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  8. * Both ''{{Naruto}}'' and ''{{Bleach}}'' are '''''rife''''' with poorly written fanfictions about a random girl appearing out of nowhere with the sole purpose to give the resident [[DracoInLeatherPants Dracos In Leather Pants]] the love of their life who will change them, redeem them and turn them into ReformedRakes. And of course, RedemptionEqualsSex and BabiesEverAfter which is sadly often where the plot stops.
  9. * Kagome Higurashi from ''{{Inuyasha}}'' is always getting twisted and warped beyond belief for no other reason than that the fandom wants her to sleep with as many characters as possible. (Which includes characters from ''[[CrossoverShip other series]]''.)
  10. ** Sesshomaru himself is noteworthy, as he seems to exist only to hook up with as many different girls as possible.
  11. ** Rin seems to exist in some fanworks solely to be aged up and become Sesshomaru's love interest, often given a personality entirely based on what the fanwriter thinks would appeal best to Sesshomaru.
  12. * Kagome has nothing on her predecessor [[RanmaOneHalf Ranma Saotome]].
  13. * If not into JerkSue types, the Sue-ish [=OCs=] in ''{{The Prince of Tennis}}'' fandom are presented like this. Often they'll be clingy and sugary cute as well as act very spoiled, but nevertheless are loved by everyone and specially by their beaus (it's REAL bad in the case of characters like Tezuka or Sanada, who are [[TheStoic very serious boys]] but here they bend to almost every single whim of their "girlfriends").
  14. * [[ Fredrick]], a rare ''yaoi'' self-insert for Quatre Winner of ''MobileSuitGundamWing''.
  15. ** Treize Khushrenada had his own RelationshipSue in the form of [[ Black Sylke]], a beautiful woman suffering from EasyAmnesia and [[ShallowLoveInterest No Personality Disorder]]. She was created because her creator [[DieForOurShip believed Treize deserved someone prettier than Lady Une]]. Such was the reality-warping powers of Sylke, that the ending of Gundam Wing was retconned [[spoiler: so Treize didn't die]]. Goes straight into pathetic (and sad) when you learn that not only the author was a married woman, but that apparently [[ she was so smitten with Treize that he turned her off real men]].
  16. * In the ''AxisPowersHetalia'' fandom, the female [[MoeAnthropomorphism nations]] can fall victim to this in poorly-written fics where their entire personality seems to revolve around making them the ideal girlfriend to the male nation of the author's choice, sometimes even going directly against their canon personalities. This tends to pop up more with certain pairings than others with America/Belarus, America/Vietnam, England/Seychelles, Prussia/Hungary and Japan/Taiwan being the main culprits. Unfortunately, this has led to FanDumb falsely accusing them of being {{Relationship Sue}}s in ''canon'', even though the aforementioned Sueification cases are hardly the girls' own faults as they clearly don't exist in canon just to be one-dimensional love interests to the guys.
  17. ** Taiwan in particular gets hit the hardest by this in fanworks. Even ''after'' she was shown in the Drama CD to be a [[PluckyGirl Plucky]] GenkiGirl and far from the YamatoNadeshiko some fans assumed she would be based on her {{Moe}} looks, many Japan/Taiwan (and even a few Hong Kong/Taiwan) shippers seem not to have gotten the memo, still writing her as a soft-spoken, demure angel without the faintest hint of sass (which was evident even in the ''one'' comic panel she got before her Drama CD appearance) who's hopelessly in love with Japan, [[ExtremeDoormat willing to do anything for him]], and might have even been [[WifeHusbandry raised by him to be his perfect wife]] (allegedly because she was [[ "the Perfect Colony"]] for ImperialJapan).
  18. *** Which is really quite sad, as Taiwan [[WellExcuseMePrincess teasing or being playful]] with a socially awkward Japan would be great fun to read about. But alas, Japan typically loses any hint of awkwardness or stoicness in these fics too and becomes Taiwan's perfect "prince"/KnightInShiningArmor who treats her as his perfect little princess.
  19. ** Seychelles in general is often unfairly accused of being one of these by the HetIsEw part of the fandom, since she's the star of the [[DatingSim Gakuen]] [[HighSchoolAU Hetalia]] mini game and because she has the "honor" of being the closest to a default het option for France (and to a degree, England).
  20. ** Japan himself is sometimes turned into a completely flawless and one-dimensional PuritySue passively devoted to the fanwriter's favorite nation, who more often than not turns out to be England. (That, or he'll be the male equivalent of the "[[PluckyGirl fiesty heroine]] who [[YouGotSpunk impresses her ruthless captor with her spunk]] and eventually [[LoveRedeems redeems him]] with ThePowerOfLove".) Like with the Hetalia girls, this has unfortunately led to annoyed fans bashing him for this alone, as if the actions of a [[VocalMinority Visible Minority]] of fans are all ''his'' fault, calling his ''canon'' character a RelationshipSue (occasionally coupled with the "proof" of him being liked in canon by a character with a personality similar to his and another character who hasn't even been shown with him ''that'' much, but [[DieForOurShip let's not go there]]), and inflicting the England/Japan ship as a whole with a bad rep for indulging in this trope when not ''all'' its fans do this.
  21. ** Some Russia/Lithuania and Russia/China fanfics have a suspicious undercurrent of the author rewriting Lithuania or China's personality to mold him into this trope. In fact, pretty much ''all'' Russia pairings suffer from this trope to some extent as it's very difficult to write believable, much less ''functional'' romance for Russia and all too many fics end up either making his intended partner into a [[PuritySue Purity]] or TsundereSue capable of [[LoveRedeems completely redeeming him]] through ThePowerOfLove or a DarkerAndEdgier StepfordSmiler / PsychopathicManchild [[StockholmShnozzing better suited]] for understanding Russia's psyche. In either case, said partner will have only a superficial resemblance to his canon self at ''best''.
  22. ** Even from ''before'' the poor nation was given a canon design (or a canon ''gender'' for that matter - WordOfGod still hasn't decided on it), Portugal also was used as this by fans who flanderized the rich story behind the [[ Anglo-Portuguese Alliance]] into "marriage marriage marriage England England England yay they're married". Not ''all'' [[PortmanteauCoupleName PortEng]] fans do this, of course, but the basis ''is'' there and it's not helped by the [[DieForOurShip USUK bashing]] that the design reveal brought. Keep in mind that, aside of their multiple design sketches (which include: A TallDarkAndBishoujo LadyOfWar, a tomboyish HotChickWithaSword, a FieryRedhead BoisterousBruiser and a TallDarkAndHandsome {{Megane}}), Portugal not only hasn't even been shown in one comic strip yet but didn't even get definitive lines about their personality, so all speculations about the nature of his relationship with England are pure {{fanon}}; yes, they do have a long and extensive history, but we've seen in Hetalia canon that an alliance or long history doesn't automatically equal romance or marriage (it ''does'' sometimes, but not always) so England/Portugal, for now, is not "canon".
  23. * Shirley Fenette from ''CodeGeass'' often gets this treatment from Lelouch and/or Lelouch/Shirley rabid fans. The worse thing is that it actually happened [[spoiler: post-mortem]]; as soon as [[spoiler: Shirley was tragically killed]], many fangirls started to view her as Lelouch's [[StarCrossedLovers Ultra Tragic]] [[PuritySue And Ultra Perfect]] One True Love, rather than as a [[TheIngenue genuinely kind and gentle girl]] [[ButtMonkey who had horrible luck]] [[BreakTheCutie and was broken beyond belief because of that]]... after [[TheScrappy she was bashed for a season and a half]] because they thought she was [[RealWomenNeverWearDresses "too girly"]], [[InnocenceVirginOnStupidity "too stupid"]], [[ShallowLoveInterest "with no life outside Lulu-baby"]], and/or [[DieForOurShip "in between Lulu and C.C/Kallen/Suzaku/etc."]] And the sad part of is that the more rational shippers (including [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap former Shirley haters who were sincerely converted]] during those [[spoiler: final]] and crucial moments when Shirley displayed her willingness to forgive and protect Lelouch [[spoiler: as she lay dying]]) ''do'' see actual benefits, in that [[MoeCouplet Shirley was one of the few things that made Lelouch genuinely happy and sane]]. A definite case of WhatCouldHaveBeen, especially considering [[StuffedIntoTheFridge what happened]] [[ItGotWorse instead]].
