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  9. A Sub's Confession
  10. Running Into an Old Friend (2 parts)
  11. Fuck Me Like a Whore Tonight!
  12. Dumb Little Whore
  13. Teasing And Forced Orgasm (3 parts)
  14. Just Use Me (2 parts)
  15. Seeking Master
  16. Oh Yes, I've Been Naughty
  17. Anxious Kitten
  18. Cock In Me
  19. A Fantasy (2 parts)
  20. If Only
  21. Angry Fuck
  22. Forced Farting Punishment (2 parts)
  23. Master's Laundry
  24. Cowgirl
  25. I Want A Guy To Choke Me (3 parts)
  26. Rough
  27. Cockslut
  28. Just Fuck Me!
  29. Oral (2 parts)
  30. Bumpy Night
  31. Take Me
  32. Bondage Fantasy Explained (2 Parts)
  33. Dragged to the Club Fantasy
  34. Punk Fucktoy (4 Parts)
  35. A Note For My Master
  36. I Am a Submissive
  37. Power Out
  38. I Wish To Serve
  39. Eager New Sub
  40. Please Spank Me
  41. Untitled Hypno Script
  42. Piercing Elevator Ride
  43. Where You Want
  44. The Submissive Chakra by VK
  45. Writing Inspiration by Krystal with VK
  46. Tay-Tay Relaxes In Her Favorite Way
  47. ===============================================================================================
  49. A Sub's Confession 1/2
  51. I need to tell you something, I've never told anyone before. People have sort of guessed it and I might joke about it but, the truth is, I'm not joking. I mean every single word.
  52. We've been fucking for a while now and I've tried to hint at it, you've even said it but for some reason I just, never told you. I never let the cat out of the bag so to speak.
  53. It's time you got to know me. The real me.
  54. You have to promise you won't freak out because, I don't know how you feel about this stuff and its the first time I'm really going to tell someone about me. About what I've been hiding..
  55. Ok, I'm just gonna say it.
  56. I'm a sub.
  57. A submissive.
  58. I like to be dominated and humiliated, destroyed completely inside and out.
  59. I like to be tied up and teased until I'm literally crying for a cock to be shoved up inside me. I want to be told that I'm a dirty little whore. I want to call you sir. I want to say thank you when you let me cum. Thank-you sir, thank you so much. I want to be facefucked and used up.
  60. But not only that. I want to be your pet.
  61. I want to cook for you and clean for you and make sure your every whim is addressed. and if I don't, I want you to punish me. I want you to spank me. I want you to hurt me, because I deserve it.
  62. Pull my hair, twist my wrists, slap me in the face and tell me to try harder. Fuck me wherever, whenever you want.
  64. ------------------------------------------------------------
  66. A Sub's Confession 2/2
  68. I want to go out to a nice restaurant, have you pay for a meal and we'll both seem like normal people, but when you're done eating, your hand will move onto my thigh and you'll squeeze hard. You work your way in between my legs and start to tease my clit. I can't do anything to stop you. I won't want to stop you because it feels so good. Then you'll push my panties to the side and slide a finger inside me. Just one. Because you know it's not enough to get me off. And then you'll stop. You'll just stop and leave me like that. I'll finish my dinner and go back to your place. The minute we walk in the door, you'll throw me against the wall and put your mouth on mine. I'll whimper just a little bit. You'll bend down and rip off my panties, spread my legs and lick all the way from my ass to my clit. After waiting for so long you know I want it. You start licking my clit and I want to scream. Your tongue gets more intense until finally you tell me I can come and I scream your name so loud that the neighbors could hear.
  69. I'm a sub. Plain and simple and now you know. You're the first person I've ever told that to. The first person I've trusted enough. Do you think, maybe, you could do those things for me?
  72. ====================================================================================
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  75.     Running Into an Old Friend 1/2
  77.     Oh, you never knew the naughty girl I would grow up to be. And naughty I most definitely am. Thinking of you now, just how would you take me? Walking up slowly behind me, quiet as so I don’t notice, one hand wraps around my neck and you pull my head back while the other rips open my shirt and you squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples making me scream. Slowly, you run your hand down my stomach and unbutton my pants and pull them down. I'm struggling to get free but you just push me up against the wall with your body against mine, and I can feel your hard cock pressing against me. ”I'm gonna make you scream my name you naughty little slut,” you whisper in my ear and you thrust your hand into my panties. Oh, my heart is pounding! This rush of adrenaline is overwhelming since I know you will take what you want no matter how much I fight! You’re gonna have your way with me, like I've always wished, and there isn’t anything I can do to stop it. My pussy is getting so wet, caught between the pleasure from anticipation and the building desire to beg you to please give me sweet release. You are rubbing my clit and lower you go, until I can feel you sliding your fingers slowly inside of me, first one, then two, then three, each one adding volume to my moans I’m struggling to let out as you tighten your grip around my throat. Fingering me deeper and faster, "Oh god I feel it! I'm going to cum!” You yank my head back and firmly remind me that I am to do what you tell me and when, or you’ll punish me for being a bad girl. “You can’t cum yet. You cum when I want you to cum!” You lead me to the bed, one hand around my neck, the other holding my hands behind my back.
  79. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81.     Running Into an Old Friend 2/2
  83.     You throw me down, turn me on my back and before I can react, you’re already on top of me, your hands spreading my legs. “You want this cock don’t you?” you tease me,
  84.     rubbing it up and down across my lips, watching me shiver and tremble because I just want to feel it enter me and go deep and hard. “Please...just please fuck me! I cant take it anymore!” You throw a hand across my mouth “You will take it when I give it! I just want to watch you suffer a little bit more.” Oh, this pleasureful torture is more than I can take. I'm dripping wet and I want to feel your hard cock. You continue to rub it up and down teasing and finally you pause, right before shoving it as hard as you can, deep inside my wet pussy. The muffled scream that comes from me makes you all too happy that you can’t help but smile. Over and over you push it inside me harder. I can feel every inch of it filling up my tight wet pussy, and each push makes me get that much closer to cumming. I'm not sure I can hold it back any longer. You grab my hair and pull my head up and tell me “Cum for me, I want to hear you scream for it! Scream my name, and cum on this cock! Do IT NOW!” And in that moment I cant hold it back any more and I let go as my body tenses up and my back arches and you feel my pussy tighten around your cock. I scream out your name louder than I have ever screamed before. You're fucking me so fast right now, faster, faster, don’t stop, I can feel you about to cum, and before I know it you’ve pulled out and yanked my head down. “Open wide and take it all in! Naughty girls swallow and you will swallow every drop!” As you shove my head down on that cock I feel you cumming and all of it going down my throat and I swallow every single drop….just like the naughty and obedient little girl I am.
  86. ====================================================================================================
  89. Fuck Me Like a Whore Tonight!
  91. Mmm, I'm so wet. I want you to fuck me like a whore tonight. Tell me you fucking hate me. That's it, push it in nice and slow. <Squeak> That was TOO rough! No! Not too hard!
  93. <Act like he keeps fucking you hard, regardless of what you say>
  95. That hurts <Moan> It hurts. Fuck! Pull my hair. I've been a good girl today. Fuck me like the good little whore I am, I deserve it.
  97. <Spank your own ass hard enough so we can hear>
  99. Yes, sir! <Moan> Grab my ass, it's yours; I'm all yours! (Moan) You're so deep! <Moan> I hope it's all fitting. Please make it all fit, master. (Squeak) Fuck! I wanna cum all over that dick!
  101. <Act like he puts his fingers in your mouth after he just rubbed your clit and you dripped all over his fingers, but suck on your own fingers>
  103. I love the taste of my own cunt! Fuck that cunt! Choke me like a nasty little bitch! Mmm, yeah, take that cunt; it's all yours. Ooohhh! I'm gonna cum! Are you going to let your little girl cum?  Fuck me harder. <Moan> Fuck, fuck me! <improvise to orgasm> Oh, Thank you, Sir!
  105. ====================================================================================================
  107. Dumb Little Whore
  109. I know I've been bad. I want to punish myself for you, so you know I'm sorry, sir. I hope you're pleased that I'm naked. I know my body is ugly and you hate it, but it's all yours, you can do whatever you want with it all the time. I'm such a dumb little whore, master, I know. I should be on the ground where I belong. Worthless bitches like me don't deserve to stand up. I hate my body, too sir. I'm so glad you punish me, master. I'm so stupid, I don't know anything but what you tell me. I'm going to spank myself, I'm such a piece of shit, I'm your slave, sir. <spank> All women are whores. <spank> We're all completely worthless, especially me! <spank> Just use my holes and throw me away!<spank> I don't deserve your dick, but I'm so fucking dumb I'll let you fuck me however you want. <spank> Hurt me, sir! <spank> mess me up! <spank> I'm your property! Use me! Use my body! It doesn't matter if I want it or not! <spank> Please master, please spank me more! <spank> Please fuck me, fuck any hole, just please give me that cock! <spank> I'm sorry, I'll shut up. I'm too stupid to be talking anyway.
