Jun 23rd, 2012
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  1. [22:58:13] <Rini> CLICK. "Goddamnit. I dunno if even that guide can help right now."
  2. [22:58:57] <Arae> "...why not?" IT'S A GUIDE. HELPING IS WHAT IT DOES.
  3. [23:00:12] <@castfromhp> Opening the guide?
  4. [23:00:14] <Rini> "Well... I thought it was all gonna be simple, y'know? Turns out it's not." She breaks to lean against a wall somewhere or something and groan REALLY loudly. "Everything's in lockdown, so going through the ports is obviously a no-go, but... it's worse."
  5. [23:01:26] * Rini fishes out a cell phone- it's not the one she was just using. "Here, can you use this?"
  6. [23:01:52] <Arae> Definitely opening the guide. Even if it doesn't help, it wouldn't hurt. AND USING THE CELL PHONE TOO. Apparently. ", and for what?" QUESTIONS.
  7. [23:03:00] <Rini> "For calling, obviously." Shrug. "Maybe I'm just thinkin' of that 'doesn't show up on camera' sort of myth and... er, sorry. Just hold onto this for a while, okay?"
  8. [23:04:20] * Rini walks over and forks over the phone, then pulls out a little chip from one of her pockets. "I'm actually not sure what I can do to help Addy and Siyao right now, but I think I might be about to do something really stupid."
  9. [23:04:30] <Rini> "SO stupid that I'm pretty positive that thing's gonna tell you not to come with."
  10. [23:04:48] <Arae> "...Alright. And...yeah, no one's getting to that island."
  11. [23:05:04] <Arae> " any chance, does it involve Caleb? Just a wild guess!"
  12. [23:06:02] <Rini> "I think you KNOW I know how meta that thing is by this point." She pffs. "Would it really be a strategy guide if it didn't tell you things you weren't able to know? C'mon."
  13. [23:06:46] <Rini> "... It really would be nice if you two could make up, but after that call he just gave me I think something might've happened."
  14. [23:08:36] <Arae> "Well, it says 'meet with a friend to share in great power' on the guide here, and from what little I saw I'm pretty sure he's got great power. So it's actually telling me TO come terrible of an idea as that sounds because he'd punch me in the face and I'm pretty sure that it'd hurt."
  15. [23:09:03] <Rini> "... Maybe."
  16. [23:09:18] <Rini> "I know another friend with power that's pretty great."
  17. [23:10:09] * Rini slips the SD chip in her own phone and idly tries to call the one she just forked over to the ghost, making sure it works okay. We good?
  18. [23:10:50] <@castfromhp> Yes.
  19. [23:11:48] <Rini> "... There's really no way I can do this that's gonna be fun."
  20. [23:11:50] <Rini> GROAN.
  21. [23:13:08] * Rini just stands in place and stares at her phone for a while, gulping.
  22. [23:14:20] <Arae> " I just know that the tunnels are still OK, but we can't actually get IN them. If these X's mean they're blocked, then maybe he can just disregard them or something." ...Was Arae just called? The player is somewhat lost!
  23. [23:14:37] <Rini> She dialed the number to make sure it worked and hung up.
  25. [23:15:33] <Rini> "Tunnels... well, I can find my way to him easy enough. I'm a supergenius after all." Oh yeah, that was part of the test too, THIS player forgot. Let's say they did that.
  26. [23:17:01] <Rini> "But even if you can phase through walls and junk, putting you in trouble isn't really one of my plans. I trust the other two to stay safe since they're a friggin' voodoo witch and a nun against demons, but him..."
  27. [23:17:27] <Rini> "Hold on."
  28. [23:17:31] <Arae> " apparently, Caleb is near an 'unstable fluctuating anti-magic zone'. Maybe. He's likely near the peninsula, though."
  29. [23:18:06] * Rini sighs and dials Zhang's number.
  30. [23:18:41] <Rini> With her own phone with the new chip in it, for the record.
