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  1. gasaraki notes
  3. ep 1
  4. ______________
  5. TOM 3:  5
  6. 4
  7. 3
  8. 2
  9. 1
  10. go
  11. zeonicfreak:    POWER SUIT MECHS
  12. YEA
  16. TOM 3:  it's doing the easter island heads shot
  18. alright now the anime is starting
  19. zeonicfreak:    oh mine went straight to the intro
  20. dammit adv
  21. they can make crap
  22. ill puase after the intro
  23. TOM 3:  there was also a FEATURE PRESENTATION screen
  24. zeonicfreak:    ok i paused after the intro
  25. TOM 3:  and a BANDAI VISUAL PRESENTS one
  26. lol this is a weird intro
  27. the japanese chanting
  28. zeonicfreak:    heart rate moniter
  29. let me know when the intro is over and ill play it on my end
  30. TOM 3:  it's over
  31. there's some weird text
  32. zeonicfreak:    yea im seeing it
  33. TOM 3:  and a 90s login screen
  34. zeonicfreak:    very patlabor looking
  35. TOM 3:  i checked out some other anime too
  36. the samurai
  37. samurai shodown
  38. moldiver
  39. zeonicfreak:    i got samurai showdown on vhs
  40. its a lame ass boring anime
  41. TOM 3:  proejct ako
  42. zeonicfreak:    i got that
  43. thats a great film
  44. TOM 3:  what about the other two
  45. have you seen them
  46. nice mechs
  47. zeonicfreak:    i havent seen moldiver
  48. but ive heard of it
  49. TOM 3:  the samurai is an 80s samurai ova that ADV got
  50. zeonicfreak:    samurai shodown is a 90's movie that was made
  51. to tie into the games
  52. TOM 3:  like 80% of this store's anime library was stuff they got in the 90s
  53. and early 2000s
  54. zeonicfreak:    yea this feels very front mission style
  55. TOM 3:  which is why it's the best video store in the valley in my book
  56. zeonicfreak:    or mech warrior/ another mech game on the saturn i cant think of right now
  57. TOM 3:  they even have an award saying best store in the valley 2004 on display
  58. zeonicfreak:    nice
  59. TOM 3:  so are these guys just training?
  60. zeonicfreak:    im surprised they are still around
  61. or a skimrish of some kind
  62. lost of stats being stated
  63. TOM 3:  it seems like a bunch of technobabble so far
  64. zeonicfreak:    lots
  65. yea its for those military nerds who like stats of whatever
  66. TOM 3:  now they're comparing it to shinto and noh
  67. this show is like a weird mix of the future and ancient japanese culture
  68. zeonicfreak:    last time I saw this was like 2002 and that was on some data cds i got from the same guy who gave me those gundam x cds
  69. TOM 3:  which is what makes anime cool i guess
  70. zeonicfreak:    i got to like ep 8 i think
  71. i dont remember much
  72. TOM 3:  what is this thing they keep cutting to
  73. with the ceremony
  74. zeonicfreak:    i guess well find out
  75. TOM 3:  it just like vaporized
  76. i think this DVD only has 4 episodes, not 5
  77. zeonicfreak:    since this is licensed by nozomi, i think the ep are gonna be on youtube
  78. they got all of cobra on youtube too
  79. TOM 3:  i'll check out the next DVD on friday when i return this
  80. zeonicfreak:    thats another show you should check out since im watching it right now
  81. ok
  82. techno chant?
  83. its like autotuned chant or something
  84. TOM 3:  this is weird
  86. some woman somewhere will be raped
  87. TOM 3:  lol
  88. orobBLY
  89. *probably
  90. his heart rate
  91. it's over 9000
  92. and… now we're ins pace
  93. zeonicfreak:    green hair chick in a mask
  94. TOM 3:  *in space
  95. zeonicfreak:    i dont get you show
  97. oh, the green haired chick isin the semonpod in the desert or whatever
  98. TOM 3:  dat glorious 90s pc
  99. zeonicfreak:    oh heys
  100. TOM 3:  i guess i got DCed
  101. zeonicfreak:    you still got it on play
  102. TOM 3:  yea
  103. zeonicfreak:    now there showing some gravity stargate portal something
  104. TOM 3:  his dance opened a portal to another dimension?
  105. what is all that color?
  106. zeonicfreak:    the distortion thing
  107. ???
  108. TOM 3:  yeah,,
  109. zeonicfreak:    so he made steps with the gravity thing
  110. TOM 3:  well
  111. zeonicfreak:    so that ends that
  112. TOM 3:  that was a weird first episode
  113. zeonicfreak:    i guess takahashi was like "im gonna add some spiritual stuff to my mech shows, cuz why the heck not"
  114. well the dvd showing me previews for the next video
  115. TOM 3:  yeah i saw it too
  116. zeonicfreak:    looks like its gonna have robutts fighting
  117. TOM 3:  this anime is so funny
  118. this girl got naked and ate a frog and it made her invisible
  119. zeonicfreak:    im about to watch 24 in a bit
  120. ill have to check it out this weekend just remind me
  121. TOM 3:  but she's carrying a sword with her so EVERYONE CAN SEE WHERE SHE IS
  122. zeonicfreak:    id have to see this
  123. TOM 3:  yeah you have to see this anime
  124. zeonicfreak:    how long is it like 45 minutes
  125. TOM 3:  yea
  126. zeonicfreak:    im just working on stuff now
  127. i need to start editing the podcast for next week
  128. TOM 3:  i wonder how much this is on DVD
  129. i doubt ADV still has it
  130. zeonicfreak:    if its on dvd ill just buy it
  131. of course
  134. ep 2
  135. ____________
  137. zeonicfreak:    hey man you ready
  138. TOM 3:  yeah
  139. countdown?
  140. zeonicfreak:    sure
  141. TOM 3:  5
  142. 4
  143. 3
  144. 2
  145. 1
  146. go
  147. zeonicfreak:    i got the opening going
  148. TOM 3:  i might have a hard time hearing this episode since the air conditioning guy is on the roof
  149. and the dog is barking at him
  150. i'm on the opening also
  151. zeonicfreak:    ok
  152. TOM 3:  who did the music for the op
  153. pause
  154. i paused after the op
  155. zeonicfreak:    i paused also
  156. i can wait till that ac guy is done
  157. TOM 3:  he just has to recharge the freon i think
  158. zeonicfreak:    oh yea ive had to call people on that a few times
  159. some times capacitors freeze up in ac units also
  160. i was working on editing the universal studios recording I did like in april or something
  161. it was on the same recording as our last megazone 23 review
  162. so im guessing early april
  163. i just gotta work on the space dandy portion next
  164. TOM 3:  ok
  165. ready to start it back up?
  166. zeonicfreak:    yep
  167. TOM 3:  go
  168. zeonicfreak:    that great russian accent
  169. roll those r's comrade
  170. redneck general dude
  171. TOM 3:  ADV's dubs, lol
  172. i guess this was around the same time when they dubbed eva and nadesico
  173. zeonicfreak:    i havent heard tiffany grant yet or spice speser
  174. spenser
  175. spike
  176. i like how the news station to this is ANN
  177. like anime news network
  178. this must be a time where anime news network does the job of CNN
  179. blah
  180. whats with this warped lens look
  181. like fish eye stuff
  182. i know that voice
  183. hey the voice of ritsuko
  184. as the mom
  185. sue ulu that was it
  186. TOM 3:  i think the AC is fixed
  187. zeonicfreak:    this sounds like the mobile doll system from gundam wing
  188. a machine with no pilot
  189. is the house feeling cooler?
  190. TOM 3:  well i heard the thing turning on… but it doesn't feel cooler yet
  191. zeonicfreak:    depending on the unit it might take a few minutes im sure
  192. the sega saturn game i was thinking of with mechs in it was gun griffon
  193. TOM 3:  oh he's finally in a mech
  194. zeonicfreak:    it was something i mentioned last night when we saw the first ep
  196. wait, are they racing tanks
  197. TOM 3:  haha
  198. i think so
  199. zeonicfreak:    like fast and furious military version
  201. zeonicfreak:    your the bst robutt pilot that evah lived
  202. TOM 3:  i guess that's the main action of th eepisode
  203. zeonicfreak:    ok city fight
  204. so this should get better
  205. TOM 3:  this soundtrack
  206. i should look up the music for this show when this episode is over
  207. zeonicfreak:    industrial death techno
  208. ill have to look up the dub actor list
  209. i already picked out sue ulu
  210. TOM 3:  oh yeah
  211. aka ritsuko?
  212. zeonicfreak:    this is pretty good so far
  213. yea ritsuko
  214. this feels like madox 01
  215. tanks vs mech suit
  216. just more.... serious
  217. and political
  218. "then that means..."
  219. end of episode
  220. ill see what the next ep preview is after the ending credits
  221. man this show aired in japan when I was in 6th grade
  222. so chris patten voices the main guy in this
  223. TOM 3:  it said copywrite 2000
  224. *copyright
  225. zeonicfreak:    monica rial does i guess the green haired chick
  226. well on wiki its got the air dates
  227. TOM 3:  i think 2000 is when ADV got it
  228. and it aired in 1999
  230. 1998-1999 in japan
  231. zeonicfreak:    yea
  234. ep 3
  235. ______________
  236. TOM 3:  ok
  237. ready for a countdown?
  238. zeonicfreak:    sure
  239. TOM 3:  5
  240. 4
  241. 3
  242. 2
  243. 1
  244. go
  245. zeonicfreak:    hows the ac working in your house?
  246. TOM 3:  it's fixed
  247. so it's working better now
  248. zeonicfreak:    nice
  249. TOM 3:  i think it just needed freon
  250. zeonicfreak:    dude i work with mexicans and when they work in an apartment they leave all the doors open and pretty much turn the ac off
  251. which I told my brother its like they wanna live like thier broke ass latinos or something
  252. then my brother mentioned how the owner of the apt complext mentioned to them a while ago how they use to much power, so then one guy turns it off so he doesnt get yelled at
  253. TOM 3:  most mexicans here only have swamp coolers
  254. zeonicfreak:    my dad walked in and was like "hey is your ac broke"
  255. im like "no, they just like to have every damn window and door open when they work in the 90' degree heat"
  256. what is a swamp cooler
  257. TOM 3:  some crappy form of air conditioning
  258. zeonicfreak:    what l;ike putting in a dry ice block in a cooler?
  259. i dont see how theres any swamp land in AZ where you live, its mostly desert
  260. like this episode of gasaraki were watching
  261. TOM 3:
  262. zeonicfreak:    i think the person running the computer with sonic the hedgehog hair is a girl
  263. TOM 3:  it's evaporating water
  264. which cools the air
  265. zeonicfreak:    ah i see
  266. TOM 3:  are these the tanks and robots that raced last episode
  267. zeonicfreak:    hey its CSPAN the anime now
  268. i guess so?
  269. these suits seem to work the same way as the scopedogs in votoms
  270. the way the main guy got outta that suit from the back
  271. yea the sonic the hedgehog hair person is a girl
  272. TOM 3:  i guess that's a favorite design of takahashi
  273. zeonicfreak:    its like a mullet and badly combed back hair
  274. haha
  275. TOM 3:  i like the pipes on the screen
  276. like those early 2000s CGI screensavers
  277. zeonicfreak:    i thought this guy was gonna say "the thing breaks... all the damn time"
  278. but went with "breaks the laws of physics"
  279. TOM 3:  haha
  280. zeonicfreak:    yea cgi has come a long way
  281. anime cgi has in some way
  282. they at least try
  283. TOM 3:  yeah
  284. i got DCed, but gasaraki is still running
  285. it's just some guys talking this episode
  286. zeonicfreak:    and and the crying sister
  287. man, I gotta wonder how people would like gasaraki on toonami?
  288. its been nothing but talking and politic talk
  289. TOM 3:  it probably wouldn't do very well
  290. needs more action
  291. zeonicfreak:    and JT rants about how terrible black lagoon is, at least stuff happens in that show since episode one
  292. i mean this is the 3rd episode, and we got another 22 left
  293. TOM 3:  i'm pretty sure the reason this didn't air on toonami or AS, and blue gender did, is because blue gender is a funimation show, and this is ADV
  294. ADV must charge more for their shows or something
  295. cause they hardly ever have any on AS or toonami
  296. aside from giant robot week, and evangelion on AS
  297. zeonicfreak:    blue gender had stuff going on
  298. ok
  299. tank battle stuff
  300. TOM 3:  yeah it's getting good now
  301. zeonicfreak:    this dude is like general patten or something
  302. that misslile did like a hairpin curve or something
  303. they kinda look like the federation army in the tanks
  304. oh dude
  305.  i thought he was gonna shoot a missile at the tank commander
  306. TOM 3:  did the episode end with a guy saying "bipedal weapons
  307. zeonicfreak:    yea
  308. TOM 3:  the disk is skipping
  309. zeonicfreak:    i like how they dont know what kind of tech is invovled with this country, but the american out side of anime is up iran ass about plutonium and other things
  310. TOM 3:  it went to midway through the end credits
  311. but it only decided to skip at the start of the end credits
  312. zeonicfreak:    and we know everything about them
  313. ouch
  314. TOM 3:  oh, it skipped to the op of the next episode
  315. zeonicfreak:    haha
  316. well i guess when we see the next ep theres no need for a next ep preview
  317. preview wasnt much
  318. TOM 3:  i tried to rewind but the next episode part is all scratched up and won't play
  319. there's no words in the preview right?