  111. ====================================================================================================
  112. ====================================================================================================
  113.    Teasing and Forced Orgasm 1/3
  115.     Everything is dark and I can only hear your voice telling me to keep walking> You lead from behind, your hand firmly holding mine behind my back. I have no idea what's in store and with this blindfold I cant see a thing. My heart is pounding. We come to a stop and before I know it you rip off my shirt. As I step back, you force me closer and pull down my skirt, leaving me standing there in my black lace panties, garter belt and stockings. You push me and the back of my thighs touch furniture, I think. I'm still blindfolded . You roughly push me onto the table on my back. Adrenaline is racing through my body and the anticipation is almost too much, I feel you dragging your fingers down my belly,and then down my legs as you spread them and tie one to each corner. Next, you tie my hands above my head at the other end of the table. ”Its time to play a game,” you whisper in my ear. I feel the tingling sensation when you pinch my nipples and then something new. I can hear the vibrator you're about to use to make me suffer. You want me to beg you to stop but I know you aren’t gonna let me have it that easy. Oh God! I can feel myself already as wet as ever as you start to rub my pussy with your fingers. I feel something sharp teasing my inner thighs and then you cut off my panties with your knife. I’m squirming to get free; but I cant. You hold my thighs apart and as I struggle you thrust the vibrator deep into me and instantly I let out a loud scream. The intensity almost brings me to an orgasm, but you stop right as I feel it coming. “Oh god please I cant take this..it-its too much” I scream as I shiver and clench. ”Your body belongs to me, and I'm going to do with it as I please, so shut up” you order me as you strap a gag over my mouth.
  117. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  118.     Teasing and Forced Orgasm 2/3
  120.     Muffled screams and moans are all that escape as you constantly tease me with your toys, making my body spasm over and over and over. I’m trying so hard to resist it; I don’t want to cum just yet since you've forbidden it, but every second you just make it that much harder. Bound to this table, I have no control, and I am at the mercy of your mind. With this blindfold I have no idea whats next, and as I recover from the last spasm, you thrust your fingers into my wet dripping pussy... pushing them in and out...faster and faster! Then you're holding a small bullet on my clit and I am screaming for you to stop, but you keep on going. I try to get free but the more I struggle the harder you go. Slapping me and using your strength to keep my legs spread just the way you want. ”Please plea…..se stop no more PLEASE” I scream, muffled by my gag, but you aren’t gonna give in that easy. You can hear my panting getting faster and faster my moans getting louder and louder... I'm about to cum and I'm trying so hard to hold it back, but you wont back down! I can feel my body tensing, losing control, I'm biting the gag so hard trying to fight what I'm feeling and you just continue to finger-fuck me and rub my clit with your toys until you know I can’t help but lose myself to your desires. Deeper you shove your fingers, faster you push them in and out, I can’t hold it any longer!
  122. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  124.     Teasing and Forced Orgasm 3/3
  126.     ”CUM, I want you to fucking CUM!” you scream as you watch me bite down on my gag, body arching, muscles tensing, all of me shaking and shivering. Muffled screams of pleasure escaping and my tits bouncing as the pleasureful shocks go through me, cumming all over your fingers, dripping wet like never before, but oh you're not done with me yet are you? You keep rubbing my clit with your toys and holding your fingers deep in me, moving them around and around and its so overwhelming that I scream. My eyes tear up and just at that moment you rip the gag off and tell me, “Open your fucking mouth!” You pull my head back and I feel all of your cum shooting on my face, dripping on my lips and my tongue, some falling to my tits, and you shove your cock hard in my mouth gagging me. With one final push you let out a proud laugh as you throw my head back down on the table. Then you watch as I slowly lick what I can of your cum off my lips, savoring every single drop I get.
  128. ====================================================================================================
  130. ====================================================================================================
  131.     Just Use Me 1/2
  133.     Just use me, fuck me, as you wish. Shove my soaking wet panties in my mouth, then cover my mouth and nose so I can’t breathe. Let the taste of how turned on I am from this linger in my mouth until you give in and let me breathe.
  135.     Pull me around by my hair, keep me on my knees at all times. Shove my face to the ground and make me keep it there. Make me spread my ass and display myself to you. Write something I don’t know on it and make me guess. For every time I guess wrong, you add something else as punishment.
  137.     Pull me by my nipples, clip things on them, slap them, write on them, hang things on them. Tease me that they’re hard and begging for more, even when I feel I can’t take anymore. Tell me how pretty they are and that all they are toys used by you. They’re just something to play, they’re yours. Not in proper posture? beat me, yell at me, call me worthless for not following orders.Fuck every hole and when I cry from pain, do it harder. Gag me, slap my face. Tell me I’m only good for my holes, my whorish slut holes. Spread my holes and taunt me for how gaping they are after you’ve played with them, violated them, shoved foreign objects in them, fucked me with them. And tell me how they’ll stay that way for days so i’ll be reminded what a whore I am. Even my mouth, make me hold it open, or put something in to keep it open, spread and ready for you to put in it whatever you wish. Do you want my tongue to stay out? Put something on it. I’ll do it voluntarily. I’ll be a good girl, until I’m distracted by other things. You can punish me, by applying other things that will keep it that way for you.
  139. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140.     Just Use Me 2/2
  142.     And when you’re done, take me to the shower, and piss on me. hold my head in place when I try to pull away. Slap it, hold me by my hair, choke me, and plug my nose so i have to open my mouth to breathe. I’ll fight it as long as I can though, I promise.
  144.     Remind me I am yours, and you’ll do what you want with me. Tease me, play with me. use my body for your pleasure. Piss on me, beat me, dress me up in whatever skankish things you want. Make me dance for you, put things in my holes when you don’t feel like using them. Remind me that I am yours.
  146.     And when it’s all said and done, shower with me. Wash me, rub my tender abused nipples and when I wince from the pain, don’t stop. Rub my tender ass which is red, dark, and bruising by the second, and again when I wince and pull away, hold me firmly to you.
  148.     Tell me I’ve been such a good girl, and let me gently suck your cock as a reward as the water pours down over us. Then, help dry me off, and take me to the bed, then remind me again that I am yours. Ease my head down to your lap. Whether you want something or not. Remind me I am below you. I am yours. I belong to you.
  149. ====================================================================================================
  150. Seeking Master
  152. My Master, I know you exist, and I know you have kept me purposefully waiting. But please do not extend this isolation much longer, as I know not to what lengths I will go to gratify my animal nature. I am such a wanton slut that I will give myself to anyone. But my needs are so perverse that no one but you can satisfy me. Please. I have been so long on this quest, and met rogues who seek merely to use me roughly, but who did not understand what this entails. Ultimately they want to fuck my face, but they do not take the pleasure in having a woman truly submit to them. In fact, they seem to fear this devotion. I am ready to accept the collar. I wish you to lock it on me, cage me, beat me with your belt, keep me gagged and hooded. Wrap me from head to toe in electrical tape, disorient me until I know no sound but your footsteps, taste no food but your cock, feel no touch but your whip,and know no rest but the moments between your use of me. I want no identity but that of your fucktoy. Forgive me,if I have been so indiscreet, but I will give fully of myself until you see I am fit to take.
  153. ====================================================================================================
  154. Oh, Yes I’ve Been Naughty
  156. Can you feel that? It my heart, it's beating faster,faster….faster. When I hear your voice, imagine your lips, my heart races to an unknown target, and when I close my eyes it stops. The rush I get thinking of you taking me, touching me, claiming me as yours, can compare to nothing else in this universe. To hear your voice in my head whispering all the dirty things you want from me is almost too much to bear. You don’t ask, you tell me what you want, you take what you want, and if I struggle it only makes it that much better. “No” is only a formality in our world. Between you and I “no” is just a game, and you play it so well, “no don’t! Please!” those words fuel your passion, feed your desire, they make you hungry for more, hungry for me. ”I’ve been so bad, so naughty, teach me your lesson, show me what happens to bad girls” and you do, you punish me like no one else can, pushing my head down onto the bed, wrapping your arm around my neck, and telling me, “You have been bad and I’m gonna show you just how I punish little sluts like you.” Harder and harder, fuck me faster and faster, make me want it make me feel it, beg for it, scream for it, make me come when you want me to make me, take me, its all just for you.<improvise to orgasm or not>
  157. ====================================================================================================
  160.  Anxious Kitten
  162. You slammed the door to the room shut and grabbed me immediately, your strong hands taking over. With one on my hip you pulled me into you and I could feel your hard on pressing against my thigh. Your other hand held the back of my head, fingers tangled in my hair already as your lips smashed against mine. I was already panting and trying to get your pants off.
  164. “Kitten, you’re getting too anxious.” I could hear the wicked grin on your face, tilting my head back in moans as I let you control me.