  24. * There are a number of ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' fics written solely to give [[EnsembleDarkhorse Seto]] [[DracoInLeatherPants Kaiba]] the [[MarySue love of his life]] who causes him to fall in love with her at first sight, shower her with affection, and expose the sweet, soft-hearted man he really is underneath that cold, tough exterior of his.
  25. ** There are also poorly written fanfics that even show characters such as Tea, Mai, and Serenity paired up with the AUTHORS of fanfics. This certain [[ fanfic]] is a good example.
  26. ** ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh GX}}'' and ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds}}'' have untold numbers of these as well.
  27. ** Heck, this [[ fanfic]] gives [[NightmareFuel Gozaburo]] a Relationship Sue. No one's safe.
  28. * Several ''SoulEater'' fanfics pretty much feature a weapon and/or meister who somehow catches the interest of Death The Kid. Ya know, despite the fact that it's established in the series that he'd never choose a single weapon/partner due to his [[SuperOCD obsession with symmetry]] (which is why he chose Liz & Patti as his partners in the first place). Of course, to make things easier for her, said MarySue is often portrayed as perfectly symmetrical (causing Kid to fall in love with her that much more easily). Bonus points if [[CopyCatSue she happens to be an OCD reaper as well with asymmetrical bangs]].
  29. * There are a few ''{{Hellsing}}'' fanfics out there in which Alucard abandons Integra to be with some random vampire girl. Yes, the '''same''' Alucard who is absolutely devoted to Integra and would ''never'' abandon her for any reason. It's even worse with fanart/fanfiction in which Integra is killed by the RelationshipSue (on the excuse that she's "freeing him" from his servitude) and Alucard is happier because of this. Let me remind everyone that Alucard has been known to blatantly threaten to ''kill'' anyone who even goes so far as to insult his master.
  30. * The Spanish fringe of the ''CaptainTsubasa'' fandom gives us ''hundreds'' of Relationship Sues who only seem to exist to bang almost every handsome soccer player on sight, slobber all over their love interests, be a bitch to other girls (specially Kumi or Marie Schneider) and be presented as a saint and perfect in every way even when you want to strangle them. Even worse, the Suethors often go to the extreme of '''borrowing each other's Mary Sues''', co-writing monstrosities in which their Sues are [=BFFs=] and help each other snag the hot guys they want.
  31. ** The most infamous cases are "Lily del Valle" and "Paola Wakabayashi". The first one is the AuthorAvatar of a lady with a similar first name and a mad obsession with Genzo Wakabayashi, who's written almost 100 fics in which Lily is Genzo's One True Love, not to mention [[ she's got a VERY polemic reputation in fandom due to plagiarism and all around]] {{Jerk Ass}}ery towards her critics (Link in Spanish). The second, written by a former BFF of sorts of Lily, is Genzo's bitchy cousin and Ken Wakashimazu's Super true Love, also adored by many other males (her ex-boyfriend Schneider, her stepbrother El Si Pierre, her JerkJock HopelessSuitor Ryoma Hino ''and'' the already mentioned and constantly-abused boyfriend Ken Wakashimazu love her to boot, despite her shabby treatment of all of them.) She's also a huge JerkSue that has the whole CT universe bending over to her whims, but that goes to its page.
  32. * Tomoyo Daidouji is '''not''' a RelationshipSue in the ''CardCaptorSakura'' canon, but if there are fics in which she and Sakura [[LesYay are a couple]], chances are she will be derailed by the fanwriter into a mix of this and PuritySue. Made even worse if it's couple with DieForOurShip-based hatred towards Li Syaoran, Sakura's canon boyfriend.
  33. ** Tomoyo is also often a RelationshipSue for Eriol, with Eriol's canon love interest Kaho getting ignored completely as often as [[DieForOurShip derailed for the ship]]. She's often cast as "the only person who can understand and/or comfort Eriol", ignoring Eriol's ''own statements in canon'' that his Guardians are the ones who complete him. Then there are the disturbing fics where Tomoyo is derailed into an ExtremeDoormat to Eriol's ManipulativeBastard who apparently believes that [[RapeIsLove coercion is love]]...
  34. * Ronan of ''Fanfic/NarutoVeanganceRevelaitons'' quickly becomes Sakura's boyfriend, and she refuses to even consider dating Sasuke or Naruto because their penises are very small in comparison to Ronan's. Sakura only cheats on Ronan with Naruto in order to satisfy her sex addiction, and afterward tells Naruto know how much better Ronan is.
  35. * Ophiucus Shaina, the [[{{tsundere}} very harsh and hot-tempered female silver saint]] from ''SaintSeiya'' have often her personality twisted in fan fiction: or into a hussy that go to bed with the most part of the male characters (and occasionaly the female too), or to become a classical MarySue and become the sweet and perfect wife of...Capricorn Shura or Scorpio Milo [[spoiler: disregarding the fact that she declared to be in love with Pegasus Seiya in several occasions]].
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  39. * There are '''several''' ''RockyHorrorPictureShow'' fanfics that involve Dr. Frank N Furter finding his true love... often a female MarySue. Yes, THAT [[MadScientist Dr.]] [[DepravedBisexual Frank]] [[VillainousCrossdresser N]] [[AxeCrazy Furter]]. What's worse is that a lot of these fanfics end up having the MarySue "love interest" induce Frank to change his "evil ways" almost immediately due to ThePowerOfLove. Yes, the RelationshipSue is able to make Frank give up his lustful ways and settle down with one person.
  40. * ''{{Newsies}}'' fanfiction has long been a veritable hive of "girl Newsie with clever nickname" and "modern girl finds a pape and goes back in time" fics; while Sue types overlap quite a bit in this fandom, most of these eventually end up as Relationship Sues.
  41. * Most ''TreasurePlanet'' fanfiction out there has Jim generally being paired off with tomboyish orphan girls. To be fair, he's one of the few Disney Heroes who doesn't have a romantic interest in canon. Still, you'd think the the fanfiction writers would add a little more originality...
  42. * In the ''TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen'' fandom, this is the nature of at least 75% of all fanfics featuring an {{Original Character}}. The cast consists mainly of good-looking men, so the majority of fics exist to pair up the author insert with whichever one the author likes best. This is also the nature of many fanfics that ''don't'' include an OC, as they turn one or another of the League members into a Relationship Sue and pair them up with each other.
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  46. * ''{{Animorphs}}'' is much the same as the ''CodeLyoko'' case explained below. Marco is cute and funny, but his romantic pursuits all fail miserably [[spoiler:until the final book. Now, he's one of the biggest celebrities around, thanks to the Animorphs having saved the world and him being the best "public face" they had.]] I don't know much about ''Animorphs'' fanficdom, but I wouldn't be surprised if it held. (From what I've read, Marco/Rachel does have some popularity.)
  47. ** Marco was also quite the [[AmbiguouslyGay "metrosexual"]], so a lot of writers like to play him up as the token gay and/or [[PairTheSpares pair him up]] with [[InterspeciesRomance Ax]].
  48. ** Marco/Rachel does have some canon foundation of the UST variety (they end up going out with each other in the alternate timeline of ''Megamorphs 4: Back to Before'' for example).
  49. * One could argue [[OverlyLongName Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way]] from the dreaded Harry Potter fanfic ''MyImmortal'' as this because the [[PlotWhatPlot plot's]] importance is absolutely miniscule when compared to the emphasis placed on her relationship with [[DracoInLeatherPants Draco]]. Or sometimes Harry, depending on the author's mood.
  50. ** While most everyone in the story was built to perfectly love an adore her (even if she didn't want them to because they were too old) Draco's character was clearly the one built most around being the lover of Ebony or Enoby or however the writer spells her name. Even Harry and Voldemort had some kind of agenda unrelated to Ebony at some point in the story. But then again it's all before they get to know her.
