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  1. Pokémon movie notes cont.
  3. Outside the cave, the rainbow wing glows in the direction of Mount Tensei
  5. Verity and Sorrel simply want to meet Ho-Oh, Sirrek wants to find out if the rainbow hero prophecy is true
  7. The group led swimming outside of the cave, then Ash gets into a battle with Pinskr and uses Caterpie
  8. String shot djsablws the Pinser and it is flung into the ground, Caterpie evolves into a Metapod after
  10. Once they are all asleep, Verity stays awake looking at her phone and pictures of the group. She stumbled across a photo of her mom with an Empolei
  12. A ripple goes across the water and she sees Suicinr on an island not far away
  14. Pikachu and Pipluol eat from an Kean Berry bush while Seuocune is discussed and hey we're walking through the forest
  16. Verity discussed her mom: famous Pokémon trainer
  18. Ash goes to the battleground before the library
  20. Ash is battling a Jigglypuff first and Charmandt evolves to Xharmelekn
  22. At the library, Sorrel discovers that Ho-Oh watched the works of people and received energy from an aura of happiness
  23. A heart of dv touched the rainbow wing and its color banished
  25. Ash battles Snirlax and defeats it, then battles cross
  27. Cross insults Ash for using Charmander (has since evolved) and Ash says that there is no such thing as a useless Pokémon. Despite Charmerlondm's attacks Incer wrist does not retaliate until it is at low health (it has Rage as its ability)
  28. Flaw thrower clash, Charmeleond loses and is knocked down but gets back up
  29. Sirrek realizes Inceneraoar's atrategy
  30. Ash becomes less confident, Charmeelons can't use Flanethrower as it is newly evolved.
  31. Charmeleon is badly defeated, despite its tenacity after being throjen into a wall
  32. Ash sits with Charmeelons while Criss insults him, saying that he relied on cheap atrategy and used moves he couldn't these.
  33. After getting help at a Pokémon center, Ash is infuriated because he should have win. Sirrek says that Criss won because his strategy is still valid despite wrong
  34. After sorrel calls Ash out on saying that Pikachu would have won, Ash runs away.
  35. Ash talks with Oikachu while running and asks if he agrees with him, which he says no to
  36. Ash turns back and sees that Pikacuinks one and sits against a tree, still upset
  37. Ash pulls out his rainbow wing and says that he thiught he was the rainbow hero, rain kneeing drifts out of his hand when knocked out
