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  1. [22:53] Lee: alright guys time to wring some info out of me
  2. [22:58] Forcewhut: lol
  3. [22:58] MrTC: damnit lee!!!
  4. [22:58] Forcewhut: hows the  last map coming along
  5. [23:00] Lee: ok so we just passed a pretty big milestone
  6. [23:00] Lee: which was our 6th map for the update completed
  7. [23:00] Lee: so thats 6 new maps
  8. [23:01] Lee: and when i say completed i mean the art is completed, we're probably going to spend the rest of this month just polishing em up
  9. [23:02] Lee: some people pointed out an influx of activity in our steam builds, thats us doing rapid turn QA on the new maps
  10. [23:03] Lee: force i saw youd voiced a concern about foliage and optimization
  11. [23:04] Lee: basic answer is all our new stuff looks better AND runs better across the board
  12. [23:05] Lee: ill give you a quick benchmark
  13. [23:06] Lee: ive got a gtx 970 and I believe i was getting around 100-110 fps on carentan
  14. [23:07] Lee: which would sometimes dip into the 60s by the allied spawn where all the foliage is
  15. [23:08] Lee: 167fps
  16. [23:08] Lee: thats snapped from dockyard
  17. [23:08] Lee: on max settings
  18. [23:09] Lee: on all low settings i hit the fps cap of 200
  19. [23:10] Lee: mind you theres still optimization we can do in this map, but even before we do our optimization passes we're starting higher than we were before
  20. [23:11] Forcewhut: so the mappool is 10 maps? on the trello i counted more but that could be maps that were renamed in the completed for 2.0 list
  21. [23:12] Lee: we have the 6 new ones, and 2 in progress as shown in trello
  22. [23:12] Lee: still debating what to do with the old 4 maps
  23. [23:12] Forcewhut: keep working on them lol
  24. [23:13] Lee: but before we mess around with the old stuff or push on anything else new, we're going to be polishing the crap out of the new 6 for 2.0
  25. [23:13] Lee: which means optimization, art polish, exploit prevention, and gameplay tweaks
  26. [23:14] Lee: then we'll bring em to you guys for feedback
  27. [23:14] Forcewhut: im shocked its so quiet
  28. [23:14] Schmiddi: So,we will get them in may as everything goes well?
  29. [23:15] Lee: hah should i drop a @ here
  30. [23:15] Lee: so at minimum we'll have 6 new, polished maps
  31. [23:15] Lee: once we finish those we'll probably work on the other 2 works in progress
  32. [23:15] vR - Dadas: Nice :grinning::ok_hand:
  33. [23:15] Lee: so could be up to 8
  34. [23:17] Forcewhut: 12 maps is a good number seeing as BAT44 has so few atm and even dods has 9
  35. [23:17] Lee: oh and for a low end benchmark our pc with a gtx560 runs dockyard at around 100 fps
  36. [23:17] jeffu: can we see the layouts of all 6 maps?
  37. [23:18] Lee: no jeffu, we don't want any armchair quarterbacking until we're ready for actual testing :smiley:
  38. [23:18] Forcewhut: community maps are in the works (or they were) so there's a lot of content to play as far as maps go
  39. [23:18] Lee: but they are all better than the original 4
  40. [23:19] MrTC: The original 4 will stay?
