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  1. <html>
  2. <head>
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  29. <body>
  30. <!DOCTYPE html>
  31. <html>
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  33. <style>
  36. body {
  37. background-image: url('');
  38. background-attachment:fixed;
  39. background-size:100% 100%;
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  41. background-color:#000000;
  42. font-family:Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;
  43. text-align:left;
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  47. .color, #navbar a {
  48. background-color:#000000;
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  50. border-radius:5%;
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  52. .color {
  53. color:#aaaaaa;
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  196. <img src="" class="color" title="Individual pictures under Description; click here for the master gallery to refer to.">
  197. </a>
  198. </div>
  200. <div class="color" id="statbox">
  201. <li><b>Name:</b><br>Felicity Albrecht-Wyndham</li>
  202. <li><b>Species:</b><br><a target="_blank" href="">Therianthrope</a></li>
  203. <li><b>Age:</b><br>Early 20s</li>
  204. <li><b>Gender:</b><br><a target="_blank" href="">Hermaphrodite / Futanari</a></li>
  205. <li><b>Nationality:</b><br>German-American</li>
  206. <li><b>Languages:</b><br>English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Latin</li>
  207. <li><b>Hair:</b><br>Brown, short</li>
  208. <li><b>Eyes:</b><br>Varies</li>
  209. <li><b>Height:</b><br>5'4" / 1.63m</li>
  210. <li><b>Weight:</b><br>108 lbs / 49 kg</li>
  211. <li><b>Measurements:</b><br>34E/26/36</li>
  212. <li><b>Physiognomy:</b><br>Shy, friendly, helpful</li>
  213. <li><b>Orientation:</b><br>Demisexual, mostly Lesbian</li>
  214. <li><b>Partner:</b><br>Single Pringle</li>
  215. <li><b>Best Viewed In:</b><br>1920x1080</li>
  216. </div>
  218. <div id="navbar">
  219. <a href="#01">Background</a>
  220. <a href="#02">Personality</a>
  221. <a href="#03">Abilities</a>
  222. <a href="#04">Description</a>
  223. <a href="#05">OOC</a>
  224. <a href="#06">Kinks</a>
  225. <a href="#07">RP Ideas</a>
  226. <a href="#00">Reset</a>
  227. </div>
  229. <div class="color infobox" id="01">
  230. <h2>Background</h2>
  231. <p>In the Black Forest of Germany, a reclusive, cult-driven society of shapeshifters lives in seclusion. Driven and militaristic, they see themselves as the pinnacle of biological evolution, and all other sapient creatures as destined to serve under their paw. From birth, the People are trained in warfare of all kinds: espionage, combat, marksmanship, seduction, languages, history (carefully skewed to their world view)... It's into this society that Felicity was born - a society that became her own personal hell for the first twelve years of her life.</p>
  232. <p>Felicity was born a runt, a serious physical deformity for one of her kind; she's incapable of transforming fully into the warform that her kin are capable of, and can only assume a weaker hybridization. The People's principles of genetic superiority marked her as a pariah, worthy only of service and ostracism, prohibited from breeding and polluting their bloodline with her garbage genes. She grew up a virtual slave, bullied relentlessly, abused, forced to serve at the heels of those who were stronger and more advanced. Her "family" were the worst of the lot, her mother and father simultaneously working her harder in her training than any of her siblings, while degrading and humiliating her, doing their level best to ensure that she would bring no more shame on the family.</p>
  233. <p>For most, birthdays are cause for a minor clan celebration; a kitten's twelfth birthday, in particular, was a celebration of the ascension from trainee to journeyman, the age at which clan members could start joining rituals and war parties. It was celebrated by the kitten undergoing a focused series of trials, ranging from combat and artistry, to sexual initiation and a sensual, sacred orgy for the whole village. For Felicity... it was a night of being beaten by her father, culminating in a drunken rape at his hands. His shame at her deformity had finally driven him to desperation; properly bred, she would break one of the most fervent taboos in her society - and be summarily butchered for her transgression. She would have been thrown out into the village square... but fate left her father unconscious after the vile deed was done, and allowed her to escape in the dead of night.</p>
