What the hell...

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  1. [22:46:21] You are joining a chat with Me
  2. [22:46:24] Patrick: Thank you for chatting with Verizon Tech Coach! My name is Patrick. How may I assist you today?
  3. [22:46:41] Me: My order
  4. [22:47:19] Patrick: It's definitely important to be able to get information concerning your order. As your Tech Coach I'll be more than happy to assist you today.
  5. [22:47:21] Patrick: Before we begin, may I please have your full name and the phone number for the device that we will be working with today?
  6. [22:48:05] Me: Ibush Rexhepi my Phon Nr XXX-XXX-XXXX
  7. [22:48:56] Patrick: Fantastic! I appreciate it, and is it okay if I call you by your first name today?
  8. [22:49:01] Me: I order iPhone 6plus I
  9. [22:50:54] Me: I se my confirm iphon6 is not iPhone 6plus
  10. [22:51:38] Patrick: If you have received the incorrect device you may want to get in contact with our customer care department at (800) 922-0204. They should be able to get the order pulled up and see the details about this.
  11. [22:52:30] Me: No working naw
  12. [22:52:58] Patrick: Are you not able to call the number provided?
  13. [22:53:40] Me: Tho wat time working
  14. [22:53:58] Patrick: Our customer care department closes at 9pm your local time.
  15. [22:55:20] Me: Okey haw I can have tomorrow another Phon
  16. [22:56:19] Patrick: The best thing to do would to be to get in contact with our customer care department as soon as you can tomorrow. However if you ordered the device online you may want to get in contact with our telesales department at 800-256-4646. I beleive they are also closed as well.
  17. [22:57:37] Me: Thanks I pay overnight service
  18. [22:57:55] Patrick: Sounds good! They should be able to get everything taken care of for you.
  19. [22:59:02] Patrick: Is there anything else I can assist you with this evening?
  20. [22:59:36] Patrick: I hope that I was able to help you today. Please re-contact us if you require further assistance.
  21. [22:59:36] The conversation has been ended.
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