Coffee Date?

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  1. Kian    was shoulder bumped. Hey. fakes a smile.
  3. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   frowned at the sight of that smile, and slipped arms around him for a genuine hug.
  5. Kian    leaned on her shoulder and embraced. Sniffled.
  7. Nick    outta nowhere just-- joins Kian and Cal. It's the Bennett/Keller hug.
  9. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    did see the hug though, maneuvering his way over and slipping into the gesture, notebook in mouth.
  11. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   held him, and stroked his back. She's so sorry.. about Kendra.. and.. everything. and then suddenly they were joined by.. oh dear god, too many people. But commits.
  13. Nick    everyone's hugging. This is great.
  15. Kian    doesn't think Cal knows just how much Kian appreciates this. Knows how much his sister hates hugs. Especially with one too may people. Embraces her tighter, along with everyone else.
  17. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    laid his head on Kian's shoulder, a small sniffle coming out of him as well.
  19. Kian    Oh this is too much. Sam please don't cry as well, he's going to break down.
  21. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   it's not that Cal hates hugs, she just.. didn't do well with a lot of physical contact that she didn't give permission for. And sometimes, even if it was Kian, it just wasn't okay.
  23. Nick    will cry not just because everyone's doing it. But also because he's trying to be pathetic (empathetic).
  25. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   internal groan as she heard two additional sets of sniffling from the two boys that held them together like creme filling in an Oreo.
  27. Nick    it's a wonderful foursome, Cal. Shh. released them though. At least on his end.
  29. 🇨​🇦​🇱​
  31. Kian    pats Nick, then Sam, and then Cal. He'll be fine.
  33. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   still continues to hug Kian.
  35. Kian    ...Cal. breaks down in tears.
  37. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    looks back at Kian, lip quivering like a little girl. Crying? Who? Cue tears flowing down his cheeks like a waterfall.
  39. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   nods into his hair, and just holds him.
  41. Nick    feels like he should treat Kian and Sam for ice cream.
  43. Kian    still feels responsible. Responsible for that stupid car hitting Kendra.
  44.     the hug's all wet and weird now from all the crying.
  45.     but they pursue.
  47. Jude    takes a picture from a distance.
  48.     Nice.
  50. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   it's not his fault, it was an accident. And knows Kendra doesn't blame him either.
  51.     will murder Jude.
  52.     murder.
  54. Jude    She looks cute. There's nothing to get pissy about.
  56. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    should've been there for him. But he was dumb and hooked up to machines.
  58. Jude    turned the phone to show her the image. Look at that confused face of her's.
  60. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   ignores him for now, because Kian needed her.
  62. Kian    shook his head. No, Sam. It's okay. He needed to rest up. He understands. He really does.
  64. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   will kill him later.
  66. Kian    rubbed at his eyes. Will be fine. He'll be fine. Kendra's okay-- after all.
  68. Jude    she's so fragile and soft right now. No wonder she'll kill him later.
  70. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   pulled back enough to kiss her brother's cheek, ignoring the moist salt of his tears on her lips. She's so sorry.
  71.     does he really have such a death wish?
  73. Kian    caught a smile when his cheek was kissed. Thanks, Cal. He owes her dinner now.
  75. Jude    used all three of his just for her, baby.
  76.     wink.
  78. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    just steps back, sleeve reaching up to wipe away those tears. Turns back to Nick, a hand coming down to pat his shoulder. Will take up that ice cream offer.
  80. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   no no, doesn't owe her anything. Feels horrible that.. hospitals.. are.. yanno.. awful for her.
  81.     but it doesn't mean she doesn't care about Kendra.
  82.     or him.
  83. Jude.
  85. Nick    Don't cry anymore, Sam. Gemma's going to be sad. We don't want her sad. So let's go get ice cream. We can buy one for her too. To-go.
  87. Kian    he knows, Cal. He knows. He's the one person in the world that she doesn't have to explain anything to. He promises.