  234. <p>For days, she ran, burning her reserves, pushing herself farther into the change then she'd ever managed before, driven by the fear and horror of her formative years and their unspeakable culmination... when she finally collapsed in front of a Marktkauf in Mannheim, she fell unconscious and reverted to her human form, pushed beyond exhaustion by her terror. It was here, naked, leaking her father's fluids, broken and beaten, that she was discovered by an elderly couple - Eva Albrecht and Selina Wyndham, on vacation in the former's home country, hailing from Boston. The two ladies promptly recovered the poor dear in a blanket, and brought her to the nearest hospital. They claimed to be her mothers, and the word of two kindly old women with steel in their eyes and a strong native command of the language were not questioned too thorougly; young Felicity had no medical records - no records of any kind, in fact... The rape kit, as one would imagine, turned up no matches - but the blood test flagged her for the spies of the People.</p>
  235. <p>Two days after she was admitted, with both women remaining tirelessly by her side as she recuperated, an assassin for the people snuck into her hotel room - but he was unprepared for the protection of Eva and Selina, who had met during their service to their respective countries during the height of the cold war, and retired together. Even in their mid-sixties, the resourceful women proved a match against the surprised would-be assassin, leaving him dead in a dumpster behind the hospital. If there were any lingering doubt, the girl was in serious trouble; a few old favors called in, a bit of swift preparation and bribery, a faked death, and the young Felicity was whisked away in the dead of night. They took the train to Hamburg, secure in a sleeper car, protected by anonymity and the skills of two experienced spies.</p>
  236. <p>After her frantic, terrifying departure, Felicity awoke in another world: safe in a hotel room in Hamburg, formally adopted by Eva and Selina, protected by the might of two old hands at the espionage game. She considered it a dream at first; surely she'd perished, but her afterlife was nothing like the People's traditions had described. It took them nearly a day to explain her missing time, and all that had happened therein; it took her two more, to choke out the abridged version of her tribulations, and the event that had led to their meeting. When all was said and done... Felicity Albrecht-Wyndham had found a new family, a new home, and new hope.</p>
  237. <p>The intervening years saw her travel with her adoptive mothers, to locations far and wide; the gaps in her education were filled, with Felicity proving to be a voracious student in spite of her harsh upbringing. They helped deprogram her of the brutal religion of her kin, and led her out of the darkness that had shackled her mind for over a decade of her life. In return, she proved herself resilient and skilled at their particular brand of manipulation and espionage, although her penchant for honesty kept things... interesting, whenever they moved in shadow and blended with the crowd. Her preternatural talents proved as useful as her mind, and the three women moved through international borders and checkpoints with a fluidity that any cold war spy would envy.</p>
  238. <p>In the fullness of time, she struck out on her own; after eight years under their tutelage and care, she had grown into a gentle, confident woman, calm and patient, and acutely sensitive to the suffering of others. She'd completed a nursing program, earning her LVN, and had been set up with a generous stipend by her adoptive parents. She's on a sort of pilgrimage now, wandering wherever the wind takes her, looking to carve out her own niche in the wider world she lives in.</p>
  239. <p> </p>
  240. <p><i>Bonus points if you read the whole thing; tell me the name of her stuffed bunny, and ask for a cookie!</i></p>
  241. </div>
  243. <div class="color infobox" id="02">
  244. <h2>Personality</h2>
  245. <p><b><i>Positive Traits:</i></b></p>
  246. <ul>
  247. <li><b><i>Respectful:</i></b> From growing up under the yoke of an oppressive, insular clan of animals, to travelling the world with a pair of loving old lesbians, to striking out on her own... The one thing she's learned about people is that they're all different. Everyone deserves respect, deserves a chance to thrive.</li>
  248. <li><b><i>Generous:</i></b> She's never forgotten how much she owes her mothers, for taking her in, protecting her, training and deprogramming her... and all they've ever asked her in return is to pay it forward.</li>
