidolon grove. One with roots large enough to stretch all over the entire planet. Not just that, but you're not alone, and something feels different.
  31. [19:25:44] * Natalie keeps focus on what the wall said, taking another glance around before walking closer to the tree. Sloooow breaths, slow breaths.
  32. [19:25:55] <@Kain> Hold on, lemme describe the scene.
  33. [19:25:59] <Natalie> sorry~
  34. [19:26:40] <@Kain> You're only about two feet tall, sitting on your green-furred haunches. A group of men and women are around you, each with a horn on their forehead. Near you is an older man, an adult, that you feel some sort of connection to. Leviathan stretches out in front of you, underneath the tree.
  35. [19:27:38] <@Kain> The man is speaking "-and so by our traditions, we shall seal you here with the power of another eidolon."
  36. [19:28:11] <@Kain> Leviathan says nothing, instead bowing his massive head.
  37. [19:28:18] * Natalie takes this time to realize it's a vision, not something interactive. Silly cat! And watches it much like the crystal memories.
  38. [19:28:48] <@Kain> The man then looks down at you and nods, grimly. "Carbuncle, the time has come. Please seal Leviathan away."
  39. [19:29:33] <@Kain> (You can actually respond how you like, here)
  40. [19:29:44] <Natalie> (oh huh)
  41. [19:29:57] <Natalie> 1d2
  42. [19:29:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  43. [19:30:03] <Natalie> (I like that answer too, dicemaid)
  44. [19:30:08] * Natalie is now known as Carbuncle
  45. [19:31:53] <Carbuncle> "Okay," the viewer says with a respectful nod to the massive beast, getting too into the scene and watching it that she's already playing it out.  It sure feels real.... might as well jump up and do the Ruby Light pose, right?
  46. [19:32:36] <@Kain> Man: "There may come a day when we can again unbind the two of you, but until we possess the wisdom to avoid another disaster, here you will both have to remain. ...I'm sorry."
  47. [19:32:41] <@Kain> Indeed.
  48. [19:33:26] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as Jessie
  49. [19:33:40] * Carbuncle smiles the most a cat can possibly smile, turning around to face the Summoners at the apex of the jump with the cheeriest expression Carbuncle can manage!
  50. [19:34:42] <@Kain> Within the span of this moment,  you feel him speaking to you through his horn.
  51. [19:35:07] <@Kain> Apologies, regrets, but also hope for the future.
  52. [19:35:18] <@Kain> He wishes you good luck.
  53. [19:35:26] <Carbuncle> ;_;
  54. [19:35:58] <@Kain> And... a goodbye.
  55. [19:37:18] <Carbuncle> In the last moment, she hornphones some good feelings back.  'It'll be okay'-type stuff, but the only sound it makes is a cheerful, hopeful little giggle.
  56. [19:37:52] <@Kain> You feel your power course through you - not quite as familiar to the present-you. And then that surge of power...
  57. [19:40:57] <@Kain> (Go ahead you nut)
  58. [19:41:23] <Carbuncle> (Oh I thought this part was you, pfff)
  59. [19:41:54] <@Kain> (I give him a chance to say it and look what he does)
  60. [19:42:40] <Carbuncle> Erupts~  Rays of ruby light wrap around the massive beast like an egg made of lasers, shining with what becomes a blinding light.
  61. [19:44:22] <Carbuncle> In fact for the sake of being Sue, a pair of ruby-colored wings erupt from the cat's back until it too becomes encased within the light, still in midair.
  62. [19:45:04] <@Kain> Leviathan lifts his head up and roars, not in anger, but in lament. As the light touches his scales, he starts to turn to stone, and begins to shrink down.
  63. [19:45:35] <@Kain> Eventually, he's gone, somewhere in the roots of the massive tree.
  64. [19:46:30] <@Kain> The light grows brighter and brighter, and after a moment, you're gone as well. The air shimmers a moment, then everything looks normal again. The summoner reaches forward and his hand is blocked by a barrier of light, which gently pushes the hand back.
  65. [19:47:02] <@Kain> The group of summoners bow their heads, then turn to leave. Your former summoner stays there a moment, but then goes as well.
  66. [19:47:25] <@Kain> And just like that- you're back at Madain Sari, as yourself.
  67. [19:47:35] * Carbuncle is now known as Natalie
  68. [19:47:45] <@Kain> Nat's Reflect can now be Twin Souled to gain Protect!
  69. [19:48:26] * Natalie gently pulls the hand back, and to her face. It's... a little wet? "Hey... when did it start raining?"
  70. [19:49:59] * Natalie looks up and blinks a few times, then back down to mull over it a bit.
  71. [19:50:09] <Natalie> "..."
  72. [19:50:11] <Natalie> "Thanks."
  73. [19:50:13] <@Kain> The tourists buzz around, still looking at the murals with interest.
  74. [19:50:59] <Natalie> "And... goodbye," she turns with a much more serious expression, waving to the wall while walking away and wiping what tears remain.
  75. [19:52:26] <Natalie> Y'know that's a lot less dramatic with all the tourists around, but, she can ignore it for nsuddenly the card falls out of her diary
  76. [19:52:39] <Natalie> "Oh."
  77. [19:52:40] <Natalie> "Crap."
  78. [19:53:57] <@Kain> oh yeah
  79. [19:54:09] <@Kain> There was that guy. Who did that thing.
  80. [19:54:11] <@Kain> ...
  81. [19:54:12] * Natalie picks it up and dashes ahead!
  82. [19:54:21] <Natalie> ... Still in normal clothes instead of formal, huh?
  83. [19:54:23] <Natalie> EHH NO BIG
  84. [19:54:25] <@Kain> You leave the eidolon wall's area, heading back into the brown, dust-laden streets of Madain Sari.
  85. [19:54:40] <@Kain> How do you go about looking for the address?
  86. [19:54:44] * Natalie asks random people for help on how the fuck to find this place, with no clue where it actually is.
  87. [19:54:59] <Natalie> All the while wondering which name she was using when talking to this guy and what his deal EVEN is.
  88. [19:55:10] <Natalie> Which attitude... hmm, 'normal' is probably fine.