  89. Jude    smirked. Alright, alright. He'll stop.
  91. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   that's a relief. Gave him another squeeze before letting him go, finally. Not moving away, just letting him have full range of motion again.
  92.     ..good.
  94. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    gave a chuckle through all that sniffling. Sure, bud. We don't want her sad. Her smile is the best thing the two have ever seen, right?
  96. Jude    connects the dots. That's the brother. Has seen him serve people coffee.
  98. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   why, was he jealous?
  99.     nevermind doesn't need to know.
  101. Nick    Oh, yeah. Her smile is-- made a weird dance because words couldn't describe it. The dance includes arm-waving and flailing.
  103. Jude    good, she'd be afraid to know the world doesn't revolve around her.
  105. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   isn't that sort of girl, so perhaps he can shuffle off now to someone who gives a fuck.
  107. Jude    smiled. Likes that ferocity. Can she hold that in conversation? Points a thumb to Deja Brew. Cafe's open, Paris Hilton.
  109. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   he'll never know. And isn't interested in getting coffee with him. Ever.
  111. Jude    chuckled. Okay, okay he's not going to push, but--
  113. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    doesn't even try to mimic that dance, but agrees nonetheless. It's true. His sister is one of a kind. Closes his eyes and pictures her face. Smiles when he finally does.
  115. Jude    there's good black coffee with her name on it.
  117. Nick    is still doing the dance. Is doing it while they're walking, actually. Is glad Sam's smiling, and Nick thinks he's smiling because he was rightfully entertained by the dance of Gods.
  119. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   ...she said no. Goes back to ignoring him, gave a small squeeze to Kian's arm. Did he need anything?
  121. Jude    Hears her loud and clear.
  123. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    Did Nick visit in the hospital? He was passed out most of the time, so he didn't see him. Although he appreciates everyone that made time to stop by.
  125. Kian    was squeezed. At least by the arm. No, he's-- he's fine. He just needs to head back to Kendra. Just... bought her M&M's. That's all.
  127. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   gave a nod. Maybe he should get a shower and stuff before heading back? Use that shampoo of his Kendra seems to go googly eyed over.
  129. Nick    Of course he did! Read him a bed-time story actually. Sam seemed to smile when he'd read Humpty Dumpty. But maybe that's because Gemma laughed everytime his dyslexic self would turn it into "Humpty Rumpty."
  131. Kian    the spider-man bottle one? It's actually for kids it's just-- yeah. He'll probably go and do that.
  133. Nick    notes that Kian smelled. He should probably shower.
  135. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   thinks it's a good idea, he's not smelling too fresh. No offense.
  137. Kian    . . .
  139. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   and we all know how sensitive Kendra's nose is.
  141. Kian    he gets it, guys. Trudged his way towards his dorm room.
  142.     grumpy mumbling.
  144. 𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙪𝙚𝙡    That was him? He just thought that the doctor was doing a.. really weird check up on him. Strange. He did hear Gemma laugh in his weird state. That wasn't a dream?
  146. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   watches Kian depart, hopes that.. everything is going to be okay.
  147.     glances towards.. Sam and Nick. Before turning and heading towards the Brew.
  149. Kian    He'll be fine. He just needs to avoid people before they think they're dealing with a hobo.
  151. Jude    checked his watch. "Ten minutes, Cinderella." Smiled contently. "Ten minutes until you finally succumbed to what you really want." Open palm presentation to the rest of the cafe. "Coffee."
  153. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   is really, truly going to murder him. But at least he was correct, she wanted coffee. Waits in line with folded arms, and hopes it's not the barista with the lisp. Bitch had an attitude problem.
  155. Jude    "Uh-uh. No need to line up." Points to the two piping hot coffees in front of him. "It's the barista with the lisp. She has an attitude problem." Points to the coffee. Again. "I'm known to be a problem solver."