  51. * These are a dime a dozen in the [[ChroniclesofNarnia Chronicles of Narnia]] fandom. The only main characters in the series to pair off are Aravis and Shasta--in which their entire married future is one paragraph. All the rest either never marry or marry minor characters, so inserting a relationship Sue is extremely easy and helps avoid incest or time-related angst (as in the film version of ''Prince Caspian'').
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  55. * ''[[ Picard's Illumination]]''. Just... ''Picard's Illumination''. Warning: contains {{Narm}}.
  56. * [[{{KingdomHospital}} Paul Morlock,]] if most fanfiction authors are to be believed, can be [[{{CompleteMonster}} redeemed]] by finding his Twu Wuv in a beautiful [young doctor/trauma victim/ghost]; thereafter, his purpose in unlife is to fawn over her. This is, sadly, the plot of 75% of KH fanfiction.
  57. * [[ This story]] and its sequel somehow manage to turn Wesley Crusher into a Relationship Sue for its [[MarySue protagonist]].
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  61. * Jenna Silverblade of ''{{The Legend of Zelda}}: Ocarina of Time'' fame. Her hilariously sprawling "epic" ''FanFic/MyInnerLife'' has Link reduced to fighting like a pansy compared to his Sue-wife's powers, multiple births, every canon female in the ''[=OoT=]'' universe [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy submitting themselves to the fact that Link is hers now]], and more bad sex scenes than you can shake a stick at. Needless to say, it still remains a popular MST target.
  62. ** And accordingly, the author has placed a long rant -- much of it in capital letters -- in front of the story, reviling anyone who dares criticize her work or call Jenna a Mary Sue. (Ironically enough, she accuses detractors of being "childish" and "immature.") When the "My character isn't a Sue and everyone who says she is are just bad, bad people!" rant is ''three pages long,'' you ''know'' what you're in for.
  63. * Kira Kushinada aka Queen Himiko from the SoBadItsGood ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters'' fanfic [[ ''A cruel angel's thesis'']]. Kira is an [[{{Miko}} ex-Shinto priestess]] from the Kushinada clan (?), a super talented self-made artist and illustrator, super-ultra powerful membress of [[QuirkyMinibossSquad the Orochi clan]] as well as the only one aside of Leona (and later Iori, but that's because of Kira's True Love) who is [[ScrewDestiny willing to break off her ties with the Orochi]]. While she also was a GodModeSue that was obscenely powerful and completely bended canon to her will , the following "offenses" are what makes her RelationshipSue nature more open and blatant:
  64. ** As mentioned, she's the True Love of a wangsty, whiny and Stu-fied Iori [[spoiler: (and in the WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue, the mother of his red-headed and purple-eyed child)]];
  65. ** She's worshipped by a more bearable but still ''very'' idiotic Kyo who seems to have reverted into a borderline AdultChild status (I mean, he trusts her almost at the drop of a hat... wut), but she rejects him [[ShipperOnDeck and makes sure he stays with his canon girlfriend]], [[{{Tsundere}} Yuki]] (to whom she is a CoolBigSis, making Kira a bit more bearable);
  66. ** She finds and nurses the dying Mature and Vice back to health, despite being canon that Iori killed them while under the Riot of the Blood [[spoiler: and any possibility of resurrection wasn't hinted until KOF XIII]];
  67. ** She [[PlayingCyrano hooks up Athena with Kensou]] ([[RonTheDeathEater not without bashing Athena]] by twisting her into Kyo's ClingyJealousGirl prior to that, since [[WriterOnBoard the author admits hating her]] [[RealWomenNeverWearDresses for "being too girly and cutesy"]]);
  68. ** She counsels Leona so she can control her Riot of the Blood almost flawlessly (in canon, she cannot do it no matter how hard she tries, and almost kills herself when it takes over her the first time);
  69. ** She gives [[AscendedFanboy Shingo Yabuki]] the power to summon flames, going against WordOfGod about how he'll ''never'' get fire summoning powers of his own;
  70. ** She has a troupe of OC's at her service (surprisingly, these charas are ''extremely'' likeable and well-developed, keeping the fic as SoBadItsGood), and She was the one who gave Kyo, Iori and Chizuru's older sister their powers as children, somehow;
  71. ** While not derailing Chizuru Kagura, she steals her rightful place in the Weapons of God's Team and gets her DemotedToExtra so Kira can shine.
  72. ** She's lusted after by Yashiro, which makes Shermie go so jealous that she seriously considers MurderTheHypotenuse (while the author claims to ''like'' Shermie and says she only did duch stuff to Kira-chan because she was [[NotHimself Not Herself]] after fully becoming an Orochi), etc...
  73. * Ever since the release of ''[[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic Adventure 2]]'', Shadow's fangirls have supplied him with ridiculous numbers of [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys perfect partners]]. When not [[PossessionSue just using Amy, Rouge]], [[HoYay or Sonic]], they're almost always recolours of them. To be fair, they're not ''all'' like that, but SturgeonsLaw does apply.
  74. * One ''BaldursGate II'' mod introduced Saerileth, a fifteen year old MarySue who talks in YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe. And your character is practically forced to romance her. The SomethingAwful [[ Let'sPlay]] frequently pointed out the creepiness.
  75. ** Apparently, you can actually make her simply ''drop dead'' if you break off the relationship in a particularly insensitive way. Which is, of course, pathetic, chock full of UnfortunateImplications, and ''damn'' I [[VideogameCrueltyPotential wish I could stomach the mod long enough to see it happen]].
  76. * In ''[[FanFic/NecaberintsPhalanx Phalanx]]'', we have [[TinyGuyHugeGirl Irene and Gordon]]. [[TheHeart Irene]], who is [[CakeEater Gordon's]] almost-girlfriend. However, in later chapters, the author says that he will make an effort to deconstruct the Sue status of much of the cast. It can also be argued that the romance has actually been rather low-key and more in there to provide character drama, so YourMileageMayVary.
  77. * ''FinalFantasyVII'' fandom is constantly being besieged by hordes of Relationship Sues, and most of them seem to be foisted on Sephiroth, who [[CharacterDerailment morphs into the perfect, doting boyfriend]] who only has eyes for Kirianna, Yasao, Julia, Quinn or whoever is popular that week. These characters often veer directly into BlackHoleSue territory as well, even though their authors will violently insist that their characters are ''[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial so not Mary Sues!!!]]'' and become offended when it's pointed out that yes, they really are. They come and go in waves. When they come, they come by the busload, and when they go, they're never really gone.
  78. * Poor [[MarionetteMaster Alice Margatroid]] of ''{{Touhou}}'' combines this with PossessionSue, constantly having her personality stripped away to be used as convenient tool to get [[CuteWitch Marisa Kirisame]] into a relationship. When she isn't being portrayed as a ShrinkingViolet that CannotSpitItOut she is portrayed as a {{Tsundere}} simultaneously frustrated and enamoured with Marisa's brash ways or a {{Yandere}} that will have Marisa [[PeoplePuppets one way]] [[MummiesAtTheDinnerTable or another]]. Note that the actual Alice is a dedicated loner and borderline hermit that only worked with Marisa on two occasions because she needed her help with the current incident (Marisa being ''far'' more powerful than Alice).
  79. * There are now ''{{Portal}} 2'' fanfics/fanart that contain OCs that are either humans or cores that instantly become the love interest of Wheatley. Said MarySue characters either somehow magically [[spoiler:save Wheatley from being in space]] or they have it so that he never [[spoiler:goes mad with power in the first place]]. Bonus points if Wheatley also suddenly instantly falls in love with them despite being, you know, a robot and most likely [[ObliviousToLove too dense to realize they're attracted to him.]]
  80. ** Perhaps one of the most infamous of these is a character named Forte, who is essentially a self-insert [[MarySue Sue]] that replaces Chell and is somehow Wheatley's love interest. There is even [[ a club on DA dedicated to the pairing]].
  81. ** It is worth noting that Forte herself didn't start the group, though. It was apparently started at a Livestream as a joke.