  89. [19:56:26] <Natalie> 'Random people' is literally 'random people' with no regards for what they look like as long as they're on the streets and approachable, of couuuuuurse~
  90. [19:56:57] <@Kain> Roll me some INQUIRY then!
  91. [19:57:26] <Natalie> 2d6 HAHAHAHA I FORGOT THAT WAS EVEN A SKILL
  92. [19:57:27] <Jessie> Natalie, HAHAHAHA I FORGOT THAT WAS EVEN A SKILL: 6 [2d6=1,5]
  93. [19:58:39] <@Kain> how boringly average
  94. [19:59:28] <Natalie> Could always try again with FAITH but that's even boringer.
  95. [19:59:57] <@Kain> You ask around a bit, and as one helpful lady points out, the address you're looking for is on the coastal side of town, in a good neighborhood. She doesn't know who the guy is, unfortunately.
  96. [20:00:38] <Natalie> "Thanks a bunch!"  Natty sniffles again - weird - and hops off at the speed of light.
  97. [20:00:43] <Natalie> In that direction.
  98. [20:00:45] <Natalie> Gotta go fast.
  99. [20:01:15] <@Kain> Roll me some Athletics for Aladdin style parkour
  100. [20:01:22] <Natalie> 2d6+9 yes
  101. [20:01:23] <Jessie> Natalie, yes: 19 [2d6=6,4]
  102. [20:01:25] <Natalie> yes
  103. [20:01:40] <@Kain> There's a party here in Agrabaaaah~
  104. [20:02:15] <Natalie> That's almost good enough to get away with doing the 'reflect the sky and hop off it' thing to get there!  ... But it's still public so it's just a lot of running.
  105. [20:02:21] <Natalie> Okay, maybe ONE airdash.
  106. [20:02:30] <Natalie> Or double jump.
  107. [20:02:55] <@Kain> Wait, where the fuck is Agrabah? You briefly wonder what this catchy tune is that popped into your head as you make your way along the rooftops, bouncing off of the cloth tops of vendor stalls and climbing up laundry lines and doing all sorts of ridiculous bullshit.
  108. [20:03:14] <Natalie> or IAD land 5b 6b 2b 5c 236a~6a 214c delay 5b 2b j.bc dj.bc airthro- oh, right, none of those
  109. [20:03:22] <Natalie> ... Just fast movement.
  110. [20:03:39] <@Kain> MAYBE something from the school of Richter Belmont.
  111. [20:04:10] <Natalie> Was it Richter who could latch his whip onto things and swing on them?  Trevor Belmont could, John Morris could.
  112. [20:04:16] <Natalie> ... ANYWAY
  113. [20:04:42] <@Kain> It was Richter that could pull off all the bullshit super jumping, air dashing and dash kicking in Symphony of the Night! But yes, anyway
  114. [20:04:44] * Natalie looooks around at the streets... sniffles again. That's weird. Look closer?
  115. [20:04:51] <Natalie> oh that's true, he did do that
  116. [20:05:11] <Natalie> He couldn't do it in Rondo, and that's why Konami is silly.
  117. [20:06:01] <Natalie> Rather, does it look like... there are street signs indicating this is the right street?  Amnesiacs don't know how to read addresses.
  118. [20:06:16] <Natalie> Nor does this one know where the chocobo stables are, she just now realizes.
  119. [20:06:17] <Natalie> SORRY THETA
  120. [20:06:32] <@Kain> Yep! Now that you know the right direction, you actually manage to find the right street sign and bound off that way.
  121. [20:06:51] * Natalie literally hops on the sign and leaps off it, by the way.
  122. [20:06:52] <Natalie> *showoffs*
  123. [20:07:05] <Natalie> or rather, literally bounds off
  124. [20:07:08] <Natalie> to make the joke make sense
  125. [20:07:30] <@Kain> As you make your way to the coastal section of the town, you find the address listed on the card - a swanky place, large, bleached sandstone walls, a small, well watered garden lining the house - he even has hedges and grass. Big plated numbers indicate this is the right place, and there's even a mailbox with "Jasper Jules" on it. The flag is a moogle with its pompom raised.
  126. [20:07:44] <@Kain> Unlike Eiko's old place, he happens to have a door, too. Polished mahogany or something.
  127. [20:08:14] <Natalie> Satisfied, Nat prepares to improvise on how to act - though not nearly enough preparation - and walks toward the d... ah... ah...
  128. [20:08:20] <Natalie> "Ah..."
  129. [20:08:45] * Natalie lifts a fist to knock on the door but suddenly "Ah... Ah-CHOO!"
  130. [20:09:41] <Natalie> "Ah-CHOO!  AH-CHOO!"
  131. [20:10:00] * Natalie falls into the door while sneezing violently mid-knock.
  132. [20:11:04] <Natalie> .. Sneezing away from the door, of course, not on it.
  133. [20:11:07] <Natalie> That'd just be gross!
  134. [20:15:03] <@Kain> KNOCK. Your head clatters against the door and you find yourself tumbling as it opens, right into the arms of a certain man.
  135. [20:15:06] <@Kain> (One sec)
  136. [20:15:26] <Natalie> (don't worry, one sec is long enough for me to swoon)
  137. [20:16:08] <Anise> (I bet it's steve)
  138. [20:16:34] <Natalie> (What, why would anybody else be at this guy's house)
  139. [20:16:37] <Natalie> (You sayin' he likes dudes?)
  140. [20:17:34] <@Kain> To describe him again, he seems to be in his forties, having a thick head of black hair and a short, well-groomed beard surrounding a strong-jawline. He's of medium build, wearing fine silken clothes of dark green color. He looks rather surprised.
  141. [20:17:56] <Natalie> "... Uh."
  142. [20:18:00] * Natalie raises a hand up flat.
  143. [20:18:02] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  144. [20:18:10] <@Kain> "...Hello! Well, well, Ms. Aitchison. It appears you decided to... drop on in after all."