  320. zeonicfreak:    its like mech vs tank scenes
  321. and the main guy doing the summoning thing from ep one
  322. uh like subs
  323. i dont thinks so
  324. or it might
  325. i wasnt payting attention much
  326. TOM 3:  i watched the preview on youtube
  327. it's some guy asking who h eis
  328. *who he is
  329. while robots shoot missiles
  332. ep 4
  333. ______________
  334. TOM 3: ok i'm ready
  335. TOM 3: countdown time?
  336. zeonicfreak: hold on
  337. zeonicfreak: k go
  338. TOM 3: 5
  339. TOM 3: 4
  340. TOM 3: 3
  341. TOM 3: 2
  342. TOM 3: 1
  343. TOM 3: go
  344. zeonicfreak: i was watching the video of the mega 64 podcast number 312 with them at anime expo
  345. zeonicfreak: and they were selling these evangelion themed posters
  346. TOM 3: didn't vekou meet them there
  347. zeonicfreak: so i had to go on the site to see if they were selling them there, but i didnt see them
  348. zeonicfreak: it might be an anime expo thing
  349. zeonicfreak: he said he did
  350. zeonicfreak: and how his mutual friend was the one in the frogger suit like when they first started
  351. zeonicfreak: is the dvd working for you
  352. TOM 3: yeah
  353. zeonicfreak: i wonder if belgistan is like modern day syria or gaza
  354. TOM 3: yeah i think it's supposed to be somewhere in the middle east
  355. zeonicfreak: dude, what if the rebels take over syria and called it belgistan, then we know were moving in a world towards gasaraki
  356. zeonicfreak: well on the news its showing jordan/isreal/gaza on the map
  357. zeonicfreak: so its somewhere there
  358. zeonicfreak: i guess
  359. zeonicfreak: then you got the ISIS people taking over Iraq
  360. TOM 3: yeah
  361. zeonicfreak: hahaa
  362. zeonicfreak: "weapon of mass destruction was detinated"
  363. zeonicfreak: im guessing this dub was done before 9/11 maybe or after?
  364. TOM 3: i think belgistan is supposed to be iraq
  365. TOM 3: or maybe iran
  366. zeonicfreak: with that kinda line it would have to have been done after 9/11
  367. zeonicfreak: but I think when I saw this, it was a year after 9/11
  368. zeonicfreak: so teh dub wasnt that old at that time
  369. TOM 3: i'm not sure when this was released
  370. TOM 3: probably 2002
  371. TOM 3: anime took longer to come over here back then
  372. zeonicfreak: i saw this dubbed/subbed from those data disk I got in 2002
  373. zeonicfreak: maybe they were all subbed i dunno
  374. zeonicfreak: they might have been ripped from the ADV tapes or fansubbed when I saw them
  375. zeonicfreak: i still got those disk, but i doubt they work
  376. zeonicfreak: thats a giant ass can of budwiser
  377. zeonicfreak: is this a time where budwiser decided to make oil can beer cans like fosters
  378. TOM 3: hahaha
  379. TOM 3: yeah
  380. zeonicfreak: hahaha
  381. zeonicfreak: was that fake middle eastern talk
  382. zeonicfreak: that couldnt have been real words
  383. TOM 3: yeah i was wondering what language it was
  384. zeonicfreak: MUHAMMID JIHAD
  385. TOM 3: it sounded like jibberish
  386. zeonicfreak: yea no kidding
  387. TOM 3: i like how these morons think their guns can stop robots
  388. zeonicfreak: oh ADV, a bit of reasearch on middle east language must have been too much to do at the time
  389. zeonicfreak: i guess they ddint have time to pay the actors to learn simple phrases
  390. zeonicfreak: there cavemen jonn
  391. zeonicfreak: they are too poor and dumb to understand the power of robots
  392. zeonicfreak: there living in the stone age, from years of war
  393. TOM 3: reminds me of the part of iran man where he builds his suit ina fghanistan
  394. zeonicfreak: hahahahaha
  395. zeonicfreak: Iran Man
  396. zeonicfreak: hahaaha
  397. zeonicfreak: well tony stark used what he could
  398. zeonicfreak: and they were like "hey, you better make that missile, cuz this dont look like a missile"
  399. TOM 3: yeah he made a robot with stuff just laying around
  400. TOM 3: weapons of mass destruction again
  401. zeonicfreak: i thought they had a missile that he had to work on to make it a better missile
  402. zeonicfreak: more chant music
  403. TOM 3: what's with the captain
  404. zeonicfreak: id didnt know defcon 3 existed in the freaking desert
  405. TOM 3: the chant music to shots of robots is just weird
  406. zeonicfreak: what the crap
  407. zeonicfreak: thats it
  408. zeonicfreak: thats a quick episode
  409. TOM 3: yeah
  410. zeonicfreak: i guess because STUFF WAS HAPPENING
  411. zeonicfreak: so does your disk have 4 episodes?
  412. TOM 3: yeah
  413. zeonicfreak: are you going to the video store to get the next one tomorrow?
  414. TOM 3: i'm gonna watch moldiver tonight or tomorrow, then return them
  415. TOM 3: yeah
  416. zeonicfreak: ok
  417. zeonicfreak: you still down on watching and recording macross dyrl?
  418. TOM 3: yeah
  419. zeonicfreak: yea if you get this tomorrow we can watch the next ep before watching the movie
  420. zeonicfreak: if that works for you
  421. TOM 3: yeah that works
  422. zeonicfreak: as far as I know ill be workong on my car tomorrow afternoon at a friends shop so i should be open that night
  423. zeonicfreak: or i might work on my car on saturday
  424. zeonicfreak: but i should be open in the evening
  427. ep 5
  428. _______________
  429. TOM 3: i've got gasaraki playing, but it's all the logos before the op starts
  430. TOM 3: i'll tell you when i'm at the opening and we can do countdown
  431. zeonicfreak: ok cool
  432. TOM 3: alright gasaraki time
  433. TOM 3: 5
  434. TOM 3: 4
  435. TOM 3: 3
  436. TOM 3: 2
  437. TOM 3: 1
  438. TOM 3: go
  439. zeonicfreak: im good
  440. TOM 3: there's only 3 episodes on this disc
  441. zeonicfreak: wtf adv
  442. zeonicfreak: i forgot they did stupid stuff like that
  443. zeonicfreak: i guess it depends on the extras they included
  444. TOM 3: yeah, anime used to be released on these 3 episode single releases
  445. zeonicfreak: youd have to tell me after this ep
  446. TOM 3: it was expensive
  447. zeonicfreak: its like the first disk had the most episodes
  448. zeonicfreak: then the rest they cut one of the ep off and still sell it at the same price
  449. zeonicfreak: the industry standard circa 2002
  450. TOM 3: yeah, funi was doing it too
  451. TOM 3: desert mech battle
  452. zeonicfreak: hey cool stuff a happening
  453. TOM 3: is this guy playing pokemon
  454. zeonicfreak: i guess thats bootleg pokemon
  455. TOM 3: that thing looks like blastoise
  456. zeonicfreak: its like bootleg gengar
  457. TOM 3: this girl reminds me of rei
  458. zeonicfreak: i think she will have more of a personallity than rei
  459. zeonicfreak: soooo
  460. zeonicfreak: random shot of ghetto japan?
  461. TOM 3: yeah and there's like plants growing out of the buildings
  462. TOM 3: nice cigar
  463. TOM 3: takahashi likes to have his characters smoke
  464. TOM 3: there's a lot of this in dougram
  465. zeonicfreak: big ass cuban son
  466. zeonicfreak: talking or cigars being lit?
  467. TOM 3: lots of cigar smoking
  468. zeonicfreak: ill have to check that out
  469. zeonicfreak: the cigars have me won over
  470. TOM 3: hahah
  471. zeonicfreak: "WHAT GIANTS... YOU KNOW, GIANTS"
  472. zeonicfreak: how far did you get on dougram
  473. TOM 3: 40/75
  474. zeonicfreak: ok
  475. TOM 3: what's wrong with his camera?
  476. zeonicfreak: im guessing it rebotted?
  477. zeonicfreak: er what?
  478. zeonicfreak: random channel changes
  479. zeonicfreak: so far this has been the best episode
  480. zeonicfreak: because stuff is happening
  481. zeonicfreak: OH SNAP
  482. TOM 3: yeah this is good
  483. zeonicfreak: CAMERA MAN BOUGHT IT
  484. TOM 3: now there's some terrorist muslim guy shooting the guy
  485. zeonicfreak: there goes fat scott pelly
  486. zeonicfreak: or anderson cooper who si fat
  487. zeonicfreak: so im guessing nato is gonna nuke them in the desert
  488. zeonicfreak: haha
  490. zeonicfreak: WHAT IS MEANING OF THIS
  491. TOM 3: NO YOU CAN'T
  493. zeonicfreak: hahaha
  494. TOM 3: daha is fucked
  495. zeonicfreak: like the rest of belgistanian
  496. TOM 3: good episode
  497. zeonicfreak: yea it seems to start picking up now
  500. ep 6
  501. __________
  502. TOM 3: ready for gasaraki?
  503. zeonicfreak: go ahead
  504. TOM 3: 5
  505. TOM 3: 4
  506. TOM 3: 3
  507. TOM 3: 2
  508. TOM 3: 1
  509. TOM 3: go
  510. TOM 3: oh god
  511. TOM 3: this guy with the russian accent
  512. TOM 3: i remember him from friday's episode
  513. TOM 3: he's even got the joe stalin mustache
  514. zeonicfreak: i thought he was the nazi gestapo guy from the indiana jones raiders of the lost arc movie
  515. TOM 3: damn it's thundering outside
  516. TOM 3: the bald guy seems like a nazi
  517. TOM 3: but the guy with the mustache seems russian to me
  518. TOM 3: but i guess he's belgistani
  519. TOM 3: whatever that is
  520. zeonicfreak: its a peoples republic
  521. TOM 3: yeah sounds commie to me
  522. zeonicfreak: which doesnt seem to be a dictatorship i guess
  523. zeonicfreak: oh wait
  524. zeonicfreak: now i remember how goverment works
  525. TOM 3: that's what china and north korea call themselves
  526. zeonicfreak: its like middle east china
  527. TOM 3: or china il in that ad on AS
  528. TOM 3: where they call it the "people's republic of what the f***"
  529. zeonicfreak: did you see that shower curtain commercial where its babyface on a shower curtain with some porn star in the shower bathing
  530. TOM 3: belgistan needs hulk hogan as president
  531. TOM 3: hahaha, yeah
  532. zeonicfreak: he'll be THE DEAN OF BELGISTAN
  533. zeonicfreak: just turn it into one giant school
  534. TOM 3: GBC
  535. zeonicfreak: this
  536. zeonicfreak: IS GBC
  537. zeonicfreak: yea it seems everyone is bailing before the UN police show up
  538. TOM 3: I like how this guy sounds like he's from texas but he's talking about going back to japan
  539. TOM 3: everyone in ADV dubs has accents it seems like
  540. zeonicfreak: "i was raised in shiner jay-pan"
  541. TOM 3: haha
  542. zeonicfreak: " i go to the big san anton in okey-nawa"
  543. zeonicfreak: well ADV is in houston texas
  544. zeonicfreak: "come on crew, well grab a drink in galviston prefecture"
  545. TOM 3: hahaha
  546. zeonicfreak: GASP
  547. TOM 3: oh it's that green haired girl i called rei
  548. TOM 3: i don't know her real name still
  549. zeonicfreak: <shinto shrine music plays>
  550. zeonicfreak: "I promosed id get the capt'n back to jay-pan no mattah what"
  551. TOM 3: kaw-haw
  552. zeonicfreak: how many japanese people are in the desert
  553. zeonicfreak: like....NONE
  554. TOM 3: lol
  555. zeonicfreak: check out the cleave on spike y hair girl
  556. TOM 3: i like how the way their military works is, the hottest girl gets the vehicle
  557. zeonicfreak: that scene is actually the ONLY thing ive remembered about this show for over a decade
  558. TOM 3: hahaha
  559. zeonicfreak: they probably came from Turkey becuase they followed their dicks
  560. zeonicfreak: hey man, guys have boobie radar
  561. TOM 3: this show's music is so weird
  562. zeonicfreak: its like a 7th sense
  563. zeonicfreak: its like they forgot what middle east music sounds like
  564. TOM 3: it's the middle east, what music should we play
  565. TOM 3: oh, shinto chants
  566. zeonicfreak: but the music comes from japan, so they must have been like "eh... its like hurka durka music, do the best you can"
  567. TOM 3: what the hell
  568. TOM 3: what was that huge skeleton in a suit of armor
  569. TOM 3: is that a mech in this show
  570. zeonicfreak: I guess
  571. zeonicfreak: so i hope we can see giant demon mechs fighting later in this show
  573. zeonicfreak: BUT THATS NOT POSSIBLE
  574. zeonicfreak: not to sound like much of a art history student, but those arc vaults are muslim
  575. zeonicfreak: its like the same type in the golden dome building in jerusalem
  576. zeonicfreak: which despite it being a jewish city, they do have muslim structures there
  577. zeonicfreak: did she hit like 5 people?
