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  2. Ace Hardware
  3. Aleve
  4. Alfa Romeo
  5. Allegra
  6. American Petroleum Institute
  7. Audi
  8. AT&T
  9. Bayer
  10. Behr Paints
  11. BMW
  13. Century Link
  14. Chamonix
  15. Clear Choice
  16. Dell
  17. Expedia
  18. Exxon Mobil
  19. Hewlett-Packard
  20. Hilton
  21. Infinti
  22. Jos. A Bank
  23. Lexus
  24. Marriott
  25. McDonald's
  26. Men's Wearhouse
  27. Mini Cooper
  28. Michelob
  29. Microsoft
  30. Mercedes-Benz
  31. National Car Rental
  32. National Education Assocation
  33. Optum
  34. Panera
  35. Pom Wonderful
  36. Stelara
  37. Sleep Number Beds
  38. Stella Artois
  39. TD Ameritrade
  40. Tempurpedic
  41. US Postal Service
  42. Vistaprint
  43. Vita Coco
  44. Whole Foods
  46. ===FORM LETTER===
  47. Hello,
  49. I am writing in regards to {COMPANY_NAME}'s advertisements on CNN. As you may or may not know, CNN recently became entrenched in a scandal, where they sought out personal information on, and identified a citizen that posted content critical of the network online. They then demanded an apology, and a promise to cease criticism of them or they would publically disclose the man's identity. This is coercion, this is blackmail, it is almost certainly illegal, and definitely immoral.
  51. I will not purchase a single {PRODUCT_AND/OR_SERVICE} from {COMPANY_NAME} as long as your advertisements are running on CNN. This is not an attack on you at {COMPANY_NAME}. I love {COMPANY'S_PRODUCT_AND/OR_SERVICE}. I have been, and hope to continue to be, a regular customer of yours. However, I will not allow a single cent of my hard earned money to fund these bullies at CNN. Cable news is not a hill to die on. There are much better options available for advertising. I will be communicating this to my family, friends, and online communities. Encouraging them to join me, and to spread this message to their family, friends, and online communities.
  53. This boycott is effective immediately and will continue until the advertising relationship between {COMPANY_NAME} and CNN comes to a close.
  55. I hope to hear back soon that your affiliation with CNN has ended.
  57. Regards,
  58. {YOUR_NAME}
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