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  1. ((Hello there I'm sending this message to ask for the allowance of IC Corruption for my Character Shen Wong, as without it I would be breaking OOC Corruption.
  3. My characters story: Shen is one of the many brothers in the Wong Family. Back in China the family was known for their organised crime and bribery of the local police force. Back in Shandong, a province in China the Wong Family ran were all members of the local Triad organisation. During their time of work they gained control of the entire province, this included the police force.
  5. Shen was a member of the Chinese police force from the young age of 16, during his time he tried his hardest to stay honest to his badge, however his family had their impact on him, he ended up working on the side for them as a "Private Officer" that operated under Police force as nothing had changed. Shen decided it was time to move to a new stage in life and took the leap of moving to Los Santos, the other Wong's had also moved to Los Santos and invited him out to the new life. During his first few years in Los Santos he worked for LSC and progressed through the ranks however, he couldn't escape his past.
  7. The two elder brothers Bruce and Ding Wong had started their own Triad organisation in Los Santos and dragged Shen into their payroll. He worked as a mechanic by day and helped them out with the legal sides of work by night. An opportunity came up for Shen to join the LSPD, the two brothers liked the sound of this and they planned to get Shen working back under their wing.
  9. During his first few months at LSPD Shen was a hard working employee, earning the trust and respect of fellow officers. Now that he is in a trusted position he is looking to get back into his old line of work and make that little bit of extra money. He plans to do this by assisting his brothers organisation in the prevention of their crimes and gives them other supplies to help with their work.
  11. My Request:
  13. I am asking for IC Corruption to be approved for the following methods and reasons for doing so:
  15. [*] Committing a misdemeanor/felony. (This will be for if Shen is caught doing any illegal actions caused by his corruption.)
  17. [*] Releasing a suspect for no valid reason. (If the suspect was related to my bothers organisation I would attempt to get them out of the trouble whilst being discreet about my actions.)
  19. [*] Deliberately using excessive force. (As Shen has came from a rough background he is already known to take rules into his own ideals when the time is right.)
  21. [*]Stealing weapons instead of storing them in evidence. (As Shen was previously corrupt working alongside his brothers he would try to assist them with the new gun restriction laws as they can no longer legally buy weapons. This would be done discreetly and only an occasional act.)
  23. [*] Deliberately ignoring duties. (This would be when he sees anyone in relation to his brothers organisation committing any crimes and Shen would turn a blind eye to this depending on the severity of the crime.)
  25. Progression goals if I was to get IC Corruption:
  27. Following Shen's past of corruption and police work he would look to make use of these benefits to progress in his legal career whilst helping himself out on another side of the coin. Shen would be aiming to move into the Detective Department of LSPD and go deep undercover into gangs and other criminal activities as he would have already built up relations with them.
  29. I'm looking forward to hearing back about your decision on this and I hope I've provided enough detail and reasoning for it to be allowed. I personally believe that this will advance my quality of RP and my overall RP experience, allowing for further character progression.
  31. Cheers.))
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