  578. zeonicfreak: hahaha
  579. zeonicfreak: 2 dudes shooting
  580. zeonicfreak: the one tech girl is like "OH NOEZ WHAT DO I DO"
  581. zeonicfreak: what is she like backup/ammo girl/watch our backs person
  582. TOM 3: terrorists are attacking them?
  583. zeonicfreak: hey anime car chase
  584. TOM 3: and a horse
  585. zeonicfreak: this is like micheal bay, but without explosions
  586. TOM 3: she just drove through a building
  587. TOM 3: but it was made of logs?
  588. TOM 3: so it's ok
  589. zeonicfreak: i guess the logs were outside the building
  591. zeonicfreak: like fire wood
  592. zeonicfreak: those are styer tmp guns
  593. zeonicfreak: not to show too much of my gun knowledge
  594. zeonicfreak: this feels indiana jones now
  595. zeonicfreak: a car from the 1930s
  596. TOM 3: oh those muslims were working for the nazi
  597. zeonicfreak: just like the musims in indiana jones
  598. TOM 3: preview
  599. TOM 3: just one more episode on this disc
  600. zeonicfreak: oh yea cuz its got 3
  601. TOM 3: i'm not sure when i'll return it and check out the next
  602. TOM 3: i still have to watch sol bianca legacy
  603. zeonicfreak: im surprised you got all 6 ep of that ova
  604. zeonicfreak: its not bad but i remember not liking it so much compared to the original one
  607. ep 7
  608. ______________
  609. zeonicfreak: sups
  610. TOM 3: yo
  611. zeonicfreak: whenever your ready
  612. zeonicfreak: yea were on 7
  613. TOM 3: 5
  614. TOM 3: 4
  615. TOM 3: 3
  616. TOM 3: 2
  617. TOM 3: 1
  618. TOM 3: go
  619. zeonicfreak: so how long was the summer anime recording time?
  620. zeonicfreak: in total
  621. TOM 3: 3:40:00
  622. TOM 3: it's still converting
  623. zeonicfreak: seriously?
  624. TOM 3: yeah
  625. zeonicfreak: a almost 4 hour recording?
  626. zeonicfreak: that was from today right?
  627. TOM 3: the first half hour is from saturday
  628. TOM 3: the rest is from today
  629. zeonicfreak: ah ok
  630. TOM 3: we were going for a while before and after you were on
  631. zeonicfreak: im noticing in the title, that last image they showed had a date on it
  632. zeonicfreak: dated for october 3rd 2014
  633. zeonicfreak: not title but the opening
  634. TOM 3: oh so this is set a few months in the future
  635. zeonicfreak: yea it seems
  636. TOM 3: or 15 years in the future when it came out
  637. zeonicfreak: yea this was 98/99
  638. TOM 3: it's weird how stuff that was futuristic when we were young
  639. TOM 3: is now the present
  640. zeonicfreak: and none of it has happened
  641. TOM 3: eva is like that too
  642. zeonicfreak: kinda disapointing
  643. TOM 3: i think it's 2015
  644. zeonicfreak: ill take a pick after this ep and show you
  645. TOM 3: yeah, it's like those people who were promised flying cars in the year 2000, when they were kids in the 20th century
  646. zeonicfreak: yea jetsons, you messed up big time
  647. TOM 3: except for us, we didn't get giant robots
  648. TOM 3: which is even more disappointing
  649. zeonicfreak: there is not 3rd impact or anything
  650. zeonicfreak: no tokyo 3
  651. TOM 3: this guy's voice
  652. TOM 3: what the hell is he saying
  653. zeonicfreak: it sounds like hes got a stroke
  654. zeonicfreak: "GURRHORAAAH"
  655. TOM 3: yeah
  656. zeonicfreak: its like middle east meson
  657. TOM 3: meson or that gumby guy we were talking about on skype
  658. zeonicfreak: haha
  659. TOM 3: who plays with his trains for hours
  660. zeonicfreak: or the auts train otaku
  661. TOM 3: nice mecha projection
  662. zeonicfreak: i never even heard of that guy till daft mentioned him
  663. zeonicfreak: holograms arnt still a thing yet
  664. TOM 3: yeah when are we getting those
  665. zeonicfreak: Con Air, the anime
  666. zeonicfreak: haha
  667. zeonicfreak: Mechastan
  668. TOM 3: open the cargo hatch in mid flight
  669. TOM 3: what a moron
  670. TOM 3 signed on at 10:55 PM.
  671. zeonicfreak: the best morinic plan ever
  672. TOM 3: it's like "hey, why don't we re-enact the scene in goldfinger"
  673. zeonicfreak: hahaha
  674. zeonicfreak: wait, that was in goldfinger?
  675. TOM 3: well there's a scene where they're on a plane, and they get exposed to the air because a window breaks
  676. TOM 3: and it depressurizes
  677. TOM 3: and that's what'd happen if they opened the cargo hatch
  678. zeonicfreak: i completely forgot about that
  679. zeonicfreak: wait I think I do own goldfinger
  680. TOM 3: they did a thing on mythbusters
  681. zeonicfreak: i remember them doing it on mythbusters
  682. TOM 3: where they try to see if it'd really work that way in real life
  683. zeonicfreak: well that was shooting out a window in a plane
  684. TOM 3: more shinto scenes coming up here i bet
  685. TOM 3: they've been kind of light on that this episode
  686. TOM 3: well i guess not
  687. TOM 3: now they're going to the ED
  688. zeonicfreak: dude vic mignogna is in this
  689. zeonicfreak: as
  690. zeonicfreak: Vic Mignogna as  
  691. Colonel Okawa
  692. Engineer
  693. Ishtar Pilot
  694. US Fake Pilot 1
  695. Watanabe Clan
  696. TOM 3: wow
  697. TOM 3: i did not realize that
  698. TOM 3: he plays Ishtar
  699. TOM 3: Pilot
  700. zeonicfreak: tiffany grant is listed at some report
  701. zeonicfreak: and sue ulu is secretary
  702. zeonicfreak: but they dont ahve her as a mom person that I thought, unless thats the secretary
  703. TOM 3: it's probably the same person
  704. TOM 3: im gonna check out the extras
  705. TOM 3: since the disc is over
  706. TOM 3: episode production sheets
  707. TOM 3: glossary of terms
  708. TOM 3: gasaraki memos
  709. TOM 3: dvd credits
  710. TOM 3: interview
  711. zeonicfreak: ok
  712. TOM 3: are those on your dvd?
  713. TOM 3: the interview is with goro taniguchi
  714. TOM 3: assistant director
  715. TOM 3: he also works on one piece it says
  716. TOM 3: wow
  717. zeonicfreak: i can check
  718. zeonicfreak: i have no extras
  719. zeonicfreak: just trailers for other nozomi titles
  720. zeonicfreak: so your done with your disk right?
  721. TOM 3: yep
  722. zeonicfreak: matt greenfield did some roles too
  723. zeonicfreak: Matt Greenfield as  
  724. Belgistan Soldier
  725. Gowa Operator B
  726. Newscaster
  727. Recovery Team
  728. Symbol Operator
  729. TA Pilot
  730. Tank Crew
  731. Watanabe Clan
  732. TOM 3: so he is also watanabe clan
  733. TOM 3: as well as vic
  734. TOM 3: i'm reading the gasaraki memos
  735. zeonicfreak: i guess its just diff people in this clan
  736. TOM 3: it has information about various gasaraki machinery
  737. TOM 3: there's a paragraph of text about power packs
  738. TOM 3: hey should i screencap some of this stuff
  739. TOM 3: it might be good as pics to put on the podcast when we release our review
  740. zeonicfreak: good idea
  741. TOM 3: they've got concept designs
  742. zeonicfreak:
  743. zeonicfreak: look at the date at the bottom right
  744. TOM 3: oh yeah
  747. ep 8
  748. _____________
  749. TOM 3: i'm looking at the special features
  750. TOM 3: there's an interview
  751. TOM 3: with yutaka izubuchi this time
  752. TOM 3: he says he dsigned the type 17 TA and metal fake ishtar
  753. TOM 3: and that he worked on xabungle with ookawara kunio on mech designs
  754. zeonicfreak: damn thats sweet
  755. TOM 3: and that shinji aramaki did the rest of the designs
  756. zeonicfreak: i just got out of the shower
  757. zeonicfreak: let me get the dvd ready
  758. TOM 3: holy shit
  759. TOM 3: he says koichi ohata almost worked on this
  760. TOM 3: but they picked aramaki instead
  761. TOM 3: I can't imagine MD Geist meets Gasaraki
  762. zeonicfreak: well hes done mechs in other anime
  763. zeonicfreak: if you just make him do that, hes fine
  764. zeonicfreak: like obari
  765. zeonicfreak: let him do mech designs
  766. zeonicfreak: anything else just affirm that he cannot do it and then tell him like a dog "BAD OBARI"
  767. zeonicfreak: aight dude im ready
  768. zeonicfreak: count down
  769. TOM 3: 5
  770. TOM 3: 4
  771. TOM 3: 3
  772. TOM 3: 2
  773. TOM 3: 1
  774. TOM 3: go
  775. TOM 3: oh wait
  776. TOM 3: it's doing that feature presentation shit first
  777. TOM 3: hold on
  778. TOM 3: and now it's gonna do the easter island heads
  779. zeonicfreak: haha
  780. zeonicfreak: good ol adv dvds
  781. TOM 3: EMOTION
  782. TOM 3: alright now go
  783. zeonicfreak: alright its playing
  784. zeonicfreak: you still down on recording macross after this
  785. TOM 3: yea
  786. zeonicfreak: ok
  787. zeonicfreak: this guy in the video room is like brian j mason from bubblegum crisis
  788. zeonicfreak: actually... the guy voiceing that guy sounds just like meson from the bgc tokyo 2040 anime
  789. zeonicfreak: its probably him
  790. TOM 3: at least it doesn't sound like meson from toon radio
  791. zeonicfreak: yea those two mesons are complete polar opposites
  792. zeonicfreak: across the galaxies
  793. TOM 3: i'd love to see meson try voice acting
  794. zeonicfreak: if he did that, he would do the line like 2 minutes after his caracter spoke and left the scene
  795. TOM 3: hahaha
  797. zeonicfreak: then your like "WTF is talking?"
  798. zeonicfreak: sweet dreams are made of thses
  799. zeonicfreak: these
  800. zeonicfreak: cuz, who am i to disagree
  801. zeonicfreak: my TA has traveled the seven seas
  802. zeonicfreak: these guy are trying to look for someone
  803. zeonicfreak: -the eurythmics
  804. zeonicfreak: i hate that song
  805. TOM 3: are they nuking belgistan or something
  806. zeonicfreak: i thought that nation was nuked like.... 50 times already
  807. zeonicfreak: maybe its some spec ops team
  808. zeonicfreak: mmm
  809. zeonicfreak: i wonder if there is a backstory to that guys eyes
  810. zeonicfreak: and the scars or something
  811. TOM 3: probably
  812. TOM 3: time to restore glorious nippon
  813. zeonicfreak: haha
  814. TOM 3 signed on at 8:22 PM.
  815. zeonicfreak: oh
  816. zeonicfreak: we got the backstory
  817. TOM 3: he cut his eyes
  818. zeonicfreak: he cant stand how japan looks like a giant ghetto
  819. TOM 3: because he hates modern japaan
  820. zeonicfreak: so he cut his eyes out
  821. zeonicfreak: "
  822. zeonicfreak: "I RILL BE BRIND RIT HORNOR"
  823. TOM 3: nice sword
  824. TOM 3: lol this girl again
  825. zeonicfreak: did she barge into some guys office to seduce him
  826. TOM 3: she's always using her looks to get cars
  827. zeonicfreak: thats what hot girls do
  828. TOM 3: old school computer windows
  829. TOM 3: some japanese text
  830. zeonicfreak: this is a pretty elaberate break in with robots
  831. zeonicfreak: gotah.... YOU DEAD NIGGA
  832. TOM 3: wut
  833. TOM 3: he's dead
  834. zeonicfreak: LIKE LONG TIME AGO, 8 YEARS NIGGA
  836. TOM 3: maybe he's gonna pilot the skeleton mech, since he's dead
  837. zeonicfreak: i guess
  838. zeonicfreak: this got off politics to get into supernatual stuff
  839. zeonicfreak: supernatural
  840. TOM 3: this show probably would need a bunch of watches to understand it fully
  841. TOM 3: oh siht
  842. TOM 3: i was right
  843. TOM 3: look at that skeleton
  844. zeonicfreak: nice
  845. TOM 3: alright im gonna get on skype
  846. zeonicfreak: ok
  847. zeonicfreak: you got garage band pulled up?
