FFR config v2

May 28th, 2018
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FFR links
cv/nm df/jk
min rank 1,943

lv64 (D4.5) + <1500 min rank FFR TCG One Token and FFR Veteran SDG silence 240hz-PCgsync

Less lag guide

Power options>High performance>Change plan settings>Change advanced power settings>Processor power management>
Minimum processor state>0% (default is 5%) Maximum processor state 100%
Open chrome , open a YouTube video (html5) and pause it,
Leave chrome maximized, play ffr (60FPS)
If another website - let's say my ffr profile is in background,
ffr lags a lot (40FPS),but YouTube makes ffr run better than nothing

Older scroll speeds : 2.15 > 2.35 > 2.4 > 2.418478261 > 2.515217391 > 2.45
Older judge offsets : 0 > 0.2 > -0.2 > 0.3/??? > 0.4 > 0.35/0.5/-0.1/1/0.553/???
Current scroll speed : 2.6 > 2.8 > 2.9
Current judge offset : 0.6/0.3 > -0.1 > -0.1

Now I use auto judge offset If you use auto judge offset it's fine, if you don't use it it's also fine

Global Offset: 0
Game Visual Mods: Column Colors, Halved Noteskin, No Background
Resolution: 1920x1080 full screen - 60fps (adobe flash player 22 12 but it doesn't really matter)

9 is deemed problematic for now
120hz + set it to 120 fps is smoother but it behaves in a weird way that doesn't match up with osu!mania behavior
for this to work I have to use windowed mode but on windowed mode I can't see the fps counter so I can't pinpoint the issue
maybe I need some form of syncing

Noteskin: Beatmania (v2)
Receptor spacing : 80 > 86

Because the receptor spacing was changed for whatever reason.

00ffff for amazing
ffff00 for perfect

Enable hardware acceleration is ON

[maybe do actual math eventually to match ffr and osu!mania scroll speeds 100% / this "actual math" includes media player classic (high precision time)]

by eye 2.6 is 27 in mania so 2.7 or 2.8 is 28 in mania
28 mania -> 2.9 or 3 ffr (maybe)
by using fraps @ 60fps I get around 3 for 28 but that seems wrong - 450ms / 467ms - I got this value a lot (AR10)
need to do more tests and maybe get some program to record @120/240fps for better accuracy


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