Oct 5th, 2015
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  1. Before you look up, you close your eyes and wipe the tears from your face in your snot-soaked covers, still sniffling as you did so.
  3. “Huh?” you wearily reply, blowing your nose hard into the messy violet cloth.
  5. “LIL SIS!”
  7. Suddenly, you feel yourself being grabbed and hoisted up onto the bed. You can feel someone wrapping their arms around you and hugging you in a very tight embrace. You briefly open your watery eyes to see strands of curvy light-brown hair brushing against your face. It had a wonderful smell to it, almost like it had some kind of perfume with a citrus scent.
  9. What felt even more wonderful, however, was simply being hugged. To have a warm, soft, living body hugging you…sharing heat and touch with you…it made you feel a hundred times better than what you were feeling before. This is what a real hug felt like. You so love this feeling and you never ever want it to go away.
  11. Almost instinctively, you raise your arms up and start hugging them back. You hug as hard as you can and bury your head into their shoulder, shaking and rocking with them, still sniffling out a few more tears.
  13. “There, there Lil Sis. Shh…shh. It’s okay. Big Sis is here. It’s okay. I’ve got you. Everything is gonna be alright.”
  15. She starts cooing sweet reassurances and hugs you back harder, rocking with you and nuzzling her face into your shoulder. You can feel her gently rubbing her arms back and forth against your back, carefully avoiding your folded wings.
  17. Ooooooooohhhhhhh…it felt so wonderful to have someone cuddling you like this. All of your anxieties and negative energies, you could feel, were draining from you, only to be replaced with love and peace. Whoever she was, she made you feel alive and loved. You don’t want her to let go of you. You don’t want to let go of her.
  19. Yet as you both hug one another like this for what seems like an eternity, she starts to slowly release you from her grasp. You move back a little to give her some room. Then, as you turn to face her…as you turn to face her…wait…no…no way. T-That’s impossible. Is that…?
  21. What sat before you was another pony. You could see wings resting against the sides of her back. She was a pegasus just like you. She had a white coat very similar to yours. She also had a long, light-brown mane that looked nearly identical to yours, with the only difference being her having a different hue of brown for her mane. Her eyes, you also noticed, were hazel.
  23. That girl…that girl from your dream! She almost looks like her, but as a pony. Feelings of love and shock and peace and eeriness all flood through you. Yet here she was smiling at you with tears in her eyes, like she was so happy to see you. You desperately want her to cuddle you oh so badly again, but the thought that she could be the girl from that dream is enough for you to convey an expression of confusion and angst. Her expression suddenly turns to one of concern as you look at her wearily.
  25. “L-Lil Sis, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”
  27. “W-Who are you?” is all you can say.
  29. She looks at you in shock and you can see her becoming more and more concerned.
  31. “L-Lil Sis. D-Don’t be silly. Don’t you recognize me? I heard you calling for me when I was returning from a grocery run. I’m your Big Sis. You know that, don’t you?”
  33. You stammer for a moment.
  35. “Big Sis? You’re my sister? Were you the one that wrote that card to me?”
  37. She looks down and starts to whimper a little. Your heart starts to sink as you see tears beginning to gently flow down her cheeks. You didn’t want to see her cry. Seeing another pony, let alone one that loved you, was too heartbreaking to witness. It’s almost enough to make you want to start crying again. But you do not. Instead, you scoot up close to her and give her the tightest hug you’ve ever given.
  39. Though you don’t know how, your wings spread open and wrap around her as an extra layer of comfort. You snuggly wrap them around her and yourself, creating a feathery security blanket for the both of you. Your wings were so gorgeous and amazing that you couldn’t even believe you had them.
  41. Yet despite their beauty, you were more concerned about…Big Sis. Who was she? Was Big Sis her real name, or was it something else? Come to think of it, what was your real name? And where were you? You want to ask these questions, but you instead try to comfort her with other words.
  43. “Big Sis, I love you. I love you with all my heart. Please don’t be sad like me. I want my big sister to be happy too. I’m just a little confused. My mind’s just a little fuzzy. That’s all. I still love you just as much as you love me.”
  45. She looks right into your eyes with tears in hers and starts puckering you with small kisses all over your cheeks. Your heart…it’s so soft and melty and mixed with so many raw emotions that you almost can’t handle her affection. It’s too much. Yet you love these mushy feelings. You absolutely love her affection and your heart flutters to be affectionate back with her.