  848. TOM 3: it's loading
  851. ep 9
  852. ______________
  853. TOM 3: should i do contdown
  854. TOM 3: *countdown
  855. zeonicfreak: hold up
  856. zeonicfreak: wait were on 9 right?
  857. TOM 3: ya
  858. zeonicfreak: ok count down
  859. TOM 3: 5
  860. TOM 3: 4
  861. TOM 3: 3
  862. TOM 3: 2
  863. TOM 3: 1
  864. TOM 3: go
  865. zeonicfreak: oh yea, this is the ep where he goes to some mansion or something
  866. zeonicfreak: according to the previews from yesterday
  867. TOM 3: oh
  868. TOM 3: and he sees the skeleton
  869. zeonicfreak: hah, they have thier own fire fighting group
  870. zeonicfreak: and there just sitting there going "oh man what we gonna do now?"
  871. zeonicfreak: GOROWS
  872. zeonicfreak: hot convienence store
  873. TOM 3: the satellite looks pretty cool
  874. zeonicfreak: its like space uav
  875. zeonicfreak: or drone
  876. zeonicfreak: release the hounds
  877. zeonicfreak: hah
  878. zeonicfreak: its like the radar to GTA games
  879. zeonicfreak: wait how are they leaving the city, i thought everyone else was
  880. zeonicfreak: and theres no traffic on the roads
  881. TOM 3: i thought the cops blocked the roads or something
  882. zeonicfreak: yea
  883. zeonicfreak: thats what i thought
  884. zeonicfreak: hey look at columbo here
  885. zeonicfreak: being like "you cant be the police of this city, and stuff"
  886. zeonicfreak: he left to go get a drink
  887. zeonicfreak: so sue ulu is the fake mom
  888. zeonicfreak: wait, she knows ushiro is there by spinning some wheel
  889. zeonicfreak: oh, that voice of the daughter is the voice of nene in bgc tokyo 2040
  890. zeonicfreak: that whinning sold it for me
  891. TOM 3: hahaha
  892. zeonicfreak: woah, he climed that like nothing
  893. zeonicfreak: hey its back to the first ep area
  894. zeonicfreak: OH SNAP
  895. zeonicfreak: REI CLONES
  896. zeonicfreak: there you go jonn
  897. zeonicfreak: your skeleton armor
  898. TOM 3: yeah
  899. zeonicfreak: gah cliffhanger
  900. zeonicfreak: you got one more left on your dvd rigth
  901. TOM 3: yeah
  902. TOM 3: damn 3 episode DVDs
  905. ep 10
  906. ____________
  907. TOM 3: i've got it playing on my laptop so i'm gonna switch over to this account
  908. zeonicfreak: ok
  909. zeonicfreak: id figure you would
  910. zeonicfreak: yea i dont know why daft thinks vekou has women all over him
  911. zeonicfreak: he seems to be like a female repellant
  912. zeonicfreak: unless california women like assholes
  913. zeonicfreak: i mean... kinda look at the state from a whole, they all seem that way
  914. TOM 3: has ryosuke takahashi done more anime since this and blue gender?
  915. zeonicfreak: i know of flag
  916. zeonicfreak: that sounds pretty interesting
  917. TOM 3: yeah, i guess a lot of women like "bad boys" in california
  918. TOM 3: but i don't think vekou qualifies
  919. zeonicfreak: oh no
  920. zeonicfreak: vekou has to have confidence or at least fake it
  921. zeonicfreak: the way hes bitched online about stuff does not support that at all
  922. TOM 3: a belgistinian TA
  923. TOM 3: it's just sitting around
  924. zeonicfreak: the one that climed up the cliff just now
  925. zeonicfreak: a bunch of dudes, sitting around for the tea to be ready
  926. TOM 3: oh he's still at that shrine i guess
  927. zeonicfreak: id figure the shrine was the safest palce
  928. zeonicfreak: place
  929. zeonicfreak: or was
  930. zeonicfreak: did the TA punch him through a wall and he lived?
  931. TOM 3: more skeletons and chanting
  932. TOM 3: what is he doing...
  933. TOM 3: some shinto dance?
  934. zeonicfreak: BREAK IT DOWN
  936. zeonicfreak: hes all "CANT TOUCH THIS BITCH!"
  937. zeonicfreak: so is this guy gonna have to river dance to enter the skeleton robot every time?
  938. TOM 3: finally he's in the kugai
  939. TOM 3: yeah i guess that's the activation dance or something
  940. TOM 3: always love those 90s computer shots
  941. TOM 3: she's no match for the skeleton
  942. zeonicfreak: something out of a horror movie
  943. zeonicfreak: oh snap
  944. zeonicfreak:  it has a big ass katana
  945. TOM 3: i think i just heard vic mignogna
  946. zeonicfreak: yea thats him
  947. zeonicfreak: as cannon fodder mech pilot
  948. TOM 3: yeah vic got his ass kicked
  949. zeonicfreak: and exploded
  950. TOM 3: they're playing shogi
  951. TOM 3: and gameboy
  952. TOM 3: i bet he has that bootleg pokemon game again
  953. zeonicfreak: i have never played shogi
  954. zeonicfreak: though i would like too for sure
  955. zeonicfreak: ive played Go before
  956. zeonicfreak: kinda sucked at it
  958. zeonicfreak: SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP
  959. TOM 3: i think shogi is supposed to be basically like checss
  960. TOM 3: *chess
  961. zeonicfreak: i see
  962. TOM 3: more eri clones
  963. TOM 3: *rei
  964. zeonicfreak: thanks for evading the questions master
  965. TOM 3: well that's it for this disc
  966. TOM 3: i'll get episodes 11-13 tomorrow
  967. zeonicfreak: well im gonna be leaving for the beach on thursday and be back late saturday I think
  968. zeonicfreak: I didnt know if you wanna to wait till next week to get the next dvd
  969. zeonicfreak: im not sure how open ill be this week before I leave
  970. zeonicfreak: I got other things happening after work
  971. zeonicfreak: and I was planning on watching what I recorded off toonami tomorrow night and possibly tuesday night
  972. TOM 3: yeah we can take next week off if you want
  973. zeonicfreak: ok
  974. TOM 3: we're making pretty good progress on the show
  975. zeonicfreak: id dint want you to get it and me not having time to watch it
  976. zeonicfreak: then your stuck with something you cant watch togeather
  977. TOM 3: yeah i don't want to have to check it out twice or something
  978. zeonicfreak: true
  979. zeonicfreak: yea i think the group I was watching anime with would like dominion tank police
  980. zeonicfreak: and I have that
  981. zeonicfreak: i gotta look and see what they might like
  982. zeonicfreak: im thinking MD geist will happen eventually
  983. TOM 3: if they liked black magic m66, they'd probably like dominion tank police and ghost in the shell
  984. TOM 3: and appleseed
  985. zeonicfreak: and they like dubs
  986. zeonicfreak: yea ill try out ghost in the shell
  987. zeonicfreak: one guy hasnt seen akira yet and i have that on bluray
  988. zeonicfreak: but hes read the manga from what he told me
  989. zeonicfreak: im not sure how much eh got into it
  990. zeonicfreak: yea black magic was subbed and the first half of it was them complaining about how nothing was going on and fiddling with their phones
  991. zeonicfreak: its a tough crowed
  992. TOM 3: damn
  993. TOM 3: i guess ask if they like dubs next time you see them
  994. zeonicfreak: we finished black magic because it started picking up to the end
  995. zeonicfreak: i see them every week, there from my church
  996. zeonicfreak: i thought about showing mad bull but.... im gonna hold off on that
  997. zeonicfreak: wicked city is out of the question
  998. zeonicfreak: at least for now
  999. TOM 3: what about goku midnight eye
  1000. zeonicfreak: ill have to bring over a vhs player so we can watch Baoh and angel cop
  1001. zeonicfreak: goku they would like
  1002. zeonicfreak: hes got a youtube app on his ps3 so we can watch the dub on there
  1005. ep 11
  1006. ____________
  1007. zeonicfreak: sups
  1008. TOM 3: hey
  1009. TOM 3: ready for countdown?
  1010. TOM 3: i've got episode 11 up
  1011. zeonicfreak: yea im ready
  1012. zeonicfreak: dont you gotta wait for all those preivews to go by
  1013. zeonicfreak: just let me know when the credits roll and ill start
  1014. TOM 3: i fast forwarded
  1015. zeonicfreak: ok cool
  1016. TOM 3: 5
  1017. TOM 3: 4
  1018. TOM 3: 3
  1019. TOM 3: 2
  1020. TOM 3: 1
  1021. TOM 3: go
  1022. TOM 3: so… what was happening last episode, i forgot
  1023. TOM 3: and this show doesn't do recaps
  1024. zeonicfreak: i think im starting to remember
  1025. zeonicfreak: it was like one soldier goes gets sick
  1026. zeonicfreak: and the others are flipping out
  1027. TOM 3: was it the one where the skeleton fought some robots
  1028. zeonicfreak: and the giant samurai mech fought those other mechs
  1029. zeonicfreak: yea thats it
  1030. TOM 3: and kidnapped a girl
  1031. zeonicfreak: oh yea the main girl
  1032. zeonicfreak: dude i got a manga we can review sometime
  1033. TOM 3: what manga
  1034. zeonicfreak: Offered by Kazuo Koike
  1035. zeonicfreak: dude, i heard about it from listening to an ep of anime world order
  1036. zeonicfreak: and they mentioned somethings that intrigued me
  1037. zeonicfreak: so i got it off
  1038. TOM 3: never heard of it
  1039. zeonicfreak: thinks like guys getting handjobs to use as an anasthetic when getting their eye ball removed to stick up a girls gouch
  1040. TOM 3: the girl must have gotten away from the robot
  1041. zeonicfreak: and two people having sex while running up the stairs in a building which they both jump off to their deaths screwing each other in a hail of gunfire
  1042. zeonicfreak: i swear im not making this up
  1043. zeonicfreak: its in the damn manga
  1044. TOM 3: wtf
  1045. TOM 3: is this a hentai manga
  1046. zeonicfreak: they censored the dick, so technically its not porn
  1047. zeonicfreak: i think thats the rule of thumb
  1048. zeonicfreak: its so crying freeman
  1049. zeonicfreak: id figure if were gonna review that manga one day, crying freeman is right up there
  1050. zeonicfreak: i have a pure dumb love for that manga/anime
  1051. TOM 3: i've seen the comics for that for sale before
  1052. TOM 3: but never bought any of it yet
  1053. zeonicfreak: man, it really says something when id rather talk about kazuo koike than focusing on gasaraki
  1054. zeonicfreak: crying freeman is some fantastic stuff
  1055. TOM 3: this show is kind of hard to focus on
  1056. zeonicfreak: i mean whats been going on in gasaraki, talking, people running in the woods and robots falling over
  1057. TOM 3: it's like 90% military guys talking
  1058. TOM 3: well maybe not that much
  1059. TOM 3: but a lot
  1060. zeonicfreak: we gotta power through, to say we have at least seen it and say something about it
  1061. TOM 3: i like the ADV dub of this
  1062. TOM 3: the random texas accents for japanese military officers
  1063. zeonicfreak: jeez, imagine buying these tapes a decade ago from adv for 30 bucks a pop
  1064. zeonicfreak: to see NOTHING happening
  1065. TOM 3: i remember seeing the tapes for this at the video store in texas but i never rented it
  1066. TOM 3: because i had heard that it's mostly just people talking
  1067. TOM 3: and not much mecha action
  1068. zeonicfreak: i mean stuff has happened
  1069. TOM 3: i think gundam does this kind of stuff better
  1070. TOM 3: because it has more mech action per episode
  1071. TOM 3: but it has the space politics too
  1072. zeonicfreak: were better off watching patlabor
  1073. zeonicfreak: at least in that the characters are more interesting than in gasaraki
  1074. zeonicfreak: with little mech action
  1075. TOM 3: if we review xabungle alongside this for takahashi vs tomino, it's going to be a big contrast
  1076. TOM 3: because xabungle is the most comedic tomino series
  1077. TOM 3: and this seems to be takahashi's most serious and political
  1078. zeonicfreak: so your saying tomino does xabungle comedy right?
