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  1. edit : mcclures is maybe amateurz (me talking with tehy or tecchy he says that ama is just 15yo kid who does that only for money got his fame because of his av8.r trolling videos
  4. k first all go to or its 40 times bigger than sethmumu and has tons of different cracked rats keyloggers trainers dosers etc with new leaks posted every day
  6. and dreamninjas is also good place its good but its small
  10. This pastebin has been created to inform people and open their eyes on how things are really are. This is for educational purposes only and informational purposes only so you can take choices for yourself and make your own opinion of sethmumu, ideas and the people that are behind.
  13. sethmumu has been a really good concept at the beginning. From my own experience, being there for 3 months has been good. There are a lot of disrespecting people and expect to be disrespected the first week you join. 90% of the downloads into their Hacking Tools sections are backdoored(especially sethmumu decompile it with some online decompilers and you find thats full of save.dat stealers and keyloggers and rats). The admins and staff probably do not care if you get infected. They don't really verify threads, so always be careful when opening files. Repfucked is meant for what? It's meant to use their own abusive power on people who have worked hard to get 1-2 reputation. It is just to feed their personal needs of control and power. I feel really bad for those people who have lost so much into this forum in terms of reputation, bad time with the staff or admins, other people, computer infections, and/or loss of money.
  16. If you go into the Suggestions and Ideas section, 99% of the ideas are rejected. The Admins, Staff, and Mentors do not really give a shit about your suggestions. Most of the replies are similar to "IT HAS BEEN SUGGESTED BEFORE", "THIS ISN'T ALLOWED", or "THIS ISN'T USEFUL". Sometimes there is even no reply at all. It then ends up being closed by someone. Where are the voice of the members? There are simply none. You can go verify by yourself. I personally want to thank the members there that gave me really good ideas for my personal website. You guys are at least working for people who are gonna take actions about your ideas.
  19. When I first registered on sethmumu, I felt really good contributing and hosted a lot of giveaways. 3 weeks later, I won a contest hosted by unknown18, the prize was mod. The same day, two friends wanted to upgrade me. They both upgraded me, they sent a 2 payments of $22. I contacted amateurz THREE times to ask him to give back the money to my friends since I won mod in a contest. We are conscious that there is no refund but there are always exceptions. He never bothered himself in replying. My friend was telling me, "Oh well, I will see it as a donation to the site." So I told him, "What the fuck, don't ever think of it like that, it's not a donation, it was meant for upgrading."
  22. Members are extremely important to a community, they make up what a community is. For this, I don't have any respect for this person(amateurz). He never bothered himself with replying.
  25. Comments from users provided by :
  26. Sprint:
  27. I was an mod on this website until I was accused of being a multiple accounts user. Not only did the administrator send me a private message saying he messed up, the next day he banned me. Note that I was not a user getting into trouble at all, I had never even gotten a warning. I would love to show proof but I have no access to the account anymore.
  28. jackb3:
  29. Site is full of malware programs and viruses, scammers everywhere, I got scammed for $300 from that site. Administrators and Moderators support scammers because they give them a cut of the money that scammed from normal members. BEWARE!
  32. I think the owner(amateurz) is hiding behind the DMCA and other laws. It's all fucking fake. I'm pretty sure you have seen many people being arrested over things that have happened on this website. m4v3r1k wanted to deal privately with amateurz to buy and turn it into a carding site when he was hidden as a fed. All of this shit is too suspicious. I wouldn't trust the owner of sethmumu that your information REMAINS personal.
  35. As we all know, xvisceral(Michael Hogue) was arrested June 26, 2012 for:
  36. Conspiracy to Commit Computer Hacking (10 years in prison)
  37. Distribution of Malware (10 years in prison)
  38. ( ... e-takedown )
  39. Well the belief at the moment is that he was found via an underground carding site owned by a sethmumu member here by the name of m4v3r1ck. m4v3r1ck only has 17 posts. Now why in the hell would amateurz let someone with so little qualifications be an mod? Let's slow down here. m4v3r1ck is an FBI agent, right? So that would mean that amateurz let him have mod so that he could further explore Sethmumu and search for those who were committing serious crimes. Do know that he helped to get xvisceral arrested and openly told members who were suspicious to join this FBI-monitored site. You can protect him all you want, but when it comes right down to it, with the facts I have gathered today, amateurz is enabling the FBI to spy on what we do on this site and openly telling members to go to a site that is even more strictly monitored. If you have ever openly said that you infect other computers then you are theoretically a target by the FBI now.