  157. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   gave him a look, before glancing around those ahead of her in line to see that he was in fact correct. God fucking damn it. A groan was given before turning and slipping into a chair across from him, fishing $5 out of her pocket and scooting it across the table at him. Fingers collecting on the warmth of cup and bringing it upwards for a revitalizing inhale.
  159. Jude    returned the look. But his was more of-- one could say, triumph. Crossed his arms and crossed one leg over the other as soon as she approached him. Seeing her pull up a chair, Jude leaned to stop her. "Sorry this seat's taken." Leaned back and chuckled. He was messing with her. Because her scowl seemed to be superglued to her face. Took the five dollars. Wasn't going to deny money. Shoved it in his leather jacket pocket. "So you said ever, right?"
  161. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   index finger raised to silence him, as she took a swig of the hot bitter bean juice that reflected her soul. Enjoying the near scalding temperature as it worked it's way down the back of throat. Cup was set down on the table's surface, before giving him an eyebrow lift. "..Do you have brain damage? Or did you not consider I wouldn't hesitate to pour this on your head?" blonde head tilting as hazel squinted at him. "It wouldn't be a complete waste of the $5."
  163. Jude    was actually silenced by the sudden finger raised. Watched as she sipped her coffee, Jude taking the other cup and raising it to his own lips. Nearly spat the coffee from her words. Not because it was unexpected, but because he found it hilarious. Hilarious that she didn't seem to have an answer for his ever bit. Which meant she conceded the fact that they were having coffee together. "I'd let you if it means you'd smile." Lowered the coffee. "I'd even give you back the money."
  165. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   she had an excellent answer for the ever bit. The barista with a lisp was working the counter, and she had a fucking attitude problem. And he just so happened to have an extra coffee, which she paid him for -- therefore he didn't actually buy her coffee as in a date or anything. "You're an idiot," snorting a bit, but there wasn't any actual malice behind it, just general disbelief of his statement. Why were guys so weird? Took another swig of her coffee.
  167. Jude    The barista with a lisp, the one with the attitude problem took the shift. Line was long. She wanted coffee. She paid for it, because she was afraid of considering it a date. He didn't need it to be a date. He didn't even want it to be. "Yeah, well I get that a lot." Swirled his coffee slowly. Even as she snorted, no smile, or even a smirk came from her. "You always wake up looking like you hate the world?" Coffee sip. "I'm kidding. I can't judge you for it. Shit happens." That was the reality of life. Unfortunately. "Let's make a deal." Lowered the coffee and slid it to her. She can have it.
  169. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   then it was agreed, neither one of them had any interest what-so-ever in dating the other. An eye-roll was administered when he accepted the mild insult in stride, before attempting to imply that she had a problem. How did he have a single idea on what she looked like in the moment between dreaming and achieving consciousness? To discover that the world was still spinning, and she was stuck in it for another day. Another day of feeling wrong and misplaced. Of course she hated the world. Who wouldn't? Finished off her cup, even as he was scooting the other one forward. A moment of hesitation given, before taking it. "..A deal? I feel its a little early for this shit," biting at lower lip, then shrugging, "What is it?"
  171. Jude    He didn't. He didn't have any idea what her everyday life would be like. And if he were to make an assumption, he'd just feel like an asshole. Assuming thing about people without actually knowing who they were. To him, the blonde that sat across was just another face he'd met. By chance, yes. But something about her --despite her constant knack for pushing him away-- seemed to beg for affection. He saw it in the way she held what he still thinks is her brother. She was hardened by the world. So was everyone else. It just happens that her's was... a little more than most would be able to take. Lips contorted into a smile the moment she took the coffee. "If I can make you smile. Just once today-- just once--" Raised both brows. As if he was waiting for her to process the information. "--you owe me the first letter of your name. Deal?" Before an answer could even be given to him, Jude stood up. Both hands finding purchase in the pockets of his jacket. "You still have a cup. We can afford to leave this place. Follow me." That's right, he paid for the coffee in her hand. He wasn't going to verbally point it out. But he bought that coffee. For her. So technically, it's a date. See? Problem solver.
