Den: poly werewolves

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  1. C 1
  2.    “Oh man, you've gotta come to this party tonight! It's gonna be so much fun!” Your friend babbled on about over the phone. “This girl I know from my Bio Lab is having this huge halloween party at her place in Brooks Park and all the guys from my class are going.”
  4.    You sigh out and take a moment to parse through the past 3 minutes of her talking. “Wait, Brooks? Fucking... Alice, that's all the way across town, why do we have to go all the way out there?”
  6.   “Pleeeeease? I'll owe you a lunch if you do.”
  8.   You open up your wallet, seeing the sad, lone bill in there. “Fuck it, You're driving though”
  10.   “Yay! Be ready around 7, and don't just wear some jeans and a hoodie, dress up for once.”
  12.   You end the call and toss your phone into your bag, grumbling to yourself as you dig through your closet.
  14.   After an hour of agonizing over an outfit, you've decided on a plaid button up and some dark jeans, feeling proud of yourself for finding a loophole in your friend's instructions. The loud beep of a car horn comes through the window, as Alice arrived, her usual 10 minutes ahead of whenever she says. You grab your purse and head out the door, your friend pouting at how you look
  16.   “I guess that's better than a hoodie... Whatever, get in.” she says to you, unlocking the door and letting you in.
  20.     The drive is a slow one, but pretty nice. You get to see the beauty of your hometown at night, the galaxy of lights from all the streetlights and buildings stretching as far as you can see. A lot of people tend to find cities a bit too loud, or too cramped, but you've been in that atmosphere your whole life, so you can't imagine anything else.
  22.   “So, how's the botique work, Miss Urban Professional?” Alice snaps you out of your relaxed state, trying to start a conversation.
  24.   “Hmm? Oh yeah, it's fine I guess, the money isn't the best right now, but they said that after a month, if they like me enough, i'll be full time and get a pay raise. So I guess I'll just stick with it and hope they like me.” You close pull down the sun flap,brushing yourself in the small mirror as you keep talking. “It's a really cute place, like, I love shopping there but working there is a bit of a different story.”
  26.   “Well that's a shame, but money's money. Hey, I think we're almost there, can you look up the address so we could find the place? I texted you earlier.”
  28.   You dig through your purse and open up the map, guiding your friend there with a few minutes to spare. The old building is already bursting with noise as you  hop out of the car. You can't imagine how annoyed the neighbors must be at this.The two of you go up the stairs, heading into the party, Alice finding the host immediately and striking up a conversation as you take a peek around. Yup, you know absolutely no one  here. Awesome.
  30.  “Well, Free drinks, so whatever.” you mumble to yourself, heading towards the coolers, mixing yourself a drink.
  32.   The conversations you can catch are all about majors and the professors that people had last year who they can't stop bitching about.  One guy, somehow louder then anyone around him starts off on a rant to his friend.  “Oh man, you've gotta take AP Foreign Lit, it's a total snooze of a class, but the teacher is just so fucking hot, dude.” Ugh, Gross... The worst part is you're only half a cocktail and only 1 hour into this party and already Alice has bailed on you. And these people suck. You dig though your purse and pull out your pack of cigarettes, heading out onto the balcony for a smoke and some peace away from this shit.
  35.   The music is still loud as hell outside, but the relative quiet is a relief. You lean against the railing, taking a long drag. “Fuuuuuck this place”, You grumble out, closing your eyes and relaxing.
  37.   “Yeah, this party kinda blows, right?” A masculine voice says from behind you, making you nearly jump out of your skin.   You look behind you, seeing a couple of people there, A guy with shaggy black hair, and a girl, perched up on a box pressed into the corner.
  39.   “And there's not even a dog to pet or anything either, boooo.” The girl says, smiling as she waves over at you. “Hey, got a light?” she waggles a cigarette in her hand hopefully.