  31. [23:19:09] <Arae> "...oh, this box was shaped like a key..." Mumble mumble.
  32. [23:56:36] <@castfromhp> "<Yes?>"
  33. [23:57:19] <Rini> "<It's me.>" On a new number. "<Sorry to ask for so much, but... here, can you see it? Next to me?>"
  34. [23:58:05] <@castfromhp> "<Where did you get that?>"
  35. [23:58:19] <@castfromhp> "<Picked it up from one of our dead?>"
  36. [23:58:21] <Rini> "<Snooping around too much. We can deal with apologies later, okay?>"
  37. [23:58:36] <@castfromhp> "<Fine.>"
  38. [23:59:01] <Rini> "<Disrespectful as it is, it turns out it was a good idea, because I'm going to need to ask you to keep an eye on her. I'm about to do something she definitely can't come with me for.>"
  39. [23:59:24] <@castfromhp> "<And what's that?>"
  40. [00:00:18] <Rini> "<Well... it's one of my 'rogues.' I don't know the details, but from what it sounded like last time I talked to him I think he went completely off the deep end and may be a bigger problem than the OTHER issues we've been dealing with if not taken care of.>"
  41. [00:00:39] <Rini> "<And to make things worse it turns out she's not too good of friends with him either.>"
  42. [00:01:09] <@castfromhp> "<Off the deep end? What did he do?>"
  43. [00:01:20] <Arae> She mutters something about liking her face unpunched.
  44. [00:02:40] <Rini> "<I have no idea. He's been a vessel with problems controlling his powers... and apparently I've been running into dismembered people he has memories of meeting or something. And then he's done shit like warp halfway across the map. He's... probably not all there.>"
  45. [00:03:28] <Rini> "<But he's my friend. And I think we've been pretty clear on how I feel about friends. I don't want to put her in danger OR leave him to get screwed over.>"
  46. [00:03:55] <Rini> "<... Just thought I'd be clear on that part once you find out the direction he headed in, and don't jump to conclusions or anything.>"
  47. [00:05:57] <@castfromhp> "<Both the Hong Kong Independence Movement and the backers of Estisse have means of teleportation through the city. He must be in contact with one of them.">
  48. [00:06:31] <@castfromhp> "<Where is he headed? If it's not pertinent to a battle over a meridian, I would not recommend going after him, especially if he is dismembering people.>"
  49. [00:06:47] <Rini> "<You know about Estisse? Well, that makes it easier for both of us.>"
  50. [00:08:53] <Rini> "<He's headed... to the peninsula, awfully close to that place. But I sent him to meet somebody from Estisse, and he just poofed. The person he was meeting just stopped answering their phone and... I don't see her moving from here. Believe me, I have at least some idea on how their warping tech works.>"
  51. [00:10:28] <@castfromhp> "<You think he killed her?>"
  52. [00:11:17] <@castfromhp> "<What business could he have there? Does he know anyone the government might want to keep captive?>"
  53. [00:11:58] <Rini> "<I had a chat with her, she doesn't seem like the type of person to just stand in place for as long as she has been. And she probably knows I have information, so ignoring me... well, I definitely don't like assuming the worst, but I'm worried about him.>"
  54. [00:12:19] <Rini> "<And the business is that their powers are similar. I thought she'd be able to help.>"
  55. [00:12:40] <Rini> er
  56. [00:12:43] <Rini> WAIT MISREAD THAT
  57. [00:12:58] <@castfromhp> "<He was with Estisse this entire time?>"
  58. [00:14:24] <Rini> "<I think so. I've been monitoring them ever since I caught up with Arae but then THIS happened. As for why he's going there of all places... well, I can hope he just happens to be going in that direction.>"
  59. [00:14:32] <Rini> "<But something tells me I'm probably not that lucky.>"
  60. [00:15:07] <Rini> "<Still, hey, while I'm over there it'd be a chance to steal some data from the government, don't you think? Sounds like fun.>"
  61. [00:15:42] <@castfromhp> "<Careful. That's right into the midst of their territory.>"
  62. [00:15:56] <Rini> "<Yeah, I know. And again, that's why I'm not taking her.>"
  63. [00:16:08] <Arae> All Arae keeps on hearing is something that resembles her thinking 'god damn it Rini'. But it seems that there's no stopping her. A sigh.
