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  1. 06:48 PM  russfrank @ clarion  ~/code/marked  fmt?
  2. $ cat postbench
  3. marked completed in 3516ms.
  4. marked (gfm) completed in 3567ms.
  5. marked (pedantic) completed in 3299ms.
  6. discount completed in 5421ms.
  7. showdown (reuse converter) completed in 9914ms.
  8. showdown (new converter) completed in 11393ms.
  9. markdown-js completed in 27392ms.
  11. 06:48 PM  russfrank @ clarion  ~/code/marked  fmt?
  12. $ cat prebench
  13. marked completed in 3454ms.
  14. marked (gfm) completed in 3614ms.
  15. marked (pedantic) completed in 3212ms.
  16. discount completed in 5439ms.
  17. showdown (reuse converter) completed in 9859ms.
  18. showdown (new converter) completed in 11413ms.
  19. markdown-js completed in 27421ms.
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