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  1. function click(p:player,m:integer,n:text,pr:integer):
  2.     if {Clicker::%{_p}%::%{_n}%} is not set:
  3.         if {money::%{_p}%} >= {_pr}:
  4.             remove {_pr} from {money::%{_p}%}
  5.             add 1 to {Clicker::%{_p}%::%{_n}%}
  6.             send "&7[&3CClicker&7] You can now use the %{_n}% Clicker" to {_p}
  7.         else:
  8.             send "&7[&3CClicker&7] You dont have enough money" to {_p}
  9.     if {Clicker::%{_p}%::%{_n}%} is set:
  10.         add {_m}*({rebirth::%{_p}%}+1) to {money::%{_p}%}
  11.         play sound "entity.experience_orb.pickup" with volume 0.1 to {_p}
  13. command /click:
  14.     trigger:
  15.                 wait 1 tick
  16.         open chest with 3 rows named "CUrrUpt Clicker" to player
  17.         format slot 10 of player with dirt named "&6&lDirt" lored "&fPer click: +$1||&fPrice: FREE" to run [ click(player,1,"Dirt",0) ]
  18.         format slot 11 of player with Stone named "&6&lStone" lored "&fPer click: +$15||&fPrice: $200" to run function click(player,15,"Stone",200)
  20. on inventory click:
  21.     add 1 to {CPS::%player%}
  23. every 1 seconds in "world":
  24.     loop all players:
  25.         if {CPS::%loop-player%} > 20:
  26.             close loop-player's inventory
  27.         delete {CPS::%loop-player%}
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