  41. [23:19] Forcewhut: i was going to ask this a couple weeks ago,, but
  42. [23:19] Lee: we want to make sure when we start getting feedback again we have the capacity to actually act on it
  43. [23:19] Forcewhut: when all the new weapons come intothe game, will there be more classes or will it be some sort of custom layout
  44. [23:20] Forcewhut: switch this weapon for that weapon kind of thing
  45. [23:20] Lee: i will say we've rethought the classes
  46. [23:20] Lee: and one goal of ours for 2.0 is to have more asymmetry between the teams
  47. [23:21] Lee: we think they were too similar before
  48. [23:21] Schmiddi: Yeah, asymmetry was something that was a bit lost in the 1.4 build
  49. [23:21] Lee: TC the original 4 are still up for debate
  50. [23:22] Lee: if they remain in 2.0 they will need to be rebuilt to match the current performance levels
  51. [23:23] Forcewhut: the 4 we have now just need more feedback and some need major layout tweaks before they could be played on a comp level or even a casual fun level
  52. [23:23] Lee: agreed
  53. [23:23] Lee: if we ever remove a map from the official rotation at bare minimum we'd throw it on the steam workshop
  54. [23:24] Schmiddi: Kaltenberg is not bad, but the last flag has on both sides only two ways to cap. All really good dods maps had at least 3 ways
  55. [23:24] Bram: Nice :sunglasses:
  56. [23:25] Forcewhut: its something to think about later on.
  57. [23:25] Lee: yea either way we want 2.0 to feel new
  58. [23:25] Lee: which means not seeing the same old stuff we already know
  59. [23:26] Lee: either got to be fixed up and improved or it probably won't make the cut
  60. [23:27] Lee: so that pretty much covers the maps
  61. [23:27] Lee: on the programming side we're waiting on 2 main things
  62. [23:27] Forcewhut: game launch time lol
  63. [23:27] Lee: hah
  64. [23:28] Lee: basically we loved the new voip so much we wanted to build out the social features along with it
  65. [23:29] Lee: so you can party up and talk outside of a server
  66. [23:29] Lee: then join together
  67. [23:29] chrismo1233: That sounds cool
  68. [23:29] Lee: which is actually a bit more complex than it probably sounds
  69. [23:30] Lee: so george is finishing that feature set off along with all the extra UI it has required
  70. [23:31] Lee: the other big thing is UE4.19
  71. [23:31] Lee: which we'll be migrating to after the social features are done
  72. [23:32] Lee: 4.19 has a lot of optimizations for large player counts from fortnite
  73. [23:33] Lee: and after that its just polishing and testing until we're happy with it all
  74. [23:34] Lee: so i'll stick around for a little while and answer any questions i can
  75. [23:40] MrTC: Cool!  I'm glad to hear that you are not going to totally get rid of the older maps, especially omaha
  76. [23:40] MrTC: With the new VoIP, can you talk to team mates or global chat like you had before?
  77. [23:42] Forcewhut: lets have discussion about what could make the 4 maps better :smiley:
  78. [23:44] Forcewhut: omaha needs to be less of a plateau on top. maybe move some of the plants back and have routes uptop. some long range and some like the trenches. but make it more about fighting on top than fighting on the beach.
  79. [23:45] Lee: yep so party, team, and global are the 3 channels
  80. [23:45] Lee: and im all ears to suggestions on how to improve existing maps
  81. [23:45] Lee: first thing for omaha is we'd probably just start the allies on the beach
  82. [23:46] Lee: since allowing people to ride on top of a vehicle is just a networking nightmare
  83. [23:47] Forcewhut: idk if you have pregression worked out in maps but the boats are fine but lets say the pillbox gets blown then have teh allies spawn prone in a pit or on the sides
  84. [23:47] Lee: you mean spawn progression?
  85. [23:47] Forcewhut: yeah
  86. [23:47] Lee: we actually had that figured out since omaha v1
  87. [23:47] Lee: because we spawned out at sea first then on the shore
  88. [23:48] Lee: id like to see an omaha thats deeper with 1 or 2 advancing spawns as the allies progress
  89. [23:51] Forcewhut: for foy i think having the allies blow the objectives twice would lengthen the matches. its really easy for allies to win foy in under  2 minutes.
  90. [23:51] MrTC: that sounds pretty good
  91. [23:51] MrTC: depends on how well the axis play
  92. [23:51] MrTC: on foy
  93. [23:52] Forcewhut: yeah axis can easily win too
  94. [23:54] Forcewhut: i think its a pretty good map i just think that removing access to that road in the back should be done. unless foy was going to be a lot longer of a map, i don't see why axis can walk all the way back there.