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  85. * Infamous ''{{Daria}}'' fanfic author Pete Guerin wrote not one, but ''two'' different fanfics in which Daria was romanced by an obvious Gary Stu of himself. The first one was murdered in a suicide bombing. The second rescued her from the dreaded Tom Sloan... except that it was supposed to take place after the end of the series, when they'd broken up anyway. The first Gary Stu also got a very detailed sex scene with Daria that left many readers scarred for life.
  86. ** There's also a ''{{Daria}}'' fanfic called ''[[ The Emancipation of Stacy Rowe]]'' about Stacy meeting the perfect guy who falls in love with her at first sight, makes her home life easier, helps her pick her grades up and gives her the courage to stand up for herself. [[spoiler: Brutally subverted in the end. It turned out that his perfect guy act was only an act. He drugged Stacy's drink at prom, date rapes her and takes pictures. Stacy is kicked out of the Fashion Club, her grades suffer, her parents despise her and won't believe that she was date raped and she ends up pregnant. In the end, she commits suicide by taking a bottle of pills.]]
  87. * The ''CodeLyoko'' fandom is perfect for this. The canon consists of a FiveManBand, three boys and two girls. Both girls are involved, or well, [[JustFriends almost together]] in one case, with another boy from the group. Leaving one boy left out. In the canon, he's a KidAnova, but in a LOT (I'd guess at least half) of fanfics he's paired up with a RelationshipSue. Poor [[spoiler:Odd]].
  88. * Dare I say that at least 75% of all ''DannyPhantom'' fanfics involve a fan-created character becoming the ''perfect'' love interest for Danny, Sam, Vlad, and even Dark Danny?
  89. * The ''{{Futurama}}'' fanfic ''[[ Stranger In A Strange Land]]'' has an "all around average guy" with a DarkAndTroubledPast named Dave who is suddenly brought into the future after an experiment gone awry, wherein he almost immediately falls in love with Leela and vice-versa, especially after [[AnguishedDeclarationOfLove Dave nearly dies after being shot]]. If that is not bad enough, he is also a ChosenOne and a permanent member of the SpotlightStealingSquad who quite easily adjusts to his new life and becomes the focus of just about everyone in the cast.
  90. ** Dave is well down the path to becoming a BlackHoleSue, if he's not one already. [[CanonDefilement It only gets worse with every chapter...]]
  91. * Before the ''{{Insecticomics}}'' existed, Dreadmoon was a slightly different character who appeared in Wayward's fanfiction and fanart. As the fact he was bonded to EstrogenBrigadeBait Starscream (rather than simply having an unrequited crush as he does in the comic) raised a few eyebrows despite Dreadmoon being an otherwise well-rounded character whose existence did not completely revolve around Starscream, Wayward jokingly had him take [[ a Mary Sue test]]. He passed.
  92. ** Wayward later commented that she regretted doing this. A number of other authors started writing out similar test-answering sessions for their fan-characters and considered the answers authoritative, ignoring the fact that it was mainly meant as a joke.
  93. * In the ''InvaderZim'' fanfic ''[[ Invader Zim: The Series]]'', there is actually a character called Relationship Sue. I shit you not. She is literally just there to make Zim go gaga over her, a scenario she tries to make into reality through fair means and foul. Her deliberate {{Mary Sue}} tendencies are shown in her having unrealistically-colored eyes, beautiful features, she can turn into an Irken, has magical powers, enormous breasts, etc. She is gleefully squished by Gaz in an enormous monster truck, yet she comes back 18 chapters later...and is now in love with Dib, hoping to kill ZIM off. The constant pain and humiliation she endures throughout the rest of the chapter is an [[ParodySue all-too-clear take]] on what the author thinks of poorly-thought-out eye candy-esque {{fanservice}} characters.
  94. * In ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'' fanfiction, Katara manages to be [[CharacterDerailment derailed]] (frequently to unrecognizability) into a Relationship Sue by both [[FixFic Zutara]] ''and [[OfficialCouple Kataang]]'' writers ([[MostFanficWritersAreGirls perhaps]] [[AuthorAvatar unsurprisingly]]).
  95. * ''{{Metalocalypse}}'' {{OC}} Gytha Sinnsdottir (Get it? [[DontExplainTheJoke "Daughter of Sin"]]) was originally created by artist/author [[ Red Lioness]] as a ParodySue for a "Mary Sue Must Die" contest on a Livejournal community. However, she decided that she liked Gytha, shrunk her chest and threw in an extra finger on each hand (giving the explanation of Turner Syndrome for both) while changing nothing about her personality, triumphantly declared her [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial "Not a Sue,"]] and began earnestly shipping her with [[PsychopathicManchild Toki Wartooth]], occasionally in some rather... [[{{Squick}} squicky]] ways (Gytha would simultaneously serve as both lover and mother figure to Toki). Gytha shared all of Toki's interests, had a similar career, and generally was his perfect match in every way. What served as "conflict" in the relationship was Gytha's [[{{Pettanko}} small breast size]] and [[LawOfInverseFertility inability to have children]], but was utilized only for [[{{Wangst}} wangsting purposes]] and proved to not really be problems after all! Very few of her overtly shippy writings and art made it to/remain in the public eye, due to repeated warnings of Sueishness from her peers; what exists now is her slightly revamped version of Gytha (as well as a Viking version and a Clown version), who still exhibits Sueish qualities (such as scene-stealing, ridiculous luck, easily-gained admiration, and AuthorAppeal like [[FetishFuelStationAttendant contortion and bondage]]) but has yet to be seriously paired with Toki. Lioness will now claim that it was never her intention to pair Gytha with anyone and that pairing her with Toki was the idea of one of her readers, but her entries still exist in the Livejournal community that directly state Gytha to be Toki's girlfriend.
  96. * ''XMenEvolution'' is rife with these, with just about [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters every character]] having at least one story somewhere where they either hook up with a perfect MarySue or become perfect themselves. Pietro is the worst as no matter how much the writers tried to hammer home that he was a dick, FanDumb kept on insisting that he was [[DracoInLeatherPants just a misunderstood character]] and just needed love to bring out that hidden sweet side of his.
  97. * In ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' fan fiction, this is ridiculously common for Beast Boy.
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  100. !!Canon Examples
  102. [[folder:Anime & Manga]]
  103. * Many fans of ''RanmaOneHalf'' who don't like her deride Akari Unryū, Ryōga's late manga love interest, as one of these. Takahashi actually admitted to this, saying that she was introduced to give Ryōga, who had become one of her favorite characters in the series, some measure of happiness.
  104. * Subverted in a most awesome way in ''{{Tenchi in Tokyo}}''. [[spoiler: Sakuya Kumashiro seemed to be the poster girl for the trope, [[ThirdOptionLoveInterest snatching Tenchi's interest away from Ryoko and Ayeka]]... but it was revealed later that she was ''created'' to do so by the BigBad Yugi.]] And as icing on the cake, [[spoiler: Sakuya actually does NOT make it to the end of the series]].
  105. ** To elaborate, [[spoiler: Sakuya is explicitly mentioned to be Yuugi's modified [[AFormYouAreComfortableWith avatar]], who [[ShallowLoveInterest literally CANNOT imagine her life without Tenchi]], [[HeroicBSOD almost has a mental breakdown]] when she starts suspecting she's a TomatoInTheMirror, and ''disappears'' when he leaves her to save the world. She's basically the evil [[RealityWarper Reality Warper's]] Mary Sue.]] One of the few examples in which Canon Sueish-ness is actually ''[[FridgeBrilliance plot relevant]]''.
  106. * LesYay example: Kris Kristopher from ''BattleAthletes'' is often accused by fandom of having been created only as a sort-of perfect girlfriend for {{The Hero}}ine Akari Kanzaki.
  107. * The very ''moment'' that ''{{Bleach}}'' fans learned about Senna, the female lead of the ''Memories of Nobody'' movie, fans started shouting "she better not be close to Ichigo or she'll be a Sue!" without fail, but she died in the end of the movie, so the FanDumb shut up quite soon.
  108. ** Given Nozomi Kujo's current track record, there's a chance she'll be saddled with this for Kon or Ichigo.