  47. You nuzzle her muzzle to muzzle and try to coo to her with how much you love having her for a sister, even though you didn’t know much about her or yourself. Still though, you notice her beginning to crack a small smile through your cuddling and as a result, you try smiling back to make her feel better.
  49. “It’s okay my little Radiance. *sniffle* I know you love me and I know for sure that I will always love you. It’s just…”
  51. Radiance? Wait, is that your name?
  53. “It’s just that Nurse Reinhold warned me that you might have a little bit of amnesia when you woke. And I thought that you might have completely forgotten who I was and just the thought alone is enough to break my heart.”
  55. Shoot. Okay, save the questions for another time.
  57. “But it’s okay though. I’ll nurse my precious baby sister back to health. Everything’s gonna be alright Lil Sis. I’m here and I will always be here for you. I’ll never leave you again.”
  59. She closes her eyes and hugs you back tightly. You notice that as she starts to do so, she begins to hum some kind of tune. You weren’t sure what it was, nor could you make out the words, but it sounded so heavenly and beautiful that you really felt at peace with her.
  61. Yet your mind still cannot help but wonder who she really is. If she was that girl from your dream, then how are the two of you cartoon ponies from that MLP show? You remember that you were both human in that dream, yet there were no ponies in it.
  63. Wait a minute. Were there ponies in it? You also remember seeing some kind of reflection in that lake. It wasn’t human, but the more you thought about it, it did kind of bare a resemblance to a pony. What the heck did that mean though? Why did that reflection disappear when she was crying and pointing at the water? And why were…you pushed…into the water? Did she do that to you?
  65. You snap out of your thoughts when you feel a breeze brushing against you again from the open window. Though you were nice and warm, it did make your hairs stand up just a little bit. That dream, however, was always a little unnerving to you. There were many parts to it that did not make sense to you, but what made it feel especially eerie was the possibility that the girl from that dream could be your sister bundled right up next to you. That possibility made you feel slightly uneasy. Yet despite your uneasiness, you notice that Big Sis has now stopped humming and was only snuggling back against you.
  67. “Mmm…I love you Lil Sis. Always and forever. I’ll make sure that you never ever get hurt again. I’ll always be here for you Lil Sis. Never ever forget that.”
  69. That’s right. You were in some kind of…accident? That card said you were out cold for a week. Were you already living with Big Sis beforehand? That wouldn’t make any sense. You can’t even remember any of your childhood with Big Sis, or anything else about her or where you’re currently at.
  71. “Lil Sis.”
  73. “Hm?” you quietly respond.
  75. “Nurse Reinhold will be here in a little bit to do her daily check-up on you. You’ve been in here all week. I wanna take you downstairs. She’ll be so happy to see you up and about. Plus, I’ve got some things I wanna show you my little Radiance.”
  77. Big Sis gently kisses you on your forehead and starts to slowly wiggly out of your clutch as you also try to pull yourself away from her in order to give the two of you some room.
  79. What was it about her that made you feel so amazing? It’s like every time something starts to bother you, she’s able to take away the pain and make you feel better about yourself. You absolutely loved any affection she gave you.
  81. Yet as much as you wanted more snuggles and affection from her, you knew it was time to get moving. However, you couldn’t figure out how to operate your wings. They seemed to respond to your emotions, but you couldn’t get them to move around the way you wanted them to. As beautiful as they were, you just couldn’t figure out how to fold them back into place. They sat outstretched on the bed, moving around awkwardly up and down, side to side.
  83. Big Sis starts to giggle a little at what you’re doing.
  85. “You silly little filly.”
  87. You scrunch at her for that and for the difficulty you were having with your wings. Yet she only continues to giggle more and more.
  89. “I know you’re not a filly anymore Silly. But you’ll always be Big Sis’s silly little filly. Here, let me help you, you silly filly you.”
  91. She crawls over to your side and coerces you to lay on your tummy. You proceed to do so with your arms and legs spread out, and with your wings laying side to side. You lie there for a few seconds wondering what she was doing, until…
  93. “Whu-What?” you gasp in surprise.
  95. With a minor yelp, you felt her beginning to nibble on your wings. Wait, was she preening your…your…
  97. “Oh my ssssswwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttt Goddesssss…”
  99. Your eyelids droop halfway and you instinctively roll your eyes upwards, savoring every little bit of pleasure from the sensations you were experiencing. She was preening your wings, your feathers, yet it felt like she was giving you the best massage in all of existence. It felt oh so wonderfully amazing that you begin closing your eyes, simply basking in the comfort of every little pleasurable sensation that you were experiencing.