  41. Here is a picture of the chat that is most likely the reason why xvisceral was arrested:
  45. This mcclures gentleman offered to buy Sethumumu, but @Sadfaffel declined the offer. In the process, he made an announcement telling the members of sethmumu that if they want to do illegal activities such as stealing credit cards, ddosing sm that they have to join mcclures's underground site. Here is mcclures's thread about his "Black Hat forum":
  49. Take a look at amateurz announcement here where he openly told members who wanted to discuss illegal activities to go to the FBI-monitored site:
  51. mcclures tried to get members to join that site. If you were discussing illegal things then you were to be sent a private message asking you to move to mcclures's site so that you could be tracked like a dog by the FBI.
  53. mcclures's account has been closed(check out his reputation):
  56. Secondly, read this, it is the official FBI news article which will prove to be key in the events below. (Obviously.)
  57. ... e-takedown
  59. The Federal Bureau of Investigation paid amateurz (Administrator and founder of leading hacking discussion board a large sum of money to redirect users to a Black Hat carding site. This acted as a tip off of some sort. Obviously, in doing so, the FBI would be monitoring all members on, secretly and netting in a lot of Black Hat activity and potential cyber criminals in the process. Most members on sethmumu are inclined towards Black Hat activity, especially as it's the biggest online hacking discussion board on the internet so it would be ideal for the FBI to pay off amateurz in an attempt to redirect users elsewhere. Everyone arse licks him anyway so whatever he says usually goes.
  61. Originally, the FBI wanted to purchase the whole of sethmumu and turn it into a Black Hat inclined community. This was done apparently so by a registered user named m4v3r1ck. The account unsurprisingly is now banned over at sethmumu. The account was mod, which is an upgrade plan over at sethmumu in which the user must have certain limits in order to be granted the upgrade. The user m4v3r1ck certainly did not fit this criteria, but nevertheless, he was still upgraded to mod. This was probably another part of the plan so that m4v3r1ck had full access to the whole forums. In sethmumu' hidden forums (the forums you get to view when you upgrade), you would expect there to be more Black Hat activity as it is somewhat hidden from the public eye. You could say that amateurz could have given him access to the private forums without making him mod, but that would just complicate things. He took the risk and not many members asked questions (surprisingly).
  63. ################################################################################?#############
  65. I still believe amateurz was behind this. Users do not have the ability to close their own accounts. Which means amateurz did it after he found people knew about it.
  66. _______________________________________________________________________________
  68. Personal information about the people behind Sethmumu will be released, as it is only for additional information on how those people have fucking bad values.
  70. Xch4ng3 DoX:
  72. amateurz's Full DoX Release December 7th 2012:
  74. Includes 500 Pictures, 15 Videos, Criminal Record, Home Address, Phone #, etc.
  75. Download:
  78. ################################################################################?#############
  80. amateurz home connection Received: from ( [])
  82. Message from amateurz to my friend:
  83. You don't get it do you. SM is a privately owned site. You are no longer welcome on my site. There is no "unban" for you. I know you won't just move on but you know I won't just allow you back. I'm more than happy to close your account again. You're not too hard to find. I don't want you making $1 from my site or my members. I know you make a few bucks but if I allowed you back you'd make more. So I'm gonna do all I can to make sure you make as little as possible from SM.
  85. I'll never get tired of banning you. It's not so much that I hate you (which btw I don't). It's that it's really a shitload of fun torturing you. I live for this shit. So thanks for fulfilling my day.
  87. Received: by with SMTP id i8csp310826ldd;
  88. Tue, 4 Dec 2012 16:46:15 -0800 (PST)
  89. Received: by with SMTP id wm5mr119013igc.68.1354668374442;
  90. Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:46:14 -0800 (PST)
  91. Return-Path: <>
  92. Received: from ( [])
  93. by with ESMTP id pj1si4617400pbc.282.2012.;
  94. _________________________________amateurz home connection Received: from ( [])
  96. Provider's ip from ama:
  97. IP: Received: from ([])
  98. Provider's ip from omni:
  99. ___________________________________________________________________________
  101. Post it on SM; if you have a blog, post this and don't be afraid to stand up for the truth.
  102. I highly suggest you to create your own forum or do something else creative outside of this shitty forum.
  103. ____________________________________________________________________________
  105. Whoever wants to fight against anything that is written in here, these are the proof that sethmumu does not deserve to be online as a website because of their first priorities; money, providing personal information to the feds, police, or FBI (suspiciously, I wouldn't take any chances), and because they don't care about the security of their members.
  106. - The worst thing about being lied to is knowing that you're not worth the truth.
  108. Email:
  110. If you want me to add additional proof, email me and I will add it.
  112. Note: This IS to open people's eyes towards Seth robinson.
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