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SilentPatch 1.1 (build 27) San Andreas - Inglés

Matias_Montanna Feb 1st, 2017 2 Never
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  1. GTA SA: (last update: 27.07.2016)
  3. 14ms frame delay has been removed. As a result, game now locks properly on 30 FPS instead of 25 FPS
  4. More precise frame limiter, reducing lag spikes a bit when playing with Frame Limiter on
  5. Game FPS has been limited to 1000 FPS (with Frame Limiter off) to prevent freezing during fadeout moments
  6. Mouse should not lock up randomly when exiting the menu on newer systems anymore
  7. Mouse vertical axis sensitivity now matches horizontal axis sensitivity
  8. Mouse vertical axis does not lock during camera fadeins now
  9. NUM5 is now bindable (like in 1.01)
  10. 16:9 resolutions are now selectable (like in 1.01)
  11. If the settings file is absent, the game will now default to your desktop resolution instead of 800x600x32
  12. DirectPlay dependency has been removed - this should improve compatibility with Windows 8 and newer
  13. Path to the GTA San Andreas User Files directory is now obtained differently, increasing compatibility and future-proofing the games more
  14. A heap corruption in one place is now fixed (did not affect gameplay but could potentially make the game crash)
  15. EAX/NVIDIA splashes are now removed (can be toggled on/off; OFF by default)
  16. Subtitle and Radio text sizes can now be toggled between the original release and updated Steam version (defaults to Steam sizes)
  17. Area name colour now matches the gang colour of the gang that owns that territory (Los Santos only) (can be toggled on/off; DISABLED by default)
  18. Wet road reflections render properly again (just like with Road Reflections Fix)
  19. Fixed sun lens flare effect not appearing with AMD/Intel graphics cards
  20. Fixed an issue introducing graphical artifacts from ped animations with high RAM usage - so called "streaming memory bug"
  21. Fixed a bug causing cheat-spawned melee weapons to be forcibly replaced by other melee weapons upon walking into a pickup
  22. Helicopter rotors and plane propellers now work correctly. They now have a blurring effect present in VC and PS2 version of SA. This fix can be disabled separately for each file via the INI file
  23. Hunter interior does not dissapear when viewed through the glass door panel
  24. Dual rear wheels now show up properly (Yosemite, Tanker etc.)
  25. Weapons are now visible when viewed through a vehicle window
  26. Holding a weapon will not cause some objects to be incorrectly lit anymore
  27. Blown up vehicles are now correctly coloured and no longer shine (like in 1.01 and Steam versions)
  28. Dirty cars are now able to get clean (like in 1.01)
  29. Each car has an unique numberplate now
  30. Custom numberplates now show up correctly in all cases
  31. Custom numberplates are now also allowed on bikes
  32. Numberplates are now bilinear filtered, resulting in a smoother look
  33. Vehicle lights do not get dark after being being initially lit anymore (like on PS2)
  34. Detached vehicle parts will now remain the same colour as the vehicle they came from
  35. Detached vehicle parts now render from both sides
  36. Moonphases now show up correctly, like on PS2 version (only when playing in 32-bit colour mode)
  37. Toggling car lights on does not make windows invisible when viewed from inside anymore
  38. Illumination value from timecyc.dat now accepts any float value in 0.0-2.0 ranges, not just 0.0, 1.0 and 2.0
  39. In addition, if illumination value is absent from the timecycle (like on a stock PC timecycle), the game will now default to 1.0
  40. Lights now get casted on vehicles and peds properly - previously, they'd dissapear under some conditions
  41. In addition, when playing on Visual FX Quality higher than low, the game will now cast up to 6 lights on each model both indoors and outdoors (on Low details, game's stock behaviour has been kept - allowing up to 4 lights per model outdoors and 6 indoors)
  42. Introduced several fixes for rendering objects with an alpha channel, including an experimental two-pass rendering mode (see SilentPatchSA.ini for more details; can be toggled on/off, DISABLED by default). Two-pass can be selected to use Silent's code or aap's code - the latter aims towards emulating the PS2 alpha test
