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  1. Hello everyone,
  2. I've made the decision recently to bring this forum to an end. The forums are now gone effective immediately.
  4. Considering the primary use for the forum was to drive submissions for the Viewer-Made Malware series, I have been brainstorming new and better ways to receive files from loyal viewers who wish to have their submissions demo'd on the channel. As it stands currently, outside of the submissions forum, the forums are either completely dead or full of nonsensical/low value posts, which I don’t have the time nor the patience to moderate.
  6. As there is a large backlog of submissions waiting to be potentially made into a video, I’m not currently accepting any new viewer-made submissions at this time. Although the forums have been taken offline, no data has been lost. I have a full backup of this site and everything posted to it, so that videos can still potentially be made.
  8. In addition to the large volume of submissions to go through, I struggle with the ethical aspect of asking viewers of the channel to write malicious software, which has the potential to be both illegal and dangerous. I validate it to myself by saying that this software would have been written anyway regardless of whether or not I accepted it for videos, but nevertheless this is a thin line to walk, and strong arguments can be made for either viewpoint.
  10. Special thanks to:
  12. win for hosting and maintaining this site and the forum software
  13. quant for being an insanely dedicated mod when I couldn’t be bothered to deal with the shitposting
  14. fizz for still sticking around even after quant shat all over her intro thread
  15. everyone who’s submitted anything to the viewer-made malware series
  17. Thanks for joining me in the two years this forum was active. If I ever announce that I’m opening another forum, please hit me with a brick.
  19. That’s about it for the forums. Take care.
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