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Karly X Andrew OTP - by Robert Niemann

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  1. Deedle walked onto the port, you dont have to leave karly, i promise. No say no more, my time has come and i have to leave. Please karly i know you want me, its time we finnaly do what we should have done all along. My boats already hear Deedle, we dont have time. my boat is here too karly; if you know what i mean.
  2. Oh Deedle how much i have wanted this -karly runs at Deedle whipping off her jacket and proceeding to whip off her shirt- EWWW what are you doing karly, not here, not with all these... PETERS! oooohhhhhhh myyyyyy god, -all of the peters then began to appear out of the darkness- We have been comprimised Karly i am so sorry. Its ok Deedle
  3. I still love you know matter how many peters savage us. -The peters began to jump onto both Karly and Deedle- There is too many of them, how do we stop them. WE HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT NOW DEEDLE, IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO STOP ALL OF THESE PETERS. What are you talking about karly, why would that help us. Peter has never known true love like us
  4. he wont be able to handle us, he is too faggot for it. -Deedle gently slides himself onto karly, then lightly loosens Karly's belt- Oh Deedle, how long have i waited for this, oh DEEDLE. -Deedle moves himself jerkingly into Karly, thrusting for his life- Its working they cant handle our love (as karly moans). You might have been able
  5. to deal with my clones Karly and Deedle, but I, The real Peter, can handle your gross misconduct. Now what do we do Deedle? there is only one thing we can do Karly, ANAL!!! :D
  6. OH MY GOD WHAT AM I WATCHING -peter quicly covers his eyes as Deedle treats his angel with violent thrusts- You cant handle this huh peter, You cant handle our love. -peter slowly loses concouisness, he begins to slide to the ground with no control- Oh Deedle, take me forever, do it to me so good peter will never reawaken!
  7. -peter completly collapses as Deedle wrecks Karly for good- OOOOOH DEEDLE why havent we done this all along just to get rid of peter? we should have been doing this from day one. I love you Karly, I love you so much. I love you too andrew. -as andrew finishes into Karly's anus peter suddenly rises from what appeared to be slumber-
  8. HA i have tricked both of you, i can handle anal sex! ofcourse i can im fucking gay as shit what are you guys stupid? it was only vaginas that held me and my clones back. -just as andrew finishes in Karly and his guard is completly down, Peter shoots them both directly in the head- Ha i knew i would get the last laugh
  9. I dont think so peter -lowering from the sky, the dream team of Rob Kerp and Hunt fly down in the super jet helicopters- Your time of murdering innocent heterosexuals is over peter, i am sorry it had to end this way.
  10. -togeather in one quick effort kerp, Rob, Hunt and Urgot kill peter- you never should taken urgots wraiths, noob.
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