  43. Muzzle flash looks better now
  44. Muzzle flash will now show up when firing the last bullet from the clip
  45. Coronas' don't have a Z test forced all the time now - as a result, sunglare now matches original PS2 version
  46. Night Vertex Colours are now handled by a shader - as a result, transistion from day to night vertex colours is now smooth, just like on PS2 version
  47. With User Tracks automatic scan enabled, MP3 playback will now work properly if QuickTime is not installed
  48. User Tracks now supports the FLAC codec (Only 8/16/24bits, Mono/Stereo and up to 48Khz)
  49. PCM WAVE has been expanded to also accept additional profiles (Now 8/16/24bits, Mono/Stereo and up to 48Khz)
  50. PCM WAVE files with an ID3-TAG will now also work with the game
  51. Temple and Queens are now correctly called on the police scanner
  52. Travelling far away from the map will no longer trigger the extra gang territories glitch, nor will it corrupt the Taxi Driver submission
  53. Gym glitch ("You have worked out enough... " showing infinitely) has been fixed (can be toggled on/off; ENABLED by default)
  54. Saving in Madd Dogg's mansion will no longer trigger the missing basketball glitch (can be toggled on/off; ENABLED by default)
  55. Fixed an occasional softlock in Mountain Cloud Boys - the player will not freeze after arriving to the meeting anymore (can be toggled on/off; ENABLED by default)
  56. Impound garages now function correctly, allowing the player to recover his last vehicle after it had vanished after a mission start
  57. In addition, impound garages will now store player's car when he's busted
  58. Streamed entity list has been expanded a bit, so now the game world shouldn't flash when looking down with high Draw Distance settings anymore
  59. Mouse rotates an airborne car only with Steer with Mouse option enabled
  60. Towtruck tow hitch does not get bugged after it has been fixed anymore
  61. Plane doors don't corrupt after the plane has been fixed anymore
  62. Fixing a plane will now reset its moving props to an undamaged state
  63. Several vehicle components (most notably, Rumpo's front bumper and Bandito's moving prop) will not get glitched after the vehicle has been fixed anymore
  64. Weapons and a jetpack now cast proper shadows
  65. Crosshair doesn't mess up weapon icon when on a jetpack anymore
  66. Free resprays will not carry on a New Game now
  67. Previously present only on PS2, 'Cars drive on water' cheat is now toggleable - its string is SEAROADER
  68. Randomizer error causing peds not to spawn in some areas has been fixed
  69. Randomizer error causing prostitutes to be quiet during solicit has been fixed
  70. Text boxes now can show together with a Mission Passed text
  71. Fixed a 1.01 only tiny memory leak which occured every time the player switched a radio station
  72. Fixed an occasional crash when Alt+Tabbing back to the game while standing next to a mirror
  73. Mirror reflection doesn't break with Anti-Aliasing enabled anymore
  74. With Visual FX Quality set to Very High, mirror reflection quality has been bumped
  75. Anti-Aliasing option has been altered - instead of listing 1, 2, 3 options (which in fact are 2x/2x/4x MSAA), the game will now show proper MSAA values from 2x up to 16x (depending on max MSAA level supported by the graphics card)
  76. Colliding with another car will now damage proper parts on both cars - previously, both cars got damaged the same way
  77. Fixed a crash on car explosions - most likely to happen when playing with a multimonitor setup
  78. Fixed a crash when entering advanced display options on a dual monitor machine after: starting game on primary monitor in maximum resolution, exiting, starting again in maximum resolution on secondary monitor. Secondary monitor maximum resolution had to be greater than maximum resolution of primary monitor.
  79. Fixed an occasional crash occuring when standing next to escalators
  80. Slightly reduced stencil shadows memory overhead
  81. Steam version has proper aspect ratios now
  82. IMG size checks have been removed from the Steam version
  83. Steam version of the game will not reject 1.0/1.01 saves anymore (still, a compatible SCM is needed for the save to work)
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