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  1. I do want to say that I'm sorry for anyone who think I left because I betrayed them, or that me leaving was me betraying them, most of you might have no idea what happened, so this is the most autistic resume about the whole thing
  2. Some people, mainly Bully, StairDeer and Phoneposting, by the own admission of Phoneposting, were doing an op against me that I didn't knew about until I left,
  3. they were happy of me leaving so that I couldn't defend myself to claim that I left because of "my guilt" and other non sense, and Tanya, Priss, Robot and Goyim were happy to join the witch hunt without thinking twice about it
  4. I will try to explain everything as simple as possible
  5. If you aren't interested in this autistic retarded drama, stop reading and close this, if you are interested to why I left, why everyone started to leave, why people started to shill their "chill" servers and so on, while pretending to have no idea why I left, then please go ahead
  8. This is about a bunch of petty people, that were so high on dopamine rush, from all the ops that we did against Joachim & Tonka, that they are now addicted to it and act like total teenagers, claiming they are out of the drama but want more enemies and more blood
  9. ( )
  11. MOST LOGS POSTED HERE ARE FROM (In case you want the context, don't forget to use ctrl + F)
  12. The last DM group logs
  15. The server Phone and Deer made and started to invite people in later, and what they erased before inviting people ( )
  19. / / / / /
  21. To phoneposting and them, you are livestocks, plebs that are following a cult, only here to boost the numbers on their servers, taking things as "his side" "their side", they wanted to nuke the server, because you are just plebs to them, doesn't matter if any of you were interested to play
  22. They will nuke and remake while going at each others
  24. This was happening while everyone was watching the movie and people were starting to leave the server
  25. "This server isn't going to last" 1 minute later "Bully knows how to fuck with people" "so I think he is going to do as much as he can now"
  26. ( + )
  29. FIRST PART is Phoneposting claims against me + logs showing that they are all full of shit
  32. SECOND PART is my statement on all of this
  35. I am not planning to come back and did not make this to come back, or to play with anyone who is on bannered mare and anyone from those 7 people (Bully, StairDeer, Phoneposting, Priss, Tanya, Robot and Goyim), anyone who is even friends with those 7,
  36. or anyone who even share a server with them as extreme as it sound, this is not me asking for others to disavow, but just me detaching myself from all of them completely
  38. A lot of the screenshots are repeated here, which is normal since some of them are attached to multiple points made by them or by me
  40. They trashtalked Clown and anyone who didn't go with the grain, also planned to ban Krieg if he was going against them, and like you will see below, tried to find a way to convince him to give up the server to them, robot claim it is to make it work for people, others claim it is to nuke it
  47. 1. Phone accusations
  48. 2. Why they are all disgusting
  49. 3. My quick statement on the whole thing
  50. 4. A quick resume of my history with all of them and how I see them now
  51. 5. My 3092328th statement about why bannered mare need to be banned
  52. 6. why I left and Clown, Aqua, Kery and Illya are the best and never did anything wrong
  56. Clownpiece = Honk
  57. Goyim = Greatest Goyim
  58. Deer = StairDeer
  59. Aussie = The Green Sparrow = Hetza = Cooked (Bannered Mare)
  60. Retarded potato = Cute potato = Mikoi = ninguis (Bannered mare)
  61. Robot = Kamille Poster = Suicidal Robot
  62. LowOrbitIonCannon = Satellite (Bannered mare)
  63. Bully = Bully the anti Billy, 40 years old potsmoker
  64. Priss = Person
  69. First of all, the accusations made about me by Phoneposting and then parroted back by everyone else without evidence, keep in mind that both Bully and Phoneposting refused to leave bannered mare despite everyone else leaving it, which I will explain and show why from their own words
  70. He claim
  71. >that I tried to order him around ( / )
  72. >that I was spying on him ( / he was so proud of his out of context DM that he posted it twice ) ( )
  73. >that I didn't care about people (  )
  74. >that I was a sociopath ( same as above + )
  75. >that I lied or tried to stir up stuff about bannered mare having the intent of doxing me ( )
  76. >that I was the source of the drama ( same as above )
  77. >that I tried to be an e-celeb along side Aqua ( )
  78. >that part of the server were my cult's followers ( )
  79. >that I am going to post a thread about them on r9k?????????????? ( )
  80. >that I didn't care about them and was planning to "play with them" implying for him "manipulate them" ( )
  81. >that I gave an ultimatum to StairDeer to either leave, or that I would leave ( )
  82. >that bannered mare "doxing" and trying to find infos about me was "just a bait" ( same screenshot as above )
  83. >that I deleted a lot of stuff, implying deleted stuff from the bannered mare saga with him or with deer ( )
  84. >that I was acting like a nice guy but dropped the act ( )
  85. >that I was spying on THEM ( )
  86. >that I am similar to fred fuchs ( )
  89. He also claim that I spied on bully, when all I did was wanting a confirmation to why he was in bannered mare from him since the rule stated a ban from people from bannered mare, and bully lied about leaving it, thinking that maybe he was in it to spy, since phone claimed it was the reason he was in
  90. Even IF I did spy on bully, Bully wasn't my friend for a whole month since then, since he prefered to spend all his time on bannered mare, and didn't tell me once about them trying to dig infos on me, while playing dumb about it
  95. 1.
