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Luna's Magic Wand (Ed)

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  1. Luna’s Magic Wand
  3.     Luna ascended the long spiral staircase to her bedchamber.  She was worn out after a long day of royal duties.  Those duties were mostly ceremonial, but they were long, boring, and uncomfortable, punctuated sporadically by actual high-pressure decision making that could impact the lives of thousands of human beings.  It was made worse because Celestia had been out of Canterlot most of the day on a royal visit.
  4.     She opened the door and found her sister already naked and sitting up in bed.  She had her glasses on, reading a newspaper.  Celestia had a long retinue of advisers and informants telling her what was going on in her realm, but she liked to read the paper to see what they hadn’t told her.  Luna slipped off her gown and undergarments, and slid into bed.
  5.     She rolled over to her sister.  Celestia moved her arm out of the way so that she could rest her head on her lap.  Luna smiled up at her.
  6.     “So,” she asked, “how did your day go?  I hope it was better than mine.  Did you enjoy your trip?” Before letting her answer, Luna latched onto one of Celestia’s nipples and started suckling.  This was a very old habit of hers.  Luna found it helped her relax.  So did Celestia, for that matter.  It was often their favorite part of the day.  Sometimes Celestia would sing her little sister to sleep like this.  She ran her fingers through Luna’s long, luxurious blue hair, caressing her scalp.
  7.     “It wasn’t bad for a day away from the office,” Celestia answered.  “Those young fliers aren’t as good as the Wonderbolts, but they have some decent tricks.  I saw my student.  She was there today.”  Celestia started to hum a lullaby to Luna, while checking the editorials.
  8.     “Wait a minute,” said Luna with a smack.  “You mean Twilight?  She doesn’t have a pair of wings.  What was she doing up at Cloudsdale?”
  9.     “Oh,” Celestia answered. “She was just going to visit a winged friend of hers that was in the show.  She cast a cloud walking spell, just like I did.  Took a balloon with a group.”
  10.     “Huh,” said Luna, teasing a nipple with her teeth.  “That’s fairly advanced for a girl her age.”
  11.     “That’s nothing,” Celestia said.  “She actually first cast a Flutterwing spell on one of her friends.  Imagine, using a friend to experiment with dangerous magic.  Some friendship.”
  12.     “Flutterwing spell?” Luna asked.
  13.     “Yeah.”
  14.     “The one with gossamer and morning dew.”
  15.     “That’s the one.  Big beautiful butterfly wings.”
  16.     “That’s incredible.  I had no idea your student was so powerful with transformation magic.  That’s nearly as powerful as it gets.  I can’t believe she can do so much for a girl so young.
  17.     “You’re not jealous, are you?” Celestia smiled.
  18.     Luna sat up straight on her knees.  “What?  Jealous?  Please.  Why would I be jealous of your student?”
  19.     “Isn’t transformation magic one of your specialties?  Are you worried about being upstaged?”
  20.     “Are you serious?  That spell is nothing compared to power like mine.  I merely commented on her being advanced for her age.  She is insignificant.”
  21.     “Oh yeah?” Celestia teased.  Let’s see you do something significant then.”
  22.     Luna scrunched up her face and stuck out her lower lip. Nobody could pout quite like her.  She raised one hand and snapped her fingers.  A few small sparks flew from her fingertips, and there was an audible sizzle of magic.  The smile dropped from Celestia’s face.  Luna’s pout turned into a naughty little grin. Celestia blinked in surprise.  She looked her sister up and down.  It was still the same Luna, sitting on her knees, naked on the bed.  Petite frame, tiny perky tits, pale alabaster skin.  There wasn’t anything changed about her at all;, no giant butterfly wings, animal parts, or anything else indicating powerful transformation magic.  The only thing different about Luna was that devious little smile.
  23.     Celestia looked at her own body. She felt her face with her hands, no apparent difference.  She looked at her own hands, arms, grabbed her massive tits and held them up to look at them, from different angles.  Nothing had changed; they were still unmarred paragons of feminine beauty.  Then Celestia realized that the lower half of her body was still under the bed covers.  She looked back to Luna.  Luna’s grin had grown to enormous proportions, stretching from ear-to-ear. She rarely looked this happy.
