CMC Get Anon Transformed [Finished]

May 11th, 2014
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  1. >It has been three whole months since you've been trapped in this land of magical, colorful small horses
  2. >On you first day here you were reasonably freaked out
  3. >No one knows what caused you to be teleported to this world and chances of returning home are slim
  4. >As your hope dwindles you come to the sad realization that you're going to spend the rest of your days here
  5. >An alien in a strange world
  6. >You'll never get entirely used to that
  7. >Sure you might have grown to find it at least a little comfortable here, but you'll always feel like an outsider
  8. >You still feel the stares of ponies looking at you every time you go outside
  9. >Looking at the freaky two legged fur-less alien
  10. >Having been stuck in the library all day, you decide to get out for some fresh air
  11. >No destination in mind, you head outside and just wander, deciding the less peo -- ponies, the better
  12. >After things had calmed down surrounding your arrival and Princess Celestia decided you weren't a threat, you were offered places to stay
  13. >She decided to send you to Ponyville and had introduced you to her student, Twilight Sparkle, to try to help you fit in
  14. >You try to get your mind onto a different subject, but it's kind of hard considering literally everything you're surrounded by reminds you
  15. >Mindlessly wandering you eventually wind up at Sweet Apple Acres
  16. >You find it's typically a fairly nice and calm place and it sure lives up to it's name as the air is sweet with the smell of apples
  17. >You wave at Applejack as you walk into the orchard, she waves back knowing you're only going out for a walk
  18. >Soon you lose track of time lost in thought, going through everything in your mind over and over
  19. >Though your train of thought gets interrupted as you see three small ponies running towards you at full speed with a cartoonish dust cloud kicking up behind them
  20. >In no time the three fillies are surrounding you
  21. >Each one is trying to talk over each other in their excitement and you can't understand a damn thing they're saying
  22. >You try to calm them down as they start getting angry at each other, but they don't hear you until you raise your voice
  23. "HEY!"
  24. >They all stop dead in their tracks and stare at you
  25. "There's no need to fight and argue with each other, what is it you want?"
  26. >Applebloom, standing in the middle eagerly answers you
  27. "Tell us about where you came from and tell us about humans!"
  28. >Great, all you needed was more reminders of the home you'll never return to
  29. >You sit down at the base of one of the trees for some shade and start explaining to them about humans, keeping your stories safe for children
  30. >Applebloom interrupts your stories to ask a question
  31. "Hey Anon, Ah've got a question. What's yer cutie mark? You're always wearing clothes, so we've never seen it!"
  32. >The other two fillies look at each other, then at Applebloom
  33. "I don't think humans get cutie marks." Scootaloo replies, then adding in "Do they?" turning to look at you.
  34. >Thinking for a moment, you remember that cutie marks are the symbols on the backsides of every pony
  35. "Err...No, we don't. Well, I mean, unless you count tattoos, but those don't really count as they can be anything and not just what you're good at."
  36. >Sweetie Belle pipes up
  37. "What's a tattoo?"
  38. >Deciding it's best they don't know, you dodge the question
  39. >You notice Applebloom appears to be deep in thought when you swear you see a light in her eye as if she figured something out
  40. >She turns to you
  41. "You must feel pretty lonely here, being the only human and all."
  42. >Pausing for a second you nod wordlessly
  43. "Well Ah've got an idea that can make you less lonely! And you can get your cutie mark with us!"
  44. "But I already said humans don't--"
  45. >She cuts you off before you finish
  46. "Girls, with me!"
  47. >The three of them run behind a nearby tree and whisper back and forth
  48. >You think to yourself that ponies are insane and every single one of them will drive you into an early grave
  49. >The three of them step out from the tree with huge smiles on their faces, brimming with excitement
  50. "C'mon, Anon! We're going to get Twilight to help you!"
  51. "But she--"
  52. "No buts!"
  53. >Deciding to humor them, you and the three fillies start towards the library
  54. >You wanted to head back there for some rest anyways
  55. >Eventually you make it to the library
  56. >By this point it feels as if you've answered a thousand more questions about earth and humans
  57. >The subject was starting to get a little sore with you
  58. >It was nice to finally have a break
  59. >The three fillies burst into the library with you following behind them
  60. >They all run up to Twilight yelling about how she's got to help you
  61. >She looks at you questioningly
  62. >You simply shrug in response
  63. >Twilight calms them down
  64. "Well, what is it?"