  101. Seconds feel like hours as Big Sis carefully preens the feathers on your left wing, going across it row by row, carefully tending to all of your beautiful feathers. Dopamine, you could feel, was rapidly coursing through your brain. You didn’t want her to stop.
  103. Yet as she finishes preening the last bit of your left wing, you could feel her leaving your left wing and moving around behind you. You involuntarily let out a small whine, desperate to embark on more of this amazing pleasure. Fortunately, she just as quickly makes it around you to tend to your right wing.
  105. “MMMMMMMMMmmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhh!”
  107. Oh…Oh yeah. T-That’s the stuff right there. Pleasurable sensation after pleasurable sensation continued rippling throughout your body. Whelp. There’s definitely no doubt about it. Hands down, this was way better than anything you have ever felt before. Big Sis was a natural-born masseuse.
  109. You could hear her beginning to hum that beautiful tune again as she continues to carefully and gently preen your feathers. You become so relaxed and at peace that it almost feels like you’re drifting on a fluffy, bubbly cloud. It’s enough to almost make you want to fall back to sleep. After all, if this was what heaven felt like, you never wanted it to stop. Who would have thought that preening could ever feel this wonderful?
  111. Before you knew it, however, Big Sis finishes preening your right wing. You’re just about to emit another small whine until you suddenly feel her moving your wings in a certain way. You can feel them being gently folded back up against your back.
  113. You can then feel Big Sis letting go of them as she trots around you on the bed. You can feel her stopping and sinking her weight down into the mattress right in front of your face. It’s enough to make you slowly open your eyes, only to see her laying on her tummy staring at you face to face with her beautiful hazel jewels accompanied by a warm and loving smile.
  115. “Rise and shine Sleepyhead.”
  117. She gently kisses you again on your forehead and makes a small giggle.
  119. “Silly Billy. It’s not time for sleep. You’ve had plenty of that. But that did feel good, didn’t it?”
  121. You dreamily smile back to her and slowly nod your head.
  123. “Hehe. You always love it when I do that Silly Filly. But come downstairs with me. I wanna show you something.”
  125. Big Sis stands up, turns around, and jumps off the bed, looking back at you.
  127. “Come, come Lil Sis.”
  129. You just wanna lay there and fall asleep, but even you yourself are a little curious to do some exploring. After all, didn’t you want to find out more about where you were?
  131. You gently shake your head in an attempt to shake away the sleepiness you were feeling. You then attempt to carefully raise yourself and stand up on all fours. Taking a quick glance down to make sure you wouldn’t lose your balance, you notice your cute widdle…NO!
  133. You quickly look forward and try to dismiss that train of thought out of your head. No way were you gonna start thinking like that again. Nonononononono.
  135. You jump off the bed, only to land on your butt right next to where Big Sis was standing. She giggles at what you just did and you do blush a little, but hey, it was better than landing on your face and running into things.
  137. Still, you try standing again and when you do, you notice Big Sis’s cutie mark. It was a pink outline of a heart with a dark-blue swirl around it, though the inside of the heart was the same white as her coat. Suffice it to say, that was a little odd. What does her cutie mark mean? Come to think of it, what does yours even mean?
  139. “You enjoy staring at my butt Silly Filly?”
  141. Your face blushes bright red in embarrassment. Wow. Okay. That’s uh…that’s not cool. That’s so totally not cool. You’re not supposed to stare at your sister’s butt like that. That’s just plain wrong. But you weren’t staring at it like you wanted it. It’s just that cutie mark…there’s something about it.
  143. “I…no…that’s not what I was doing Big Sis. Your cutie mark…I was staring at that.”
  145. “I’m just teasing you Sweetie. I know. Do you remember what our cutie marks are?”
  147. You both turn to face one another and you think for a moment, trying to recall some kind of answer.
  149. “Uh…it’s…something about…uh…um…erm…love?”
  151. “That’s right!” she says with an emphasis. “My special talent is comforting and calming ponies by taking away any bad things they may feel. Yours is replacing those bad feelings with love and warmth. You and I are a team Lil Sis. We work together to bring love and happiness to everypony. We help ponies feel loved and good about themselves. That’s what we do.”
