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Aug 20th, 2016
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  1. "The Strongest Shinobi"
  2. During the days of Konoha's beginning, a young ninja who inspired to be the strongest ninja had surfaced. Sytima a the jutsuless ninja was taijutsu specialist determined to be the greatest shinobi in history, worked hard on regular workouts everyday to become the strongest. His arms would stretch out vigorusly as he'd punch into the air as sweat roll down his arms, and flew into the wind.
  4. He'd bend down almost as if he were sitting down into a chair, and he'd stand erect again, and then pretend he would sit down once more, repeating this process 100 times. Pushing himself to the maximum, his last few repititions felt like he was going to tear his muscles, and never be able to use his arms again. Every single day he trained himself physically, considering he didn't use any jutsu.
  6. Most of his techniques were his own self made taijutsu abilities.
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