  1079. zeonicfreak: yea, votoms is more military but at least its a great show that has stuff going on
  1080. TOM 3: yeah
  1081. TOM 3: it's kind of like zz gundam in that it's got a lot of comedy
  1082. TOM 3: except it stays that way the whole show
  1083. zeonicfreak: its funny how people piss on zz gundam because of the comedy, but it does get better and more serious after ep 20
  1084. zeonicfreak: i didnt mind the comedy so much
  1085. TOM 3: i think people would appreciate xabungle more because it's not trying to tell the UC story, it's its own thing
  1086. TOM 3: so they aren't gonna be like "this is a poor continuation of zeta"
  1087. zeonicfreak: yea something like that can work, because there is no expectation xabungle is trying to live up too
  1088. zeonicfreak: so is these the mid season upgrade mechs in this show?
  1091. ep 12
  1092. __________
  1093. TOM 3: should i do countdown
  1094. zeonicfreak: hold on i gotta get set up
  1095. zeonicfreak: alright go
  1096. TOM 3: 5
  1097. TOM 3: 4
  1098. TOM 3: 3
  1099. TOM 3: 2
  1100. TOM 3: 1
  1101. TOM 3: go
  1102. zeonicfreak: i think i just realized that i joined a bubblegum crisis group that steve started long ago
  1103. zeonicfreak: i was checking out the notifications through the group im part of, and someone was saying join this other group and i put in a request
  1104. zeonicfreak: then i realized "wait, was this the group steve started in retaliation against me long ago?"
  1105. zeonicfreak: well i just got approved so never mind
  1106. TOM 3: i got approved for it too
  1107. zeonicfreak: well i guess ill find out how this goes
  1108. TOM 3: i don't remember when i even applied
  1109. zeonicfreak: i just remember he started it after out tiff when the bluray was leaked
  1110. TOM 3: oh
  1111. zeonicfreak: so this mech pilot... went crazy or something
  1112. TOM 3: one hell of a scream
  1113. zeonicfreak: like MD geist levels of screaming
  1114. TOM 3: haha
  1115. zeonicfreak: asain shantytown
  1116. zeonicfreak: haha
  1117. zeonicfreak: "napalm those forigners back to china"
  1118. zeonicfreak: yea its apperant that koreans are like the mexicans of japan
  1119. TOM 3: oh he's asking about being a clone
  1120. TOM 3: or i guess that guy called him a "kai"?
  1121. zeonicfreak: DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN
  1122. zeonicfreak: rwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
  1123. TOM 3: lol more screaming from this guy
  1124. zeonicfreak: hes gonna jump out in the barrage
  1125. zeonicfreak: and he has no armor on his head
  1126. zeonicfreak: oh look... there he goes
  1127. zeonicfreak: the sword of shinshishi
  1128. zeonicfreak: due what?
  1129. TOM 3: what is going on in this anime
  1130. zeonicfreak: all we know is, he got DEEENIIEEED
  1131. zeonicfreak: oh thats the ep
  1132. TOM 3: did the skeleton robot do that to him or something
  1133. TOM 3: since they showed it
  1134. zeonicfreak: man after they got back from the middle east, this show has started to suuuuuuuuuuk
  1135. TOM 3: yeah it's really slow and confusing altely
  1136. TOM 3: *lately
  1137. zeonicfreak: so far, we know hes some clone maybe, people wanna take over the japanese governemnt, and skeleton oni mecha or soemthing
  1138. zeonicfreak: thats it
  1141. ep 13
  1142. ______________
  1143. TOM 3: should i do countdown
  1144. zeonicfreak: ok
  1145. TOM 3: 5
  1146. TOM 3: 4
  1147. TOM 3: 3
  1148. TOM 3: 2
  1149. TOM 3: 1
  1150. TOM 3: go
  1151. zeonicfreak: 13 is the last ep on your disk right?
  1152. TOM 3: yeah
  1153. zeonicfreak: aight
  1154. TOM 3: it's due back saturday
  1155. TOM 3: i still haven't seen steamboy and the obari movies
  1156. TOM 3: so it probably won't go back until saturday
  1157. zeonicfreak: oh yea check out fatal fury when you can
  1158. zeonicfreak: its actually, probably the best thing hes ever done
  1159. zeonicfreak: and that is saying alot
  1160. zeonicfreak: i own that dvd
  1161. zeonicfreak: and its getting rereleased by discotek laster this year
  1162. TOM 3: yeah i saw them mention it on fb
  1163. TOM 3: aren't there some fatal fury OVAs too
  1164. TOM 3: or TV specials or something
  1165. zeonicfreak: yea i got those on vhs
  1166. zeonicfreak: and ill def get those on dvd the moment they come out
  1167. TOM 3: are they gonna say anything other than technobabble
  1168. zeonicfreak: there gonna take the other girl over to some area
  1169. zeonicfreak: thats all i know
  1170. zeonicfreak: "there was something strage about it"
  1171. zeonicfreak: yea because it had a freaking sword
  1172. TOM 3: yeah most mecha do not have skeleton faces and swords
  1173. zeonicfreak: or that sweet pony tailer thing
  1174. zeonicfreak: tail
  1175. zeonicfreak: so pretty much, all the basis of the mechs is off the skeleton robot thing
  1176. zeonicfreak: you know as much as you can complain how boring the acting is in this
  1177. zeonicfreak: it kinda fits on how boring this show is
  1178. zeonicfreak: plus this was adv first dubbing stuff
  1179. zeonicfreak: this feels very evangelion
  1180. zeonicfreak: organic mech behind a giant thing of glass
  1181. zeonicfreak: blue hair girl is rei ayanami?
  1182. TOM 3: yeah she's rei
  1183. TOM 3: and apparently an illegal immigrant?
  1184. zeonicfreak: well shes speaking more
  1185. zeonicfreak: so wait, is she compared to the main guy dying 8 years ago?
  1186. zeonicfreak: YOU ARE A KAI
  1187. TOM 3: i don't even know
  1188. zeonicfreak: DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN
  1189. zeonicfreak: imagine if we recorded our podcast with the most monotone voices
  1190. zeonicfreak: we might as well, to get the essence of this show on our podcast
  1191. TOM 3: *long boring political conversation*
  1192. zeonicfreak: please tell me the skelemech is gonna do something
  1193. zeonicfreak: this is the science of htis show
  1194. zeonicfreak: talk talk blah blah blah blah
  1196. zeonicfreak: the end
  1197. zeonicfreak: there putting this to a vote
  1198. zeonicfreak: between 4 people?
  1199. TOM 3: finally they show the robot again
  1200. zeonicfreak: they raised their hands and voted
  1201. zeonicfreak: sweet bejezzus
  1202. zeonicfreak: this is as boring as cspan
  1203. zeonicfreak: so he broke her out?
  1204. zeonicfreak: well great
  1205. zeonicfreak: another fantastic ep over
  1206. zeonicfreak: AND NOTHING HAPPENED
  1207. zeonicfreak: they talked
  1208. zeonicfreak: and voted
  1209. zeonicfreak: and rasied their hands
  1210. zeonicfreak: and drove to the damn woods
  1211. TOM 3: so we're halfway into the show
  1212. zeonicfreak: gotta keep on truckin
  1213. TOM 3: and not much has really happened
  1214. zeonicfreak: nothing has happened in like 5 episodes
  1215. TOM 3: yeah...
  1216. TOM 3: and next episode preview looks boring
  1217. zeonicfreak: yea
  1218. zeonicfreak: well, i wouldnt rush to get the dvd
  1219. TOM 3: i'll probably get it on saturday
  1220. zeonicfreak: i think ill have time to see it this weekend and some next weekend
  1221. zeonicfreak: we can watch some on sunday
  1222. TOM 3: ok
  1223. zeonicfreak: it depends on what im doing
  1224. zeonicfreak: im gonna be out sat night
  1225. zeonicfreak: but i should be back by the time toonami comes on
  1226. TOM 3: ah
  1227. TOM 3: i'm switching back to the other account now
  1230. ep 14-17
  1231. _______________
  1232. zeonicfreak: im ready man
  1233. TOM 3: ok
  1234. TOM 3: i'll do a countdown
  1235. zeonicfreak: sure
  1236. TOM 3: 5
  1237. TOM 3: 4
  1238. TOM 3: 3
  1239. TOM 3: 2
  1240. TOM 3: 1
  1241. TOM 3: go
  1242. zeonicfreak: how much you wanna bet they just talk in this one?
  1243. TOM 3: probably all of it is talking
  1244. zeonicfreak: i will hold you to that
  1245. zeonicfreak: lol
  1246. TOM 3: so far it's silent
  1247. zeonicfreak: the sound of a truck idling
  1248. zeonicfreak: and now... nature
  1249. TOM 3: and a traffic jam
  1250. TOM 3: what an exciting show
  1251. zeonicfreak: those damn right wing extramist ARE HOLDING UP THIS SHOW
  1252. zeonicfreak: DAMMIT
  1253. zeonicfreak: i would get the next disk next week since im gonna be busy this week
  1254. TOM 3: ok
  1255. zeonicfreak: and can watch 17 and on next monday
  1256. TOM 3: they're talking about some fucking tree
  1257. TOM 3: who cares
  1258. zeonicfreak: its an extreame plot point jonn
  1259. zeonicfreak: its so essential to this stupid show
  1260. TOM 3: the tree is japan
  1261. zeonicfreak: yea this show is purely japanese
  1262. zeonicfreak: using trees as the analogy of japan
  1263. zeonicfreak: because that is how they describe situations
  1264. zeonicfreak: kinda like the bible
  1265. zeonicfreak: and jesus parables
  1266. TOM 3: ryosuke takahasahi must really hate modern japan
  1267. zeonicfreak: i think when he saw Ghost in the Shell movie, he was like "OH SHIT, I GOTTA BE AS DEEP AS OSHII AND WRITE A SHOW JUST LIKE GHOST IN THE SHELL, AND I WILL ACHIEVE GREATNESS"
  1268. TOM 3: gasaraki
  1269. zeonicfreak: this is really if mamrou oshii did a takahashi show
  1270. zeonicfreak: alot of talking
  1271. zeonicfreak: but how ever, no basset hounds
  1272. zeonicfreak: so it cant be an oshii show
  1273. TOM 3: they're talking about how to write kugai in japanese
  1274. TOM 3: this show does not translate very well
  1275. zeonicfreak: im guessing this was the ADV translators first ever time doing a professional translation job
  1276. zeonicfreak: well ADV were started by true anime fans
  1277. TOM 3: this is like 1999
  1278. TOM 3: so ADV would be new but it's not their first show
  1279. TOM 3: because their first one was devil hunter yohko
  1280. zeonicfreak: and only true anime fans would translate everything as literal as possible, without giving a thought if it made any sense to the average viewer
  1281. zeonicfreak: that and Guy Double Target
  1282. zeonicfreak: no no
  1283. zeonicfreak: Guy was thier first dubs
  1284. zeonicfreak: yea they started back in 1992 or something
  1285. TOM 3: when i rented devil hunter yohko it was this 10th anniversary DVD from 2002
  1286. zeonicfreak: but they got this show in 2001 or something
  1287. TOM 3: and it had all the ADV logos
  1288. TOM 3: with all the 90s CGI logos
  1289. TOM 3: and it had trailers for every title ADV ever released, on a bonus disk
  1290. TOM 3: and the bonus disk also had steel angel kurumi episode one and excel saga episode one
  1291. TOM 3: it's a weird release
  1292. TOM 3: i always like how 90s their computers are
  1293. zeonicfreak: i never saw kurumi
  1294. zeonicfreak: it seemed like those hot anime girl shows before moe became a thing
  1295. TOM 3: i've seen the first DVD of kurumi
  1296. TOM 3: it's one of those sudden waifu appearance shows
  1297. TOM 3: the waifu is a maid robot who beats people u
  1298. TOM 3: *up
  1299. zeonicfreak: oh yea, the harem era
  1300. zeonicfreak: before things got really worse with moe
  1301. TOM 3: yeah it's more like the era of tenchi and oh my goddess
  1302. TOM 3: which is a better era for that kind of show than all the recent moe crap
  1303. zeonicfreak: yea, love hina was the replacement of tenchi
  1304. TOM 3: i never saw love hina
  1305. zeonicfreak: i wouldnt say better, but more like the lesser of two evils
  1306. TOM 3: i did see nuku nuku recently
  1307. TOM 3: which is another one of that kind of show
  1308. zeonicfreak: yea thats a total 90's anime
  1309. TOM 3: with a catgirl robot
  1310. TOM 3: i can hardly see this show sometimes
  1311. TOM 3: cause it's so damn dark
  1312. zeonicfreak: we should try and watch that cgi harlock movie when we can
  1313. zeonicfreak: aka before netflix takes it down
  1314. zeonicfreak: we can pick an evening one night next week and watch it
  1315. TOM 3: more of this kukutsu and kai stuff
  1316. TOM 3: ok how about thursday next week
  1317. zeonicfreak: yea that will work
  1318. TOM 3: "died in an accident"
  1319. TOM 3: are they ever gonna say how the guy died
  1320. zeonicfreak: im guessing that was related to the first episode maybe/
  1321. zeonicfreak: because of the dance
  1322. zeonicfreak: they said the gasaraki
  1323. zeonicfreak: were 14 ep in, and they finally mention that name
  1324. TOM 3: yeah
  1325. TOM 3: they mentioned it earlier during all the talk about kugai and kukutsu also
  1326. TOM 3: so this is the episode where they introduce it
  1327. TOM 3: but i don't know what it means
  1328. TOM 3: cause it feels like adv undertranslated this
  1329. TOM 3: with all the japanese terms
  1330. TOM 3: viz undertranslates too
  1331. TOM 3: in naruto and bleach they're always shouting random japanese attack names
  1332. zeonicfreak: is it up to the american audience to figure it out?
