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  1. Core Commands
  2. =============
  4.     Command       Description
  5.     -------       -----------
  6.     ?             Help menu
  7.     banner        Display an awesome metasploit banner
  8.     cd            Change the current working directory
  9.     color         Toggle color
  10.     connect       Communicate with a host
  11.     exit          Exit the console
  12.     get           Gets the value of a context-specific variable
  13.     getg          Gets the value of a global variable
  14.     grep          Grep the output of another command
  15.     help          Help menu
  16.     history       Show command history
  17.     load          Load a framework plugin
  18.     quit          Exit the console
  19.     repeat        Repeat a list of commands
  20.     route         Route traffic through a session
  21.     save          Saves the active datastores
  22.     sessions      Dump session listings and display information about sessions
  23.     set           Sets a context-specific variable to a value
  24.     setg          Sets a global variable to a value
  25.     sleep         Do nothing for the specified number of seconds
  26.     spool         Write console output into a file as well the screen
  27.     threads       View and manipulate background threads
  28.     unload        Unload a framework plugin
  29.     unset         Unsets one or more context-specific variables
  30.     unsetg        Unsets one or more global variables
  31.     version       Show the framework and console library version numbers
  34. Module Commands
  35. ===============
  37.     Command       Description
  38.     -------       -----------
  39.     advanced      Displays advanced options for one or more modules
  40.     back          Move back from the current context
  41.     info          Displays information about one or more modules
  42.     loadpath      Searches for and loads modules from a path
  43.     options       Displays global options or for one or more modules
  44.     popm          Pops the latest module off the stack and makes it active
  45.     previous      Sets the previously loaded module as the current module
  46.     pushm         Pushes the active or list of modules onto the module stack
  47.     reload_all    Reloads all modules from all defined module paths
  48.     search        Searches module names and descriptions
  49.     show          Displays modules of a given type, or all modules
  50.     use           Selects a module by name
  53. Job Commands
  54. ============
  56.     Command       Description
  57.     -------       -----------
  58.     handler       Start a payload handler as job
  59.     jobs          Displays and manages jobs
  60.     kill          Kill a job
  61.     rename_job    Rename a job
  64. Resource Script Commands
  65. ========================
  67.     Command       Description
  68.     -------       -----------
  69.     makerc        Save commands entered since start to a file
  70.     resource      Run the commands stored in a file
  73. Database Backend Commands
  74. =========================
  76.     Command           Description
  77.     -------           -----------
  78.     db_connect        Connect to an existing data service
  79.     db_disconnect     Disconnect from the current data service
  80.     db_export         Export a file containing the contents of the database
  81.     db_import         Import a scan result file (filetype will be auto-detected)
  82.     db_nmap           Executes nmap and records the output automatically
  83.     db_rebuild_cache  Rebuilds the database-stored module cache
  84.     db_remove         Remove the saved data service entry
  85.     db_save           Save the current data service connection as the default to reconnect on startup
  86.     db_status         Show the current data service status
  87.     hosts             List all hosts in the database
  88.     loot              List all loot in the database
  89.     notes             List all notes in the database
  90.     services          List all services in the database
  91.     vulns             List all vulnerabilities in the database
  92.     workspace         Switch between database workspaces
  95. Credentials Backend Commands
  96. ============================
  98.     Command       Description
  99.     -------       -----------
  100.     creds         List all credentials in the database
  103. Developer Commands
  104. ==================
  106.     Command       Description
  107.     -------       -----------
  108.     edit          Edit the current module or a file with the preferred editor
  109.     irb           Open an interactive Ruby shell in the current context
  110.     log           Display framework.log paged to the end if possible
  111.     pry           Open the Pry debugger on the current module or Framework
  112.     reload_lib    Reload Ruby library files from specified paths
  115. Exploit Commands
  116. ================
  118.     Command       Description
  119.     -------       -----------
  120.     check         Check to see if a target is vulnerable
  121.     exploit       Launch an exploit attempt
  122.     rcheck        Reloads the module and checks if the target is vulnerable
  123.     recheck       Alias for rcheck
  124.     reload        Just reloads the module
  125.     rerun         Alias for rexploit
  126.     rexploit      Reloads the module and launches an exploit attempt
  127.     run           Alias for exploit
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