  109. * DarkMagicalGirl Sally Schumars from the ''WeissKreuz'' CD dramas is widely considered to be one, because of her DamselScrappy status and her MadLove with [[spoiler:Farfarello.]] YourMileageMayVary.
  110. * Boa Hancock from ''OnePiece'' ''thinks'' that she's this for Luffy; their astrological signs and blood types match up, she has unshakeable SingleTargetSexuality for Luffy, and she believes that they're already engaged. Of course, this being a NoHuggingNoKissing show and Luffy being a ChasteHero [[ObliviousToLove completely oblivious to her feelings]] who even [[spoiler:rejects her marriage proposal]], it's obvious that she's meant to be a parody of this trope at the very most.
  111. * Minase Yuka from ''11eyes'' is one due to being a childhood friend [[spoiler:the fact she becomes jealous of another person to be paired with Kakeru Satsuki, then begins to manipulate things by being cruel and then gets captured by the villain and encased and he has to choose between her and another girl. Due to her being able to bend reality, she even went so far as to conive bringing him into her world when her Kakeru Satsuki dies.]]
  112. * It's easy to view the title character of ''AhMyGoddess'' as either this or a PuritySue early in the manga's run. Later issues make her a bit more flawed and human (ironic for a character who ''literally'' exists solely to help others.)
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  115. [[folder:Comics]]
  116. * Ash the Mongoose in the ''{{Sonic the Hedgehog}}'' [[Comicbook/SonicTheHedgehog Comic book]]. The present author actually admitted Ash shares a lot of qualities Sonic has, like his protectiveness over Mina. The one thing he'd noted to be different is that Ash is especially committed to her-- something Sonic (presently anyway) isn't. So Ash in many ways just seems to offer the author's idea of a 'perfect' Sonic/Mina relationship. By perfect relationship, they really have no problems (especially since the love triangle between Ash/Mina and Sonic has ended). Everything conspires to keep the two of them together, including Mina constantly being put on a bus to go on tours singing with Ash as her manager (and far away from Sonic). Not only is he written as the perfect version of Sonic for Mina, he only exists in the story just to be her boyfriend. While most rivals for Sonic's girlfriends have similar personalities to him, they also have agendas and careers that define them outside of their relationships and help to further the story even when their lover's not involved. Ash's job? Mina's manager. And to date, he has never had anything to do with the story. Ever. Not unless it's had something to do with being by Mina's side. His entire reason for being in the story is Mina.
  117. ** Actually considered a lesser of two evils, since Mina was originally considered a RelationshipSue for ''Sonic'', and Ash was created to get her out of the way. Both ArmedWithCanon and ExecutiveMeddling are involved.
  118. *** Mina may have had extraordinary powers with her superspeed. To the author's credit though, they handled Mina pretty realistically (which separates a MagicalGirlfriend from a RelationshipSue) . Unlike Ash, Mina was never written to be the perfect mate for Sonic. She was written to make drama for Sonic and Sally. Sonic was still thinking about Sally most of the love triangle and didn't accept any advances Mina made on him until maybe one issue before the triangle officially ended. That hardly sounds like Archie was saying Sonic and Mina had an ideal relationship.
  119. * Emma Frost from ''Comicbook/{{X-Men}}''. Not only was she turned into a TsundereSue by Grant Morrison, she takes advantage of Scott at his most vulnerable during a rough patch with Jean, which is a ''gross'' violation of medical ethics. Not only does Xavier (a real psychologist compared to Emma pulling out of her ass that she's a sex therapist) not boot her for that, he thinks the fact that nothing physical happened doesn't count (professional ethical rules ''don't'' work that way), and actually admonishes Jean for getting upset about it. When Emma is finally called on it, she claims [[HandWave she was just in love with Scott the whole time]]. Now that [[DieForOurShip Jean is out of the way]], Emma can manipulate Scott, put him down (and we are expected to believe she is a better match for him by the words "more interesting", the same words used to justify killing off The Wasp), and be a bitch to his beloved teammates.
  120. ** Worse, the FanDumb actually think it was acceptable for those to make out over Jean's grave because [[DidNotDoTheResearch supposedly nobody cared when he left his first wife]]. A lot of characters cared, including Jean herself.
  121. ** And those fans forget that Scott is only with Emma because Jean telepathically forced him to be. Jean basically sacrificed their love for a contrived reason[[hottip:* :Like a certain SpiderMan event that happened later]].
  122. ** It's worth noting that the fans most outraged by the above CharacterDerailment are not merely the Scott fans or the Jean fans, but the Emma Frost fans. Over a decade of character development down the tube because of a single writer.
  123. * Kitty Pryde from ''Ultimate Spider-Man''. Confirmed author favoritism? Check. CharacterDerailment for the love rival? Check. Her love for Peter being the focus of her characterization even AFTER the two break up? Check.
  124. ** As of the Ultimate Spider-Man relaunch, Kitty has become less of a RelationshipSue and more of a common [[TheWesley Wesley]].
  125. *** She is a really big BaseBreaker as more than a few people think she is a welcome edition to the cast.
  126. * Nurse Annie, also from the ''X-Men'' comics. Note to Chuck Austen: If you want people to accept a newly-introduced character's romance with an established canon character, [[DerailingLoveInterests destroying the characterization of everyone else in the story in order to make her look better]] and not being at all subtle about the fact that New Character and Canon Character are [[AuthorAvatar stand-ins]] for your wife and yourself isn't the best way to go about it.
  127. * A 2003 ''[[{{Sub-Mariner}} Namor]]'' miniseries may as well have been called "Mary Sue Meets Namor". No matter how he tries to explain that he has responsibilities to Atlantis, everyone tells him to just suck it up and kiss her ass in the name of love. And he does. This would be Namor, one of the first AntiHero protagonists in superhero comics (if not the very first) turned into a lovelorn puppyfish (who, of course, speaks like a modern teenager in the 1930s).
  128. * And then there's Storm and Black Panther. Which one is the Relationship Sue depends largely on which one you're a bigger fan of, then seeing them suddenly fall stupid for somebody who was a distant friend at best, and now this love interest is the Perfect Man/Woman even though their responsibilities don't coincide in the least, and it would have been much easier to write a romance in their own books. What's worse is that the writer for Black Panther (an executive for BET), explicitly stated that he wanted them to marry because they're [[TokenMinorityCouple Marvel's two most famous black superheroes]], even if he had to move Hell and high water to get them in the same book, let alone the same bed.
  129. ** It gets better: Marvel described them as their two most popular ''African-American'' superheroes. [[DidNotDoTheResearch Neither of them are American]][[hottip:*:While Storm was born in the US and has American citizenship, her parents moved to Cairo while she was a baby, and she considers herself African first and American a distant second.]]
  130. * Terry Long in ''Comicbook/TeenTitans''. Goes from [[HotAmazon Donna]] [[WonderWoman Troy]]'s College Professor some 20+ years her senior to boyfriend and later husband. Blatant AuthorAvatar to boot. Later writers realized how [[{{Squick}} creepy]] this was and wrote him out / got them divorced / had him re-marry his ex-wife / DroppedABridgeOnHim. [[spoiler: He's showing up in Blackest Night though... then again, everybody who ever died is coming back too for Blackest Night.]]
  131. * [[SpiderMan Carlie Cooper]] of ''SpiderMan'''s Brand New Day relaunch has quickly developed into this for Peter. From the ''very first'' issue of the reboot, she's established as a [[HollywoodNerd Science Geek]] who is BeautifulAllAlong. True enough, as of late, [[strike:Peter]] ''everybody'' - from Aunt May to the frigging Chameleon - is constantly describing how Carlie is his [[InformedAttribute perfect match]] and [[ShillingTheWesley how he's undeserving of her]]. And if that wasn't bad enough, she's a ReplacementScrappy for Mary Jane Watson, who was Peter's ''wife'' for about 20 years real-time until Mephisto played FixerSue. So naturally, when Mary Jane herself jumped on the 'Carlie's so perfect and wonderful for you, Peter!' bandwagon, the fans were ''not'' impressed.