  153. “But then what do we do for a living?”
  155. “We do just that Silly. Ponies come to us with their troubles and we heal them. Of course, I’ve put that on hold since you’ve been under the weather, but yush, that’s what we do Silly Filly. Don’t you remember?”
  157. “Uh…sorta.”
  159. You try to smile reassuringly, yet you don’t remember ever doing any of that. The only thing you can remember was working in human resources at that one job, but everyone there always fought with one another. No matter how much you tried to help resolve any of their conflicts, they always just got worse.
  161. Bleck. You never wanted to go back there. Still, at least here, did others actually pay you and Big Sis just to give them love and affection? Are the both of you able to financially support yourselves like that?
  163. “Hmm…we should probably tell Nurse Reinhold that you’re having a little trouble remembering things,” Big Sis says to you with a touch of concern. “But that’s okay though Lil Sis.”
  165. Big Sis wraps one of her wings around you and turns you towards the door with her.
  167. “Come on Sweetheart. There’s some things I want to show you super-duper badly. C’mon. Let’s go.”
  169. As the two of you begin to walk, you suddenly stumble and fall onto your tummy.
  171. “LIL SIS! Are you okay?”
  173. She leans down and helps you back onto your hoovsies…err…NO! Don’t. Just please don’t start that girly stuff right now.
  175. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine Big Sis. It’s okay. I just tripped.”
  177. Uh oh. This is not good. You don’t know how to walk as a pony. You only know how to crawl and stand. This could be a very big problem.
  179. “There, there. Let me help you.”
  181. She wraps her wing around you again, this time a little more firmly, in order to help keep you better balanced.
  183. “Look down at my hooves Lil Sis. Watch. Left back leg.”
  185. You see her raise her left hind leg up, then forward.
  187. “Now you try.”
  189. You repeat the move you just saw.
  191. “There we go! Now, left front leg forward.”
  193. You watch her do it, and then repeat what she just did.
  195. “Very good! Okay, now right back leg forward, then your right front leg.”
  197. This time, you do it with her. Both of you actually move forward a little.
  199. “Now, rinse and repeat.”
  201. You try it again with her and stop. Then you do it another time. Finally, you try repeating the cycle continuously with her until you’re both at the doorway.
  203. “Good job Lil Sis! I knew you could do it! I’m so proud of you!”
  205. She briefly nuzzles against the side of your cheeks to congratulate you. Your heart soars in ecstatic relief as you realize that you might be able to get around like this after all. You can walk. You can actually walk. YOU CAN WALK! You can do this.
  207. Both of you begin to slowly walk out of your bedroom and into what appears to be a hallway. Looking around, you realize that the hallway is not too big or too long. A doorway was facing directly opposite of yours, but from the looks of it, it just looked like it could be another closet.
  209. To your right, however, are two other doorways that also face opposite one another. The hallway ends just past them with a square window peering outwards. There’s a small light-oak stand resting just beneath the window with a turquoise vase filled with flowers resting on top of it. The sun’s rays from the window were shinning down on the floor just a few feet from where you two were standing. The shadow from the bundle of flowers laid peacefully across the sun-lit carpet.
  211. Looking back up at the window, you could see that the skies outside just looked oh so beautiful. Shinning blue skies with patches of bubbly white clouds scattered here and there…you actually wanted to go outside and see where exactly you were at. Big Sis, however, guides you to turn to yourself to your left. Your gaze shifts from the window and turns to see the rest of the hallway.
  213. Strangely, the rest of it looked pretty simple. There were a few knick-knacks hanging alongside the beige-colored walls. Some of them were just décor and artsy things, while others were small-framed mirrors. Still, you could also make out that some of those things were framed pictures. You didn’t closely examine them since Big Sis was guiding your direction, but you could see from some of them that you and her were doing things together. In some of them, you two were playing games. In others, you were both looking at Mother Nature in various types of landscapes. Yet in the remainder of them, you were both hugging one another and were smiling brightly at the camera.
  215. In all honesty, the pictures looked really cute. Yet you’re still troubled by the fact that you cannot remember doing anything with her beyond that one dream and when you woke up just now. You still had all of your old memories from that dreary life as a human, but still, what happened to you? Big Sis said you were in an accident. Did Dr. Money kill you? Was this some kind of afterlife?
  217. The two of you come to a stop upon arriving at the top of a set of stairs. There were white rails on both sides of the stairs. The stairs went down three-fourths of the way and then turned left into whatever room was downstairs. Stairs…yeah…how were you going to do this?