  166. Your left hand slid from my waist and under my skirt, instantly feeling how wet I had gotten on the way up to the room. Wasting no time you pulled my pink thong aside and slid two fingers in, making me squeal and bite my bottom lip for the first of many times through the night. This made you insanely satisfied. Pumping in and out of me with your thumb pressed against my clit sent me into overdrive and I wrapped my arms around your neck to trap your lips against mine.
  168. Our tongues played with each others while you fingered me hard, gasping against your lips as I started to beg for your cock. I knew how hard it must be. Usually you’d tease me and make me wait but tonight was different. You couldn’t hold it back.
  170. Your right hand, which had held onto my hair firmly the entire time so far, fumbled with your jeans for only a moment until they along with your boxers were on the ground. Without hesitation you slipped inside me, digging all the way in which made both of us groan simultaneously. With my fingers now tangled in your own short (now tousled) hair and your hands planted on my hips you fucked me relentlessly. As hard as you could in this position, I’m sure of it.
  172. I was able to focus long enough to look down and catch eyes with you, staring at each other as I squealed and panted while you grinned and extruded dominance. I loved it, every second as you pounded into me. I didn’t want it to end.
  173. ====================================================================================================
  174. =======================================================================================================
  176. Cock in Me By Bonaroba
  178. I want your cock in me.
  179. I want it so fucking deep in me that my mind goes blank and my eyes go wide, and my mouth goes slack and I moan out your name. And, god, I want to say your name staccato, want you to thrust so hard that I can't enunciate, that I can't pronounce a word without a gasp or a sigh. Would you like having me that way? Shaking with every movement of your hips, crying out, eyes rolled up as I come again and again, tightening and tensing and gasping for air?
  181. I think you would. I think you'd love seeing my lips move wordlessly before I come, "more, more, more-" and I think you'd love hearing me repeat the same thing over and over as I come, 'cause I can't think of anything except your name and "yes." And more than anything, I think you'd love feeling me come around you, holding you tight as you thrust through my orgasm.
  183. Of course, you'd love it every
  184. single
  185. time…
  187. almost as much as I love feeling it.
  189. =======================================================================================================
  192. A Fantasy 1/2 By Bonaroba
  194. You have me pushed up against a wall, and we're kissing, my hands on your back, pulling you closer to me. I can feel you, hard, against me, your cock straining to get out of the confines of your pants, and
  195. hopefully into my hands, my mouth, or simply into me-
  197. And apparently that was on your agenda, because you start thrusting softly toward me, and when I moan you take the initiative: you break away and guide me down to kneel in front of you. I undo your pants and release your cock into the air, then begin by kissing the tip. I lick my lips, and the taste of you makes me want more, so I take more, take your length into my mouth, deeper and deeper, til you're thrusting in and out. I moan while you do, letting you feel the vibration of it, one hand teasing your balls and the other on my breast, massaging through my shirt, but I wish it was your hand-and I think it was when you realized that I needed it to be yours that you pull yourself out of my mouth and kiss me once again, this time undoing the buttons of my blouse until I'm so impatient that I just pull it off myself, giving you access to the simpler clasp of my bra-you undo it and immediately bring your lips to my nipples, sucking and nibbling and tasting them, and I'm so sensitive that I nearly come
  198. from it, but you know I want more. You unbutton my jeans and slide them off my hips, and let them drop to the floor, along with my panties, leaving me exposed in my entirety-
  200. Your fingers trail down to my pussy, and you slide them along my slit, moving them back and forth on my clit 'til I'm desperate with pleasure, but you're still holding back what I need as you begin to
  201. whisper in my ear-You tell me that you can feel exactly how much I need you in me, exactly how much, that I sound so fucking desperate, that you like it, and I say "please!" and you smile and say "please what?
  203. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. A Fantasy 2/2 By Bonaroba
  206. Tell me." and I gasp, "Please, please fuck me, I need you to fuck me! I want it, I need it, I need you to fuck me, I need you to make me say your name, make me come-"
  208. And it's at that moment that I feel you guiding your cock into me, and I shudder and gasp and sigh, and the sound of your voice in my ear is so loud that I can barely hear myself crying out your name as you slide in, in, in til you're buried to the hilt in me-
  210. You're thrusting and thrusting, and I'm moving with you, and I'm so close, I tell you, I say your name, "I'm so fucking close, please, please-" and you tell me to come, come around you, and I do, I do, I'm coming, don't stop, don't stop-" and you don't stop til you're coming, too, thrusting ever so slightly as you spend yourself in me, as I say your name, as ecstasy overcomes the both of us.
  212. ===========================================================================================================
  214. OC "If Only..."
  216. If only you were here to satisfy your little slut's hunger. I've been so bad to you lately, but you can bet I'd make it up to you. Just like a good girl.
  218. You know about good girls, don't you? Good girls never complain, they never say no, they do exactly what you ask, and you can always count on them to have unbelievable sexual appetites...
  220. I hope you still consider me your sweet little girl, because you're still my sexy older man, my fantasy.
  222. I want you to think of me the way I think of you, and just imagine fucking me until I cum all over your big, thick cock. Wouldn't it be fun to introduce me to my first fuck? To open me up where no one else has, and ease in, inch by pleasurable inch. I want a real man, just like you to give me the pounding of my life. I want you to make me scream; I want you to slide your cock in my dripping cunt and shove it up my ass while I'm on my hands and knees begging for it.
  224. I would be all yours for as long as you wanted, even if only for a quick fuck before work, or something casual without question. I know I'd be lucky just to have a taste of you. And god, would I love a taste! I dream of licking and sucking you while all dressed up. I could be a naughty schoolgirl, nurse, or wear elegant, yet sexy lingerie that would make you blush. I'd wear it all for you at your place, just waiting for you to come home to me. My goal would be simply to satisfy you.
  226. To be your cumslut and get covered in your sweet spunk...
  228. I'd kiss and lick just to hear you moan for me. And I know you'd love to feel my tits as well, wouldn't you? A soft schoolgirl's tits squeezed tight around your cock, or to have the nipples fed between your lips as we fuck. It all sounds like bliss to me...
  230. ==============================================================================================
  233. "I want you to hold me down on my bed, pulling my hair and whispering in my ears.
  234. I want to feel your strength dominating me. I want to feel your hot throbbing cock inside of me and hear your pleasure grunts. I want to be your little toy."
  237. ==============================================================================================
  238. Angry Fuck Request
  240. I just want you to be so fucking angry, that when you walk through the door the first thing you do is to slam me into a wall. You grab me possessively and force your tongue into my mouth. When you’re done using and groping me, you slap my face to stop me from protesting, and grab my hair and pull me upstairs, or into the living room, or wherever you want. You push me down, and force your cock into me. You slap my face and tell me to shut up if I’m too loud. You fuck me roughly, not caring if I’m comfortable or enjoying it. I’m just a hole you can fuck, an object to take your anger out of. If I come or not it’s no difference to you, but with you slapping, scratching and biting me, I probably will.
  242. I would love to be used like this by you.
  244. ==============================================================================================
  246. Forced Farting Humiliation Punishment Script 1/2
  248. The fact that I deserved to be punished was not disputed but this one was particularly embarrassing.
  250. Breakfast was a bowl of bran flakes. Lunch was liver with onion gravy, potatoes, cabbage and twelve sprouts, followed by fruit pudding. Dinner was a salad which included two hard-boiled eggs. You can imagine the cumulative effect on my digestion.
  252. The whole day was spent in performing serious housework, cleaning etc.
  254. In the evening we were due to go to the theatre. After dinner I was allowed a shower and a change of clothes into an outfit any self-respecting fourteen-year-old would not wish to be seen wearing in public on a Saturday evening. It consisted of a short, mid-thigh-length, kilt in Stuart tartan, a white long-sleeved blouse, a black embroidered waistcoat, white kneesocks on otherwise bare legs and black slip-on flat shoes.
  256. If being dressed like that was not bad enough, there was no way that I would be inconspicuous and just blend in, I was by now suffering from uncontrollable flatulence. Not only was I chuffing like a steam train but I was surrounded by a cloud smelling of rotten cabbage.
  258. Try as I may it was very difficult to conceal the condition. Even if I did manage to blow off quietly there was still the green cloud of evil vapours which tended to clear the surrounding area. Somehow I managed to hold out during the first half and made a quick dash for the toilet at the interval. The resulting explosion must have been heard across the other side of town; I'm surprised that it did not blow the cubicle door off its hinges! As for the odour, let's just say I was glad I was in there first.
  259. >>
  260. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  261. Forced Farting Humiliation Punishment Script 2/2
  263. During the interval I was given a full pint of Coke to drink.
  265. All went well during the second half until about five minutes from the end and I was beginning to think that I would make it through the performance without incident when I began to feel the unmistakable build-up of pressure. There was no stopping it. The act was interrupted by a sound akin to a bass trombone being blown through the full extent if its slide's travel. "Excuse me!", I stage-whispered instinctively. Those surrounding me began to cough and splutter. Was my face red? It felt on fire!
  267. After the performance we remained behind for another drink. My face was red the whole time for I was certain that everyone else was talking about the ill-mannered girl who passed wind during the performance and were pointing me out to their friends.