  1333. zeonicfreak: i guess?
  1334. zeonicfreak: alright two more to go
  1335. TOM 3: yeah
  1336. TOM 3: and i don't feel like looking up all the terms
  1337. TOM 3: cause that's the translator's job not mine
  1338. TOM 3: or it should be
  1339. zeonicfreak: they might say
  1341. TOM 3: reminds me of those stupid weeaboo translations
  1342. TOM 3: where they say things like "all is going according to keikaku"
  1343. TOM 3: instead of "according to plan"
  1344. TOM 3: whoa what's this
  1345. TOM 3: a new op
  1346. zeonicfreak: wait im not there yet
  1347. zeonicfreak: can you do the count down
  1348. TOM 3: i'll pause after the op
  1349. zeonicfreak: ok
  1350. zeonicfreak: well this is different
  1351. TOM 3: ok i paused it
  1352. TOM 3: tell me when you're done with the op and i'll do another countdown
  1353. zeonicfreak: ok im there
  1356. TOM 3: 5
  1357. TOM 3: 4
  1358. TOM 3: 3
  1359. TOM 3: 2
  1360. TOM 3: 1
  1361. TOM 3: go
  1362. TOM 3: A KAI AND A Kai
  1363. TOM 3: are these supposed to be haikus
  1364. zeonicfreak: THE THRESHOLD
  1365. TOM 3: in some of my english classes when i was younger they had me write haikus
  1366. zeonicfreak: i had to write them as well
  1367. TOM 3: they said they're supposed to be about nature
  1368. TOM 3: AN EDICT
  1369. TOM 3: well at least there's a bit of yelling
  1370. TOM 3: as well as all the monotone talking
  1371. zeonicfreak: history lesson
  1372. TOM 3: i have a hard time doing the japanese form of sitting
  1373. TOM 3: with the feet under the ass thing
  1374. TOM 3: crosslegged is easier for me because i'm more used to it
  1375. zeonicfreak: yea man
  1376. TOM 3: it must hurt for them to sit like this for so long
  1377. zeonicfreak: i may sit like that briefly for work but i usually sit crossleg
  1378. zeonicfreak: until my legs start to fall asleep
  1379. zeonicfreak: OH WHAT
  1380. zeonicfreak: the person i thought was a girl, was a dude
  1381. zeonicfreak: thats anime
  1382. zeonicfreak: or white face nun dude
  1383. TOM 3: the one who just said "we must do this for my child"?
  1384. TOM 3: I thought it was a woman
  1385. TOM 3: more chanting
  1386. zeonicfreak: the person behind those black stripes was a girl for sure
  1387. TOM 3: yeah that one
  1388. TOM 3: and more shinto dances
  1389. TOM 3: what is the point of this
  1390. zeonicfreak: so that he may enter the robutt
  1391. zeonicfreak: nice going robot
  1392. TOM 3: he just wrecked a wall
  1393. zeonicfreak: you broke the only wall they had
  1394. TOM 3: in the episode before this, i don't think there was any mecha action at all
  1395. zeonicfreak: please tell me there going to fight
  1396. zeonicfreak: which means, theyll do something
  1397. TOM 3: and in this one, there's just walking through walls
  1398. TOM 3: oh they're gonna fight
  1399. TOM 3: i can hardly see the dark one though
  1400. TOM 3: why is it alway night in this show
  1401. TOM 3: it's rei
  1402. TOM 3: BEHEAD HER
  1404. zeonicfreak: wait... wasnt that the guys boss?
  1405. TOM 3: i dont even know
  1406. zeonicfreak: so are they reincarnated clones?
  1407. TOM 3: yeah
  1408. TOM 3: i guess they keep cloning these guys so they can have suitable skeleton pilots
  1409. TOM 3: the emperor hates robos
  1410. zeonicfreak: what a dumb emperor
  1411. zeonicfreak: SEE HOW SHARP MY SWORD IS BRO
  1412. TOM 3: long shot of a flower
  1413. TOM 3: they've got new ending visuals
  1414. TOM 3: but it's the same song
  1415. zeonicfreak: pause when the credits start
  1416. zeonicfreak: i gotta put in my next disk
  1417. TOM 3: ok
  1418. zeonicfreak: well after the prologe
  1419. TOM 3: there's one more on this disc for m
  1420. TOM 3: me
  1421. TOM 3: so i'll pause right before the last one starts
  1422. TOM 3: brb
  1423. TOM 3 signed off at 9:16 PM.
  1424. TOM 3: i'm gonna close my laptop for a minute to let it cool
  1427. TOM 3: you got the next disc in?
  1428. zeonicfreak: yea im set
  1429. TOM 3: i'll countdown
  1430. TOM 3: 5
  1431. TOM 3: 4
  1432. TOM 3: 3
  1433. TOM 3: 2
  1434. TOM 3: 1
  1435. TOM 3: go
  1436. zeonicfreak: hey cool intro again
  1437. TOM 3: more flashbacks
  1438. zeonicfreak: im glad that archer figured it out that arrow cannot pierce robot
  1439. TOM 3: nice armor
  1440. zeonicfreak: er what
  1441. zeonicfreak: line art still shot
  1442. TOM 3: they ran out of budget
  1443. TOM 3: no more money for color
  1444. zeonicfreak: oh my god
  1445. TOM 3: it's eva episode 25 and 26 all over again
  1446. zeonicfreak: they wasted all the money on more BORING TALKING AND STILL SHOTS IN COLOR
  1447. zeonicfreak: oh hey
  1448. zeonicfreak: were back to more dark colors
  1449. TOM 3: color is back
  1450. TOM 3: for a still shot of an arrow
  1451. zeonicfreak: the color of blue and blue ish tints
  1452. TOM 3: and some dudes standing around in the dark
  1453. zeonicfreak: those two better start banging each other
  1454. TOM 3: lol
  1455. zeonicfreak: oh man
  1456. zeonicfreak: those real fire effects
  1457. zeonicfreak: that fire animation is supurbed
  1458. TOM 3: finally some mecha action
  1459. TOM 3: these things are abrutal
  1460. TOM 3: *brutal
  1461. TOM 3: the screaming is disturbing
  1462. zeonicfreak: wait, the portal thing
  1464. zeonicfreak: LIKE 5 SECONDS AGO
  1465. zeonicfreak: they do a flashback right after a flashback
  1466. TOM 3: flashback for people with no attention span lol
  1467. zeonicfreak: within A DAMN FLASHBACK
  1468. zeonicfreak: oh so the portal is the gasaraki
  1469. TOM 3: i guess
  1470. zeonicfreak: that episode felt
  1471. zeonicfreak: way to long
  1472. zeonicfreak: all the others im like "oh is it over already"
  1473. zeonicfreak: this one they got everything done but it just draaaaaaaaaaaaaged on
  1474. TOM 3: it must be because we sat through three boring episodes in a row
  1475. zeonicfreak: man, our review of this is not looking good
  1476. zeonicfreak: the beginning of this show was a whole lot better than what were sitting through
  1477. TOM 3: oh hey rei is naked
  1478. TOM 3: i'm surprised they showed her nipple in the ending theme
  1479. TOM 3: sinceusually japanese tv shows don't do that anymore
  1480. TOM 3: i guess this got away with it cause it's the 90s
  1481. zeonicfreak: yea i mean blue gender they had that girls tits show on tv
  1482. zeonicfreak: in the credits
  1483. TOM 3: true
  1484. TOM 3: as had to cut it
  1487. ep 17
  1488. ____________
  1489. jonnjonzz01: yeah
  1490. jonnjonzz01: we're on episode 17 of gasaraki
  1491. zeonicfreak: yep
  1492. zeonicfreak: just whenever you wanna do the countdown
  1493. jonnjonzz01: ok
  1494. jonnjonzz01: 5
  1495. jonnjonzz01: 4
  1496. jonnjonzz01: 3
  1497. jonnjonzz01: 2
  1498. jonnjonzz01: 1
  1499. jonnjonzz01: go
  1500. zeonicfreak: so its been like over a week since we saw this
  1501. zeonicfreak: all i remember was feudal japan and robots
  1502. zeonicfreak: i think thats where were at
  1503. zeonicfreak: wow, new opening
  1504. zeonicfreak: or altered one
  1505. zeonicfreak: "asain chaos"
  1506. jonnjonzz01: that accent
  1507. zeonicfreak: oh damn
  1508. zeonicfreak: they used a truck to take out a store
  1509. zeonicfreak: hey look its that city in Missouri thats rioting right now
  1510. zeonicfreak: its asain hate crime or something
  1511. jonnjonzz01: it's asian gang wars
  1512. zeonicfreak: oh figures
  1513. zeonicfreak: so in the last episode, there in the middle of butt fuk japan
  1514. zeonicfreak: and now there in the ghettos of compton tokyo with stuff blowing up
  1515. zeonicfreak: so is this mob going to get robots in their turf war?
  1516. jonnjonzz01: now they're talking about grain trade
  1517. jonnjonzz01: boring
  1518. jonnjonzz01: i hear vic
  1519. zeonicfreak: yea i did too
  1520. zeonicfreak: he has a few roles in this
  1521. zeonicfreak: way before he ever got big
  1522. jonnjonzz01: riot police
  1523. jonnjonzz01: it's like in ferguson
  1524. jonnjonzz01: 150 people injured
  1525. zeonicfreak: that whole thing is just stupid
  1526. zeonicfreak: hey its scar eyes
  1527. jonnjonzz01: more stuff about grain tariffs
  1528. zeonicfreak: crush can.wav
  1529. Veemon Josh: I wish Ghost was still broadcasting, I'd love to hear him rant about Ferguson
  1530. Veemon Josh: he made another tweet a week or so ago about coming back, but he promises it so often that I've stopped believing
  1531. Veemon Josh: Ghost ?@Gh0stP0litics 7h
  1532. As facts come out about #MikeBrown, it's starting to look like the govt was attempting to agitate #Ferguson to justify the militarization!
  1533. Veemon Josh: Ghost ?@Gh0stP0litics 6h
  1534. Classic State induced #race agitation! #MikeBrown #DarrenWilson #Ferguson
  1535. Veemon Josh: Ghost ?@Gh0stP0litics 16h
  1536. What #Ferguson shows us is how militarized #police forces are all over the country. So I ask you, do you feel safer? #MikeBrown #Cops
  1537. Veemon Josh: Ghost ?@Gh0stP0litics 6h
  1538. State induces #FergusonRiot w/ the #Black folk & then releases #MikeBrown's arrest record & video; inducing the #White folk rage! #WakeUp
  1539. zeonicfreak: jonn wanna do another episode?
  1540. jonnjonzz01: #White and #Black are real hashtags?
  1541. jonnjonzz01: sure
  1542. zeonicfreak: you wanna do the last one tomorrow sometime?
  1543. jonnjonzz01: ok
  1544. zeonicfreak: i think ill be out tomorrow night so sometime before then
  1545. zeonicfreak: like early afternoon
  1546. zeonicfreak: let me know when your ready
  1549. ep 18
  1550. ________________
  1551. jonnjonzz01: oh
  1552. jonnjonzz01: we can start the next one
  1553. jonnjonzz01: 5
  1554. jonnjonzz01: 4
  1555. jonnjonzz01: 3
  1556. jonnjonzz01: 2
  1557. jonnjonzz01: 1
  1558. jonnjonzz01: go
  1559. zeonicfreak: i feel like this is the movie trading places
  1560. zeonicfreak: since its about crop and pricing on a stock market leve
  1561. Veemon Josh: and yet another city has descended into chaos
  1562. zeonicfreak: other than fergeson?
  1563. Veemon Josh: some teen in Louisville, KY threatened to reenact the events of The Purge
  1564. Veemon Josh: and now half the city is rioting, shots are being fired everywhere
  1565. zeonicfreak: which is.... kinda what is happening in fergeson already
  1566. zeonicfreak: you got a link to this?
