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  1. You, Allura, are connected to Keith Kogane
  2. Your common tags are voltron and vld
  3. Allura: I see I'm not the only one keeping odd hours, aren't I?
  4. Keith Kogane: No... I suppose not. What are you doing up, princess?
  5. Allura: Oh, you know-- working late. [She waves her hand about her face, as if to dismiss the topic.] What about you, Keith?
  6. Allura: I don't usually see you up at this time.
  7. Keith Kogane: You should go easy on yourself... it's much better to rest, instead of spreading yourself so thin. [He shrugged, looking off to the side.] ... Just couldn't stay asleep.
  8. Allura: I suppose, but-- [She sighs.] There's just so much to be done, I can't just-- well. [Allura raises a curious brow then, folding her arms across her chest.] ...Is everything alright?
  9. Keith Kogane: You can't do everything yourself. Not taking away from your own abilities, of course- but there are always people to help you. [He looks back at her, searching for the right words.] Yes, just... odd dreams.
  10. Allura: [Allura offers him a small smile, her cheeks flushing a light cerise hue.] I suppose you're right. [Though, her smile is shortlived as she watches Keith's expression, and she approaches him cautiously.] What sort of dreams? If-- if you don't mind my asking.
  11. Keith Kogane: [He offers her a smile, subtle, though the softness of his eyes is where most of the emotion resides.] You can always ask me for anything, as well. [His smile falters at her questioning.] You know when in dreams, you relive a memory... but it's not right? Your brain warps it into something else entirely?
  12. Allura: [Allura tenses, though she takes care in not letting Keith see it on her face. Instead, she lets her arms fall back to her sides as she nods slowly, encouraging him to continue.] I... I do, yes. Go on.
  13. Keith Kogane: ... I keep- I keep seeing Shiro at the cloning facility, and it gets worse every time- [He hesitates, taking a deeper breath to center himself.] It wasn't him, and it won't ever be his fault- but the illusion of it will never leave me.
  14. Allura: Oh, Keith-- [Allura rushes forward without thinking to envelop Keith in a hug, cradling the back of his head.] I know. I couldn't possibly begin to understand what you must feel, but, it is as you said. It /wasn't/ Shiro. The Shiro we know wouldn't dream of hurting anyone, least of all you. [She holds him tighter, as if it might emphasize her words.] Have you spoken to him about it?
  15. Keith Kogane: [His base instinct is to tense at her touch, breath hitching in his throat before he lets it out, tension flowing out with it.] I know... he knows that I know, and he still feels every bit as guilty as if it had really been him- [He shakes his head, his arms slack at his side tentatively wrapping around her.] How can I... how can I, when he already feels so terrible?
  16. Allura: I know. [Allura rubs slow, rhythmic circles against Keith's back, her fingertips pressing into his tense muscles in hopes of getting him to relax.] Shiro wouldn't want you to be torturing yourself like this, you know. He cares for you so, /so/ much, more than I've ever seen in anyone before.
  17. Allura: Besides, you'll-- you'll have to bring it up eventually. You can't avoid it forever.
  18. Keith Kogane: I care for him too... I can't- there's so much he's dealing with. Until the dust settles... I can't add more to the burdens he's already carrying. I don't... I don't want to break him. [He holds her tighter, chin pressing into her shoulder to keep his face hidden.] Time... in time, I'll mention it.
  19. Allura: You wouldn't ever do such a thing to him, no matter what. [Allura's head is nestled comfortably against Keith's shoulder, and she resists the urge to press a chaste, fleeting kiss to his jawline. Instead, she slides her hand back up to the back of his head, twirling his hair around her fingertips.] I'll be here when you do, alright? Just say the word.
  20. Keith Kogane: [He finally relaxes, tired eyes closing if only for a moment to listen, and nod.] Thank you, Allura... I don't mean to worry you any more, when you've been so busy. But... I will. Thank you for offering...
  21. Allura: Oh, rubbish. [She chortles, leaning back to meet his gaze. The flush on her cheeks is barely noticeable, but there's no hiding her tender smile.] I'm never too busy to worry about you, Keith.
  22. Keith Kogane: [His grip on her tightens reflexively before he forces himself to let go, his smile turned shy.] Ah... I'm sure you've got plenty to be worried about already, princess. I'll be alright.
  23. Allura: [Allura's already missing his warmth when he soon lets go of her, but she doesn't reach back out to him. She shrugs, folding her arms behind her back.] Perhaps, but... you're supposed to worry about those who are important to you, aren't you?
  24. Keith Kogane: No... you're right. I- thank you. [Long past are the days of tension between them because of the revelation of his Galra heritage, but the morphing of their relationship into something fonder is something he truly cherishes.]
  25. Allura: You don't need to thank me. [Though it pales in comparison to the coziness of Keith's arms around her, Allura feels a delightful warmth radiating all over her body when he smiles, and her cheeks flush an even deeper cerise hue.] So, ah-- it's. It's late, but, um, would you-- [She finds herself laughing from how much she stumbles over her words, before restarting.] Would you go stargazing with me? Right-- right now? I have yet to see the stars from Earth, and I... was hoping you'd join me?
  26. Keith Kogane: [He doesn't fight her on it, much as he'd like- much as he would have, at the start of all this. But he's learned to accept this, to accept friendship, instead of strengthening his own walls. He can't help the soft laugh that bubbles out of him.] Of course, princess... the least I could do is teach you all of our constellations.
  27. Allura: You would? [Allura lights up then, her smile widening. She was half-expecting Keith to politely decline -- not because of her, but because it is, in fact, horribly late.] Let's go! I found a wonderful spot a few days ago! [She grabs his hand suddenly and tugs him down the hall, towards the hangar and back entrance.]
  28. Keith Kogane: I would. I take my promises quite seriously. [He follows after her, hand holding tightly onto hers as she leads him to whatever spot she'd had her eyes set upon.}
  29. Allura: [She leads Keith to a fairly secluded area just beyond the Garrison's back entrance, hidden among parked vehicles and dunes; plopping herself on the sand, Allura pats the spot beside her, beckoning Keith to join her as she looks up at the stars.] Aren't they beautiful?
  30. Keith Kogane: [Keith takes a seat beside her, being mindful of the space between them.] The night sky is so clear, out here... clearer than any place in the city, with all the light pollution. It's always been my favorite sight...
  31. Allura: On Altea, I used to sneak out of the palace almost every night just to watch the stars. [Allura leans back on her palms, smiling as she finds herself searching for constellations she knows -- and asking Keith about those she doesn't.] Even though I've flown among them for so long, I'll never get used to their majesty.
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