  132. ** In a more recent issue, they even went so far to suggest that [[DerailingLoveInterests Mary Jane only loved Peter because she knew he was Spider-Man]] (which was '''not''' what happened it should be noted), and that Carlie is falling for "Plain Ol' Peter Parker". The fans were even ''less'' impressed at that one.
  133. ** And in ''Amazing Spider-Man #658'' Peter and Carlie are preparing to sleep together, before they are interrupted. Given what is known about the character, if it had happened, Carlie would probably have been the fastest woman to ''ever'' get into Peter's pants (every other woman he has slept with, he had a ''considerably longer'' and more meaningful relationship with beforehand).
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  136. [[folder:Films]]
  137. * Marie from ''Dan in Real Life''. The family have only just met her but they ''adore'' her, she's fantastic at crosswords, makes wonderful pancakes, gets the hang of bowling ''really'' quickly and even has two brothers fighting over her. Her very presence convinces Dan [[spoiler:to disregard his own advice, as his daughter was right -- it is possible to fall in love in three days after all]].
  138. * Gabriella from ''HighSchoolMusical''. [[HollywoodNerd She's an attractive math genius]], and Troy falls in love with her the moment they meet. They are so perfect for each other that Troy even mentions her in his graduation speech. "It's a place where one person, if it's the right person, changes us all," indeed.
  139. * Mary Jane from the first live ''Scooby-Doo'' film. She's established in her first appearance as such an ideal girlfriend for Shaggy that it verges on parody. She loves to eat Scooby Snacks! Shaggy falls for her like a ton of bricks!
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  142. [[folder:Literature]]
  143. * The major ''StarWars'' Relationship Sue, second to Mara Jade, is Callista, a super good Jedi woman who nobly sacrificed her life to save little children, but then her spirit falls in love with Luke and she comes back from the dead to be with him. Thankfully, someone had the sense to order her removal from the story. To quote the author: "In 'Children of the Jedi', I was told to create the love of Luke's life. In 'Planet of Twilight', I was told to write her back out."
  144. ** And after that, fans ''still'' hated her guts. Apparently, enough that in the [[FateoftheJedi Fate of the Jedi]] book series, she get's [[spoiler: horribly transformed by an EldritchAbomination.]] And then, Luke [[spoiler: [[DieforourShip personally kills her]]]]... Hooray!?!
  145. * ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'': [[spoiler:Bella's [[HalfHumanHybrid half-vampire, half-human]] daughter that she [[ButICantBePregnant inexplicably had with her vampire husband,]] seems like she was specifically created so that Jacob Black [[ShipToShipCombat fangirls]] could be happy. [[FanPreferredCouple Not that they were of course...]] Oh, did I mention that she has psychic powers and that everyone who sees her loves her?]]
  146. ** Edward Cullen is Bella Swan's RelationshipSue. He's beautiful, he's rich, he risks his life and the lives of his family members for her safety, and he's [[SingleTargetSexuality Bellasexual]]. Quite literally, actually. All evidence points toward Bella being an AuthorAvatar, and said author has openly stated that if Edward became real and showed up at her door, she would leave her husband and children for him.
  147. ** Bella is also the same for Edward: she has a delicious scent that allows him to prove to himself that he is not a monster who can't control himself; he can't read her mind which makes him curious enough to approach her; she is a danger magnet which allows him to exercise his chivalrous ways; and she is not freaked out by his vampiric nature.
  148. * In ''Gaudy Night'', [[{{Ptitlewo6dni8e}} Dorothy L. Sayers]] turns LordPeterWimsey, a dubiously perfect character in his own right, into a wish-fulfillment object for AuthorAvatar Harriet Vane. His rare appearances in the novel are largely devoted to charming all the women around him, while remaining firmly devoted to Vane -- and, of course, respecting her independence. Letters written by Sayers later in her life suggest she was practically in love with the character herself.
  149. ** ''Gaudy Night'' takes place near the end of the LordPeterWimsey series, and Harriet herself is a latecomer to the series. So... Peter, charming as he is, does not fit the first criteria of a RelationshipSue, that he be created solely as a love interest. Harriet, on the other hand... ([[YourMileageMayVary YMMV]]). Be it duly noted that Sayers herself always [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial denied]] that Harriet was an AuthorAvatar.
  150. * Sioned from Judith Tarr's ''Devil's Bargain'' is a mix of this and CopyCatSue. She's the illegitimate half-Welsh pagan sorceress daughter of King Henry II and thus the half-sister of Richard the Lionheart. She serves as a fantasy substitute for Richard's real sister, Joan (even her name is just the Welsh version of Joan) and even marries Saladin's brother, Al-Adil, to whom the real Joan was offered as a bride at one point. Apparently, Al-Adil (a Muslim) is fine with marrying a ''pagan'' so long as she's "reasonable about the children". She is, of course, far more beautiful than any other woman, and all the male characters are in love with her or at least lust after her. Sioned even has the Purple Eyes of Suedom.
  151. * Emma, the protagonist in Kylie Chan's ''Dark Heavens'' trilogy is a young, white Australian nanny with no previous training who develops superhuman martial-arts skills and magical ''qi'' powers in just a few months, beats up demons, becomes loved by all and generally proves herself superior to Chinese GODS, never mind mere mortals, but her ''primary'' wish-fulfillment role is to be the ideal love of her employer John Chen, who is really Xuan Wu the God of Martial Arts.
  152. * Minerva Paradizzo from ''ArtemisFowl''. Thankfully, [[spoiler:she was taken out for the most recent book]] and turned out to never have been intended to be a love interest, anyway.
  153. * There are so many examples in the ''AnitaBlake'' series, but the worst example is probably Micah. He was introduced and automatically incorporated into Anita's household with little in-universe reason and seems more of an extension of the author's personal life than anything else.
  154. ** L K Hamilton regularly bases her characters on real life people. She based Micah, who was originally meant to be a villain, on a man named Jon she now has a relationship with. The [[CharacterDerailment character derailment]] is telling in the ''Narcissus In Chains'' [[ original hardcover edition vs the paperback]]. In the hardcover's shower scene, [[spoiler:Micah [[RapeAsDrama forces himself on Anita]] as she explicitly tells him to stop]]. In later versions, [[spoiler:Anita [[UnfortunateImplications resists less explicitly, but never clearly consents]].]]
  155. * For much of the female cast in ''StationeryVoyagers'', [[FemaleSuccessIsFamily this is pretty much a given]]:
  156. ** Voyagers: Pinkella -> Pextel. Viola -> Oceanoe. Neone is rare in that she was always meant to serve a greater purpose than being Marlack's girlfriend, while the others' backstories were developed after their relationship roles were figured out.
  157. ** Non-Voyagers for Voyagers: Melanie -> Rhodney. Cindy -> Liquidon.
  158. ** Other: Glario -> Katrina. (Garret, as a surrogate father for Katrina, is a special case.) Pinkata -> Alhox. [[FoeYay Consto -> Everyone]]. [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters Et. al.]]
  159. * Marianne Engel in ''The Gargoyle''.
  160. ** To be fair, she's insanely weird and commonly called insane. The perfect match is more because the main character is so damn twisted and jaded that she kind of needs the perfect match to get through his thick skull. It's a YMMV situation I think.
  161. * Pretty much any love interest in a QueerRomance, especially if male. He'll almost always be young and wealthy, with blue eyes, blond hair, six pack abs from doing 5,000 situps a day, etc. The main protagonist isn't far behind either, as an obvious [[AuthorAvatar Avatar]] of how the author wished he looked. It starts getting creepy when the lovers are teenagers and the writer is twice that age or older, and the book contains explicit sex scenes.
  162. ** Plenty of {{Seme}}s from BoysLove {{manga}}, being handsome, wealthy and ridiculously good at ''everything'', fit this, in fact. Also plenty of {{Uke}}s, as they're angelically beautiful, completely devoted to their semes, and able to withstand LOTS of abuse of all kinda [[BastardBoyfriend because their semes are oh-so sexy while at it.]] [[DoubleStandard If a female character shows exactly the same traits, she gets bashed to death, but since it's a male doing that they're forgiven.]]