  1567. zeonicfreak: so were watching an anime about rioting, and now IRL theres real riots
  1568. zeonicfreak: seems rather convienent
  1569. jonnjonzz01: i guess it's a sign that the world is going to hell everywhere
  1570. Veemon Josh: here's a story about part of what's happening:
  1571. Veemon Josh: I'm listening to the Louisville police scanner right now, they're scrambling rather frantically to try and handle this
  1572. zeonicfreak: wow
  1573. Veemon Josh:
  1574. zeonicfreak: and the purge is supposed to be some crappy movie regardless
  1575. zeonicfreak: you got a link for the louisville scanner?
  1576. Veemon Josh:
  1577. zeonicfreak: man... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck america right now
  1578. zeonicfreak: the link doesnt work
  1579. jonnjonzz01: how long until we have mobile suits walking down the streets putting down riots in americ
  1580. jonnjonzz01: a
  1581. jonnjonzz01: like in this gasaraki episode
  1583. Veemon Josh: oh, here's a live stream of someone in Louisville right now following one of the roaming protests:  
  1586. ep 19
  1587. ________________
  1589. jonnjonzz01: should i do countdown
  1590. zeonicfreak: sure
  1591. jonnjonzz01: 5
  1592. jonnjonzz01: 4
  1593. jonnjonzz01: 3
  1594. jonnjonzz01: 2
  1595. jonnjonzz01: 1
  1596. jonnjonzz01: go
  1597. zeonicfreak: your on 19 right?
  1598. jonnjonzz01: yes
  1599. zeonicfreak: just making sure
  1600. jonnjonzz01: there's 2 more discs left after this
  1601. zeonicfreak: ok
  1602. zeonicfreak: are you gonna pick up the next one this weekend?
  1603. jonnjonzz01: i'll probably get it wednesday
  1604. zeonicfreak: ok
  1605. zeonicfreak: i should be good to watch it thursday night/friday
  1606. zeonicfreak: i start school on tuesday
  1607. jonnjonzz01: i finished summer school last week, and fall classes start on thursday
  1608. zeonicfreak: but im going on tues/thrus
  1609. zeonicfreak: im busy on wends nights
  1610. zeonicfreak: i dont get this plant
  1611. zeonicfreak: and that pink sign is hot
  1612. zeonicfreak: SHE WHAT!!! way
  1613. zeonicfreak: hahha
  1614. zeonicfreak: that stauche
  1615. zeonicfreak: and those glasses
  1616. jonnjonzz01: dramatic music while people just stand around
  1617. zeonicfreak: that was the most round about bullshit ive ever heard
  1618. zeonicfreak: he gave an answer without answering that girls question
  1619. zeonicfreak: hes like "i made up my own reason, and I wont tell you my opinion or philosiphy"
  1620. jonnjonzz01: this was the most boring disc yet
  1621. jonnjonzz01: and the few before it weren't so great either
  1622. zeonicfreak: it was feudal japan with robots, and then the woods, and then some mech battle
  1623. zeonicfreak: filled WITH COUNTLESS DIOLAUGE
  1624. zeonicfreak: i like his "i dont give a shit about your stupid sword scare face" look to him
  1625. zeonicfreak: oh snap
  1626. zeonicfreak: spec ops show up and stuff is happening
  1627. zeonicfreak: that otaku guy
  1628. zeonicfreak: with his 2 robots on a tv and the anime girl poster
  1629. zeonicfreak: not caring about tv while doing his school work
  1631. zeonicfreak: and thats that episode
  1634. ep 20 - 22
  1635. ________________
  1638. jonnjonzz01:    ready to watch gasaraki?
  1639. zeonicfreak:    yes
  1640. jonnjonzz01:    i'll do a countdown then
  1641. 5
  1642. 4
  1643. 3
  1644. 1
  1645. 2
  1646. go
  1647. zeonicfreak:    its running
  1648. uhhhhhhh
  1649. whos that green hair loli
  1650. dude, everytime we see this group of soliders, THEY ARE ALWAYS IN A ROOM DOING NOTHING
  1651. jonnjonzz01:    i think it's the green rei's ancestor
  1652. zeonicfreak:    thats all theyve been doing since they got back to japan
  1653. its like they change from room to room
  1654. jonnjonzz01:    i seem to remember them running around in the woods at one point too
  1655. zeonicfreak:    because their commander has to go talk to some dude for 5 minutes
  1656. well they sit in a room
  1657. or sit in a command vehicle
  1658. jonnjonzz01:    yeah
  1659. what are these guys going to do now
  1660. fight the rioters?
  1661. zeonicfreak:    and you got the mech pilots which is just bootleg misato and redneck dude
  1662. at least it gets them out of a room
  1663. jonnjonzz01:    some guy sitting on a couch watching the news
  1664. so boring
  1665. zeonicfreak:    we hes a strong character, because he said he "isnt" watching the news
  1666. "things are going to get rough"
  1667. i hope so
  1668. because that implys
  1670. that sounds like vic
  1672. jonnjonzz01:    more rioters
  1673. the PM is getting rocks thrown at it
  1674. and so they go after the protestors with tanks
  1675. what is this, israel
  1676. zeonicfreak:    the PM car is being attacked
  1677. dude, thats how they do it in england i thougt
  1678. send a mech to break up a mob
  1679. good i dea japan
  1680. jonnjonzz01:    oh shit
  1681. shots fired
  1682. zeonicfreak:    FUK DA POLICE
  1683. how are you under stress
  1686. jonnjonzz01:    this guy's voice
  1687. zeonicfreak:    he killed a woman
  1688. thats what you get with a robot
  1689. jonnjonzz01:    well one episode down
  1690. zeonicfreak:    i gotta swtich to the next dvd
  1691. the last one
  1692. jonnjonzz01:    are we still on toon radio
  1693. zeonicfreak:    yea
  1694. its at the end of the ideon review
  1695. jonnjonzz01:    i'll pause at the end of the preview
  1696. zeonicfreak:    ok
  1697. im not at the preview yet
  1698. jonnjonzz01:    me neither
  1699. zeonicfreak:    our layzner review is about to start
  1700. or que music
  1701. Greatkid no2:
  1702. zeonicfreak:    jonn im ready
  1703. you wanna count down
  1704. jonnjonzz01:    yeah
  1705. 5
  1706. 4
  1707. 3
  1708. 1
  1709. 2
  1710. go
  1711. and now they have a curfew, like in ferguson
  1712. zeonicfreak:    so the next step past an armed police is robots
  1713. jonnjonzz01:    more 90s computers
  1714. zeonicfreak:    good ol floppy drives
  1715. jonnjonzz01:    "preventive strikes against terrorism"
  1716. and this was a show that was made before 9/11 and iraq
  1717. zeonicfreak:    yea clearly
  1718. lol
  1719. voice mask
  1720. aka
  1721. Mr X
  1722. or Deep throat
  1723. this is on 24 levels of politcal secrecy
  1724. yea...
  1725. <sticks tounge out>
  1726. so kawaii
  1727. jonnjonzz01:    "the munchkin did what"
  1728. rei's eyes are so vacant
  1729. zeonicfreak:    yea shes pretty stonded
  1730. flashback time
  1731. what the world... was that?
  1732. mo pfo took out dat plane
  1733. jonnjonzz01:    so now the japanese military is fighting each other
  1734. or are they fighting the us military
  1735. zeonicfreak:    there fighting on whatever infringes on their freedom
  1736. aka whoever has gasaraki rei
  1737. well these ep seem good, because stuff is happening
  1738. jonnjonzz01:    it's about to end so they're like "oh yeah, we should have something happen in this anime"
  1739. zeonicfreak:    lol
  1740. alright, one more time
  1741. countdown when your ready
  1742. jonnjonzz01:    5
  1743. 4
  1744. 3
  1745. 2
  1746. 1
  1747. go
  1748. Personification
  1749. episode 22
  1750. so just 4 left
  1751. including this one
  1752. zeonicfreak:    dude i know
  1753. hey the white house
  1754. AMERICA
  1755. FUCK YEA
  1757. jonnjonzz01:    so this guy considers himself a god
  1758. it's raining
  1759. zeonicfreak:    now there on a boat
  1760. so scar face wants to make japan get into a famine to make it stronger?
  1761. dude ill be honest
  1762. ...
  1763. ive been drinking tonight
  1764. and watching this
  1765. i cannot focus
  1766. that adn my face is itchy, because i really need to shave
  1767. jonnjonzz01:    yeah...
  1768. he thinks by starving japan he will make them old fashioned
  1769. DaftPunkFan37:  Shave ya bum
  1770. zeonicfreak:    i know
  1771. im lazy
  1772. jonnjonzz01:    honestly, the plot of this is really stupid
  1773. DaftPunkFan37:  I shave every other day, if I dont do that it bothers me a lot
  1774. zeonicfreak:    NERD GIRL SHUT THE HELL UP
  1775. MUNCHKIN
  1776. dude, ill have to do my yearly beard when it gets a bit cooler in the coming weeks
  1777. which is what ive been doing for the past few years
  1778. what i do is just get a beard trimmer and use that for a couple of weeks so that i can get used to the hairs better
  1781. Episode 23-25
  1782. ___________________
  1784. TOM 3: ready to start gasaraki?
  1785. zeonicfreak: yea sure
  1786. TOM 3: 5
  1787. TOM 3: 4
  1788. TOM 3: 3
  1789. TOM 3: 2
  1790. TOM 3: 1
  1791. TOM 3: go
  1792. zeonicfreak: i was trying to see if i could watch the usc v texas am game on my standard cable channels
  1793. zeonicfreak: but its on one of those hd espn chanels that my parents have it on
  1794. zeonicfreak: ill be honest, if the next three episodes dont change pace, im just going to flip back and forth between having the dvd keep running as i watch college football
  1795. zeonicfreak: but ill just refresh the espn page
  1796. TOM 3: pickled radishes
  1797. zeonicfreak: a japanese delight
  1798. zeonicfreak: well, texas is winning 45 to 21, and its about the end of the third quarter, im not worried
  1799. TOM 3: i wonder who the president is modeled after
  1800. TOM 3: he looks more like reagan or bush than clinton
  1801. zeonicfreak: yea hes really not a regan, or bush, and this was made during the clinton administration
  1802. TOM 3: the hair isn't white enough
  1803. zeonicfreak: im wondering if this was like an alternatvie universe where biden would be president over obama
  1804. TOM 3: most presidents don't have hair that dark
  1805. zeonicfreak: i mean, maybe this is where mitt romney won the election
  1806. TOM 3: oh maybe
  1807. zeonicfreak: that.... is actually perfect almost
  1808. zeonicfreak: romny did have some grey
  1809. zeonicfreak: but it was mostly dark
  1810. TOM 3: he had those grey hairs on the temples
  1811. TOM 3: but mostly black
  1812. zeonicfreak: they mentioned the bay of pigs in some reference
  1813. TOM 3: i wasn't really paying attention
  1814. zeonicfreak: so they must think there the next cuba
  1815. TOM 3: rei has such empty eyes
  1816. zeonicfreak: oh dude
  1817. zeonicfreak:  so my middle name is ray
  1818. TOM 3: im just going to call her rei on the review
  1819. TOM 3: cause i dont give a shit about these characters' real names
  1820. TOM 3: oh i didn't know that
  1821. TOM 3: oh her name is "miharu"
  1822. zeonicfreak: and my brother made a comment to  me the other day where he called me dustin ray ayanami
  1823. TOM 3: lol
  1824. zeonicfreak: i gotta admit, i got a good laugh
  1825. zeonicfreak: damn, south carolina scored
  1826. zeonicfreak: 45 to 28 now
  1827. zeonicfreak: all texas has to do is play great defence
  1828. zeonicfreak: i know you dont give a crap about football
  1829. zeonicfreak: its getting me through this anime
  1830. TOM 3: they're showing tanks
  1831. TOM 3: is something gonna happen
  1832. TOM 3: oh it's just "watch duty"
  1833. TOM 3: and coffee drinking
  1834. zeonicfreak: aftrer youshiro hands her coffie
  1835. TOM 3: zzz
  1836. zeonicfreak: zezezezezzezezezezzezezezezzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  1837. zeonicfreak: why doesnt that tech girl have diolauge?
  1838. TOM 3: because she's boring
  1839. zeonicfreak: she looked piiiiiiiiiissed
  1840. zeonicfreak: what will you do romney san?
  1841. zeonicfreak: it would be sugoi if you mech battle in nippon el presidente
  1842. TOM 3: whact's going on
  1843. TOM 3: romney deployed military into japan?
  1844. TOM 3: i saw some planes flying
  1845. zeonicfreak: yea, and now its TA being loaded on trucks
  1846. zeonicfreak: DATA IS POWER!!!!