  145. [20:18:15] * Kain is now known as Jasper
  146. [20:19:00] <Natalie> "Oh!  I-" Crap, she gave him a name already.  Why'd it have to be THAT one?  "Ahah, sorry about that.  I um, thought I'd come see who- I mean say hi while I was still in town."
  147. [20:19:01] <@Jasper> "Not that I mind - having a pretty face around is better than most days. Here, let me help you." he helps you up.
  148. [20:19:12] <Natalie> "Thanks."
  149. [20:20:24] <@Jasper> He adjusts his shirt and steps back a bit. "You're certainly welcome. Please, come in, and feel free to have a look around."
  150. [20:21:11] * Natalie gets up and spins around and then realizes she forgot what she came for oh fuck. It shows on her face with a nervous giggle. "Right... thanks. I ah..."
  151. [20:21:19] <Natalie> SPIN, WHEEL OF CONVERSATION STARTERS
  152. [20:21:24] <Natalie> vrrrrrr
  153. [20:21:37] <Natalie> It lands on 'It's Fucking Nothing!'  Well, shit.
  154. [20:21:52] * Natalie closes the door.
  155. [20:22:22] <@Jasper> He waits, sort of expectantly.
  156. [20:22:28] <Natalie> "So about the um... thing we talked about..."  Hopefully he knows what they talked about because she sure doesn't.  Please please please.
  157. [20:23:01] <Anise> (no but the idea of steve crossing dimensions just to make you feel awkward amuses me; anyway shutting up)
  158. [20:23:12] <Natalie> (that does amuse me)
  159. [20:24:52] <@Jasper> "We discussed quite a few things, didn't we? Oh! Yes, I think I remember now. You wanted to see some of my works of art - the eidolons sculptures?"
  160. [20:26:05] <Natalie> "Oh, right!"  She claps her hands together in the most animu little girl way ever.  "Yeah, that's exactly it!"  ... Huh, it wasn't the jewelry?  She wonders this in a mental note, considering jewelry is a thing on his card.  Why would you not talk about jewels with someone whose card says that, you dumb dumb cat?
  161. [20:26:59] * Natalie only mentally beats herself up for a good second or two, shaking it off. "If you sculpt them that doesn't mean you've... actually met them before, does it?" While presumably following to wherever he goes!
  162. [20:28:13] <@Jasper> "I have a bit of a gallery... this way." he offers an arm politely. "Oh? Met them? Haha, well... goodness, there haven't been eidolons here in years. I do visit the Wall from time to time, and conduct research - I hear one lucky painter was asked to paint a portait of Starlet in person."
  163. [20:29:02] <Natalie> "Ahaha!  Sorry, I was just curious," DAMN.  She... stares at the arm a minute, too amnesiac to get this social cue, but tries desperately to not be Ambrosia and grabs on.
  164. [20:29:35] <@Jasper> "I do have a number of jewels said to contain their power, but I don't believe I'm much of a summoner, really."
  165. [20:29:56] * Natalie perks up like she was Sophie and someone just mentioned crab omelettes.
  166. [20:30:00] <Natalie> Oh wait she is Sohpie
  167. [20:30:11] <@Jasper> He escorts you inside - now that you see his house it seems he focuses on being fancy without being gaudy. The things in the entrance hall are nice, but not overly flaunting his wealth.
  168. [20:31:06] <Natalie> "Jewe-"  She stops salivating before he notices.  "Ooh, I mean, um, if I could see those that'd be nice too!  I kind of.... ah... collect, myself."
  169. [20:31:33] <@Jasper> "Indeed? You have a very nice tiara, that's for certain. Perhaps I could interest you in a few articles, then."
  170. [20:32:50] <Natalie> "Thanks.  It's-" oh god she almost said 'real.'  Stopitstopitstopit.  "... New!  Eheheh.  I just had, uh, someone really skilled craft it not long ago!"  Let's see... how to ask if he's selling.... how would Ammy do it?  Who's Ammy?  CRAP
  171. [20:33:26] <castfromhp> (;_;)
  172. [20:33:34] <Natalie> (calm down that's a joke 1,1I think)
  173. [20:34:31] <Natalie> Rather, WHAT he's selling, he just said he is.  This is all inner monologue by the way hope you're enjoying it.  "Ahem.  But, I'd love to see what you have."
  174. [20:35:39] <@Jasper> He leads you through a room full of odd gadgets first-off. You see two walking sticks - one is quite normal, but the one next to it is opened up and elongated, with little 'wings' stretched out of it. A plaque reads "Hang Glider". An odd little machine constantly cycles a marble with a rod through it along a track, constantly knocking up and picking up rows of dominoes. A set of brass knuckles
  175. [20:35:40] <@Jasper> lays on another pedestal, with a foldable knife and a crossbow bolt sticking out of one side. What the ungodly fuck
  176. [20:36:01] * Natalie likes this guy already.
  177. [20:36:12] <Natalie> Realize there's something up?  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  178. [20:36:39] <@Jasper> There are numerous other oddities in here but he's leading you through the room to another area. He does offer as they pass through - "These are some of the little things I've invented. Trifles, really. Haven't found a market for them... unimportant in the long run."
  179. [20:37:41] <Natalie> "Huh?  But they're interesting!"  Oh boy, brass knuckles.  She just HAD to commission emerald-studded ones yesterday.  "Wouldn't people have some use for... that one?  And maybe that one, if they're clever..."
  180. [20:39:00] <@Jasper> "The weapon? I was told it was too impractical." he says, irritated. "As if variety can breed impracticality. Otherwise there wouldn't be Alexandrian Army Knives."
  181. [20:39:31] <@Jasper> "I do wish I could get some of these articles manufactured but I haven't found someone with a factory yet."
  182. [20:40:12] <Natalie> "Factory... hmmm...."  She muses, almost about to start blurting things that will put Theta's free time in danger but keeps it to herself for now.  For now.
  183. [20:41:19] <@Jasper> The next room is dimly lit to provide a rather sophisticated ambiance. Sculpted statues of various creatures are lit from underneath by special devices with candles in them, casting dark shadows on the wall.
  184. [20:41:46] <@Jasper> You hardly recognize anything here, but the man is good with his hands.