  41.   You go over to the pair, striking up a conversation over a few cigarettes and drinks, talking shit about this kind of scene. You learn that their names are Shae and Elias, and that they kinda crashed after a friend of a friend mentioned it. They're both pretty cute too, Elias looks really toned and handsome in that “Scruffy but still puts effort into their look” kinda way and Shae is just so cute, you love the way she does her hair and how she manages to just be so genuine in how she talks.  You spend most of the night talking to them, only really stopping to get more drinks. By the time the party winds down, you find yourself feeling pretty buzzed, and unable to find Alice anywhere.
  43.    “Shit, you guys, I should go. I live out on the northwest side and it's gonna take forever to get an Uber.” You mumble out, trying to find your phone in your purse.
  45.   “Hey now, that's no way for us to treat our new friend. We live close by, and it's way safer then letting another girl go out on their own this late” Shae says, gently grabbing your arm, and making you blush. “Come crash with us for the night.”
  47.   “I don't know, are you sure? I mean it's not too bad to call up a- “ She cuts you off as you try and talk.
  49.    “Shhh, relax. If you don't want to, you don't have to, but the offer is open.”  She gives you a warm smile,  letting you think about the offer.
  51.   You check your phone to check the time, and see that it's already past 1. You're drunk, they're close by, and you've already taken a risk going to this party, practically on your own. Fuck it, might as well. You shrug before agreeing, Shae giggling and taking your hand, Elias just smiling his charming, scruffy smile. They walk you outside, heading off to their place.
  54.   The streets are quiet as the three of you head towards their place, the usual sounds of life quiet in the very late night.  Elias offered you his arm to help you from stumbling a few blocks ago and you've found yourself on the arm of a man who used to be a stranger a few hours ago, chatting to him and his girlfriend as you head out. The three of you take a few winding turns until you hit a quiet little sidestreet, Elias digging for some keys before he opens the gate into their yard
  56.   “Here we are, home sweet home. If you want, you can take a bed in one of our rooms, we don't mind  sleeping together, do we, babe?”  He chuckles, looking over at Shae.
  58.   “Not at all.” she gives Elias a kiss on his cheek, setting down her things and getting comfortable. “just take a minute to get cozy, i'm gonna go get changed., okay?”
  60.   “Glad that party wasn't a total bust. Frat guys talking about running their dads buisnesses isn't my scene but Shae said we should be a bit more social lately.”   He says, taking off his shoes and trying to take off his jacket, only stopped as you're still holding his arm, only stopping once he gently tugs it, making you blush in embarassment.
  62.   “Oh, um, sorry...” you  blurt out, pulling your arm away as you try and get comfortable. You put your purse down on a table as you're helped onto their couch, Elias sitting next to you. Shae comes back, dressed much more casualy, sitting on the couch on the other side of you. She presses close to you, smiling at you, as she gently brushes your leg with her hand
  64.   “So,  c'mon, let me show you to a bed. Bathroom's down the hall to the left.”  Shae says in a very quiet voice, not trying to wake you up too much.
  66.   She grabs your hand, helping you up and leading you to a bedroom. Your eyes are already fluttering closed as she lays you down, tucking you into the bed. Your last thoughts before going to sleep of the wonderful night you've had, and how cute your new friends are.
  71. C2
  74.    Your eyes slowly open up as the sun shines in through the window,  making you pull up the blanket over your head. You grumble, rolling over  as you pull the pillow closer to your face, trying to get comfortable. Your eyes open as you're surprised by the material, making you shoot up out of bed and look around. This isn't your room...
  76.    Memories of last night start to reemerge, the party, the  balcony, the walk back to their place. You gently pat yourself down, checking if everything is where it belongs, before looking around the room. Your jeans are off, hung over the side of a dresser, and your button up is open, exposing you to the morning light and whatever peeping eyes might see through the window. You sheepishly grab the sheets, covering up as you grab your things and get dressed.