  1847. TOM 3: dramatic computer nerd scene
  1848. zeonicfreak: dat camera blur
  1849. TOM 3: THIS DATA
  1850. TOM 3: *90s computer*
  1851. TOM 3: he stole $20 trillion
  1852. TOM 3: nice
  1853. zeonicfreak: 20 TRILLION USD
  1854. TOM 3: are there even that many us dollars
  1855. zeonicfreak: wait he stole that money
  1856. zeonicfreak: isnt that the amount were in debt for?
  1857. TOM 3: that's like how much obama owes to japan already
  1858. zeonicfreak: THIS IS OUR FUTURE JONN
  1859. TOM 3: and to china
  1860. TOM 3: but they don't have the money, which is why they're in debt
  1861. zeonicfreak: maybe this dude stole it from china and is holding it ransom
  1862. zeonicfreak: no wait
  1863. TOM 3: and if they print it, it'd devalue the dollar and ruin the currency
  1864. zeonicfreak: that makes too much damn sense
  1865. zeonicfreak: for this anime
  1866. TOM 3: it's funny because when this anime was made america's budget was in surplus
  1867. zeonicfreak: that was vic
  1868. zeonicfreak: no our budget was headed in the right direction because clinton was doing something about it
  1869. zeonicfreak: we were in the millions
  1870. zeonicfreak: like 500 million we were in debt
  1871. zeonicfreak: it was going good
  1872. TOM 3:  yeah clinton and gingrich got rid of the deficit, and then 9/11 happened
  1873. zeonicfreak: and then bush got us into like 2 trillion
  1874. zeonicfreak: ok, so we back tracked a bit
  1875. zeonicfreak: then obama....
  1876. zeonicfreak: well..... i dunno bout that
  1877. TOM 3: obama's added like $5 trillion more
  1878. TOM 3: to the defciit
  1879. TOM 3: or debt
  1880. zeonicfreak: dude more like 15 or something
  1881. zeonicfreak: it was like 15 in his first 4 years
  1882. TOM 3: we're never gonna pay all that back
  1883. zeonicfreak: yea
  1884. zeonicfreak: i mean, as much as we should maybe intervine with stopping ISIS, we dont really have the recourses to do so
  1885. zeonicfreak: and all we can do is back up the other countries
  1886. zeonicfreak: hey i think she un rei ayanami her self
  1887. zeonicfreak: that are fighting isis
  1888. TOM 3: oh something is happening
  1889. zeonicfreak: those guys
  1890. TOM 3: what the hell's JT going on about
  1891. zeonicfreak: look dudes, why spend tax dollars shooting 10000000 bullets at a mech YOU CANT PENITRATE THE ARMOR FOR SQUAT
  1892. zeonicfreak: i think he is trying to be josh friend on facebook
  1893. TOM 3: oh, yeah
  1894. TOM 3: i guess he didn't want to say josh's full last name
  1895. zeonicfreak: dude if he does, i gotta see if i can see what jt looks like
  1896. TOM 3: even though we all know it's measimer since the rest of us are already his friends on FB
  1897. TOM 3: oh you haven't seen JT?
  1898. TOM 3: he looks hilarious
  1899. zeonicfreak: i have no idea who this guy looks like
  1900. zeonicfreak: youl have to show me later
  1901. TOM 3: there's this pic of him at a con with a bunch of wrestler girls
  1902. zeonicfreak: what the crap
  1903. zeonicfreak: SHE SUMMONED A GIANT ASS TAMPON?
  1904. TOM 3: and he's got these pants pulled up to his belly button or something
  1905. TOM 3: with his shirt tucked in
  1906. zeonicfreak: ok if you can get a photo of this i wanna se it
  1907. zeonicfreak: hahaha
  1908. zeonicfreak: i can kinda expect half of what ill see
  1909. zeonicfreak: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
  1910. zeonicfreak: what, is going on here
  1911. TOM 3: idk
  1912. zeonicfreak: what did they summon
  1913. zeonicfreak: from space
  1915. zeonicfreak: as i fly away in a helicopter
  1916. TOM 3:
  1917. TOM 3:
  1918. zeonicfreak: hahahahah
  1919. zeonicfreak: well, hes not a balding fat dude
  1920. zeonicfreak: wait, when did he go to comic con
  1921. TOM 3: he went annually until a few years ago
  1922. TOM 3: when it got impossible to get in due to twilight fans
  1923. zeonicfreak: i want to be his friend
  1924. zeonicfreak: so bad
  1925. TOM 3: that's when i stopped going too
  1926. TOM 3: even vekou missed a year at one point
  1927. TOM 3: and he lives in san diego
  1928. TOM 3: his name on FB is johnnie turner
  1929. zeonicfreak: i asked to be his friend
  1930. zeonicfreak: texas scored
  1931. zeonicfreak: yea whenever your ready
  1932. TOM 3: i like how someone commented on the wrestler girl pic calling jt a pimp
  1933. TOM 3: 5
  1934. TOM 3: 4
  1935. TOM 3: 3
  1936. TOM 3: 2
  1937. TOM 3: 1
  1938. TOM 3: go
  1939. zeonicfreak: theyve been using the same song the whole show, but they changed a few images from it whenever some "arc is about to happen
  1940. TOM 3: i didn't even notice any op changes
  1941. zeonicfreak: now its got a photo of yushiro family at the end
  1942. TOM 3: well maybe there was one halfway through the series
  1943. zeonicfreak: what a shock, meson didnt get the podcast link
  1944. zeonicfreak: you wanna send it to him or shall I
  1945. TOM 3: he can't get it on time
  1946. zeonicfreak: ill send him the link and see if he can
  1947. zeonicfreak: so im guessing the military are destroying gas containers at this fortress place or soemthing?
  1948. zeonicfreak: these voice actors all sound the same
  1949. zeonicfreak: so i cant tell whos on whos side
  1950. zeonicfreak: AND THE MECHA TANK IS TOASTED
  1951. zeonicfreak: LETS GO GET DAT DER SUMBICH
  1952. zeonicfreak: another texan VA
  1953. TOM 3: i bet the americans all sound japanese in the japanese version, like how the japanese sound like americans in the english version
  1954. zeonicfreak: yea
  1955. zeonicfreak: they wont get american dialect
  1956. TOM 3: the dub is more entertaining to watch than the japanese version i bet
  1957. TOM 3: the dub isn't very good, but at least the accents are sort of entertaining
  1958. zeonicfreak: no we would watch the japanese version to get the "true" story
  1959. zeonicfreak: at least stuff is happening in this episode
  1960. zeonicfreak: lol
  1961. zeonicfreak: BEST FRIEND FIST BUMP
  1962. TOM 3: haha
  1963. TOM 3: nice
  1964. zeonicfreak: so this is like the die hard episode with mechs
  1965. TOM 3: meson is a freaking retard
  1966. zeonicfreak: dude, this is great
  1967. TOM 3: i think it works better this way, because he has no time to listen to it
  1968. zeonicfreak: well, once he gets that ep up and running, we can just record our thing, because youll know what its about in like a couple of minutes
  1969. zeonicfreak: yes
  1970. zeonicfreak: DUDE BIG AZZ TURBINE
  1971. zeonicfreak: yoooooooooooooo
  1972. zeonicfreak: what.... da phuk?
  1973. zeonicfreak: its got like tenticle regen abilities
  1974. zeonicfreak: dude this is like boomer bubblegum crisis stuff
  1975. TOM 3: the robots have tentacles?
  1976. zeonicfreak: they did in bubblegum crisis
  1977. zeonicfreak: i thought he was gonna fuse with the mech and make a giant TA mech
  1978. TOM 3: who's this guy she said she'll never forget, because i forgot who he was
  1979. zeonicfreak: HAHAHA
  1980. zeonicfreak: ITS ALMOST LIKE PEARL HARBOR
  1982. zeonicfreak: dude..... this anime
  1983. zeonicfreak: haha
  1984. zeonicfreak: the american life, of cities and suburbans
  1985. zeonicfreak: i like how this one anime has a black dude, that was a kid... in america
  1986. TOM 3: the war is over?
  1987. zeonicfreak: i guess
  1988. zeonicfreak: this guy is like
  1989. zeonicfreak: "yea..... I kinda boned up, I should not have gone through with it and thought about this more"
  1990. TOM 3: so the war lasted what, one episode?
  1991. zeonicfreak: this was the cuban missile cirisis, only in japan
  1992. zeonicfreak: or japan grain crisis
  1993. zeonicfreak: oh so the old man is gonna kill himself
  1994. zeonicfreak: good
  1995. zeonicfreak: who cares
  1996. zeonicfreak: DAMMIT
  1997. zeonicfreak: ONE MORE FREAKING EPISODE
  1998. zeonicfreak: GOTTA POWER THROUGH
  1999. TOM 3: so now the other guy is the villain
  2000. TOM 3: or hero
  2001. zeonicfreak: and football is over
  2002. TOM 3: let's do the last one
  2003. zeonicfreak: one final countdown
  2004. TOM 3: 5
  2005. TOM 3: 4
  2006. TOM 3: 3
  2007. TOM 3: 2
  2008. TOM 3: 1
  2009. TOM 3: go
  2010. zeonicfreak: ITS THE FINAL COUNT DOWN
  2011. TOM 3: hahaha
  2013. zeonicfreak: DO DO DODODOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2014. zeonicfreak: oh no opening
  2015. zeonicfreak: this is.... starting to look
  2016. zeonicfreak: like the last ep of evangelion
  2017. zeonicfreak: hahaha
  2018. zeonicfreak: skeleton mech is now BLINGED OUT
  2019. zeonicfreak: i guess they did pimp my mecha before pimp my ride came to be
  2020. zeonicfreak: i can see xibit showing up going
  2021. TOM 3: disband the special defense forces?
  2023. TOM 3: wow
  2024. zeonicfreak: how can I not be...  A DRAGONBALL KAI
  2025. TOM 3: the gold skeleton wants her
  2026. TOM 3: meson says the podcast won't be ready for 2 more hours
  2027. zeonicfreak: id figure he would just save it till next week
  2028. zeonicfreak: i mean he can run it late'
  2029. zeonicfreak: i dont care either way
  2030. zeonicfreak: well i guess well wait till next week
  2031. zeonicfreak: i got a feeling hes not gonna listen to it
  2032. TOM 3: "is the gasaraki really coming"
  2033. TOM 3: what is the gasaraki
  2034. zeonicfreak: i hope we see it
  2035. zeonicfreak: i mean its the last episode
  2036. zeonicfreak: OH WHAT
  2037. zeonicfreak: WHAT AN ASSHOLE
  2038. zeonicfreak: yea hes the villian alright
  2039. TOM 3: yep
  2040. zeonicfreak: what a ... dick move
  2041. zeonicfreak: yea who is the dude in teh white suit jacket
  2042. TOM 3: no idea
  2043. zeonicfreak: dude..... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  2044. TOM 3: ???
  2045. TOM 3: what is going on
  2046. zeonicfreak: soooooooooooooooooooo.... im guessing there aliens
  2047. zeonicfreak: this is bootleg dumb evangelion crap
  2048. zeonicfreak: why is he walking horizontal to the tv
  2051. zeonicfreak: NOW IITS OCHEANS, AND MAGMA
  2052. zeonicfreak: OCEANS
  2053. zeonicfreak: THANKS ANIME EVANGELION
  2054. zeonicfreak: LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ANIME
  2055. zeonicfreak: TAKAHASHI, WHY DID YOU DO THIS???
  2056. zeonicfreak: the ocean
  2057. zeonicfreak: and forest with snow
  2058. zeonicfreak: spider webs?
  2059. zeonicfreak: waterfalls
  2060. TOM 3: ...
  2061. TOM 3: what's with these svisuals
  2062. zeonicfreak: dude
  2063. zeonicfreak: i dont wanna own this dvd anymore
  2064. zeonicfreak: its trying to be dep
  2065. zeonicfreak: deep
  2066. TOM 3: was that an alien
  2067. zeonicfreak: eeeeeeeeeeeeend
  2069. zeonicfreak: JUST END
  2070. zeonicfreak: its like there in the phantom zone
  2072. TOM 3: ITS OVER
  2073. zeonicfreak: im not there yet
  2074. zeonicfreak: and.....
  2075. zeonicfreak: there we are
  2076. zeonicfreak: these flashbacks made me realize
  2077. zeonicfreak: THEY DIDNT COVER ANY OF THAT CRAP
  2078. zeonicfreak: yushiro clones are still at the shrine
  2079. zeonicfreak: they barley mentioned that
  2080. zeonicfreak: im looking at these concept images on the last disk, and they ahd a proposal where the protagonist was gonna ride around in a motorcycle
  2081. zeonicfreak: and they got deisngs of it and what not
  2082. zeonicfreak: they got a behind the scenes video of the making of it
  2083. zeonicfreak: dude theese are just some woman talking about concept images about charactors and guns in one of the episodes
  2084. zeonicfreak: and its her talking about it
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