  185. [20:41:54] <Natalie> And... c'mon Phoenix, c'mon Titan!  Big bucks big bucks no whammy no whammy wait a second why DOES she want to see those two sculpted?
  186. [20:42:44] * Natalie hides the disappointment and just looks impressed. "Wow, these are good!"
  187. [20:42:56] <@Jasper> ~not done~
  188. [20:43:02] <Natalie> FINE
  189. [20:43:05] <@Jasper> As luck would have it, however, he has a very large section devoted to eidolons. You recognize Ifrit and a few others from the eidolon wall, as well as one of Carbuncle, Leviathan... wait, this collection looks pretty complete. Oh, wait a minute!
  190. [20:43:15] <Natalie> HOO DEAR
  191. [20:44:21] <@Jasper> There's a couple of pedestals, not exactly side by side, but one depicts an humanoid in a pose like this.
  192. [20:44:22] <@Jasper>
  193. [20:45:14] <Natalie> There WAS totally Eiko posing with Titan in her house, right?
  194. [20:45:17] <Natalie> er, a picture of
  195. [20:45:19] <@Jasper> Yep.
  196. [20:45:30] <@Jasper> is how another sculpture depicts Phoenix.
  197. [20:46:17] * Natalie runs over to those right away, wag- ... oh right she doesn't have a tail. Looking really excited!
  198. [20:47:06] <@Jasper> "Why, thank you. Ahh, you've taken an interest, haven't you? Let's see..."
  199. [20:47:14] <Natalie> "Aha!  These are th- I mean, these are interesting!  Where'd you see these?"  She turns around with a cheerful little girl smile.
  200. [20:47:37] <Natalie> And a little side-glance to see if Carbuncle's in a pose Carbuncle would approve of.  But missions first.
  201. [20:48:04] <@Jasper> Each of these seems to be an action pose of some kind - Carbuncle is definitely doing Ruby Light.
  202. [20:48:41] <@Jasper> He follows behind you, looking. "Titan I've only heard about. A giant of rock that devours minerals of the earth and fights alongside a beast of the wind, Fenrir."
  203. [20:49:01] <@Jasper> "Phoenix, I've had the great fortune of encountering myself - Phoenix is not a typical Eidolon."
  204. [20:49:27] <Natalie> She gives it a true look of approval.  This guy goes up a rank on 'likely to get some tonight.'  "You've... met Phoenix before?"  :o
  205. [20:49:34] <@Jasper> "Yes, she's the only one, however."
  206. [20:50:06] <Natalie> SCORE!  "Hee... what was she like?"
  207. [20:50:17] <@Jasper> "Phoenix's circumstances are special - while the normal rules insisting that an eidolon can make a pact with only one summoner is true... Anyone can summon Phoenix if they're fortunate."
  208. [20:50:39] <@Jasper> "Oh, er... I didn't get to speak with her, unfortunately."
  209. [20:50:54] <@Jasper> "That's the nature of how it happens, I suppose."
  210. [20:51:34] <@Jasper> "Phoenix's power isn't within any jewel, but within the gilded feathers known as Phoenix Pinions."
  211. [20:51:53] <Natalie> "Ohh... that's fine too.  I've still been look- er, I mean, I'm still interested in hearing about her.  Like, I never knew that before..."  Well MAYBE she did.  But not that she remembers!
  212. [20:51:59] <@Jasper> "If you carry one on your person, there is a chance, although slight, that Phoenix will come to your rescue should you fall in battle."
  213. [20:52:38] <@Jasper> "For those of us who aren't summoners, though, that consumes the pinion in the process and they're already rather rare..."
  214. [20:52:41] <Natalie> "Aha, so you've..."
  215. [20:52:51] * Natalie realizes this means he got his ass kicked and tries to sidestep that.
  216. [20:53:26] <Natalie> "I seeeeeee."
  217. [20:53:42] <@Jasper> "..." he coughs and rebounds. "As far as her traits, Phoenix is supposedly a kind and motherly eidolon that watches over the living like her own hatchlings."
  218. [20:54:05] <@Jasper> "She goes through a cycle of rebirth herself, growing old and dying much like we humans do, but being reborn in a blaze of fire."
  219. [20:54:13] <Natalie> !
  220. [20:54:30] <Natalie> "Ohh... okay.  That's definitely a lot more than I knew.  Thanks!"
  221. [20:54:43] <Natalie> "Maybe..."  She whispers and trails off to herself, making a mental note to write something down later.
  222. [20:54:53] <@Jasper> He smiles. "Of course."
  223. [20:55:14] <Natalie> "And Titan.... hmmm, he sure is big."
  224. [20:55:35] <@Jasper> "Yes, though he's able to move through the earth as if it were an ocean."
  225. [20:55:49] <@Jasper> "This can cause - but isn't the primary reason for - earthquakes."
  226. [20:56:10] * Natalie looks to Carbuncle for a second but decides against yanking her own chain. That's not cool. "So... do you think if there was an earthquake, someone might be able to find him nearby?"
  227. [20:56:14] <Natalie> "That's pretty interesting too!"
  228. [20:56:28] <@Jasper> "It's certainly possible." he nods.
  229. [20:56:51] <Natalie> "Still..."  Now she just goes around looking at them.  "These are really good.  They must've taken a while."
  230. [20:57:20] <Natalie> It's really hard to resist just jumping up and doing the ruby light pose herself.  Goddamn.
  231. [20:57:34] <Natalie> Especially when basking in the feeling of having just been Oldbuncle DOING it a few minutes ago.
  232. [20:57:47] <@Jasper> "Again, thank you. I've devoted quite a bit of time to all of my crafts. In fact-"
  233. [20:57:55] <Natalie> :D?
  234. [20:57:57] <@Jasper> There's a crash, the sound of breaking glass in the next room over.
  235. [20:58:02] <Natalie> !
  236. [20:58:08] * Natalie dashes over like a JRPG hero.
  237. [20:58:18] <Natalie> "What's th-"
  238. [20:58:26] <@Jasper> "Hrm." Jasper seems mostly uninterested, but he follows you.