  24.     Celestia threw off her covers and gasped.  She was paralyzed with shock.  From her perspective, it looked as if her clit had grown to huge proportions.  It was perhaps two inches long, just less than an inch in diameter, and appeared to be covered in one long sleeve of skin, ending just past its tip.  Celestia could do nothing but stare at it.  She kept watching it as Luna’s face came into view.  Luna’s lips pursed.  She kissed it, once, twice.  Then she pressed her lips against the tip, and with a slurp she sucked the entire thing into her mouth.  Celestia could feel her rolling it around inside her mouth with her tongue.  She was in ecstasy. Celestia clutched her silk sheets with both hands as Luna withdrew it from her mouth before sucking it back in again.  Celestia keenly noticed that the width of the thing had grown considerably.  Luna wasn’t rolling it around with her tongue anymore - there wasn’t enough room left in her mouth.  She withdrew it and sucked it back in again and again.  Each time she pulled it out it was longer; three inches, four inches, and growing at the base as well.  Finally Luna sucked it all in again one last time, made some gulping noises, rolled her head left and right a bit, and then slowly, very slowly, pulled it out of her mouth.  Five inches, six, seven.  With a loud smack Luna let go with her mouth completely.  The thing was crowned by a large, engorged, pink head.  Celestia had a massive penis, large even by her own proportions.
  25.     “What have you done?” Celestia gasped.  “How do you know how to do that?”
  26.     “Hey,” said Luna, pouting a bit again, “a thousand years was a long time to spend on the moon. Alone.  I had to find ways to amuse myself.”
  27.     Celestia wasn’t paying attention.  She was fascinated with her own cock.  She reached out and gingerly touched it, feeling it up and down.  She gripped it by the base, and slowly started sliding her grip up and down.  She sighed heavily; she was in heaven.
  28.     Luna watched in amusement as her sister threw off her reading glasses, got rid of her pillow, and slid down to lie completely horizontally on the bed.  Celestia was sliding her hand up and down her cock, faster and faster.  Luna was proud of herself, but she chose not to interrupt.  She just sat back and started to play with herself as well.  She was really having fun watching her sister jack off.
  29.     Celestia was pumping away furiously.  Her eyes were wild.  Her wrist was already tired and sore, but she didn’t care.
  30.     “Hey,” said Luna.
  31.     Celestia ignored her.  She was biting her lower lip.
  32.     “Hey, sis,” Luna said again.
  33.     Celestia still paid her no attention.
  34.     “Sis!,” Luna shouted, waving her hand in front of Celestia’s face, blocking Celestia’s view of her own cock in her own hand.
  35.     “What?” Celestia shouted back, impatiently.  “Can’t you see I’m busy?”  She was still jerking it.
  36.     “I can see,” Luna said.  “I was just wondering if you were going to be playing with yourself all night, or if you were planning on fucking me some time.”
  37.     Celestia looked at her sister, looked back at her dick, and looked again at Luna’s pussy, where she was fingering herself.  
  38.     “Oh hell yes,” Celestia said, and she bowled her sister over onto her back.  Luna shrieked with laughter.  She was glad she had been preparing herself - Celestia wasn’t bothering with foreplay.  She fumbled around with her dick, trying to stick in the wrong spots.  Luna had to grab it and ease it in herself.  Celestia flopped down on top of her, and awkwardly started thrusting in and out.
  39.     My sister is fucking me like a virgin, Luna thought to herself, I hope she hasn’t got a hair trigger.
  40.     Luna wrapped her legs around Celestia’s hips, and helped control her, calm her down.  Luna had taken plenty of men before, many well hung, but none of them had been her older sister.  And she loved her sister more than anything else on Earth.  She was enjoying the best of both worlds.  She marveled at how Celestia’s enormous tits were flopping over her skinny body.  Celestia’s body was sliding up and down on top of her, but her nipples didn’t move.
  41.     Celestia, for her part, was in an entirely different world, impossible to describe.  On one level, she was feeling a physical sensation she had never known before, and couldn’t have ever imagined.  Luna’s pussy felt smooth, soft, and wet as she penetrated it.  It was pleasuring nerves that Celestia didn’t even have just a few minutes before.  On another level, the psychological effect was perhaps even stronger.  Celestia was the ruler of the world.  She could have anything she wanted at any time.  She was responsible for the lives of millions of people.  She was synonymous with power.  Her closest companion, her sister, was also the only one who came close to being a rival.  And now Luna was underneath her, being fucked by her.  She had her scrawny legs wrapped around her.  She was defenseless, helpless while lying on her back and moaning.  Power, control, domination- Celestia knew all those things well, but they felt different somehow from behind an erection.