  269. It certainly was one of the most embarrassing punishments that I have ever been made to undergo.
  271. ==============================================================================================
  273. Lily again!
  275. I saw this before -- I mean, I think it was my Q&A that prompted it -- but I wasn't too big of a fan of the script, quite frankly. I could never even imagine being that mouthy to my (hypothetical) Dom. Also, I can't do humiliation without aftercare following.
  277. So I rewrote. Used some of your phrases and terms, as well as the basic idea.
  279. Master's Laundry Lily's Rewrite
  281. Master, you're home early! I missed you! <pause> I- I'm sorry, Master, I was going to do the laundry later but you came home early, it would have been done by the time you normally get home... It's not an excuse Mast--oh! <simultaneous slap>
  283. I'm sorry Master! Y-you are my Master. I-- <pause> do I have to say that? <slap> I-I am your little fucktoy slut. I do what you say when you say it. I'm sorry Master, I deserve all punishment you give me.
  285. N-now? Over your knee? Master, I have class tomorrow, I need to be able to sit down-- oh! <simultaneous slap>
  287. I-I'm sorry Master! Nothing but you matters, I know this, I'm sorry Master, please punish me. I've been so bad to you today, you deserve better than this worthless slut. I will never, ever disobey you again. I deserve a punishment. I'm only alive to be my Master's slave.
  289. <slap> O-one. <slap> Two. W-what? <slap> I'm less than trash! I'm sorry, Master! <slap> Four! <slap, slap> I'm sorry, Master, I thought that was part of my punishment, I should have known better. T-three. <slap> Four! <slap> Five. <slap> Six. <slap> Seven. <slap> Eight. <slap> Nine. <slap> Ten!
  291. M-more? Master, please, I'm sorry. I should have known better to back-talk. I'm nothing but my Master's slutty fuck toy. Cum sluts like me shouldn't speak except to tell my Master how much I need him. <slap> Eleven. <slap> Twelve. <slap> Thirteen. <slap> Fourteen. <slap> Fifteen!
  293. T-thank you, Master. I know I'm yours. You will make me into the best I can be. I worship you, Master.
  295. ===================================================================================================
  298. Cowgirl Part 1. Written by A faggot
  300. In a sexy, strained tone "Moooooooooooooo"
  302. "P-Please master...it's been too many days since I was last milked my nipples on my udder are so...*groan* tender...I cannot sleep for when my udder touches the ground I am driven insane by the pain I feel. My knees are so weak from supporting my massive swollen glands. Master you...I'm sorry...Please master could you remove these plugs so that my breast may at the very least lactate?"
  304. *uncomfortable shifting in silence*
  308. *The master removes the plugs and squeezes a single squirt of your milk into a bucket in ecstasy you reply*
  310. In ecstasy "Thaaaannnk You"
  312. "mmmmm"
  314. "uhhhhh"
  316. "just-just like that"
  318. "It's all just coming out I-I cannot stop..."
  320. "Mmmmmmm"
  322. "MMMMMM"
  324. "MOOOOOO"
  326. *saliva begins to drip from your mouth as pressure that has built up in your body for weeks is relieved.*
  328. *while sucking in saliva*"I-I- I will truly miss the m-mothering season..."
  330. While cooing "I cannot wait until the next mating season I will truly miss the feel of your grip upon my udders until then."
  332. "You truly are a master master."
  335. =====================================================================================================
  338. I Want a Guy To Choke Me 1/3
  340.     "I really want a guy to choke me. I want to be choked while being fucked but have been too afraid to tell anyone. I’m scared guys would think I’m weird if I brought it up. During sex I’ve put their hands on my neck before and sometimes they squeeze for a few seconds and I think “yeah, this is going to be the time, he’s going to choke me”, but they never do. They just squeeze lightly for a few seconds and then release, thinking they’ll hurt me otherwise. I always end up so disappointed. I just want a man to choke like he wants to kill me. I want to have to wear a scarf for a week from the bruises that he leaves me with.
  342.     I want him to put his hands around my neck and just hold my neck gently but firmly, caressing it as he looks into my eyes. I want him to have his hands around my neck as he kisses me, then slowly he tightens his grip. Just a bit at first as he looks into my eyes. I want to feel his hands tighten around my neck even further. I’ll find it hard to breathe and start to breathe deeper, feeling the pressure build up in my head and lungs. I want him to start fucking me while he has his hands around my neck, choking me.
  344.     Then I want him to squeeze even harder as I start to gasp for air. My face will become red and I’ll try to take deep breaths but to no avail since he has his hands tight around my neck, almost squashing my trachea. Then I’d start to panic and flail my arms and legs around, hitting him to release me from his grip, but he won’t falter, he’d just continue his tight grip and continue to look into my eyes"
  346. -------------------------------------------------------------
  347. I Want a Guy To Choke Me 2/3
  349.     "His facial expression neutral, with a slight determination in his eyes that shows he wants to get the job done. He starts to thrust his cock into me harder, ignoring the fact that my body is buckling madly underneath him as I try to break free. He’d just be looking into my eyes the whole time, fucking the shit out of me as he has his hands squeezing my neck. I’d start to get weak and my movements become less intense, tears start to run down my cheeks as I desperately try to get some air. Then I stop fighting it since I know it’s pointless and my body relaxes and almost goes limp. This is the best feeling during the whole thing as there’s this tingliness that starts off at the back of my head and works its way down through my entire body.
  351.     Meanwhile he’s still pounding his cock into my cunt, me laying there motionless with a blank stare in my eyes. I lay still since I have no energy to fight him any longer and just let the sensation overwhelm and consume me. It’s a feeling of serenity and it’s the closest feeling to being at peace that I have known.
  353.     I lay there with the sensation of being on cloud nine, my body his to use as he rams his cock harder into me knowing that any time now I’m going to pass out"
  355. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  356. I Want a Guy To Choke Me 3/3
  358.     "He puts his face closer to mine and rapes my mouth with his tongue. My eyes flicker back and forth as I feel the last bit of life escape from my body. I pass out and he fucks me even harder now, removing his hands from my neck as he slaps my tits. I black out for a few seconds and after a few hard slaps to the face I wake up.
  360.     Upon waking up, I don’t know where I am for a few seconds. All I see is him on top of me, slamming his cock into me as he looks deep into my eyes. I’m not sure where I am or what is happening, but it feels so good. He feels so good inside me and instinctively I let out a moan. Oh God that feels great. All I hear is him breathing heavily and the sounds of his cock going in and out of my wet pussy. I then remember what is happening and start to fuck him back. I’m close to orgasm so I tell him to fuck me harder. “Fuck me like you mean it” I say. He tells me he is close as he starts to squeeze my throat again. He squeezes hard right from the start this time and I become light headed. His cock feels so good thrusting in and out of me. I start to cum and feel my cunt tighten around his cock. He lets out a moan as he shoots his cum inside me. Where can I find a guy like this?"
  361. ====================================================================================================
  362. Rough
  364. Please. Be rough…Pin me down, kiss me hard and Fuck me. Fuck me til I’m raw… until I’m sore and I can’t walk. Make me pant harder. Harder. HARDER. Arch my back through your pounding. Spank me until I whimper. Bite me, growl at me, grip me. Show me your power, leave me no choice but to tremble with desire. Stretch me out over your bed, claim me as yours. Grab my hair and pull it. Pull it backwards so my mouth opens, ready for your hungry kisses. Bend me over your table, dominate what’s yours. Let me hear those hard, wet sounds. Make me your pet make me your wife make me yours for life. Soothe me afterwards with warm embraces, light feathery kisses and broad smiles. Love me tenderly. Show me your gentle side for the second time around.
  366. =======================================================================================================
  367. "I'm sorry... please let me clean that up for you..."
  368. *Gasp*
  369. "... Was it not good enough? I promise I'll do better next time... I won't waste any of it..."
  370. "I'm a good cockslut... please... I'm so... please... I need it... Just a little?"
  371. *Smile when you talk*
  372. "Thank you... thank you for your kindness... I'll never forget it..."