  95. [23:54] Lee: foys a mess
  96. [23:56] Forcewhut: minor route edits could make it a good map
  97. [23:56] Lee: yea the nice part is its fairly easy to remap the routes in that map
  98. [23:56] Lee: or even just open it up more
  99. [23:57] Lee: right now it funnels down from totally open to one narrow street
  100. [23:58] Forcewhut: its not one that need a lot of work to make better.
  101. [00:10] Arachnid ??: map editor ready?
  102. [00:11] Forcewhut: .....and how user friendly is it?
  103. [00:12] Lee: its on the final polish and implementation stage
  104. [00:12] Lee: because if its not user friendly theres no point in having it
  105. [00:13] Lee: but much of that works already been done
  106. [00:13] Lee: we've improved upon the editors from other ue4 games that are out there
  107. [00:13] Lee: trying to make as plug and play as possible
  108. [00:14] chrismo1233: Foy is a tricky one as the final stage of the map just shifts to one side
  109. [00:14] chrismo1233: Good to hear map editor is pretty much there. Will be nice to see what people come up with
  110. [00:14] chrismo1233: The far cry 5 creations have got me thinking about dow editor again.
  111. [02:10] COACH: Good to hear of lots of progression
  112. [04:57] jeffu: @Lee is there a better point calculator/tracker instead of just full caps?
  113. [04:58] Lee: not yet but thats something id like to look into
  114. [05:02] Lee: that kind of gameplay logic is super easy to implement but thats a part of the code base we have to be very careful when messing with as its easy to introduce game breaking bugs
  115. [05:03] Lee: which is why stuff like that has been on the backlog for a while
  116. [05:25] Forcewhut: Dods was simple. After someone capped a flag, every 15 seconds the teams were given 1 point per flag cap.  Lot of the times it was the middle flag that determined that.
  117. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  118. [11:40] panteror: Hi, I read your intervention on discord last night. As i was sleeping, I could not ask my questions :).
  119. About Social Features
  120. 1) You talked about voip but do you implement the steam friends and steam browser features ? in order to see game informations and to join a game with steam friends and through steam browser favorites server, it's a big lack.
  121. About Changes in teams
  122. 2) It's a very good decision to make teams asymmetry, did you remove some weapons for teams to be like dod for example with only a garand for allied (no more springfield) ?  Did you do a mix of rifleman/marksman classes or did you change only weapons characteristics ?
  123. About Maps
  124. 3) Old maps should stay in 2.0 even if you don't have time to tweak and change now. Some new players didn't play it yet and we cant restart again with only 6 maps. So 10 maps at 2.0 start will be fine.
  125. 4) The 6 new maps are domination gameplay mode ?
  126. About others
  127. 5) What is the state of the progression system and the new user interface. It was in progress in december, but now is it finished ? in your screen of dockyard, it's the old GUI :)
  128. 6) Linux server ? any hope ?
  129. 7) Can you reopen the forum to gather feedbacks about old maps.
  130. Thanks to take time to answer.(modifié)
  131. [14:42] Lee: 1) yes steam friends is already implemented
  132. [14:43] Lee: 2) some guns are going to be removed, they may return later
  133. [14:45] Lee: 3) i might agree with you here but others dont, and we definitely don't want to have maps that are less optimized relative to our new ones.  as i said earlier steam workshop is our backup for anything that gets scrapped
  134. [14:45] Lee: 4) yes
  135. [14:45] Lee: 5) hud is still the same, will probably be the last thing we change, though we have inventory icons in the hud now
  136. [14:47] Lee: 6) ill be making  pitch to george about bringing it back.  It's a fair amount of overhead, and complicates our server testing.  If 4.19 brings a bunch of server optimization its more likely
  137. [14:47] Lee: 7) will look into this
  138. [14:57] Lee: also on 2) we're changing some guns to be less similar to each other
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