  163. * Ginny Weasley from the ''HarryPotter'' series [[YourMileageMayVary arguably]] fits this trope. Her CharacterDevelopment from ShrinkingViolet to ActionGirl took place largely off-screen, and to many fans, Harry [[UnrequitedLoveSwitcheroo suddenly longing for Ginny from afar]] in the sixth book after showing no romantic interest in her in previous books suffered from being StrangledByTheRedString. In response to the InternetBackdraft resulting from this, [[WordOfGod J.K. Rowling]] said that she had intended from the beginning for Ginny to be Harry's "ideal match" and that she and Harry have a "passionate connection" - assertions that many fans would disagree with. ''Some'' of this backlash against Ginny arose from DieForOurShip, of course, but DieForOurShip alone can't account for ''all'' the backlash.
  164. ** Cho Chang from ''HarryPotter'' serves as a [[DeconstructedTrope deconstruction]] of this trope. Earlier in the series, Harry had a long-standing crush on her. Despite this, however, the two never had much in the way of an actual conversation and they end up hooking up with Harry catching her on the rebound following her boyfriend's death. The fifth implies that all that there was to his crush was a mere physical attraction.
  165. *** Well, to be fair Harry and Cho do seem to actually connect as evidenced by how well their first date seems to be going, before Cho [[MistakenForCheating mistakes Harry for two timing her with Hermione]] and starts crying about Cedric. Cho's major flaw is that she's simply too emotionally damaged after [[spoiler: Cedric's death]] to be able to have an effective relationship with Harry.
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  168. [[folder:Live Action TV]]
  169. * John Justice Wheeler in ''TwinPeaks'', [[spoiler: created to be the perfect mate for Audrey Horne so she wouldn't pursue Agent Cooper any more.]] Seriously. His name is Justice.
  170. * A season after leaving the show, Riley Finn returned to ''{{Buffy the Vampire Slayer}}'' with a wife named Sam, who could not only easily defeat the monster that ''both'' Buffy and Riley were having trouble with, but can instantly figure out the major issues plaguing the group and give all of them good advice. A few people have noted that it's like the previous ParodySue episode Superstar was played straight. This was all to make sure that Buffy, Riley's previous girlfriend, felt inferior to the new comer.
  171. ** Touching on Buffy's relationship issues was inevitable, touching on Xander and Anya's soon-to-be-married issues was inevitable, but what was the point of her having advice for Willow? Honestly.
  172. ** Or possibly that was the point of having a Sue in the first place; there really aren't many people that would make the TheChosenOne feel inferior other than an ex-boyfriend's unbelievably fantastic new squeeze. Buffy was so engrossed into her own problems (and Spike) that she was completely ignoring her friend's problems, things that the perfect new Mrs. Finn picked up on automatically. (As any unbiased casual observer who was familiar with the workings of monsters and magic would.) Looking at it this way, there is a chance that she was a stealth ParodySue or meant to be a FixerSue.
  173. * ''StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', in the episode "The Perfect Mate", gives us an interesting example of a character whose literal power is to be a RelationshipSue. Her personality changes in order to make herself appealing to whoever is nearby. To the credit of the writers and the performers, they managed to play the trope straight while pointing out the ethical, moral, and emotional consequences of such a being. It ends up being poignant drama, far from the stereotypical disposable one-episode love interest sometimes seen in Trek.
  174. ** This variant was also used in the ''RedDwarf'' episode "Camille"; the eponymous character is a "pleasure GELF" ([[FunWithAcronyms Genetically Engineered Life Form]]) whom everyone sees / experiences as the perfect mate. To Kryten she appears as a mechanoid; to Rimmer she appears as a socially awkward hologram; to Lister she appears as a Scouse human with a strong resemblance to Kochanski. [[RuleOfFunny And to the egocentric Cat, she appears as ... the Cat.]]
  175. * [[TheWesley Isobel]] from the live action adaptation of ''Series/HamishMacbeth''. Introduced as a secondary love interest, her personal arc [[BettyAndVeronica with Hamish struggling to choose between her and Alex]] was drawn out for the a large part of the second season. The writers decided that they liked Isobel better, but couldn't have Hamish leave Alex without him looking like a [[JerkAss complete jerk]], so they decided to [[DeathOfTheHypotenuse just kill Alex off]]. What earned Isobel [[TheScrappy hate from some fans]], (especially fans of [[Literature/HamishMacbeth the original books]]), is that Isobel's crush on Hamish and his suspiciously convenient return of her affections, seemed to just come out of nowhere, while Alex, (an {{Expy}} of Pricilla from the books) had a long relationship with Hamish, involving a lot of BelligerentSexualTension, which Hamish disregards as soon as Isobel bursts into tears and screams out that she likes him.
  176. * The American version of ''TheOffice'' has recently inducted Pam's best friend Isabel to be a Relationship Sue to Dwight. Despite the fact that he slept with her and then left her for another random woman ''at Pam's wedding'', she still is eager to get with him in a recent episode. Add in her having Dwight's exact form of humor, a cup of matching Dwight's ideal qualities in a woman, and a dash of knowing all sorts of stuff that Dwight knows (such as karate moves), and you have baked yourself a Relationship Sue.
  177. ** Holly has elements of this (as an "ideal girlfriend" for Michael). Or at least she did until they sent her on a LongBusTrip.
  178. * ''{{Supernatural}}'': Dean's one-time hookup Lisa Braeden. Hell, if you like, you could also say Sam's [[spoiler:dead/demon]] girlfriend Jessie is a Sue.
  179. ** Pretty much every time Sam gets his own GirlOfTheWeek, she's a Relationship Sue. There's the art dealer's daughter, the [[spoiler: werewolf]] girl in series two, and the preacher's daughter who [[spoiler:summoned the hook man]] and most obviously, Jessica. Hell, even Meg would have been if [[spoiler:her body hadn't been possessed by a demon the whole time]]. It makes sense within the context of the show that they would be portrayed this way, as a girlfriend for Sam would distract from since the main narrative and the far more [[EstrogenBrigadeBait interesting]] relationship between the brothers. Also, Sam is a pretty, pretty boy with upper middle class behaviours and value system, so these are the types of girls you would expect him to attract. Since they are all either dead or forgotten about within one episode, they're not really supposed to have a lot of character development in the first place; just a shorthand way for the writers to show that Sam is getting over Jessica and that his relationship with Dean is [[BlatantLies healthy and not at all]] [[HoYay like a romantic relationship]]. This is probably a rare instance where a [[TropesAreNotBad Sue is not necessarily a bad thing]] because the female audience usually identifies most strongly with Sam rather than the more stereotypical female characters and the [[MaleGaze guys]] (if they actually watch ''Supernatural'') get to watch lots of pretty female characters.
  180. * [[PuritySue Blaine]] [[FlatCharacter Anderson]] from ''{{Glee}}'', despite the potential of the character, is being written as basically this, and more frighteningly being written more and more like a ReplacementScrappy in the case of Kurt's actual departure. Most characters in ''{{Glee}}'' have been [[{{Flanderization}} flanderized]] after one season. Blaine's ''CharacterDevelopment'' ended up becoming {{Flanderization}} ''in a few episodes''.
  181. * ''Series/RobinHood'' had Meg, a young teenage noble who was thrown into a cell with Guy of Gisborne. Over the course of twenty minutes or so, she tells him off for his self-pity, has him share with her a crust of bread, makes him accept his guilt over [[spoiler:Marian's murder]], frees him from his captivity, is fatally wounded in saving his life, and then dies prettily in his arms after sharing a chaste kiss.
  182. * Played straight on ''GossipGirl'' with Eva, a HookerWithAHeartOfGold who [[HelloNurse tended Chuck when he was injured]] and fell in love with him despite not knowing who he was. When Chuck was with Blair, he was a manipulative, flawed, selfish character who frequently made mistakes, and together they subverted SickeninglySweethearts deliciously. When he was with Eva, he was a saint who gave lots of money to charity, stopped drinking, didn't do any drugs, bought her expensive gifts and was touched when she sold them to help someone, and treated Eva like a princess. The fandom, predictably, despised Eva, hated the [[WeWantOurJerkBack new Chuck]], and sympathised with [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Blair]] even more. Luckily, the writers figured this out and wrote her out less than four episodes after she appeared, returning to lots of evil Chuck/Blair interaction that was much more enjoyable.