  96. Phone made sure to use this screenshot to claim that I was spying on him ( / ) ( )
  97. but never showed the full context, showing that he was full of shit ( full logs with me and phone later ) I was talking about bully, not him, he made sure in both screenshot showed above to cut this part out, why?(rhetoric question)
  98. 2.
  99. Admit of doing ops, calling it "investigating" and "planting seeds", still goes with the lie of me spying on him ( / )
  100. He doesn't want drama but do those things instead of talking to me about his grievances, but I guess he just love "juicy shit" too much? Reminder that he does this but call me fred fuchs
  101. Also talk about "hinting" people about it for the past few days like the big man he is, instead of talking about it openly ( / )
  102. 3.
  103. Said or implied that I deleted stuff with StairDeer or with him
  104. Here are StairDeer DMs logs.. ( ) from StairDeer himself, which is impossible for me to delete, because you can't delete stuff from twitter DMs, anything you delete is still on screen for the person or group you are talking to on twitter,
  105. it is literally impossible to delete anything
  106. Here are my logs from the whole bannered mare saga with Phone ( 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: )
  107. Complete logs between me and him starting at the 7th may, if he claim that the deleted stuff happened, where? and if he claim he had stuff about me from before the 7th may, why talking about it just now? where are the proof?
  108. After the Discord scandal that happened a few weeks ago I did try to see how much you could abuse the discord.js/api with a python script,
  109. usually, using the web browser and the console from it (F12) without using the api you can't spam call to the discord servers, with the api you can, making it able to delete whole logs from servers or from people simultaneously in a minute or two, which I used,
  110. No one ever had any problems with me trying this out, and this was BEFORE any of the bannered cuck drama, so using this argument as trying to hint that there is/was more proof out there is complete lies
  111. 4.
  112. From the same logs with StairDeer, between me and him, Phone claim that I said that I wanted to "play with people" in a manipulative way, and never cared about people ( ) this is the main argument that he has,
  113. which Aqua and Clownpiece don't buy because they saw the whole logs and knew that I was talking about being detaching emotionally from all of it, and that "play with them" literally mean, PLAYING WOW WITH THEM
  114. I did say that the group/server was going to slowly die little by little, I'm not going to apologize for being right, since it is already happening, they all left the WoW server, and 4 people left the DM group
  115. pushing the narrative of me manipulating them again
  116. 5.
  117. Here is how Phoneposting strategy went => Claim a bunch of stuff that I did => Give screenshots out of context as proof => doesn't provide proof for 90% of the other claims => the narrative is made => still no proof of anything but a nice narrative created
  118. One proof of this is how he started with "he spied on me" to ( ) "spying on us"
  119. 6.
  120. He claimed that aussie and bannered mare weren't in bed with Yennifer, even tho Yennifer, Satellite(admin) and Mikoi(admin?) were talking together, and went to people DMs, trying to fish for stuff
  121. ( / / )
  122. Goyim admit that an hidden Tewi channel existed, and that Mikoi used to dumb stuff about me here, Satellite also defended the fake Story me and REM Sleep fed Yennifer.. INSTANTLY after it was fed, showing 2 things about bannered mare
  123. a) They had nothing on me but tried to use scare tactics by spamming everywhere that "they had a lot of stuff" that they were planning to drop, which was false since the second they felt like they had something, they jumped the gun
  124. b) The intent of doxing me was real, they spammed it everywhere they could and were proud of it, but then later realized they were wrong like complete morons, showing that Phone claim of them not intending to dox me is wrong ( )
  125. Bonus: them(bannered mare) trying to fish for stuff with Zeph about metocast to tell daddy tonka about it, the kind of people Phone & co are chilling with / / /
  126. Even geek's paypig call them the Mare Cuck :jfcry: ( )
  127. 7.