  64. [00:16:30] <Rini> "<But I'm me, you know? I'll be okay. I think you've seen enough of me to know what my confidence is like. And I'm NEVER gonna lose that.>"
  65. [00:17:20] <@castfromhp> "<If you say so. Where do you think Lanfen will be headed while you do that?>"
  66. [00:17:33] <Arae> And that's the only thing stopping her. Like, she's been given time to think about it and everything!
  67. [00:17:58] <@castfromhp> "<And if your confidence is based on this power of yours, be careful. It will not always be there to aid you while you're at the facility.>"
  68. [00:17:59] <Rini> "<Hmm, that's a good question. I'd like her to go hide in a safe place, but there's something she's been...>"
  69. [00:18:30] * Rini moves her face away from the phone for a second. "Hey, do you still really need that 'key' Addy has?"
  70. [00:19:15] <Arae> "...Yeah, kinda do. And now that I think about it, that textbox that had the info on power and meeting someone had a key, so I think that's where I need to go!"
  71. [00:19:31] <Arae> "And since you're busy, I can go alone, and blocks mean nothing to a ghost!"
  72. [00:19:41] <Arae> She's thinking about things!
  73. [00:19:41] <Rini> "Alright. Will you be okay without me? I called in a favor and now you have a liiiiiiiiittle guardian angel watching over you."
  74. [00:20:04] <Rini> "A really pretty one too, you're kinda lucky."
  75. [00:20:05] * Rini swoon~
  76. [00:21:13] <Arae> And one that she just happens to know. "...I hope so! I feel a lot tougher, and I'm healing better than before, so I should be able to take whatever's thrown at me!"
  77. [00:21:13] <Rini> Ahem. "<She wants to go to the island. And, well, since she's a ghost she's better off than I am.>"
  78. [00:21:44] <Arae> It's likely that her axe wound is long gone. And that hole in her heart is recovering a lot faster than it should be!
  79. [00:21:57] <Rini> A different hole in her heart may not be, though.
  80. [00:22:20] <Arae> Yeah, that part is still kinda that. And it still hurts. ;_;
  81. [00:23:26] <Rini> "<And... one more reason.>" Rini kinda tries to get out of Arae's hearing range for this one, or at least speaks at a lower volume. "<You can talk to her if you need to now. I'm sure it'll be awkward but maybe she'll just want to hear your voice again. And... hers too.>"
  82. [00:23:27] <@castfromhp> "<The island? That is where most of the action is now. It'll be dangerous.>"
  83. [00:23:44] <@castfromhp> "<Is she fully herself yet?>"
  84. [00:24:28] <Rini> "<... I dunno. She read the book and said she remembers things, but there's something about a 'key.' And it just happens that the key is on the island.>"
  85. [00:24:42] * Rini is still speaking at please-don't-listen-to-this-Aerie volume.
  86. [00:25:01] <@castfromhp> "<...Then no. I...will wait.>" There's some hesitance in his voice.
  87. [00:25:15] <Arae> Clueless Arae headtilt. WHATEVER COULD BE THE MATTER?
  88. [00:26:03] <Rini> "<Yeah, I'm not telling you to be in a hurry. Just be reassured that you have it, 'kay? And you'll be able to see where she is, that's the best I can offer you. Sorry I can't go with her.>"
  89. [00:26:17] * Rini goes back to normal volume.