  219. “It’s okay Lil Sis. Just one hoof at a time. I’ve got you. Watch me and repeat what you see.”
  221. She slowly moves one hoof at a time in a pattern, and you try your best to follow her lead.
  223. “Baby-steps. Just one step at a time. You’d doing so good Lil Sis. I’m so proud of you, my beautiful little Radiance.”
  225. Step-by-step, you both eventually make it to the bottom of the stairs. Your gaze slowly shifts from her legs as you look upwards.
  227. You freeze. What you see before you shocks you. Stretched across the top of the wall in front of you was a large pink banner hanging with violet lettering scribbled across it. It said “We Love You Radiance!” Beneath it was a table and a set of chairs holding a plethora of presents colorfully wrapped in all kinds of wrapping paper, some of which had pretty bows securing the packaging. Streamers hung from the ceiling and there were balloons that were floating right beneath the ceiling, while others were laying on the ground or were freely floating about.
  229. Shifting your gaze a little, you notice a red-velvety couch that sat directly to your left, with a giant pink bean-bag that sat by its side. A pink heart-shaped rug sat in the center of the room, helping the room blossom with all kinds of additional furniture and décor.
  231. A grandfather clock sat by the front door on the wall to your left, quietly ticking as the seconds passed. There was also a small coffee table that sat underneath a half-circle window located right next to the front door. Just like the window from the upstairs hallway, plants were peacefully resting on top of the coffee table.
  233. Yet near that window on the wall in front of you was a doorway that led into what you can only guess was the kitchen. You could see hard-wood floors from where you standing. From the lighting alone, it looked like it was fairly bright in there. Still, there was another doorway that sat to the right of the table filled with presents and you could see that it was a bathroom.
  235. You could also see a white stone cap fireplace built along the wall to your right. The fireplace had small figurines, picture frames, and other knick-knacks neatly aligned on top of it. In addition, there was an entrance to the right of the fireplace that appeared to lead into an enclosed porch. Overall, the room felt very feminine and welcoming.
  237. You both slowly walk to the center of the room with your gaze excitedly absorbing everything that you were seeing. Yet once the two of you are in the center, you shift your gaze back to the presents that were sitting on the table just a few feet in front of you.
  239. Look at all of those presents. There’s so many of them! There must be like two dozen of them or so. Were these all for you? Did Big Sis get all of these for you? No, that couldn’t be. There’s way too many of them. But who were they from?
  241. “Surprise my little Radiance!”
  243. Big Sis leans over you to give you a few small petty kisses on your forehead. She then gently lifts her wing off of you, folding it back onto her back.
  245. “Everypony here has been so worried about you. When they learned what happened, they wanted to do anything they could to help. I told them that the best thing for you was to rest, but they still wanted to do something for you. So they got you some gifts. And I thought it would be wonderful to reorganize the room in such a way that it felt like a welcome-home party, except there’s nopony else here since we didn’t know when you would wake up. There’s so many ponies that love you Lil Sis. We, and by we I mean you, have helped so many ponies live happy lives and they’re all so grateful for everything you’ve done for them. Everypony loves you Lil Sis. And, don’t tell this to anypony, but I love you the most. Hehe.”
  247. Big Sis hugs you hard and giver you another kiss on your forehead. Yet your heart…there were folks out there that actually loved you? They loved you enough that they actually got you gifts?
  249. “Here, let me get one of your presents for you.”
  251. She happily trots over to the table and grabs the bowtie of one of your presents with her mouth. She trots right back over to you and gently places the gift on the ground in front of you.
  253. “Well? Are you gonna open it Silly Filly, or are you just gonna stare at it all day?”
  255. “I…”
  257. Before you even start that sentence, you sit down on the floor and begin trying to open your present with your hooves. Suffice it to say, it was quite a challenge trying to tear the wrapping paper off with hooves. So instead, you lean forward and bite down on the bow, trying to yank it off. Your hooves play with the present a little until you’re able to make a tear in the wrapping paper. You play with that tear a little until you’re finally able to rip the wrapping paper right off of the present.
  259. Upon doing so, you discover a white box. Curious, you bite down on the lid to pop it open. What you see inside is…a necklace?
  261. “Ooooooo! What’d ya get Lil Sis?”