  239. [20:59:03] * Natalie gets herself armed, hands in pockets and slipped on the knuckles, ready to get in stance. Fortunately she hasn't pulled her hands out yet.
  240. [20:59:56] <@Jasper> You step into a really large room full of all kinds of gemstones and jewelry on display. One of the side windows is broken and a couple of men wearing dark clothes are shoveling loot into a bag.
  241. [21:00:13] <@Jasper> "Burglars. It must be thursday already."
  242. [21:00:23] <Natalie> !!  "You're just gonna LET that happen?"
  243. [21:00:37] <@Jasper> The men freeze, looking over, and Jasper just laughs.
  244. [21:00:38] * Natalie pulls the knuckled hands out, heaven or hell now.
  245. [21:02:50] <@Jasper> "I'm not afraid of them, certainly. But any articles of mine that find their way to the black market will end up back in my hands the same night. I think anyone bold enough to rob me in broad daylight should be able to enjoy one last fine drink before I have them killed. But this is a bit different, I have little tolerance for thieves when I have guests."
  246. [21:04:18] <@Jasper> The burglars look betwen themselves and pull out knives. One of them yells, "Yeah, you even think about coming over here and we'll gut yer scrawny asses."
  247. [21:04:21] <Natalie> "IIIII... don't really get it, but you sure sound like you know what you're doing."  Nat turns to the thieves, quirking an eyebrow at them.  It's more-or-less an 'any last words?' look.
  248. [21:05:00] * Natalie gets in stance and sighs. "They don't even look very tough."
  249. [21:05:01] <@Jasper> Jasper reaches into his pockets and pulls out those weird brass knuckle things.
  250. [21:05:21] <Natalie> Nat's brass knuckles are on too, of course.  Fuck yeah.  +10 respect.
  251. [21:05:25] <@Jasper> He flicks the knives out. "No, probably not."
  252. [21:05:46] <@Jasper> "Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a thrashing." Combat!
  253. [21:05:50] <@Jasper> Burglar x2
  254. [21:05:55] <Natalie> "Alright, I'll help!"
  255. [21:05:57] <Natalie> (yessssss)
  256. [21:06:28] * Natalie decides to go second, not in DW stance today. Nor perplexed. Earth-Piercing!
  257. [21:06:47] <@Jasper>
  258. [21:08:05] <@Jasper> Jasper himself rushes forward, quickly slamming his fists into one of them, and then rakes a blade across the crook's face. With a squeeze of his hand, the weapon also fires a crossbow bolt.
  259. [21:08:21] <Natalie> this guy is a genuine badass
  260. [21:08:35] <@Jasper> 2d6+5
  261. [21:08:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, 2d6+5: 8 [2d6=1,2]
  262. [21:08:40] <@Jasper> 2d6+5 Quick Hit
  263. [21:08:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, Quick Hit: 13 [2d6=2,6]
  264. [21:08:53] <Natalie> Ooh, did the first one visibly miss?
  265. [21:09:06] <@Jasper> 2d6+5 blade reroll
  266. [21:09:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, blade reroll: 13 [2d6=3,5]
  267. [21:09:11] <Natalie> good answer
  268. [21:09:33] <@Jasper> No, each of his attacks land soundly, wounding the burglar!
  269. [21:09:47] <Natalie> So much for looking cool and helpful, but Nat spins in place.  "I got this!"
  270. [21:09:52] <Natalie> 2d6+5 on the same dude
  271. [21:09:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, on the same dude: 15 [2d6=6,4]
  272. [21:10:04] <Natalie> Ex~ec~ut~io~n~
  273. [21:10:27] <@Jasper> Fluff it!
  274. [21:10:40] * Natalie reappears behind him and snaps her finger. There's suddenly a lot of red. 98 ARM! -10 defenses!
  275. [21:11:15] <@Jasper> "Agh!" The burglar swings at you, Nat!
  276. [21:11:16] <Natalie> And byuust~
  277. [21:11:17] <@Jasper> 2d6+4
  278. [21:11:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, 2d6+4: 7 [2d6=2,1]
  279. [21:11:24] <Natalie> Nope 1,1inb4 blade reroll
  280. [21:11:35] <@Jasper> The other guy swings at Jasper.
  281. [21:11:37] <@Jasper> 2d6+4
  282. [21:11:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, 2d6+4: 9 [2d6=2,3]
  283. [21:11:42] <@Jasper> Nope
  284. [21:11:56] <@Jasper> 2d6+5 Jasper Counterattacks.
  285. [21:11:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, Jasper Counterattacks.: 15 [2d6=6,4]
  286. [21:11:58] * Natalie tilts her head a bit. "Uh, are these guys... even trying?"
  287. [21:12:05] <@Jasper> 2d6+5 Quick Hit
  288. [21:12:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, Quick Hit: 7 [2d6=1,1]
  289. [21:12:18] * Natalie 1,1follows dust's shitty rules and only counterattacks when a hit connects. Boo shame on her, everyone laugh
  290. [21:12:21] <@Jasper> 1d6 dual wielding reroll
  291. [21:12:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, dual wielding reroll: 6 [1d6=6]
  292. [21:13:18] <@Jasper> The burglar comes at Jasper with a knife, but Jasper sidesteps, grabs the crook's arm, knees him in the stomach, flips him onto the floor, and shoots a second crossbow bolt into him.
  293. [21:13:24] <@Jasper> 2d6+5 and then normal attack.
  294. [21:13:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, and then normal attack.: 12 [2d6=5,2]
  295. [21:13:38] * Natalie gets ready for another, checking to see if #1's still up. If not she's ready for tales-style comboing to keep the guy staggered.
  296. [21:13:45] <Natalie> Er.
  297. [21:13:47] <Natalie> ... If so.
  298. [21:13:49] <@Jasper> He's juuust up at this point, woozy.
  299. [21:14:03] <Natalie> 2d6+6 oh might as well finish the job
  300. [21:14:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, oh might as well finish the job: 11 [2d6=3,2]
  301. [21:14:07] <@Jasper> Pow
  302. [21:14:54] <Natalie> 101 ARM this time!  And more debuffs if he can take them, but, lol.  Nat shouts this one and dashes across the room with a stream of red following.  "Fiiiiinishing strike!  Keen-Edged Blade!!"