  128. Me banning bannered mare with 20 explanation to why =  slippery slope argument = I'm going to ban everyone even tho Tanya, Goyim and Robot banned more people than I ever did on all 4 servers combined ( )
  129. 8.
  130. Said I was a sociopath, absolutely no proof of this, he took a joke I made on the anima mafia server when we all did the autist and sociopath test, this is how far he is ready to go to lie about me ( )
  131. 9.
  132. The kind of person to claim his friends turned into e-celebs or wanted to ( )
  133. 10.
  134. They have nothing to hide and he said that I deleted stuff, implying that I was trying to hide stuff.. but.. uh oh ( )
  135. 11.
  136. Really happy and brag about destroying something, like the non-sociopath that he is ( / ) also ( + ) he knew bully was going to pull shit up while we were watching a movie
  137. 12.
  138. "The plebs in the server" ( )
  139. People who like me or agree with me = my cult ( )
  140. 13.
  141. Going buddy buddy with Aussie ( / / )
  142. 14.
  143. No comment needed ( )
  144. 15.
  145. Call his friends "fanboy" ( )
  146. 16.
  147. The guy just can't stop having ops, he is addicted, this is all he want
  148. Bonus.
  149. Offended ??? ( )
  150. Irony lol ( )
  157. 1.
  158. said he never did any ops ( / ) but was in a private server with StairDeer and Phone, mostly talking about me and trash talking me
  159. And definitely, not an op and not trying to fuck with people ( + )
  160. 2.
  161. Trash talk Clown instantly after he left and seem quite happy with it (Removed Recipient = Clown left the group, the logger used write it as this) ( )
  162. Also claim that I'm possessing Clown somehow and that he isn't his own man
  163. 3.
  164. Funny that they claim I'm trying to emotionally manipulate people when Bully does it ( /  )
  165. 4.
  168. Call Clown Judas and a backstabber
  169. 5.
  170. Tried to claim to Goyim that him being in bannered mare is similar to Goyim and Kery being in it, when the difference was that Goyim and Kery were spying in it, and goyim told me about what they were planning to do about me, Bully had the same rank as Goyim and never once went to talk to me about it
  171. He spent a whole month befriending them and having fun with them, trying to pretend both case are the same is retarded
  177. 6.
  178. Feel blessed, that someone invited you to a group, nevermind that he didn't and it was someone else, but feel blessed, you OWE bully, you wouldn't want to be called Judas right?
  179. 7.
  180. There is 2 possibility with the guy, he either acted like a good dog for bannered mare, since this is his group, the people he hang out around with
  181. or
  182. he got banned after I banned him, he had no one to talk to, his initial group, mare, didn't want him even tho Aussie and Sat were ready to remove his ban at any point he would ask, but since he got banned he became weirdly active with the DM group when he wasn't before
  183. using people to waste time from his boring pot smoking life
  190. 1.
  191. Claim I was trying to manipulate StairDeer about what I wanted ( ) never mind that bully is the one doing exactly this ( / )
  192. 2.
  193. Starting to doubt Krieg, a friend of him, like the disgusting trash that he is ( )
  194. 3.
  195. Really big guy right here, brave man not afraid to talk until he knows that people are supporting him or that I'm gone ( )
  196. 4.
  197. People who like me or agree with me = my cult ( )
  198. Bonus.
  199. Irony ( )
  206. 1.
  207. Claim I dictated others, but not him, never asked for proof of anyone else I dictated ( )
  208. 2.
  209. Anyone who is my friend is my clone or my follower ( )
  210. 3.
  211. Going buddy buddy with Aussie/Bannered mare ( )
  212. 4.
  213. Always in need of an enemy ( )
  214. 5.
  215. Flip flop on stuff depending on who talk to him and how many people talk to him ( )
  216. 6.
