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Another Hardcore #OpPedoChat target list (All verified)

AnonPerson443 Aug 13th, 2012 1,937 Never
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  1. Here's another target list of hardcore cp sites.  All of these need to be d0x'd and taken down.  Remember to always use a vpn/tor.  Sail safe!
  3. inexpressibletongue.com (**PRIORITY**gives pedos a sub domain to share cp**)
  4. http://piageot.inexpressibletongue.com/index.php
  5. http://czaro.web2001.cz/mix/free.php
  6. http://mynewsobokal.com/
  7. http://derfioplet.com/index.php
  8. http://wowemnolyuhotcany.qipim.ru/2011board.html
  9. http://actinula.com (**PRIORITY**like inexpressibletongue) sub ex: http://elidol.actinula.com/index.php)**
  10. http://bl.xanthamide.com/
  11. http://makroporn.com/index.php (links to cp sites)
  12. http://lopass.wz.cz/mix/free.php (LOTS of links)
  13. http://derdaf.webege.com/dha/
  14. http://mo.gallop.hostzi.com/ (Lots of links)
  15. http://www.inebriant.net/PG1/
  16. http://sho.hummp.herobo.com/
  17. http://girls18.in/ (big link site, please scrape and pm confirmed targets)
  18. http://modelvip.weebly.com/
  19. http://rsexgarden.in/index1.html
  20. http://pg2.xanthamide.com/ (pics and lots of links)
  21. http://lora.xanthamide.com/
  22. http://file.younggirls.animegoe.com/best.html
  23. http://buyyoungbeauty.in/index1.html
  24. http://hoptopp.weebly.com/
  25. http://linksponser2012.site90.net/ (links and pics)
  26. =========================================================================================
  28. We Are Anonymous.
  29. We Are Legion.
  30. We Do Not Forgive.
  31. We Do Not Forget.
  32. Expect Us.
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