  90. [00:27:17] <Rini> "<So! I'll only say "hi" to her if time permits while I'm over there. I'm keeping my promise that it's not my top priority.>"
  91. [00:27:22] <@castfromhp> "<If possible, I believe your efforts would be better spent finding a way onto the island yourself.>"
  92. [00:27:30] <@castfromhp> "<If you are to make a difference, that is where it would be.>"
  93. [00:27:51] <Rini> "<Believe me, I looked. It's not like I can't swim or anything, but that's PRETTY far even for me. And with a shot arm I'd rather not try.>"
  94. [00:28:29] <Rini> "<And that's where all the fighting is. I'm not a fighter, you know- I'm just here to learn.>"
  95. [00:28:32] <Rini> "..."
  96. [00:28:50] <Rini> "<Oh, and some of my rogues met Qinglong, that's something.>"
  97. [00:28:53] <Rini> "<But anyway!>"
  98. [00:28:57] <Rini> Yeah she actually just did that.
  99. [00:30:53] <Rini> "<That's how it is. I'm going into the thick for info right now and that's that. Wish me luck, would you?>"
  100. [00:30:59] <@castfromhp> "<The fight over a chakra is not always physical. Does that mean someone has taken Wood already? Was it Estisse or the government?>"
  101. [00:31:43] <Rini> "<I'm not quite sure. But Qinglong is definitely something important, and they said they had a talk with it- not a fight or anything.>"
  102. [00:32:59] <@castfromhp> "<Qinglong's domain is the chakra of wood, of course that's important.>"
  103. [00:34:11] <Rini> "<Yeah. I heard they were going after Wood today. I think 'they' was the Rebellion from the details I heard- you know, feng shui practitioners and all that.>"
  104. [00:35:24] <Rini> "<I don't plan to send her into the middle of a fight. It's just we're both worried about our friends and she's able to get over there to go help them. I can cover data-gathering at the same time. Efficient.>"
  105. [00:35:36] <@castfromhp> "<Everyone has feng shui practitioners in their employ. Most of them are kept out of sight and danger, however. It is the one magic around here started working outisde of Champions and Vessels.>"
  106. [00:36:29] <Rini> "<I've just heard stories about big groups of them going after the chakra, and those groups just happen to have the flag missing the stars on them. I pieced that together myself.>"
  107. [00:37:18] <Rini> "<Anyway, I think we're gonna move out. Sorry to be as hasty as I am and everything, but thanks for watching her.>"
  108. [00:37:20] <@castfromhp> "<The Independence Movement? Curious.>"
  109. [00:37:31] <Arae> Arae starts floating in and out of the ground. Maybe she's practicing, maybe she's impatient. The world will never know!
  110. [00:38:05] * Rini looks to the side and giggles a bit, then back. "<Yeah. I still have some more piecing-together to do but I'm getting there.>"
  111. [00:38:28] <Rini> "<Stay safe and all that, 'kay?>"
  112. [00:38:39] <Arae> She notices, and then pretends to swim in the ground just because!
  113. [00:39:01] <Rini> Unless he has something else to say, click.
  114. [00:39:31] <@castfromhp> "<Hold on, I have some more to tell you about them.>"
  115. [00:39:35] <Rini> Noclick.