  217. Saying that him being in the server to spy, is similar to Bully being in it, bully was being friendly with them for a whole month, talking and chilling with them, had the same role as Goyim but never once went to me about what they tried to do, compared to Goyim
  230. 1.
  231. ( ) Admit he was being selfish about the whole thing, then understood the difference with Bannered mare ( FULL DM ) completely flip flop on this now
  232. 2.
  233. Claim to Phoneposting that I told him in DM that he better leave or I would leave, which is a complete lie ( FULL DM )
  234. 3.
  235. StairDeer told something to Phoneposting/Robot about a problem he had with Zoom that he refuse to talk about, which is weird as hell since in my DM with him on twitter AND with Aqua AND on the server, admit to never had a problem with him, interacted with him, or talked with the guy
  236. The reality is that he wanted to do this selfish stuff ( ) to force me to give up my position on bannered mare
  237. ( / ) Phone talking about it and proof of the bullshitting ( + FULL DM )
  244. 1.
  245. Trying to sound as neutral as possible, quickly dropping the act later on
  246. 2.
  247. "I don't really get it" "Tewi is dead"
  248. 3.
  249. had a problem with Aqua still being in contact with me and doubting aqua, finding Aqua talking to him suspicious
  250. 4.
  251. he tried to get to KoP side privately
  252. 5.
  253. had doubt on clown just for siding with me
  254. 6.
  255. complete piece of shit, playing confused in public, larping in private
  256. 7.
  257. after talking about banning krieg if he isn't going with the grain, they are now trying to find a way to make krieg give up the server to them, really nothing shady here...
  258. 8.
  259. claim I bragged about being a sociopath, when it was just a joke when we all made those autistic/sociopath test on the anima mafia server for a laugh
  260. 9.
  261. flip flopped since then
  262. 10.
  263. What the fuck are you trying to claim you have? you piece of shit?
  264. 11.
  265. this is what a good flip flopper lapdog is, StairDeer is allowed to have his privacy, others not, he will report to his masters ( the majority ) like a good snake, a good spy, whispering in the ears of people and pretending to be friendly with them
  266. Bonus.
  267. Also admitted to Aqua to be one of the anon calling us discord spics in the /cow/ thread, a true snake, he never admitted it to me tho, so he can't pretend the joke is real and not another one of his outburst
  268. Bully made fun of him for saying that he thought of Me and others as friend, really want to be part of the cool kids with Tonka and Jim, so he cucked
  275. 1.
  276. He is a piece of shit going with the grain instantly, all happy to be in the witch hunt ( )
  277. 2.
  278. Claim I refused to talk to him when he wanted to, which is false and he never came to me about any of his problems about the whole thing ( ) I came to him
  279. Claim I blocked him, completely untrue too ( )
  280. Here are my logs with him proving that I'm the one who went to him ( / )
  281. 3.
  282. Wanted me to make concession on things, but never talked to me about any concessions I should have made or any grievances he had, brave guy right here ( )
  283. 4.
  284. Claim banning is gay ( ) but has no problem doing it ( him after he just banned Bully ) also was the one to put the rule to ban IBS drama stuff,
  285. a PERMANENT ban, unlike mine, before any other rules was put in place on the WoW server ( )
  286. 5.