  303. [21:15:15] <@Jasper> A finishing strike it is! Describe how you take him out!
  304. [21:15:53] <Natalie> The lasers dissipate until she turns around, BURSTING into a wide stream of red!  ... It's not aimed for his vitals, though, as Nat is Chaotic Good 0,0just to make cast, the hater of D&D alignments, rage
  305. [21:16:41] <@Jasper> Meanwhile Jasper removes an odd, circular device from his pocket and tosses it over the head of the other guy. It lands on the floor behind him with a click. Jasper himself moves forward and begins rapidly striking at his abdomen, and then does a backflip kick, knocking the burglar into the air, before landing back on his feet and slamming his fist into him.
  306. [21:16:45] <@Jasper> 3#2d6+5 Asuran Fists
  307. [21:16:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, Asuran Fists: 17 [2d6=6,6], 11 [2d6=4,2], 16 [2d6=6,5]
  308. [21:16:50] <Natalie> dear god
  309. [21:17:03] <@Jasper> 2d6+5
  310. [21:17:04] <Natalie> oh yeah boosted up to 7/13 for reference
  311. [21:17:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  312. [21:17:14] <@Jasper> 2d6+5
  313. [21:17:15] <Natalie> Will that matter?  HIGHLY UNLIKELY
  314. [21:17:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, 2d6+5: 16 [2d6=6,5]
  315. [21:17:18] <@Jasper> 2d6+5
  316. [21:17:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=2,4]
  317. [21:17:27] <@Jasper> 2d6+5 Quick Hit
  318. [21:17:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Jasper, Quick Hit: 17 [2d6=6,6]
  319. [21:18:08] * Natalie stands back and watches the carnage.
  320. [21:18:54] <Anise> (god damn)
  321. [21:18:59] <Anise> (this guy)
  322. [21:19:05] <Natalie> (genuine badass, I said it earlier)
  323. [21:19:08] <@Jasper> The burglar lands on the device and there's a bit of an explosion as the mine detonates, launching him back up into the air again but doing surprisingly little damage to the floor. Jasper seems to blur as he closes in and rapidly starts kicking the burglar, juggling him midair. The thief lands, and Jasper pulls him to his feet, dusts him off, then slowly removes his brass knuckle, then his
  324. [21:19:08] <@Jasper> glove, and then slaps the man with his glove, sending him to the floor again.
  325. [21:19:36] <@Jasper> "This is what you get for being rude when I have company." he tsks at the unconscious burglars.
  326. [21:19:42] <Natalie> "... Poor guy."
  327. [21:19:46] <Anise> (god damn)
  328. [21:20:29] * Natalie walks over to the burglar and shakes her head a bit, then Tifaposes. "But whew! That workout was WAY more fun than having to act all stuffy."
  329. [21:20:55] <@Jasper> He puts his glove back on and sticks his weapons back into his coat pocket. "That -was- fairly nice for a change."
  330. [21:21:33] <@Jasper> Jasper simply picks the men up and boots them out the window they came through, then calmly begins putting the stolen jewelry back in its proper place.
  331. [21:21:39] <Natalie> Nat puts her own emerald knuckles back in their respective pockets, dragging the burglars together and glancing around to see if there's anything to- oh nevermind he's got this.
  332. [21:22:09] <Natalie> "'Hem.  Right uh, where were we again?"
  333. [21:22:24] <Natalie> This is truly the work of a legitimate businessman.
  334. [21:23:17] <Natalie> If not for cait existing 1,1and the fact that he obviously hired those guys to rob him so he could show off his 'likelihood to get some tonight' meter would be like through the roof.  But he probably doesn't want a 15-year-old anyway.  Or a 6,000-or-so-year-old.  Both of those are probably turn-offs.
  335. [21:23:35] <@Jasper> "I was showing you around my gallery of inventions, sculptures, and decidedly not stolen jewelry. Please mind the mess."
  336. [21:24:55] <@Jasper> "It's so hard to keep the house clean these days." he sighs, a bit annoyed.
  337. [21:25:01] <Natalie> "'Course," she leaps over some window shards.  "So this jewelry..."
  338. [21:25:14] * Natalie doesn't even flinch at the idea of it being stolen, just eagerly looking at it.
  339. [21:25:27] <Natalie> And admiring the quality and other stuff you'd expect somebody with a ruby in their forehead to do.
  340. [21:26:36] <Natalie> "You were saying something about maybe selling some or something?"  :D :D :D :D :D
  341. [21:26:37] <@Jasper> "Ah, yes, see anything that piques your curiosity?" There's quite a selection. He wasn't kidding. He's not only got things like Diamonds and Emeralds and Topazes, but Garnets, Pumice, a Phoenix Pinion, wait, what's that one? There's an orb of pure, pulsating darkness in one display, with a big red label saying "DO NOT TOUCH"
  342. [21:26:47] <Natalie> you said the d word
  344. [21:28:17] <@Jasper> "You're interested in buying?" he looks a bit surprised. "Very well, then - I do deal in gems as merchandise... what interests you?"
  345. [21:28:24] <Natalie> "That one!"  Her eyes are on the diamond as soon as he finishes the sentence, much like any rich girl would be unfortunately for the fact of being Carbuncle, barely even batting an eye at the deathball.  "I've been looking for something just like that for a while.... I don't remember why," she trails off at the last bit.
  346. [21:29:38] * Natalie curiously doesn't go for the fanciest one, if there are many, but rather the lowest-quality diamond he happens to have.
  347. [21:29:44] <Natalie> That happens to still be obviously a diamond.
  348. [21:29:47] <Natalie> If... applicable.
  349. [21:30:09] <@Jasper> "They do say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I'm hesitant to believe cliches like that - regardless yes, that's quite a nice Diamond." he pulls the egg-sized lump out of its display, showing her. "A gem about this size runs around six thousand on the market, but as you're a special guest, I'd be happy to offer it for five."