  42.     She felt a new sensation.  It came from well behind the base of her cock and welled up inside her.  It was the edge of an orgasm, similar to but subtly different from any orgasm she had ever known before.  And yet, she was losing it.  Her whole body was soaked and slick with sweat.  Her thighs and butt were burning, weak from being exerted in ways they never had been used before.  Her muscles were always toned, but they hadn’t been fine-tuned for pelvic thrusting.  To make it worse, Celestia kept leaning back and looking down.  She loved the sight of her dick penetrating her sister.  She could barely take her eyes off of it.  She had never been so much into visual stimulus before this.
  43.     She knew she wasn’t very good at this.  She knew that Luna could tell as well.  Luna stopped her, told her to roll over.  Celestia got off of her sister and rolled over onto her back.  She reflexively started jerking herself off.  Luna moved over and sucked on it again, moving up and down just a couple of times.  Then she got up and straddled her sister.  Using her hand, she guided the cock back in again.  Now Luna was in control, and she really knew what to do with it.
  44.     Celestia was shocked again by new sensations.   The fucking before had been uncoordinated, carnal, animalistic. This, somehow, was much different.  Not necessarily better, but still amazing.  Luna was lying down on top of her, face buried in her tits.  She was working the shaft in and out of her cunt, then she sat up - almost straight up.  She was taking the whole thing, all the way to the base, and just slowly rocking it back and forth without moving it in and out.  Celestia reached up and palmed her sister’s small tits.  She pinched her nipples to the point of flinching.  She didn’t often play with Luna’s tits, at least not as often as the other way around, but in this position it felt so natural.  Luna must have agreed, because she covered Celestia’s hands with the palms of her own.  She pressed them into her chest, smooshing her little breasts.   Celestia looked down.  She couldn’t see much.
  45.     “I want to see,” she told Luna.  “I want to watch me going in and out of you.”
  46.     Luna responded with a smile.  She got up and off of her sister.  Celestia’s cock slipped out of her and slapped against her belly with a wet smack.  It nearly reached to her own navel.  Luna straddled her again, pulling her cock in, this time in the opposite direction.
  47.     Celestia’s eyes rolled into the back of her head.  This, for a third time, was a whole new sensation.  It was the angle of Luna’s pussy that made the difference.  The pressure was all focused on different parts of the shaft.  Celestia liked this better.  She also had a better view.  Luna was sliding it all the way out to the base of the head, and then slowly all the way back in again.  She shook and twisted her hips as she did so.  Celestia watched it all, hypnotized by it.  She slid her middle finger into her own mouth, getting it wet, and then prepared for when Luna rode her shaft all the way back up to the top.  Celestia stopped her there, and she slowly inserted her finger into Luna’s pale, pink anus.  She let Luna get back to work.   Celestia was again amazed.  She could feel her cock from inside of Luna: it was textured, veined.  It heightened the whole sensation somehow.  Luna threw her head forward and then back.  Her long blue hair cascaded across Celestia like a blanket.  With her free hand, Celestia grabbed it all up, and pulled on it gently as she was doubly penetrating her sister.  Both groaned in pleasure.  Celestia could feel that sensation starting to return; she might be close to cumming.
  48.     “Here,” she said, pushing on Luna’s back.  “Get up.  Get on all fours.”
  49.     Luna complied.  “Do you want it in my butt?”   
  50.     “Maybe later,” Celestia said.  “This is fine for now.”
  51.     She mounted her sister doggy style.  This time she used her own hand to guide her dick in.  The angle was as good as before, but the feeling of domination had also returned, stronger than before.  She had her hands around Luna’s narrow hips, pulling her in as she thrust forward.  She pounded hard.  She watched – fascinated - as Luna’s flesh rippled from the force of her blows.  The sensation of an approaching orgasm grew stronger.
  52.     “Luna,” Celestia gasped.  “Do it.”
  53.     “Do what?” Luna asked, distractedly.  She herself was also overcome with ecstasy.  As much as Celestia had enjoyed the feeling of domination, she was enjoying feeling submissive to the only person more powerful than her.  Her own big sister.
  54.     “The spell,” Celestia said.  “Cast it again.”