  287. Yep, don't talk with me after dropping this stuff when I wasn't here to defend it, backstab me completely
  296. SECOND (SHORT)*doubt* PART
  299. They didn't care about the WoW server, most of them left, while Robot/Kamille is trying to convince krieg to give him the server
  300. Phone is admin on bannered mare
  301. Bully is admin on bannered mare
  302. Everyone else claim they left because of me but left and/or didn't came back when I left
  303. All they are doing now, is shilling their own server, wishing the WoW server would die
  305. All they had against me? 2 screenshots out of context that I already proved wrong, this is the most autistic op, and the most waste of time I had to spend into something, and the most disgusted, angry and mostly sad and devastated I felt in a long time online, because in the end,
  306. I considered them all a friend at one point, and I have no shame in saying this
  307. They claimed that I ordered them around or spied on them, which they never had proof of
  308. They tried to dig into our DMs, when I always admitted that I was public with them, trying to find something to use against me, they couldn't even find anything but 2 out of context and easily debunked DMs
  309. This is pathetic
  313. Quick resume of my history with them and what I think about each one of them
  316. BULLY
  317. >only think about himself
  318. >when he has the chance to help someone or clear his name in VC, will spam the latest unfunny meme on the market, feeling proud
  319. >never participated once in anything after the nuking of Joachim's discord server, expect us to owe him for clicking 2 buttons on "invite to private group"
  320. >start to hang out with bannered mare all the time
  321. >always in their vc talking to them
  322. >never come in the anima mafia server except a few rare occassions
  323. >do this for a whole month
  324. >absolutely want to join the WoW server when anima mafia get nuked
  325. >doesn't want to play at all
  326. >says he left bannered mare
  327. >want to come in
  328. >the 2 days he is in, does nothing, talk to no one, and never get into the vc
  329. >whine when he is banned because he lied about leaving bannered mare
  330. >start to really whine about the ban and claim he "made the group and that people OWE him"
  331. >call Clownpiece Judas and imply that me and Aqua are trash for banning him
  332. >claim he didn't know about any gay ops happening on bannered mare and play dumb (lies)
  333. >start to do a gay op with Deer and Phone in a private server, mostly trash talking me
  334. >big (((coincidence))) of him making a few 5/6 people leave the WoW server after getting banned WHILE we were all busy watching a movie
  335. >big (((coincidence))) of phone saying that bully was going to fuck with people and how the server wasn't going to last at the same time it happened
  336. >big (((coincidence))) of him getting admin on the bannered server as a reward with phoneposting
  337. >Tewi was completely wrong about not letting bannered mare in, they really are nice people all around
  338. >when I leave, throw out a few out of context caps and some lies with his 2 buddies so that I'm not here to defend myself
  339. >if all of it are really just coincidence, then he just became weirdly active in the dm group and wanted to be in the WoW server at all cost.. because his initial friends(mare) kicked him out, using others as a backup group to hang around with
  340. >said he was 40y old and a pot smoker, maybe it was a joke but he act like one and whine like a boomer ( / )
  344. TANYA
  345. >talked a lot in DM, had fun with him
  346. >european timezone like me
  347. >when people would sleep, we would "dox" people who joined the server that were obviously boomers and make them leave
  348. >lot of fun doing this
  349. >ended up making bullsit's families into emotes and people we "doxed" into emotes
  350. >by "dox" I mean, just clicking ont heir reddit/steam profile accounts linked to their discord profile and connecting the dots to their facebook in like 2 minutes
  351. >we start to talk less and less directly since we have the DM group
  352. >we don't really talk about much, except that we agree that kicking/banning people JUST for not liking them is retarded
  353. >only talk about the problems he had with me since I'm gone, brave guy
  354. >claim I'm the one who ran away because of the incredible "juicy DMs"(T. Phoneposting) they had and how obviously guilty I was for leaving
  355. >either play retarded with the timeline or is retarded since I left before any of this happened
  356. >playing with the timeline to make an argument true or create a narrative is textbook Joachim btw
  360. >only reason I was still on the bybs server
  361. >kept unbanning me each time
  362. >was really nice to me
  363. >had a lot of fun talking with him in DM
  364. >started to talk less and less because he would be busy with work and also we had the group DM
  365. >now call me a sociopath and tell half-truths + lies about me without any shame
  366. >create narratives around 1 DM he took out of context on purpose
  367. >try to imply I was spying on him, absolutely no proof of this anywhere
  368. >create another narrative about me saying "I will play with them" implying "I will manipulate them"
  369. >brag about destroying the group
  370. >tell people he is glad he made them "uncuck" and see his way
  371. >call me and Aqua "e-celebs"
  372. >seem to have an obvious problem with us having been in the spotlight for a few times even tho the spotlight was long gone, treat us as e-celebs
  373. >isn't a sociopath at all! but made a private server with Deer and Bully, that claim is a comfy server but all they talk about is me and trash talk me while sharing DMs, also try to fuck with people and the server because people on it are my cult!
  374. >claim I ordered him around or asked him to spy for me
  375. >the DMs between me and him shows that it is all lies
  376. >claim I deleted DMs, implying they had things showing stuff related to this, but I never deleted any dms with him from the "bannered mare saga" after the 5th May
  377. >the DMs between him and me that I posted as a proof are just above
  378. >nuked the general on his server doing his shady ops before inviting people on it, A-Tier piece of shit, lot to hide
  379. >go into projection and think I'm going to make a r9k thread about them(lol??????????????????)