  65. >Applebloom motions for Twilight to come closer so she can whisper in her ear
  66. >Unable to hear what they're saying you simply observe them
  67. >As Applebloom finishes, you notice Twilight's eyes widen
  68. >She slowly turns her head to look at you, then back at the fillies, then back at you
  69. "I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner."
  70. >She didn't seem to be directing that at anyone, maybe herself
  71. >Her horn begins to glow purple
  72. >Within a second you start feeling a tingling feeling as your vision attains a purple hue, the same shade as her magic
  73. >Realizing instantly that she's using magic on you, for the first time without asking permission you question her
  74. "Twilight, what are you doing?"
  75. >You begin to float slightly
  76. "Only what needs to be done."
  77. >Despite being in a questionable situation, you admit she's good at unintentionally giving an ominous answer
  78. "Hahaha, jokes over. Put me down."
  79. >The magic intensifies as you feel it being channeled into you
  80. >Suddenly you see a burst of light and fall to the floor feeling as if you've lost all your energy
  81. >After a few seconds you notice a strange feeling throughout your body
  82. >A few more seconds and you try to get up, feeling drained
  83. >Noticing your hands feel weird, you turn your head to look at them just in time to see your fingers disappearing into the rest of your hand
  84. >For a few short, blissful seconds, you're completely detached from reality or you're simply in denial as you stare as your hands become hooves
  85. >Panicking, you try to get up, but fall down on your ass to see your shoes have fallen off and your feet have changed to hooves as well
  86. >You catch a brief glimpse of Twilight, who is watching intently before you scramble to get away, making it to a bookshelf
  87. >Back against a wall and hyperventilating you scratch at your arms and legs with your hooves, trying to stop the fur from spreading across your body
  88. >Of course it has absolutely no effect, but you try anyways, desperate to stay human
  89. >Looking back at Twilight again you see her mouth moving, but can't hear what she's saying
  90. >Her horn glows again as your body twists and contorts to that of a pony, your legs reshaping themselves
  91. >You lose feeling in your face briefly as part of your face extends outwards to form a muzzle
  92. >Feeling a painless melting feeling at the sides of your head, you reach up with your new front hooves in time to feel the last of your old human ears disappearing
  93. >New pony ears grow above where your old ones were, though on top of your head
  94. >Jumping up at a pinching feeling at your rear, you turn to see a tail forming at the end of your spine
  95. >Part of your vision becomes obscured as your hair becomes a mane, you feel it growing down the back of your neck too
  96. >Lost in the sensory overload from all the changes, you haven't even noticed that the room around you seems bigger than it was before
  97. >Rather, you notice that you are in fact smaller
  98. >As the changes to your body cease, you can only sit there stunned, staring up at Twilight, who is now standing over you
  99. "I'm sorry, but it had to be done. This is the only way you would ever truly be able to fit in here."
  100. >She does appear slightly saddened, yet hopeful
  101. >You just look around and stare at yourself for a few minutes, not knowing what to do or say
  102. >When you finally begin to speak up, you feel your blood run cold as you hear your new feminine voice
  103. >Not only did she make you a pony
  104. >Not only did she make you a child
  105. >But she made you a girl as well
  106. >You start to feel anger and betrayal at the fact that she took everything from you that physically made you who you are--
  107. >Were
  108. >Almost as if she sensed it, or maybe she saw it in your face, her horn glowed again as your vision becomes purple again
  109. >Anger melting away, you start feeling calm and relaxed
  110. >And truly happy for the first time since coming to this world
  111. >You feel comfortable in this new body, as if you've always been a young filly
  112. >Vision returning to normal as Twilight stops using her magic you look over yourself
  113. >You've been a pony for less than five minutes and it seems as though it's the most natural thing in the world for you
  114. >Memories and most of your personality intact, with some slightly ponyish changes, you feel excitement welling up in you for your new life
  115. >Looking at your flank and seeing it lacks a cutie mark, you look to your new friends
  116. >Running over to them, the four of you shout in unison
  118. >The four of you run off to find some adventure around Ponyville and to start your quest to earn your cutie mark.
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