  55.     “Oh,” Luna said, absentmindedly.  She snapped her fingers one more time and again small sparks flew.  Realizing what she had just done, she looked down between her knees.  She half expected to see a pair of swinging balls.  They were usually there when she was being mounted from behind.  But, of course, Celestia had none.  Instead she saw something much more interesting.  She saw her own clit, impossibly large, and it was getting larger.  Growing, descending, widening, and then it was obscured as Celestia took her hand off of her hip and took a hold of her brand new penis.
  56.     Celestia was grunting now as she was thrusting into Luna, giving her a reach around.  She rolled the flaccid dick around in her fingers, cupped it with her palm, tugged on it.  It soon started to grow long and hard.  She started jerking it off while still humping her sister.
  57.     That sensation came on full.  “I’m coming!” cried Celestia.  “I can feel it coming!  It’s coming out all the way!  I can feel it!  The whole way!  It’s coming! It’s coming!”  She shoved her dick in one more time as hard as she could, pulled it out, and slapped it on Luna’s ass.  She came all over her sister’s back.  Semen flew, landing in droplets, everywhere from the hair on Luna’s head all the way down to her butt crack, like a pearl necklace.
  58.     “Where did that come from?” Celestia gasped.  “I don’t have balls.”
  59.     “Dunno,” Luna said.  “Magic.”
  60.     Celestia nearly fainted.  She realized she still had her sister’s boner in her hand, so she let go before falling back into bed to catch her breath.  She realized she had no words to describe the sensation she had just felt.  She would have to do this again.  Celestia looked to her sister, wondering how she was feeling about her own new dick.
  61.     Luna was sitting cross-legged in bed.  She was looking down at it, stroking it lightly between her thumb and forefinger.  She looked up into Celestia’s eyes.  Her lower lip sticking out, one of Luna’s irresistible pouts.
  62.     “Oh, sweetie,” Celestia said.  “What’s the matter?”
  63.     “How come mine isn’t as big as yours?” Luna asked sadly.  Her dick matched the rest of her.  Petite.
  64.     “Oh, sweetie, don’t be sad,” Celestia said, crawling over to her, kissing her on her thighs.  “You’ll always be my big girl.  I love you just the way you are.  Besides, there are advantages.  Watch.”
  65.     Celestia slid Luna’s little cock into her mouth.  She had sucked many small cocks before, but none of them had been her sister’s.  Luna had obviously gotten over her feelings of inadequacy rather quickly.  She laid back into the bed on her back, rubbing her sister’s cum into the sheets, pulling on her own hair.  She was in bliss.  Celestia was deep-throating her.  That was one of the advantages to her size, but not the one Celestia was interested in.  She slid it out, played with the head with her tongue a bit, took a long deep breath, then took it all in again, not even gagging.  She didn’t pull it back out though.  Instead, she slid her tongue out of her mouth and slid it down the underside of Luna’s pussy.  She was effectively giving her sister a blowjob and eating her out at the same time.  Luna responded with a scream of surprise and pleasure.  She couldn’t control herself.  She wrapped her fingers around the back of Celestia’s head and started thrusting, her small tight ass bouncing off the bed.  Celestia kept it up for as long as she could.  This was too much fun to stop voluntarily.  Twenty seconds, thirty, forty.  Finally she forced Luna away, popped her dick out of her mouth and took a big gulp of air.  She barely had time to exhale before Luna sprang up and kissed her, knocking her backwards.
  66.     Luna entered her sister before Celestia even knew it.  Celestia looked down to see Luna pumping herself into her.  Luna had her by her ankles, up high into the air and spread far apart.    That was hardly necessary, as her hips were much wider than Luna’s.  Luna was looking down, though, enjoying the sight of her erection sliding into Celestia’s pink, wet pussy.  Just as much as Celestia had enjoyed the sight earlier.  Celestia’s limp cock was flapping around a bit.  Luna let go of her ankles to take it into one hand, trying to jack it off.  It was still too soon after ejaculation.  Still, it grew semi-erect; a bit of a chubby.
  67.     Luna let go and leaned forward for a better position, getting better leverage.  Celestia looked down and watched her sister fuck her.  It wasn’t doing much for her, she had to be honest with herself.  Still, she felt proud, watching Luna labor away.  Almost motherly.  Celestia grabbed one of her own breasts, propped herself up a bit, and stuck an erect nipple into Luna’s greedy mouth. She latched on and sucked away.