  373. =======================================================================================================
  376. Just Fuck Me
  378. Just fuck me, for fucks sake
  380. Pull my hair. Squeeze my tits. Choke me. Strip off my clothes, pin me down, and fuck me.
  382. Use those handcuffs. Blindfold me. Make me beg for it. Shove your cock down my throat.
  384. Make me deepthroat every inch of your dick. Fuck my face. Cum all in my mouth and make me swallow.
  386. Slap my face. Grab my hips tight and rough. Leave bruises. Make me scream. Bite me, hard.
  388. Push my face down in the sheets from behind and slam into me balls deep.
  390. Put your hand over my mouth so I can't scream and fucking pound me. Nail me to the bed.
  392. Pin me down, make me take it. Get frustrated with me fighting against you and take it out on me.
  394. Slam me into a wall. Tell me how I'm going to take it, and I'm going to like it.
  396. Hiss in my ear that I'm a bad girl that needs to be fucked. Spank me.
  398. Kiss me until my lips are swollen. Bite my bottom lip. Make me moan.
  400. Don't stop fucking me until I cum. Slam into me as hard as you can.
  402. Slap my ass, hard. Leave handprints. Tell me it's yours and I'm going to remember it whenever I sit down.
  404. Make me feel deliciously out of control and dominate me. Take advantage of me.
  406. Spread my legs and tell me that only sluts drop their panties and bend over like that.
  408. Fuck me until my hair is messy and I'm sweaty and sore and out of breath. Then keep going.
  410. Use me to get off. Stuff me full of your hard cock and fill me up with a big load of hot cum.
  412. Please, just fuck me.
  413. =======================================================================================================
  415. Oral 1/2
  417. Sometimes I want to be your dirty slut. Sometimes I want to exist solely for your pleasure..
  418. I want you to push me up against a wall, one hand tangled in my hair to hold me still while the other pushes frantically between my legs. I want you to silence my (feigned) protests with your mouth, hard. Kiss me urgently, pull my head to one side and bite me, bruise me, restrain me, mark me as yours. I want to feel your strength and how easily you overpower me. Wrap your fingers around my neck. Push yourself up against me and make me know how hard you are, and that its my duty to take care of you, because I did this to you. Tell me to get down on my knees. Command it. My hands will fly to the button on your jeans, licking my lips in anticipation. When I unzip you, let me think I’m in control, just for a second. Let me play with you, wrapping my lips around your head, teasing the tip with my tongue before you take control. Grip my head on both sides and push deep into my throat, fuck my face with abandon, without thought, hard and deep, as fast or slow as you want.
  419. ----------------------------------------
  420. Oral 2/2
  422. This is all about you. Use me. Tease me with your delicious cock. Tap it against my lips or slap me with it. Make me beg for it. And I will beg for it. Tell me how you like it, what you want me to do for you, I’m eager to please. I want to hear your moans, and feel you throbbing against my lips. Am I not pleasing you enough? Not going hard enough? Fast enough? Rough me up. Drag me by the hair to a wall, anything hard, pin me and fuck my throat until I’m gasping for breath, and my eyes water. Fill me with your hardness. Pull back and let me worship your balls with my tongue while my hands move frantically up and down your shaft. Let me work you up. I want to see your eyes roll back in ecstasy, and see the veins pounding underneath your skin. I want to make you cum. This is my reward, to taste you on my tongue, to earn the right to have you pump your essence into my mouth, down my throat with my lips wrapped around the base of your beautiful dick. But first I want you to make me earn it. Please.
  423. by: wildsexintheworkingclass.tumblr.com
  424. =======================================================================================================
  425. =======================================================================================
  427. A Bumpy Night 1/2 By VK
  429. You want me to do what? <giggle> That's so edgy! But okay, right here in front of the window? I’m taking my clothes off, slowly, so everyone can see me. God, this is making me so wet! What? My bra too? OK....Ooh, baby your hands feel so good on my nipples and <moan> I love how you're stroking my breasts. Yes! Nibble on my ears, bite my neck...….Mmmm, I love your touch….I love you….<gasp> Oh, god, your hands in my panties! <long happy moan> Feel how wet you make me! Feel how much my pussy wants to get fucked! Throw me down on the floor and drive into me! Fuck me straight into the ground! No, really? You mean it? Right here?<moan> Oh! You took my panties off! I’m totes nekkid! Is that the neighbor kid? <Deep moan> Oh, yeah baby… never mind…now you’re inside me…Fuck me hard! You feel so good in me. I don’t care about who sees. When you fuck me,<moan> I am beautiful. And that neighbor kid will have something to fap about tonight for sure! <long moan> More of a show? Yes, I’ll play with my clit with one hand and use the other to give my nipples a hard pinch! <moan> Yes! Yes! Slap my ass! Call me your dirty Fucking whore!
  431. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  432. A Bumpy Night 2/2
  434. Oh, Fuck! This has been so fucking good! I’ve cum twice slammed up against the window like this. I want more! You know, since you opened me up yesterday, you could Fuck me in the ass again.<moan> God that would feel so Fucking good! Don’t go! I’m sure my cunt has lubed you enough for the job. <Scream of pain>Oh, I didn’t mean to scream like that! That was such a hard-Fucking Fuck. I think half the block is watching now. You’re filling my ass so good! Mmmmf! <moan, gasp and get more excited>. Baby you’re Fucking me so good! <Moan, gasp> I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna come, <improvise to orgasm> Wow, that blew my---hey, Is that police car? Huh! Ye, yes! I’ll get on my knees! Take your cock in my mouth? Yes, sir! It’s just I thought I saw….<SFX gagging, followed by BJ noises> Just Cum all over my tits! Cum all over my face! I want you to fucking cum all over me, ALL over me! What are those flashes? I think that neighbor kid is using a camera! <giggle> FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! <SFX: Actual Fucking and knocking on the door><muffled sound> Oh, shit! Honey I think the cops are here! Shit-shit-shit! we’re Fucked. Seriously Fucked! <laugh>Hello, Police? I’m Okay, I’m Okay, Hold on , hold on. Hello! I’m fine, I swear officer<Giggle> It was just a bumpy night.
  436. =================================================================================
  437. Take Me
  439. I’m an impatient person. I don’t want you to try to fuck me – to tease me gently and have me panting and gasping. I want you to put your dick inside me. I want you to push it into my cunt before you’ve barely got my knickers down. To a certain extent, I want you to act like you don’t care how I want it.
  441. But the problem is that you might not actually want to fuck me like that. Although I like to imagine that you want it quick and hard and angry, you might want to do things more slowly – take your time over taking me. How do we solve this dilemma? Well, you need to shut me up. You need to stop me from bucking and writhing and sitting on your dick when I’m tired of the foreplay. In short: you need to tie me down.
  442. Don’t take it slowly
  444. The best restraints are the quick ones – handcuffs (without pink fluff, ideally. I have never yet come across something pink and fluffy that makes me slick my knickers), velcro wrist and ankle cuffs, bondage tape, gaffer tape. I like restraints that don’t need long set-up or complex knots. But any way is fine to be honest. I’ll be good and hold still while you tie me because I know that when I”m tied all the things I want to happen will happen – namely, the things that I know you want to happen. Take what you want
  445. >>
  448. =================================================================================
  450. Bondage Fantasy Explained 1/2
  452. Some people say the best thing about being restrained is the feeling of being restricted – the tightness of the rope around your wrists, ankles, chest – a tightness that, like the tightness of a corset, restricts your breathing slightly and makes you mildly panicky in a way that makes your cunt wet. They’re right, of course – that stuff is hot. But I think the best thing about being restrained is that it makes me shut up – stop thinking – stop needing you to fuck me in a certain way. When I’m tied up I know I’m getting fucked and I know that you can make me wait for it.
  454. You can do what you like to me. I can’t roll over or touch myself – I can’t touch you. I can’t writhe into a different position so your cock hits me in just the right spot. It’s deliciously frustrating, and at the same time I know that for you it’s deliciously satisfying. You can tie me exactly how you like, so I’m barely a person with my own desires and decisions – I’m a neatly-tied and packaged present for you.
  455. >>
  456. ---------------------------------------------------
  457. Bondage Fantasy Explained 2/2
  459. Recently a boy tied my ankles to the bedposts. Not the bottom bedposts, with my hands cuffed to the top, spreadeagled open wide for him to lie on top and fuck. He lay me on my back, made me lift my legs into the air. He bound my ankles tightly together and then secured them to the bed just behind my head. I was folded in half, exposed, open, but with my legs crushed tightly together. He had to force his dick into me as I squeezed against him, gripping the rope around my ankles with my hands and feeling his cock pushing hard and deep – so fucking deep – inside me.
  461. The feeling of restraint was hot, but not as hot as the feeling of being used. He grabbed the ends of the rope and braced himself, hauling on them with both hands, pulling my legs further – my cunt tighter – as he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me.
  463. He called me a good girl as he came, and as he undid the knots I reluctantly accepted my freedom back. That's my fantasy.
  468. ===================================================================================================
  469. Dragged to the Club Fantasy
  471. I would love to be dragged to the club in a collar and dog ears, put down on all fours, and hear you tell the others, that me, your little bitch, had been very bad. You didn't want to have to punish me, but I left you no choice. You would tie a gag to me so that anything I said would just come out like a strangled bark. Then, you would whip me and tease me with your cock.
  472. But, before you fucked me, you would trade off with someone else. You’d stare me dead in the eyes as I fucked someone else. You’d call me a nasty bitch for letting someone else fuck me. It doesn't matter that I can't fight him off. It's my fault for making you punish me.
  474. You would direct another man to me, and have him ram me while you hurt me a little more, and a little more. You would have to remind me that it was my fault that we were at this point.
  475. If you felt like the guys were having too much fun, You would get them off of me and stroke my hair for a little bit, pretending that you cared about me. That makes it all the more shocking when you yourself get behind me.