  249. <li><b><i>Kind:</i></b> Felicity rarely has an unkind word to say about anyone. In those circumstances where someone has truly gotten under her skin, it evokes pity more often than wrath.</li>
  250. <li><b><i>Playful:</i></b> Felicity has a playful streak a mile-wide, when she's present in company she trusts, and almost no subject is taboo; in point of fact, she seems to delight in subverting societal restrictions, when she has both opportunity and courage to do so.</li>
  251. <li><b><i>Libidinous:</i></b> Her warlike kin progressed a society dominated by instinct, tribalism, and combat; their sexual appetites are fanned high as a result, and despite her harsh childhood Felicity is no different. She has a near-insatiable sex drive, something that amused her mothers to no end; they dealt with it in the same pragmatic fashion as any other facet of her upbringing, merely teaching her how to express her sexuality safely.</li>
  252. </ul>
  253. <p><b><i>Negative Traits:</i></b></p>
  254. <ul>
  255. <li><b><i>Nervous:</i></b> It can sometimes take a lot for Felicity to warm up to someone; she's easily startled, and will occasionally avoid people altogether when shadows of her past rear up.</li>
  256. <li><b><i>Awkward:</i></b> Felicity is painfully shy around strangers; she's acutely aware of the differences between herself and humanity at large, and will sometimes go out of her way to prevent discovery of her preternatural abilities. On most days, she can be friendly and socially adept, but there are gaps in her social skills from the first twelve years she spent in virtual captivity. Occasionally she'll slip up.</li>
  257. <li><b><i>Sensitive:</i></b> After all these years, the one thing that Eva and Selina couldn't rid their kind-hearted daughter of is her emotional sensitivity... she's become acutely aware of the darkness that she's escaped, and will occasionally lapse into a deep depression whenever she's exposed to zealotry, irrational bias, or unwarranted aggression.</li>
  258. <li><b><i>Lack of Self-Control:</i></b> Only the strict hand of her German mother kept Selina's impulses in line; out from under their tutelage, Felicity is rediscovering some of the pleasures of independent life... and she occasionally overindulges.</li>
  259. <li><b><i>Porn Addict:</i></b> Smut and self-pleasure are her primary sexual outlet, and her tastes can get a bit... exotic.</li>
  260. </ul>
  261. </div>
  263. <div class="color infobox" id="03">
  264. <h2>Abilities</h2>
  265. <p><i><b>Physical Abilities:</b></i></p>
  266. <ul>
  267. <li><b><i>Shapeshifting:</i></b> Felicity belongs to a species of near-human <a target="_blank" href="">therianthropes</a>, shapeshifters who can take on an animal aspect; hers is the lynx, but she's incapable of fully assuming their form like her kin.</li>
  268. <li><b><i>Claws:</i></b> Inch-long talons, retractable and sharp; almost always used for utility purposes, and seldom popped even in combat.</li>
  269. <li><b><i>Regeneration:</i></b> Felicity can heal astonishingly fast, and has no scars of any kind. Minor wounds are gone in seconds; broken bones and blood loss, in minutes. Even organ damage and severe fire or acid trauma will fade in time.</li>
  270. <li><b><i>Heightened Reflexes:</i></b> Her reaction times are faster than a normal human's approaching a cat's in speed and precision. This does, however, make her comically twitchy at times.</li>
  271. <li><b><i>Enhanced Senses:</i></b> Felicity's eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell are all preternaturally powerful; she can be overwhelmed by assaulting these senses with overpowering stimuli.</li>
  272. </ul>
  273. <p><i><b>Talents:</b></i></p>
  274. <ul>
  275. <li><b><i>Medical Training:</i></b> Felicity is a Licensed Practical Nurse, with a year of medical school under her belt. She's eventually aiming for her bachelor's and Registration, but is taking some time off first.</li>
  276. <li><b><i>Firearms:</i></b> She has marksmanship training from both sides of her past, and is a crack shot when she can be convinced to pull the trigger.</li>
  277. <li><b><i>Close-Quarters Combat:</i></b> Felicity has had extensive training in CQC and martial arts, and will rarely have to resort to her claws.</li>
  278. <li><b><i>Trivia:</i></b> A voracious reader and autodidact, Felicity has a knack for learning swiftly; however, making the lesson stick over the long term requires practice and study.</li>
  279. </ul>
  280. </div>
  282. <div class="color infobox" id="04">
  283. <h2>Description</h2>
  284. <p><i><b>Depiction / Measurements:</b></i></p>