  68.     Luna’s effort began to slacken.  She herself was inexperienced at this.  
  69.     “Are you close?” she asked.  Celestia shook her head.
  70.     “Me neither,” said Luna, the lower lip sticking out again.
  71.     “Hang on,” Celestia said, pushing Luna off.  “I think you need something tighter.”  She rolled over and buried her face into a pillow.  She got up on her knees, sticking her ass up into the air. With her hands she spread her cheeks far apart.
  72.     Luna, with one hand, began to tug on her sister’s hanging cock.  With the other she stuck her pinkie and ring finger into her pussy, getting them nice and wet.  Then she slowly, carefully stuck her pinkie into Celestia’s tight ass.  It went in smoothly.  Pulling it out, she slid in the ring finger.  This was a tighter fit; it went in more slowly.  Then she put both in.  Celestia’s body was wriggling in excitement, and she soon relaxed her muscles.
  73.     Luna stood up on her two feet.  She squatted down a bit, stuck her new head against her sister’s ass, and slowly pushed forward.  The head slipped in easily enough.  Luna stopped here, waiting for her sister to relax a bit more.  When she was ready, Celestia pushed back in her own time, driving the narrow shaft into her butt. Once in, all the hard work was over.  Luna started pumping her hips.  Celestia looked back.  She didn’t have a good view of her tiny sister humping away.  She thought to herself that it was something she would like to see better.  She just closed her eyes and enjoyed it.   Luna was near climax.  Celestia could tell, she was fucking faster and faster.
  74.     Celestia got up on her hands and arched her back.  Luna reached forward and grabbed her tits from behind, squeezing them hard.  
  75.     “Oh my god,” Luna gasped.  “Your tits.  I love your tits.”  Celestia smiled, she already knew.  “Your tits, your tits.  Wait, I’ve got to fuck your tits.” Luna pulled out and let her sister fall onto her back.  She got up and straddled her chest.  With both hands Luna pushed Celestia’s breasts together.  She slipped her wet dick between them, and started pumping.  
  76.     Celestia roared in laughter. She looked up at Luna’s face to see it scrunched up in total concentration.  She looked down to see Luna’s little pink head poking in and out between her large white breasts.  Celestia stretched her neck forward, stuck out her tongue, and licked Luna’s head every time she poked through.
  77.     Luna rolled her head back in ecstasy.  She came without saying a word.  She came everywhere - one massive explosion.  Luna looked down to find Celestia’s face was completely covered in semen.  She realized she just came three or four times as much as her sister had earlier.  Celestia’s eyes were closed shut, cum all over her eyelids.  It was all over her mouth. She had to breathe through one nostril.  It was on her neck and chest as well.
  78.     Luna smiled and lowered herself down onto Celestia’s body to cuddle.  Celestia managed to wipe the bulk of it off with a sheet.  Luna laid her head back between Celestia’s sticky breasts and idly played with them.  She was getting cum in her own hair and on her face, but she was too overwhelmed to care.
  79.     They laid there together for a long while, in afterglow.  They were overcome.  They couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened.
  80.     “That was amazing,” Celestia said.
  81.     “Yeah.”
  82.     “We should have done that earlier.”
  83.     “You’re right, we should have.”
  84.     “I wonder what else we could do with this magic.”
  85.     “You mean like different combinations and permutations?”
  86.     “Yeah.”
  87.     “Maybe like scissoring or something.”
  88.     “Maybe we could both fuck each other at the same time.”
  89.     They both sat up with a start, looking into each others' eyes.  They looked down at their laps to find they both had full erections.  They both flung themselves into a scissoring position.  It took a lot of maneuvering, but eventually they got their penises into each others' pussies.  They began heaving and humping.  It was very awkward, but they both realized it was only a matter of practice before they had it down.  Soon they were both covered in sweat again, and in coital bliss.
  90.     “You know what I’d like to see?”
  91.     “What’s that?”
  92.     “I’d like to watch you fuck another girl.  I’d probably jack off while you did it.”
  93.     “That’s funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you.”
  94.     “Should we bring somebody in?  Some of the servants or something?”
  95.     “No, they’re too servile.  We need somebody else.”
  96.     “How about your student?  Or some of her friends?”
  97.     “Twilight?” Celestia asked.  “That’s the second best idea you’ve had all day.  I wonder what kind of hi-jinks we could get into.”
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