  380. >get admin on bannered mare, good boy
  381. >call me fred fuchs
  382. >do ops behind the group ABOUT the group, like... fred fuchs
  383. >the irony is lost on this retard
  386. ROBOT
  387. >probably talked to him the most
  388. >from mecha to anime to our health issues
  389. >had a lot of fun talking with him
  390. >when I took breaks from discord, we talked on twitter almost every day
  391. >we both started to distance each others from one another after he was losing it and kept spamming people, banning, kicking, threatening to nuke the whole server, invited Joachim to the DM group, etc
  392. >still had no issues with the guy after I explained my problem with him
  393. >he ended up fence sitting and playing the confused guy when he knew more or less the whole story
  394. >total piece of shit that went with the majority, don't ask for any proof, just go with it, can't think for himself
  395. >call Clown suspicious for having more balls than he ever had
  396. >does the same for Aqua
  397. >will flip flop on anything depending on the majority
  400. GOYIM
  401. >fun shitposter to shitpost with
  402. >had lot of fun with him and we talked a lot but mostly about fun stuff
  403. >great guy, had the same edgy sense of humor as me
  404. >but then
  405. >talk about uncucking to me after bully talk to him for 30 minutes
  406. >before that he agreed to everything I told him about it, wasn't a man enough to tell me what his true problem was with the situation
  407. >now trash talk me
  408. >h-haha I had no proof of tewi doing anything or ordering me around but phone and bully told me he did stuff, they never showed proof but I'm too retarded to ask for them h-haha
  409. >g-guys since tewi is spying here lets nuke this DM group because we really have nothing to hide
  410. >get admin on bannered mare, like a good boy
  414. My DM between me and him is enough about what I think about the guy, he only started to hate me and follow phoneposting gay ops because I told him how retarded he was acting and how much of a piece of shit he was for doing what he did, that's all
  417. PRISS
  418. Had problems with me, didn't talk to me about it, now follow the majority, kys
  423. Here is a basic timeline of all the servers + the interaction with bannered mare and why they should be banned on sight, and why there is no reason to be in it
  426. BASIC TIMELINE OF THE SERVER ////////  Bybs server(nuked) => Clown Town (nuked by discord) => Anima Mafia (nuked) => WoW server
  427. >lurk a bunch of boards
  428. >including 4pol and /cow/
  429. >start to see more and more stuff about /ibs/
  430. >watch a kumite/warski live with destiny in it
  431. >watch the richard spencer/sargon debate
  432. >start to post a bit on 4pol, not that much, 10 total posts if not less, mostly posting tewi pics and talking about Monster girl quest and Rance
  433. >people link the "liberalist canada" discord server on IBS that was mostly a joke server
  434. >10k people in it full spamming
  435. >start to join random discord servers that were posted on it
  436. >the server lasted 4 days and I managed to get ban by vamptranny who was the only admin on it at the time twice somehow
  437. >end up in a server called "bybs" by clicking around
  438. >check their youtube link and its basically a server about ibs and the people from 4pol watching it, mostly some 4pol show
  439. >leave it because it has a bunch of roasties in it
  440. >join it again by clicking random discords from other servers one day
  441. >start to shitpost
  442. >end up banned/kicked/name changed a couple of time, while being called a pedo and other stuff
  443. >phoneposting unban me each time and make a special role for me with no power
  444. >start to befriend Tanya, Aqua, Honk, Krieg, Goyim, Bully, Robot and others slowly
  445. >phoneposting give me admin power
  446. >get invited to a DM group by bully, I don't remember who asked me to be in it, I think it was Aqua
  447. >was the 5th or 6th who joined it
  448. >end up inviting tanya a bit later, and honk a bit more later, then kery and stairdeer when they felt left out and started to find the anime mafia server boring way way later
  449. >every "anime autists" end up with admin somehow on the bybs server
  450. >the server owner is analvape btw
  451. >some guy called Green Sparrow start to have an argument with Tonka on his server (Green Sparrow = Autistic Aussie, Cooked, Hetza, he change his name every time he feel troll's remorse or shame for his actions)
  452. >analvape end up inviting aussie to the server
  453. >aussie start to get in the vc all the time
  454. >love to talk about how much of a degenerate drug user he is
  455. >he slowly start to talk with analvape in DM and play with his insecurities
  456. >we all get our admin power removed