  476. You would make a big show out of putting on a condom. You don't want to get your own daughter pregnant, after all. You would gently caress me, letting you feel a soft sensation again, and then brutally jam your cock into me. The other guys who had me before you would congratulate you on what a prime piece of ass you had at your disposal. You would just laugh them off and comment that the only thing I was good for was fucking.
  478. =====================================================================================================
  480. ===============================================================================================
  481. Punk Fucktoy 1/4
  483.     "I can't believe I took this dare... these huge new tits feel strange, spilling out of this tiny corset... tattoos all over me -- geeky tattoos on my left arm, fetishy stuff on my right, a snake running up my left leg peeking just over the top of my thong, poking over a tiny leather skirt that barely even comes to my thighs, a busty redheaded succubus tramp stamp... this is who I've always wanted to be, and this is the night I make it come true. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for all this -- the porn star boobs cost as much as a car all by themselves.
  485.     Most everyone knows me here, but it's been over a month since I've been in -- before the dare. It feels weird wearing so little when I've always covered up, my long hair cut to a short, spiky red, and even the corset with my huge tits busting out the top and the tiny skirt feel like too much. I'm excited. I like this new exhibitionist me. The bartender fumbles with my drink after stammering a hi. I realize there's only one thing wrong with the way I'm dressed -- i'd rather be naked, wearing only my tattoos and these fetish heels.
  487.     Everyone's looking at me, and I do mean everyone. I see women nudging their boyfriends aside, and the guitarist on stage misses a note or two as I walk up and smile at him... well, flash a pierced nipple at him. I look around for my first target of the night... she's standing in a corner near the stage, looking like she doesn't belong here. I look up at her, we make eye contact, I wink, she giggles. My heart's fluttering... I've never made out with a girl before, and it'll be in public."
  488. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  489. Punk Fucktoy 2/4
  490.     "We don't speak. My heart flutters as our lips touch. Out of the corner of my eyes I see people trying not to look, then I feel her hand on my breast, the left one that's out of view of the crowd. She's got it exposed out of the cup of the corset and is massaging it... I may be new to this, but she's not. As we kiss, I feel her hand drift down my side, under my skirt, onto... into my pussy... her soft lips on mine, her little boobs pressed against my huge ones, her fingers rubbing my pussy and clit while we make out and the music pounds around us... people must know what she's doing to me, but I'm pretty sure no one can see her hand working on me... *improvise moans, to hard rock music if possible*
  492.     I feel so wet... my thong is soaked, my pussy juices running down my thighs, and I'm gushing sweat and weak in the knees. She hands me a card and says to me "I'm a dirty slut just like you, and I'd love to do this again sometime... you'll love my man's cock." She turns, walks off into the crowd, and I sit down awkwardly at the bar to order another beer and look around for another playmate.
  493. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  494. Punk Fucktoy 3/4
  496.     "We obviously had an audience, because I'm absolutely surrounded when I step back out. I feel like I should be creeped out because of all the peeping toms, but instead all I can think is "dick, dick, dick..." as I hunt for a man... or two... I dance for a while, get bounced around here or there, and somehow I don't even mind the occasional grope... but that's not what I want.
  498.     There's a little pool and arcade room at the back of the bar. I grab a random cute boy -- a little younger than me, tall, brown hair, glasses, probably doesn't go to punk clubs much -- and drag him in back, up against the wall next to a pinball machine, and shove my hand down his pants as we make out. I pull up my shirt, place his hand on my breast, encourage him to rub it while I play with his big, fat cock. There's other people in the room, and the pool players and gamers stop to watch as I molest him, then pull his stiff dick out and jerk it off. Before he can cum, though, I whisper to him to fuck me hard, fuck me right now, bent over the pinball machine. He's in the zone, doesn't care how many people have seen his cock hanging out, and almost instantly he's inside me. I close my eyes and feel him thrusting deep into me, my cries of ecstasy almost getting lost in the music outside. Then I open my eyes and I know what's going to happen next -- two or three other men in the room are rubbing obvious hardons in their pants, and one more has already unzipped.
  499. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  501. Punk Fucktoy 4/4
  502.     "Soon I'm on the floor, my thong missing, my already tiny dress bunched up under my breasts. My playmate's cock is ramming my pussy, while another one fucks my mouth; a third monster is in my left hand, and a wet, hairy pussy is grinding on my right. The smell of sex and stale beer fills the air, and I'm sure I must look like I've been dipped in mud from all the crud on my back. It's not long before my playmate fills my pussy with cum, and just as the cock in my mouth starts to shoot too, he pulls out and another cock fills me up almost immediately. I lose track of time as I'm filled over and over again by cocks, many of them sweaty from the mosh pit, and the occasional pussy grinding on my mouth. I've swallowed so much cum and somehow wound up the main attraction on the pool table. When I've finally had enough, I sit up and someone hands me a beer. I chug it down to wash the taste of semen out of my mouth, readjust my dress, stuffing my big tits back into it, and head out a dirty, disheveled mess. I never thought I'd love being used as a public fucktoy, and now I want to do it again, soon."
  504. ====================================================================================================================
  505. A Note For My Master
  507.     Dear master
  509.     You're so hot, you're the best. I always wanted a master like you
  511.     You're like the best ever. Nobody has had a master as good as you. You make the other masters seem not even that good.
  513.     Every time I see you I'm so damn excited cause you rock my world and make me feel really really good inside, especially about myself and how I might grow in life and change into someone really important and good.
  515. =======================================================================================
  517. I Am a Submissive
  519. I am a submissive. I am a slave. I am my Master's pet; I can sometimes be little, and sometimes impish. I love to feel "small" to his "big." I am an emotional masochist - and maybe a little bit of a physical one, too. I can bottom, but I do not submit to "get off" or get my kicks or satisfy my kink. I can Top, too, and sometimes do so in service to my Master. While all of those things might be fun, and all of those things have their place, they only express the smallest part of who I am and why I submit.
  521. I submit to fulfill a part of myself which cannot find fulfillment anywhere other than submission. I am fulfilled by this journey that submission is leading me through - it is a process of discovery, revelation, and growth. It plumbs the depths of my core in a way unlike any other. I am fulfilled by pleasing my Master, in whatever form that takes. I am fulfilled by serving a Master who is worthy of my submission.
  523. He is Master, he is Sir, he is Daddy. He leads me, he pushes me, he guides me, he teaches me. I revel in his control, his command, and his force of will. He is one of the most honorable people I know. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve him.
  525. Yes, I have limits. Yes, I have a fairly strong sense of self. In fact, the times that I pull back a little are those times when I fear I might lose that sense of self. I might be slave, but I am empowered by that - made more, not less. I am not "less than"; I am beneath. I do not "give in" - I simply give.
  527. ======================================================================================================
  529. Power Out
  531. The storm hit yesterday evening as the sun was going down. The storm passed but the power still hasn’t come back on. The air was still (no air conditioning) and silent (no fans, computers, TVs to make noise). I put on my weekend cotton dress, sassy belt, hair in a bun. No panties.
  533. It was morning and we were on the couch, drinking coffee. I was huddled under the window, using the sun to read on old copy of Wired. He was reading some paperback.
  535. My feet were jammed under him, warming my toes. Then I parted my legs, lifted my skirt, let him take a look at his goods.
  537. He glanced over briefly but didn’t immediately look at me even though this was clearly a ploy for his attention. After a minute or so, he reached his hand over, his eyes never leaving the page, and ran his hand up my leg to the lips of my now-bare pussy.
  539. “You shaved?” he asked.
  541. “Yes. It’s dark but the hot water works,” I said, casually flipping past an ad to some full-page infograph.
  543. He began running his fingers gently across my pussy.
  545. “Want to play a game?” he asked, finally looking up from his page. I nodded and put on a big smile.
  547. “Here’s the rule: you can’t cum unless I’m licking your pussy. Understood?” he asked.
  549. Another nod. I lifted my skirt even higher and dropped my knees a little more to the side.
  551. “Touch yourself,” he said and turned his eyes back to the book.
  553. A little confused but still wet from the attention, I began rubbing my clit, lightly and gently, as I would if I were alone and wanting to cum. Soon light whimpers began, then moans.
  555. “Do you want to cum, little girl?” he asked, looking away from his book to see me, legs spread wide so close to him, fingers drenched in wetness.
  557. “Yes, Sir. May I please cum now?” I asked.
  559. He gave me a sly smile.
  561. “Nope. You know the rules,” he answered.
  563. I groaned in frustration. At that point, I thought I’d try begging.
  565. I kept rubbing and tried out some more, “pretty please with a cherry on top” talk about how I would suck the cum out of his cock so well, how I’d lick his balls and let him fuck me however he wanted.
  567. “Mmm,” he mouthed and didn’t budge. It didn’t work.
  569. More direct action was needed. I moved to my knees and began lightly rubbing myself while also kissing his neck, nuzzling my mouth to his neck and chest, whispering “please.”
  571. That didn’t work either.
  573. “I’ll do anything to cum,” I managed to get out.