  285. <ul>
  286. <li><b><i>Body Style:</i></b> Curvy and toned; most of her curves are the result of strange genetics and her own natural proclivities. She's decently strong and agile, despite her shape.</li>
  287. <li><b><i>Hair Style:</i></b> Usually short and messy; has considered dyeing it, but she hasn't found a dye that will take root for any length of time.</li>
  288. <li><b><i>Breasts:</i></b> 34E, firm and perky despite their prodigious heft; slightly inverted nipples that emerge with arousal.</li>
  289. <li><b><i>Stomach:</i></b> Flat, slightly soft despite a decent workout routine.</li>
  290. <li><b><i>Male Genitalia:</i></b> Penis: Uncircumsized; Flaccid, 3" length, 2.5" girth; Fully Erect, 8" length, 5.5" girth. She's a grower, not a show-er. Balls: 2.6" diameter, about the size of tennis balls.</li>
  291. <li><b><i>Female Genitalia:</i></b> Lips: 0.4" thick, very plump and soft; Vaginal Depth: 5" on average; Largest Cock fully accomodated: 7.5" length, 5.5" girth.</li>
  292. <li><b><i>Inseam:</i></b> 31"; long, athletic legs (when compared to the rest of her body, at least).</li>
  293. <li><b><i>Clothing:</i></b> Tends toward revealing, unrestrictive clothing, the sort that shows off her body to its best effect and doesn't interfere with her shapeshifting. Despite her past, she's not shy about her body in the slightest... partially because of her talents, partially because of her upbringing by her adoptive mothers, and partially because her body shape makes tighter clothing infeasible for shapeshifting.</li>
  294. <li><b><i>Shoes:</i></b> 10.5 US women's; 8 UK; 43 Europe... when she wears them at all. People often tease her because of her larger feet.</li>
  295. </ul>
  296. <p><b><i>References:</i></b></p>
  297. <ul>
  298. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Getting ready for bed</a></li>
  299. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Having fun in nature</a></li>
  300. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Embarrassingly aroused</a></li>
  301. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Caught post-playtime!</a></li>
  302. <li><a target="_blank" href="">What are you looking at?</a></li>
  303. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Safe at home</a></li>
  304. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Ready to rawk</a></li>
  305. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Feeling free</a></li>
  306. <li><a target="_blank" href="">The nitty gritty</a></li>
  307. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Size reference</a></p></li>
  308. </ul>
  309. <p><b><i>Possessions:</i></b></p>
  310. <ul>
  311. <li>Her stuffed bunny, <a target="_blank" href="">Friday</a>; she's had it almost since she was adopted, and it goes with her everywhere she travels.</li>
  312. <li>Her Chiappa Arms <a target="_blank" href="">Rhino</a>, chambered for 9mm, complete with a <a target="_blank" href="">Hogue Micarta</a> grip.</li>
  313. <li>Her pride and joy, a gift from her mothers for her twenty-first birthday: a <a target="_blank" href="">Tesla Roadster</a>, fully electric, the fastest production car in human history.</li>
  314. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Formal Dress</a>, suitable for high society or a masquerade ball.</li>
  315. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Sundress</a> for everyday wear.</li>
  316. <li>The classic <a target="_blank" href="">LBD</a>, or Little Black Dress.</li>
  317. <li><a target="_blank" href="">Party Outfit!</a> Time to go paint the town purple.</li>
  318. <li>Another <a target="_blank" href="">Club Outfit</a>, in a style she's fond of.</li>
  319. <li>Something for when she's <a target="_blank" href="">Feeling Playful</a> in public.</li>
  320. <li>Felicity LOVES <a target="_blank" href="">Halloween</a>; it's one of the few times she'll really go all out!</p></li>
  321. </ul>
  322. <p><i><b>Color Code:</b></i> #aa88aa</p>
  323. </div>
  325. <div class="color infobox" id="05">
  326. <h2>OOC</h2>
  327. <p><b><i>On Gender:</i></b></p>
  328. <ul>
  329. <li><b><i>Masculine Males, Transmales:</i></b> Really low on my list of tastes for smut. I love dick; I don't love the hypermasculine, douchebro pushiness. Don't come to me, I'll come to you, boys. Nonsexual roleplay is usually fine, but make your intent clear from the start - like I'm doing right here.</li>
  330. <li><b><i>Femboys, Androgynes:</i></b> Depends on the personality, but I'm often down for it. Case-by-case basis.</li>