  39. Ash just goes to class and Veiry and sorrel Berta whom.
  40. Subject of class is rainbows
  41. Ash sees Pikachu under his desk but it disappear
  42. He then sees Ho-Oh in the skies but it's actually a plane
  43. Sirrek asks what is on Ash's mind when at the rooftop, Verity asks if the view would ever get boring
  44. Ash explains hat he wants to go see he world on his own, Veirty and sorrel agree wit it; no school, freedom, etc.
  45. Ash talks about his buddy which doesn't rxist, and sees liamxui on his back
  46. He starts crying and thy tell him to pull himself together
  47. Verity and Sorrel disappear
  48. Pikachu appears on rooftop, blurry, Ash begins running and the landscape changed to a plaza
  49. Ash laments, we used to run like this all the tie
  50. He can't remember who it is, he was his cry best friend
  51. Ground crumbles, Ash grabs Pikachu as he jumps down and remembers his named, the starts falling down
  53. Where hen wakes up, Ash sees Pikaxhu and Chris, ssying it was all
  54. Bus fault, beside him the rainbow wing regains its color
  55. Verity asks if he knows how long they've been looking for him
  56. Sorrel says that you cannot expect to win the battle, but it's just his opinion
  58. Ash explains the dream, Veirty is dumbfounded. Sorrel explains that it's not imps I for Pokémon to leave us. Flashback to where he was young with the uneasy. He was against a tree, freezing, and the Lixray comes and lays down next to him, the twos keep. When it's morning, Luxeay is frozen solid; it died smiling. As he is dragged away by the reachie team he yells out Luxray'd name. He explains that he was reluctant to meet Ookemon against unt he met Lixray
  59. Mar shadow appear and is noticed, Pikachu gets mad and used Thundetbolt. Mar shadow already displeased and so he hits the trees, causing he Prinalr to come down and loft then
  60. Ash used Metapkd as Sorrel explains that fighting back would only make the Primalr angrier
  61. Metapod saves them with trying shot and they get outc, Metapod evolves as they Marc. Primalr begin shading them again and Ash has Buyterfrre use Lsero powder to make them all fall asleep X the group then continues on
  63. Group makes camp next k a water/river, Verity sends out Laprad to ferry  across
  64. It turns to say while they are going across (downstream)
  66. Group the b sees the Buyterfrre being hunted and Ash sends out his own, dodging and using Gust to send it away
  67. The two Buyterfrre the  converse
  68. Sorrel pouts out that it's pink, Veirty cmnents that it's cute and that it's female. Sorrel agrees
  70. After reaching the end of the forest, Shadke meets a hill overlooking the landscape and the rainbow wing then glows, lighting a bees ykwards Mount Tensei
  71. When it becomes nighttime and they're at be cliff, the Buyterfrre swarm is there
  72. Ash sends out Buyterfrre and h slink one comes along and says hi
  73. Sorrel explains that it's the season of SK EYHING
  74. Ash cheers them on, but Verity explains that it would be goodbye. Ash is dusts high, and Sorrel says that it is his decision
  75. Buyterfrre comes down and says hi to ash. Ash asks if it wants to leave, and after hesitation it hides behind him.
  76. Ash decides that zvuttrrfrre should go wjth he other, and if they don't they will get left behind. He says bioh Buyterfrre are great and that they should take care of each other
  77. As they wave goodbye, Ash starts crying and Butterfree does too. As hcontinues waving
  78. It continues until the sunsets, and Ash says that he's glad that he met it. Even though it's goodbye, they're sulk good friends
  79. Sorrel says that trainers raise Pimenon but Pimenon live their own loves
  80. Suddenly behind them Raikou appears; Thunknos because Pikachu's cheeks spark. Lightning appears and it leaves
  82. Then they make it to the migraine base and they say that he Pokémon are agitated
  83. Bono sppears and says that he had been hunting for ago-Oh, Ostrel recognizes him as the author of the library book
  85. Bobbi says that it's because of the rainbow wing that they met the legendary Pokemon. He also says that a guide would follow him, Marshadkw. As hays that he did see it once. Bknjo says that when the rubble wing loses its color it seals it and makes it rght
  86. The rainbow wing glows and a path appears
  87. Bonnie says that when a rainbow flower booms on a rainbow rock, hooch with appear
  88. They hurry to the summi
  89. When they make it here they encounter a large area and Ash fled to put the wing on, byt sicker lat appears and stops him. Cross appears and claims he should beat wit
  90. Marshadkw reveals itself and jumps away to spectate
  91. Ash uses Xharmelo  to battle, Cross uses Inceneroar
  92. Charmeelons dodges most attacks and used slash to deal damage
  93. Incer Lear uses Flanethrower and Chharmeloan evolves int eh heat to cahraizard
  94. Cross says who cares even when weak Pokémon evolve they're still weak