  575. “You mean anything?” he asked, finally turning his attention to me. He turned to face me, shifting both his hands to my inner thighs and the lips of my wet pussy.
  577. He moved my own hands out of the way and replaced them with his own. He began soft and slow. More groans.
  579. “Would you suck my toes right now? Would you do that so I would lick your pussy and make you cum?” he asked, his fingers tracing the skin on my inner thighs.
  581. “Yes, Sir,” I said. I meant it. My knees were shaky.
  583. “Would you… I don’t know… let me cum on your tits and send you back to work without letting you clean up?”
  585. “Yes,” i got out. I meant that, too, very seriously. Now I started thinking about it, how much I wanted to do those things. I realized he was fucking with my head, probably, because if the intended effect was to make me want these things, it worked.
  587. His fingers kept going.
  589. “Would you drink my piss?” he asked.
  591. It felt the same because I would and I meant it. I almost lusted after it.
  593. “Yes,” I said. I turned my head away and shut my eyes tight.
  595. “Would you lick my asshole?” he asked.
  597. The question derailed me but after a pause, the answer was clear.
  599. “Yes,” I answered.
  601. “Good. Good girl,” he answered and slid down to his knees on the floor.
  603. His tongue met my clit like ice to a hot pan. My body convulsed.
  605. He really knew how to fuck with every part of me. I open my eyes and smiled as I came.
  607. ====================================================================================================
  608. OC "I Wish To Serve" By VK and Sera
  610. I wish to serve you Master. Kneeling before you, I take you into my warm mouth. My soft lips massaging your length. I moan slowly, and you can feel the vibrations travel across your skin. Yes, master thank you for letting me play with myself while servicing you this morning. My tongue on your balls...and the underside of the glans…kissing, licking and sucking. My body aches for you Master. I love being your good girl. My head bobbing in your lap, I take you as deep as I can. One hand gently massaging your balls, the other buried between my legs working my wetness. You take some of my silky hair in your hands and hold me down on you until you I gag. Then you let me up to continue the gentle ministrations even wetter, even more devoted. You are moaning in pleasure and my heart warms. I moan with you and my hips slowly buck. My fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, keeping in time with my mouth on your hard cock. Your hips rock, forcing yourself deeper into my mouth. I try not to miss a beat. I want to be your good little cockwhore. You reach down and take a breast in your hand, rolling the nipple between your fingers. My louder moan resounds on your cock… setting you off As you fill my throat, I can feel my need for release growing. Keeping it in check I continue to focus on your pleasure. I swallow all the cum you have given me and look up at you, to thank you. “Master, may I? I ask and you smile and nod. <improvise to orgasm>
  611. ====================================================================================================
  612. Eager New Sub by VK
  614. Ohmigod! I wish you'd have asked me sooner! I am so into that! Yes, please, I so want to be your little sub slut! I-is there something you want me to do right now? <kissing sounds> Was that o--<more kissing sounds> Mmmm...yes, you can put your hands all over me, anywhere. I am yours. All yours. I'll get naked right now so you can inspect me! <pause> I'm so glad you like me. <SLAP> Oh! You can slap my ass harder than that if you want to, master. I can take it. <SLAP> <SLAP> <moan> Rules? Just tell me what you want. No more panties or bras, unless you tell me I can wear them? OK.<Moan> Oh! You made me so wet! You want my pussy shaved smooth. I'll do that tonight. Mmmmm...how may I please my master right now? On my knees and take your cock out? Yes, sir! <pause> <kissing/licking sounds> Yes, I'm listening. Please, sir, tell your slave exactly how to suck your cock. More licking? <Licking Sounds> I won't forget your balls, sir. <more licking/kissing> And I'll take good care of the sensitive tip <sucking> Is this good? <pause> I'm so glad. <more sucking> Take it deep? Yes, Sir! <moan> I'm so fucking horny from being in your power! <deepthroat/gagging> Deep enough for you? I'm so glad! <gasp> N-no, that's not too hard. I like having my nipples pinched. A challenge and a treat? I'll do whatever you want. Let me make sure I get this right. I get to touch myself while I'm sucking you, but I can't cum until you do? That WILL be a challenge since I've been on this surging loop of incredible horniness since you made me yours. <moaning> <moaning and best BJ sounds> Oh, god! Oh! Your cum is so sweet! Shall I cum for you? May I? Oh, thank you! <improvise to orgasm> <pause> I'm glad you're pleased and I'm so happy you asked me to be your sub!
  616. ====================================================================================================
  617.     Please Spank Me by VK 1/2
  619.     Here we are. Thank you. I like it too. I have really enjoyed tonight. Well it's great knowing there is someone else who is open as I am to the the kinky lifestyle. So, I'm not as embarrassed as I would be normally ask you this, but I am… Okay, you're right. I should just say it. <Clears throat>There’s this way I would love to unwind tonight, if you’re interested. <pause> Well, I would like you to spank me. Just with your hand and I guarantee I will be horny enough to fuck you all night. Really? I guess I picked the right guy. Just sit down on the couch there, and I’ll lay across your knees. You can – – yeah that’s right – – pull up my skirt, and pull down my panties. Your hand feels good and I’m glad that you like my ass, but I bet you'll like it better once it's all red. <slap> <cry and moan><slap><slap><slap> <moaning and excited breathing> Oh, your fingers in my cunt! <Deep moan> am I wet enough yet? That feels so good. Just a little more, please. I've been such a bad girl. Spank me a little longer and I will be yours all night. <More spanking and moaning><slap><slap><slap> yes! Yes, I've been so so bad. You want to...
  621. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  622.     Please Spank Me by VK 2/2
  624.     Oh,God yes! Please fuck me! Whoa! How strong you are! Yes, the bedroom is just here. <Moan> space I am so close! Take... Take my clothes off while I strip you... You are like unwrapping a yummy present. <Moan> Mmmmmm.....the way you kiss me...it's like you are memorizing my lips...my neck...all of me... Do you like my tits! Your hands feel so good! And I can't get enough of your body... I want... I want this cock in me! <Moan> you are perfect in me! <Excited moaning> grind my red ass into the bed... I love how you are fucking me... What?<slap><slap><slap>
  625.     <even more excited moaning> Yes, I did like that... <moaning> I liked that a lot....<slap><slap><slap> oh God! Slap me wherever you want! My tits... My legs.... My face... It's all so good... you are giving me such pleasure...and then...to accent it with pain! <Improvise to orgasm> <pause> See? Your hard hand and your hard cock are the perfect combination for me. <Kiss>
  627. ====================================================================================================
  628. Untitled Hypno Script
  630. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Wow. That just fucking happened, huh? Fuck. That’s insane. I mean, I ~know~ you hypnotized me. I remember everything, just like you said. Like, I remember you sitting me down, I remember you swinging the watch. I remember you telling me to go into trance and all that love slave shit. I remember EVERYTHING. Like, I feel as if I should care. I mean, I know I should care. You just turned me into a hypnoslave. In my head, logically, I ~know~ that none of this shit is real, that it’s all in my mind. But it’s like I can’t bring myself to care. Nobody is making me be your love slave but myself, right? But I… I just am that. I mean, I know that it’s crazy, but it’s like I’ve always been your slave. This hypnosis shit is wild, master. Whoa! Fuck! I just called you master. I didn’t even think about calling you that! Fuck, and I’m getting wet. Alright. You win the bet. You can… shit, you DID hypnotize me to be your sex slave. And I fucking love it. You better not stop. Put me under again, master. I’m all yours.”
  631. ====================================================================================================
  632.     A Piercing Elevator Ride 1/2
  633.     [Mf] [d/s] [bdsm]
  635.     "Master, thank you for taking me to dinner in such a nice hotel. Can I ask you a question? <pause> No, it's not about that concierge who was staring at us. I want to get my nipple pierced. Yes, I really do. Aisha said she'd do it, with your permission. <pause> W-what?
  636.     Give you the big safety pin from my skirt? Yes, sir. <surprised and fearful> You want to use that on my nipple? It's so big! <gulp as she considers what she has learned today> "If that is your wish, master. I am yours to command." <He relents and hands the pin back to you> Whew! Yes, master, we'll wait for Aisha. <pause> Was I scared? Yes, sir. There was something else though. I was getting horny too...Master."<pause as your Master says he is pleased at your reaction> Yes, sir. I'm done eating. We're going upstairs? Oh, and we'll walk right by her on the way to the elevator. Yes, master. Consider the subject dropped. Oh,sir! <your master pulls you to him and you start kissing> <kissing sounds> <then he tears your shirt open, buttons flying> Oh sir, Here in the elevator? Someone could see!<pause as he tells you he doesn't care> <moaning because you are a little bit of an exhibitionist> W-what? Tell you what I'm feeling? <He is kissing your neck>
  638. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  639.     A Piercing Elevator Ride 2/2
  641.     Well your mouth is....so good....so...and...what you're doing with your...hands on my breasts.....it feels amazing. <moan as his hand goes up under your skirt and strokes your pussy> Y-yes I am wet for you, sir. All for you! <Gasp as he suddenly pushes you up against the wall and enters you> This is......so hot! Your cock is....<heavy breathing, more excited moaning> Oh..that...you came! <pause as he pulls out of you and asks if you came> No, sir. I didn't come yet. May I? Oh, thank you. I can keep talking about it for you. Um...I'm...using two fingers...of one hand...up in me....and....rubbing...my..clit...with thumb...feeling you play with my nipples...thinking about your cock...pumping in and out of me f-filling me up! <even more excited moaning> thinking about....you....pushing that big needle into...my nipple....as...the whole...restaurant...watched me......scream <Scream as he pinches your nipples hard at the last word, pushing you over> <improvise to orgasm.>
  642. ====================================================================================================
  643. Where You Want
  645. You've got me right where you want me...I'm bound to a chair, my ankles roped to the legs, thighs parted wide, naked except for white stockings and a dog collar on my neck. My tits are clamped, my nipples erect.