  173. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   It was a good thing for both of them, that Cal was incapable of reading minds. As a number of bad scenarios could erupt from his perspective of her, should it come to light. She didn't want or need anyone's affection, and certainly would never beg for it. As a smile formed on those thin lips, reflecting a flicker of triumph and something else, the scowl was reinforced to indicate she wasn't having any of his bullshit. It didn't lessen in degrees or intensity when he spoke up, and instead shoulders seemed to tense in response. This was a terrible idea, and she didn't want to be a part of it. Also pretty stupid. What was he going to do, strip down and do a chicken dance for everyone to see? Please don't. Before she could answer, he was rising from seat with the confidence of someone accustomed to getting what he wanted. And that was irritating as fuck. "..Why would I do that? Isn't it easier just to ask for my name?" and yet, leather soles of combat boots would support her to stand as well. Fingers clutching coffee like a lifeline, not agreeing to anything, as she pushed past him for the exit. Cal didn't like the smugness of his mouth, as if he knew something she didn't.
  175. Jude    Maybe it was. But everyone else in the world was better off not being clairvoyant. Because if it did, it would shove everything into chaos. Well, that or it could make the world a better place. Promote honesty and all that fantastic bullshit. Jude wasn't stupid enough to think that she'd immediately agree to what he' saying, but he also knew that she had a tendency to say one thing, but do something completely different. Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen. "It is, but if I did, would you give it? To me? You're already irritated that I breathe." Could hear her scramble out of her seat, and Jude was immediately impressed with himself about knowing what she was trying to do, just as the blonde moved past him. Tilted his head slightly, inspecting the way she wore her clothes, and the way she walked. Wouldn't say anything about it though. It'd be a waste of breath. Walked faster to eventually catch up with her. No, he wasn't going to strip down and do a chicken dance. Although if she'd be upfront about something like that speeding up the whole process of making her smile? Then sure, he'd do it. Image meant jack-shit to him anyway. "First order of business.--" Pulled out his phone and inputted a few things. It took a minute or two, and he was able to keep pace with her. "--booked us at a karaoke bar. You like singing, Cinderella?" Smirk.
  177. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   At the very least honesty wasn't an issue that Cal had. If anything she was pretty straight-forward and blunt, with her thoughts or opinions. And she would also subscribe to the theory that maybe the world wouldn't be such an awful place if everyone conducted their daily interactions with more sincerity and less bullshit. As the door was swung open to provide exit onto the sidewalk, she was careful not to whack him in the head with it. Although it took great restraint not to. But to anyone else it looked as if she was attempting to take his head off with it. Enough so a fellow patron would make a sound of disapproval in passing. The afternoon sunlight was an unpleasant glare, and fingers of free hand would fish around for sunglasses. "..I'm not," which was true, his breathing wasn't the problem. Cal wasn't a complete bitch guys. Securing thin rimmed, plain black shades over eyes, blonde head turned in his direction to observe his rapid fire movement of fingers across mobile screen. "I haven't agreed to anything," his arrogance that she was, was almost chaffing. But there was a coffee in her hand, she didn't have anywhere to be, and hiding out in her room wouldn't improve on her mood at all. "If you fail to make me smile? You have to shave your head," this would certainly detour him from proceeding forward.
  179. Jude    Maybe she wasn't a complete bitch. Jude didn't know. Jude didn't care. What he did care about was the challenge. The challenge of actually accomplishing something. Because despite his general disposition around her, he actually thought that there was something oddly fascinating about her. A smile immediately offered to the disapproving patron, a quick one that dispelled the air of disapproval. Even upnodded him, just for good measure. Lowered his phone as soon as the booking was accepted, and paid for with a credit card. Shoved it back into his pocket, grinning at her. Hand coming up to fix at the hair covering his eye, moving it aside. It was better than blowing it away from his face. "You sure?" Brow raise. "Because now you're giving me the conditions of my failure." Walked ahead of her. "In my book, you've already agreed." Both hands were extended outwards, and Jude shrugged. He was teasing her, maybe even taunting her a little bit. "You're on." Turned around, this time his feet moved backwards, heading the same direction still, but was facing her. "I'm guessing it starts with a Q. You look like you could start with a Q. Or a D." Lowered both hands. Winked. Keep up.
