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Towergirls FAQ

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Nov 15th, 2016
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  1. Q - What is Towergirls?
  2. A /tg/ creation. Read more here.
  5. Q - How do I play?
  6. A - It's a CYOA, there are no established mechanics for the rescue. All the pages to the game are in the imgur album linked in resources.
  8. Q - Why aren't/are we we working on; Fan Gen III/Knights/combat mechanics/etc.
  9. A - We recognize that spreading out our efforts is part of what originally killed the project after Gats left. Accordingly, we're focusing on just one thing at a time and finishing them out.
  11. Q - Hey, can we make a princess about X fetish?
  12. A - It generally comes down to what people like. Propose the idea and see if others want it.
  14. Q - Is there a map/unified setting?
  15. A - Nope. Though proposals have been made, nothing concrete has been created.
  17. Q - Can I post fanart/fanfiction here?
  18. A - Go right on ahead. Just make sure it's within the global rules.
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