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happy day with Yuuka 7

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Nov 17th, 2020
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  1. Getting out of the house for a week seemed to do everyone a bit of good. If nothing else, it made the whole family even more attached to home sweet home. Happy to have their beds back, their showers back, and all that space to themselves. Future vacations were definitely in the works, however. Where to, during what season? Yet to be determined, but likely to a climate more suitable to poor Yuuka.
  2. Your children became a lot more adventurous, more outdoorsy as well. They began to make friends with more of the local fairies at Mugenkan, and asked frequently for playdates at Chen's house. As long as they were well supervised, Yuuka indulged them on their little escapades outside the mansion.
  3. Ahhh, so young yet already they want to leave the heart might not be able to take it...Yuuka would say. Then they'd return back home, covered in dirt, crying over their scrapes and bruises. Yuuka would hold them close to her chest, tell them how very brave they were. I love you mommy, I'm never leaving again!!! Sometimes they'd bring home little flowers for her as well, which made Yuuka very happy. Together, they'd add it to the garden, and watch it grow, little treasures brought from far away. Yuuka's girls were her pride and joy, and no matter what happened, she would always love them. Perhaps she worried about them a bit too much, if it went on too late in the day she would fly around in a frenzy seeking them out. Then she'd catch them playing games in a far out meadow, scolding the maids she assigned to watch them for not having her kids returned earlier. You're so embarrassing mom! They'd say.
  4. Ran came once again to pick up the kids and take them to the Yakumos for the afternoon. Knowing they were in good hands, Yuuka was able to rest easy for at least a day. She was currently enjoying a massage in her room, performed by none other than you. Mmmmmm, thank you so much dear. Lying down on her stomach, you pushed your hands deep into her tight muscles. Loosening her tense shoulders, pressing your thumbs into her lumbar. Her hair cut short again, you could now get a nice unobstructed view of her entire backside. Her enormous breasts spilling out to her sides, you could hardly suppress the overwhelming desires bubbling up within you. You move your hands a bit lower to her ass, right above the crease of her thigh. Hey! Could you at least have waited a little longer...ahh. You slide her wet panties off, and service her with your tongue while continuing to knead her butt like dough. When you were younger, you always thought the act would be somewhat disgusting, but Yuuka smelled amazing on both the inside and out. Her juices like the nectar of a flower, her smell intoxicating, like you were stuffing your face into a giant scented pillow. You spread her thighs a little further, Yuuka opening herself up for you with no resistance. Hitting all her favorite spots, she twists her hips in pleasure. Mmmm, mmmm, aghh..! Unable to take any more, her body convulses violently in orgasm. More than ready to take your length, you waste no time pulling down your trousers and inserting into her deepest recesses. You move onto the bed, and squeeze her tits from behind as you feel your crotch pleasantly touch her ass with each thrust. S-so good...ahh...all these years and I'm still addicted to this...I'm such a shameless woman...You fuck her rougher as she says those words, making her appetite your own. Ahhh...let me look into your eyes...please...
  5. You flip her over and feel her maddening crimson gaze pierce into you. Such a gorgeous body, yet you too were fixated on those eyes every time you performed the act. Within them, an endless pool of desire from which no amount of semen could ever sate. Never would she reach menopause, locked within the most fertile and needy years of her life for all an eternity. Such a complex woman, but lying there beneath you, she radiated nothing more than pure, undiluted love. You hold back absolutely nothing, crushing your entire weight down into her and pumping savagely. So much wetness around your cock, a whirlpool dragging you in deeper with ferocious longing, smacking loudly as you grinded against her walls. High on the drug of each other's skin, you felt Yuuka squirm underneath you, chafing her breasts against your chest. She pulls you in for a kiss, her legs outstretched into the air, receiving as much of you she could greedily. Just a day without contact and she would go into such a state, desperate for your love. Feeling her pussy start to spasm, you release your load as well, blacking out in Yuuka's arms. O-oohh, this is just what I needed today, hehe... You enjoy the afterglow just a bit longer with Yuuka, both of you feeling incredibly lazy. Until you feel stiff once again, and move right in for round two...round three...not even breaking to get a drink or water. Being a youkai really is the best.
  6. Losing complete track of time, you both almost fail to notice Ran walking back into Mugenkan from the window. Getting dressed into a rather disheveled state, you both head downstairs, hoping the smell isn't too noticeable.
  7. Oh two really are something else...Ran says with a smirk. Well, you'll be pleased to know they had an *enjoyable* time as well. We look forward to having you over again for dinner.
  8. Bye Ms. Yakumo! The kids remained completely unaware, but Yuuka's flushing red face was too much to ignore. Uhhh, mama, are you okay?
  9. After dinner, the kids regale you with all the fun that happened at the Yakumos. They were always interested by the interesting knick-knacks brought in from the Outside world. Yukari even offered to organize a trip to the outside world with your whole family, talking about the wonderful locations to visit. A world much bigger than Gensokyo, with all sorts of sights to explore. These wonderful things called "oceans", huge bodies of water that seemed to stretch on forever. Have you been there before, mama? Hmmm, I've never had any interest in going, she said. But I suppose we could have a little fun over there, as long as we laid low. Yay!
  10. The kids all tucked into bed, you decide to take a little walk with Yuuka and enjoy the ever pleasant night air together. Holding hands, walking through the garden, you both think back to those early days together. Ahh I feel like I've finally bloomed, Yuuka tells you. I have indeed lived a long life...but until now, it was such an empty one. I must have been asleep the whole time. What purpose did my life serve? I often asked myself that question. I am a nature youkai, my one and only ability is simply to make plants grow. Yet I could not bond with another living soul. I didn't want to let anyone into my heart...I didn't think anyone would ever understand my emotions, match my passions, see the same beauty in the world that I saw. No two flowers are the same, how could I expect to find a soulmate. But I waited so long and...I found you dear. Now I never want to let you go...
  11. She truly was a special woman. No doubt, her passion far surpassed being simply a loyal wife. The near neurotic standards she upheld for raising children, the fierce love she had for her husband bordering on nymphomania. But Yuuka was at heart, simply responding to the love she was given. That was a philosophy of hers. Respond to insult with fierce punishment. But respond to love with...even greater love. So she possessed the dual capability for powerful destruction and tender nurture. To you, this was the most beautiful part of her being, this fundamental desire of hers. Past just her appearance, her personality, it went deeper. You felt an attachment that was just too hard to put into words.
  12. I love you too, Yuuka. Even after Gensokyo is long gone, I'll be here for you. Forever. Don't you worry about a thing.
  13. Heh, you never let me worry for long. You share a long kiss together, under the moonlight. Well, let's get to bed now, dear. It must be those sisters up there in the moon making me crazy...I need you so bad tonight...You head back inside with Yuuka, to taste once again that sweet lotus love you crave.
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