  263. You use your front hooves to pick up the box so that you could slowly turn it upside down. The necklace quickly slides out of it and onto the carpet.
  265. “Awwwww…did somepony get you a necklace?”
  267. You fumble with it a little so that it would lay neatly across the floor. The chain was silver with a crystal pink heart at the center, outlined in gold. Your heart…how much more can you take before you break down and start crying again?
  269. “Ohohohohohohoh! I know! Wait just a moment. I’ll be right back.”
  271. Big Sis trots into the bathroom for a few seconds and comes back with a hand-held mirror hanging from her mouth. She sits down on her rear right next to you and lays the mirror on the ground.
  273. “Here, let me help you with that.”
  275. She grabs the necklace with her front hooves and places it around your neck, working methodically to get it to latch behind your neck. You hear a slight click and just as that happens, Big Sis leans back and smiles back at you lovingly.
  277. “You look so beautiful Sweetheart, you know that? Come see for yourself.”
  279. Big Sis picks up the hand-held mirror with her hooves and positions it directly in front of you. You look at your reflection and notice the jewelry hanging from your neck. It was actually twinkling a little from the sunlight that was pouring in from the window to your left.
  281. You try to start smiling at what you’re seeing, but you can see your eyes becoming watery. Gotta hold back the tears…gotta hold back the tears…
  283. You can’t. You start to cry once again from everything that’s been happening. Your heart…it was almost too much. You’ve never in your entire life been treated like this. Feeling so much love when you were used to always feeling so cold and empty…it’s like when someone who’s barely had any food over several weeks is suddenly given a luxurious meal. It’s wonderful, but it just hurts way too much.
  285. “Aw, Lil Sis. What’s wrong? You don’t like it?”
  287. “Nuh-No,” you weakly stammer.
  289. You’re shaking a little trying to voice the pain in your heart in so many words without sobbing.
  291. “I luh-love it. I…I had some of the worst nuh-nuh-nightmares when I was asleep B-Big Sis. Everyone was always suh-so mean and cruel and…nuh-no one luh-loved me.”
  293. And just like that, the floodgates open and you start crying like a baby. Big Sis drops the hand-held mirror and immediately rushes to your side. She grabs you and positions you so that you’re leaning over her shoulder while you keep on crying and sobbing from all the pain you’ve felt over the years. She wraps an arm around your back and starts to slowly rub the back of your head with her hoof. She cradles you and rocks back and forth, cooing calming reassurances to you.
  295. “Shh…shh…It’s okay Lil Sis. Those were just bad dreams. It’s okay. Big Sis is here. She loves her little Radiance, and so do many other ponies my silly little filly. We all love you Sweetheart. It’s okay. Always, always remember that. Shh…shh…It’s okay.”
  297. Your sobbing starts to slowly lessen as she begins humming that special tune again. You actually start to hiccup a little from crying so much. Big Sis gently starts patting your back like you were a baby who drank too much milk. You instinctively hug her as tight as you possibly can and sit there in her arms for several minutes listening to her hum.
  299. All of the pain you had kept locked up in your heart was surfacing out of you and passing through her. You grasp her tightly as every bad memory and all of the horrible feelings associated with each and every one slip out of you. It hurt. It all hurt very badly, but as each negative thing disappeared, you could feel less and less darkness within you.
  301. Her nurturing had a slow, but calming effect on you. Your hiccups were beginning to fade away into small sniffles as you kept on rocking with her.
  303. “Pru-Pru-Promise you’ll always love me Big Sis. I nuh-need you. I luh-luh-love you.”
  305. You bury your face into her shoulder and let the last of your tears stream into her fluffy soft fur.
  307. “Of course my silly little filly. Shh…shh…There, there Lil Sis. I will always love you. Shh…shh…”
  309. You slowly rise up from her grasp and look at her with tears in your eyes.
  311. “Pru-Promise?”
  313. “Promise.”
  315. She smiles warmly and reassuringly back to you as she gives you one more tight hug.
  317. “Now,” Big Sis says, “do you want to open some more presents, or do you want me to go make something yummy for you to eat first?”
  319. Your tummy actually starts to rumble a little at the mention of food. Considering that you’ve been out cold for so long, you could probably go for a nice meal to eat. Yet you still want to stay right by Big Sis. You were too emotionally sensitive to be left alone. You needed her more than anything.
  321. But before you can answer her question, you hear someone suddenly knocking on the front door. You both turn your heads to see who it was.
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