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  1. banned = {"LayZGaming15","OtherPerson"}
  2. for i,j in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
  3. for x,y in pairs(banned) do
  4. if string.find(string.lower(j.Name),string.lower(y)) then
  5. j:remove()
  6. end end end
  7. game.Players.PlayerAdded:connect(function(goodguy9618)
  8. for x,y in pairs(banned) do
  9. if string.find(string.lower(plr.goodguy9618),string.lower(y)) then
  10. prl:remove()
  11. end end end)
  12. local m ="Hint")
  13. m.Text = "Banning Script Loaded"
  14. m.Parent = game.Workspace
  16. --[[ Place the names of the people you want to be removed in the "banned" table.
  17. Each name should be contained in quotes, and seperated by a comma.
  19. People's names can be partial, and they don't need to be capitalized.
  20. This will help if there is, say... xXSomeDudeRuiningSBXx3182980.
  21. You could include: "SomeDude", and the person would be removed.
  22. ]]
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