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  1.  [13:30] [P] [Obror]:  [13:25] [Shazsuna]: So i did some snoopin' haha i see that the only you and one other guy is in the mythic roster atm, how many spots will you have available when you start pushing mythic?  
  2.  [13:30] [P] [Obror]:  [13:25] [Shazsuna]: Furthermore, i see you're using rlc and was just curious where that applies and how many people you have on lc  
  3.  [13:30] [P] [Obror]:  [13:30] [Shazsuna]: Don't want to bombard you with questions, i'm playing with a small group of friends and they're interested as long as we get a raid spot to prove ourselves like
  4.  [13:37] To [Shazsuna]: No I am very sorry, I dont mean to ignore you
  5.  [13:37] To [Shazsuna]: I just got my hands very full at the moment with people talking to me in all sorts of places  
  6.  [13:38] To [Shazsuna]: How many friends are we talking about and what do they play?
  7.  [13:38] [Shazsuna]: No stress, i've been there haha. Take as long as you need
  8.  [13:38] [Shazsuna]: DH/Warr tank, DH Havoc, Rogue
  9.  [13:40] To [Shazsuna]: and the dh/warr tank isnt comfortable playing anything but tank?
  10.  [13:41] [Shazsuna]: I mean, i can try pitch him the idea but he usually plays tank. It's somewhat unreasonable expecting to join a raid guild when the new tiers been out 3weeks~
  11.  [13:42] To [Shazsuna]: would you mind letting me have a look at him?
  12.  [13:42] [Shazsuna]: as a tank i mean. Myself and DH havoc is for definite
  13.  [13:43] [Shazsuna]: Neebser is the havoc DH but he can also tank, i think he's 305 on kazzak for tanking
  14.  [13:43] [Shazsuna]: Gougemedaddy is the rogue, rerolled
  15.  [13:43] To [Shazsuna]: No I meant the warr/dh tank boy :>
  16.  [13:45] [Shazsuna]: Elivier is his DH tank i believe
  17.  [13:46] [Shazsuna]: also a reroll, he's playing that more cause of corruptions
  18.  [13:47] [Shazsuna]: We're a triple leather group so we can just farm 14s and stack him with gear if that's an issue
  19.  [13:47] To [Shazsuna]: No the thing is that right now, we dont know if we have a tank spot open or not  
  20.  [13:47] To [Shazsuna]: we need to speak to tank to see whats going on with his irl issues and stuff
  21.  [13:48] To [Shazsuna]: so the problem right now is that I cant guarantee a tank spot
  22.  [13:48] To [Shazsuna]: we have like 2-3 people currently dpsing raids when their desire is to tank
  23.  [13:48] To [Shazsuna]: so idk how fair it would feel to your friend to make him do the same
  24.  [13:49] [Shazsuna]: That's more than understandable, i'll try pitch him the idea of dpsing first before we decide on anything else
  25.  [13:50] To [Shazsuna]: Now let me get to your actual questions that I have a moment to breathe lol
  26.  [13:50] To [Shazsuna]: You said you only see me and one more guy in mythic roster and thats acurrate, because like I said we're a reformed guild like 10 friends and we have recruited the rest  
  27.  [13:51] To [Shazsuna]: done heroic for 2-2,5 weeks while recruiting
  28.  [13:51] To [Shazsuna]: Me and Aphera pugged mythic when it was launched  
  29.  [13:51] To [Shazsuna]: Previously we have both always been in mythic raiding guilds  
  30.  [13:51] To [Shazsuna]: My own progress has been kind of shaky during bfa due to no one wanting holy priests  
  31.  [13:52] To [Shazsuna]: but have prior CE's
  32.  [13:52] To [Shazsuna]: other people in the guild are from the guild Sanctum here on kazzak
  33.  [13:52] To [Shazsuna]: which is normally a top 10 guild for server  
  34.  [13:53] To [Shazsuna]: so the people from there have previously raided at a very high level
  35.  [13:53] To [Shazsuna]: and decided that they wanted to take a step back, raid more casually but still progress mythic  
  36.  [13:53] To [Shazsuna]: as sanctum raids 5 days per week, you can see how one would be overwhelmed
  37.  [13:54] To [Shazsuna]: And as we have been working on the roster and recruiting still, we havent started mythic progress yet even though we easily could with current roster and potentially pug
  38.  [13:54] [Shazsuna]: I see, makes sense
  39.  [13:54] To [Shazsuna]: We have just decided that its more worth to us to build up a friendly and strong community within the guild, and get people who needed it curve and missing gear
  40.  [13:56] To [Shazsuna]: So what I mean by that is that the core of the guild, the officers and raiders all have previous mythic experience at different levels and our goal is to raid mythic  
  41.  [13:56] To [Shazsuna]: and some of us have killed some bosses in this tier  
  42.  [13:56] To [Shazsuna]: regardless if it was in another guild, in a pug or on a different character
  43.  [13:57] To [Shazsuna]: The officers havent 100% decided yet what next weeks plan is but it might be only doing last 2 on hc for example and then focus on mythic  
  44.  [13:57] To [Shazsuna]: or we might decide that another full heroic clear is needed for some people still, I couldnt tell you before having that discussion with the officers
  45.  [13:57] To [Shazsuna]: however I do want to be transparent with you
  46.  [13:57] To [Shazsuna]: rclootcouncil was up for debate as in whether to use or not  
  47.  [13:58] To [Shazsuna]: some people find it unnecessary and some people find it fair  
  48.  [13:58] [Shazsuna]: Alright cool, i appreciate you taking the time to explain your mindset really; will you be sticking with 2 raid days in the event you lot decide to prog mythic?