  457. >aussie get admin while he was completely new
  458. >we all agree that aussie is a piece of shit that played with analvape cuckness/insecurities
  459. >we decide to nuke the server
  460. >Honk make Clown Town/Night of the long balloons (best server btw)
  461. >we decided to ban analvape from it until he delete his second server
  462. >later I invite people from the MS(Martin Shkreli) server on it, after we raided it
  463. >then Zoom a bit later (after the ralph retort episode and he sent us all the logs to take down Joachim)
  464. >Zoom and people from the MS server are all known doxers and swatters, people in the dm group feel like having them on the server will make the overhaul ambience worse
  465. >don't 100% agree with it but I go with the rules and overhaul feeling of the dm group
  466. >after a few weeks I argue for a no ban policy
  467. >people agreed to it, including Tanya
  468. >we make the anima mafia server on krieg's server after Clowntown get nuked by discord
  469. >Robot and a few others kept spamming ban/kick people
  470. >some people think I'm bff with Zoom because I don't wnat people banning him OR ANYONE ELSE
  471. >I argue about a no ban policy again, and talk about how this clique mentality of abusing mod power on people is disgusting
  472. >few weeks later, I hear that Aussie made a server with Retarded potato, Satellite and 1 random I know nothing about, called "Bannered Mare"
  473. >they have e-celebs and co on it, like Halsey, Andy Warski, Failure, etc
  474. >they talk about trying to get tonka on their sides and other gay stuff in private
  475. >openly talk about doing gay ops
  476. >Aussie hate me for scolding him about the fake Tonka DM he made by telling him how retarded it was, he claim that he hate me for "sperging"
  477. >Retarded potato hate me for tricking him and releasing DMs of him flirting with me to people, the guy was talking about killing all gays non stop on the bybs server, and nothing else, so I made him admit he was gay in DM which everyone made fun of after
  478. >Satellite is just a retarded friend of Aussie, no idea where his hate come from
  479. >start to hear some audio of them cucking to Tonka and trying to throw Zoom under the bus to befriend Tonka
  480. >start to throw me and Goyim under the bus to Tonka and claim we were the one pushing "everything"
  481. >Tonka doesn't buy it
  482. >later I hear from Zeph and a few others, that they get weird DMs from people pretending to be part of the "anime mafia", which was mostly an ironic name btw, that the Aussie server(mare) tried to piggyback on and make real
  483. >Zeph tell me that 1 day before the metocast they did everything they could to get the videos we wanted to show on the metocast
  484. >since they also wanted to befriend tonka at the time, the goal of this is pretty clear for me
  485. >we made Tonka believe that all we were going to do is talk about his dad, which is why he complained about doxing to Jim
  486. >if Tonka knew what would have came, we couldn't have made him change his story 14 times on stream, saying that the databases we checked about wrestling and mma were real but changing his field/category multiple time, to later claim that every phone call were faked (lol)
  487. >Zeph told me about this before he linked them the videos, saving the day
  488. >I start to ask people around and they try to get every "e-celebs" or people they consider e-celebs to join their server and do some gay fucking ops, making a few of them leave because they feel spammed/flooded in DM
  489. >they never talk or write in the Anime Mafia server except when I manage to have TheGuardian, Tombahat, Vee and few others in the vc, like moth to flame, wanting the fame and e-celeb cocks
  490. >I'm getting irritated with this
  491. >I argue for a total ban from anyone from bannered mare with everything they did, and how jewish they are, ready to throw anyone under the bus for fame
  492. >a few agree to it, others don't say anything and don't share any of their worries
  493. >banning them resulted in 10 to 20 of their members leaving to get back to ours, showing that it was a good move
  494. >they get angry with me and try to fish for stuff by asking everyone I ever talked to online about leaking stuff about me and want to dox me
  495. >every single one come to talk to me about them trying to do this
  496. >Aussie claim he isn't part of this gay op
  497. >despite being bff with Mikoi/Ninguis/Retarded potato (which I showed a few logs to people of him doing it)
  498. >despite having a channel about me
  499. >Aussie and Satellite claim they don't know yennifer
  500. >yet still want his help about whatever he is trying to do
  501. >try to use scare tactic, like making rumors about how yennifer is some supa hacka that controlled all their bots on their servers
