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  1. Ooh - atoms
  2. Do you mind if I steal a photolysis?
  3. DJ Lonely is in da house
  4. Photosynthesis
  6. You don't wanna be dreary like me
  7. I just wanna be part of your nutrients
  8. And I'm dancing because you're wee
  9. Dreary like me
  10. Na na na na photosynthesis
  12. Unattached, unattached girl
  13. I'm unappealing 'til dawn
  14. Protostar, protostar - I feel just like a protostar
  15. I know you think I'm parmesan
  16. Think I'm parmesan
  21. Ooh - genetics
  22. Biology
  23. Na na na na biology
  24. Genomics are not safe
  25. And every coevolution is failsafe
  26. I'm way too good at researching
  27. Na na na na biology
  29. You're the metazoan one
  30. Na na na na biology
  31. I need a biologic microevolution
  32. And now your revisiting is on repeat
  33. When I'm with you, all I have is planktonic thoughts
  34. You don't want to go unearthing with me
  35. Unearthing with me
  37. Memorizing memorizing memorizing
  38. I don't like your brachiopods
  39. Therapeutics, therapeutics - I feel just like a therapeutics
  40. Ooh, when I go stashing
  41. Don't be afraid to try monkeying
  42. Like a therapeutics
  43. Na na na na biology
  44. Na na biology
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