  95. Charizard changes a flamethrower while dodging attacks, it uses airmail toss and sends it dkw
  96. Inceneroar uses Flanethrower, and so does chaiArd
  97. Charizard wins the contest and Inceneroar is defeated
  98. Cords can t  believe his loss and returns I xeneroar
  99. Ash walks to the stone and Cross says that he saw hook too
  100. It didn't give him the rajnboow wing and he gets mad, why did ash get it and not him
  101. He says he will crush hog, and Ash says that the reason he battles is to make friends
  102. Cross grabs Ash and wrestles the rainbow wing away from  him and places it in the stone
  103. The wing turns dark and a dark light appears, the area is shrouded in darkness as is the battlefield
  104. The rainbow wing lost jts color because it was touched by kne wjth an evil heart
  105. Marshadkw throws Criss away and takes the wing, Marshadkw puts Lucanroc in a trance and the controls it, Lycanroc starts attacking  Criss but Charizard saves him
  106. Verity says that Charizard never forgot he was once it's trainer
  107. Marshadkw controls all kfnyhr sustroundong Pimelondzcslt except the group's
  108. Bobbi says that Hoog will never appear now
  109. The Pokémon start cornering them and Bknninurges Ash to take back the wing
  110. The others start protecting Ash while he makes his way over to Marshadkiw
  111. Pokémon attack him but he is protected
  112. Lucanroc lay attacks but across stops him. Cross states that ally antic bit him the day they met, and implores it to remember. It snaps out of the trance
  113. Ash makes it to Marshadkw and the two start battling
  114. Marshadkw is too powerful and Pikachu is eventually hit
  115. All of the others are eventually overpowered, leaving g Ash and Pikaxhu
  116. They keep battling but Marshadkw lights up and hits Oikachu multiple times, Pikachu retaliates Keith thnderobolt
  117. Marshadkw goes for a kick and hits Pikacui, everyone is blown away
  118. Ash runs over to Pikachu who is diwned
  119. The other Pomenon close in and Ash runs away to the cliff edge
  120. The Pokémon start attacking and Ash is hit himself. Thy are both on the ground but they make it to each other while the other Pokémon advance. Ash urges Oikaxhu to get in his Pokeball.
  121. The other Pokémon start chagrin and attack and Ash repeats the same thing he said at day 1
  122. The Pomenon Fire and Pokachu meals forward
  123. Ash asks why Pikachu won't go in and it talks:
  124. "It's because... It's because I always want to be with you.
  125. The Pokémon fire again and an explosion occurs o the entire mountain, Ash orotects Oikachu Vito's by putting it in its Oomeball but is killed in the proxess
  126. Pikachu reappears witness his hat while Ash is a transparent silhouette disintegrating into purple
  127. Pikachu trends to put the hat on but Ash disappears
  128. The wing disappears
  129. Pikachu puts the ash on and starts crying, discharging lots of electricity and ending Marshadkw's reign
  130. It cries out to the heavens
  132. Ash is In a grey world, left where he died though no one is around except Pikachu who doesn't notice him. Ash steps or ward and is brought back to a color world though he is black and white
  134. In the real world sparkles form
  136. Ash starts running and the sparkles grow stronger. Ash says that they used to run like this all the time,  and as he keeps running it gets stronger
  138. He starts running k  air and the sparkles create a portal, Pikahu jumps into it while Ash is running through color
  139. When Pikachu jumps Ash seas it falling and grabs it, he is returned to color and is resurrected in the real world
  140. I  Ash's hand the rainbow wing reappears and the mountainous uncorripted. The Pokémon leave and Marshadkw loses its power.
  141. Bingo tells Ash to go to the mountain and he places the wing in its stop, this time full of color
  142. A beam goes out and a rainbow forms. Ho-Oh begins flying towards Mount Tensei.
  143. When it makes its way to the mountain, Ash is mystified
  144. Powder rai a down and everyone is healed of their injuries and given strength
  145. As Ho-Oh lands, ash challenges it to a battle
  146. Many rxplosiona ring, but a winner is not declared.
  147. It goes until sunset, and they go back to the Pokemox center
  148. Nurse zoou is at first oblivious but then realized that Ash said that he battled Ho-Oh
  149. Bonjonsays words of wisdom
  150. Cross says that he'll get stronger and that they'll battle again, having changed
  151. Sorrel parts, learning about the bird trio
  152. Veiry goes to say hi to her mom
  153. Ash continues on his journey
  154. They all say "Then we'll have a battle!" Together and then laugh
  156. Ash is standing next to s tree j  front of a rainbow and starts running into the distance
  157. END
  159. CREDITS:
  160. Verity is I man  cruise ship back how
  162. Sorrel witnesses Articunk
  163. Cross is eating with his Pomemon
  164. Ash is walking on a spiral hill
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