  646. I'm silenced by the ball-gag you've strapped to my mouth, I'm wide eyed and drooling from the gag, reduced to pathetic muffled whimpers.
  647. Headphones are fastened to my ears, and the sound of fucking and cumming bombards my ears, filling my brain with sex.
  648. But it is between my open thighs where you have truly conquered me...a vibrator is fastened to my crotch, tormenting me, making me wet myself helplessly. My cunt is stuffed by the big dildo you attached to the chair then sat me on, stuffing my tight wet twat for your amusement.
  650. I squirm and whimper, and you, dignified and smartly dressed, mock me as a "dumb cunt" as I drip and drool and squelch, utterly humiliated.
  652. I need to cum...oh please Sir, I promise I'll be a good girl! I want to beg but I'm gagged...I'm yours...I'm your fucktoy, aren't I?
  653. ====================================================================================================
  655. The Submissive Chakra by VK
  656. [MF][A tiny bit of Pee ] [Microdrama] [D/s][Geeky Avatar References] [based on true events]
  657. She didn't feel right and the shower wasn't helping, until she asked him pee on her.
  659.     <SFX: Shower>
  661.     <frustrated and a little angry at yourself> Dammit! I'm....sorry. I thought getting into the shower with you would help....<pause> I don't know! I'm just....I'm blocked! I can't...couldn't get anything done at work, Not a single good idea came to me all week! And then I screwed this up! I know you thought this meant sexytime when your cool girlfriend climbed in the shower with you. And that's all blocked too. <pause> I don't even know what to ask you for to help! It's like I can't think!<pause> What? No, I don't mind if you pee in the shower. I do it all the...um...actually...wait. <deep breath> Pee on me. <pause> On my chest, I mean. I'll get on my knees and you just...<pause> I know...please? <honestly, don't think more noise is needed> <Moan> Oh...oh yeah... Mmmmm.....
  663.     <As if a switch was flipped and you jumped into subspace>
  664.     Yeah, some soap would be nice now. <pause> I'm yours, you know. <pause> I forgot that. I'm fine. <pause>.Let me..get my front all soapy and clean...and press it up against you...does that feel good? <pause> Give you a proper Soapland bathing...<kissing> Oh! This is making you hard. What do you wish to do about that? I'll do whatever you want, sir.
  665.     <SHOWER OFF>
  666.     <pause> Dry you? Of course <pause> Where do I want your cock? Wherever you want to put it. I'm here to serve you. <moan> Out of the bathroom? On the bed...hands and knees...yes, sir. <moan as you are entered> God, you're so hard! Feels so good! <loud gasp and moan> ...
  668. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  669.     ...when you pull my hips...do I feel better? Just want to serve you....your little slut.....<more excited moaning> ...your little whore...you're little piss-whore....Oh I feel you cumming! So hot! <improvise to orgasm> <ragged breathing--then a sigh> Yes, sir, your slave wants cuddles. Mmmmmm....<kisss> <sigh> <pause as he asks you what was up> I don't know what happened. It was...instant. No, wait<laughing> It's like in Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Aang couldn't enter the Avatar state because one of his chakra's was blocked? Well suddenly, I wasn't blocked from my subspace. <pause> I think you could just grab me by the hair or neck, or start spanking me to unlock my submissive chakra next time. <kiss>
  671. ==================================================================================
  672. Writing Inspiration by Krystal with VK
  674. Sir, you know as well as I do that sitting around staring at your keyboard isn't gonna make inspiration magically appear. How about we use some of this time you've set aside to do something productive, hmm?
  675. Here, lean back a little, you're all tense, for a start. Relax your shoulders for me. There we go, doesn't that feel better? Oh I know, I know, it's not conducive to work, but don't worry about that right now, let me take care of that in time. Trust me, just take a few minutes.Move your chair back a little, Sir, make some room for me down there. There we go. You're tensing up again. Oh, you like the look of a girl on her knees, huh? Yeah, I thought so, just lean right back and think about that for a minute, think about all the things you could have me do. I bet you can imagine what my breath would feel like on your thighs even through your clothes. I can tell you're thinking about it, your cock's getting harder the more I talk about it. I bet you can practically feel my tongue running all over it right now, so what are you waiting for, Sir? My mouth is yours, remember? You own this, I'm just waiting for you to tell me what to do with it.  That's right. Whatever you type, I'll do. You have complete control of me. I've seen what you can do, my master. You can create any scene, make me into anything you want to please you. <whispered> just give the order. <laugh> Yes, sir! Suck on you, but only if you are typing? That might work, but what if you are just pausing to think? <pause> Just keep it in my mouth? I can do that. And when you cum, may I swallow it? <pause> Thank you. I will, and yes I will stay right down here and keep pleasing you while you recover. Just keep <kiss that cock> typing. <bj sounds> <fade out>
  677. ===========================================================================================================================
  678. The Request: Taylor getting all dressed up in her little Alice in wonderland costume to please me with her frilly knee highs, soft white panties and short skirt please.
  680. My Thoughts: Well, there always has to be a reason, a motivation for the actions of a character in a story. For Taylor, I thought, what if this powerful celebrity with her own musical empire and public life, had a secret fetish-something legal and not too alternative, but impossible to pursue publicly. What could she arrange with all her money and lawyers. I pictured this lucky fan as having to sign a ream of non-disclosure agreements to get his fantasy, and it went from there.
  682. NOTE: Don't think you have to sound like her to do it. There's no singing, and You could be just anyone playing the role of a just anyone playing the role for a client. However, if you trust your accent, have at it.
  684. Tay-Tay Relaxes In Her Favorite Way
  685. [F4M][Femsub][Costume][Celebrity][Fantasy][Taylor Swift]
  687. “Is this everything you hoped? Is my outfit the way you wanted it? Tay-Tay only wants to please you, you know. Do you like the satin skirt, so short to show off my legs…so nice to touch? I hope you’ll touch me a lot. And, it’s short enough that you can see my frilly knee-high stockings. Shall I give you a flash of my soft white panties? If you want to get a little feel, you’d feel that I’m wet. Why don't you check. Just take your hand and...Oohhh! You have a nice touch! Doing this kind of dressing up for a man always makes Tay-Tay horny.  Do you want to help me feel better? You do? Can I sit on your lap?  Then you can touch me. I so want you to touch me. Of course I’ll kiss you. <Kissing sounds> it feels real nice when you stroke my breasts like that through the costume. I didn’t wear a bra so you can feel my hard nipples too.<Moan> Well, I’ll do whatever you like. Do you want me to take the dress off? I’ll leave the stockings, on, for sure.  Did I do that sexily enough for you? Good!  Come closer? Okay, I OH My!  I was just surprised when you pulled my panties d-down…<surpriseed Moan>...Oh and put your mouth on me! M-my you are good at that.<Heavy Breathing and Moaning> And I love feeling you touch my legs while you do it! Is good too? Oh, can Tay-Tay please see your cock?  Oh, that’s nice. Would you like to see me suck it? Sing while I do it? <laugh> Oh, I don't know about that. I want to please you...maybe I can hum. <BJ noises and humming>  Mmm... That's nice! <More BJ sounds> That is really nice, but can you guess what I want to do with it now? <laugh> I’m going to lay down now and you come put that cock in me.  Mmm… oh, yes. Suck on my tits….<moaning>  You’re so big in me! <more intense moaning> Are you getting close? Do you want to cum in Tay-Tay? Go right ahead. Cum in me.<improvise to orgasm or not> <pause> I came too! You’re so good you made me cum. Wow! Did you like it? I’m so glad.<Kissing>  Well, that’s really all the time I have to play <pout> It was very nice to be your toy today.  Oh, and I really hope you keep this outfit when we are done, instead of selling it on Ebay or anything. I want to think of you holding onto it and imagining me wearing it, doing all I can to please you.  And you’d never get what it’s actually worth. Who would believe that a big star like me fantasizes about being a sub, and fucking her fans while wearing cute costumes, and goes so far as to make it happen?
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