  350. [21:30:32] <Natalie> 1d100 approximate hilarity levels place, dicemaid
  351. [21:30:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, approximate hilarity levels place, dicemaid: 100 [1d100=100]
  352. [21:30:35] <Natalie> -place +please
  353. [21:30:45] <Natalie> I don't know if that's 'the least hilarious' or 'the most hilarious'
  354. [21:30:55] <@Jasper> Probably the most hilarious!
  355. [21:31:35] <Natalie> "Are you kidding?  That's hardly anything, I'd give you seven!"
  356. [21:31:37] <Natalie> GREATEST
  357. [21:31:38] <Natalie> HAGGLER
  358. [21:31:38] <Natalie> EVER
  359. [21:32:56] <@Jasper> He smiles, but he looks unsure. "Are you certain? I feel as though I haven't been a gracious enough host to warrant such generosity."
  360. [21:33:26] <Natalie> "I was worried they'd be like... millions and millions or something."  She stares at it sparkly-eyed.  "I guess I'm just excited, I can't remember the last time I've seen a real one..."
  361. [21:33:27] <Natalie> !!!!!
  362. [21:33:33] <Natalie> Is it real?
  363. [21:33:44] <Natalie> How uh... how would one go about checking this?
  364. [21:33:59] <@Jasper> Roll a...
  365. [21:34:03] <@Jasper> Gem Polishing check
  366. [21:34:09] <Natalie> Do I have time to self-faith?
  367. [21:34:12] <@Jasper> Sure.
  368. [21:34:23] * Natalie takes a deep breath and channels the heart of the gems
  369. [21:34:28] <Natalie> 2d6+6 and then rolls a 1,1
  370. [21:34:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, and then rolls a 1,1: 14 [2d6=6,2]
  371. [21:35:13] <@Jasper> This is definitely real. And fairly high quality, too. It might even be worth a little bit more than what he's telling you.
  372. [21:35:31] <Natalie> FANGIRL LEVELS MAXIMIZED
  373. [21:36:34] <@Jasper> In fact
  374. [21:36:59] <@Jasper> With your expertise, you're certain this has already been polished a bit, to +3.
  375. [21:37:48] <@Jasper> didn't see anyone else here, Jasper might have done it himself for all you know.
  376. [21:37:53] <Natalie> "... You ARE really nice, mister."  She holds it if able, otherwise just looking it over really closely.  So much so it's like she's wearing an invisible monocle.  "And you took such good care of it..."  Headshake.  "I'm glad you'd try to treat me special, but if you say it's 6, sure!"
  377. [21:38:45] <Natalie> "I might wanna do business again sometime after all, right?  And this feels really important to me for some reason."
  378. [21:39:05] <@Jasper> "I do say so, and I also say that you're welcome back here -anytime- you like, Lady Aitchison. Even if it's not for business - especially if it's not for business."
  379. [21:39:37] <Natalie> "Ehehe.  Actually, even another workout would be a good reason... you said they come on thursdays?"
  380. [21:39:42] * Natalie jots that down.
  381. [21:40:01] <@Jasper> He laughs. "They're not THAT regular, actually. That was just a one-liner."
  382. [21:40:11] <@Jasper> "But my house is targeted pretty often, yes."
  383. [21:40:30] <Natalie> But like a total sap she just fishes out the money without a care.  God damn, she has a bunch left and is probably too bad at knowing social etiquette to hide the jangling.
  384. [21:40:58] <@Jasper> He takes the gil without even counting it, a smile on his face.
  385. [21:41:11] <@Jasper> "Can I offer you a glass of wine? If you've nowhere to be, that is."
  386. [21:41:12] <Natalie> "Aww.  Still!  You'd think they'd at least learn how to steal before... doing it.  It's almost like they were trying to get caught on purpose."
  387. [21:41:23] * Natalie looks out the broken window. Uh, how late IS it getting?
  388. [21:41:41] <@Jasper> It's been about an hour since you parted ways with Theta and Amby.
  389. [21:41:58] <Natalie> And the chocobo stables close at oh shit she forgot to ask
  390. [21:42:02] <@Jasper> "Oh, they aren't very intelligent, that's for certain. There are much better places - and people - to steal from than me."
  391. [21:43:18] <Natalie> "Mm-hmm!  Aaaactually I have a couple traveling partners to meet with, that's why I thought I'd come say hi before leaving.  But..."  Oh right, you listed some examples but did he have any sapphires?
  392. [21:43:36] <Natalie> If this guy is a con artist he's too nice to do a good job at it.  Mmmmaybe...
  393. [21:43:37] <@Jasper> He sure does.
  394. [21:43:45] <Natalie> Oh, then he doesn't need any.
  395. [21:43:47] <Natalie> ...
  396. [21:43:55] <Natalie> Ah hell, do they look polished?
  397. [21:44:07] <@Jasper> A bit, yes!
  398. [21:44:36] <Natalie> Okay then a few glances determine he sells, but doesn't buy.  Because he steals them all.  ... Which anybody but Nat would know.
  399. [21:46:12] <@Jasper> He might buy! You didn't actually ask.
  400. [21:46:13] <Natalie> Oh hell why not, she pulls out the +2 sapphire for the hell of it.  Almost out-of-character but she knows it's not her OWN jewel and that he isn't a summoner.  "Um, since trading these back-and-forth for money is a thing, before I forget, you have any idea how much... this usually goes for?"
  401. [21:46:17] <Natalie> DID NOW
  402. [21:46:55] <@Jasper> He takes the sapphire for a moment and pulls out some sort of lens for his eye that he examines it with.
  403. [21:47:25] <Natalie> If only he were an eidolon, he could do it without a lens.  Ha ha!  ... No just kidding in Nat's case that's probably 'being a protagonist.'
  404. [21:48:19] <Natalie> Alternatively it's a complex process involving subtly reflecting light off it from her ruby and being able to tell that way whether it's real or fake with amplifying and etc etc oh who am I kidding the player knows nothing about detecting phony jewels
  405. [21:49:25] <@Jasper> "At full price, I could probably get about 1500 selling something like this, as well polished as it is, and I'd buy it for about half that."
