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  2. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時50分
  3. Just know
  4. I care about you a fuck ton as i said, i care what happens to you as well, so if it goes too far and you end up ending it... Idefk what i would do with myself
  5. Like
  6. All i can ever think of is you
  7. I eat breakfest, hey that reminded me of talking to Naomi
  8. I go to schoo
  9. l
  10. Hey that reminds me of Naomi and her problems at french
  11. I have a problem in english, i remember us talking about "assez " sounding like "asses" being smth you can never get enough of
  12. I can go on
  13. But like
  14. I really just hope you wont end it all...
  15. I have nothing to care about at all if you do ;-;
  16. And im not even sure i'd make it if you did...
  17. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時52分
  18. You can go on living
  19. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時52分
  20. Like
  21. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時52分
  22. Go on with everyone else
  23. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時52分
  24. Well i could
  25. But why would i
  26. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時53分
  27. Make sure Levi won't kill himself tho
  28. Same for you
  29. Don't.
  30. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時53分
  31. I dont even know what's going on with Levi
  32. But like
  33. If you're not gonna be around
  34. I have no reason for living anyway
  35. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時53分
  36. yes you do(編集済)
  37. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時53分
  38. I'd go back to my normal i-dont-know-why-the-fuck-im-here
  39. Routine
  40. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時53分
  41. You have a future
  42. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時53分
  43. Sure i do
  44. But
  45. If you're not gonna be there, what am i gonna do?
  46. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時54分
  47. Make someone else happy
  48. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時54分
  49. I dont want to do that
  50. And who the fuck would actually want to be with me
  51. I am socially awkward asf irl to most ppl
  52. And seeing how shy i am, i cant start anything by myself
  53. Like
  54. Rn, if you leave me i'll just have literally nothing left to do
  55. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時55分
  56. You do
  57. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時55分
  58. And no other reason to really keep it up
  59. What
  60. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時55分
  61. You do
  62. There is nothing that keeps you away from staying alive
  63. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時55分
  64. Well
  65. But
  66. What keeps me alive?
  67. You do
  68. If you're not herre
  69. Then what?
  70. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時56分
  71. Well what is the reason you won't be alive except for me not being here
  72. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時56分
  73. Nothing
  74. Literally i just dont have anything else other than you
  75. sure nothing is making me want to kill / harm myself
  76. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時56分
  77. See
  78. So
  79. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時56分
  80. but vice versa
  81. Nothing other than you
  82. Is making me wanna keep ggoing
  83. Im just not going to hurt myself cause nothing bad is happening, but nothing good is happening either
  84. Two Tailed Devil Neko前週月曜日 午後8時57分
  85. You're supposed to find your purpose in life, you won't just get one. If you lost one you need to find another one
  86. Heh前週月曜日 午後8時57分
  87. Well yeah, but i have a hard time figuring out what that would be, if not making you happy :/
  88. That's all i ever wanna do
  89. When you're not around, all i ever really do is talk to Rem about stuff i dont even remember like 10 min later, or thinking of you
  90. When i fall asleep i think of you
  91. Hell
  92. Okay
  93. Creepy but yeah
  94. I even fell asleep just looking at a picture of you
  95. and sorry
  96. that was actually creepy this time
  97. But well yeah
  98. Like
  99. I just
  100. Cant ever get you out of my head :v
  101. Idek... I mean it like i will never ever mean it toward anyone else when i tell you i love you
  102. I really do :/
  103. Realizing i can't be there for you like i am realizing now makes me cry, realizing i can't be helping you out more than just online, and even that might get taken away as well makes me want to hurt myself, i don't though cause i know you don't want me to cause i know how you feel about me doing that :v
  104. Istg if you didn't love me, i would be the worst person in the world for being so obsessed with you... This is kinda what i was talking about when i say i don't wanna be too clingy, so uhh, yeah, this is why, sooo... Sorry :v
  105. Heh前週月曜日 午後9時14分
  106. Well... Just know, i hate feeling useless, like, that's the worst feeling for me, so not being able to help you out really hurts, and if you feel like you have to hide it from me, then in my eyes i really fucked up at some point, cause you won't even tell me if something is wrong... I know about the situation already, and ik that it wont just fix itself, and if it actually did, you'd deffinetly tell me cause that'd be weird as shit, so when you dont tell me about anything bad happening, i already know you're just hiding it, and knowing that you feel like you have to hide it from me makes me feel useless as shit, and it makes me hate myself cause im not even able to care for the person i love, i will never ever love someone this much again, so im really scared when you dont tell me stuff happening, especially since i my head that means you don't trust me enough to do so, trust or because you care for me... But even if it's bcause you care for me, then tell me, cause i know everything's not fine, i know shit is not just okay... And it hurts that you feel like you can't tell me about it cause of it hurting me, i wish you'd just forget about all that "dont tell him if it's gonna hurt him" crap, and just let me help you and talk to you as much as i can, i want to make you feel loved, cause you are loved, everyone in the group loves you as a good friend, some more than others, but no one in the group as far as i've seen straight up dislikes you, and you're especially loved by me, after all this, you're the only person i'll ever love like this again... Damn that turned out to be long, TL;DR fucking tell me if something's wrong please, i hate myself for not being able to be there for you ;-;
  107. Heh前週月曜日 午後10時9分
  108. Well... I love you so fucking deeply, so just please, do whatever you have to to stay alive and everything... Idc what happens to me, and ik you do, but please, compared to you im nowhere near the edge, so PLEASE, im begging you, tell me ;-;
  109. Good night my love :heart:
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