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  1. Author:         Number Six <number6@number6.n6>
  2. Author date:    5 years ago (7/10/2014 01:22:12)
  3. Commit date:    5 years ago (7/10/2014 01:40:35)
  4. Commit hash:    f9a3c176846342d2b575867f3759f4acdfdb74bf
  5. Parent(s):      87c24260f9
  7. File system overhaul.
  9.   * Game now has the concept of a "basedir", which is the root directory
  10.     under which all files are located. This is automatically determined based
  11.     on the location of the executable that is run. Each directory is searched
  12.     for either a "data" or "piggs" subdirectory, up to 4 levels up from the
  13.     executable. If one is found with either of those, it is the basedir.
  15.   * Lots of old c:\game, c:\gamefix, gamedatadir.txt, autogamedir, etc.
  16.     cruft removed. Game now only has one default data directory, located
  17.     under [basedir]/data, and one default pigg directory, under
  18.     [basedir]/piggs.
  20.   * The current working directory that the executable is launched from is no
  21.     longer significant.
  23.   * A new file layout for the client is implemented. It can be activated with
  24.     the -newlayout command line parameter and may become the default in the
  25.     future if the launcher that uses it gains significant traction. The new
  26.     layout organizes the client like this, from the basedir:
  27.       Account/[accountname]/ - playerslot.txt, chat logs, player notes
  28.       Bin/ - Client exe and DLLs go here instead of in basedir
  29.       Costumes/
  30.       CustomCritters/
  31.       CustomVillainGroups/
  32.       Demos/
  33.       Data/ - Override files only, settings files no longer go here
  34.       Missions/ - PlayerCreatedSouvenierClues.txt relocated here as well
  35.       PowerCust/
  36.       Screenshots/
  37.       Settings/ - keybinds, options, window settings
  39.   * The game will no longer try to create debug files in c:\ or
  40.     c:\cryptic\scratch. All of these files are no longer created by default.
  41.     Both the client and mapserver support a new -filedebug flag to turn on
  42.     debug files. The mapserver creates most of them as it dumps incoming
  43.     and outgoing containers. These files are now created in [basedir]/Debug/
  44.     instead of in the root.
  46.   * The client supports the following new command line paramters:
  47.     -oldlayout : Force use of the old file layout (current default)
  48.     -newlayout : Force use of the new file layout
  49.     -basedir [dir] : Disable auto detection and manually specify basedir
  50.     -datadir [dir] : Override default data directory ([basedir]/data)
  51.     -piggdir [dir] : Override default pigg directory ([basedir]/piggs)
  52.     -filedebug : Enable creating default files
  54.   * -patchdir, along with the new directory command line parameters, fixed
  55.     to work correctly with paths containing spaces. The wrapper around main()
  56.     was unexpectedly adding quotes to these even if they did not exist in
  57.     the original command line.
  59. Contained in no branch
  60. Contained in tags: baselight, issue25, makebins, number6
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