  78.   This is the first time anyting like this has ever happened to you, you think to yourself, making you blush dark red at the ideas your brain is filling in the night with.  You look up and down the hall, hearing the noise of a television around the corner. Shit, there's your purse... You slowly creep down the hall, not wanting to wake anyone up,  until you hear a familiar voice from down the hall, stopping you in your tracks.
  80.   “Well, Good morning, Stranger, you feeling alright? You look a little red.” Says the feminine voice, Shae, if you remember correctly.
  82.   “Heh... yeah, just kinda must have had a bit more of a wild night then I remembered.” you turned to face her. “hey, look, i'm sorry if anything happened last night, I wasn't in the best state of mind, and I’ve been kinda lonely an-”
  86.    “Shhhhhh, hey, relax. Nothing happened last night. You seemed pretty out of it, and that wouldn't have been cool for us to take advantage of.” Shae gives you a reassuring pat on your shoulder, before pressing close, kissing you on the lips.
  88.   Your eyes go wide as you're kissed by the girl you spent so much time with last night. This was absolutely not something you saw coming in the slightest, and it shows. You pull back from her, your cheeks dark red, looking at her with a very confused look on your face.
  90.   “Woooah, wait, wait aren't you and Elias a couple?” You say,  subtly licking your lips, tasting the lipbalm from the kiss still.
  92.   Shae smiles and laughs a little “Hang on, let me fix this. Hey Elias!” she shouts down the hall, the man peeking around  the corner soon enough
  94.   “Yeah? What's up?” He smiles warmly as he sees you, waving. “Oh hey! Good morning, you feeling okay?”
  96.    “A little confused...” you mumble out, still deeply embarassed and surprised.
  98.   “She was a little worried since I gave her a kiss. Care to help explain?” Shae grins,  leaing up against the wall.
  100.   “Ohhhhh, okay.” He  comes over to you both, giving shae a kiss on the forehead, before kissing at your cheek. “So, we are sort of a couple, but the thing is, we're kinda open to others, and we thought you're kinda cute. If that's all a bit much, that's totally cool, but yeah, we kinda thought if you want, we could date you as well...”
  102.   You're taken aback at the idea of dating two people at once, but even more surprising is that these two would take an interest in you at all.  You're thinking about how to respond as you hear your phone ringing. You scramble to take the call, anwsering with a quiet “Hello?”
  104.   “Hey, where the hell are you? It's 9:30, you were supposed to be in half an hour ago. Are you like, sick or something?
  106.    “Oh my god, I'm so sorry Toni, i'll be in in like, 20 minutes. Seriously, i'm so sorry again, it totally slipped my mind.” you say, before hanging up, scrambling to get  everything together.  
  108.   “Hey, i'm super sorry I can't stay, I’ve gotta leave for work, but i'll text you about all this later. I promise.”  You say to the couple, putting your bag over your shoulder, running to quickly give them both a hug before you run out the door to make it to work.
  110. “That's cool, talk to you soon hopefully!” Elias says, a big excited smile on his face
  115.   You scramble down the stairs towards the train platform, fixing your hair and applying some much needed make up to help make yourself decent being in public. Fuck, it's been a very busy morning, but now that you finally have some time to think... Would it really be that weird to date two people like that?  You've had boyfriends before, and a couple girlfriends too, so that part isn't too jarring, but dating two people at once just kinda feels weird...  
  117.   You take a deep breath,  looking at yourself in the reflection of the  window. You know what? Fuck it, this all got started but jumping in and doing things you wouldn't have expected yourself to do. You're gonna do it. As you open your bag, you're hit with an upsetting realization. In your rush out to get to work, you completely forgot to ask them their numbers...  You're about to nearly scream on the train until you notice a small piece of paper laying over your keys.  You pull it out,  hoping and praying it was what you  wished it could be and as you unfold it, a wave of relief hits you like a truck.
  119.                             Hey, if you ever want to hang out again, here's our numbers.
  120.                                                                                 -XOXO Shae & Elias.
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