  49.  [13:59] [Shazsuna]: ~ don't want to break your train of thought but i felt i needed to ask this while it's relevant
  50.  [13:59] To [Shazsuna]: What we noticed is that while we are on a pretty tight schedule, it made more sense to let loot council handle loot distribution while the rest can keep clearing trash
  51.  [14:00] To [Shazsuna]: rather than having people spamming chat with rolls for different items at the same time  
  52.  [14:00] To [Shazsuna]: which then caused them to afk and we'd lose time  
  53.  [14:00] To [Shazsuna]: as in doing proper personal loot just ended up not being time efficient whatsoever
  54.  [14:00] To [Shazsuna]: currently we have 3 people on the loot council and the loot council cannot vote for themselves
  55.  [14:01] To [Shazsuna]: We are a 2 day raiding guild so that will always be the intention, however if we see if fit and see that its worth - optional day might be added every now and then
  56.  [14:02] To [Shazsuna]: the current raid times are heavily based on the gm's current internship alongside his work schedule, so I dont see us adding another mandatory day as we all wish to have 2 main raid days  
  57.  [14:03] To [Shazsuna]: although when his internship is over and his times more flexible it might be an idea to add maybe 1 hour  
  58.  [14:03] To [Shazsuna]: this is not something we have discussed properly nor planned  
  59.  [14:03] To [Shazsuna]: I am just being completely honest with you  
  60.  [14:04] To [Shazsuna]: and back to rc - We do not force people to give loot away
  61.  [14:04] To [Shazsuna]: if you loot an item and you need it regardless if you are a trial or raider, you are always given the option to keep it  
  62.  [14:04] To [Shazsuna]: however most people will see guild needs above their own
  63.  [14:05] To [Shazsuna]: I have this reset alone traded away almost every item I looted, even if I couldve scrapped it for personal gain or used in m+ or arena for tertiary stats, I feel that if its a minor upgrade to me as a healer and there are dps who also need for minor upgra
  64.  [14:05] To [Shazsuna]: upgrade  
  65.  [14:06] To [Shazsuna]: of course it is more valued on a dps  
  66.  [14:06] To [Shazsuna]: so the rclootcouncil bit isnt as super serious as it sounds  
  67.  [14:06] To [Shazsuna]: its used with common sense, to handle loot distribution that would happen regardless smoother and more time efficient
  68.  [14:07] To [Shazsuna]: if that makes sense?
  69.  [14:07] [Shazsuna]: In terms of progression; i would have expected loot to be redistrubted in a mythic raiding guild to be honest; that's the type of raiding enviroment we're used to
  70.  [14:08] [Shazsuna]: If we have the option to keep it assuming it's an actual upgrade i see that as a positive
  71.  [14:08] [Shazsuna]: You've been extremely informative and helpful and pretty much answered all my questions; above and beyond what i felt comfortable asking to be frank
  72.  [14:09] To [Shazsuna]: Yeah I have been in different guilds where it has been used differently
  73.  [14:09] To [Shazsuna]: Like I said, most people are decent and have common sense and are commited to progress as a guild which means that giving away an item that isnt an upgrade for you is obviously the better choice
  74.  [14:10] To [Shazsuna]: We havent had any problems so far as most people are outgearing heroic for a while now  
  75.  [14:10] To [Shazsuna]: When we get to mythic that will start over and people might not be able to trade items, then its not much we can do about it  
  76.  [14:11] To [Shazsuna]: However its expected to only keep items you can trade if they are an actual upgrade
  77.  [14:11] To [Shazsuna]: but like I said, we wont force any loot off you - we're not monsters :>
  78.  [14:11] [Shazsuna]: Seeing as you've been so transparent; we were originally a 20+ player group. I've been leading guilds on and off since 4.3 though i quit in legion from the sheer burn out. We recently were playing classic but i and a few other people stepped back  
  79.  [14:11] [Shazsuna]: due to work; burnout or just wanting to try out the new raid tier on live
  80.  [14:12] To [Shazsuna]: Yeah I get you
  81.  [14:12] [Shazsuna]: We're in the same mindset where we don't want to raid 5 days a week anymore; though we're enjoying 8.3 and the new raid  
  82.  [14:13] [Shazsuna]: It works out well that you guys seem pretty chill but also still want to progress
  83.  [14:13] [Shazsuna]: I've not played BFA at all though the rogue and DH did like 2 raid tiers ago
  84.  [14:14] [Shazsuna]: All in all, you've sold a great sounding community that we'd love to be part of and i'll do my best to sell the idea of dpsing to my tank  
  85.  [14:15] To [Shazsuna]: Yeah, we value the atmosphere a lot, we're basically just a very friendly bunch of people who decided to give it a go making friendly chill atmosphere, having fun and mythic progression our top priorities  
  86.  [14:15] To [Shazsuna]: I can for sure fit you, dh and rogue in  
  87.  [14:16] To [Shazsuna]: you are all very welcome  
  88.  [14:16] To [Shazsuna]: tank spot I cannot guarantee as of now as its unsure if hes going to be able to keep raiding or not, and we have a fair share of backup tanks
  89.  [14:17] [Shazsuna]: Alright, i'll let them know. I'll have to get back to you later if that's alright, it'll have to be the case where we blast his hunter up and gear it asap
  90.  [14:17] [Shazsuna]: assuming that he can't tank
  91.  [14:18] To [Shazsuna]: yeah for now I would say there is no tank spot available but I will know for sure within a day or two
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