  181. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   It was clear that this guy was enjoying himself, a little too much. And Cal should have just either conceded to his win about the coffee, and thanked him before walking off. Or pulled a classic Cal by tossing or pouring it on him. But she idled, perhaps a part of her wanting to see if he could manage to make her smile when she felt so awful inside as of late. Or perhaps it was the desire to claw the smile from his own lips and devour it like the world would his potential. That was a pretty awful thought, and gaze lowered to the ground, even as she began to move forward -- as if tethered on some invisible line that he was reeling in his wake. The teasing notes were familiar, as the Keller siblings were quite close to the Martinelli clan that dished it out on a regular basis. "Fine, I'll play along," grumbling as if it pained her to do so, as attention shifted back towards his stupid strutting self. "No hints. You have to earn the first letter," chin lifting in degrees, defiant of what he was trying to do. Did she even understand what he was trying to do? Maybe she did. Maybe she didn't. Did it matter? "..I suppose this is the part that I ask for your name?" scowl scowl scowl.
  183. Jude    was it really so horrible of him to be basking in the glory of being able to pull of the things that he did? Sometimes, a guy just wanted to brag about certain things. It shouldn't paint him as some jackass, should it? Maybe he will fail. And that was a terrifying idea. Especially since Jude cared so much about his hair. Why do yo think it looked so wonderfully majestic in the first place anyway? Hand, once again brushed at it. Because the awful truth was, he didn't really know if he'd be successful at the end of the day. And he was a man of his word. If he failed, he was going to shave it off. All of it. And he was going to miss them. He imagines just how much it would suck to have to use pomade on nothing after baths. "Earn it?" Feigned a pout. "Okay, that shouldn't be too hard." Martinelli's as insistent as him? He'd have no idea. Who were those guys anyway? Lucky for them the karaoke bar wasn't too far off. "Oh? Since when did you get so invested in me?" Knew that she wasn't. But from what he's gathered so far, saying things to agitate her worked. It made her think less, and react more. It was cute. For the most part. "You know what? You've made me smile today. I'll tell you the first letter." Spelled it out in the air with a pinkie. Sign language. "It's J." The usual teasing smirked was replaced by a warm smile.
  185. 🇨​🇦​🇱​   It was easier for Cal to study him as they walked, as he persisted in traveling backwards along a busy sidewalk. Was he so confident that the crowd would part for him like Moses did the Red Sea? Or did he trust her not to let him topple into an open man hole or traffic? Knock over a baby stroller? Or was this a part of his game, to keep her attention, to con a smile out of her before they reached their destination. Hazel squinted behind reflective lens as elegant fingers brushed self-consciously at dark strands, a gesture that indicated he had some doubt in his capability after all this would pan out for him. A faint twitch of lips given, but remain otherwise resolute in a frown. "J?" echoing the letter with feigned surprise, "It stands for Jerk or Jackass, right?" Absently wondering whether or not if he was successful in his wager, if they would trouble themselves with the rest of the letters. Cal was a bit of a completionist when it came to things, as she hated the idea of abandoning a project or anything really. She knew what it was like to be unwanted and discarded. Hand abruptly reaching forward to snag at wrist and drag him to the side, successfully avoiding a passing bicyclist who didn't seem to have any qualms with mowing J down. "USE THE BICYCLE LANE NEXT TIME ASSHOLE!" turning to yell after the fleeing form. Feeling marginally better.
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