  183. * ''{{Charmed}}'' has quite a lot of those, starting in season two with Dan : the [[LanternJawOfJustice lantern jawed]] former baseball player, who "works in constructions" but is somehow always hanging around the house and throwing longing glances at Piper, goes full [[HotDad Hot Uncle]] taking care of his teenage niece and is [[KnightInShiningArmor fiercely protective]] of his beloved neighbor, with the protective urge extending on her sisters too. Then there's Leo, who's ''an angel'' and Piper's true love, the man Phoebe gets in the end, literally sent from heaven as a gift for her to make up for her past heartaches, and the man that Prue meets in her penultimate episode, [[FriendToAllLivingThings who takes care of wounded dogs]] and is interested in photography... Not all of them get the girl they're after, for various reasons, but it would probably be easier to list guys who are ''not'' Relationship Sues in this show.
  184. * Deconstructed on an episode of ''Moesha'' where Kim gets a new boyfriend who is, for what it's worth, perfect (So perfect that he gets pulled over by the cops and given an award for his good driving). By the end of the episode, she's become frustrated with his perfection and lack of flaws. She even says that the problem with dating a winner is that "you're always the loser."
  185. [[/folder]]
  187. [[folder:Music]]
  188. * Josh Groban's song "You're Still You" takes the common [[TastesLikeDiabetes love/adoration angle]] and [[UpToEleven cranks it up to eleven]]. Without [[InformedAttribute going into ANY details WHATSOEVER]], he sings about how the subject of his song is the most beautiful, wonderful, and pure thing completely unstained by the cold, cruel world.
  189. * {{Blink-182}}'s song "Josie" is about Mark's ideal girlfriend. She takes him home when he's too drunk to drive, lets him stay out late with his buddies, and even brings him Mexican food just for the heck of it.
  190. [[/folder]]
  192. [[folder:Mythology]]
  193. * [[ClassicalMythology Galatea]] for Pygmalion. He was completely uninterested in women for his entire life, but fell hopelessly in love with his statue after seeing how beautiful he had made her and Aphrodite took pity on him and made Galatea human (one of the few times the [[JerkassGods Greek gods]] showed genuine, no-strings-attached kindness toward a human, it must be noted). In other words, Pygmalion literally created his perfect woman and the ''goddess of love'' made her come alive so that he could marry her and live HappilyEverAfter. Of course, it probably helped that Pygmalion insisted he made Galatea in said goddess' image (and his actual proposal to the goddess was that she turn ''him'' into a statue so he could be with Galatea instead of living without her). It helps to appeal to their egos.
  194. [[/folder]]
  196. [[folder:VideoGames]]
  197. * Cruelly [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructed]] with Namine of ''KingdomHearts''. She starts out as one, which is helped by her RealityWarper powers - but it's also shown ''exactly'' how one would have to go about supplanting a love interest, and how harmful - possibly permanently damaging - to the hero's psyche (and to ''Namine's'' own) that would be.
  198. * Kaz in ''MetalGearSolid: Peace Walker'' is an extremely attractive EstrogenBrigadeBait with a tragic past, who is a character from the game's early canon [[OCStandIn retconned in every detail from the name upwards]], and shows up out of nowhere to become Big Boss's perfect NotLoveInterest (although [[HoYay even that's dubious]] [[GayOption since you get to go on a date with him]]). It's [[DeconstructedTrope handled with style]], though - partly because being the perfect match for Big Boss means [[BlueAndOrangeMorality sharing his completely alien, war-loving moral code]], and partly because when Kaz [[spoiler: eventually reveals he's been manipulating everything, putting everyone in danger for the sake of helping them start an organisation together,]] Big Boss's inability to even get mad is ''not'' played for happy love and instead as indication of a MoralEventHorizon.
  199. * Played with in ''NeverwinterNights Shadows of the Underdark''. There is a mechanism by which you are able to learn the "one true soulmate" for various characters. One variation is that Lady Aribeth, the Woobie, ends up with an angel.
  200. [[/folder]]
  202. [[folder:Web Comics]]
  203. * Heather from ''{{Punch an Pie}}'' is a deconstruction of a Relationship Sue. As per the concept of the series, she was essentially introduced as the perfect partner for Angela from ''{{Queen of Wands}}''. That's where she starts; from there she is fully developed, becomes increasingly frustrated with Angela's [[ClingyJealousGirl instant jealousy toward all of her friends]], and ends the relationship...only to pine for Angela afterward even as she reminds herself of Angela's negative qualities. It is up in the air if they will ever get back together again.
  204. * Molly from ''{{Achewood}}'' is introduced as a literal match made in heaven for Roast Beef. She's been characterized a little since then, especially on her blog, but in-comic examples of Molly being funny without Beef are essentially nil.
  205. [[/folder]]
  207. [[folder:Western Animation]]
  208. * YourMileageMayVary, but some fans of ''PhineasAndFerb'' have this complaint about Candace's love interest, Jeremy. Somewhat less egregious than many examples, because he doesn't have a million perfect qualities for her---rather, the argument is just that some people think he's [[FlatCharacter sort of boring]], since he doesn't seem to have any personality traits ''other'' than extreme niceness and limitless patience with her manic fits.
  209. ** He has, however, gotten less Sue-like as the series continued. Around mid-season two, he got some CharacterDevelopment and has continued gaining it ever since.
  210. ** And also, after [[ButtMonkey all the]] [[CosmicPlaything shit she]] [[SlapstickKnowsNoGender goes through]] on a regular basis, [[YourMileageMayVary some would argue]] that she's [[EarnYourHappyEnding earned him.]]
  211. * Angel from ''LiloAndStitchTheSeries''. Her complete lack of any real personality traits as well as physical appearance, and the fact that she is one of the few readily apparent female Experiments already put her squarely in MarySue territory. However, she falls love with Stitch and they start up a relationship in the last scene of the TV series. This, along with her one true place being stated to be with Lilo and Stitch, firmly places her as a RelationshipSue as well. Even her popularity does not save her from this.
  212. * The second season of ''KidVsKat'' started with the introduction of Fiona, a girl who seems to be perfect for Coop in every way: Not only is she tomboyish yet cute, she is also an aspiring ActionGirlfriend who managed to discover Kat's secret without Coop even having to tell her about it, thereby becoming his confidant. Even the fact that she is Mrs. Munson's great-great-great-great(give or take a few "greats")-niece only adds more spice to their relationship. She quickly became a fan favorite, possibly helped by the fact that every other recurring female character was universally regarded as [[JerkAss jerks]] and [[TheScrappy pests]].
  213. * ''BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' The episode, "Chemistry" subverts this with a twist. Bruce meets the perfect woman named Susan; so perfect he decides to quit being Batman so that he can marry her. On their honeymoon cruise with other wealthy Gothamites, he discovers that every one of them has also met and married their perfect match; matches who are just a little too perfect. Realizing it's too much of a coincidence, he confronts Susan about it. It turns out [[spoiler: the whole thing was a plot by Poison Ivy. The Relationship Sues are all plant clones she created so they would marry the rich Gothamites, get access to their fortunes, and she would then kill the spouses by sinking the cruise ship]].
  214. * ''KimPossible: [[TheMovie So The Drama]]'' plays with this concept with the character of Eric. A new student to Kim's school, he ''seems'' to be a perfectly friendly, good looking young man who Kim quickly seems to fall for, even ignoring Ron Stoppable in the process. Several characters in the movie even remark that he feels almost ''too perfect''. [[spoiler: Turns out, he was made to be. He was one of Dr. Drakken's [[ArtificialHuman synthodrones]] made for the purpose of luring Kim into a trap so that Drakken could succeed in taking over the world. And adding to that, his real personality is something of a JerkAss. However, his involvement ''did'' manage to get Kim and Ron to consider their true feelings for each other and undergo their RelationshipUpgrade, so his presence wasn't all bad]].
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