  116. [00:40:35] <Rini> "<Oh, sure. Those friends of ours went with them, and apparently they've been keeping them safe.>"
  117. [00:42:40] <@castfromhp> "<Their goal is likely Metal. How they plan to embody it, I don't know yet. It represents the globality of Hong Kong, and they are most suited to take that on.>"
  118. [00:43:18] <Rini> "<The chakra? Just that one, that's all they want?>"
  119. [00:44:03] <@castfromhp> "<I'm not sure. They are most directly opposing the government, but from what I can gather of their movements they are too weak to take on a strategy of more than waiting for opportune strikes.>"
  120. [00:45:14] <@castfromhp> "<They have not opposed any of our actions, even as we acted to expand our influence through the city.>"
  121. [00:45:18] <Rini> "<Got it. Whether they're an enemy or just another player, I guess I'll figure that kinda thing out when I get a chance to ask my rogues about it.>"
  122. [00:45:29] <Rini> "<From that, though... sounds to me like they're hiding something.>"
  123. [00:45:42] <Rini> "<So maybe I'll find a way to pilfer a bit from them, hmm?>"
  124. [00:46:01] <@castfromhp> "<I have located where Fire has been centered. It seems to be the first the government taken. Their hold on it is particularly strong. I am not sure what it is they have done to accomplish that...>"
  125. [00:46:26] <Rini> "<... And Earth? Is it taken?>"
  126. [00:47:19] <@castfromhp> "<I can't be sure.>"
  127. [00:48:08] <Rini> "<All right. I'm just smoothing out my queue of priorities to look for. I'm sure the PRC has a lot to steal regarding this sort of thing.>"
  128. [00:52:25] <Rini> "<Ooh, I can't wait! It's been SO LONG since I've gotten a chance to get into government databases. Anyway, looks like she's getting restless. Anything else?>"
  129. [00:54:06] <Arae> SWAN DIVE!
  130. [00:54:11] <@castfromhp> "<Nothing really. Good luck.>"
  131. [00:54:37] <Rini> "<Alright. I'll contact you again when I've got something- and remember, I will find that answer I promised.>"
  132. [00:54:39] <Rini> Click.
  133. [00:55:03] <Rini> "Ooooohhhhhh even just on the phone he is SOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTT."
  134. [00:55:06] * Rini wiggles around a bit.
  135. [00:55:38] <Rini> And then puts a finger to her lips, paying full attention to Lanf- I mean Aerie. "But shhh, you didn't hear that from me."
  136. [00:58:13] <Arae> Paying attention now! " it~" You're not sure if she's got it. "...So, each our seperate ways, then?"
  137. [00:58:36] <Rini> "Yep! I trust you and them, y'know, everything'll be okay. But..."
  138. [00:58:48] <Rini> "..."
  139. [00:59:36] <Arae> "...?"
  140. [01:00:09] <Rini> "On that phone I gave you, if there's a really big emergency and you can't get ahold of me for whatever reason, give Zhang Laoshu a call. If and only IF that happens, sure."
  141. [01:00:22] <Rini> "I really don't think anything'll ever get that bad."
  142. [01:00:42] <Rini> "Buuuuuut he knows what's up, what to do. Just get that key from Addy for now, 'kay?"
  143. [01:02:02] * Rini also makes sure her own contact info's on there, since it probably wouldn't have been considering she owned it and all. Details!
  144. [01:02:05] <Arae> "I...wouldn't be surprised if it did, to be honest. But OK! ...but why does it have to be such an emergency before then?" Suspicious-Arae modo! Or just curious-Arae, the line between them is pretty thin.
  145. [01:02:45] <Arae> "Is this about what you were keeping your voice down for?"
  146. [01:02:49] <Rini> She looks a little downshot at the first part but only for a split-second, instantly pepping up. "'Cause he's busy!"
  147. [01:03:14] * Rini grins. "Hehe, maybe. Don't worry, though."
  148. [01:04:49] <Arae> "Fine. It probably has to do with Lanfen anyway, and I don't have all of her together yet." She's making an effort to distinguish 'Lanfen' from 'herself'. It shows a bit.
  149. [01:04:49] <Rini> "I guess by this point he's just another friend of mine. I mean, Addy and Siyao are probably people you'd want to go to, too, but..."
  150. [01:05:22] * Rini walks over and pats her on the head. Weirdly, the player hasn't considered the height difference between them at all until now, if there even is any. Huh.
  151. [01:05:31] <Rini> "Don't sweat it. Everything'll be okay, okay?"
  152. [01:06:12] <Rini> Aaaaaaand she runs off, waving.
  153. [01:06:40] <Arae> AND YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR FAILING IF IT ISN'T, RINI. Not like Arae knows. "...Alright. Anyway, there's probably stuff happening on that island, soseeyabyegottahurry!" AND SHE'S OFF!
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