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  1. ''This is a humorous tale featuring a truly scary Halloween figure, one many of us have encountered.''
  3. Kay watched the newest bunch of satisfied trick-or-treaters leave and closed the door. She enjoyed seeing them and shooting the breeze a little as she passed out candy. Still, she was glad that they were coming intermittingly. With her mother sick in bed, she had to pass out the candy solo, and thus she was glad to be able to take breaks.
  5. She watched the group of children walk down the street until they were out of sight and then stared up at the nearby streetlight. It was a hazy evening, making the normally bright street lamp appear as a soft glow. Kay shifted her gaze back to the sidewalk so she could spot any more new arrivals. After a few minutes had passed, she saw a figure come down the sidewalk before turning and starting up the front walk.
  7. As the figure stepped into the light, Kay saw that what she had dreaded was now coming to pass. She was going to have to deal with the most horrifying of all Halloween figures – the adult trick-or-treater with a pillowcase for a bag and a “costume” consisting of a sports jersey.
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