flask a neenja

Bigwood Aug 13th, 2018 89 Never
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  1. saving this because i'm tired of opening the logfile to ctrl+f every time i want to make myself smile (at myself)
  3. [01:36:59] <Flamy> ... wait, so is Shinny less older than everyone, or is he just younger? Time displacement is weird.
  4. [01:38:22] <Bigwood> well i don't think you were all the same age
  5. [01:39:13] <Flamy> Yeah, but... okay, yeah, I can't words right now, lemme sleep.
  6. [01:39:35] <Bigwood> let me torment you with the knowledge
  7. [01:39:42] <Flamy> Like, I think my English module is at 50% effectiveness right now.
  8. [01:39:50] <Bigwood> that at first i considered going FULL SILLY and having it be like the reincarnate spell in d&d
  9. [01:40:01] <Bigwood> where you just roll randomly for age gender etc
  10. [01:40:08] <Bigwood> but then i was like nah
  11. [01:40:11] <Bigwood> silly enough already
  12. [01:40:18] <Flamy> he a silly ninja
  13. [01:40:21] <Bigwood> u a silly ninja
  14. [01:40:55] <Flamy> she a silly ninj- oh god that's actually true tree help me
  15. [01:43:09] <Bigwood> every ninja is silly
  16. [01:43:18] <Bigwood> i am neenja he is neenja she is neenja too
  17. [01:43:22] <Bigwood> i am neenja we are neenja
  18. [01:43:23] <Bigwood> but i believe
  19. [01:43:26] <Bigwood> that you are neenja too
  20. [01:43:39] <Bigwood> HOO HAH
  21. [01:43:40] <Flamy> ... huh, I feel like Miyucute would be involved somehow in Millie's choice of becoming a ninja.
  22. [01:43:45] <Bigwood> FLAMY ASKS A NEEN JA
  23. [01:43:52] <Bigwood> "... wait, so is Shinny less older than everyone, or is he just younger?"
  24. [01:44:02] * Flamy down throws into uAir
  25. [01:44:05] <Bigwood> well flamy, what happened is that he actually went into the ninja dimension
  26. [01:44:11] <Bigwood> [camera angle switch]
  27. [01:44:16] <Flamy> jump cancels
  28. [01:44:16] <Bigwood> and when you're in the ninja dimension
  29. [01:44:20] <Bigwood> [camera zoom]
  30. [01:44:25] <Bigwood> you are in there for a VERY, VERY long time
  31. [01:44:30] <Bigwood> [camera zooms out]
  32. [01:44:35] <Bigwood> [dramatic hand movements]
  33. [01:44:47] <Bigwood> in the ninja dimension you're fighting millions upon millions of enemy ninjas EVERY night and day
  34. [01:44:54] <Bigwood> and hoo boy, lemme tell you, you can get really tired
  35. [01:44:57] <Bigwood> so what do you do?
  36. [01:44:59] <Bigwood> [camera zoom]
  37. [01:45:07] <Bigwood> well you use your ninja powers of course
  38. [01:45:18] <Bigwood> with enough ninpo points you can enter the NINJA ninja dimension
  39. [01:45:18] <Flamy> >taking flamy seriously
  40. [01:45:24] <Bigwood> where it's only you
  41. [01:45:32] <Bigwood> unless another ninja that's better at hiding than you had the idea first
  42. [01:45:37] <Bigwood> in which case you are SCREWED
  43. [01:45:39] <Bigwood> [camera zooms out]
  44. [01:45:43] <Bigwood> so my advice to you, flamy
  45. [01:45:47] <Bigwood> is just don't think about the ninja dimension at all
  46. [01:45:50] <Bigwood> it just works
  47. [01:45:52] <Flamy> is not to- okay
  48. [01:45:53] <Bigwood> [credits]
  49. [01:46:02] <Bigwood> you might be too young to know about that show
  50. [01:46:04] <Bigwood> in fact i hope you are
  51. [01:46:12] <Bigwood> but i heard it all in his voice as i was saying it
  52. [01:46:12] <Bigwood> fuck
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