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  1. Spawn the fuck on
  2. Choose a fucking class
  3. kill the shitty supreme clothes vendor cause his armour gets your extra ~~bitches~~ shekels
  4. go kill fucking rider on the ~~storm~~ dragon
  5. talk to nun bitch (you don't need to ever go back to that shithole heides tower again and it's only 2k souls lost)
  6. Buy pharros lockstone, blacksmith key and firebomb (for the shortcut and the fucking barrel that cucked you)
  7. talk to grandmommy
  8. Grab cloranthy ring, slab, life ring and fucking titty ass shards
  9. kill stompy stompy boi
  10. kill purse user
  11. bone back
  12. at that point you got hella fucking shekels so buy enough shards so you have 6 small shards, level up so you have 5k shekels left.
  13. Go to bastille
  14. pick up Double D titty shards
  15. with one in forest of fallen giants, one by the window before pursuer, one above lucatiel, two from McDaddy's workshop, you need to buy 1 Double D shard from the scottish cunt and upgrade your weapon to +6
  16. go fight ed, edd and eddy
  17. go fight sinner
  18. get the fuck back to majula
  19. break your weapon on something
  20. repair
  21. go the fuck somewhere else
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