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  1. HanaTama playing Shiritori in a Private Chatroom on a Certain App
  3. p1
  4. >Tama-chan: I'm bored. Wanna play shiritori?
  5. >Ichinose Hana: Sure, okay.
  6. >t: I'll start. "Apple"! (ringo)
  7. >h: G-G-... "Gorilla (gorira)"
  8. >t: Trumpet! (rappa)
  9. >h: P-Parsley (paseri)
  10. >t: Lip cream! (rippu kuriimu)
  11. >h: Mood maker (muudo meekaa)
  12. >t: Towel dry! (kanpumasatsu)
  13. >h: Supension bridge effect (tsuribashi kouka)
  14. >t: Advisor! (kanpaku)
  15. >h: Warehouse (kura)
  16. >t: Rhyme! (raimu)
  18. p2
  19. >t: Rhyme! (raimu)
  20. >h: Trance (muchuu)
  21. >t: Cow! (ushi)
  22. >h: Jealousy (shitto)
  23. >t: ...?
  24. >t: Th-Thoughtless! (toneteki)
  25. >h: Kiss (kisu)
  26. >t: Ki-!?
  27. >h: What's wrong, Tama-chan?
  28. >t: I-It's nothing...
  29. >t: (I'm just imagining things, right? She was probably talking about the fish called kiss...)
  30. >t: Let's keep going!
  31. >t: Watermelon! (suika)
  34. p3
  35. >t: Watermelon! (suika)
  36. >h: One-sided love (kataomoi)
  37. >t: I-Image training! (imetore)
  38. >h: Romance (renai)
  39. >t: Chair! (isu)
  40. >h: Love (suki)
  41. >t: Lo-!?
  42. >t: (falls over)
  43. >h: Tama-chan!?
  45. p4
  46. >Inside Momochi Tamate's brain
  47. >t: Hana-chan... What a frightening girl...!
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