  502. >obviously retarded
  503. >some people claim I'm paranoid for thinking the intent of going after me is real and that its mostly a joke
  504. >I don't buy it (proof above of their intent)
  505. >they also claim to have A LOT OF STUFF on me, refuse to drop it when I ask for it, obvious scare tactic
  506. >when we go make the WoW server after the IBS saga is over, anyone willing to play with us is coming, except Aussie/etc
  507. >Tanya is getting irritated with anyone talking about IBS
  508. >start to ban people just for talking about it
  509. >I understand his grievance even tho I don't 100% agree with it, I go with the rule
  510. >REMSleep ask me about the bannered mare stuff
  511. >tell me he is going to feed them fake infos to fuck with them and telling them he has pictures of me and that I was arrested for drugs
  512. >I find this hilarious but also think that it's a great idea to find the intent of their actions
  513. >they drop it and spam it everywhere instantly, every servers and even on /cow/
  514. >it shows their intent
  515. >it shows that they had nothing at all the whole time or else they would have dropped it by now
  516. >I reinforce the rule
  517. >the zoom stuff happen with stairdeer
  518. >in my DM with Stairdeer, Stair admit of having no argument and no reason but more paranoia about Zoom, also admit of being selfish on the server
  519. >he never ever talked to Zoom
  520. >never had a problem with Zoom
  521. >never saw zoom trying to do anything to any of us or the server
  522. >pretend to Phone and Robot that he had more reasons but they don't want to share it because of his "privacy", complete bullshit
  523. >call his own action selfish, claim my actions are selfish too, which Tanya agreed to, and I think phoneposting too(not sure for him)
  524. >Goyim said he understood my point and the difference between the Bannered mare ban and Zoom/deer ban
  525. >Robot says the same
  526. >Clown says the same
  527. >Aqua says the same
  528. >Kery says the same
  529. >Tanya doesn't talk about it
  530. >Priss doesn't talk about it
  531. >I don't go to tanya to talk about it further since he agreed with the selfish comment of StairDeer, give up on explaining it again when I already did to him a few days ago
  532. >Phone and krieg seemed too busy with irl stuff, so I did not talk to them about it
  533. >Phone end up inviting bully again with Robot
  534. >he pretended he left bannered mare, Phone obviously knew since he is also in it
  535. >in 2 days, he doesn't talk, doesn't write, doesn't participate, doesn't even plan to play WoW
  536. >I check if he is in bannered mare
  537. >he is
  538. >ask Phone why bully is in it, thinking he just wanted to spy maybe
  539. >he doesn't know
  540. >I ask why I can't ban him since it is the rule
  541. >Tanya and Phone have a problem with it but NEVER EVER talked to me about it
  542. >bully spam a few people in DM a day after he was banned while we are watching a movie way later after the ban
  543. >make 5/6 people leave
  544. >Phone knew about it
  545. >Robot, Clown and Aqua tell me that they are being spammed by bully in DM
  546. >the server is slowly dying because people cucked to bannered mare, again, and again, and again, and again, by removing the bans each time and reinviting each time
  547. >I leave pissed off
  548. >I rename my discord account to "Tewi[Deleting]"
  549. >bully call Clown/Honk judas and tell him that "you OWE me"
  550. >trash talk him in his back about how he is just a follower of mine when he leave the dm group
  551. >I rename myself "Bunch of retards, kill yourselves" obviously as a message to the 7 people concerned
  552. >have to wait 14 fucking days for the account to delete itself ffs
  556. The reason that I left was because I was slowly feeling betrayed and how people didn't had my back when others were trying to fuck with me, when I had all of their backs, and all of this, happened just after I left, my username was "Tewi[deleting]" when I left,
  557. then they released all this stuff between them and a few people in DM and changed it to "Bunch of retards, kys" which was clearly aimed at them, but they tried to pretend it was aimed at the server, this is again, playing with the timeline to make a narrative
  559. Anyone willing to play with Aqua, Clownpiece, Kery and I, are free to add me, not planning to make any guild, not planning to make any clique, just having fun and letting the discord drama all behind
  561. I will not waste my time on any of their counter claim, they proved themselves to be snakes, and petty pathetic disgusting creatures only able to talk shit about others in their back, trying to nuke a server with people that just wanted to play together
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