Spontus Ch. 1 Revise (3.0)

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  1.                                                         Chapter 1
  2.                                                   Runnin From the Policez
  4.         Ross’ day started quite normally. Wake up from the alarm, hit snooze, wake up from the alarm, turn off, wake up from mom, rush downstairs, devour breakfast, and get a lift to school.
  5. Ross was not a normal person. He was male, liked video games, slacked off in school sometimes… but he was a cat. Most of the world in these days are feline and canine superior, the animals weren’t too prejudice typically, there just faired more cats and dogs. Ross didn’t need to wear clothes, as nudity wasn’t the same as in humans; there wasn’t much to be exposed… that and the fact that animals have much different views than humans. ‘You don’t need to look fancy all the time, just when you need to look fancy.’
  6.         Ross wasn’t one of the popular kids at school. He had just a few close friends he would hang out with. He was very social, but he didn’t care too much what others thought of him, solving this problem.
  7. He brushed his bright yellow fur a bit, ate breakfast, and rushed off to school. Nothing strange about the day so far had happened. He finished a normal day of school, with his seven classes; all the typical  classes a school would have, but with an extra class just for farming. The farming class’ origin isn’t completely confirmed, but some believe that it started as a cruel joke, and eventually lead to agriculture being a very important aspect on the newly reigned Earth. After all six of his typical classes and farming, he took the bus to a corner where a rundown movie rental place and a park met and walked home casually with his friend Quincy.
  8.         When he got there, he pulled the hidden key out from under a cheap porcelain garden ornament, and twisted the key. He entered his home and it seemed rather quiet. No nagging mother to tell him to fold his clothes and sort them or a father to tell him to mow the lawn. Ross studied for some tests he would have tomorrow, napped, and read a documentary on humans. It had been a few hours since he had gotten home and neither of his parents being home made him a little nervous. This worried Ross quite a bit. He fumbled around his room for his cell phone and attempted to call first his mother, then father. No answer... he tried again with the same response; none. This worried Ross even more. Time passed and he gained worry by the minute. It was now 10:34 P.M. and Ross hadn’t heard a word from his mom since breakfast. He wanted to sleep, but he knew he couldn’t… the anxiety kept him awake. He started to pace, and then…
  9. ‘KNOCK’ Ross hesitated, hoping this could be a sign of what was going on, then quickly remembered his parents had keys to the door. ‘KNOCK’ He unsurely thought of who would be banging on the door this late at night was confusing…could it be… ‘KNOCK’ Ross had a faint idea of what might possibly be going on, but prayed it might not be true… ‘KNOCK!’ Again it came, a quick bang and a retreat of the paw, more rough this time. Ross slowly went to the door, and peeked out the window. From the look of the dark blue outfit sleeked down and a slightly slanted matching hat on the head, he could tell the knocked was a A.G.S. Agent, standing there, not looking to happy. (A.G.S stands for Animal Governing Service, also known as the Agonizers.) The agent at the door wasn’t here for a birthday party, unless it involved killing the birthday animal with the giant gun in his hand. Ross walked backwards, not thinking, but realizing that AGS agents didn’t exactly have the best reputation.
  10.         The AGS mostly showed up to your doorstep if there’s a big governmental issue, and they weren’t the kindest about it. The AGS agents, usually just referred to as the AGS seemed to be in charge of things. The actual head of the nation Syrene was unknown to everyone except for a few special AGS agents. The whole situation of the ruling of the nation of Syrene was a bit mysterious and unusual, most of the citizens knew not too much about the AGS other than the fact that they seemed rather dark, and didn’t know too much about who the nation’s leader was. The truth was that long ago, when the nation was forming from a few separate nations with power, Syrene’s governmental stature seemed to get corrupt for reasons no one seemed to know. Slowly and slowly the government leaders weren’t announced publicly, you’d have to dig to find out info. The government ended up turning to secrecy, and none of the citizens seemed to care, so Syrene slowly crumbled.
  11.         Ross didn’t know too much about the AGS except for a phrase offered once by one of his friends Quincy: “Avoid if at all possible.” Ross had heard all the terrible stories and rumors of what had happened to victims of the government and couldn’t imagine what they might do to him. He crept up his stairs, only grabbing a blue jacket, which held a small knife in his pocket (that could run electricity into people somehow) and a small piece of bread he was planning on consuming while pacing. He then continued on his path up the stairs, still trying to keep quiet. His tip-toe was stopped by the AGS agent elegantly informing anyone that may have been inside that he was calmly going to bust down the door. This obviously had the opposite effect of calm on Ross, and he busted open a window at his stairs and tumbled straight out of it, scratching his knee on the window seal, and barely shutting the window behind him with his tail swipe. He fell into a thorn bush very conveniently planted against the wall and mumbled rude things under his breath.
  12.         After brushing his fur off a bit and plucking the thorns from his flesh, he stumbled about. After a few seconds of realizing that the AGS agents had figured out where he was, he ran like heck in any direction away from where he was. He ran. And he ran. And ran some more. And ran some more after that. And he kept on running until he had ventured deeply into the capital. The capital of -- need a city name -- was a very large place, one of the biggest cities on the New Earth. It was very roughly divided into “the outer border”, “the capital boundaries”, and “the inner sanctum”.
  13.         He had started to begin getting tired when he noticed that the AGS fleet had evolved to vehicles for their pursuit. Ross groaned with agony and kept on running, ignoring the pain. He was decent with quick runs, short distances using all of your might, but when it came to long distances, he was pretty bad. The agents were slowly catching up and Ross didn’t know if he could take anymore, when all of a sudden, he felt a sudden burst of speed and felt the wind gush by his body. He was utterly confused, and almost felt as if he had no control over his body. He looked backwards at the AGS agents semi-far from him, and barely made out faces of anger, amazement, confirmation, and amusement. He was utterly confused about the entire day and just hoped it was all a bad dream he had yet to stop experiencing. But the dream didn’t end. And he didn’t stop running… or was he? He noticed the lack of thudding of his feet and once more looked at the ground to see why he didn’t feel the thudding… and the answer was that he was even touching the ground. He was flying. He ignored this fact and forced himself to discard it, and made his goal to continue on and rest for the night. He had had a long day. Eventually without his realization he began to run again. Due to the tiredness, he took frequent stops to catch his breath and see his distance from the AGS fleet in pursuit of him, realizing he had lost them some time back. Eventually he decided to call it quits and turn in to somewhere with the look of not being lived around. While looking, he was calmed down a bit by the cool air, calm sounds of hovering vehicles casually strolling through the streets, and decided to reason, which didn’t have a tangible end result. No explanations were thought up to why he, a normal cat should be tracked down by the government and then chased. Eventually he gave up his thought and looked again for a place to spend the night. Deciding to have found a nice corner in an ally, inside a strange deformation of a wall which could easily conceal him while giving him room to see out of it and receive fresh air, he tucked himself into the strange lodgings and slowly fell asleep picking apart the bread and eating it. He had strange unexplainable dreams involving the letters ‘J’, ‘A’, ‘Z’, ‘R’, and ‘G’ cursing at him.
  14.         It seemed like he had only just dozed off when he was awoken by a loud voice. Had someone found him?
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