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  1. Vape Chan - (deleted account)
  3. Nyaaaaaa moaned ssonic the hedgehog as he took his first puff, vaping for the first time was exciting for him. he exhaled as the smoke exited his lung, filling the room with a think, steamy, atmosphere. mmmmm, spicy ;) suddenly he was aware of a presence in the room... he felt a haNd on his shoulder, turning around quickly and nearly dropping his e-cig, he was met with non other than Mr Adam Sandler himself
  4. Nya!!!! SSandler kun!!! dont scare me like that!!!!
  5. adam sandler gentle stroked his chin... give me some of that dank vape sonic chan
  6. BUT ADAM SENPAI!!! this is my vape!!!!
  8. sonic cried as adam sandler senpai stole his e cig and began to vape
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