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  1. Create a notepad file and enter everything exactly how you see it in the RAW Paste Data of this pastebin: Then save this as "pokemondexnumbers" (no spaces exactly as it appears). Then, move this notepad file to your mirc directory. For easy access, simply type "//run $mircdir" into any Mirc window, and drag and drop the notepad file into the window that appears. After that, copy and paste the script below exactly how it appears into "remote". To open remote, simply press "Alt + R". To use this script, simply type "/sprite [Pokemon name]" into any Mirc window once you press OK on the remote window. If issues persist PM me on IRC.
  3. alias sprite {
  4.   if (!$read(pokemondexnumbers.txt,1)) { echo -a please follow the instructions found here:  | halt }
  5.   var %sprite.pokemon $$1
  6.   if (!$read(pokemondexnumbers.txt, w,  * $+ %sprite.pokemon $+ )) { echo -a Invalid Pokemon name. If the name you tried to enter is valid, type "//run pokemondexnumbers.txt" to search for how it is listed. | halt }
  7.   var %sprite.number $remove($read(pokemondexnumbers.txt, w,  * $+ %sprite.pokemon $+ ), $+ %sprite.pokemon $+ )
  8. echo -a <img src=" $+ $+(/download/sprites/bw/,%sprite.number,.png) $+ " alt=" $+ $upper($left(%sprite.pokemon,1)) $+ $right(%sprite.pokemon,$calc($len(%sprite.pokemon)-1)) $+ " /> }
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