  331. <li><b><i>Futanari, Transfemale, Newhalf:</i></b> This is what I'm into. I just get along better with females in general, regardless of their genitalia. Take note, though: <a target="_blank" href="">This</a> is a futanari, and I'm a little peeved at people who will insist to their dying breath that their "futa" has no pussy of any kind.</li>
  332. <li><b><i>Females:</i></b> Right up there with hermaphrodites. Personal favorite, in both personality and body shape.</li>
  333. <li><b><i>PSA:</i></b> If your futa/shemale profile says, "FEMALES ONLY, ALWAYS THE ONE PENETRATING, ALWAYS DOM, NEVER SUB, etc." I'm going to assume it's a male behind the keyboard who isn't getting enough pussy playing a male character. News Flash: Putting tits on what's otherwise a VERY obvious male outlook isn't going to help.</li>
  334. </ul>
  335. <p><b><i>On Roleplay:</i></b></p>
  336. <ul>
  337. <li><b><i>Posting Style:</i></b> Shortpost to Semi-Para. Much more than this, and the back-and-forth of good interaction is lost or steamrolled over; I do, however, have a sad tendency to snowball. Call me on it if I get carried away! Novella/Multi-Para posters need not apply. I want <i>roleplaying</i>, not narration.</li>
  338. <li><b><i>Perspective:</i></b> Third-person only, if you please. First-person perspective gets weird for me.</li>
  339. <li><b><i>Starter Posts:</i></b> Nope. Contact me OOC first to discuss our scene, and make sure you say The Right Thing(TM) when you contact me; if you've read the important parts of the profile, you'll know what it is.</li>
  340. <li><b><i>Sexytimes:</i></b> Story is good; Smut is better; Both, combined together, are best! Give me <i>context</i> for the sexy stuff, and I'll love it.</li>
  341. <li><b><i>IC/OOC:</i></b> I <i>need</i> a strict separation of IC and OOC, please. Use brackets, the RPC double-slash, whatever you like; metagaming and blurring the lines will be a serious turn-off.</li>
  342. <li><b><i>Venue:</i></b> I vastly prefer PM roleplay, but I've been known to dip into rooms every so often. An invitation to do so won't go amiss.</li>
  343. </ul>
  344. <p><b><i>On Conduct:</i></b></p>
  345. <ul>
  346. <li><b><i>Literacy & Grammar:</i></b> To be honest, I'm not a grammar Nazi; if I can clearly understand what you're saying, and enjoying the actual imagination, it's all good. If it's terrible enough that I <b>can't</b>, or you're using leetspeak or that baby-talk uwu nonsense, though... that's a dealbreaker.</li>
  347. <li><b><i>OOC Contact:</i></b> I strictly limit OOC contact, and will not divulge personal information. Don't even ask, or face the blockhammer. I don't need to know if you're beating off behind the keyboard - feel free, just don't tell me about it.</li>
  348. <li><b><i>Other Messengers (Discord/Skype/Kik/etc.):</i></b> None of these are available; do not ask. I keep my connections to RPC.</li>
  349. <li><b><i>Respect:</i></b> <a target="_blank" href="">Respect</a> is a fundamental rule of good roleplay, and a worthy idea in any personal interaction. Show it to me, and I promise the same shown to you.</li>
  350. <li><b><i>Blocking:</i></b> Getting pushy, rude, insistent, or disrespectful, or breaking any of my roleplaying rules in a severe or gregarious fashion, will probably get you blocked. I'm unfortunately fairly freehanded when it comes to use of RPC's ignore functions. Your mileage may vary.</li>
  351. <li><b><i>Beginning the Scene:</i></b> Rule of Thumb: the one who approaches, is the one who starts us off. Applies to me, too. If there's a good scene reason to do otherwise, though, we can discuss it!</li>
  352. </ul>
  353. </div>
  355. <div class="color infobox" id="06">
  356. <h2>Kinks</h2>
  357. <p>Anything not listed here is, by definition, on the <b>Negotiable</b> list; just ask, and we'll discuss it. I don't kinkshame, no matter how weird it gets.</p>
  358. <p></p>
  359. <p><b>Hard Limits</b></p>
  360. <ul>
  361. <li><b><i>Scat, Vomit, Vore:</i></b> Anything digestive is off the table. 'Nuff said.</li>
  362. <li><b><i>Abuse, Humiliation, Degradation:</i></b> Too much strife in the world to add more to it; not to my taste, but see "Hard BDSM," below.</li>
  363. <li><b><i>Immortals, Deities, Godlings, etc:</i></b> Usually synonymous with metagamers and godmodders. No thanks. If you can play like a normal character, we <i>might</i> be able to talk.</li>
  364. <li><b><i>Taking Control of My Character:</i></b> Felicity is my avatar, and I take that very seriously. I describe her, I control her, I decide for her. Usurp that right at your own peril.</li>
  365. </ul>
  366. <p><b>Negotiable</b></p>
  367. <ul>