  406. [21:50:19] <@Jasper> "Though... I recognize this particular sapphire, actually."
  407. [21:50:30] <Natalie> "Mhm... I thought it'd be around something like that.  I don't remember where I got it..."  She scratches her head a bit nervously.  "... Huh?  Particular?"
  408. [21:50:51] <@Jasper> "I gave this to the traveling moogle, Stiltzkin, in return for some help he provided."
  409. [21:50:59] <@Jasper> "I suppose you were lucky enough to buy it from him."
  410. [21:51:39] <@Jasper> He nods. "Every individual gem has its own unique structure."
  411. [21:51:54] <Natalie> "Oh... I see.  Well I've been traveling with my group, so maybe!  ... That's pretty amazing, being able to tell a single gem apart like that."
  412. [21:52:14] * Natalie looks over to dicemaid for the hilarity meter. ... Hmmm.
  413. [21:52:16] <@Jasper> He smiles and hands it back to you. "Oh, I just have a head for remembering."
  414. [21:53:26] <Natalie> "Aha!  Thanks!  Well, if you thought you wanted it I could sell it back but if you already owned it that's a bit silly, huh... I might have an idea for a home for it in that case."
  415. [21:53:54] <Natalie> 1d100 okay I'm gonna do it dicemaid
  416. [21:53:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, okay I'm gonna do it dicemaid: 94 [1d100=94]
  417. [21:54:06] <Natalie> we've determined 'high' is 'silly,' let's do it
  418. [21:54:06] <@Jasper> Sure is hilarious today!
  419. [21:54:43] <Natalie> "... So each one has their own unique structure?"
  420. [21:55:07] <@Jasper> He nods.
  421. [21:55:20] <@Jasper> "No gem is exactly alike, even from sapphire to sapphire, or ruby to ruby."
  422. [21:55:33] <@Jasper> "Like snowflakes, they form unique structures."
  423. [21:55:47] <Natalie> "Well I don't wanna bother you too much but I don't think I'm in THAT much of a hurry, so just curious..."
  424. [21:56:41] * Natalie bends forward a bit, pointing to her head. "I don't wanna take this tiara off, but the Ruby... er, on it. Have you ever seen something like it before? It might have been around a lot."
  425. [21:56:58] <@Jasper> "Well, let's see."
  426. [21:57:09] <@Jasper> He leans in and has a look at your ruby with that lens.
  427. [21:57:17] <Natalie> One would imagine she's just having too much fun by this point.
  428. [21:57:23] <@Jasper> "...My word."
  429. [21:57:34] <Natalie> "~?"
  430. [21:59:14] <@Jasper> "This ruby has an absolutely flawless structure. I don't recognize it exactly, but its quality is through the roof. A gemstone like this is probably worth several hundreds of thousands of gil. Especially if it had a nicer shine to it."
  431. [21:59:32] <Natalie> Oh my GOD it feels good to be appreciated
  432. [22:00:09] * Natalie even blushes a bit. "You... really think so? Oh my~! It was ah... it was um..." Oops, excuse time.
  433. [22:00:44] <Natalie> "It was an... important present, so I can't ever sell it or anything... but I just wanted to hear an expert opinion!"
  434. [22:00:58] <Natalie> "Thanks, you've really helped me a lot."
  435. [22:02:11] <@Jasper> He nods. "I certainly wouldn't sell it. It's beautiful... It brings out your eyes nicely.  And of course. As I said, my doors are open any time."
  436. [22:03:21] <Natalie> "All right," she uh... how was that handled again?  Oh, right, handshaking.  Businesspeople handshake.  ... Don't they?  She holds out a hand anyway.  "I'll definitely be back sometime, since you're so honest.  I'll bring lots of money with me too, guaranteed!"
  437. [22:03:48] <Natalie> Really she just looks so satisfied at somebody complimenting the ruby.  Kyaaaaa.
  438. [22:03:52] <@Jasper> He shakes your hand. "I'd settle for good company and a smile as well."
  439. [22:04:08] <@Jasper> "Please do drop by again if you happen to be in the area, Ms. Aitchison."
  440. [22:04:11] <Natalie> "Then next time I'm around," she winks.
  441. [22:04:36] <@Jasper> He grins. "Let me show you out."
  442. [22:04:47] <Natalie> 1d100 hilaridar
  443. [22:04:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, hilaridar: 68 [1d100=68]
  444. [22:04:52] <Natalie> "Okay!"
  445. [22:05:05] <@Jasper> He takes your arm again and walks you back to the entrance.
  446. [22:05:34] * Natalie walks back, overwhelmingly happy. Like you'd think her smile wouldn't even fit on her face.
  447. [22:06:22] <@Jasper> He opens the door for you, and holds his arm out. "It was wonderful entertaining you. I hope you had as much fun as I did."
  448. [22:07:10] * Natalie spins around outside and gives a little thankful gesture. "Definitely! I'll stay around for a glass some other time, but I gotta be in a hurry."
  449. [22:07:26] <@Jasper> He nods. "Farewell, then!"
  450. [22:07:34] <@Jasper> And he closes the door quietly.
  451. [22:07:49] * Natalie reaches up to make sure the tiara's still there.
  452. [22:07:58] <Natalie> YOU NEVER KNOW
  453. [22:08:35] <Natalie> Or maybe it's just to rub her ruby.  Definitely doing that anyway.
  454. [22:08:39] <@Jasper> Yep, still there.
  455. [22:08:53] <@Jasper> You bought a Diamond+3!
  456. [22:08:59] <Natalie> Then, she begins walking~  "Sometimes it's good to be appreciated."
  457. [22:09:05] <Natalie> Walk walk walk.
  458. [22:09:08] <Natalie> Walk.
  459. [22:09:13] * Natalie pauses in the middle of the street.
  460. [22:09:22] <Natalie> "Oh crap I have no clue where the chocobo stables are!"
  461. [22:10:30] <@Jasper> Tier 7 Component. HP Restore, Body Temp, Accurate, and Special Ability (???)
  462. [22:10:41] <Natalie> I fucking love ???
  463. [22:11:07] <@Jasper> and </thing>
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