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  1. This is John Connor at Crystal Peak.
  2.                  Connor? What the hell is happening?  Who's in charge there?
  3.                 I am.
  4.                  Connor, can you help us?
  5.                  This is Montana Civil Defence.  Where did you say you were again?
  6.                  By the time Skynet  became self-aware...
  7.                  ... it had spread into millions of  computer servers across the planet.
  8.                  Ordinary computers in office  buildings, dorm rooms, everywhere.
  9.                  It was software in cyberspace.
  10.                  There was no system core.  It could not be shut down.
  11.                  The attack began at  :   p.m.,  just as he said it would.
  12.                  Judgment Day.
  13.                  The day the human race  was nearly destroyed...
  14.                  ... by weapons they'd built  to protect themselves.
  15.                  I should have realized our destiny  was never to stop Judgment Day.
  16.                  It was merely to survive it...
  17.                  ... together.
  18.                  The Terminator knew.
  19.                  He tried to tell us...
  20.                  ... but I didn't want to hear it.
  21.                  Maybe the future has been written.  I don't know.
  22.                  All I know is what  the Terminator taught me:
  23.                  Never stop fighting.
  24.                  And I never will.
  25.                  The battle has just begun.
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