  368. <li><b><i>Non-con, Dub-con:</i></b> Felicity is a broken girl, recently and freshly healed. Need a damn good reason for this, but I've been known to enjoy it in the right context.</li>
  369. <li><b><i>Hard BDSM:</i></b> Probably not. Kind of fits with the Abuse above, although I can appreciate the distinction when it's accompanied by trust and aftercare. Sell me on it.</li>
  370. <li><b><i>Tentacles:</i></b> When done right, see Consentacles below. When done wrong... see Non-con above.</li>
  371. <li><b><i>Horror:</i></b> In a sexual sense, I'm picky about my erotic horror scenes. Gore, death, violence - they're reserved for trusted partners.</li>
  372. <li><b><i>Watersports:</i></b> Iffy. It has its potential, but it's another trusted-partner thing. Ask if we've got a rapport going.</li>
  373. <li><b><i>Ageplay:</i></b> I don't change Felicity's age. However, I've been known to play with much younger or older characters. Context-sensitive.</li>
  374. <li><b><i>Anal & Buttstuff:</i></b> Not often in the mood, and when I am, I'll let you know. It's going to be clean, it's going to be gentle, and it's going to be consensual. Period.</li>
  375. <li><b><i>Bestiality:</i></b> I'm iffy about this one. Ferals and non-sapient beasts... there's not a lot of intelligent or varied potential there. Ask, but don't get your hopes up.</li>
  376. <li><b><i>Anthros:</i></b> Case-by-case basis. Most are pretty awesome, but the few that aren't... <i>~shudder~</i></li>
  377. <li><b><i>Femboys, Transmales:</i></b> Depends on the personality, but I'm usually down. We'll talk.</li>
  378. </ul>
  379. <p><b>Favorites</b></p>
  380. <ul>
  381. <li><b><i>Breeding:</i></b> Love it! Play unprotected, let this kitten go into heat, and leave her with a litter - or let her settle one inside you. (Careful, though - a pump'n'dump will piss me off. If you're going to knock her up, stick around; Felicity certainly will.)</li>
  382. <li><b><i>Pregnancy & Birth:</i></b> I can see the erotic potential in the most primal and sensual moment in a woman's life. Works with eggs and anthro litters, too!</li>
  383. <li><b><i>Romance:</i></b> Make love to me, and make me feel you on an emotional level as well as a physical one.</li>
  384. <li><b><i>Vermicious Knids:</i></b> The Right Thing(TM). Follow the instructions in the OOC tab.</li>
  385. <li><b><i>Soft Dominance/Submission:</i></b> Loving, gentle power dynamics are something I enjoy; just don't make it the sole focus of the scene, please.</li>
  386. <li><b><i>Nurturing:</i></b> Taking care of each other is a big one. Breastfeeding, pampering, tending to a partner's needs, it's all good.</li>
  387. <li><b><i>Consentacles:</i></b> THIS is tentacle hentai done right. Hit me up and knock me up!</li>
  388. <li><b><i>Oral:</i></b> Huge thing for me, in either direction, giving or receiving, on any set of genitalia. LOVE it.</li>
  389. </ul>
  390. </div>
  392. <div class="color infobox" id="07">
  393. <h2>RP Ideas</h2>
  394. <p><i>These are just some off-the-cuff scenarios we might enjoy together; I'm especially fond of my partners approaching with an idea of their own, and doing so within the limits elsewhere in the profile is a <b>really</b> good way to get my attention.</i></p>
  395. <ul>
  396. <li>Felicity is stranded somewhere, with a broken down car or something like that; come by and pick her up, and she'll pay you back in a number of ways...</li>
  397. <li>It's a lonely night, and our kitten has gone out to a bar or club in search of some company... lovely places to slip into the crowd.</li>
  398. <li>Two people make a connection over coffee and breakfast. Felicity can be a friendly sort, when she sees someone in need.</li>
  399. <li>It's that time of the month... and unfortunately, Felicity is insatiably horny when she's leading up to her cycle. She might fuck just about anyone... or anything.</li>
  400. <li>Felicity has finally decided to settle down for a little while, and her first baby is on the way. Lots of setup needed for this one.</li>
  401. <li>A friend needs her help, knowing how virile or fertile she is; Felicity would do anything to help out those she loved... even giving birth, or inseminating a friend's wife.</li>
  402. <li>It's Halloween night, or a masquerade or costume ball; Felicity is letting her hair (and tail!) down, but someone notices the costume is a little <i>too</i> good...</li>
  403. </ul>
  404. </div>
  406. </div>
  407. </div>
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  410. <img src="" id="credit"/>
  411. </a>
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  417. Master Gallery:
  418. At Work:
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